The Trumpstorm and Terraforming

As always in Peoplenomics, we are not whiners – we deal in solutions.  In fact, turning lemons into lemonade is our stock-in-trade.

This week, what the pseudo-media was screaming about (the Trumpstorm) is actually a marvelous opportunity to move in the direction of making America great, again.  But, you need to grok terms like neocolonial business models to see it.  When you do, Trump’s candor is distinctly anti-racist contrary to the MSM pitch.

We explain – after headlines and the charts…

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26 thoughts on “The Trumpstorm and Terraforming”

  1. I’m not sure why, but it seems folks are missing the issue. Every American city and most towns have parts that are s-holes and some countries are third world. The problem isn’t someone saying that.

    The problem is the POTUS “thinking” that because someone comes from someplace he “thinks” may be a s-hole that the person doesn’t deserve to immigrate. That generalization is wrong. We don’t saddle people with the weight of where they were born.

    • You need to understand how the long-chain business model underpinning economic neocolonialism works — that’s on Peoplenomics today.

    • I have no problem with immigration as long as they don’t saddle the American taxpayer in the process,a much better system would require a sponsor friend relative or church who would do the funding,sure would cut down on those seeking free free free,free food stamps free medical free housing free free free…

      • The issue is time or money, as always. Time to design plants to obviate perchlorate effects on Terran species or money to insulate humans from these effects. One is a century or so, the other will financially break any nation attempting it.

      • Hmm.. mars, Venus, maybe the moon,, oh hey I know one it’s called the earth.. rather than keeping at it like carpenter ants maybe if we just decided to fix it here. It would be cheaper than terraforming another planet.
        Building green rather than devouring all prime cropland with concrete. Instead of bombing the sh!t out of whole countries promote a peaceful self sustaining life.
        If you look at the programs now the candidates for a trip twenty plus years away are in their thirties plus. Now I built my home what twenty two years ago. I realized when checking the attic last spring that if I had considered my age then till now I would have done things slightly different when I designed my home. The candidates they should be considering should be one year old to eight..

    • One of our experts offers:
      . Actually, there is a huge, and very deep canyon on Mars, about at the equator, that is probably the warmest place on the planet, and a likely location for first settlements.

      Check out Walipinis ( which could be the optimal greenhouses for starting vegetation. They could be dug and constructed by robotic machines, on autopilot, too.

      Source cold hardy, low moisture needing plants in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Wyoming and Montana, Canada. Lots of them out there.

      • So they are okay with Earth ‘germs’ contaminating Mars??

        There is an on-going debate about that – the Mars Rovers were carefully decontaminated before being sent into space . . . and Mars.

      • With Mars atmospheric pressure being .06% of Earth, no plants can make it until there is an atmosphere. It’s pretty close to vacuum, just not what space folks call “hard vacuum”.

        I would love it if we could do it, but it would require a lot of planetary resources, not just a single nation, and it would take multiple generations to accomplish it. And it wouldn’t hurt if atomic fusion was involved either!

      • There is also the saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” – spending billions (and it will soon be trillions) to go to Mars in hopes of some day colonizing that planet if we have ‘fouled our nest’ is madness. Rather that we first clean up Earth with that money and time. Our blue planet is more precious!!

      • The problem – articulated by larger brains than Ure’s – is that as we wait, we burn resource.
        So sure, you can wait, but then you can’t GO.

  2. Hey George,

    I really do hope that you sent a copy of your last topic to the President. I only hope he reads it and gets some serious engineers behind it.

    Of course, there may be occupants(of sorts) in both those places, and then it would be “imperialism”.

  3. “Kentucky to add Medicaid work requirement”

    Not sure how I feel about this.

    Government shouldn’t be a job service.

    Who will watch the children – Kentuckians will have to buy surveillance equipment to monitor their property.

    Welfare Mom brigades are picking trash from the highways while their children rob us?

    End all aid! That’s the solution.

    Broke young people live with their parents.

    Broke old people live with their children.

  4. I’ve read the Flu shot this year is only about 10% effective. Not worth poisoning yourself with the adjuvants and preservatives included in the mix. Boost your own immune system, keep your vitamin D3 levels up, and avoid sick people & crowds.

  5. Trump called those countries shi*holes because they are exactly that. They become such due to the attitude of the people in them to be accepting of the dreadful standard of living rather than getting off their butts and solving their own problems.
    There are world banks and international money funds who lend for improving infrastructure and living standards but they aren’t a free ride either.
    I haven’t heard a single ‘screaming snowflake talking head or commentator mention these populations helping themselves to improve their living standards in the shi*holes of their own making. Always, they want to leave it behind and flee to a better place, only to rip it off and trash it upon arrival.
    A good solution for shi*hole inhabitants: get up and get to work on the place you are in to improve it, rather than making it into an unbearable garbage dump. No one owes anyone a free ride. This isn’t about race, It is about standards and values.

  6. I attended a Joe Granville seminar during the height of his success…which as I remember was one right call & THE MEDIA FELL ALL OVER HIM. I did purchase his newsletter at the seminar but terminated my subscription soon after because it contained more show than good advice. He was a showman more than an investment advisor. After his famous sell call, he was consistantly wrong. He then apologized for the incorrect calls & said he had figured out why his calls are now all wrong, and he would never be wrong again (sales were down & the showman was marketing). I believe he was WRONG AGAIN. At that point, I thought forget OBV & have avoided it ever since.

    • Totally agree on part: Investing is always a “weighing of the indicators” – and to this day, OBV still has interesting applications (like seeing the money still piling into the market this week when the bears are all calling the top). I use a number of them: OBV, RSI, F/S stochastics, and so forth. Not to “call” a trade, but rather to see how it fits with Elliott and trend channels.
      So two important questions back to you: a) is Peoplenomics more useful than Granville? (I hope I know the answer to this) and b) Did you ever get a copy of Trading the Regression Channel and have a look? G

      • 1. I enjoy Peoplenomic’s because I think you have a keen mind for reading between the lines & getting at the financial truth, which is a trait I do not have. Plus, I like your charts.
        2. No, I do not remember reading Trading the Regression Channel. Do you have a link to it?

  7. Very interesting idea terraforming Venus… Not sure we can but always something to consider. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled and thank you Mr. Ure for keeping new ideas or refreshing old ones and keeping things interesting!

  8. As an update to measuring coffee temperature, I discovered that my ideal coffee drinking temperature is 165 degrees. Also, I had started reading the Ham Technition License Prep book from your link, but is was too much for me, but thank you for including it. Now I can cross Ham Radio off my bucket list & not feel guilty.

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