Time for a SBR?

That’s a “Science-Based Religion” plugin?  An add-on for religions (and political parties).  Which only sounds crazy until you consider the increasing levels of interpersonal warfare underway in digital realms.

Humans are – to a large degree – stimulus mirrors. If you have institutions that hate and people swim in that polluted space all day, of course their behavior will mirror to cope in that environment. If religions – along with education, media, and politics – pass messages of hate around (damned if you don’t comply in this or that) a sub-optimal human is the only outcome likely. We need to get hold of our input controls.

Naturally, a workable SBR would need to be non-denominational. It would need to be adaptive as well.

Importantly, though, many of the traditional roles of religion are being filled in today’s world with excess partisanship, monetization of differences between humans, and an over-sized political dimension that’s both wasteful and inefficient.

We need a migration path to universal and inclusive. Like climate change promoters have worked their non-denominational “science” but with interdisciplinary shoulders such as income, food production, and economic balance.

If humankind is to survive, we reckon, more brainpower applied to the reduction of conflict-supporting variability of violence supporting “gulf-building” likely offers a way forward without fallout, meltdowns, or additional bioweapon use.

Which we will get to right after a few transitory headlines and our ChartPack….

In the meantime, even if you’re not a subscriber, ask yourself “What would a universal (science-based) belief plug-in…for the soul.. look like?”

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60 thoughts on “Time for a SBR?”

    • Dr. Martensen is a breath of fresh air in a polarized, opinionated world. He always seems to look at facts without introducing his own bias and let the chips fall where they may.

  1. I have rejected organized religion because of the “faith” requirement. That someone that is part of the religion eventually should come to believe in something that cannot be proven and in most cases violates logical thinking. But saying that, I really enjoy the companionship that comes with many religions, the actions that are taken to help in ones local community. Some religions also help keep social constructs, like re-enforcing things our ancestors found to keep societies stable (like the 10 commandments). I like your idea of a “science” based religion, that is based on learning, critical thinking, and debate. Maybe many of the religions start with these good intentions, but over a generation or 2 becomes about the control of the participants and skimming wealth from the believers to the leaders.

    • “I have rejected organized religion because of the “faith” requirement.”

      At least you were the one that rejected it… LOL LOL LOL because I worked in a field that required long hours that included weekends.. my religion (Mormon) couldn’t deal with it and basically snub those that are required to work the meeting hours.. So they reject those that they felt didn’t have enough faith LOL.. which is funny in my perspective. I have heard that one from several people that worked in fields that required weekend and over night shifts How they felt shunned the outsider…. their employees that the boss said you pick.. job or church.. church ended up on the bottom because you had to pay the bills. what I find funny is members of my ward own companies where they require people to work those hours…. LOL…which is ok.. I actually could go see the home teachers I know where they live.. why wait for them.. I could just show up at supper time.. free meal to..

  2. It’s a fact, we are “products of our environment,” and sadly we are being (programmed) all the time. We do have a filter for that but seldom use, if even realized.

    Scanning the news this yesterday, I see the squatter administration throwing money out the window. A lot of it …. Nothing that helps everyone, just pocket change to quiet a few. Where the rest goes, somebody knows. (?)


    Meanwhile, the squatters “beg” for oil. – first time in my life have I ever known America to be “Beggars” … heck, I thought we were the Greatest Nation On Earth. Well, so much for that theory …


    Read that Walmart is working on Disrupting Health Care … as if it ain’t already disrupted by mandates and a serious lack of ethics …


    God help us on that one. Hell they still only have 3 cashiers on busy days.

    And remember when we were talking about nuclear power plants no being maintained in the near future … well, I certainly hope this isn’t the beginning of that …


    So while all this is being played out, reducing livelihoods and lives, the elite hunker down and wait … wait for what? Well, maybe something is predicted to happen (every 38,000 years) that ya gotta be present for. Maybe a bright light from the Sun that brings a much higher consciousness ??

    Old gods = various energies. And there’s a story about that. Toward the end of this video, mentions it. The rest leads up to it. Seems to me, if the story is corrects … we’re in the midst of the story and that’s why the elite are disrupting everything … to get us out of here so THEY can bathe in that light.

    Check it out …


    • The Environment can alter your DNA, so can how you think. If we are co-creators? Then how we think can alter our environment. “A cloud upon the Sanctuary.” Karl von Eckhartshausen

      sensory as experienced through phenomenal reality

    • “Where the rest goes, somebody knows. (?)”

      The last time there was a big missing cash investigation planned.. a plane crashed into the area that had the documents and destroyed it..

      Walmart is just like everyone else..brick and mortar costs are A and they dont change.. the costs of stock B fluctuations cannot be controlled. The only flexible area they have is C wages and benefits.. a lot of them are putting in self checkouts stations and doing away with staff.. Just walk through.. count the available floor staff you’ll begin to notice area’s with a slower sales will be vacant of any floor staff. Some areas will have stock but won’t have enough staff to stick and face shelves.. at the store I frequent it’s the dairy department that is rarely stocked.. I actually got chewed out because I would just go back in the cooler and get the products I needed.. now I call ahead.. if they don’t have it on the shelf.. I go to another store. Dairies were having a heck of a time getting containers. One store has a local farmer that went back to glass bottles and a bottle washer sterilization system.

    • “Read that Walmart is working on Disrupting Health Care …”

      OK….. how will having a clinic at the shopping center disrupt the Healthcare industry????
      I actually discussed this with the store manager a month or two ago when he said they were going to put in a small clinic.. they have an optometrist already..
      How I understood it was.. they will build the clinic.. hire a doctor or let a doctor practice in the clinic RENT free he even suggested they will pay his school loans in exchange for his time.. they will supply all the equipment and hire the nurse receptionists etc.. just like the optometrist ….( OMG.. that sounds just like a VA or govt run hospital) people that the regular clinics shove off on the ER will have access to a doctor and not till five pm.. but till nine or ten PM….. they also have a pharmacy there to.. so if your a parent or you have a small injury.. what would be better.. going to the clinic and being told that because you don’t have insurance or you work for a living you are required to go to the hospital ER to increase his rent.. and pay out a thousand dollars or more.. OR… you run to your local Walmart and pay fifty dollars or whatever they set up for the copay…. its a win win situation.. the young doctor has his clinic.. he doesn’t have to pay millions back in school loans doesn’t have to maintain a building or pay high rent.. he makes a stable set income.. and has all the clients he can possibly want..
      I had a VA doctor that Bitched and moaned because they made him work a weekend every three months.. OMG .. who would have known that rotating shifts are a part of the JOB.. and bitched because he only made a hundred and fifty K a year.. GMAFB… I was going to run his butt to the woodshed.. but he moved to CALI… to work there.. excuse me.. where else can he work for that kind of jingle and not have any other expense for environmental and brick and mortor.. have two out of every three working days off a year.. get a retirement fund that people would die to have.. the golden goose health plan ..and have their school loans forgiven… my doctor went to work there because of that.. she wanted to have the retirement and the health plan for her old age..and of course not have to worry about paying millions for her schooling.. they are the best staffed hospitals to.. the big issue is the working only one of every three days of work time.. they get eight weeks now.. but what most to is extend that.. take the federal holidays days and then two days off for vacation.. so instead of getting eight weeks off of five working days.. they get sixteen plus depending on how they work it.. so the govt hospitals empty out at 3:30 run a skeleton staff after five and weekends.. A company like walmart doing a clinic would not offer the clinic staff all those holidays and set days off or the eight weeks of vacation so you would have a full staff clinic year round.. Makes total sense to me..

  3. George Ure
    October 19, 2021 at 13:15
    When they changed the definition (legal) of what a vaccine is? My afternoon vodka water qualified.
    When the crooks own the docs the courts…

    “Among the gifts was a $1 million infusion of cash in May 2020 by the philanthropic arm of Texas-based Tito’s Handmade Vodka, whose director of global impact and research, Sarah Everett, was tuned in when Hotez asked for help in reviving their research.”

    the above is a Quote from your link today via Linda at Law, about covid oral vaccine

    as George’s light helmet story, brain zapping helmet
    photobiomodulation? wink wink and whoa, they finally used the word infared under the last photo of the story,,, can’t let the sheeple know it really is a low cost product pushed as hi-tech, pricey shit over Ure head,,, thank you George for learning me :)

  4. George,
    I think that the idea of a “patch” to be added to existing belief systems boils down to a change in each person’s attitude.
    We must be willing to:
    – admit that we don’t know – and never will know – everything about anything and be willing to change our minds as new facts emerge
    – acknowledge and fight against our many biases that keep us stuck in our thinking
    – be tolerant of opinions and ideas different than our own while civilly challenging those we don’t agree with
    – be willing to do the hard work the foregoing entails every day, every time. It’s easier just to lash out, name call and demonize the “other”. Chesterton said (and I think it’s true of all faiths): “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”
    95% of our reality is wonderful and fulfilling; yet our biases and anger would blow it all up to punish the other 5%.
    There will always be those who crave power and influence and are willing to resort to deceit and treachery to try to make the world spin their way. I’ve known a few and at their core, I think they’re pretty miserable. As for world domination, they’re so busy trying to outdo the other guys (even those on their own side) that I doubt they could organize a one car funeral.
    Yes, continue to call out the 5% for the problems they cause the rest of us. But we must also be willing to call out the crazies on our side; even the well-intentioned ones. Otherwise, I’m afraid we’re going to lose the 95%.
    “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill, and suspicion can destroy, and the thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own: for the children, and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined… to the Twilight Zone.” The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
    Now, who wants pie?

  5. Detroit police.

    People believe in the police, like children believe in Santa. (Government BR) We saw in the Florida school shooting, the police hid. Epstein, the police slept. The Philadelphia train rape, the police blame. Portland, the police watch. We all know agents of government inside trade, where are the police?

    I posted the link, mid-Summer of Detroit’s finest fleeing.

    Wanted No Parts Of This: Detroit Cops Busted For Fleeing From Drive-By-Shooting They Witnessed… Saw A Man With AR-15 Rifle & Peeled Off!


    The Philadelphia police are criticizing citizens for not getting involved. Kyle Rittehouse deployed a solution and the police arrest. Same with the St. Louis couple deploying preventative measures, arrested.

  6. Just a brief note. Just got back from Mexico trip. Went to the local HEB with the guy I was visiting. There were no, zero shortages of anything. Prices were NORMAL, not inflated. We took 2 fat ribeyes home and grilled – for $8… Toy aisles stocked for Xmas overflowing.

    Talked to a good friend who just got back from Vietnam last week. Same story there – no shortages or inflated pricing.

    Whatever is going on here in the USA with shortages is not happening elsewhere.

    • “Whatever is going on here in the USA with shortages is not happening elsewhere.”

      Hmm.. interesting….

    • WE are shielded from seeing the effects of hyperinflation — other countries are not.

      If Wal-Mart negotiates a price for a billion BIC Lighters, for 10¢ apiece, to be delivered over a 10 year period, BIC is not going to manufacture those billion lighters, then warehouse them for the duration. BIC (or rather it’s Chinese or Brazilian component) is going to manufacture them on an “as-needed” basis. The cost of the delivered goods is not indexed to PMs, therefore, Société Bic S.A. is losing their ass (or about 2¢/unit, at the moment), filling this contract.

      Does anyone think French accountants can’t multiply 1bln x $0.02 and figure it is going to burn the company for $20mln over their manufacturing cost, if they drop those containers of lighters in the U.S., as opposed to dropping them virtually anywhere else in the world, except Venezuela…? They can’t renegotiate the contract until it is filled. By then, it may cost them $10 to deliver a single lighter, so manufacturers and shipping carriers are all in rock + hard place land unless they can sell elsewhere and pay the default penalty on their U.S. contracts…

      • “If Wal-Mart negotiates a price for a billion BIC Lighters, for 10¢ apiece,”

        In China… some of the companies do exactly like the cabinet shop did.. they use to let the employees buy cabinets at cost.( how they do it is they figure up previous years costs.. labor.. then divide that out in average board feet.. add that to the boar feet cost..as their cost.. then add the new years profits on it.. ) anyway.. everyone was buying cabinets.. I bought a kitchen for my mother at seventy five dollars. of course that was back in the eighties to..
        What happened was.. the bosses were driving home and seen a rummage sale.. in it was a whole kitchen.. they discovered then that the employees were buying the cabinets at cost and selling them out of their garage LOL.. so it all came to a halt..
        the same thing happened with the guy that sold old displays and faulty cabinets.. they discovered he was making more than the ceo.. so they changed it.. those sales dropped once he became a salaried employee.. LOL
        In china.. and taiwan etc.. to get people to work they give them product.. one year I bought all the kids an MP3 Player.. they used them for years and years for a penny a piece.. my wife still uses her’s and I have books on mine.. my cost was less than a dollar for a whole case shipping is where they nailed me.. NOW since covid.. you no longer can get CPAP machines under a hundred dollars with two masks and extra filters and extra hose.. well I take that back.. you can now.. there for a while they were asking a lot of money for them.. but one like the one I use is three hundred.. here in the usa you will pay out a thousand plus for them.. and if you let insurance pay a portion you’ll pay out about fifteen hundred or more .. at least five hundred more than if you paid cash for it.. I personally have a couple extra’s.. one for traveling and one as backup..

  7. SBM is model of choice these dayz, Kemmosabe, SBM!

    Some BITCOIN Money ….wonder if they upgraded the juke box in the “Love Shack” to accept cyrpto yet? https://youtu.be/diOFiZi0T7c

    Science based religion ? great idea, not a chance against current science based materialism. A “heavy mind fog’ that has been building in, since we were all 1st indoctrinated (brainwashed -imho)into faith based control systems..like the bible.

    I need a middleman/women in my relationship with SOURCE, like I need a mRNA vaxx to increase my LONGEVITY.
    Looking forward to some really good hilarity to follow from the “faithful” on these lines..thx for moar thought provoking content – U da Man, even if U dont BELIEVE…

    in Bitcoin.

    u did see the new ATH today ? woot woot..

    • The thought occurs that a real science based religion would in fact be “MAGIC”. This is what the “devine” Dr Yan Xin has been trying to do for over 30 years.
      Hard science, double blind studies trying to figure out what,Why and How “external Qi” works.
      Back in late 90’s, early 2000 – published “External Qi of Yan Xin Qigong differentially regulates the Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways and is cytotoxic to cancer cells but not normal cells” -Elsivier/www.sciencedirect.com/ The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 38 (2006) 2102-2113…see its MAGIC!

      We absolutely can not have any of that on planet Earth, and never ever interact, speak with, or listen to spirits/entities in Ure sleep or anywhere else…its all black magic – forbidden..or else Ure going to Hell..ahahahahah

      – NO Magic for Ure…hahah or Bitcoinz

  8. Red light therapy….some time ago, I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. I read George’s comments about red light therapy, bought a $38 light from Amazon, and started using it on my eyes several times a week. At my last eye checkup in August, there was no sign of Macular Degeneration….after using the therapy for about 2 years.

  9. “But in at least one obvious suspect area, America has lost its ability to handle cargo at the same rates as last year.”

    I don’t think so. A longshoreman is going to work at the same speed he worked, 10 years ago. I believe what’s changed is the number and severity of regulations with which his boss must comply. Remember, Trump eliminated a shit-ton of regulations — Biden reversed every Trump policy he could.

    “Why couldn’t federal troops move cargo if the Ports won’t do it?”

    Because they’d still have to comply with the same regulations, and bureaucracy, as the longshoremen…

    “Computer models that are wrong should be tossed”

    Here, I disagree. They should be disassembled (pun intended) and studied, to figure out why they were wrong. If this step isn’t taken, programmers don’t learn their craft. With that said, the programmers first have to admit they were in-error. This would fly in the face of the ego and narcissism with which the majority of the membership of modern society bathe themselves, and would be an exhibition of humility and introspection most people lack the moral grounding to display.

    “Slo-Joe Biden – tax grabber. Called by the Wall Street Journal in Biden’s Real Tax Target Isn’t the Superrich.”

    Well “duh!” The “superrich” don’t have the money to fund the Leftist agenda — not even if you taxed them @ 100% and seized the entirety of their assets. Only the “middle class,” or “bourgeois” as Marx called them, has that kind of money and…

    …Look surprised: This is the “class” which Marx hated, and the “class” which he believed must be eradicated, for socialism to work.

    Can y’all see the agenda, yet…?

    “War With China Not Likely in Next Three Years: Taiwan Intelligence Chief”

    Propaganda, designed to placate the ChiComs &or make them careless. The odds that the Taiwanese forces are not 100% ready to repel an invasion is…zero. Whether they can do so is another topic…

    I’m still waiting for the release of the movie “The Light Crown Affair…”

    “First, a definition: A “Science-Based Religion” (SBR) would not be a religion, at least in the traditional sense. Because a singular ultra-personality would not be the basis of its beliefs. Hard science would be. ”

    Religion REQUIRES “faith.” Faith is a “belief” substantiated by emotion, not fact. Hard science is concrete and indisputable — it is the antithesis of faith.

    This is how I can legitimately define “global warming” or “global climate change” as a religion. Observed true fact destroys the religion of GW, yet its proponents choose to ignore everything which doesn’t reinforce their religion. They have “faith…”

    Man, the animal, REQUIRES religion. Absent a deity, we will create one to “fill the void.” If it does not do so sufficiently, we will create another, and another, and so on. A religion based on (or in) science could never fill this void, and as such, would expand rapidly, past concrete, and even theoretical science, as people asked questions the existing “religion” couldn’t answer. Science can augment, and in some cases even confirm a “religious path.” As such, it is a tool. It can never eliminate or replace our requirement for religion…

      • Democrats are notorious for fomenting plans which haven’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of working, then claiming the plans are working whilst piling on regulations and bureaucracy until the voting public forgets the original plans and alleged goal.

        If’fn you need an object lesson, tune a teevee in to watch Potato Chip (Jen Psaki) do a presser or three for the Biden Administration, listen to the words, but also watch her face as she’s delivering them.

        Things an honest observer WILL take away:

        1) According to Psaki, Creepy Joe is the Best Thing since the Second Coming (Obama) and everything he does is amazingly successful.

        2) Jen never answers an intelligent or remotely hardball question. She offers a canned response, which may (or may not) have anything to do with the question, then refuses to answer a followup, often going “schoolmarm” and berating the reporter for asking.

        3) She also is a liar with an obvious “tell:”

        When Psaki lies, she simply can NOT do it with a straight face. She has this little smirk at the corners of her mouth, which she shows every time tall tales or cattle dung spew forth from her mouth. I haven’t studied her enough to opine on whether the tell shows up simply because she knows she is lying, or if it is there because she believes she’s putting one over on the stupid audience. I also don’t care. All I care about is that she has the tell, and it saves me time because it is significant enough to make it possible to read her lies in real time.

    • I think that when humans look at the universe and all its mysteries, the uncertainties trigger the fear response in the limbic system. The rational prefrontal cortex gets shut down and all energy is directed toward survival.
      In such a state, humans will try anything to find comfort so they can sleep at night. Gods and religions provide a structure to fill that need. All that’s needed is suspension of disbelief.

  10. the most sick pack of zombies and gurus spreading garbage , lies and rigged stockmarkets and everything on new jabbed veges with poison making them obedient . even this joint has turned to garbage. only yada yada and lies . urban psyops

    • ..but but Lenny the Yield on the 10yr TBond is creeping up to 1.636%

      someones gonna notice – sooner or later..

  11. I’m going to vote “no” on the Urentology idea. I can just imagine the deacons passing the specimen bottle at Sunday services for offerings.
    Would this belief system embrace tinkle-down economics?
    Would there be a astrology tie-in; no doubt that a horoscope could be pulled out of the influence of Ureanus?
    Sorry- Scientology is a hard act to follow…

    • And yet, I can see the possibility of Dianetics having a degree of validity or worth, on some level. “Scientology” was (and still is) Ron Hubbard, merely playing our tax system for his own advantage…

      • Ahhh… Urenetics … Now that has a ring to it. I’m waiting for Cardinal Zeus the cat to begin issuing Cat-paw Decrees in opposition to the Dog-ma of the competition, which may help us differentiate the new way from the Dianetics of old.

    • not as “hard” as the pedofilic catholic church, certainly not as “HARD” as when ANY priest sees a little boy..

  12. should see this sheethole australia . so brainwashed , debt ridden , zombies . talk anything media tell em .. stocks , real estate all crap . covids beaten , nearly 80 % national double jabbed veges .. happy dayz !!!

  13. All can be inserted . Gold . So comical . Everything insert . Dystopian zombies roam en masse . Religion !!! That can be inserted as well . Any type . George . Your site and your obvious trained psyops can be inserted . Good luck goodbye

  14. my relocation is pushed to the end of November. my Regional Director and my owner said, you have grown that office so big that we have to hire 3 people to do what you do and we need a month to do the transition. hmmmmmmm….. all things work to THE DUDE’s advantage and there is much that can change in a month…………… so, I accept that I dont know what is best, and we shall see what in a month changes.

    the no vax, no work, no vax no resturants, bars, gyms, clubs, spa’s or groups meeting over the size of 25 people, including churches…. shut down happens round here on the 25th… but it doesn’t affect me at all.

    and i am always aware that me being delayed a month in transition aint always about me. you know two ways you can tell that its THE DUDE’s will? One is not your plan. LOL! and two, that later ohhhh aha! moment as to why things worked the way they did.

    so im going keep doing what i am doing and who knows… maybe staying put is where its at. more will be revealed.

    how that relates to world events? not sure… but most times, my life is a reflection of the shape of things to come. or so it seems… if everything is pushed out a month.. time to slow the roll a little and wait for the world to Ketchup.

    mustard, faith
    move mountains. my last name means stone mountain.
    faith like potatos

    ohhhhh yeah! Shit i forgot I found that CD cover for Eric Church about 9 months ago on the floor of a dressing room at a clothing store and an old coupon book for halloween, that said Super treats but the booklet was 3 years old with a bunch of words on it such suprize, wow! amazing! that is the weirdest thing to find in a clothing store dressing room.

    and Eric Church comes to town on 10/30/2021… and I found those totems 9 months ago, long before I got this job and long before I knew Eric Church was coming to town…

    i spose, we are right on schedule. hahahhaha pay me no mind. im sure i apear crazy. LOL

    time to slow the roll….

    and its harvest season. crops are looking good. fire up IH

    cue: ~International Harvester ~


    Craig Morgan.

  15. Well, one could start with a re-viewing of the original Carl Sagan “Cosmos,” and the Niel deGrasse-Tyson re-work. Set your simple politics, cynicism, and cranky-crabbiness aside for a little while, and just let it flow over you for whatever truth nuggets it may contain.

    After that, ask yourself if you really believe Universe is either a vast unlikely Quantum accident, or is in a permanent “steady-state” condition. I find it much easier to think a Primary Cause brought universe into whatever seeming “existence” there is. “It,” by definition, would be incomprehensible to (at least my) human mind.

    But, I don’t require detailed Scientific knowledge of global air circulation patterns and causes (wind) to enjoy a swell ride on a spiffy sailboat on a sunny day.The Ride is quite nice.

    Who (what)ever provided The Ride has my gratitude that I was here and conscious to appreciate it. Maybe I’ll know more someday: maybe not. Doesn’t matter. Either way is Good.

  16. Saw a TV bit on scavenging carbon out of the air and locking it up in diamonds! Obviously high tech and energy intensive process itself, it was touted as a possible solution to the ‘carbon crisis’. Good Grief! Has everyone forgotten high school science? You want to get CO2 out of the atmosphere? PLANT TREES!! Never yet heard a climate change hype that advocated the simple, natural solution to a non-problem.

  17. “Where are all the stoopid people coming from?”

    LET ME GUESS….. CALIFORNIA is the first one that comes to mind. I read what they are doing and am always amazed ….. lol ( my wife came by and said.. oh don’t type that)
    Actually it is the business model that the USA has developed and gone on.. by outsourcing jobs and industry left open service or menial low wage labor jobs.. the youth today have no incentive.. they know that the career choice they have will be below standards offer no incentives to work unless they have a degree.. then they face the high interest loans associated with it.. kids in cali making a quarter mil are still on social assistance and forced to defecate on the sidewalks….
    The trained people that grew up during the days where companies appreciated their employees and treasured them are all retiring and are unable to teach the younger kids the jobs.. there isn’t anyone left on the floor to help spur them on. the shut down made them make the decision retire or wait it out.. since the average person doesn’t ..
    Russia had that problem to.. when they went socialist they took away any incentives to excel .. why should they what is it going to get them.. the only ones that are appreciated is bubba big bucks at the top..
    similar a factory.. you put in a screw.. that is all you do place a screw in hour after hour.. it barely makes the bills.. what incentive is that.. what do you do for a living.. I screw for a living..the jobs today are futurless.. It all started with outsourcing.. when I was a kid you wanted to work where dad worked.. His boss knew him knew everyone in the family he had thousands of employees world wide and my guess is he knew them all.. he was a great guy.. they had to make people retire.. it all changed when he sold off the company.. they no longer make the products here..the benefits are probably ok but not like it was.. those at the top wanted more so take it from the bottom..

  18. I think people need an idol, a visual representation of their God. I know idols are forbidden yet most religious people have some sort of totem that represents their God for them. I have been thinking about this all day. What would a religion based on science use as an idol or totem? The double helix? The atom?

    • Use to be before deregulation. there was CHURCH..family meals at the table. Etc. After deregulation..mom had to go to work taking the adult influenceout of the home..dad had to take a part time job. So evenings around the house became a quick eat and go experience.
      Game night gone. Family slowly eroded…then outsourcing industries. There went pride in accomplishments.. television slowly eroded into the let’s hacker and rape em what’s theirs is yours influence on younger kids without an adult presence..money worries exploded as costs for essentials exploded.. pride destroyed because a family now has to depend on govt assistance..
      We became a plastic society. Zombies going back and forth..

    • Based on what I see of science on the news, I would suggest that a snake eating it’s own tail would work.

      • The ouroboros or uroboros

        I was going through a big read on ethics philosophy a few years ago.. well I still delve into philosophy totally love the work of plato and believe he should be mandatory high school reading yearly.. I totally love this guy to old German philosopher.. .. hope you enjoy his work as much as I did.. enjoy.

  19. Ok George:

    After sponging off your exquisite thinking and advice for over a decade, I am in. First time subscriber/supporter.

    Your version of anti normalacy bias has given me an opportunity to self check my own views and opinions. I love it that we’re not reading/ thinking in an echo chamber. Sometimes the comment section can be the best :-). Some of the woo woo has thrown me off from time to time, I am just here for the ideas and thoughts that may not of occurred to me. Thanks for all you do, and a special shout out to your regular commenters.

  20. Maryland US Rep. Andy Harris prescribes Ivermectin to patient to treat COVID-19

    “Data from India and elsewhere supports that off-label use…”
    …Harris, who was a physician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, a medical officer in the Naval Reserve, and a state senator before coming to Congress, still practices part-time at Memorial Hospital in Easton, Maryland.


    Southern Californians Join Statewide Walkout to Protest School Vaccine Mandate

    In response to a statewide school walkout to protest California’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for schools, dozens of parents and students in Southern California rallied in front of the Bonita Unified School District building in San Dimas on Oct. 18.


    OSHA Discourages Reporting Adverse Reactions to COVID Jabs

    It seems as if the satiric maxim “If you don’t take a temperature, you can’t find a fever” from Samuel Shem’s novel of medical residency entitled The House of God has long become a mainstream approach to the reporting of the COVID vaccine-associated adverse reactions. In other words, there seems to be an unspoken agreement at the federal level that if the cases of such reactions are not made public, there would be no need to address the issue of the experimental vaccines’ safety.


  21. There’s A ‘Nationwide Pushback’ After School Association Compares Parents To ‘Domestic Terrorists’


    ACLU Sues Oklahoma Over Ban on Teaching of Critical Race Theory

    A coalition of progressive advocacy groups and individuals, led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is suing Oklahoma over a state law that bans schools from teaching students they are “inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive” because of their race or sex.


    Hundreds of Kids as Young as 7, Jailed in Tennessee, Some for Crimes That Don’t Exist

    According to a damning report from ProPublica, a county was exposed for illegally locking up children, and in some instances, using lies to justify it. Some of these children who were locked in cages were as young as seven.


  22. Rogue Prosecutor Steve Descano Cuts Sweetheart Deal With Child Molester

    This commentary is part of a series on the rogue prosecutors around the country who have been backed by liberal billionaires such as George Soros and Cari Tuna and the threat those prosecutors pose to victims and others alike. Previous entries in the series have focused on prosecutors in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


  23. Sen. Joe Manchin Responds to Reports He Is Leaving Democratic Party

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) denied claims that he will be leaving the Democratic Party after an unsourced report from left-wing Mother Jones said he considering departing the party unless the White House agreed to reduce spending on the proposed $3.5 trillion social welfare bill.


    If this were from a conservative rag, I’d blow it off as a McConnell wet dream. Coming from Mother Jones, there might be substance, or Manchin might have figured out he has more leverage than anyone in American politics, right now…

  24. Report: Joe Biden Likely to Axe Tax Deduction for Wealthy Blue States in Infrastructure Bill

    President Joe Biden will likely eliminate a proposal to raise the state and local tax deduction (SALT) deduction in the Demcorats’ infrastructure bill, according to a report Wednesday.


    So, is Mark gonna start hating on Biden now, or will he wait until Creepy Joe doubles his income tax, too…?

    • lib ass is one of reasons we are under such duress- voting for the drooler in chief, whorecently set an all time amtrak ridership record, while also breaking term limits and all other world records pertaining to Time in Office – the most corrupt, squid pro guy served 28 years as vice president! who knew besides joe ? “dammit”

  25. Book suggestion:

    “Unrestricted Warfare” by Col. Qiao Liang, Col. Wang Xiangsui

    Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House, February 1999


    Link to downloadable, but abridged edition:

    https://www.armyupress.army.mil/journals/military-review/english-edition-archives/september-october-2019/precis-unrestricted-warfare/hing House, February 1999

    I totally forgot about this book — I intended to buy it years ago. Life intervened and I forgot about it until I found it tonight in a “textfile Rolodex” on an old computer. It was published in 1999. It’s English translation, released in 2001 or 2002, was the first, truly significant literary contribution the Internet news aggregator site “NewsMax” made to our society.

    Why would I suggest a copy of a relatively new ChiCom book on military tactics? Visit the Army Press page, load the *.pdf and skim it online for a few minutes…

    Now, riddle me this:

    How much of the tactics described in the text has been implemented and is glaringly, obviously, smacking Western civilizations (specifically, but not limited to that of the United States) in the face right now…?

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