Too Much “Slow” as Shortages Grow

The Sovietization of America is not just chronicled in Mark Levin’s new book American Marxism, but it’s becoming evident in two spectacular ways. 

First is the democrats reversing course on masking.  Slow Joe is now backed into a corner, medically:  Do the right thing (like Trump did) or do the political thing.  This as hospitalizations are the highest in months.  And behind closed doors White House officials debate masking push as Covid infections spike.

We can skip the open borders and fomenting racial division, giveaways, and tax hikes, though.  Let’s just skip to the finish line:

Shortages are popping up ALL OVER:

This is what you call a “serial policy fail.”  When  we read about Slow going out and pimping more home starts and eye stories like the WSJ’s The Shortage of Starter Homes Extends Beyond Major Cities, we are reminded the core reason for soaring real estate prices is all the Fed’s addicted re-borrowing.  Which – in turn – they were forced into because the crooks of the House were buying off voters with promises of unlimited free lunches.

The Lunch Tab Commeth

Sometimes, it just takes a while.  The democrats are staring at the problem of plugging an ever-increasing number of “leaks in the financial dikes.”  At some point, they run out of assets and fingers.

Look:  America has a National Debt over $28.5 trillion dollars.  What we “make” as gross domestic product is?  You don’t know.  And next week, the BEA will play “historical revisionism” again.  See, they report percentage changes not HARD DOLLARS.  Gross Domestic Product (Third Estimate), GDP by Industry, and Corporate Profits (Revised), 1st Quarter 2021 | U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).  Percentage hell.

It’s not until you get into the spreadsheet tables (most sheep are Excel-impaired) that you find:

So, with (chained 2012) dollars – the GDP is $19-trillion and the spending is $28.5?  Countries have blown-up on less.  But, as long as the Fed has increased the money supply over 70%, almost anything with utility value (like a first rental or starter home) will outpace the Billionaire’s Boy’s Club race to the moon.

Around the edges, people didn’t notice the story earlier this month PBGC to Provide Special Financial Assistance to Troubled Multiemployer Plans | Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.  All of which stems from pension funds planning based on 7% long term returns in a world where the 10-year Treasury note is still hovering around 1.28% and where the “Truth Detector” (highly manipulated Gold prices) is back under $1,800 an ounce.

At the same time, all the Big Money is scampering into stocks worldwide because it’s the only place there’s even a prayer of making money.  Even small countries like Ghana are being forced to buy more stocks:  Pension funds increase participation in equities market (  Weak hands at the top, anyone?

What we see going on is the ultimate game of Texas Hold-Em (All in!) poker.  Going to end badly…but it will come both slower for those who see it and too fast for those in denial.  It’s just how these things work.

A BAD News Alert

If we were advising the Slowest in Chief, we’re wait until after the market close Friday before announcing the remasking of America.  By doing so, he puts one more day between this regime and the last one.  He also ensures the market (cocked and ready for a massive wave (iii) decline now, will have some time to burn  off a bit of panic over the weekend.

Not saying this is exactly how it will play.  But I will tell you this:  When you take the available facts, and then put on your screenwriter hat – write ahead to the ending and then invest that way, you can sometimes beat the street.

Fed Pushing Hard

We expect the Fed (and it’s proxies who get to play with the “free money”) will look at the same chart we do – or something similar:

I marked this “T” for a possible July 12 top, 1 (down) for the first decline) and as you can see, 2 can go up a bit more and still only be setting us up for a larger 3 down to come.

I’m just a nut-job in the woods and offer comments, never advice, but if Delta causes a lockdown – and then Lambda comes along stronger…well, there goes the market.

Which gets to the question more suited to boxing:  “How many times can ‘e get up again?”

We don’t want to find out, but that’s the look here ringside.  Even in the “sickie-by-the-Bay”  Delta and lambda variants in California: What you need to know,  says the SF Chronicle.   Leaving us to wonder “Is this the short everyone should have seen coming, or does Savior Joe have a plan to pull it out?”

That’s before we get to MonkeyPox, though:  Monkeypox outbreak fears as CDC monitors 200 people in 27 states for possible exposure after contact with infected Texan (

Bad as Trump denial was, Covid, Joe, Kam, collapsing currency, and international travel risk denial are every bit as dangerous to the data-minded realist.

Let’s Do Numbers!

How about Jobless Claims?  I highlighted the real (not seasonally adjusted) but surely there’s gotta be some happy-talk from this, right?

Then we study the Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator (CFNAI) which is today’s  other stand-in for tea leaves:  I love the term “growth moderated” which is oh-so-much-more-couth than “Growth disappeared into statistical noise” which might have been more accurate:

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) decreased to +0.09 in June from +0.26 in May. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in June, but two categories deteriorated from May. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, declined to +0.06 in June from +0.80 in May.”

Depending on media spin (got dial a crooked editor on speed dial?) a DOWN move in headlines would let Slo do the mask thing before market close tomorrow.

But seriously?  CFNIA down the rabbit hole, Filing for UI comp up, Gold saying inflation is on va-ca…and BTC has clawed back to $32,000?  Free crack, brothers and sisters.  Ignore the shortages.  (General Motors shuts down production after chip shortage…) Full BS ahead!

Burning Out West

Side bet on why lumber prices have started to firm?  Could it be fires in the West gobbling a million acres, or near-enough?  Here’s the line-up at click time.

Smoke Map from all this:

Following the jet stream up into Canada and then back down over the Great Lakes.  (Hey!  Isn’t the border with Canada supposed to be closed???)

Caught Our Eye

Old law school joke comes to mind:  “We’re gonna have a fair trial before we hang you…”  as Pelosi blocks Trump allies from riot panel, GOP may boycott.

And speaking of the Sausage Hiders Hating Transparency Party:House Democrats Block Bill Declassifying The Origins Of COVID-19.”

Reality Check:  We haven’t gotten any more conservative in our 70’s.  The Digital Uprising has simply become more emboldened and more Marxist in their free-lunching every day.  When the dems get back to the middle they will be treated with civility, not as traitors.  First, though? Close the border, level-up on Cuba, and open-up on Wuhan would be a great start at returning to America from the razor-wire mindset…  Going once….

We are living an ultra-time compression of the 1920’s now:  Modern analogs of the Spanish Flu, mass migration to cities, runaway stock bubble, and Dust Bowl II underscored by massive fires…

Shades of the TV show Lucifer: where the devil, doing time in Los Angeles as a female LADP detective’s wannabe, pries criminal secrets out of suspects by asking “Tell me, what it is you desire most.”  Now, we can skip the show and get right to Investigation: How TikTok’s Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires.

On that note, off to polish Christmas ornaments.  What??? You don’t have a summer maintenance plan for your Christmas ornaments?  What the hell kind of slip-shod might-as-well-be-offshored operation are you running there, Bubba?  Off to polish my balls ornaments.

Christmas is under attack, you know:  Crime Cancels Christmas: Old Sacramento Holiday-Themed Store Closing After String Of Thefts.

The Sov-Merican Union, formerly known as these United States.

Write when you get rich,

83 thoughts on “Too Much “Slow” as Shortages Grow”

    • Covid is a nothing burger if treated properly. Ivermectin, zinc and B-6, if taken appropriately, makes Covid no more deadly than a common cold. Hydrochoroquine also is effective, that is why Africa has such low numbers. These treatments have not been approved by the CDC or the WHO, but it works. Ask yourself why.

      The death rate is less than 1%, which is lower than for influenza. Once you take the bullshit out of the statistics. And these deaths are more than 95% seniors with preexisting conditions.

      And masking does nothing. If you find an old box of blue masks, it says right on the box that the masks do not prohibit the passage of pathogens. And OSHA has requirements for how many hours per day workers can be required to wear masks.

      More people are going to die from the vaccines than from “Covid.”

      There are people in your government that are trying to kill you. If you don’t think that changes things and act appropriately, you quite likely are not going to survive this worldwide genocide.

      You try to put this information on facebook or youtube, and they will take you down. WTF

      • ohh for goodness sakes , stop the truth leaks.

        dam Dude, next thing you know “Amsheep” will learn about mucus membranes, and their permeability to virus – all of the MM’s.
        Gonna need a full face – sealing – non-permeable facemask with self contained rebreather/O2 scrubber. All other face masks,coverings are practically useless versus a Virus – imho they make you look like one dumb mofo – duh-oooh

        G – Ure gonna need a Bubble , like Bubble Boy “you want $500 dolla?!?!?!?”

      • “There are people in your government that are trying to kill you. If you don’t think that changes things and act appropriately, you quite likely are not going to survive this worldwide genocide.”

        ?????? I have a hard time with that one.. granted the puppeteers run the govt’s of the world.. they command out army and politicians..and the vast majority of them don’t live or pay taxes in the USA… consider this for a moment.. they seek power in my opinion.. My guess is if they had to go someplace six blocks away.. they would jump in the car and drive.. they have a large home with well manicured lawns and gardens and probably a maid to clean the toilets and a cook to feed them.. so who do they want to get rid of.. the cook the maid.. the guy that makes the cleaning detergents to keep the toilets clean.. anyone that has a vacation home will tell you that if they leave and don’t come back for an extended time that there is a lot of daddy do maintenance.. if they live in a mansion that has five acres of land they have to have someone mow weed etc.. other wise it starts to fall apart.. what if they got sick.. who would take care of them.. one billionaire had what seven hearts put in because his other ones failed so every few years when he was about to die.. someone put a new young heart in.. if there hadn’t been a doctor or surgeon around he would have passed on what twenty thirty years previously.. as we have seen with other viruses.. there isn’t a way to control them.. or who passes them on.. a disease from Africa or Afghanistan comes to the USA we don’t have the immunities for them..
        Granted I believe that there are only a couple of countries that run regular drills on war.. where they provide bunkers for the vast majority of the people.. some of them are Russia, China, North Korea, and I believe India.. in the USA they have drills.. ( been through a couple in my youth..) but the people weren’t provided for.. just the elite.. and in a real situation they wouldn’t have the ones that would be able to provide the comforts they are accustomed to.. you need the grease monkey at the shop to keep the buggy going to carry your fat azz where you want to go.. you need the maid to clean the toilets and the people who breath in and out to keep your home alive..
        IF they are trying to kill off the citizens then they are committing suicide

  1. “PBGC”

    Pension bailouts are intentional theft at this point. Eddie and his pals had the smarts and connections to deconstruct the mall complex. Eddie took the Sears fund.

    And we know that today’s pension promise can’t be paid without bailouts. Boeing isn’t getting a return better than 7% long term. They’ll need a backstop. Cradle to grave dole.

    Trump had it right sending everyone checks. And we need more.

    • Problem is that it doesn’t defuse the Depression II.

      To work (in economic terms) the Depression MUST collapse savings.

      Pensions are a large form of savings. Ergo, when the markets let go, pensions will be hammered worst of all because that’s where the savings are. They are the weak hands in modern times.

      • Yep. PBGC is being used as an “overdraft protection” scheme at our expense. When it blows it’ll be a fast-track reorg.

        From CNN, one expense might be the minimum wager can’t afford a place to live anywhere in America. IMHO the media is assembling the tapestry for UBI.

        Minimum wage workers can’t afford rent anywhere in America

        “There is no state, county or city in the country where a full-time, minimum-wage worker working 40 hours a week can afford a two-bedroom rental, a report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition showed.

        A full-time minimum-wage worker can afford a one-bedroom rental in only 7% of all US counties — 218 counties out of more than 3,000 nationwide.

        The federal minimum wage is $7.25.

        But the report showed that a worker would need to earn $24.90 per hour in order to afford a two-bedroom home at Fair Market Rent. And a $20.40 “housing wage” would be needed for a one-bedroom. Fair Market Rents are government estimates of what a person should expect to pay for a modest home in their area.”

      • “A full-time minimum-wage worker can afford a one-bedroom rental in only 7% of all US counties — 218 counties out of more than 3,000 nationwide.”

        ???? What counties are they, and as remote as they would have to be(with no people theres no demand).. would there be minimumwagejobs available.. around here you have to clear 12 an hour just to cover rent..another 6 for utilities then the rest

      • @ Steve

        “Minimum wage workers can’t afford rent anywhere in America

        “There is no state, county or city in the country where a full-time, minimum-wage worker working 40 hours a week can afford a two-bedroom rental, a report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition showed.”

        Bullshit! This is another “fun with numbers” exercise.

        Actuaries, not real people in real situations, generate these numbers and they’re based on “financial rules,” not real life. For instance, According to your local bank, you can spend a maximum of 28% of your income to put a roof over your head — doesn’t matter if your monthly income is $300, or $300,000, the finance actuaries (and therefore the government, because Government agencies all defer to the financial sector for their actuarial benchmarks) say “28% – no more…”

        Minimum wage is $7.25/hr, which is $1256.67/mo, or $15080/yr. 28% of 15,080 is 4222.40 or $351.87/mo.

        #1 son is living in a 600 sq. ft. all-electric 2br apartment with a 6000 sq. ft. back yard, in a nice semi-rural neighborhood. His $460/mo rent includes water, sewage, and basic satellite tv. Two winters ago and at minimum wage, with a $300/mo electric bill, he was barely feeding his family. When he hit $14 per, he had enough money to start buying “widows & orphans,” one share at a time. He’s now above $17 and his SO is employed, so he has enough excess cash that he’s got a really healthy bank account, and is playing both options and cryptos.

        Get a U.S. map. Draw a line from Buffalo to Coco Beach. Draw another line from Helena to Show Low. There’s a whole bunch of places between those two lines where a person living on minimum wage can live, under a roof he buys or rents. I doubt any of them are in cities unless they’re in distressed areas, but I’ve personally been to (or through) places in PA,OH,IN,IL,MO,MN,MI,KY,WV, and FL where $15k was a living wage, and I have absolutely no doubt there’s places between Arkansas and eastern Alabama which are the same.

        A body might have to eat more potato soup and ramen than they want. HQ meat protein may be hot dogs instead of steak, but…

        Most weeks I can go to the local store and buy a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, and a loaf of bread and get change back from a $2 bill. I pay considerably more, because I can afford to eat organic, and so I do, but if push came to shove…

        Oh, and BTW, I’ve spent time (as opposed to just passing through) in Michigan, Kentucky, and Florida, in places with a lower COL than the place that I live. If’fn I HAD to pay Big City or Coastie Prices, I’d be looking for a bungalow next to EE or The Tinkerer…

  2. My daughter got Covid the delta one . She is in London . Very fit , tough . Said it was hard but tested negative in 5 days.

    • There is no ‘test’ for covid – does not matter which so called variant – Delta or Zulu. The testing is done using a lab procedure known as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)- sorry, that’s not a diagnostic test.

      You are being bamboozled.

      • And that’s what the late inventor of the PCR test said. He also said they’re cycling the crap out of it to the point where it detects dead cells in order to boost the “cases”. We also need to define “cases”. My understanding a “case” is a person who tests positive with that test, despite presenting no symptoms. So in that “case”, the higher the cycle rate (40-45), the more cases you can generate. Proof of this is the much lower cycle rate used to test post jab; it’s more like 20x or less. Of course the CDC wants the vaccinated to look pristine and Covid-free.
        No thanks!
        And if you have a spare 40 minutes and want to know the truth, check this recent interview between Tucker and Dr. Peter McCullough:

      • Since the S spike protein was patented – and been around for at least ten years – I would surmise that is the “target” of these PCR tests.

        Taking my first self administered PCR at the CVS drivethru Saturday.
        – So I can fly out Tuesday.

        Got a couple bottles of Dr Zelinsky’s “special” vitamins..Zinc/VitD3/VitC/COQ10 =ionophore to go with Zand elderberry/zinc /vitC lozenges. Needed to stay safe with air travel during flu season, as any intelligent Human being with a lick of common sense can tell – Masks dont do sqauta, but reinforce Ure Servitude to and FEAR of the “Masters”

      • You know if you read science well….when BOTH parties are N95 or N100 the risk of trans is near zero. Glasses or eye protex of course.

    • Did she tell you what the test that she got WAS???
      If it was the PCR How many cycles of amplification was used?
      The PCR cannot distinguish between long-dead virus fragments not types of live virii.
      Dr. Mellis wrote that PCR should never be used as a diagnostic tool. It was for laboratory purposes only. He died in his 40’s?

  3. Told her to take ivermectin. But being stubborn like her mum said nah I will beat it myself. Did . Immune

  4. Hey George,

    You are an amazing man – I admire your intellect and your work ethic. I am 60 years young and the pace at which you work at is incredible.
    Now for my question/comment: About the Covid cases uptick. How can you take this data coming from the evil ones and think it is real? The evil ones inflate the cases and death’s but refuse to report on the deaths from taking the experimental potion.
    Would like your thoughts.

    • The simple answer is “You can’t” – However, you can use the “delta t1 – delta t2” idea and work our a simple (mental) derivative function. Let me see if I can put this into a bite-sized idea: Maybe a rule set?

      1. Crooks, politicians, and (most sadly) government lie.
      2. The fact that they lie means each has a “rate of lying.”
      3. Crookes lie more than politicians.
      4. Politicians lie more than a government GS 15-16
      5. A government GSD-15-16 will lie more than a GS-11.
      6. …until the actual people doing the work are pretty honest…
      (but going the other way from the honest core or American…)
      7….the less work done, the more likely to be dishonest.

      Now, with the CV, stocks, or any other numbers you can tell (following the change of slope or derivative function) when there is REAL data and when not.

      Thus, while the reported covid cases were going up, we had to discount PART of the change of slope because there was money being paid to healthcare providers. And since the money goes in (at the top where the lying is most likely) the closer people were to the money, the greater the propensity to lie.

      What (partially) capped the CV-19 lies were when the honest people (GS-12 down equivalents in private sector) pushed back with (“I will call Proj. Veritas because that’s a gunshot not covid) the curve/lie function can be self-limited depending on how much bullshit the average Joe/Jolene c an put up with.

      While Elaine and I didn’t know anyone who was hit in Covid 1, we already have 5 close friends with Delta (confirmed with an instant test (way more credible than PCR) so we plug in the numbers and expect the same (or greater) impact this time around.

      Make sense? Combination of “liar’s scaling”” and personal observations as a check against reported/asserted data. Unlike Trump period, Biden (Savior Joe)_ has an incentive to under report than over because if he can’t differentiate his position/outcome from Trumps, a lot of people (like us) will look and figure “Different day, same bullshit…”

      Hope that helps?

      • I would add a Rule 8.

        8) Politicians (and “Officials”) are primarily motivated by fear. They fear losing their positions, or a bit more subtly, they fear being removed from where they can steal, embezzle, and add to their personal power. Removal from the Public Tit is the worst imaginable disaster.

        This is why politicians (and “Officials”) seek to do NOTHING as long as possible. Doing SOMETHING, and making an embarrassing error could result in Tit Removal — so, it is safest to do only that which is inescapably required, and do THAT only as slowly as possible.

        In all my years in attempting to get politicians (and “Officials”) to agree to, and actually DO ANYthing, I have found that I must evoke more fear in their hearts of doing nothing, or doing something other than what I wanted them to do, was the only way to a good outcome.

        In my small town we hams wanted to have the town allow us to put a small (2-meter) antenna on the roof of the building identified as the town’s official disaster shelter. We didn’t think they would actually do it technically correctly — we just wanted permission to spend our own money and labor to equip the shelter with an antenna for emergency backup communications that actually worked well for our needs.

        The answer was endless diversions, delays, “fact-finding,” obstructions, and expressions of endless dreads. (Radio antennas might cause cancer; radio antennas could attract lightning; radio antennas could short out and burn the building down and kill municipal workers (liability) — and on and on.)

        Finally, we told them if they DIDN’T allow it, and a disaster happened, and we were unable to communicate with the state capitol emergency operations center, we would be sure the local media would know who to blame for that inability and shortsightedness.

        Suddenly, the small budget item was approved, and the town’s emergency services radio contractor was instructed to provide all possible and requested assistance quickly to make it happen.

        The Greater Fear conquered the Lesser Fear. This principle has never failed me since its discovery.

      • There are approx. 1.87M federal civilian employees (aka Government Service, or ‘GS’), with over 15% of them residing in the DC metroplex.

        These folks work across all branches of government. Some of these employees hold more ‘real’ power at the same GS level than others, particularly those working in military R&D, VA, Social Security, Housing and Urban Development, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Labor, the FAA and some others. The reason is these and other special agencies are granted non-judicial review authority, meaning most issues not involving a party’s constitutional rights are resolved by an internal agency review process. So a GS employee for such and agency has a good deal of decision authority granted to them, particularly at the GS-11 and up levels. SES, or senior executive service, are the civilian equivalent to general officers in the military. They are ‘the’ high level senior executives for any department or agency. Regular SES jobs pay from $130-200K. See this site for all GS employee pay scales:

      • Whoa …… let’s back up here. If all the ‘infections’, ‘cases’, and so called ‘positives’ are based on a bogus lab procedure (PCR) used as a ‘diagnostic’ test, then where is all of your ‘logic’ going?

        I want to know the barometric pressure outside – you tell me you have a pocket thermometer – you say here is your barometric pressure – do I believe you based on a measurement from a totally inappropriate instrument? C’mon George – your long term readers are listening!

      • “In all my years in attempting to get politicians (and “Officials”) to agree to, and actually DO ANYthing”

        If they did something William..what would they have as a political campaign platform.
        And seriously.. I would be happy if they wrote what they vote on.. and better yet read what they vote on.. but working only 28 days a year they really don’t have time to read anything.. much less discuss what their voting on.. Also how do you stop th he people convincingly them with gifts and money..

      • “Willie Sutton…”
        His acolytes did. The Master only lives so long and his students expand on his philosophy.

  5. You are right Ben. George is an inspiration to all of us who visit here, even guys like me who are 20 years your senior.

    Here is the problem with statistics. They can be easily used to twist conclusions to fit you narrative. Figures lie because liars figure.

    When I was in high school, I had an English teacher who forced me to go on the debating team. I think the topic was to show with statistics that immigration was a good or a bad thing for the country. I won the con debate and cruelly, she then made me take the pro side of the debate. I won that as well.

    What I learned way back then was to pick numbers that proved my point and ignore the ones that didn’t.

    You see this in spades today in the MSM.

  6. The TikTok algorithm expose is so apropos. I think it’s much worse than what the WSJ reveals. The entire internet is ruled by algorithms morphing into AI which have feedback capability. In other words they learn about you and your behaviors. AI can be programmed to see what stimulus will change your behavior through feedback and then re-enforce it. 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm all rolled into one.

    • This is the youtube video from the WSJ on Tik-Tok:

      It has more details than the embedded link – at least, for me. Tik-Tok is incredibly influential – especially for those under 30. I know of someone that was fired because she couldn’t stop watching these things on her phone. She had emotional issues and Tik-Tok seemed to exacerbate them.

      • If the web goes down, I believe over half the younger generation will be suicidally depressed and unable to cope with real life.

      • Hank, if the Web goes down, I believe your estimate is really light, and “younger generation” will take in everyone who’s under 40…

  7. There’s a reason for the predicament we’re in…bad management. Organized crime has been masquerading as representative government for quite a number of years. Now, what we currently have is what got this party started…taxation without representation.

    There’s only one way out of this mess and it ain’t gonna’ be pretty.

    Now onto other bitching. The following rant isn’t directed at any single person:

    Masks won’t save you. The only sure way to avoid transmissible disease is to avoid other people. Wearing a mask is just whistling past the graveyard. More bad ideas from bad management. Imagine living in a world where you could possibly be unknowingly carrying a deadly disease while simultaneously thinking that it’s a good idea to go to Kroger because you’re willing to bet your and other people’s life on a piece of fabric. That’s the world we live in. A nonsense reality. It’s maximum clown world. The American people will believe anything as long as it isn’t true.

    This country was envisioned and created by people with courage who weren’t risk averse. Today, most people have never really met a true danger or stared death in the face. They are scared of their own shadows. We’ve turned into a bunch of gutless handwringers. This is how authoritarian regimes get started. They promise safety to a nation of cowards.

    Here’s the real deal: You’re already dead. It’s baked in the cake. If you spent your life scared of every damned thing that came along then you were never really alive. The only life truly lived is the one lived without fear.

    Grow a pair and get on with it.

    • I definitely agree with most of this post. I do believe fear has a purpose, and that’s as a warning and adrenaline flash. Immediately after that, you need to handle the situation.

      A life lived without any recognition of fear is likely to be very short.

    • MAJ13
      July 22, 2021 at 09:30
      …More bad ideas from bad management. Imagine living in a world where you could possibly be unknowingly carrying a deadly disease while simultaneously thinking that it’s a good idea to go to Kroger because you’re willing to bet your and other people’s life on a piece of fabric.
      …This country was envisioned and created by people with courage who weren’t risk averse. Today, most people have never really met a true danger or stared death in the face.
      So, I don’t get your remarks about “risk averse.” How can the guy going to Kroger be “risk averse” if he knows there are Covid risks that could be fatal yet he masks up and goes to the store for goods while donning his ‘useless’ facemask in spite of the risk to bring home some overpriced groceries?
      When there are equal amounts of B.S. mixed with facts, it does take courage to face the possibilities and carry on. Sure there are stupid risks but what “FACTS” can one use to base decisions on? What are the alternatives?
      Maj13, lighten up on us. There is NO uncontested information about the Virus for anyone to base their decisions on. If you have stared death in the face and survived, good. For those who have not, they can only wing it but they still have the desire to live.

  8. Yo Tex,

    Thought I would provide some video entertainment for the folks with ears to hear and eyes to see, the head blacked evil lil goblin from NIH – talking about what he KNOWS is coming..

    After viewing and listening to what the goblin said keep in mind..
    – current whispers regards the NEXT vector unleashed on the public targets the Young, and very Young..I know more conspiracy from the ungovernable..

    * WAR is already won – the losers still trying their best to keep the charade going ALAP.
    Can you see the tail (fiat) wagging the Dog (gold), or the big banks big Silver short at $28.00 How much did janet just PRINT an hour ago ? Gonna need a whole hell of alot moar dollars in the coming days/weeks and maybe Months to keep this farcical pig of Free Market gyrating. May goodness help US all during this “takedown/reset game afoot, gonna be a bumpity ride G. . You know when the going gets tough, the Tough get going – think its that time again…

    * oh yeah – FU west coast ! U miserable bastards cant go one a frickin week without burning down a large Forest, Oregon agriculture my ass – nice Apples -smoked..just like my morning outings this week – smoked with a side of orange haze. Wont curse Mutha Nature – so bite it Left Coasties – U polluting ass mofos!

  9. For all the COVID doubters. Go to your local flower shop. Ask them about how things are going.

    See, you can get “lies” from the media, but what do you get from your neighbors? People know what’s happening. Would they be buying funeral flowers and talking about how someone dropped dead with COVID if something weren’t happening? The contention is NOTHING is happening. That’s not the word on main street.

    These are old people, who have lived thru wars and decades of watching their friends die off. Do you trust them more than the people you think made up COVID out of thin air?

    Go ask a florist. Because you can hardly sit here damning the “news” when you cannot be bothered to ask your neighbors. You get what you deserve, lost and clueless and shaking your fist at the media just makes you a spectator at a puppet show. Go on, leave the tent for a minute and ask again, is this real?

    Otherwise, stop running around saying that lies are proof of anything, expecting me to believe in negative proof. Lack of truth is not proof of anything. Cannot simultaneously disavow the news and also look at nothing but the news.

    • You need to remember “GIGO” – False data in (meaning the data coming from WHO, CDC and governments). Hospitals falsely claiming someone died of the Covid which by the way Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Zpack was a known cure, like George has always stated “Follow the money”. So, if you have garbage data going in then you have garbage data coming out.


    • Sure – and the lack of Flu A,B or any other strain you can cook up. TB what ?
      Nobody In USA had a Heartattack/Myocardial Infraction in past 18 Months?
      “Lack of Truth” quote not only ridiculous , but is in fact nonsense- upside down.. in other words satanic.

  10. I rode the NYC subways for the past 2 nights,laughing all the way at the masks required signs.If the other side can walk unmolested out of California’s stores,I’m going to continue to do this as my act of defiance.Vaccines are an attempt to change the past:”Step right up and take our magic elixir.It’ll wipe out your past 50 years of smoking and bad eating.”

    • Wearing a mask in NYC – especially in the subway just makes good sense. Not specifically for the SARS variants, but also to keep the dust, dirt, and other stuff out of your lungs. There are lots of pathogens in that air including aerosolized rat crap, and why clog your lungs with it? I know someone in the greater NYC area that wears a mask for just that, and she seems to be immune to the virus already. If there was nothing bad in the air, the mask would remain clean.

  11. When looking for symptoms of Delta Variant of Covid I found :
    • Headache
    • Sore Throat
    * Runny Nose
    • Fever

    Sounds like a nasty cold to me.

  12. Great reply to the honesty issue George. Speaking of honesty, I observed there were only a few new vehicles at the dealerships in town this week and pondered the chip shortage effect. What do think the odds are that non OEM chips are being used to cobble together cars and trucks just to have something to offer. I think its quite likely and like the mRNA ‘vaccine’, there will be consequences down the road.

    • “What do think the odds are that non OEM chips are being used to cobble together cars and trucks just to have something to offer.”


      There ARE no “non-OEM chips.” They are all purpose-built CPUs that’re rolled out of the CHINESE fab alongside the Intel or AMD computer CPUs — hence the issue.

      General Motors chips (dunno about OBD-1 / early OBD-2 Fords & Chryslers) used to be made, half by Motorola and half by GM at GM’s own fab. ‘Bout 20 years ago, the bright boys at GME (GM Engineering) figured out that it was both better and cheaper to use x86 embeds than to keep trying to extend the life of those old M68k wafers, and that as long as the x86 family was the dominant ‘puter architecture, GM’s ECMs would be “infinitely scalable.”

      Chrysler, Ford, and GM kept AMD alive, during the period after Intel canceled their CPU contract and they bought NexGen and turned NexGen’s architecture into the first Athlon. The automakers’ ECMs were all embedded 486s at that time…

      When a rebuilder rebuilds or remanufactures an ECM, EMM, SCM, or any of the other onboard computers extant in a modern vehicle, They re-use the embedded CPU, and they toss the core if they can’t, because aftermarket ECM CPUs are unobtaneum…

      • And knowing the new chip plants in Aridzona will be online in 2-1/2 years sets the stop watch for taking Taiwan – before we get uppity and independent again. Jeez – maybe even energy independent again, depending of which party, of course.

      • “And knowing the new chip plants in Aridzona will be online in 2-1/2 years sets the stop watch for taking Taiwan”


        That is exactly correct, and the fact you noticed is what keeps these droves of bright folks (and the damned canned trolls) beating a path to your (Internet) door.

        Quick question. The setup: I was in Fort Wayne, Indiana a few days ago — picked up some stuff at FWA and thence traveled to Manchester College, which gave me the opportunity to drive out “Lafayette Center Road” past the GM assembly plant. A mile (or so) east of the plant I drove past a half-mile+ of Sierras and Silverados, parked in a farm field — ‘guessing at least 320 acres. I’ve passed similar-sized Ford “fields of (bad) dreams” outside Dearborn (Michigan.)

        Now, the question: Are those enormous fields of “new” (mostly) LD trucks gonna be sold as “2021” vehicles, or as “2022” or “2023” vehicles, when the ECM chips finally come in…?

      • Dear Lord, brother Ray!
        If the trucks are sold as software they would be next year’s model (so date of chip install plus one. Chip in 2022 would be sold as a 2023 model, lol).
        Or, if the chips come in sooner, a 2021 1/2 model or a 2022 1/2 model.
        Metal doesn’t age, but plastics and finishes out in the weather do…hmmm This called for a Friday PM sixpack of Rolling Rock and a consult with my consigliere (for that huge retainer, lol).
        Why not flip this one over to Congress so they could at least pretend to be working on something of value? Corporations will then be able to buy whatever answer they want, and a 2021 model will still be sold as new in 2035…yeah! Dat’s dah ticket…

      • “A mile (or so) east of the plant”

        Ack! WEST! A mile or so WEST of the plant — north side of the road, running up almost to the UAW Union Hall. (I’ve only been on Lafayette Ctr Rd twice in my life, but still…)

        ‘Thing is, if’fn they’re ’22s (and maybe ’23s) the car-cos are going to have to eat that massive depreciation, but if they are sold as later midels, then the car-cos are going to have to forge new VINs and build sheets, which may be felony fraud on a huge scale (or it may not, since the fraudster in question will be the builder…)

        How’s THAT for a question to ask your consigliere…!??

      • “Why not flip this one over to Congress so they could at least pretend to be working on something of value?”

        GEORGE ,GEORGE , GEORGE, george.. IT’S RECESS or a work period.. and everyone knows when your out for recess you go play. and seriously what has congress done in the past thirty years anyway.. they are still tabling the abortion issue … LOL LOL LOL.. BUT… they I think they can use it as a future campaign platform LOL LOL LOL.. along with the other dead horse issues.. and what what do we do if.. china decides to take taiwan.. SO would we then abandon the puppeteers covetous desires of the oil wells and pipelines that they have spent billions on a do nothing congress to get their way.. to protect the country that manufactures the chips and Ultimately get involved with the country that manufactures all of the military equipment we would use, Just to defend the country that manufactures the chips LOL..This would be considered a Cluster F@@K in any other book and I seriously think it is now..then think what if.. Russia and China go for the gusto at the same time. It isn’t a secret .. they have been in so many words telling us this for years now.. .. and what if Iran heads for Israel and what if syria gets involved as well etc.. hmm could be interesting, sure we have the G whatever to show our Nato superiority.. and we would leave our country totally unprotected our cities whose police departments were neutered by BLM and Antifa..Democrat-run cities that are full of “anarchy and mayhem,” even though racial justice protests around the country this summer have been mostly peaceful. Biden, on the other hand, has mostly skirted talk of unrest, … my guess there is still the a poison pawn trap play in action.. I am no strategist or anything it just looks that way from what I see in what little news they are really talking about.. we are so involved in everyone elses business that we leave the homelands unsecured then neutering the cities police in the highest crime ridden area’s was one of the stupidest things anyone could do we don’t have the manpower to impliment mass marshal law and defend the country along with obtaining the crap the puppeteers covet…. what I think is the countries that we are messing with will get us involved in a place where the puppeteers want to steal the vast resources using their greed against us…. then take the USA with A trojan horse move that I think they have been working at for some time.. they released enough videos showing how they would do it… and in my thought it makes sense to me. Keep us in some god forsaken place spending our selves into bankruptcy.. then letting us spend our resources to them for the manufacture to allow a few great wealth or simulated wealth while they position us …. we sold our ports of entry to outside interests along with a great deal of our companies and grain exporting elevators,and our toll roads.. Orange cones and road construction shutting down vital infrastructure. along with opening the borders to illegals.. with what one container in a hundred being checked..It is very possible that the equipment needed for an internal battle could already be here.
        forget warheads what about a small cannister of biological.. on a small ten dollar drone..
        now with the open borders.. the manpower could be coming here as well.. well at least they said that was how they were going to get them here.. then a few years ago.. we had guidance chips that had programming in them to let them be taken over.. and Iran does just that and lands one of our top secret drone planes on their runway.. I guess I could have just said.. its an organized Cluster F@@K in progress..
        All of it looks scary to me..

    • Drop in on – the Detroit Free Press, and search “fields of f150s” or similar. The “Big-3” have over a million vehicles parked in farm fields & parking lots outside Detroit, Ft. Wayne, Bowling Green, and everywhere else any of them have a final assembly plant. The vehicles have no electronic control modules (ECMs), can’t run, and therefore can not be sold…

      • I have hacked a couple early Ford ECMs, to enable a programmer to “adjust” things not normally adjustable. They were OBD-1 though. I believe along about 1996 everybody started epoxy-potting their goodies to prevent people like me from deliberately voiding factory warranties…

        What gets me is the 486 was sufficient for ~12 years, as a car’s brain. I can not believe the car-cos can’t retro-out an ECM built around a P-II level processor and get those vehicles out the door with a free upgrade promise as soon as the proper chips become available. There’s probably still 40 fabs in North America that could crank out 180nM Dixons on demand, starting tomorrow…

      • Speaking of ‘misinfodemic’…. who you going to believe?? CONsider the sources:
        a “national news” rag, or…
        Scotland’ Public Health service responding to a FOI request ??

        Discernment…. not delusion.

      • Different data leads to different (findings) Different findings leads to different news. Believe what you will.

    • “1996 everybody started epoxy-potting their goodies to prevent people like me from deliberately voiding factory warranties…”

      Lol lol lol it was around 86 I believe when they buried the chips.. lol..trying to grind that crap off is a mess…lol lol

      • My ’93 F150 was clean.

        I actually “serviced” it at my local mechanic…

        ECM died, they couldn’t get a new or rebuilt. I went to the shop, showed them how to take it out of the can, found the -=exploded capacitor=- (look surprised, George!) typed it, and had a half-dozen en route from Digi-Key within an hour. When they came in, I replaced the blown can, replaced the two which were bulging slightly, and gave my wrench the other 3 caps.

        He didn’t charge me for removal/replacement of the ECM…

        It was about a year later that I “adjusted” this same ECM. A 351 Windsor should simply produce more horsepower and better mileage than mine cranked-out…

  13. A lot of the vaccine scare numbers I am seeing from non-mainstream sources look like the work of crazy and/or radicalized people. I am not seeing or hearing anything anecdotally to confirm massively accelerated Covid or side-effect deaths among the vaccinated. Side-effect yes, fatalities no. I am starting to hear anecdotal evidence that a Covid Delta surge is well underway, and the statistics I see from mainstream sources don’t really surprise me. Accelerated fatalities aren’t surfacing that I can see, yet, but we are seeing a lot of ambulance runs during the day from the office.

    We are talking about resuming mask use at the office amongst the old timers. I haven’t seen any timetables for release of the Covid booster shots, which are undergoing testing. I would expect a September influenza jab will be in order, since I have never doubted that a lot of the reported Covid fatalities have been from new influenza variants. H1N1 concerns me as much or more than Covid. With non-egg influenza vaccine available, side effects are lower and efficacy seems to be higher. Be cautious.

    • There’s a reason the MSM use percentage quotes for the increases in infections – they’re much more scary than the actual numbers especially compared to last year. Dr. Chris Martenson’s video on his YT Peak Prosperity channel offers some good data-based clarity. Also see my link above to the article detailing how VAERS has wiped out 6K vaccine deaths. Believe as you wish but it’s a developing story nontheless.

      • Some of the numbers being published are deaths due to any cause for people who have been vaccinated for Covid. A lot of people have been vaccinated, especially the elderly, and then they have died from a lot of different causes. There is no cause and effect established. That sort of raw data is pretty much meaningless, and easily misinterpreted by the numerically challenged, which would be a good reason for the CDC to purge those numbers from their site.
        George’s ward, The Chicken Bunny, once claimed that the second or third Covid vaccine would unleash a Zombie apocalypse, which he later acknowledged was probably a misinterpretation of revelation. More recently he made a post that implies everyone who takes a Covid vaccination will die in the future. And I agree, that is absolutely true. It is also absolutely true that everyone who doesn’t take the vaccine will die as well. Mortality is 100% guaranteed, eventually. I’m guessing a misinterpretation of revelation may be at work, again. Apologies to the Bunny for picking at his interpretations.

        It’s all in the Dude’s details.

  14. Comrades,

    The Urbansurvival stable ip address is working.

    The Peoplenomics stable ip address is not working.

  15. Let’s just skip to the finish line:

    Ya know I was at Stateline in Idaho last week. I held the the door for this little old lady and she said “Awwe such a gentleman.” I tipped my hat and said “you just caught me on a good day Mam. Most of the time I’m an asshole” She Roared laughing, stopped and put her hand on my shoulder and says, ” Ohhh honey. Asshole is just a fancy way of saying Grandpapa. ” Then winked.

    The stock market collapse and everyone turn into Nano Tech Zombies yet?

    I did some math the other day Goorge.
    Point of entry of Covid 19. Snohomish Washington. Washington state population. 7, 655, 200 in 2020 according to the state website Total deaths by Covid 19: 6112 prior to the vaccine release according to the CDC website.

    That means you had a: 0.000798 chance of getting the Rona and dying thus far. Now I went to a place in Seattle and stood up and asked the entire place honestly how many were vaccinated out of curiosity. Because I have the balls to stand on my chair in a public place, hit a glass with a spoon and get everyones attention. There was 69 people on the place. I said by a show of hands. How many of you got both vaccines and had your papers on you? Only 6 people were not vaccinated. All the rest proudly raised their hands and said I got my proof. 63 people were fully vaccinated for a virus you had a 0.000789 chance of dying from.

    They all asked if I was vaccinated? Because I didn’t raise my hand. To which I replied. No. Absolutley not. Nor will I ever get it. A few called me an asshole and all of them looked at me with sour faces. Then I sat back down and drank my coffee. They went back their conversations and all that.

    I tell ya what. If what I saw in the future is true? Only 6 out of 69 survive. Well. What do ya do? It’s a beautiful night here at the beach. Everything is peaceful around me. I can hear the soft caress of the ocean waves and smell the salt air. Looking for a sail boat next couple months. I’d rather not be on land and able to go to any port without restrictions. Ya feel me? I mean if the nano bots take over and creates mindless vaccinated zombies. Werst case senerio? I’d rather be 100 miles off shore and small enoug to not be a blip on the radar. Jesus liked fishing. So do I.

    I am Truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope that you are as well.

    Cue: ~ happy ~
    Pharrel Williams.

    • Andy, have you had basic training on sailing a boat or power boat less than 20 registered tons? There’s a reason why when you go to a marina most boats stay firmly secured to the dock. The ocean is dangerous and will kill people who are unprepared. Oceans are unpredictable and a squall can blow up in minutes.

      When I was a teenager I worked at a marina. There was only one guy who took his boat out daily. He was a senior manager at an accounting firm who excelled at torturing weaselling suck ups who wanted to go sailing with the senior manager. He also loved to sail in “weather”. The sea sick suck ups would come off the boat puking their guts out a slimy shade of green praying for death.

      Sailing off into the sunset sounds romantic, it can be, I guess. Adding to the unpredictable dangers of the ocean; in the highly unlikely event things on land get as bad as you suggest, you have to be worried about pirates. Not the fun ones like Jack Sparrow or the Romance novel “tigers“ looking to be “tamed” by the right woman, rather dangerous criminals. The Coast Guard does an important job. Where will the Coast Guard be in such a scenario that you predict?

      • Having lived aboard for nearly 11 years and sailed most of the west coast except oregon, I can assure you Andy will do what all competent offshore sailors do to earn their stripes. Start off on manageable waters (puget sound) then venture into the Straits, an after that the W. side of Vanc island 5-20 miles off.
        It’s like flying: Scenic, idyllic and then you scare the shit out of yourself and actually learn something.
        Rinse and repeat until bored.
        After living aboard more than a decade, I would still go back to it in an instant, and so would Elaine. Except for the fact one thing you learn is “realism.” Could I make safe passage now (S.F. south, for example?). Sure. But the planning would be longer, the breaks more frequent.
        Andy will do fine. We’re all blessed, of course. But he’s wise enough to realize you have to work at keeping the blessings coming. Fair bit or work, that.

  16. Oh that doesn’t mean I’m going be reading Ure books soon. Hell I could be in Colorado next month for all I know. I’m always excited to see what Good Lord has planned for the day. Who knows George. The whole shittery could turn itself around and even Alah himself repent for his part in the mess they created.

    One things for sure. Those who have been running the show have been doing a crumby job of it. And we are day by day getting shorter on the first reel and the second reel is already running. So the whole narrative and story and plot for humanity is about to jump on to that different time line. I already mentioned the water mark. And sent ya a picture a while ago. It was smiley face. At the haunted house I was living at with 127 ghosts. And the golden kitty that hated everyone but me. Kinda miss her. But like all things, this is a catch and release game called life. Although the Hindus says. Eat a lion and man becomes a lion. Uhmmm I eat alot of fruits and nuts. Wonder what that makes me. Hahaa.

    So what do ya do. I let it all go. I did the deal long enough. Jumping timelines and all that shit. I guess we will see.

    Earthquake. Panama. Biggen. Colorado been a hot word lately. And im may be there in a month. Always reminds me of the Stand and that Flagg character. Say wasnt that based on a virus too? Em oh oh en. That spells Moon.

    Later dude. I got something new to do.

    Love the
    Causmic Chicken Bunny.


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