Three-Minute Snap Analysis

Can you learn to be a genius of the Buffett or Templeton class investor in three minutes?


But what we can cover this morning will be a simple (non-numeric) approach that will use some of our charting techniques to avoid at least (we hope!) some of the major pitfalls and potholes.

That, plus coffee and a sandwich, why, what more could a reader desire?  I mean other than us showing you how the world ends in the fall of 2024, of course.

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6 thoughts on “Three-Minute Snap Analysis”

  1. “Can you learn to be a genius of the Buffett or Templeton class investor in three minutes?” There’s nothing to learn, IMHO and experience, because you either have it or you don’t; That is DISCIPLINE. George will know of what I speak!!

    That’s also why the world is fu..ed-up.

    • Is the reason the world is so f’d up because of the liberal creed that everybody is a winner and even participation is awarded? I say yes.

      That belief system, that Im sure had good intentions originally, is what has caused many to believe they’re special and when they don’t succeed, its because of a prejudiced, racists, bigoted society. There’s no introspection in that belief system. No room for error in assessment.

      I use to belong to the progressive/liberal side of the political/sociological spectrum, but I moved to center right in the past few years, before the last election. The dems just went too far to the left. The whole snowflake complex of professional victim status and political correctness to the point where we can’t even discuss other points of view (even in a humorous way), crossed the line of acceptability for many like myself.

      What happened in Charlottesville is frightening because in many ways, the censorship of anything not approved by the PC police, has led to this response from the far right. It’s concerning to me to see people marching with Nazi signs, but it was also distressing to see the riots in Portland and other cities earlier in the year by the militant left that believes they have a right to be violent,if its against what they consider hateful speech. Now we see the response from the other side and I fear this is just the beginning.

      • Years ago, I remember reading in a book (you know those ancient things made of paper) of ‘royals’ in France who got great fun throwing heavy furniture off castle walls with the object of seeing whether they could ‘squish’ unsuspecting peasants.

        What has this got to do with current events?

        Well, it occurred to me at the time – as it does now – that ‘human nature’ such as it is has hardly progressed past the ‘let’s beat each other up stage’.

        People who espouse violence are always going to find it – no matter what belief system they wrap themselves in. It is the duty of all Americans to not become hostage to hatred, and remember we are all citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      • Aware and fair assessment. You can plainly see the demonizing of the American citizens wanting to retain their country and their culture. They will be pressurecookered under the pc sorosa-NGO schema.

  2. Regarding the Sept. 23rd celestial alignment I’ve read where this has occurred many times in the past couple of thousand years with no apocalyptic events surrounding it but it would be interesting to hear from Chris Tyreman about this, especially since he and his group seem to have gone silent on their personal interpretation of Hebrew scriptures. September 23rd is the Saturday that is in the middle of our calendar year’s Rosh Hoshana or Jewish New Year.

    The more we, collectively, emulate Sodom and Gomorrah the more I keep thinking about all those uncharted asteroids out there that can fix all of our problems in a few heartbeats.

  3. It reads like something Jon would write
    now let’s ask his daughter and family to write a piece about him I wonder how different it would be

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