Guidestones Calculus

With markets in turmoil, a pause for reflection on the Georgia Guide Stones paradox may be useful. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re way behind the curve.

Even if you have, though, they may not be “front of mind.”  There’s a lot to be learned from them, of course.  But almost nothing is known about who mysteriously put them there.  Points us to the questions though  –  and brings us to considering how we may all be victims of competing, society-wide, “shaping operations.”

Today we will consider the stones, Covid, and history anew.  We’ll go light on conspiracies (many of which turn out to be true, however). Yet many do hold “hidden variables” that can take decades to appear.  We’ll go heavier on the peering behind the curtains.   Nuclear saber rattling, masking, and pandemics, plus economic collapse potential from markets being so high.  All coincidental?  Or much more to it?  Historical rhyme time.

First, though, the usual slosh of news to consider and with the wild market action this week, including a “turnaround Tuesday” and will this turn into Wind-up Wednesday as the ChartPack is particularly interesting.

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57 thoughts on “Guidestones Calculus”

  1. 2 things bust crininals . conscience and complacency . these creeps today have no conscience but they are getting real sloppy .

  2. Morning George, while I do not know who commissioned the Guide Stones, I do who the origons of the messages I can make a fair guess where the messages originate. They have to be from the Pleiades/Plejaran people. How they influenced the person to build them I do not know. I have read all of the guidence in the Eduard “Billy” Meier material. You will remember he is the Swiss Contactee.

    Next the origins of Corona Virus. The US Drug companies own its creation lock stock and barrel. Meaning they own all the patent rights to it and the cure, which was patented by 2019. They have over 70 patents on Covid. The planning for using the media to spread the message and fear was done around 2003. I sent or posted in the comments the links to the evidence and a
    reader yesterday posted it. You have not followed up on the links, therefore what you have had to say today is seriously in question.

    This is the post and LINK which you need to read and watch the interview!!!
    Your readers post:

    July 20, 2021 at 10:19

    From Dr. David E Martin’s presentation “Wuhan Institute Gain-of-Function contractor, Peter Daszak in 2015: “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow that hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

    This website is under constant dos attack. Not easy to get through. Maybe Martin is a globalist, whatever the case, he has spilled the beans on the great evil that has fallen upon us. You can look up the patent numbers yourself. Martin gets down to the amino acid sequence to show how this was originally invented, the first patents in 2002- 2003 and a total of 73 (if I recall correctly) patents through today. As G has always said “Everything is a business model”. What’s happening now is no different.

    George suggest you save the video and webpage that posted it, because this may get banned. I originally read it at another site, that I got as a link from Steve Quayles site.

    Take care my friend…

  3. We can make conspiracies out of anything.

    We’ve heard this one, “Turtles all the way down”.

    From Wiki:

    “The saying alludes to the mythological idea of a World Turtle that supports a flat Earth on its back. It suggests that this turtle rests on the back of an even larger turtle, which itself is part of a column of increasingly large turtles that continues indefinitely. The exact origin of the phrase is uncertain.”

    Toss that and yesterday’s Blue Origin space launch into the Conspir-a-matic

    Blue Origin says, “We paint a tortoise on our vehicles after each flight.”

    Clearly Bezos is communicating Earth is flat and held-up by stacked turtles. There’s no other reason why Bezos would choose the tortoise as a mascot. Bezos knows.

    People will go for anything. Put all ideas into video form and upload to YouTube for hits.

    Here’s one I read the other day that needs a video.

    You heard of the story, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”?

    The conspiracy is the mirror is the story. The ancients had two-way communication Peloton-like devices called “looking glasses”. Today’s looking glass might be your cellphone and a video convo.

    And the mirror is real, but none of us will ever touch it:

    “The mirror, more a toy than a looking glass, reverberated the looker’s words back on to her, giving the appearance that the mirror could speak. The mirror was constructed in 1720, and still resides in Lohr Castle, which is now a museum.”

    • “…Clearly Bezos is communicating Earth is flat and held-up by stacked turtles….”

      Why do you think Bezos rocket and capsule went straight up and straight back down? … because he KNOWS the earth is FLAT!! If they had tried to move laterally … well they would have gone beyong the Earth’s Plane, and then would have been drifting out in nothingness, unlikely to ever make it back. Can’t have that can we? Bezos is one smart cookie!!

    • The occult significance of the Turtle can be found by looking directly at a single carapace on the shell.
      Relax the eyes/vison, and softly gaze at the single carapace..See anything ?
      You will notice Ishtars 8 pointed star, and that is a powerful sigil/8 pts. Templars know this symbol well, and await the return of the black sun…can be found all over America..if you know what to look for.. & now U do

  4. “Low-Wage Workers Now Have Options, Which Could Mean a Raise?” I have yet to meet a low-wage worker who reads that paper.”

    Well.. we have never met… but as a catfish at the bottom of the pond.. I read that paper.. ( not all the time though same crap different page)

  5. Bravo G,

    Ure calculus is solid, as usual. One tiny item, a nit pick really… pray tell why would a peoples fleeing gangs and crooked government ever want to come to the US of A ?

    Thats all bribems’ America is anymore (gangs&crooked govt.), that and low IQ – entitled fat people.

    Thats right – has any one been out about in the past year, 3 months, month ?

    Its like the Indians & Asians are all fit and trim, Murhicans – fat, stupid, as general rule.

    Obviously if they weren’t stupid, they wouldnt be Fat. duh-ooh!

    Like the dicktater of the norks – Yo Kim Fat, who is now known as Yo Slim Kim -he got smart real fast when he noticed that NK was not growing any food this year due falsie black goblins’ pet project.

    Protecting ALL that – is a transgendered, neutered Military, cant run a mile in sneaks ? No problem we have a walk you can do to qualify for enlistment, hell you can even do lady pushups now.

    Our best and brightest of the US Military competed in World Military Games in Wuhan at the exact same time as the virus outbreak.
    These guys and girls finished near bottom of all countries competing – What happened to Worlds strongest military, one might wonder.

    Why such terrible athletic performances on US military part ? Perhaps maybe dia/cia sent in a team of “dragon warriors” instead, to Wuhan military games to assist the CCP intelligence with spreading the evil…
    nah just moar conspiracies, never mind Wuhan home city of the tiananmen sq radicals party..

    “I see nothing” – Sarge Schultze

    • “Murhicans – fat, stupid, as general rule”

      That’s why it’s so easy for the politicians to play the scam on the people. The hourly wage earners have to work so long that they get their info from the 20 minute news ride home or between jobs.
      The days when mom and dad sitting around the table discussing events of the day are long gone..
      We rarely hear anything at all.. now that the constant anti trump rant is over they tell you nothing..and the people are to busy to seek it out.

      • Exactly, LOOB; you can tell the American citizen haters that come on here and make fun of Fat Americans, those same Americans that have been sold out by the political and corporate class colluding all of these years with our Globalist Handlers.

        Those handlers that made sure there was no increase in the living wage (I am not talking about minimum wage), that made sure we imported as many people as possible to take the ONE wage earner family provider wage jobs, and are now currently finishing their last 40 year importing of the lowest wage earners, that rarely pay into the Social Security System, but reap all the taxpayer benefits that even the taxpayers are not eligible for, the same people that are laying off and firing the American worker so they can replace them with anyone but Americans, (outsource/insource) the same people that made sure you could be a manager at an Exxon/Chevron/etc., gas and food mart in the early 80’s at $10.00 an hour, and now you can make that, too, up until a few months ago. No increase in Management Pay in 40 years!

        The ones that laugh at the American people as they are cornered like sheep being herded from one Political Do Nothing for the Country Party – Democrat Party to the other Political Do Nothing for the Country Party – Republican Party passed around like a cheap hookit (man/woman/child) for their pleasure before they use their destruction tactics to destroy this nation (this has been going on for a very very LONG time).

        Surely, ECU, you know this. AND if you don’t know this, then quit beating up on the American citizen, who is guilty of ONE thing, and that is TRUST in its SELFISH leaders.

        The Selfish Leaders that have destroyed the contract.
        The Selfish Leaders that have destroyed the food supply via poisons that REFLECT in weight gain, the medical system that has been under attack resulting in ObamaNONaffordablecare, the medications that only need to be 4% effective to gain FDA approval, the food supply that isn’t inspected, coming in from all over, raised and sprayed with chemicals outlawed in the USA, that make people fat and cause early deaths. The additives that our USA based food producers put in the food supply that makes people FAT and cause early deaths.

        I don’t blame the people, as anyone can tell, AS FAST AS THE PEOPLE can get wind of something with TRUTH, the information is censored, stripped, and removed from the internet.

        The 2 family earners, the single mothers, the race baiting, the demonization and demoralization of the white race, this country is ALL over the map in its destruction forces propelled by the Media in collusion with the Government.

        The military is just ONE more target rich environment, that has been steadily attacked for the last 40 years. Look, all over the USA, its foundations are being attacked: the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Military, Border, History and Historical Cultural Artifacts, Education System, post office system, FAMILY, etc., you name it, IT’S UNDER ATTACK AND THANKS TO OBAMA GIVING IT A NAME: “TRANSFORMATION OF THE NATION.”

        What is NOT under attack, and what needs to be TARGET NO. 1 is the FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE IRS; those TWO illnesses plague this nation!!!

        Just look to what has happened in South Africa this last few weeks; that is what they want to happen to America. Many things have been revealed, over the years, on this website, to be true and revealed to be coming.

        Plan accordingly.

        People are STRESSED out and their voices are NOT being heard.

      • I am sure glad I have the Ure crew to deliver all this concentrated conspiracy-free apolitical mainstream truth and beauty delivered right to my smartphone. No need to have traffic accidents listening to conspiracy-laden wingnut talk radio in the car.

    • “America is anymore (gangs&crooked govt.), that and low IQ – entitled fat people.”

      Dam I have an idea for a new tv series.after watching and reading the news it came to me…. they could call the series..the streets of DC..the drama, the intriguing corruption and the underhanded deals and actions.plenty of sex and violence the brothels and crime systems forcing the good to look the other way.. people running around trying to clean up th ed mess and spin stories to legitimize their actions..
      The plot. Boy that is an open book lol lol.. it wouldn’t be crazier than the real life drama.

  6. “Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    This one is in trouble, too: because the laws protecting the Bidens are enforced differently that if you are I behaved in identical ways. Trump, too, along with the Clintons enjoyed this “above the laws” two-tiered system.”

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ISN’T that the truth…
    I asked my niece after she received he second PHd… in forensic psychology if her new job will be to work on the big cover up and snow job.. she laughed and said I think it would take a pretty big team to keep running interference and coverup of that guy.. LOL LOL the latest stroy in the inquirer is really good.. wonder if we the people are the ones funding the new schemes LOL LOL

  7. ” Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    We can (and should) reduce the size of government by half ”

    Heck since they aren’t the ones running the govt.. OH wait they aren’t citizens of the USA.. then in essence our politicians in my opinion are all leaches on the country should all be voted out of office ..
    why should they be getting paid at all.. they work less than a month a year.. now what is it.. 27 days a year total.. and with the new federal hollidays.. dam.. they won’t read or write the bills.. some lobbyist law firm does that.. and they will be the first one to tell you they shouldn’t read them and they won’t read them.. Rand Paul tried to get a read the bills act passed and was laughed off of the floor.. the only time they are all there is when they are voting in a new raise to themselves.. I am pretty sure that our forefathers have a new summersault olympic team in their graves..

    • I think we could easily reduce the size of the federal government by 90% by removing useless or counterproductive rules, “officials”, other employees, and policies. We could sell off much of the unnecessary equipment that’s used to detect violations and enforce useless rules. We could empower individuals to become functional citizens again.

      Personally, I’d fire congress and send representatives there by a lottery of all citizens. It would have to be much better than the corrupt lifetime politicians we currently have. BTW, they’d get no salary and perks would not be allowed. It would be as appetizing as jury duty.

      I’d rinse and repeat at the state level.

      • Absolutely brilliant ideas regarding Elections and Voting.

        A Lottery with every Tax paying Citizen in the eligible pool of “candidates”

        Strict term limits of ONE term – senators and congress.
        Do Ure F-ing job (service to Country) and get the F out, go back to “real” world and real job.

        Term Limit on bureaucrats = 7 years . Goddam embedded blood sucking “ticks”..I know giving Ticks a bad name ; )

  8. Logistics, what organization has the power , knowledge and resources, to plan, acquire, carve stone, transport , erect and keep it all secret?
    Seems those completing these tasks are hushed mouthed, black hole government project or freemason, is there a difference.
    The existence of the stones is proof of a conspiracy, but don’t believe your lying eyes, it is just a theory.
    As one steer said to the other, “between the rancher, trucker, feedlot operator and the slaughter house owner, I tell ya, it is a conspiracy”
    ” it’s a strange strange world we live in, Master Jack”

  9. I have been to the Georgia Guidestones. It is in the middle if nowhere. No one has a table selling water, snacks, or souvenirs nearby. I would have been willing to pay 5 bucks for a cold drink the day I was there. The closest town is not very close but they have a Guidestone museum I was told, and not open on the day I went. The Guidestones felt a little spooky, eerie even, maybe spiritual to some. It definitely has vibes.

  10. So let me get this straight. A large group of fully vaccinated, unmasked Texas Democrats got on a bus with a case of Corona (sorry, Miller Light) beer and went to an air terminal to board and fly unmasked on a plane where the pilots and servers were probably masked as required by law. They flew to Washington D.C. where 6 of them with COVID mingled unmasked with unmasked fully vaccinated White House dignitaries some of whom subsequently got COVID.

    Just want to make sure I got it right.

  11. I have ‘heard’ through a grapevine…maybe not THE grapevine…that Ted Turner is the originator if the Guidestones.

    • You know Maj13 I had read that he was the one ultimately paying the taxes on it myself once upon a time.
      And the description of the gent matches from the description of those trying to find out who from the top down instead of from the bottom up..
      Why no one ever thought of following the money trail through the years is beyond me. Tax records are an open book on everyone.. what you make what you pay what you own who you owe.what corporations or groups who founded them etc..and accessible by anyone.

  12. Conspiracy theories offer a simple explanation for a complicated world….Anxiety drives people to believe in conspiracy theories:

    Some believe in a lie, because it’s ‘what they want to hear’. Qanon created an online community that provides escape and friendship, some need therapy to leave ‘cult’….

    • your first statement is false, my son has anxiety and sees a Dr for meds, it is on his mother’s side medical history, he is anti Q anti Trump left wing nut like you, all the while he is addicted to his Dr. prescribed meds and some vodka.
      the thought project, time ragazine, pbs, all left wing radical publications spreading thought control over the dumb asses, George Orwell double speakers
      the same garbage some other rino use to post here , showing his fear of the truth of the CONspiracies being exposed. the better Question would be , why do you support the criminals, why you afraid of the truth being exposed, what do you have against freedom? Do you like the Chinese Communist Party, their style of rule is coming here, unelected CORPORATION rule, with elections being controlled by corporate owned election MACHINES, UNACCOUTABLE TO THE WE THE PEOPLE. CHINA OWNES BIDEN’s ASS AND IS IN THE PROCESS OF DESTROYING America. We are under attack, look at our borders, look at the mask policies that divide and isolate US from each other, ripe for submission and street rule of brown shirt/black shirts/antifa wake up ,,, woke is a joke, learn to THINK outside of the box your lame stream media paints for you,, there is no box,, there is no spoon,, it really is a red pill blue pill choice,,, OOOHHHMMMMM,, choices to make, what are you feeding your mind? steak and eggs or GMO cereal with high fructose corn syrup

      What a beautiful morning, what a great time to be, witnessing history in the making, will the phoenix rise from this ashes/mess/chaos we are in now?

    • Q folks have an oversized dose of what they consider patriotism and like to feel the USA belongs at the top of the heap as one nation under god with liberty for all. They are simply misguided in their beliefs. Q folk, most of them I know, are calm cool professionals in their 40’s.

      Some people react to bromide exposure with anxiety. I am one of them. Sad but it’s in breads, sodas, houses, cloths, furniture etc… and as George has said, bromides are not your friend.

      Look more for chemical imbalances rather than verbal / written input for your source of anxiety.

    • Hmm.. well CTOSE… I haven’t read anything from q…. not even sure where it’s all at.. as far as conspiracy theories.. just read the news you can get some really good ones.
      I have said many times the best way to keep a secret is to tell everyone of its existence… then deny and discredit it..the stories that intrigues me are the ones that everyone would dump in the bin as trash.. that has others spending hundreds of millions on discrediting them.
      What’s real and what’s not becomes the question.. and similar to a news article..what part is spin and what part is true.. to get the real story most of the time requires going through many stories published on the very same story.. in the usa as an example all the news is scripted.
      Let’s look at the story about our last president.. he said he could pat a woman on the butt because of his economic status..
      Then the story about our present administration and his inappropriate touching of under age girls.. one was the scourge of the earth that hated and abused women the other painted as isn’t that the media. Now let’s look at the story about collusion with the USSR because one was building a resort and was planning on giving discounts to public officials.. and the others kid with the story of being paid millions a year paid to allow access to the higher offices of govt. One was collusion the other painted as good business.. stormy remember her supposedly one paid her a 300 thousand dollar gift because he had sex.. that story was painted as him devaluing the women of the world.. the kid of the other supposedly had thousands of images of pedophilia sex and secure govt. Documents drug use and abuse etc.. then the public porn hub account that had a couple thousand images of incest and pedophilia..that was painted as that poor boy and hes the smartest man I know.. that personally bothered me.. where the f@@k was grandpa..
      The big question is in a theory what is true .. most aren’t even reported in the USA this you have to seek them out in news stories abroad.. Asia and Europe carried a wide variety of the images on the destroyed hard drive..none were published here because they would be to inappropriate to publish and the whole thing covered over.. in order to have a good theory you have to have enough factual material to make it look credible.

      • In the end.. the big question that comes to my mind is.
        If someone has shown over and over that he isn’t capable enough to protect one little girl that is close to him from a predator pedophile with criminal intentions. Especially When the predator is a known individual close to him.. then how can you expect that same person that hasn’t shown that he has those basic abilities of protecting one innocent victim from a known threat be entrusted to protect millions of people? Keeping them safe. JMHO

  13. In the Land of the FREE and the home of the brave, this is incredibly disturbing:

    So now paying for sex in Texas will be on par with rape, with both being felonies! Rape requires no up front payment though. As long as there’s no force of fraud, I see nothing wrong with adult people selling or renting what they are legitimately entitled to share or give away. Sadly, this will probably lead to more sex related violence rather than less.

  14. “Most Americans Don’t Realize That Each New Day Brings Us A Little Bit Closer To War”

    On Monday, there was breaking news about a huge international scandal involving China, but it didn’t get that much coverage from the corporate media.

    In a coordinated announcement, the White House and governments in Europe and Asia identified China’s Ministry of State Security, the sprawling and secretive civilian intelligence agency, with using “criminal contract hackers” to conduct a range of destabilizing activities around the world for personal profit, including the Microsoft hack.

    A cyberattack of this magnitude is an act of war, and we are being told that sensitive systems all over the country were compromised…

    • Most don’t see the obvious Ray…
      What do we do….
      If china decided to go for Taiwan and Russia for the Ukraine at the same time.. oh wait what if we tried to protect the chip manufacturers and the puppeteers oil at the same time.. how do we protect the USA with the open borders where we were told outright that that was the way they would invade us from within..we weren’t able to protect our citizens and neighborhoods from BLM and ANTIFA. In a real SHTF scenario we would be scrambling like keystone cops..who do you protect first..

      • We are the naked emperor… We wouldn’t do anything except sit on the sidelines and squawk like a grackle. The Obama “General Officer Liquidation Plan” left us without competent field commanders and installed bootlicking ideologues in prominent positions at the Pentagon. Trump didn’t fix it. Now Biden’s handlers own the military are are forcing it to eat itself.

  15. An agin yah treasonous terrorists . Crimes against the USD . My god those founding fathers were so right . Farken asshole carnts now. Sick pieces of sheet . Gold bless America when it was great ,led the world, now they let scum lead it to hell . Very sad

  16. Lol lol my little guy wanted to cook me his special snack this afternoon lol.. carrots and bananas lol…
    So I had to show him how to make a shell chocolate for his ice cream..
    3 chocolate bars melted 1 tbsp of coconut oil mix then pour over your ice cream.


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