The Q2BA Addendum

Quest to Beat Aging was well-received, but incomplete, in subscriber views.  So, this morning, another 30-pages of what’s really turning into something of a “manual on aging well – and slowly.

First up, though, a lot of fresh economic data to paw through on this holiday-abbreviated week.

Which will be followed by the ChartPack where we will try to understand where all this is going.

As with the first part of this report, the “Addendum” may be found on the Master Index page in both PDF and EPUB formats for your convenience.

Thus, what started off as a discussion on encouraging re-methylation of telomere and the light crown has expanded into a wider range of “making aging easier.”

This is what “mission creep” looks like up close and personal.

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63 thoughts on “The Q2BA Addendum”

  1. Thanks a lot George!
    Just one little snag, the links to the files are not working, please fix these.

  2. The Alexa article seems contrived. But I like the “Son of Sam” spirit. Over time Alexa has inventoried what’s in the house based on what the peeps ordersd.

    10 y/o – “Alexa, I’m bored.”

    Alexa – ‘Get the new butcher’s knife and carve your pet like a spiral ham.”

    That’s a movie.

  3. Morning Mr. Ure,

    When I try to open the PDF’s in a new window or Tab, It shows me this:


  4. From what I’ve read if you want to anti-age Adrenochrome is the best way. Get Adrenochrome, unless that’s fake too. The next time I speak to a doc I’ll ask.

    Anything less and you might as well buy product from WMT and hope for genetics.

    Morning Routine – American Psycho (1/12) Movie CLIP (2000) HD

  5. Yo G -Pops,

    Heads up – Thank you for part 1of the Beat the Aging Process . Am personally working the Light – breath in & consciously absorb Sunlight- simultaneously emiting NRG/ glow wit it- mental exercise..AD/ED. The Mental Imaging ensures “locking in” the Process/Actions.
    Back in country (BZE) in the land of the Masters of Time – all Maya on a mission here on Earth to Confound Humanity. 2024 is the End of the current cycle, next cycle NRGs already pouring in. You reminded me to get 2 Prescriptions down here for HGH and Metaformin. Dam , prolly have to keep coming back every other month to get …..unh Refills, yeah that’s it – refills.

    Fresh Air and Sunshine – it’s still Free , kinda of…

    PS – ME is the place to be if you want to get in on”final battle” action..? It is the center of the oringinal Annuma/An nunaki encampment/base. They are the original Users of Climate Change Weaponary – under authority of Emil-Setes-Zeus – thee most evil/outrageous/angry malogene = Humanities historical Advasary. Everything is alive and vibrating on this planet- including Planet it’s self…yep even the rocks..see crystals.

    • Nudimud, where can we learn more about crystals’ special properties? I’m thinking about taking up mineral collecting (other than gold or silver, the wife’s domain). Thanks.


    I think they’ve done us all in. I believe We’re in a worldwide mass psychosis. Watch this youtube video to understand what I’m talking about. Once we’re all victim to it they control us like Hitler did the Germans or like the people of Salem MA fell victim to when they decided every woman was a witch and needed to be burned at the stake. But now it’s worldwide. The world is full of people that will do anything to follow the nonsense they feed us. Orwell’s 1984 is advancing nicely… The sad part is theres very little any of us can do about it.

    • Numbers and figures can be manipulated using an adjusting calculation parameter..
      Walk in to any car lot and see a salesman.. in ten minutes he will have you believing that your as rich as a San Francisco salesman even though you know the truth. In the figures you don’t see an adjusted to price increase from a month before or total weight of goods.. a pound of feathers is still a pound.. yet if the cost of feathers doubled and you see an increase that is doubled your still only seeing a pound.. your increase is actually the same.The way I see it then is If it hasn’t increased it’s a loss..
      Commodities do that all the time a 16 ounce can is now 15 your can size is the same.. now take out ten percent of product replace it with water and you show roughly a 25 per cent decrease.. if the price of that product goes up 25 percent then theres really a fifty percent change.. your mind will tell you it’s the same .just a few po pennies more. Which is a false positive.. if course that’s the view from the bottom of the my personal perspective.. things are way more dire than what is being shown

      • Satire (?) from Steve Kirsch on the Pandemic Plan:

        How the game is really played

        Just for the record, here is the secret Fauci memo explaining to everyone the Ground Rules of the pandemic. You aren’t supposed to know any of this.

        Steve Kirsch
        10 hr ago

        A lot of people have told me this is the best piece I’ve ever written.

        To: World leaders
        From: Tony Fauci
        Subject: Ground rules for the health and safety of the world

        NEVER allow a proper autopsy by people who are capable of making a vaccine determination. If an autopsy can’t be avoided, make sure the coroner is under staffed, lacks the proper skills and tests, and doesn’t have the time to do it right. Also, offer the family to pay for the funeral expenses if they skip the autopsy.

        Never allow anyone to do an analysis on what is in the vials. In the rare event an analysis happen, we have your back. We’ll claim that these are anti-vaxxers who deliberately contaminated the vials before they were analyzed.

        Ensure that the drug companies have complete immunity from prosecution. Otherwise, we’re totally screwed.

        Label anyone who opposes us as “anti-science.” This works really well. Even Senator Johnson doesn’t like this.

        Make sure that the vaccine injury program (the CICP) never pays a dime to COVID vaccine victims. Even paying out a dime would be an acknowledgment that the vaccines aren’t safe. That would cause vaccine hesitancy. We cannot have that.

        Mandate the vaccines for everyone *except CDC, FDA, NIH, and Congress). Give it to them right after birth. We don’t want to have a control group here that isn’t dying. If people make that comparison we’re screwed. This is why we nixed the placebo group in all the clinical trials, so nobody would ever find out how unsafe these vaccines are.

        In the event of disabilities that happen during the clinical trials, change the symptom when writing the report. So “permanent paralysis” —> “mild abdominal pain.” Trust me, this works. The vaccine injured 12-year old, Maddie de Garay, is our poster child. The press is never going to cover this because we told them not to. We can do fraud in plain sight and nobody catches us on this, it is so well controlled.

        If someone dies from the vaccine during a clinical trial, do not panic. Simply write up in the report that the death “isn’t related to the vaccine.” The FDA won’t ask you how you determined that. Anyone who asks stupid questions like that will be fired from the FDA.

        There are going to be more all cause death reports in the vaccine group than the placebo group, like nearly 25% more (as in the Pfizer trial), but don’t worry. This is because the vaccines are super deadly, duh. However, by 1) choosing very healthy cohorts and 2) limiting the size of the cohorts, we can claim that the difference in deaths is “not statistically significant.” This fools all the “real” scientists. They will say, “oh that makes sense” and not dig deeper. It works every time. Critical thinkers like Chris Martenson don’t matter because they don’t have a big enough following to matter. And we de-platformed Bret Weinstein so he’s not going to bring Robert Malone on his show ever again.

        The medical community is never going to check your work if you work at the CDC. They are brainwashed from Day 1 in medical school to always trust the medical authorities. We basically turn them into sheep and remove their critical thinking skills. And medicine is so complicated that they have to trust us because they don’t have the time, skills, or tools to do shit like actually look at the VAERS database. This is how our loyal staffers, like John Su, are able to get away with making presentations of the VAERS data without even mentioning the under-reporting factor. We’ve instructed everyone on the outside panels to never question our staff members on stuff like this. Otherwise, we kick them off the committee like we did with that slimeball Martin Kulldorff who let science get in the way of his thinking. So what if he’s an expert. We don’t need experts. We need people who follow orders. The outside committee members all saw we did that and it sends a chilling message to them that they all understand: comply with the rules or have your head cut off. They aren’t stupid.

        Aggressively pursue the revocation of the medical license of anyone who speaks against the narrative. Even just one tweet that cautions people about the vaccine or questions mask wearing, should be grounds for license revocation.

        NEVER do a proactive survey to find out the denominator of events. Back in 1985, we carefully designed the VAERS system so that nobody will ever know the true denominator so we can argue that every vaccine is safe, no matter how unsafe they are. This allows us to claim all these signals are rare. Ten years ago, we killed the ESP-VAERS project because it was too accurate. Bobby Kennedy nailed us on this in his book, but his book is so long, nobody’s going to find this. It’s on page 73 of the book (look for AHRQ if you have the Kindle Edition).

        We use masks as a symbol of compliance to assess our level of control. Masks don’t work at all. We know that. The two randomized trials showed no effect. But they don’t know that and they totally trust us. So masks are our canary in the coal mine. If people aren’t complying with our ridiculous masking advice, it’s a sign we are losing it, so we have to stiffen the enforcement by doing things like making it a crime not to do what we say. This control over people’s minds is critical to our success. We can even get them to double-mask, they are so stupid. They can’t figure out that 2 x 0 = 0.

        We have a huge educational campaign to fool people into thinking this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” rather than a “pandemic of the people who never got early treatment.” It is totally working. We didn’t even have to show a single statistic from any hospital. The press eats this up.

        We are paying hospitals huge bonuses for classifying deaths as COVID deaths in order to keep the fear alive. If someone dies in a car accident, but they test positive for COVID (using a high cycle threshold is usually how it is done), then the death is a COVID death. The hospital makes money and we use the stats to make COVID look like an emergency.

        Make sure your physicians are NOT educated about reporting to VAERS; let’s not make a bad problem even worse. We don’t want anyone reporting. It’s already bad enough. We’ll fix VAERS to make it crash more (like right before you hit submit) and make the UX harder to use, just in case.

        The only early treatments allowed are those created by our big pharma sponsors. Everything else we need to go after doctors and take away their license if they prescribe any shit that works like ivermectin. We’ll make sure that nobody finds out that ivermectin is what Japan uses to get to zero COVID deaths. We got Pierre Kory fired from his job. Other people will take notice of that. By marketing anti-virals that don’t work 100%, it means we get to increase our average selling price. Now we can market both products to everyone: a vaccine that doesn’t work and a pill that doesn’t work.

        We have to make out Omicron as a serious threat, even if there are only a few deaths. This is required to maintain the EUA on the vaccines. If the pandemic goes away, we’re screwed. So we have to keep the US in a state of emergency with new and more dangerous variants. Since people die all the time with Omicron, we make it appear they died “from” Omicron to keep the revenue stream going. They are never going to figure this out.

        The mainstream media has been trained to never mention that the vaccine could be a cause of death, even if the person died within hours of the vaccine and they were perfectly healthy before and had no history of heart disease. If they die in their sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination, the press will just report this as an “unexpected, tragic death” and there will be no mention of the vaccine.

        Censor/discredit/ridicule anyone who attempts to question the narrative such as making a link between the vaccine and death or saying that masks don’t work. This is because you don’t have the facts on your side.

        NEVER accept a debate with the opposition. That would be devastating because we’d lose. So you must completely ignore any attempts. Even if they offer you $2M to come to the debate table like that troublemaker Kirsch did. Claim that doing so would give them credibility. So even for someone like RFK Jr. who has a NY Times bestselling book, just keep pretending that they have no credibility like Jake Tapper did. You never want to give the “cranks” air time. Jake is well trained.

        Keep repeating “safe and effective.” Say it enough times you’ll believe it and it will let you ignore all the bodies dropping like flies around you, including stuff like 3-year-old kids who die from cardiac arrest less than a day after being vaccinated. When that happens, think “it’s just a fluke.”

        We’ve exempted the employees of the CDC, other agencies, and Congress from any of the mandates. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to keep anyone employed there. Did you know that nearly none of the CDC employees vaccinate their kids? It’s amazing that the mainstream press has never uncovered this. At CDC, the motto is “do what we say, not what we do.” Americans are so naive; they think we walk the talk. No way. We aren’t stupid.

        If you have questions on any of these points, send me an email at
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        By Steve Kirsch

        I write about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.

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  7. One thing about trade deficit, for myself I have made some larger purchases that I would have spread out over time, because I know the value of dollars are decreasing so spending some assets that I was keeping in cash. So as much as possible I have been trying to lock in prices buying now. So in a way we are getting physical goods from China and sending them decaying value fiat dollars. I can imagine though once product prices fully bake in the de-valuing dollar, people will stop this behavior and we move into the stagflation phase. Once people’s artificial cash hoard is lowered, purchasing will shrink because then it have to come from an ever decreasing (by useful value) of a family income.

    • Good thinking. We also accelerated some large purchases, making the decision to replace our two aging (25 years) home A/C units. We saw inflation coming as well as the supply chain problems and got one of the last units that the company had on hand. We also made some minor improvements to the property (windows, deck, etc). Figured the cash was only going to devalue, and once installed the improvements would increase in value along with the rest of the house, which looks like about 20% last year. wow.

      Also started purchasing numerous small items (tools, etc) simply because two is one, and one is none, and you may not be able to get a replacement later.

      • Replaced my HVAC this year, as well. The repair costs were getting crazy high and I got in right before the purchase/installation costs were increased for 2022. I was told my timing was good; shortages will result in many-month delays for new equipment in the coming year. With that said, we’ll also probably get another heat wave… I remember the times when thieves were stripping wire from houses, and stealing appliances before install. I wonder if there is anything we can do to protect our HVAC systems from being carried away?

      • Joe M, you might want to consider an alarm – I’m sure that there are some that can be had from the official companies, or a local electronics guy should be able to fab something up, connected to the cage. If it were my own, I’d consider an electric fence charger hooked up to the cage(insulated from ground, of course), and have that trigger an alarm and local lights. Make sure you cage the lines leading into the house too. I’d have a camera on the thing too.

    • “Once people’s artificial cash hoard is lowered, purchasing will shrink”

      I believe the only thing keeping the economy going.. is that the federal govt is handing out an extra 35 -40 billion dollars a month to families with children.
      The minute this ends with the prices that are already inflated. ( fuel for one.. necessary goods ) you will instantly see drop of 35 – 40 billion..then as that spending ends.. so will the people that have been using those funds for payments on essentials..
      Did everyone forget about the 33 percent of people on the evictions list.. where does everyone think the funds came from to ease the mass evictions on those lists.
      With escalation of the costs of the essential items I believe we will see a greater decline..within a three month drop..

  8. “Can you see the economy roaring ahead under a Harris presidency? (I have a hard time with seeing that…)”

    Lol seriously now.. dumping trillions into the economy.. ( if only 35 billion a month is being distributed to families. Wheres the rest going) jobs have been exported.. the donations are increasing to the pay to play politicians..and an administration that’s smuggling illegals by the tens of thousands a day..with full support..
    The cross roads is..cut the support..let the correction begin..flat tax all income in the usa take away all deductions above national poverty level.(you cant adjust for different locations since different locations have a different poverty level. sanfra has a poverty level at a quarter million income a year as an example ).tax all incoming goods and tax corporations outsourcing manufacturing. Encourage industrialization. Quit sending money everywhere else. Use those funds for rebuilding our country and confidence of the voter.
    Ince We live in a time where we can reach out and touch someone militarily from great distances.. pull back our military to let’s say a hundred mile radius of the nation.
    Right now 5/8 of our national budget is spent outside the USA.
    Limit how much can be donated to those in power and their families or companies that hire family members. That’s just my opinion.. and of course most of that is exactly what trump and paul suggested while running for office..

    • SF has a $250K threshold? Really? Maybe all of the stimulus money has landed in CA, lol! The military is spread around for strategic reasons, but there is a ton of political influence as well. A lot of towns, foreign and domestic, are kept afloat with Defense dollars.

    • Loob, right now, 62% of our mandatory budget goes to Social Security (that Socialist scheme to feed old people), Medicaid, Civil and Defense retirement.

      Scroll down to pie chart:

      Under 1% of U.S. budget goes to foreign aid, watch your posted ‘Mass Psychosis’ video again,

      the quote from Gustav Le Bon (in the video) fits your ridiculous assumption about foreign aid:

      “the masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their Master, whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim’ …(a perfect description of Fox news viewers and/or Trump supporters?)
      …Keep those Republican illusions going, I’m sure George won’t post this, (he’s done it before, and I’m a paying subscriber)

      • “right now, 62% of our mandatory budget goes to Social Security (that Socialist scheme to feed old people), Medicaid, Civil and Defense retirement.”

        Which is how much of our Total Budget?

        “Under 1% of U.S. budget goes to foreign aid,”

        That $100 billion could fix a lot of American roads…

        “the masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their Master”

        Neither have trolls. Please look in the mirror for further elucidation…

        seven hundred and seventy eight billion is spent on military in other countries..
        There is always a lag time for reporting accurate numbers. For 2021, we’ll be using 2020 allocation numbers. It’s not unusual for some of these allocations differ from the eventual disbursements. In this year, the United States planned to spend $43 billion in foreign aid (it allocated the same amount for 2019, and ultimately spent $45 billion). Almost a quarter of that budget would go to just ten countries:

        Israel ($3.3 billion)
        Jordan ($1.52 billion)
        Egypt ($1.43 billion)
        Tanzania ($547 million)
        Kenya ($544 million)
        Uganda ($533 million)
        Mozambique ($522 million)
        South Africa ($482 million)
        Zambia ($457 million)
        Iraq ($454 million)

        You can make the numbers do whatever you want.. we are in how many countries again..
        And if we are in there why aren’t the other countries paying for our police force.. Especially since they don’t want us there in most of them.. many have already signed agreements with Russia and China for them to be their allies..

        As far as Social Security.. If I had been able to direct the amount deducted from my checks for Social Security JUST into Savings bonds as an example.. I would have had a nest egg just shy fifty million dollars.. If I could have directed where the remaining amount that companies had paid in.. it would have been shy a hundred million.. so I don’t even count social security since the people that paid in paid in as a retirement savings account.. you sure don’t see their funds being squandered away…. our congress squandered it away on other countries..

        In the end.. it is all going to come crashing down..
        my opinion is.. we are doing exactly what they did in making the hindenburg with painting it with thermite composition paint.. once it blows.. it is going down..

  9. For the aging articles. How do we relate the data to a control group? We all know things that make us believe we might live longer. We believe better diet and exercise will increase our lifespans, but of course all people promoting items say it should and logic may trick us into believing. But for comparison, how long did you father live, and how fit was he as he aged? There are two things to consider in my mind, being able to do things I want to do up until I die and extending life regardless of the resulting quality of life. I figure in my family we have an expiration date. My grandfather, my Dad and his brother all suddenly died in their late seventies/very early eighties. All were self sufficient involved in their hobbies of choice until very quick natural deaths. At this point in my life, that seems pretty ideal to me. If I take steps to pass through that deadline, will it bring, cancer, falls, broken bones, consuming all assets on medical care, relying on family or worse strangers to care for me day to day and unable to really add any value back. Probably my attitude will change as those dates near (now in my mid 50s). We all want to exceed our expiration dates, but are there also hidden costs to bear on the backside of outliving our productive life.

    • George and Joe:

      I completely agree. What use is living to 110 if the last thirty years are $hit? Alzheimer’s, frailty, incapacity? Happy to take the trip to Valhalla before that indignity.

      • I hear ya Av8r…for myself.. laying in a fetal position hands curled .. a freshly soiled diaper as some young kid shovels baby food in my mouth while talking about their hot date.. just doesnt have any appeal to me.. or being bent over in pain while trying to to reach a toilet..or how about .. sitting in a chair at the window or staring down the hallway waiting for someone to come and see you .
        Your new adopted family nithing more than a group of strangers that take time to take care of you.
        Or a family member finally does stop.. and they keep looking at their watch to see if they have spent an appropriate amount of time so they can leave..
        Your trying to sleep late at night two people come in flip you from side to side to change linens and use a cold washcloth to clean you up every two hours.. or worse.. they don’t come in every two hours..
        All while it costs you a quarter million a year..or more..
        Lol lol …don’t get me wrong because the people working in elderly care are very compassionate and sensitive to the needs.. I am trying to imagine HOW they feel.. theres a poem.. see me…
        What do you see, nurses, what do you see?
        Are you thinking, when you look at me —
        A crabby old woman, not very wise,
        Uncertain of habit, with far-away eyes,
        Who dribbles her food and makes no reply,
        When you say in a loud voice — “I do wish you’d try.”

        Who seems not to notice the things that you do,
        And forever is losing a stocking or shoe,
        Who unresisting or not, lets you do as you will,
        With bathing and feeding, the long day to fill.
        Is that what you’re thinking, is that what you see?
        Then open your eyes, nurse, you’re looking at ME…
        I’ll tell you who I am, as I sit here so still;
        As I rise at your bidding, as I eat at your will.

        I’m a small child of ten with a father and mother,
        Brothers and sisters, who love one another,
        A young girl of sixteen with wings on her feet.
        Dreaming that soon now a lover she’ll meet;
        A bride soon at twenty — my heart gives a leap,
        Remembering the vows that I promised to keep;
        At twenty-five now I have young of my own,
        Who need me to build a secure, happy home;
        A woman of thirty, my young now grow fast,
        Bound to each other with ties that should last;
        At forty, my young sons have grown and are gone,
        But my man’s beside me to see I don’t mourn;
        At fifty once more babies play ’round my knee,
        Again we know children, my loved one and me.

        Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead,
        I look at the future, I shudder with dread,
        For my young are all rearing young of their own,
        And I think of the years and the love that I’ve known;
        I’m an old woman now and nature is cruel —
        ‘Tis her jest to make old age look like a fool.

        The body is crumbled, grace and vigor depart,
        There is now a stone where once I had a heart,
        But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells,
        And now and again my battered heart swells.

        I remember the joys, I remember the pain,
        And I’m loving and living life over again,
        I think of the years, all too few — gone too fast,
        And accept the stark fact that nothing can last —
        So I open your eyes, nurses, open and see,
        Not a crabby old woman, look closer, nurses — see ME!
        It really hits home if you think about it.. a few years ago we were caught in the yearly witch hunt where they cut higher paid employees.. we went a tear without an income.. you would have thought we had the plague here. Everyone avoided us. Those we thought would be there..just for moral support..ran for the hills. Now imagine..someone in a nursing facility .their friends are dead..their family that maybe shows up once a year for ten minutes.. they sit and stare down the hall .. I took care of a man tears ago that was a child survivor of the titanic .. I’d sit by him every night while he had nightmares of the event..I was very young then.. it ripped my heart out. Or the woman that survived being a prisoner of Auschwitz.
        Most people didn’t take the time.. luckily that’s where I found myself.
        Old age can be a very lonely experience.

      • Live life,love freely, hug those you are about, forgive minor issues,understand the major issues, laugh..enjoy a cup of wine listen.. be yourself. An oops never should be a major issue..enjoy kids playing laughing , hold those you love..use kind words ..

    • Most, if not all of the things George listed are likely to increase health along with longevity. Blinded and controlled studies are impossible for humans that want to live longer, so we have to work with the best data possible and take our own risks. The current medical model is broken and has been since the Flexner report back in 1910, at least. The FDA won’t approve anything useful in time to be of use, so we need to go it alone. The DEA is yet another roadblock to health. Both need to get out of the way. I intend to live ’till I die, and hopefully that will be far from the medical scene.

      Fortune favors the bold! Good luck to us all.

    • “are there also hidden costs to bear on the backside of outliving our productive life.”

      Lol.. well joe yes there are hidden costs.. i needed dental work..its not covered.. I had two choices a good permanent fix and an average fix.. one was fifty thousand and change the other was seven thousand and change..
      You break a bone..medicare pays a portion fir a short period of time.. if you still require assistance the cost of professional nursing care is a quarter million a year if your still able to do everything but need to be checking.. that’s a hundred grand.
      With insurance .. therapy covered part was 65 thousand..
      In home nursing care..just to stop by for a week for my mother the cost for in home limited assistance was twenty five hundred..
      Medications.. the vast majority of elderly that live at home on a set income have a for their medications, pay home taxes, pay utilities rent etc..
      When I worked in grocery store you’d be shocked at how many elderly buy cat and dog food.. some buy one cheap tv dinner and split it into several meals. Ir they will eat pasta rice oatmeal. Because of cost..
      I had one woman at an activity center break down crying.. she was 85 at the time. When I prodded her..she had less than 500 a month to live on a month and didn’thave money to pay rent much less food..
      A few bags of groceries was easy to get.getting her rent assistance was a great deal harder to do . at the time I worked grocery and could buy damaged goods cheap..

      • In the darkness appears a light. Sounds like a good environment for creating a local non-profit that collects aid for redistribution to the community’s elderly. Food and utility discounts and subsidies. The old taking care of the old, both financially and socially.

        I once worked a grocery store register and my lines were always long because customers liked me. Other than standing on my feet for the entire shift, it’s not demanding work. By employing four seniors instead of one young adult, think of the community goodwill that could be built…

      • “By employing four seniors instead of one young adult, think of the community goodwill that could be built…”

        Before, or after the local store goes out of business, from lack of business, because their prices are too high?

        The typical grocery store’s typical margin is 2%

        It takes about $50/hr NET to keep a convenience store’s doors open. I’ve never run a cost analysis on a grocery store, but I’ll bet it’s somewhat higher. Replacing a 25yo with four Seniors would increase overhead by at least $20/hr and would put that 25yo on welfare. Please explain the goodwill that’d be felt by the community upon driving those four Seniors seven miles to the Wal-Mart, after their neighborhood store goes belly-up…?

        Employers don’t exist to employ people. People don’t “deserve” a paycheck simply because they exist.

        Employers exist to make money — at least enough to survive. That “employment thing” is incidental to their business.

      • “In the darkness appears a light. Sounds like a good environment for creating a local non-profit that collects aid for redistribution to the community’s elderly. Food and utility discounts and subsidies. The old taking care of the old, both financially and socially.”

        Oh yeah, about this…

        We used to have these. They were called “churches.”

  10. Yeah time for some good old fashioned yada yada while they rig markets and Fark you over . Any guru stuff ?

  11. These guys are so good at illusion they make you get a jab for something that don’t exist to kill yah !!! Just like anything any market economic or financial . Massive fraud

  12. Herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation is as old as humanity. Many cultures have perfected it over the past 50,000 years, particularly those in the Orient. All Big Pharma has done is standardize the key active elements contained in herbal nutrition and medicine thru chemical distillation. Herbal supplements are none-the-less effective, it’s just the dosage can be problematic if you switch supplement brands. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay with one brand of any particular vitamin or supplement to make sure the dosage you’ve been taking that works for you stays essentially the same. Still, few MDs will recommend or approve of taking natural supplements because . . . . well, just look around your primary care physician’s office the next time you are sitting in the exam room waiting for the Doc to come in. The walls and counter tops are decorated with pictures, drawings and models ‘donated’ by one of the major pharmaceutical dealers. Medicine is big business, which is why the CEO of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), allegedly a ‘not-for-profit’ entity, is compensated a modest $9.5 million/year. Nice work, if you can get it (and you don’t give a damn about your soul).

    • “The walls and counter tops are decorated with pictures, drawings and models ‘donated’ by one of the major pharmaceutical dealers. Medicine is big business”

      Lol yup go down by the drs. Lounge in any hospital.. they usually have tables filled with stuff.. I went to an in service. It was a three day event.
      There was a chef from every country. Drinks, snacks, they even gave away laptops..a comedian and on day two a dance.. it was amazing bonuses offered if you promoted their meds.. now this was just for country physicians.. consider congress where this kind of action is ten thousand times worse and more prevalent. Free private air planes with a full crew. Billions spent on seven hundred people..
      During those three days I got a nice desk set..used it for years..a couple of skeletons that we used for Halloween.. each of the kids got an organ that they could take apart and see. A years supply of Kleenex and pens..some of the best food and drink money could buy..and that’s nothing at all in comparison to what any member of congress sees on a daily basis..

  13. The best job going forward in Satan’s new world is the ability to psyop and talk bullsheet to give you the illusion . Especially in stocks and markets. Dystopian paradise is what we are all programmed as life now . America led the way . No resistance total acceptance

  14. Saw the Alexa request’a challenge article. – I’ve thought more than a few times, If the social interactions of social media are what is being fed into AI and a rational thinking AI is expected to evolve … everyone’s in trouble.

    • Now that there is one terrifying thought…

      The Terminator is a scary movie to me, because I’m just tech-savvy enough to see the entire path from today to dystopia, and recognize how, if one set of choices is made, it becomes likely — not the time travel part, just the roving, killing aerial bots and cyborg soldier “human exterminators.”

      • I was just having this discussion today with a tech guy that was commentingon the new robotics….And we are decades behind china and japan…
        They have fully functional companion robots that can even carry a baby to full term. So realistic you couldn’t spot them as they walked down a side walk.. In ten years if we haven’t been shoved back to the stone age.. you’ll be able to have one..

  15. Some good comments here today on health and longevity. Every one of us probably hopes to die in their sleep but sadly seldom happens. Genetics is a good clue to your expiry date but there are still lots of things that can help extend it, many of those in George’s experiments and advice.

    My wakeup call came at 59 with a heart attack and major surgery. I had not treated my body very well eating KFC regularly and washing down with pastries. High stress corporate life and little sleep.

    After the surgery, my cardiologist told me I could change my lifestyle and add some quality years or end up spending my last few years in a nursing home bed with someone wiping my ass. He was a man of few words and did not force a lot of drugs on me, thankfully.

    I made the change in diet, exercise and sleep, sold my company and left the corporate rat race. I read diligently and learned a lot of things about supplements, always experimenting like George has. Today at almost 80, I am close to as healthy as I was in my 40s but wish I still had learned my health lessons earlier as I might have avoided a few of today’s aches and pains.

    My recommendations:

    Eat less, move more
    Regular, consistent good sleep is critical
    The last supplement I would give up is Vitamin D. I take 8000 units every day excluding getting sun (which rarely shines in the winter where I live).

    My hope is to spend my last few years as healthy as possible and die in my sleep. If worse comes, doctor assisted death is now legal in Canada and I have held the hand of one friend through it to the big sleep.

    Wishing you all good health and a Happy New Year. I love reading George’s column and incites from this group of posters every day.

    Bob In Canada

    • This is a sensitive subject, but suicide pods have been designed and may be available for a quick final exit. If an individual is capable, they can make, buy, or otherwise get the use of such things, and the ethics of using one are for the individual to determine. For some, once living past what might be called a “natural” lifespan might be OK, for others, never. For still others, avoiding the infliction of further losses to the family might be a consideration, or simply avoiding the medical system. Henry Makow claimed at one time that many orgasms and a gentle death was an ideal life, and I won’t argue – it’s his perspective. I’d like to see gentler deaths for those whose life is unsustainable, and I insist on no extreme measures be applied to me by anyone. I’m not some lab rat for a hospital to assuage their guilt at my death. There are multiple ways to exit this life and I’ve come rather close to some gruesome ones. We need to find kinder ways to deal with our elder population, and avoid the expediency of bypassing their personal agency. Providing more ways to live with dignity and autonomy is an achievable beginning.

    • Yep, I gave up the rat race, too. The rats won. Even though I started supplements seriously around age 40 with exercise-induced angina (now resolved!) I still remember the old saying: “If I had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”.

      If I do find myself in a terminal condition, I will opt for Hospice care here. A dear friend found herself with Lymphoma chose home hospice care. Here in Hawaii they furnish a ‘rescue pack’ for hospice patients. Two drugs… Morphine for pain, and an antidepressant that eases anxiety. As I went to the pharmacy to pick up more morphine for her, I read the standard drug disclaimer supplied with the package. Says must never be administered with certain anxiety drugs as it will be fatal. They never talk about this terminal drug interaction in the hospice group, but by taking both drugs in combination in the final stages of life, it eases and hastens death. So for those who know… it is a mechanism to choose one’s own time to go.

    • That is so true.. get regular checkups to.. do the mammogram and the pap smear..etc. seen some of the nasties.. and definitely don’t want to go those ways..
      There was one.. every evening she would read a little.. turn on the late show.. have a little seven up before she would retire.. one nightingale was very busy she put on her call light. I went in she asked for the night cap seven up.. I said absolutely but it would be a few minutes I had people in the toilet..she said no problem theres no hurry shed just read a while longer.. luckyigot some help so I was able to get it right away.. went in to surprise her.. there she was hands holding the book a smile on her face..very peacefully she had left.. thats how I want to leave..

  16. Can someone smarter than me please explain how Bitcoin and/or other crypto will survive having their internet switch turned off?

    • It won’t. Nothing that exists only on a video screen will except maybe porn (for food). The pushers say, “buy gold!” The preppers say, “and hide the metal where you can get it.”

    • Oh .. well cashbox.. I assume you must print off a sheet saying I have this many BitCoins to show people. See I have them.. it’s the same with a bank.. banks don’t carry much cash. They carry electronic digital ledgers..
      IF.. one person went in and demanded his money.. it would close down a bank..i believe
      that’s the main reason for the 90 day clause..
      When the banks folded during the last depression people just lost what they had.
      The survivors would bury money in jars in the back yard, walls parents had money shoved in drawers..
      In the event of a war on our soil or a national uprising like Antifa and BLM insurance companies have a clause that says they don’t have to pay..

      • I guess that’s kind of my point…cash can be disappeared and so can crypto. NO trust in either.

  17. Folk , replacing you old ac may just bite you in the a$$ . These new units are lighter cheaper and programmed to fail. . I would suggest u go out and buy an 8000 btu window unit for your bedroom, at least u can sleep. A catylitic nat gas or propane heater might actually keep you alive.
    Right now though life is good. Find the book “The End of Abundance”
    Happy Kwanzaa , Happy Yew Near, Mazoltof feast of lights

  18. Comrades,

    As a point of interest, a local not-for-profit financial cooperative credit union owned by its 120,000+ members has been the first out of the starting gate here to offer an Islamic Mortgage.

    The product is offered on existing housing stock to owner occupiers with at least a 20% downpayment. The credit union makes its profit as their share of the home is bought by the homeowner amortized over up to 25 years; no interest is charged!

    The powerful banking cartel may not be driven from the temple right away by this development, but one imagines they are perhaps not amused.

  19. “A catylitic nat gas or propane heater might actually keep you alive.”

    So true and FEMA does have the rule to keep the lines open in a nationalemergency if there isn’ta rupture. But… how do you get it…
    I built one a few years ago.. it was easy to do..
    Then you could make an oil reclamation unit.. to convert plastic petroleum based products bact to their oil state..then distill it to the product you are looking for .
    I think that’s why all the studies that have been done estimated a 98 percent loss of life in an EMP event..we didnt design our grid for was designed to gain higher profits.
    With an antiquated infrastructure that’s on the verge of a catastrophic collapse..we are screwed.

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