Market Hype: Higher Open – Close is What Matters

Another morning in the land of Shills and Shrills opens with Ure all set to take on another over-scheduled day.  What happened to the notion of retirement?  I swear, if someone would offer a fair price for UrbanSurvival, I’d retire to a low profile twice-weekly Peoplenomics report and spend more time puttering in the shop.

Play-by-Play of a world cracking up – though interesting – is not the highest and best use of any of our talents.  Coffee hit to banish the blues should arrive any moment, though, and jack up “serum cynicism” levels…

Double Top Then Flop?

With the small rise in our Peoplenomics Aggregate Index yesterday – a metric assuming equal dollars into the Dow, S&P and the NASDAQ in 2000 – we come today to within spitting distance of a “double top” technical formation.

As you should rightly figure; under Elliott Wave counts, Wave 2 rally after a major high (July 12) can equal (and rarely go a bit over) the old high.  Depends how much “slosh” the Fed has dumped in trying to avert collapse.

Slosh?  You Bet!

Since it’s a quiet morning, it’s a good time to review how much money the Fed has simply “made up” (borrowing and re-borrowing from itself, effectively printing money at will) since this whole Covid deal kicked-off.

The bottom lines are important here:  The one on the right says  – in economic terms – that there is 1.317 times MORE MONEY chasing the same goods in America as January 2020.

Consequences follow actions:  We can therefore predict with some confidence that the price of a big ticket asset (like a home) ought to be increase 31.7% in the same period of time – to May of this year.  17-months.

Problem is “slosh” from Cash (M1).  Give hedge fund people access to more cash and they will overplay their hand.  Which is why the market (measured by the Aggregate) was up on the order of 36%.  The correlation isn’t bad, though.

The Fed’s Sausage

We believe there is a reason the Fed has hidden (and delays by two months plus) its reporting of monetary data like this ever-so-revealing M2 to Market Prices:  They DON’T want the retail customers (small investors like us, fleecee’s) being able to see how the strings behind the curtain are pulled.

It results in all kinds of embarrassing revelations.  Our two current favorites are that:

  1. We are in a zero-growth economy.  When you make up enough money, it will seem like there has been growth.  This normalcy bias IV drip line keeps people from noticing there are still 5-million fewer people working than there were two years ago.
  2. And that the Debt/GDP ratio is at suicidal levels.

On the other hand, if the Fed had NOT made up so much money, we’d be in a Second Depression already.  So the arrival of Covid has served to:

  • Give the government an excuse and a scapegoat for any economic failures (of which there are many).  “Oh, that was the virus!”  Not the greedy f**ks on Wall Street.  Same tactic which people don’t notice when the Tech Wreck cratered in 2000-2003.  “It was Terrorism!”  But, it had exactly the same scapegoat and excuse for government intervention (War in the ME and the roll-out of domestic surveillance [Patriot Act] at home) which was then conveniently not noticed…
  • Modeling such things (as we do a fair bit of), however, is what would happen to America in modern times if the Fed had NOT printed at these levels.  Since “the Cartels” are the modern analogs to the Mafia/gangsters/ and Prohibition leading into the previous Depression, the MS-13s, border-leaking-drugs, and two-bit Marxist movements (where we would slot BLM) would have fomented a revolution in the streets by now had Depression II materialized.  Seriously:  Continuity of Government risk all over the place.

While we understand and appreciate the COG issues (and why the open border is as much about human and drug trafficking and gang “payments” to the American Bankster class) because banks do still launder money.  Which is where the whole CrimeCoins versus StateCoins battle line is solidifying.

Still, we have to call bullshit on the government (or private proxies like the Fed) keeping us “little players” from having access to the data that would let us at least see how the Casino is loading dice and tilting their wheels.

I have immense respect for Ben Bernanke.  Without his “helicoptering” of money approach, I expect America would be in flames already.  It’s out of his lane to deal with what happens when the Cartel puppets take Washington through proxies, but we are intensely curious who’s managing that aspect of disaster.  (On the Peoplenomics side, we use a ‘straw man’ fictitious agency [Directorate 153] as our hypothecated  “man behind the curtain” pulling the hawsers while Jerome Powell follows the Bernanke script which is more like pulling strings.

“The Virus” Hawser

Here in rural Anderson County Texas, the number of deaths (as of today) from CV-19 is about 133.  Most of the victims had co-morbidities.  The county has about 58,000 population and of these, 4,784 people have ‘officially’ had the disease.

Some numbers then:  Odds of getting sick or asymptomatic?   About 8 and a quarter percent.  One person in 12, shall we round it?

Of these “sickies” the odds of dying is 2.78%.  Less than one person in more than  35.

From the top, the odds are?  A bit over 2-10th’s of one percent (.2293%).  One person out of each 436 in our county died.  Which is amplified by personal co-morbidities including age.  So with us 72 and 78, we still cautiously mask, shun contact, because there’s no such thing as fractionally dead.

But we’re not keen on getting “shot” either.  Self isolation is not an option for most people.  But like so many other times, we seem to have lived “charmed lives” so far.  Continuing to do so requires not doing stupid things.  We also study the impacts of other health strategies (like having pneumonia shots up to date and taking a baby aspirin) as other small moves that can reduce risk.

We are still heavy on zinc, C, and other supplements.  We get lots of rest.

Mainly, We Watch the News

We can see the numbers.  My firefighter/EMT son keeps us totally updated on risks, too.  He’s been a Covid incident commander for a two county health district effort up north.

He tells me the instant CV test is less accurate than blood draws but a whole lot faster.  Not a big fan  of PCR tests, either.

Key point:  We hadn’t appreciated the role of aspirin (effectively in non-medical terms making platelets in the blood “less sticky” and thus less likely to form micro clots.  But then along comes the story this morning  “Can platelet size predict severity and mortality in COVID-19?  Seems it may.  But this is not medical advice.

What’s bothering us now is how dire  the headlines have become.  How the Bogey Bug is gonna get us all:

Even stories about people’s confusion are making the rounds:  As Americans navigate conflicting COVID-19 mask advice…

Fortunately, click-starved media always has a hot new topic ready to distract.

Stories that Matter

As the bankster class jacks up the futures, we’re a lot more interested in the newest democrat witch hunt spooling up in the asylum:  Details on F.B.I. Inquiry Into Kavanaugh Draw Fire From Democrats.  Anything to influence the courts in their Marxist Kangaroo direction.

Speaking of Marx:  New York Times No. 1: Mark Levin’s American Marxism sells 400,000 in first week | Washington Examiner.  There’s hope.

My book more right than ever:  Which one?  Broken Web (2012) as we read Widespread Outage Disrupts Major Retail, Financial, Travel, Olympic Websites Worldwide – NBC New York.

Fall Gardens and Famine

My consigliere nails it again:  “You won’t have to worry about the grains, but if you like truck farm veggies, you’d better do something now…”

Reason for his “fresh tossed cynicism”?

As you can see, no sign of moisture out west  and the RGV which is causing severe fire problems.

I wanted to mention this to you now so you can maybe put together a few plans for a fall and winter garden.  We got in cabbage and other cold weather seeds this week and we’ll put them in third week of August.

Around the Ranch

Trapped and put down two wild animals this week. 

One was a raccoon that had been getting into the garden.  The other was a possum.  We seem to have a number of them now around our storage building foundation,  so Trapper George is on a local wildlife control project.

Don’t know if I mentioned it, but one of the possums ran off (and subsequently killed) Zeus’s feral female friend.  Elaine saw the chase begin as the possum ran it up into some dense brush.

I don’t take any joy in putting down possums and ‘coons.  But they do a lot of damage to the property and when our mouse and rat patrol gets attacked, that’s the end of it.

And maybe that’s a useful “hint from Universe” about times ahead. “Saving Animals” is a fine thing in a high-rise condo.  But out here?  Rabies, killers of pets, and ruining buildings is not acceptable.  Sometimes – if you overthink animal control – you can confuse yourself six ways to Sunday.  For me, two put down rounds and on to the next project.  No remorse at all.

Hard times coming.  Hardening the heart may be required.

The battle lines of future are firming.  Appeasement and the “middle” will be consumed.  At which point, you’re going to have to throw in, one way, or the other.

Best thought out in advance.  Because when it all hits the fan, there’s only the quick and the dead.  You’ll either pick one, or it will be decided for you. 7.7 billion is an unstable population level in our view.

Write when you get rich,

49 thoughts on “Market Hype: Higher Open – Close is What Matters”

  1. so generally speaking you have a life expectancy of 86 years – you have a 12% chance of testing positive – assuming the test gives a 50% false positive – 6 folks 72 and older will become ill out of 100 – assuming no co-morbidity issues you have a 95% or better chance of surviving – so if I’m noodling this correctly 5.7 of the 6 will survive – stop over thinking this live and enjoy your life you could step off a curb tomorrow and get hit by a car – i’m not that far behind you in years and I do what I enjoy and don’t think a thing about or worry I’ll get sick – heck I found a good friend back home has lewy body dementia now that’s a problem

  2. “Hard times coming. Hardening the heart may be required.” .. Yes, ‘Muricans have grown way too soft. Survival (and nature) can be brutal,but honest. Farmers wifes twisted heads on chickens for dinner, now they are horrified of killing their “pets”. But its okay to buy a chicken at the store. Apparently those die of natural causes…

    • We have about zero risk. We have Z packs ready, grams of C and iver on call when/if needed.
      We also do a ton of anti-aging which is vastly higher import than iver in our view
      Odds on CV19 in our age group is 1/2 a percent given age and fitness. We both have one of the dementia/Alz genes though. We can do the math which one to really worry about

    • No need for Iver as prophylactic, best to keep in reserve.

      dr Zelenko Z-Stack commercially avail.. Vit C 800 mg/Vit D3 125 mcg/Zinc30 mg/Quercetin 500mg..Ure free to move about the country..

  3. RE: “Hard times coming,” there’s a lot to be said for seasoned intuition grounded upon solid reason. You sir, proclaim both.

    A line used in every Star Wars flick, the good and the not-so-good ones, also comes to mind: “I have a bad feeling about this!”

    People who take the time to stop and reflect upon the multitude of data passing into and out of their grey matter should start to recognize that something is not quite right. Something life altering is standing upon humanity’s collective doorstep.

    Hard times bring change, change that arises out of necessity, change that sometimes alters the foundational pillars (or guide stones) of a society. The more ‘swiss army knives’ we have in our arsenalsj – physical and mental – the better prepared we are for collectively getting thru the challenges and opportunities that may lay ahead.

    Urban survival leads me think about a great many things I would normally never think of. Thanks, sir, for helping Ure’s truly to get my mushy, hypnotized, propagandized brain better prepared for expecting the unexpected as the future relentlessly unfolds before us.

    • Yeah – if I had more time, I could philosophize about raccoon and possums all day.
      Other times a double-pop with the Taurus mini 22 boot gun is just a hell of a lot faster. Oddly, less depressing, too.

      • A few weeks ago, a kid driving a pick-up with his father riding shotgun ran over a big coon down in front of the neighbors. They turned and went back. I drove by and stopped to talk. The coon was still alive. I chatted for a few minutes to give the coon time to bleed out or run somewhere other than up Dad’s pants leg. As I drove off, in the rear-view, I saw Dad tossing the dying racoon in the back of the pick-up. Hard times dinner. Yea, I’m seeing it too.

      • Warh, love your self characterization, ‘mushy, hypnotized propagandized brain’, glad to see some posters with sense of humor and joie de vivre (french for exuberant enjoyment of life)!

        So George, possums and coons are nocturnal animals, did you use infrared to spot them at night, or you shot them in the day?

      • Once in the “humanitarian” cage, they patiently waited for dawn.

        Neither wanted the obligatory cigarette, though, which was interesting. Something about the Possum General’s health warning. I patiently explained obesity based on cat food was the real danger….


        Years ago we got caught in a flash rain storm and gumbo mud . Ended up stranded on a ranch with a little ole Texan rancher with the biggest hat I ever seen.. he said.. want some steeew.. one of the other cat operators said yes I am famished.. do out comes this bowl of the foulest nastiest tasting stuff you ever seen.. it was roadkill stew lol…I of course said I’m not hungry he can have my.portion lol..
        For that recipe you can substitute any other meat..

  4. a racoon had a deadly case of lead poisoning this week. The 4 way mutt is a good guard dog and alarm. His duty is chicken patrol, it’s worth feeding him – good guy.

    • I had a pet raccoon when I was was so cute … then it got big…had a pet skunk when I worked as a steam cleaner stinky.. its mom got kilked.. it lived to sit in your lap and eat doughnuts lol.. we had to get rid of it.. the boss took it in to get shots and the scent bags removed and the vet told him no..
      Best watch dog he ever had lol..when the coon ( kitty) grew up it was into everything…loved to dig in drawers.. mom made us get rid of it..

  5. Damn, I love this column. Everything you write this morning is spot on. Your are not afraid to give statistics that piss off both right and left but are factual. You don’t censor those of us that do the same.

    You are right. The whole wold is political and the middle ground going down fast. A fact based science argument will get shot down depending on where it is expressed. Pick a side buddy or shut up!

    By the way, I loved Andy’s post late last night. Please Andy, get that glass and spoon and head for a chair in some school board meetings and give them sh*t!

  6. Yo Cosmo,

    Keep the antennas up & tuned for the Schuman Resonance is cranking biggly. This after over 3.5 years of cosmic radiation/energies just pouring into da Earth, as result of ole Sol taking a prolonged snooze.

    Those NRG’s tend to raise the overall level of “stress nrg’s” pressuring in/down on population. Ancient Daoist recognized these disruptive NRG’s from “space’, and meditated/practiced on remaining calm/detachment.

    If knuckleheads like Moi recognize this phenom, surely the “masters of the Game” recognized & planned to take advantage of the situation..

    Hey G – U know where a monkeyman might be able acquire some tasty space nanners ?

  7. Hey G, I had to chuckle about your comment on retirement I “retired” 7 years ago and moved down here to AZ to work on my street rods and motorcycles NOT! I am so swamped with customer work I have to just lock the doors and take off on the Harley just to get a break! And why is this? Because no one wants to work period end of story! And if you can find a body to help (with no skills what so ever) they need $50 per hr. to start! I can’t even tell you how much work I have turned away! I have finally got to the point where if I have to leave the property I will not do the work, I even started quoting prices so high to run people off and that did not work, why because there is no one else out there doing anything! To me this is where real problem is going to come from for this country what are these people going to do when they have to depend on their own resources (of which they have none) to survive? And the worst part is they have no desire to learn or help themselves!
    One thing is for certain it is going to put a whole new meaning to home defense! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    • This is a great example of too much money chasing too few goods(skilled labor)! I’ve made an effort to be as self-sufficient as possible, yet I still need some processed materials(food, chips, components, steel, parts that I can’t realistically make). There’s never enough time in the day, and relaxation/meditation are absolutely needed for balance and harmony too.

      Unfortunately, the functions of depression and war are to waste away resources(including money), so that people will be desperate enough to work hard again for others. Weird, but that’s the way it seems from here.

    • “Because no one wants to work period end of story! ”

      I experienced th Harvin Oklahoma.. lol got the kid up at 6 to be at the muffler shop at 630.. plenty of time to be first up after they finished the previous days work.. the new wasn’t delivered until after 9 and the fast food joint didn’t open until eleven for coffee..yhe owner of the shop wadfled his FA in at 11.30 they finished up the previous days work and we got out about closing time..
      Th he kids lived in a nice place in a nice neighborhood.. it was my goal to get the landlord to put a lightbulb in.. I failed..
      My guess is it’s so hot that work is the last thing on their mind..

  8. Noticed the headwaters for most of the rivers feeding the Mississippi from the west are in the high drought areas. I wonder if there will be any long term effects on Mississippi traffic because of this?

    You also missed the news article about water thieves in California. Looks like the wild, wild West is making a comeback?

  9. Regardless of the drought map, the forecast here is for heavy rain up to two inches an hour with flash flood advisories. YMMV. I’ll plan work accordingly.

    Though I’m vegetarian by choice, I recognize the need to manage wildlife when it impinges too deeply on our lives. My life comes first! I’m truly surprised that a possum could get a cat. Sad too. I may have to engage in wildlife control here for the same reasons of protecting foundations, especially with regard to various rodents. More info on successful and selective trapping might be helpful.

  10. “Self isolation is not an option for most people. ”

    They’re scooping everyone at the employer level. No jab. No job.

    The “benefits” crowd will probably have to come in for a jab at some point to continue receiving their allotment of milk and honey. It’ll all be lawful.

    Think back to November 8th, 1938, Kristallnacht Eve. There were probably some bad-assed Germans reassuring their Jewish friends. “If they come here, don’t worry, I’ll stop them!” That only lasted until the “Jew Hunter” arrived.

    “It is right to report your neighbor. They endanger us all.”

  11. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Singer recently resigned from Wikipedia because he said the editors and content has become too biased to the left. He stated that “only Globalist and Progressive content and bias is now allowed. Conservative ideas, writers, and content is banned”.

    The Wikipedia entry “Torsion Field (Pseudoscience)” is an example of this misinformation. The people at Wikipedia called Torsion Field Physics that might be identified as the unknown ‘5th Force’ a “Pseudoscience.”

    Are they obtaining their information from this headline and article last year in LiveScience?….

    Physicists who disproved ‘5th force’ win $3 million ‘Breakthrough’ prize.

    “Three physicists won a $3 million ‘Breakthrough’ prize for proving there is no fifth force (that we know of). And it all started with a series of table-top experiments using cheap equipment.”

    LiveScience stated in the article: “Adelberger, Gundlach and Heckel’s win is remarkable in part because their group has not detected any previously-unseen phenomena, built any giant experiments, or developed any remarkable new theories. Instead, they precisely measured physical effects that scientists already knew about, and they tested claims made by other researchers with unusual rigor. Some of their most important results have falsified scientific theories, rather than proving them right.”

    “That’s actually not what we’re out for, falsifying,” Gundlach told Live Science. “We actually are interested in new physics.”

    Adelberger somewhat disagreed. “It’s a little more complicated than that,” he told Live Science. “Physics right now is in a kind of crisis. You’ve got two things that work extremely well: Einstein’s gravity and quantum theories. … Both of them have been tested very carefully, both of them work wonderfully. But they’re completely inconsistent. So, there’s something really big we’re missing. So, it’s important to go back and ask, ‘How well do we understand the things that we think we understand?” (End of Article Quotes)

    Why is an award given out for “something really big we’re missing” and “how well do we understand things that we think we understand”?

    It should be noted that each year’s winners are chosen by past recipients in a ‘secret process’, and each winning person or group receives more than three times as much money as winners of the Nobel Prizes.

    A group of tech billionaires — Sergey Brin (Google), Anne Wojcicki (co-founder CEO of 23andMe), Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan (Facebook), Yuri Milner and Julia Milner (Early Funders of Facebook and Twitter), Jack Ma and Pony Ma (Communist Chinese Amazon copycat) — supply the funds for the ‘Breakthrough’ awards.

    They are all ultra-Liberal Billionaires with companies that track citizens–places you go, friends and family and contacts you have, communications you have, a record of your DNA held in a database, your ancestors and progeny, interests you have, and what you consume. They also feed the population very liberal agendas while cancelling anybody and anything middle-of-the-road or conservative.

    In-Q-Tel, the intelligence communities Venture Capital arm, funds many tech companies including those whose sole business model is to gather the data from these billionaire companies and other sources and feed it back to the intelligence agencies. Big Brother using multiple data source feeds to create a map of each human on the planet including their anticipated reactive behavior patterns to various government events (COVID 19-22, Masks, Lockdowns, Vaccines, Wars, Climate Change). What will Baa Baa Sheeple do? Predictive Programming!!

    All these Billionaires have expressed a desire to utilize physics to develop advanced Quantum Computing with AI applications. One use will be an even more surreptitious tracking of humans. Allegedly proving that something doesn’t exist, like torsion field physics-the 5th Force, stamped as valid with a ‘Breakthrough’ award paying 3x the Nobel Prize in physics funded by a bunch of billionaires whose companies are deeply involved in data mining for the government sounds like a story line of a James Bond movie based upon a disinformation campaign to keep others from researching the subject more in depth.

    If someone did find and isolate this 5th force, or already has, be it anti-matter, dark matter, dark energy, degenerate matter, or some other force as awardee physicist Adelberger stated—“there is something really big we are missing”, it might lead to free energy, or time travel, or intergalactic travel through bending or manipulating time/space, or medical cures by creating counter-measures to heal viruses and illnesses through sound and light. These discoveries if released to the world surely wouldn’t help the oil or utility companies, it wouldn’t help the drug companies, the airline or shipping industry, or a multitude of other global industries that make billions from keeping people in the dark about advanced technological breakthroughs. But forget it and forget looking for more applications because a bunch of Billionaires along with Wikipedia have now stated that this 5th Force doesn’t exist!!!

    There have been many physicists that discussed a “5th Force”. Einstein, Cartan and “the future Einstein” Nikodem Poplawski, PhD. are just three of many such individuals.

    Can ”Cheap instruments” as they were called in the Live Science article, tested on Earth accurately measure something as minute as torsion balance because you cannot be totally assured there is not some other unknown affecting the outcome. On Earth, gravity isn’t entirely even. Because the globe isn’t a perfect sphere, its mass is distributed unevenly. And uneven mass means slightly uneven gravity.

    Something unknown like magma moving under the Earth’s crust can affect gravitational outcomes. Likewise ancient glaciers from the Ice Age that have melted long ago affect gravity in areas where they existed. Or something even smaller such as Influence of Description in the quantum world means that just observing the system subsequently influences the system. Observational influence of describing the system also influences the system.

    An example is that you cannot measure the weight, mass or gravitational field that is active in telepathy, mind projection/remote viewing, prayer, or psychic phenomena.

    Such paranormal abilities existence have been proven in tests by SRI…Stanford Research Institute, the Government (CIA and DIA), and Dr. J.B. Rhine at Duke University. A well-known psychic Sean Harribance, whom I have known for decades, proved the phenomena in numerous tests with Dr. Rhine such that random chance is not at play. He has been the subject of successful experiments at M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston healing cancer cells with his energy. Even Dr. Von Braun knew about and confirmed telepathy and telekinesis as real phenomena.

    The results of tests of telepathy, premonition, and remote viewing in highly controlled settings prove that some phenomena is at play. Currently there is not anyway of measuring or weighing this unknown phenomenon! Call it ‘Psi’ for lack of a better word. Maybe the 5th force at play. Maybe One of God’s many omnipotent powers that he doesn’t want used by the sickos now in control of this planet. Maybe it is these unknown powers that Jesus talked about in Matthew 21:21-22, or when he walked on water, or healed the blind man. How do you measure those? You can only observe that some unknown power is at play and see the outcomes. Who knows if it is the 5th Force, dark matter, anti-matter, torsion fields, electromagnetic anti-gravitational waves, the space created by particle movement, quantum entanglements, or God just having some fun with an under-developed species on this dot in space called Earth.

    For those that are open-minded enough to question liberal leftist media and “fact checkers”, Torsion Field Physics and the 5th Force are discussed in the links below. Also discussed are how various structures (Pyramids and Phi Spirals) could create Torsion Fields and affect or enhance ‘Psi’ phenomena.

    And along the lines of George’s thought-provoking excellent book ‘Packing to Die’, applications of quantum entanglement and Torsion physics and the effects on consciousness and our role in the universe.

    Who is Wikipedia’s bunch of leftist editors to call Torsion Fields “(Pseudoscience)”? Poplawski, Einstein and many other physicists, including one of the Breakthrough Award winners, Adelberger, have stated there is indeed some force at play. It is highly doubtful that Wikipedia has a bunch of unbiased theoretical physicists, or theoretical or applied mathematicians on staff making a call that Torsion Fields are “Pseudoscience”. Such a big word for biased leftist editors.

    Beware of trusting Wikipedia anymore for unbiased accurate knowledge. Same with Snopes and the many other ‘Fact Checkers’ and censored sites like Facebook and Twitter. They are leading the populace right into the pen and ready to close the gates. The evil globalists now control almost every bit of information people are fed today. Fear and disinformation are so prevalent, and the truth is twisted and hidden to control the masses and soon lead them into the “New World Order”/“One World Government”, which is nothing more than a dictatorship on steroids.

    The Wikipedia co-founder Larry Singer issued a warning when he resigned. Another news and media outlet has now been invaded and controlled by Leftists, Marxists, and Commies. Kind of like Cockroaches….for each one you see, there are hundreds you don’t know about. And it isn’t what they eat, it’s what they get into and destroy.

    • Every damned bit of that is true.

      I can tell you right now that we do not understand the reality in which we live. There is a completely unseen world and we don’t even have a clue as to where we fall in the context of it all. Some of it is called ‘paranormal’, but that word is a misnomer. Those aspects of reality are totally normal, but we just don’t understand them, yet. ‘Psi’, remote viewing, telepathy…all of it…it’s real. It’s normal human abilities that I would say every human possesses to some degree. Some are just more talented than others.

      • I am reminded of a stunning example of human abilities I recently read: “SPIRIT SONG” by Mary Summer Rain. An 80ish, blind, native american woman living alone in the forest, exhibiting all the spiritual abilities that the great spirit grants to all… if they learn how to use them.

      • Some of the “PSI” stuff will just blow you away when you view it objectively, like the case of Pat Price. Former cop and probably the world’s most accurate Remote Viewer. Could mentally invade the enemy’s position and actually read the names on file folders left out on the desk.

      • Maj13…I do believe you and I may have been involved in some of the same tests :). Able to read license plates at advanced distance, among many other things. Picked events and dates months into the future. Analyzed and even healed illnesses and 1 case of infertility.

        Possibly you were involved in advanced energy projects also? I will post some outtake thoughts next week from a talk I gave on Energy and Global Warming . I am disgusted with their lies! It was well received. Hope you have a nice weekend and we don’t have to watch anymore clowns disrespecting our flag at the Olympics.

    • Yo WTHS,

      Ure 5th force is/was Niana, the other side Prana, “The Natural Force”

      in Qigong it is obviously called Qi – good Qi, and bad or ben Qi – which is the source of illness in body. Internal Qi can be cultivated or collected and saved. External Qi is stuff of the powerful force fields put out by djed crystal pillars. or

      check out Dr Yan Xin science papers avail online at ScienceDirect, Elsevier or just go to int. journal biochemistry & cell biology 38 (2006) “External Qi of Yan Xin Qigong differentially regulates the Akt and extracellular signal -regulated kinase pathways and is cytotoxic to cancer cells but not normal cells’ . The guy is Human – THE National Treasure of China, and aint nobody nows where he is right now..

      • Thank you Djedi knight…I will definitely read the referrals….May the force be with you! :-)

    • Wikipedia is quite useful for finding non-controversial info such as actors in a movie, or it’s date of release. When it comes to the edge of current science or anything political, it’s mostly propaganda. I’ve experienced dousing with L-rods and know someone who’s been witching water all her life. I don’t understand it at all, but I can’t argue the experience. There’ve been times in my life when I’ve known things I had no means of knowing, yet these detailed knowings were proven right. They really mattered – perhaps that’s part of how reality works.

      It’s one thing to say that things or phenomena are unknown. It’s quite another to deny or define away what can’t yet be measured – and may never be. We still have the ability to try though. When seeking information, I try to use both USA and international sources if it’s sufficiently controversial. Many different sources tend to closer approximate “the truth”, if there is just one.

      • NM Mike….so true. Water witching works. I had a great uncle hand me a pair of brass welding rods bent in an L when I was 11. We walked around his farm and they crossed big time…couldn’t stop them. They drilled a huge water well right where they crossed. I have two pairs that I have used to find water on my ranch, find missing pets, and create huge thunderstorms. Thanks for your feedback. Stay safe in the Land of Enchantment. I am there often.

    • “Beware of trusting Wikipedia anymore for unbiased accurate knowledge. Same with Snopes and the many other ‘Fact Checkers’ and censored sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

      Never have, never will. Wackypedia has never been good for more than a “quick & dirty” definition,explanation, or analysis. It frankly still is. However, with that said, were I a high school or college instructor who issued a research assignment, I would summarily flunk every kid who used (or even cited) Wikipedia or any other such source.

      I have a “supergenius” nephew — as in his IQ was untestably high (the Stanford Binét cut off at 204 until it, and other intelligence metrics were re-evaluated.) When he was aged 9 to about 14, he created a bunch of pseudonyms, and wrote a bunch of “learnéd treatises” — essays and pseudo-research papers, covering a wide range of topics, which he then published to the Web in various places, using the aforementioned pseudonyms. From his junior year in high school on, he cited these papers many times as research sources for assigned topics or in debate prep. Hell, he’s pushin’ 40 and may STILL be using them.

      I’m not as bright as he, but I was bright enough to learn the lesson: I NEVER assume research is anything more than BS, unless I have independent confirmation from people whose lives and credentials I can track down — and I DO track them down…

  12. “What’s bothering us now is how dire the headlines have become. How the Bogey Bug is gonna get us all:”

    We all seem to suffer from information overload without realizing it?! I often ask myself:


    However, we are desperately seeking entertainment, IMHO, of course ;-).

  13. I lost 20 chickens this year, 4 of them were killed by two weasels the weasels are still alive sixteen were killed by one racoon over a two week period she dead.

  14. “7.7 billion is an unstable population level in our view.”

    Indeed, one 7 too many — and not necessarily the one after the decimal. One way or other “human life” will do itself in by its own overgrowth.

    Everyone with common sense will understand this. Common sense is lacking among humans. Just look round you!

      • Have you researched Dr Martin? I have and I believe he has an agenda though I’m not clear on what it is (just money?) so I have to discount what he’s saying.

    • This video is from the Stew Peters interview. It’s important and the linked video is very easy to download. Of course, I’ve just done that. Right click in Brave and “download video as”.

  15. “Retirement”? Who are you kidding, George? If you weren’t doing this, you would be bored and looking for another outlet for all your energy! And speaking of (alleged) retirement, it DOES offer us the ability to self-isolate as much as we can. I do much as you… with the additional aspect of spending time living with our 91 year old Papa and keeping him safe, housekeeping, and ensuring he gets his meds. We go nowhere, no social gatherings, and keep others out of the house. If you don’t want to catch a ‘social disease’, you have to treat everyone else as if they are infected and keep as much distance as you can. And I have all the supplements and treatments available “just in case”…. including an oxygen generator.

    Meanwhile, the stupid tourists continue to flock in as fast as the airlines can load them. And the second wave is in full bloom in Hawaii, with ever increasing numbers again… 50 more yesterday on the Big Island alone. And with Las Vegas opening up, the local residents here like to fly to the “Ninth Island” to mingle with the infected masses. One local couple decided they had been cooped up long enough and went to ‘Vegas. They came back, came down with covid, and both died. Talk about ‘betting your life’ for some fun! Officials are reluctant to lock things down again, which will ensure that this wave will be worse than the first. People are stupid and believe the vax will protect them. What protects me is staying away from all the stupid people.

  16. George, there is a group of doctors that are providing services to get the medication to fight covid. They have a website called Front Line Doctors, you can sign up for a phone consultation,the doctor calls and asked what you want . Then writes a prescription to their drug store,then the drug store calls to get your address and ships the drugs directly to you. They have Hydroxy,Ivermectin and Zpac. I thought it was a little pricey but maybe not if it saves my life

  17. Ginkgo Biloba is also an excellent option for helping to keep the blood moving in your body.

  18. A federal appeals court has ruled against the rent eviction moratorium:

    This should be no surprise; the question all along has been when will the courts enforce the constitution and the law.

    Locally the number of people on the street appears to have stabilized somewhat; either that, or the newly minted homeless are getting smarter about keeping a low profile. It appears social services are catching up with the problem. As to whether this court case will result in another wave of homeless remains to be seen. This is nothing to celebrate. The lockdowns were the source of this misery. The bill is coming due now.

  19. Woo Woo. Went to India last night. Met with Holy Man whom conveyed to me just before awakening “They are coming to blind the nation with one eye”

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