All-Time-Highs OR All-Time-Hype?

“The Moment Before Touch” is where markets, Life, and petty dictator mandates have us waking today.  As the future of Taiwan continues sketchy and as (we pointed out on PN yesterday) the SoCal ports last month moved 6 PERCENT LESS CARGO than a year-ago.  Evidence to our simple minds that shortages (like not really vaccines) are most likely a monetization because Everything’s a Business Model.  

For a different view: Larry Kudlow: Economic message on supply chain is ‘vintage Jimmy Carter’.  But with 6% less inbound, where’s the containers?  Governor Gruesome owes answers.

There’s a lot to cover.  But because I have another 70-pieces of tile to cut and install this morning, we’ll be (blessedly) brief.  Maybe even cogent.  (But don’t get Ure hopes up!)


The Forbes summary of Wednesday market action is a useful start:  Dow Briefly Hits New All-Time High, While S&P 500 Nears Record.

The keyword du jour to track is “all-time-high” – please make a note of it.

As you know, I invented our multi-market Aggregate Index back in 2001 specifically because Wall Street lies bother us.  Back then, markets made by the S&P 500 and the Dow 30 were hailed, even as $5-7 trillion worth of losses were eaten by internet speculators on the NASDAQ and pinks.  We don’t need to be smacked twice.

In out work, the Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ hit an Aggregate of 40,475.85 on September 3 (with markets closed on Sept. 6 for Labor Day).  The Dow was
35,369.09, while the S&P notched 4,535.43 and the NASDAQ posted 15,363.52

At the close Wednesday, we hit 40,244.34 on the Aggregate – still more than 200 points shy of a genuine break higher.  As the Forbes coverage implies, the Dow did well: 35,609.34.  But within 3/4’s of a point, we’d peg the S&P’s 4,536.19 effectively as a “double-top.”  What keeps us from Truth Believer status is the NADSAQ (closing at 15,121.68 – almost 242 points shy of a record.

There’s another thing most investors won’t think about:  How much money those “super stock traders with better insights than the public” over at the Fed have been goosing the markets.  We KNOW from H.6 Money Stocks data that the monetary base was puffed up by more than 31 percent over the past year.  So the short method calculation is that at the present rate of monetary puffery, the Aggregate could climb (31/12= 2.58% per month) substantially and, on an inflation-adjusted basis, still be lower on a PPP (purchasing power parity) basis.

Important to know: that’s not the right math formula, I just use it as a mental short-cut do estimate in my head, so don’t be misled.  The Actual year on year was around 31.47% which would back the monthly gain to 2.3058% but we choose speed over decimal places for most decisions…

How is Our Wave Count?

Ah – this is what it comes down to:  Are we going to break higher – in which case a fifth wave is likely underway and inflation-hedge commodities like metals and oil should dominate for a year?  OR, are we “2 and done with a double top?”

With a 99.43% retrace, we are in “Stand by for things to get interesting!”

Let’s go to some data…

U.I. Claim Filers

Apologists for the Mandator Administration (I can’t find mandate in the Constitution, so shows you how out of touch we are around here) will point to the low UI claims as evidence “things are getting better.”

In reality, the new filers are like someone walking around (without resupply) in Death Valley.  Over time, yes, they will run out of water.  And this is what happens in this number: People have used ’em up.

Yep – running out of eligible people who can file.

Still, the news is not ALL bad…just mostly so.  Although, just out is the Philly Fed report which tells us…

“The diffusion index for current general activity rose 11 points to 30.7 this month. The current shipments index also rose 11 points, to 29.9 in September. More than 34 percent of the firms reported increases in shipments this month, while only 4 percent reported decreases. The index for new orders fell 7 points to a reading of 15.9. Nearly 31 percent of the firms reported increases in new orders this month, while 15 percent reported decreases.”

T0morrow we get a PMI number mid-morning and then Fed Trader Boss J Powell will tell congress how great and marvelous this all is.  But, since he’s up for a reappointment, I wouldn’t trust anything he asserts in what will be – effectively – a job interview.  Buy’ed ’em wants higher and hype and Powell’s likely to keep economic reality out off sheep herd view (yet again).

Remember, he hid the prompt reporting of M2 Money stocks, which thinking people use as a gauge of inflation and PPP spending levels. Hiding the data is crooked and it’s been the gold standard is screwing small investors since Alan Greedspan (sic) hid M3.  Facts are just too dangerous when you’re blowing up bubbles and calling it progress.

After the Data

Dow futures were down more than a hundred, S&P down over a dozen at click-time.  Kinda hard, when Japan took a 1.87 percent hit to the Nikkei last night, and with Europe showing solid losses, for a lot of upside traction to be believable.  Slo Joe Print ‘Mo…

Yes, with Powell’s job interview tomorrow and clouds over the Fed inside traders, they need to jack it all up via proxies, so this should be entertaining as hell.

Got a Job?  Ready for Sex?

You’re about to get screwed.  Royal:  See total US payroll employment data in the longer-view than  just (bullshit midst of plandemic) comparisons:

Biden BOHICA.  (Don’t blame us, we didn’t…uh…you know…)

Thus, your Sex Ed Curriculum today includes Biden emissions pledge hanging by a thread after Manchin’s climate change budget cut.  Too bad Manchin denies plans to swing republican – I don’t mind moderate republicans [cause we are them).

Further study in sex ed (to come…er…cum…er which is it?)  in Senate Minority Leader McConnell on the Budget and Law Enforcement and this is so laughably OBVIOUS: NH Primary Source: Pro-Republican pollster finds NH voters oppose Biden budget reconciliation plan.  Make up money, grab ankles, capisce?

Oh, look!

Jim Cramer is worried about inflation:  Jim Cramer Says Inflation ‘Much Worse Than We Thought’.

What’s this we shit, cowboy?  We’ve been telling you deflation of Weimar for years and with a 32% rate of money print, WTF didja ‘spect?  Paid-for real estate, some metals squirrelled away… (Remember 2004 when we told you to buy silver at $6.96 an ounce ‘cuz government was crooking the money?)  Alas, let those who have ears…

The good news?  With Bitcoin hitting record highs more than one was being born every minute.  Slow Joe doesn’t need to know how much you spend on hash, but if you have a wallet, all THAT should be subject to reporting/audit.  Just like if you have rental income or have 20 pages of stock trades to file…

While the Bile Settles

See the DRUDGE REPORT 2022® over here and see 3-Joe vax shot pictures.  How many can this man take?  (We’re still at zero.  Waiting on the conventional vaccine from Baylor here in Texas.  But that will be a while since it’s not a freakin corporate money-bag scam!)

Climate Hysteria:  Oooh boy: 8 feet of snow? Storm train could deal deathblow to wildfire season.  Weather does average kiddies.  Take with a side of the NY Times asking “How Did California’s Drought Get So Bad?” Just a wild ass guess on our part, but maybe it didn’t rain enough?  Maybe?  Huh?

Global Government’s War of Humans:  Let’s let people die first.  EU Delays Russian Sputnik V Vaccine Approval Until 2022.  The corporate fix is everywhere.  Whee!  Hit the hysteria button, would yah?  The delta variant has a mutation that’s worrying experts: Here’s what we know so far

Meantime in the communist worker’s paradise (Seattle) Seattle Police, Firefighters Fired Over Vaccine Mandate Turn in Their Boots in Protest, reports Newsweek.

We’ll save the discussion of Taiwan and the Sino Russian fleet moves out east of Japan for tomorrow morning.  But things are positioning to try and strong arm the US into a non-response if they go for Taiwan shortly.

Now, speaking of going…of to the chow line (never understood how the cat gets to eat first!).  Then miles of tiles, or so it seems…

Write when you get rich,

53 thoughts on “All-Time-Highs OR All-Time-Hype?”

    • “Although the new technology is currently priced at $9,953.52, ”
      George is not the one getting ripped off, the people that get bamboozled, that this is expensive, get ripped off. Red leds at the right wavelenght are cheap, Dirt Cheap,,
      Molded plastic helmet, cheap stuff. George suggested plastic hard hat. That worked for me.
      Good link that shows off how Mr. Ure is ahead of the curve

  1. “I love it that we’re not reading/ thinking in an echo chamber.”

    Welcome to Kevin Huckabee who joined Peoplenomics subscribers yesterday with this sentient comment. I remain here for the same reason. I lost 2 close friends this year (neither to COVID) and I miss the open dialogue we used to share. Many of my remaining friends are either blue tribe or red tribe and open dialogue is not welcome.

    I firmly believe and defend freedom of choice. I took the COVID vaccine as an informed decision after input from the medical profession (excluding Dr. Fauci) and not the political or media profession. An immune compromised grandchild was the main factor. At 80 years old and after an incredibly full life, it is hard for my thinking to be impacted by scare tactics that my life may be shortened by a few years from taking the vaccine.

    I do not believe in mandated vaccines by the government. It is interesting to me that the same democrats (eg Kamala Harris) that in 2020 said she would take the vaccine except if Donald Trump had anything to do with it but now supports Joe Biden’s mandated vaccine. I also wonder why members of congress and their staff do not fall under the mandate. Politics at its very worst.

    Like you Kevin, I get as much from the commenters here as I do from George. Lots of smart people with life experience and a few characters that I still haven’t figured out.


  2. Dude George – stop with the taxing bull-scheisse.

    You cant tax Freedom – it dont work like that: see USD

    Keep Ure cotton picking dirty ass hands off whats mine – Will Not Be Tread Upon

    Ure NWO = dead on arrival, “Us” downtrodden/enslaved and angry R becoming the hunters

    -of the Davos “crowd” participants…tickticktick,click -BOOM!

    U called a low @ $28k this year, its $65k today – who is the bigger fool here ?

    My satoshi(fractional BTC) is on WAR – any war will do to distract from : hunter scandal, Dem party scandal -hole party, econ collapse,southern front collapsing, disastrous afgan surrender, police state war on US citizens, live fetal cells used in making of ALL vax testing – came from/comes from a LIVE Baby . whoops
    Order of Propability: Iran, norks/chynah, russia, turkey – hey where have I seen that list before? rutrow.
    PS. forget emp attack – never will they willing destroy surveillance apparatus and lose total control, like G and BTC – never.

    • BIC,
      I’ve done the same with the vax, but be prepared to be called evil, uninformed, a sheeple, a stooge of “them”, a victim of graphene oxide poisoning, and much worse.
      As for waiting on the vaccine from Baylor, I fearlessly predict that posters to this very website will make the same objections to it as they have to existing vaccines. If “they” can put nefarious stuff in one vaccine, what’s to keep “them” for doing it to Baylor’s? And whatever pharmaceutical company produces it will be accused of getting stinking rich on the backs of the unenlightened.
      Because in the end, it’s not about the vaccine.
      The Great Carnac has spoken.

      • Well Carnac – when people go open source and publish their code (Baylor model) Ure seem thems as better odds

        Evening getting up to pee in the middle of the night has changing odds – like if the cat is in or out…

  3. In the year 3021 several scientists created a man out of dirt just like God created Adam. They were anxious to show God how smart they were and went to Him to demonstrate it. They said “give us some some dirt and we will show you how we did it”. God said “get your own dirt”.

  4. George;Did you see last 5 minutes Tucker Carlson? Had Alex Barenson who detailed covid stuff. Former Journalist,now successful author,reports increasing death rate in people age 30 to 50’s in last 20 to 24 months.
    Since Covid?? More since vaccine??.. More is coming.
    Vax to kids is Child abuse. Hope all parents refuse..
    More Fun coming??

  5. I missed the boat yesterday on the ‘science as a religion’ topic, but I had some time to think about it. The question boils down to what is ‘science’ and how would one use it as a belief system.

    What science really amounts to isn’t a set of ‘facts’. Scientific ‘facts’ change all the time. What it truly boils down to is that science is a method for problem solving. That’s why we call it the ‘scientific method’ and it works pretty good…even better when there’s no money or egos involved. The basis of all it is critical thinking.

    Therefore, I propose that ‘Critical Thinking’ be adopted as the global religion. No ‘believing’ or ‘faith’ required. I further propose that it be rigorously taught from K-12 and at all Universities in all degree programs.

    I predict that within a generation professional politicians will become extinct, as well as 99.9% of the rest of the Nation’s problems.

    It’s hard to fool people that know how to THINK.

    • You captured the spirit and direction., But like Win 11 – there needs to be an upgrade path from the Lotus/CPM crowd to Win 13… So, we need to think in terms of migration. Adapt, adjust, and introduce critical thinking as the outcome or the camel’s nose will be whacked before getting under the tent.

      OTOH, science does handle things like population density, birth control, money, sep of church and state quite well given rationale soil to grow in…

    • “The question boils down to what is ‘science’ ”

      Science (like medicine)is best guess.. from a series of ending test results..

    • “That’s why we call it the ‘scientific method’ and it works pretty good…even better when there’s no money or egos involved. The basis of all it is critical thinking.” That statement is awesome! I would only add that Religion guides mankind mans moral compass. critical thinking or logos coupled ethos or the heart dictates pathos.

      ~ the path from the head to the heart is a long journey for many. ~

      Being of High Moral Character, do I always have to do the right thing? ….. hmmmmmm….. the devil never shows up all scary and mean… or he hasnt in my life. the devil shows up in daisy dukes, cowboy boots, pigtails and double D’s. telling you the most succinct things.

      they are really romaning me…. offering me presents at every turn. stroking my ego with a soft mink coat. but every day, they want me to push the jab on my staff. some of who didnt want to get it, but would because they know I am a good man and a few of them tell me. i wasn’t going to get the jab, but I will for you boss. because I love you and you have helped me so much…. see you are helping alot of people here and man look at all those gold mines full of money waiting for you. put ya right there with every celebrity in the world. for every show. …. push the jab. you dont want to go to idaho….. we are going to take care of everything you want and desire. i got you boo.

      being of HIGH moral Character. do i always have to do the right thing? if i tell people who work for me to get the jab… am i any different than Bill Gates.. or Fauci… or Biden. a sell out…..

      hmmmmm Eric church appointment, then i shall decide. i have a divine appointment that is for certain.

      what to do. what to do…

      • Maybe The Dude wants you to get the word out on Corbevax BECOV2D, the vaxx that was developed in Texas?

        Maybe not.

        Don’t assume, but do be aware. It is only in phase-3 trials, but the Indian Government has already purchased 300 million doses:

        Health ministry buys 300 mn doses of Biological-E’s Covid vaccine in advance. The RBD protein sub-unit vaccine, which is currently undergoing Phase III clinical trials, is likely to be available in the next few months

        The company has estimated the vaccine to be priced at ?250 (around $3) per dose and may even be priced below ?400 (around $5) for two doses in India.

        In April 2021, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) announced that it would fund the expansion of BioE’s manufacturing capabilities, so that it could produce at least 1 billion doses by end of 2022.

      • “the devil never shows up all scary and mean…”

        Exactly… The devil never looks bad.. instead he looks good.. lucifer the most beautiful.. wise..
        similar to the people that give money to our congress.. they don’t look like its evil.. Instead they lull members of congress to comply by making it look not quite so bad..
        The members of Congress didn’t go to congress to be evil.. ( well maybe some of them went because they knew they would leave ..RICH… and do the happy dance… , now seriously.. can’t you see our congress or the president doing the gangnam style dance LOL ) but on a serious note the vast majority went to make positive changes. they thought they could fix the broken system.. it took at least a week to sway some of them to the dark side. LOL if they tossed money at me it would probably take less than a day to get a faithful servant LOL…
        I would like to think I would have a higher set of standards.. but lets be real.. throw millions and millions.. thousand dollar a glass drinks.. ladies.. any shape or size.. and by the families standards it looks as if any age will do….

  6. I’ve noticed the word “lever” being used quite often. When the squatter administration finds themselves between a rock and a hard place, which they created … they say they “… are using every lever …” (to resolve the issue) – as if quoting each other.

    But, I looked up “lever politics” and found its about Global Democracy.
    That figures …

  7. THE FUTURE OF BITCOIN: The new millennium of people, the future after we all die, prefer bitcoin over gold. Gold & Silver held by seniors will be inherited & converted into bitcoin. BTC is here to stay & will replace gold as an alternative currency. So don’t expect gold to make you wealthy or save your butt when the SHTF. Take your bitcoin and move to a country where it is legal tender. Those countries who accept BTC as legal tender will multiply & become a safer place to live.

    • Everything is possible.

      That said, understand, the difference between an ICBM and a hypersonic missile is the ICBM is faster, but travels through zero-atmosphere space in a parabolic arc. The hypersonic missile doesn’t hit escape velocity, and so only travels through “near-zero” atmosphere, but can travel in any damn’ direction because it is infinitely-guideable. The reason they are so difficult to shoot down is because they can change direction after the intercept is launched, but before it gets a lock, and they lack either a metallic signature OR a heat signature for the majority of their flight. To do it reliably, we’d have to create an OPTICAL targeting system which was both quasi-intelligent and extremely fast…

  8. Hey FED hey CNBCC. Your declared and warned you will be destroyed if you don’t let it go . Yep dead mice walking . And idiots it’s not inflation garbage it’s economics . 1×10 is 10 not 1000

  9. “How Did California’s Drought Get So Bad?” Just a wild ass guess on our part, but maybe it didn’t rain enough? Maybe? Huh?”

    As innovative as California claims they are..
    you would wonder why they haven’t made any Air Wells to help with fresh water shortages.. .. or started any green scaping in their cities.. OR.. diversifying their power grid to insure its safety from failure.. I haven’t even heard of any saltwater greenhouses yet either..

  10. As we get deeper into Quantum mechanics (see “The Tao of PHysics” and “Dancing Wu Li Masters”), science starts to look a lot like religion, specifically Taoism and Buddhism. Things are not as they appear to be until we observe them. Observation defines our experiences and our tactile world(s) around us. And the fact that physicists like Max Tegmark (“Our Mathematical Universe”) presents strong evidence for there being a ‘multi-verse,’ relying upon Newtonian science, seems to relegate our traditional view of reality to that of a Paleolithic hominid worshiping an eclipse or a conjunction of celestial bodies. All is not what is seems as we observe it, but our observation forms a ‘reality.’ “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein.

    Like many others, I believe that “reality and consciousness are one and the same, and the universe (essentially) exists inside my head.” See:

    This is definitely not to say that I, or any of us are deities. My observation, and Ures, determines the world(s) around me/us. As the famous mythologist Jospeh Campbell opined, “the gods are us!” Archaic humans consciously, and in some cases sub-consciously manifested the gods to explain the unexplainable about them.. We formed/conceived the gods out of our own consciousness and subconsciousness. The gods, therefore, are us. And so the act of our conceptualizing the divine identifies us with and equates us to the divine.

    Put that in your hukkah pipe and smoke it!

    • OMG it has been decades since I read ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’. Best lifelong friend and I have had decades long discussions about ‘consciousness’. He is a Registered EEG specialist that assists with brain surgeons. Boiling down two lifetimes of study, the best theory I have read is that ‘consciousness’ is the basic ‘stuff’ of the universe and is eternal. The physical universe that we perceive was created and is sustained by… consciousness.

  11. Yo G, the BOHICA comment brought back fond memories. While stationed in Norfolk back in the early 80’s had a shipmate on CVN -68. He was handing out the following bumpersticker:
    Our Screws never stop
    Now that is some funny sheet there. Twas a different time and day….

  12. “(never understood how the cat gets to eat first!).”
    Because if he doesn’t… you will not get to eat peacefully! I have a small parrot. As soon as he hears activity in the morning he starts shouting that he wants his cover removed so he can see what the humans are doing. If it looks or sounds like food packaging rustling, he starts screaming to be fed also. So the bird eats first… so I can enjoy my oatmeal. As they say in the military, ‘Rank hath it’s privilege’.

  13. everything just changed, in a nano second for me. did you get my email dude. you experiance anything like that. find a totem 10 months ago of a Eric Church Cd in a dressing room that wasnt there when you walked in it. then 10 months later you are working at a job that you never dreamed possible and get told be up front at the Eric Church concert with my staff on the Baracade to be honored for all your hard work….. oh gets even more differnt. i just did a survey of the Climate Pledge area. Cold play is coming here and playing tomorrow night. so i was asked to do a survey of the place for my staff.

    they are using a one of a kind stage. it will only be used this one time. The entire concert is going to be on pay per view on Amazon, televised world wide. I was asked to join the baracade crew up front. people are paying $500 + a ticket to be 20 feet away from the show. I will be 3 feet from the band. representing saftey and security for the show and viewed as trusted by millions of people world wide.

    then i get back to my office, the muslim priest is on his way in. a guy standing outside said I heard you are a good man to work for and you have fun jobs. I am just looking to do some shows. dont really need the money but ya see.. im a writer and I write books for a living and i was told to go out and have more fun. so we get to talking while he is in my office and i told him a few True Storys about my life. he smiled and said, you know im writting a screen play right now. I tell you what. if half of what you just told me is true? I want to write your book. I said what? He said listen to me. the life you lived? Nobody lives that life. Nobody experiances those things. This world is grey and full of fear right now. You would do a service to the world if you told your story. I said I dont know dude. He said this is the medicine the world needs right now. they need to know there are people out there like you doing what you do and living how you live. He said, we can do a contract, i will write your story for you. you read it and edit it as you see fit. then Once its finished. I will submit it to my publisher. and all you have to do is tell your story. I assure you it will be a New York best seller.

    i said…… im honored. i will think about it. but first, lets get you to work

    i said, Fack! i was going to move to idaho. LOL

    guess, i will stay put for now.

    sometimes… when THE DUDE speaks… because HE speaks in creative dynamics… i just sit in awe. so humbled. i woke up this morning and did what I always do, Thank you GOD for another day of life! Im excited to see what you have planned. you never know. your life can turn on a dime.

    you all take care. things just picked up pace. everything just changed. THE DUDE, ya know. i dont know what to do about HIM sometimes. HIS ways just humble me to no end.

    i mean the Cd thing alone.. 10 months before i have the job, 4 months before Eric Church even books his concert schedule. sitting there with a halloween party booklet.. and im at the show, 3 feet away on 10/30.

    that is way outside the normal scope of time relevance. THE DUDE knows I will be a show before Eric Church even knows he is doing a concert. LOL

    you never get used to that sort of relationship and stuff. it always makes the mind spin.

    Definenlty time to be quiet and watch what happens next.

    I am truly blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, that you are as well!

    Cue: Eric Church

    Smoke a little Smoke.

  14. About that computer plug in religion. (Whatever that might be)

    There are several Holy Books already, telling of God and what God said and did, to specific people or groups of people. Weather first hand knowledge or divinely inspired, some folks had the foresight to write it down. And I thank them for that.

    Some Humans have always tried to put a spin on the words, so they (the words) become self serving to their (hopeful) benefit. Other folks have torn out pages and added things they shouldn’t have, in an attempt to control the populous.

    Humans putting in what (they) think religion should be, and it’s gonna fall way short and probably be blasphemy. Even if AI does it, don’t mean they’ll get it right. And probably won’t.

    In the 20th century, we saw a few religions spring up. They went against religious teachings, thus referred to as “Cults” … all for selfish reasons to control people. Those, ended in mass suicides.

    Now, consider anything AI puts out. It’s gonna be selfish for control. I doubt The Dude will put up with that. History proves those evil things aren’t tolerated.

    I could never follow a religion devised by science, when as we see … science is actually fighting science. Tell me you can’t see that and, and I’ll point to an aspirin for ya.

    George, what if I told you, there is a God? What if I told you The Light is wonderful !! The Light feels wonderful !! (?) What if I told you, True Love never dies?

    When you look up on a clear night and see the stars, realize that you’re looking out into the Heavens. That universe is all around us. Literally, the Earth is in the Heavens. “The Fathers house has many mansions” and the Earth is but one of them. We’re already in the Heavens, Brother.

    We don’t need a universal computerized religion, but rather we need to clarify those religions (churches) we have already been given. There are 7. That’s enough.

    So here, we have Free Will. To pick and choose. Trust me, it’s verily to win or lose.


    • I went through this in my head, before taking the “science plug-in” approach. Because I could not think of a “religion” that would back away from it’s marketing tools: Personalities, causes, and behaviors via internal Reformations. No, we can not expect a major religions to distill down its core Truths (Dude) when they have Profits to peddle.
      Yet the schism between Sci and Rel is closing. At some point, majority of people will begin to make the transition and then will – as we see outlines of now – begin to rethink marketing/dogma and slice off that which is not compatible with harmonius humananica.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen that marketing/dogma in action. Quite pathetic. False ministers using the Word to fill their collection plate … leaving the followers pockets and plates empty. Thus, gaining nothing.

        “All good things are from above” and there’s no cash register between. At least, I haven’t seen one. Real blessings and miracles are free, to the best of my knowledge.

        Sci/rel merging on the human level, would be great if it were actually possible … but in science, there are always more questions than answers. The Dude is too “spirit” to be completely understood in human terms. Too much that can’t be seen or measured … but is.

        I sent this a few days ago

        Then I got into looking up the Miracle of Fatima. The third message is interesting for many reasons. First, the secret being kept and Second, I can’t find the full transcript of the interview of 1957 (a date that keeps popping up to me) – I noticed similarities between the story told in the above video of ancient gods, and the Third Fatima prophecy. Sophia/Mary.

        The Dude never changes, but humans do … and so do names.

        Both stories tell of a calamity upon the Earth. Much like the Great Flood, (global) and when it was done, there came a sign. The Flood happened, The Dude gave us the Rainbow (changed our optic nerve so we could see the colors) – This time, Fatima mentions a sign to come after these days. The video mentions a bright light from the sun which raises consciousness. What else humanity will be made (aware) of, is anybody’s guess.

        Science will try to explain it away, but won’t be able to.

        Interesting times.


  15. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Connected to Voting Machine Vendor ES&S

    Today we can report that along with aligning herself with far-left ‘non-profits’ that Ms. Garland also is connected with election voting machine company, Election Systems and Software (ES&S)

    I was passé WRT Garland when Obama nominated him (mostly I didn’t care.) Now the more I see, the more thankful I am that (and I hate to admit this) McConnell shut down his USSC nomination. The dude is a corrupt tool…

  16. Chinese Internet Yanks Celtics Games From Air After NBA Player Called Xi A ‘Brutal Dictator’ For Oppressing Tibet

    A Chinese internet company with close ties to the communist government yanked Boston Celtics basketball games from the air on Thursday after the team’s center, Enes Kanter, spoke out against the dictator Xi Jinping and his political cronies for oppressing Tibet.

    Not an NBA fan, but a couple more things like this and I could become a Celtics fan… Not likely. The League probably scores a couple billion per year from the ChiComs. They will make it so uncomfortable for this player that he gives in and grovels before our Chinese masters…

  17. Our Epic Supply Chain Crisis Just Hit Another Level, And Biden Is Considering Calling In The National Guard To Help

    Our economic infrastructure is failing on a massive scale, and officials are openly admitting that things will get even worse in the months ahead. We are in uncharted territory, because none of us has ever seen anything like this before.

    I’m pretty sure Mr. Biden doesn’t need the National Guard to help him screw things up. He seems to be doing an awesome job, all on his own (or that of President Rice…)


    A comparison of official government reports in the United Kingdom suggests that those who are fully vaccinated are quickly developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Complete immune system degradation (100% failure) can be expected by Christmas.

    Yeah, it’s from Mac Slavo, but the tables are offishul kneeler pubs and the links go to The Exposé and to Parliament’s pubs service.

    BTW: The Exposé seems to be to the UK what Epoch Times is to the U.S. and it is now censored on Google, Facebook & Twitter. For me, this treatment automatically elevates its journalistic validity.

  19. Thanks for the welcome BIC

    I forget the attribution of this quote: A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original shape.

    Personally, I got the jab. I am older, have risk factors, live with the elderly, and my job has mandated it. If my time on this rock is limited, I’m going to have the PC passport To enjoy what’s left of it. I was a military brat, and served myself. I have been jabbed with hundreds of needles of god knows what.

    My thinking is if COVID is a bio weapon, why not. The net has been scrubbed of the images of the CCP sealing off cities of millions. The jab was sitting on a shelf just waiting. We have seen this Hollywood movie with Dustin Hoffman. Life imitating art?

    To each his own. I deeply resent the mandate to take it. Imagine how liberal heads would explode if you mandated abortion, birth control or any other “my body, my choice” hot button.

    Imagine if you will, a movie in which Dr. Evil invented a diabolical virus to kill off all useless eaters once they were too old to slave away making iPhones or Nike shoes. The plot twist could be: He sells it to evil governments who allow it to spread. Thus, their social programs and pension obligations are rapidly reduced.

    One of these days, all my conspiracy theory buddies might be right!

    • “We have seen this Hollywood movie with Dustin Hoffman. ”

      Welcome KH AV8R….. I love that movie.. and it is so true.. in the event of a SHTF scenario ..I think that is exactly what they would do to..
      You don’t see them running drills for the population like other countries.. or building shelters like other countries.. EVEN Kim in NK is better prepared for the people than we are..

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