How Manipulation Lays Out – A Class on Greed

School’s in session!  This has been a most remarkable year for the stock market.

Or has it?

Most people, understand, are woefully ignorant of the role of the Money Supply in determining the prevailing prices paid in markets.  This is true whether you’re talking House, stocks, digital/cryptos, or the price of lumber.

To wind up the year (since markets are closed tomorrow at 2PM), let’s do a final Reality Check before we launch into a war-ready, collapse-pending, lockdown power-tripping 2022 beginning this weekend.

Money Matters!

The so-called “financial press” does an absolute shit-job of covering the relationship between money and goods.

Take this week, for example.

Your hair should be singed based on a preliminary trade-deficit report from the Census Bureau:  Our “monthly hole dug” (spending more than we actually produce in the remnants of America) was a smoking 97.8 billion in one month.

A Biden Apologist View

“Ure is being totally unfair,” a Biden apologist might rebut. “Ure fails to mention that the previous month was down around $67 billion – lower than the previous month – so on average Ure would mention the growth rate of our debt to other nations is really more on the order of $82.5 billion…”

Ure doesn’t buy it…not even for a New York second.  Because America’s now at the front-edge of collapse due to lockdowns and the die-off of small business.  (The merger of Communism/socialism with big-box store Corporatism is not well-described but corporate feudalism is close.)

Even at $82.5 we still dig a (roughly) Trillion Dollar Hole.  And given that America’s GDP is (measured in highly diluted “dollars”) $23 trillion, it means each year that goes by sees America’s international indentures increase by about 4% per year.

Were it a one-time event, no harm – no foul.  But it’s not.  This has been going on for over a decade.

Our Foreign Masters take our phony money, mix it in with some of their own (and boatloads of drug cartel money which is laundered in) and use those funds to buy America out from under us.

In a way, it’s graceful.  In another, it’s a slaughterhouse to come.  Because – as leftists are prone to do – this will put them in a position to collapse our economy, call loans on a mass basis – and leave Americans destitute and homeless.

It’s war without bullets.

The Bankers Are Behind It

I don’t use terms like “Lying Turds” loosely.  But, in my considered opinion, to call the Fed a bowl of lying turds would really be a slur – on turds.


The Fix was in when Alan Greenspan axed reporting of the M3 Money Stocks figure in the H.6 Money Stocks report.  Essentially, by doing so, he placed a “starting line” for the non-linear decline of America.

Jerome Powell went him one worse.

Because what Powell and the coconspirators at the FOMC did was delay timely reporting of monetary data.  Used to be weekly, then it was delayed.  But Powell said – if you read between the lines – that there was too much risk of people figuring out the collapse (and being able to plan around it), so he turned America’s money report – not just into a monthly report – but a Monthly report on a delayed basis.

The Truth Still Leaks

The half-assed financial press (which is a left-wing franchise backing this financial revolution) barely reported (only if you looked for it) the report out Tuesday of this week – the unconscionably-delayed H.6 report.

The Monetary Base (at the end of November) was $6.3948 Trillion.

A year ago, it was $5.093 Trillion.

Divide this last number into the first and is screams the Money Supply was jacked-up 25.5% in the past year.


But above all, it impacts your clear-thinking about prices.

Tuesday, the Case-Shiller housing report proudly announced that Prices were up nationally 19.1% for the year to date.

How could they not be?

To understand the process, set up a Monopoly game and play two or three times around the board.  Now, give everyone 25% more money based on their real estate holdings.  Come on, people, it ain’t that hard!

Vindicating the Aggregate Index

As you know, the foundation of our work is something I developed called the Aggregate Index.

Developed when the financial industry lied its way through the post Internet Bubble Collapse, the Aggregate is a most useful tool for understanding how markets (and institutions (like the Fed) and Government (like the free-spending make-up artists in D.C.) play “Hide the Sausage” on the Little People.

Did you know – and maybe I shouldn’t reveal this, but our Aggregate Index hit an all-time high on November 8th – the exact same day when Bitcoin hit its high of $67,582.60?

Waves of stupidity – is bitcoin calling the market turn we’re due for?

Well, here we are – almost two months on – and BTC is hanging at $47,536.  Is that 30% lower?

School’s out for now:  If you can’t sort out that a 25% increase in the monetary base only moved houses up 19.1%, and therefore deflation is still having its way at a systemic level, you’re past hope.

It’s all terribly more complicated – because inflation propagates at different speeds.  For example, as my consigliere points out:  “Petroleum prices in my work are not fully diffused into pricing until about the 60-month mark…”

These dynamics of diffusion are the meat & potatoes of smart generalists. Because hysteresis is a non-dimensioned (unitless) measurement.  The student generalist learns that human scientific thought can with be “dimensioned” (like dollars, inches, pounds, or feet per second) but that these “lock” into domains  (like finance, measurement, weights, or velocities).  Dimensionless (unitless) concepts include conceptual items like “Hysteresis is the dependence of the state of a system on its history.”

The homework becomes obvious:  Monetary Base is an instantaneous measure.  The resulting collapse (or wild nonlinearities of a Massively Correlated Hyper-Volatility Event (MCHVE) is dimensionless.

Except for the parts where you lose your ass, and comfortable lifestyle in the process.

Our dart for actual experienced inflation in 2022 is 13.8% plus or minus a crooked banker, bailout, and war.

Note to My Consigliere

“As we discussed in our telcon Wed. the Velocity of Money at M2 reveals the stark reality (truth of inflation) as follows:

Translation for the Masses:

The basic calculation for Velocity of Money (essentially, how many times does it turn over in a year) is Gross Domestic Product divided by the Money Supply.

This is a hysteresis example:  Since the Fed is locked into a soft hyperinflation, the money supply will (until they go for the pain of a recession or depression) always rise faster than the GDP.  This is why government is pursuing otherwise insane policies (like underwriting child-raising) on the theory that it will increase GDP.  Unfortunately, it cannot (because of delays between receipt of funds and new spending, (e.g. money is used first to pay down cards and such) so the divisor *(money supply) is locked in semi-permanent outrunning of actual growth.

As in, yes, George is telling you we’re still in deflation.  Papering it over may or may not work.  Government is betting our country on it.

For past chicanery workouts, see Zimbabwe, the fall of the Soviet Union, and Venezuela for likely outcomes.

Axiom for future economists to test:  “The Money Supply IS the GDP at the end.”

Stalin’s Weekly Report

“The illusion is healthy, Comrade.  Why, just look at these dandy job numbers!  The number of new filers is very low!”

Whee!  (Don’t mention that no one is left working, and that most people have burned through all their benefits, and this is a widely sold & told misleading statistic.

Next Numbers?

Chicago purchasing numbers early in the session.  But later on (3 PM) farm prices come out and that could start moving toward our 13% inflation range, but maybe too early.

The Fed Balance sheet will be out later, after the market’s closed for the holiday weekend and you can’t trade your way ahead.

War Watch

Sloe Joe and Bad Putin will be back on the blower shortly: Biden, Putin emphasize diplomacy ahead of call over Ukraine crisis.

The problem is that Slo and his neocon handlers keep doing little things to piss the Russians off.  Like US orders warships to stay in Mediterranean amid tensions with Russia.

Here in Texas, when you’re negotiating with someone, laying your six-shooter (or boot gun) on the table is considered bad form. Tip-off you’re a murder waiting for you to cave.  Which is why there are few neocons here.

Point is, one of these days, Putin’s going to lay down and it will be a “F**k you, Brandon” moment.  Which then has a 30% chance of going NSNW* before the year is out. (*Non-strategic nuclear weapons – e.g. battlefield nukes.

Xi’an Worries

With a full jug of Braveheart and a large prime rib for tomorrow night, we certainly don’t have enough to worry about.

George, I forgot to mention…are you tracking Xi’an?”  (My consigliere’s shortest-ever phone call.)


But maybe you’re not.  If so, then a read of the WaPo’s Locked down in China’s Xi’an amid covid outbreak, residents subsist on deliveries of vegetables.

Let’s see here: 13-million in a super-hard lockdown.  Does China have a problem they’re not telling us about?  Some hid for now?

Oh, you mean like the annual fall into winter hantavirus season (generally in Sha’anxi province) and maybe one of the local rodents mixed with some CV-19 and that’s why 13-million are “in the house?”

We’ll see.  Mobile smokestack watch begins about here.

Write when you get rich,

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      • Oh hell flipping NO!
        That would be worse than Brandon stepping down and Kammie moving up then tapping Hildebeast for VP.
        Nightmares for a week, Sheesh.

      • “Kammie moving up then tapping Hildebeast for VP.”

        I would like to think Kammie wouldn’t be that stupid…all that kammie has to do is follow the trail of tears

    • Only with a junta and that won’t happen. It’s not that bad and DOD does a good job of policing itself. Besides, DOD’s goal would be to preserve the union. The flag will not change until DC and PR get statehood which won’t happen until we find additional territories to complete the the rest of the row…

      • Seriously?

        51-State starfield would be 9-8-9-8-9-8; 52-State would be 7-6-7-6-7-6-7-6.

        The size of the field, relative the flag, is constant. The size of the stars, and their spacing, changes to accommodate the number which get crammed onto that field.

        Go pull up a 48, 46, 37, or whatever-star flag, and see…

        The reason Puerto Rico shouldn’t be a State is it’s an Imperial acquisition by a country which allegedly is not an empire. It should be freed as we did the Philippines, not kept as a protectorate which, in a war, we can not protect.

        D.C. was designed from the beginning to be a place where the Federal Government’s business is done. It was not designed to support permanent residency and was never intended to have any Congressional representation. It was carved out of Virginia and Maryland and held apart intentionally. D.C. is a Federal District, not a State. It is supposed to be apolitical, and should never have an interest in the interstate goings-on of the Federal government. People who don’t like that elevated status, or want Congressional representation for themselves should move to Chevy Chase or Alexandria, as was originally intended…

    • From reading the diary I have. The way I understood it..was there were a lot of rumors of a battle.. then when it happened it happened very aggressively. Basically marching across the country getting the people through agression and support. It was a battle between the Haves and the have nots. The have nots were struggling and starving. The Czar contacted the president of America and asked for help to send farmers to teach their farmers..but he did it to late. When the bolsheviks came marching through the villages it was similar to Vlad the impaler against the ruling class and the savior over the poor class.
      As we all know is a socialist society is nothing more than a grand theft.

  1. Ni hao Commrade Ure,

    We be starving, there be restrictions on food stuffs…why we have stockpiled 54% of world wide food supplies – grains over past year and half…planners plan – this displaced race of slaves…ala MARS before Enil/Marduke blew up/destroyed original “venus =planet Mulge = asteroid belt. Explosion bombarded MARS with burning “rocks” for ages, boiled inner solar system “space” – bringing pole shifting floods/inner galatic lightening that electrically carved up the planet.- walt thornhill Electric Universe.
    Forever in our/Humanities time – rinse wash repeat with climate change weapons..collapsing the continents..Annua/Annuaki/angels-burachk collect survivors needed – in-slaved once again to serve the “heavenly beastiary” – “tall whites-nordics”-pleadian scum…. really think all that crap they are “spraying” is a Nucleation effect ?? Its in Ure face everyday – ever look at the “spray” with night vision goggles at night ? looks like “electro smog”?

    • “why we have stockpiled 54% of world wide food supplies – grains over past year and half”

      Yeah… NO! That’d be because everybody, even the starving nations, refuse to take our genetically-modified “food” off of our hands and most will deny harbor or airport entry to any ship that’s carrying the crap we eat. Mexican Coca-Cola is made with pure cane sugar. So’s British, French, and Japanese Coke. Those people refuse to ear frankenfood. Perhaps we should, too? Maybe relegate those stockpiled grains to feeding pellet stoves before we ALL become worthless zombies…?

      • Animals wont eat that scheisse either. EU has regs protecting Urepeons frm GMO’d Grains…just dont try to connect Roundup -intro’d when – to any links in Human guts and the incredibly wicked fast increase/upraise in Children with Autism. NOTHING TO SEE hear.
        They aint been buying our GMO’d grain but all over the 3rd world they buy everything – leaving all sellers&respective countries vulnerable to the “collaspe”..”.beam me up Scotty, if there is any intelligent life left on this planet, it be hiding or restricted”.

        Im not upset because ALL the world leaders & doctors and scientists LIED, I am troubled and upset because I can NEVER Trust a single one of them again – intitled, lightless, pieces of Human excrement= “selfish pricks”

    • Night Vision, infared or thermal night vision,,, wish I had some of those EXPENSIVE thermal optics the the father mucker Biden left in Afganistan,, the ones you could watch mountain lions in the dark with! Think I can afford a toy for some $350 infareds to put on a scope’s ocular end. Maybe a One Leaf Commander just for short range night critter hunting, they can be hand held for just viewing if not interested in shooting.

  2. Steve, ain’t wrong.

    I’ve said this before here, this is the hospice version of western civilization and we all have a front row seat. Do you ever read an obituary that says the dearly departed passed away with their loved ones at their side? That’s us gathered around.

    We won’t need burial insurance or even a graveside service because it’s going to be a cremation.

  3. And drink more water if you want to maintain health. If you are a man you should drink a gallon of plain water a day; a woman should drink 3 quarts of plain water a day. Plain water isn’t tea or beer, it’s plain, clear water. And if you are a fat whale that’s OK, just drink even more water.

    When a person drinks a 40oz of beer the bod has to filter the ingredients out which takes water to process. So a couple of 40s will get you urinating clear but beer is not plain water.

    “In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day.

    Personally I drink at least 1/2 gallon of clear water (4 16oz bottles) a day right now (it’s winter). In college days maybe you could slam a 12oz beer in 3 seconds. Do it throughout the day now, but with water.

    • Intuitively that ought to be true, however partial dehydration may help…

      Although we did touch on water spin rates and such, see for some discussion of fluid restricted diets and when they are medically used.
      Ergo, we’re thinking that fluid may be good for skin (reducting wrinkles by feed collagen) but too much may excessively lower water-sol vitamins and overwork organs.

      “Like so much else, this water follies of human’s making up a business model,” “Zeus the Cat” explained to me.

      “If water was regulated like a pill, the FDA would never approve it for human use. They’re in business to make money, not loose it,” he continued.

      Looking up from as bowl of rainwater with a few leaves in it, he concluded by advising that “Natural provides the right teas for me, at the same time of year I need it. It’s free. You hoo-mans are idiots.”

    • The gallon/day or more has never worked for me. I do believe in lots of pure, alkaline water with adequate supplementation of minerals as needed (I take several trace mineral tablets and extra Mag in the form of OxyFlush). I live in South FL, so yes, I need to periodically hit the water hard to hydrate, but I have never found a gallon any where near needed.

      Two indices I do watch – urination and pooping. If I am urinating excessively I cut back (I don’t drink anything throughout the day except water and two cups of black coffee – no alcohol). Naturally, one should monitor your BM’s – it should pop right out with no strain – strain means lack of water in the colon and fiber (or you are just eating way too much processed junk).

      The body will be your guide.

  4. Point of correction; stock markets are always open for last trading day of the year. Markets are open Friday until 2 pm.

    • Approved. Because yes, it will be open, because I misremembered NYSE Rule 7.2″

      “When a holiday observed by the Exchange falls on a Saturday, the Exchange will not be open for business on the preceding Friday and when any holiday observed by the Exchange falls on a Sunday, the Exchange will not be open for business on the succeeding Monday, unless unusual business conditions exist, such as the ending of a monthly or yearly accounting period.”

      I thought it was “weekend” not “Saturday only. My b ad.

  5. George, great write up today but you forgot to include the blackmailing, blackmailed, pedophiles. The Global controllers are wearing Depends as one of theirs is found GUILTY, bye bye Ghislaine Maxwell

    Now do Bill Gates and and a former resident Bill Chilton,, freQuent fliers on the Lolita Express. A big blow to the deep dark underworld of Satanism. Can I get some more popcorn, the 1% are in some pain.

    I wonder how good ole US Attorney Durham is doing, still moving like a D9 with a ripper, digging up hard facts, makes the other brother smile.

    • Yet not a peep/??? regards Blackmail op .. Epstein/maxwell =mossad. It’s a control thing- and “gross” Humans are easily entrapped by the oldest trap in the world .. the honey pot.. very young nubile like “honey pots”. Who were their Handlers ? Guess this is why we Never get a Vote to go the WAY of the People in Congress – or Presidential policy.. ain’t that right donny tRUMP = Nuttinwahoos Bitch.

    • Yep the recruiter was found guilty.., they sacrificed one of their own. And this is pretty much where it will all end. We have known the names of the frequent flyers for some time now – and nothing has come of it. You can’t charge someone for flying on a plane. Best guess? It will fade away now..,

      • Where’s the woman who need to step up & testify against the frequent flyers. Dead, terrorized, or don’t exist. Your call.

    • Comrades,

      Eventually, she will walk? Queen bees feed on royal jelly.

      If you have inclination for illusory diversions in the web of intrigue, looking up the convicted’s perhaps deceased brother-in-law, Al Seckel may offer a honeypot of sorts in the 100 acre wood.

      And now, back to DJ Ure bringing down the house with the Down Under charms of
      “Land of Pleasure” by Sticky Fingers

    • She’ll be out shortly on appeal bond. Jilly (I can’t call her “Gilley” because that’d insult about 15mln Texans) isn’t going to panic unless her legal team loses the appeal — neither are the guys who’ve been flying expressed Lolitas around the world.

      Her appeals trial probably won’t happen for 3-5 years…

      Now, if she were to be found guilty on appeal?

      THAT’S when the poo would hit the mainstream media.

      Therefore, expect Jilly to perish, probably from an “Andrew Breitbart Special” but maybe from getting hit by a pea-sized meteorite or “getting remorseful” and committing suicide by shooting herself in the head eight times, with a nailgun (sorry, couldn’t resist — It simply never gets old!) a few months before her appeal comes around.

      Does anyone believe Mr. C hasn’t had a “liability” or two (or 31) removed?

      Lots of multi-billionaires rode the express. I can think of four off the top of my head. Does anyone believe a multi-billionaire cannot buy a “Jimmy Hoffa?”

      Epp was allegedly an asset of both the CIA and Mossad. If this is true, then THEY have many of the control files, which become useless if “controlled” loli-diddlers are convicted. Does anyone believe that both agencies do not have wet-work assets capable of undetectably sending Jilly to Hell?

      Maxwell giving a concert? Fuggedaboutit!

      I consider the odds of Jilly living long enough to spill beans on ANYBODY to be less than the odds of drawing three inside and filling a straight flush…

      • MEGA Grp – Roy Cohn ..lucky Lucy dies bologna takes over Kosher Nostra – Maxwell,bronfmen,adelson,Werner, Marc rich,Murdoch,Greenberg,Trump and “eppy” got a Austrian Passport- very strict quals for Austrian passport.

        Boom boom boom – “ out go the lights” -PT band

      • “getting remorseful” and committing suicide by shooting herself in the head eight times, with a nailgun (sorry, couldn’t resist — It simply never gets old!) ”

        My favorite one was the guy that commited suicide by shooting himself in the head with two different guns…lol or the plane crash with the pilot having a bullet to the lol..
        What is it 25 or so of their secret service protection dying from questionable causes..
        Lol definitely not someone you would want to know..

    • “you forgot to include the blackmailing, blackmailed, pedophiles.
      The Global controllers are wearing Depends as one of theirs is found GUILTY,”

      I don’t think that will ever happen..its just a grand illusion that theres justice.
      I believe that Ghislaine Maxwell was just a sacrificial lamb to give the illusion that they are trying to do justice..
      You totally forget just how powerful these people pulling the strings are.. take a laptop..filled with thousands of images, videos,documents that all showed a variety of circumstantial evidence to a whole range of assorted crimes..not even taking into account the personal web posts by so many in power of position and politics that basically made it all uglier. For the global elite and powerful children and families of prominent politicians.
      Just look at Who cleaned it up and the massive media campaign th hat was started to convince everyone that they were innocent. .. and just who is Ghislaine Maxwell ..she wasn’t anything more than a tool doing the bidding of the very powerful handlers.. now shes the one tossed under the tracks taking the blame ,and i believe that if they for a minute thought she had material to prove her position or implications of a larger ring of corruption of powerful people , she to would be committing suicide.
      Epstein thought he had the get out of jail free card with the hidden video tapes of the elite and powerful. She doesn’t. she knew of them but not where they were kept.

  6. Space aliens are a recurring theme for 2022.

    Have you ever noticed a person with a gold tooth/teeth? The eye is auto-attracted to the gleam. Gold pinky rings, neck pendants or earrings are eye-catchers too.

    Think of JWST as a sheet of gold out in space reflecting the visible spectrum including IR. We know the sheet is only 100 x 10-9 meters (1000 angstroms) thick but at certain angles JWST will look like a gigantic, glittering gold boulder to space aliens.

    JWST may even be a ‘bat signal’ intentionally calling to the space aliens.

    Space aliens could mistakenly think Earth is open for business. Or perhaps space aliens are being messaged.

    • If “they” can spot the JWST, they shouldn’t have any problem capturing all of the other galactic noise we generate. I don’t think it’s a matter of being discovered. I believe the question is why are we being treated like a planetary zoo or game preserve? What resources do we have that are important to “them”? Are we a farm or is Stitchen’s “gold claim” been played out and we truly are abandoned? Bottom line: What do or would they want?

      • The insect like aliens ( think praying mantis and greys) are genetically interbreeding with humans with the plan to take over the world. Some have said that insects do not have a soul and will not reincarnate , and that they want souls. Others have said that this is what they do… one planet after another.. take over the planet and mostly eliminate the population.

        Some aliens think they own us because they created us. Some find us interesting because we are so violent. Some enjoy our water, others our biodiversity.

        Lots of aliens supposedly.

      • Saw a humorous graphic labelled “First images from the Webb telescope”. Dull red background with reverse wording says “Remove Before Flight”. Pilots like George will understand. Someone left the lens cap on. I hope it wasn’t a ‘true’ image!

      • I’m not a wave expert but understand gold reflects nearly 100% of visible and IR waves. Assume 100%.

        The “JWST’s primary mirror is a 6.5 m (21 ft)-diameter gold-coated beryllium reflector with a collecting area of 25.4 m2 (273 sq ft).”

        The question is how powerful is 272 sq. ft./25 square meters of pure sunlight?

        “the average intensity of solar energy reaching the top of the atmosphere directly facing the Sun is about 1,360 watts per square meter”

        25 * 1,360w means the JWST is a light/IR transmitter of about 34,000 watts vs whatever power levels Earth based waves are sent at.

        Another consideration might be an Earth bound transmitter is broadcasting in all directs and may get diluted in Earth’s atmosphere while the JWST energy can be reflected outside of atmosphere directly from the Sun.

        “One if by land, two if by sea” was one of the firs uses of binary math.

    • The Burning Platform has been a fav of mine for several years now, and it’s webmaster, Jim Quinn, is a true Conservative hero for keeping the site up, running, and most important of all FREE!
      The comments are worth as much as the content.

  7. Oh yeah, virus infected people being paraded down the street in their hazmat suit wrapping paper, surrounded by cops wearing (shields) escort them, while unprotected crowds stand on the curb watching. Damn, ever since China first put gunpowder in fireworks, they’ve been great showmen. Incredible displays, no matter what. Yep, all the world’s a stage and we are merely players.

    It’s like watching antibodies capturing a virus in the body and expelling it, except it’s played out on the streets. How much did we pay for tickets to watch this theatrical cluster-f. ??

    Guess if ya can’t beat the virus, join it … or at least act like it.

    So much for big pharma and their expertise in medicine. Sheesh

    Sorry, I ain’t impressed.

      • NC

        Maybe that’s what girls say to you but around here …

        Definition of sheesh
        —used to express disappointment, annoyance, or surprise.

        Gender neutral.

      • Now words that are clearly feminine are being called GENDER NEUTRAL. Sheesh. Try S _ I T instead. Is CA heading east.

      • As a writer, I try to stay “in bounds” on word use. Contemporary language offers that its OK to sue sheesh – as I*ve used it on Urban many times.
        I am guided by:
        “What does it mean when a boy says Sheesh?
        Definition of sheesh

        —used to express disappointment, annoyance, or surprise.

        Sheesh Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster”

        Closely related, informs the OED (but again without a gender tag) is the 2019 pop in “yeesh” As in…

        “yeesh, int.: “Expressing exasperation, annoyance, disapproval, etc.: ‘jeez!’, ‘good grief!’. Cf. sheesh int.”

        We continue to use the best resources we can, However, the authoritative UrbanDictionary (which does a fine job on transit word use) offers:

        1. Dammmmmn
        2. oh my god
        Ex. when a girl walks by with a phat ass … Sheesh”

        While this example has (as the sentence object) a female phat azz, sheesh is not gender ASSigned, so to speke.

      • I think the Urban Dictionary would define “Gender Neutral” as: Caitlin Jenner, a former Olympic Gold Metal Decathalon Champion , pictured on the front cover of a Wheaties box, married a Kardasian, & you know the rest of the story.

      • What the hell are you people smoking out there ? “Sheesh” means one thing and one thing only – according the the bitcoin nazi book of living = American slang for Hasish. Like that tastey blonde Afghani hash..lil clay bowl, thin wooden stem…”take me away, Calgon.”

  8. I highly recommend “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr..
    It provides the history and background of all those things that led to the current fascist medical cartel mafia politics. It’s an epic story that starts with the Rockefellers taking over medicine and pharma, then focuses on the hideous slimeball Fauci (we’re simply in a new flavor of the AIDS epidemic right now) then exposing the despicable, worse than Lucifer, eugenicist Bill Gates. Yuck! PHew! what a repulsive human. Even Melinda couldn’t stand him. Gates is pretty much calling the shots with everything that’s going on with the genetic injections. In my view this is one of the top 10 books of the 21st century, extremely well written and researched (2,000 references). Still available on Amazon and only 3 bucks for the Kindle version. It’s a must read for all urban survivors!

      • Yeah, Another George, I guess you’re not too swift about what the man does to people that go against the medical cartel mafia. Great that you’re helping them out. NOT!!! Did you read the book?

      • No, no, dear, dear Another George, you give me a break.

        $255k for a CEO with all the crap he puts up with. Chump change compared to the CEO of Pfizer and Moderna. Even little Fauxi who will retire allegedegly on 50% more than that per annum. For watching Beagles and children die.

      • “Don’t ask about his salary from the self-created CHD – it’s for the kids.”

        It’s $255,000

        “(note also that 44% of this “charity’s” income goes to “Executive Compensation”)”

        CHD Finance & Accountability Score: 100 out of 100

        If only 44% went to Administrative fees, including executive compensation, that would place CHD in the top quintile of charitable organizations.

        However, their current overhead is 16.39%, not 44%.

        Measles kills 0.000068% of the population, yearly.

        RFKjr’s communist brother, sister, and (somehow) his sister’s dead daughter, all pharmco bureaucrats, don’t like the fact RFKjr believes certain vaccinations cause autism, and they wrote the Politico hatchet-piece to which you linked.

        RFKjr is a Leftist Democrat — Unlike his brother and sister, he doesn’t get money from Venezuela and China (respectively) and still values the nation to whose Constitution he pledged honor and defense. Like his brother and sister, he campaigns relentlessly for Democratic candidates.

        Did you consider the possibility that he might simply be a patriotic Leftist, before you posted this troll?

  9. “Most people, understand, are woefully ignorant of the role of the Money Supply in determining the prevailing prices paid in markets.” Because, maybe, they’re too much into this EW-SCHEISSE? Mea culpa! ;-((

    Happy and very successful year (1922) to everyone, amen.

  10. Live right, eat right, die anyway.
    I’m living my life for comfort, not for distance.
    My medical directive is, like that of many docs, “Start the drugs early and keep ’em coming.”
    China’s in the middle of a huge real estate bubble explosion due to unchecked real estate speculation. Their middle class has been buying units as investments and not to live in. Many investment apartments are built in ghost cities without plumbing or utilities that would make them livable. All relying on the “greater fool” theory of investment – like all the cyber-shit that’s been floating around.
    Evergrande and other real estate developers are either bankrupt or on the verge of. Fun to watch so long as the contagion is contained.
    They should remember what happened to Japan in the 80’s.

  11. I’ve been seeking for the cheap yet worthy SW radios on Amazon that were mentioned here some time over the last couple of months. For some reason, I’ve not been able to find the post. Communication is not my strong suit, but I do think I should have more comms ability here. Does anyone remember that post or those recommended radios?

  12. Get the Covid antibody test from Labcorp for next to nothing; if you have a goodly crop of antibodies, then go eat out to celebrate, and stop worrying.
    I’ve been trying out Xlear nasal spray , not so much for Covid as for the infectious secondary and tertiary bugs that follow close behind. It seems to be very soothing, if nothing else.
    Winter arrives here Saturday evening. I expect a Covid statistic fest to follow. No one in my immediate circle has gone down with systemic Covid since last summer, as best I can figure. Every time a new strain is announced, a round of scratchy throats comes through a month later, followed by secondary and tertiary infections. If your leg starts swelling, get an ultrasound done for blood clots. That’s the longer term Covid issue.
    Do get the mammalian cell flu vaccine.

  13. OTFLMAO… Ok.. we were looking at homes in every state for a half million and I made the random comment that homes were ten to twenty times more in San Francisco.. and someone was telling me that was gogus that homes really weren’t that expensive in sanfran..
    so they did a quick google search.. nice thing is it needs work.. LOL LOL LOL LOL almost as good as the burnt out shell of a shed that was two million..

    • I took a job that transferred me to the bay area after a few weeks back in the late ’80s. I would have been on the raod most of the time between Bakersfield and Spokan, WA. During the 2 weeks in state I kept looking for housing for my young family. I was traveling between Holister and San Jose when I saw a burned out wreck of nothing more than a shed on the side of the highway. On the side, “1.5M No Kidding”, was spray painted. That night I called home and told my wife I would be home in a few days and we were not moving.
      The day I left was the day of the big earthquake where the triple deck interstate collapsed on all thise people.

  14. We are trained in the islands to know that a tsunami is never just one wave… there are several, and later waves may be larger than the first. Such as it is with rampant Covid infections here in the island petri dish. Hawaii authorities saw this coming and had no taste for further lockdowns, so they just begged and pleaded with people to ‘accept personal responsibility’ and keep themselves safe and avoid crowds. But no airline or quarantine restrictions if people were vaxxed. Well, we now know the vax is ineffective at preventing infections. All it does is give crowds a false sense of security that they will not get sick.
    The result now is that Hawaii has record-busting positive cases blooming, many related to cluster gatherings of stupid people out partying, like they are safe or something. Hospitalizations have quadrupled in the last two weeks alone. Hawaiian Airlines, proudly one of the most safe, reliable, and on-time airlines in the world, has succumbed to cancellations due to staffing shortages like all the other domestic airlines.
    People are lemmings. Easily led to the vax, and out for an infectious swim. I am safely isolated and non-vaxxed for two years now, just like George. And we can survive a lot longer.

    • Found out yesterday that my “smarter-than-thou” son and daughter-in-law, both vaxxxed, have now vaxxed their 6 and 9 year old daughters. I told my wife when she told me this that if they lose one or both of our grandkids I will have ZERO sympathy for them. One is a teacher and the other works for the city, both morbidly obese. I can understand taking the jab to keep your job but putting TWO bullets in a revolver and pulling the trigger twice at your kids’ heads – as the poster attributes it to the Duke – “Life’s rough. IT’S ROUGHER WHEN YOU’RE STUPID!”.

    • Ask yourself why ONLY the G7 countries are still doing lockdowns. Even Africa walked away from the latest covid variant fearmongering and decided to NOT do any lockdowns…they were over it within a couple weeks.
      Get your Vitamin D level tested and up it via tiny D3 gels and go out in public and live your life. If that doesn’t get you comfortable enough, take Ivermectin as a preventative. Two things attracted me to Ivermectin:
      1 – The nursing home that accidently discovered it works for viruses (any virus!). The fourth floor patients developed scabbies which is an under the skin parasite that spreads easily to other people. The the fourth floor patients 12mg of Ivermectin. A couple weeks later the place was hit with the virus. No one on the fourth floor got sick. They tracked it to the Ivermectin and gave everyone in the place, including the employees, 12mg of Ivermectin. Those who weren’t already ill with the virus didn’t get it. Those who were ill with the virus got over it in half the time and half the symptom strength. One woman who was already dehydrated and not eating, basically waiting to die, went to the hospital and did die with, but NOT because of a virus. (Who really knows if anyone has covid since the pcr test is as accurate as the mRNA vaxes are at keeping people from getting a virus. – Um, pcr test isn’t accurate and the mRNA vaxes do not keep people from getting the virus…if you haven’t heard, the gov’t changed the definition of “vaccine” so the mRNA shots could be called vaccines.)
      2 – The Argentina Study: Over 800 front line hospital workers were in the study. Half took Ivermectin. Half did not. The study was done over a four month period. The half that took Ivermectin did NOT GET ANY VIRUS/FLU. Zero of them go any flu like symptoms. Of the half that did not take Ivermectin, 52% got a flu and 48% did not. (Look at the number that didn’t get any virus/flu…one would think over a four month period that everyone would get sick with this, but NOT true. Hmm, so this is something that 48% already had immunity to and/or some people who didn’t get sick had high Vitamin D3 levels???) Do a search on youtube for Interview With Dr. Hector Carvallo: Pioneer In Ivermectin or here’s the link:
      Here is a fact sheet for Covid:
      The first fact is you have a 99.5% chance of surviving “Covid19” which is a higher survival rate than the seasonal flu. If you subtract the on purpose deaths in NY, MI, OH, and a few other states where the governors moved flu patients from hospitals to nursing homes then your survival rate goes waaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay up. This was done to increase your fear…seems it worked.
      Here’s the medicine the government of Bolivia approved for nationwide use after politicians used it safely and effectively Also, an interesting thing…the guy who discovered the medical side of chlorine dioxide and patented hundreds of products/uses…lived into his late 90’s! hmm, maybe he knew something we don’t know.

      Fear is worse than the illness.

      • I keep the D3 levels up but only use the Ivermectin when I feel like I need it which means twice last year. The only worry I have for that miracle drug is how continued use affects the liver. Aside from that I live my life in public as I always have – free and open. We’re going to a show in Dallas soon and it’ll probably require masks. I’ll put up with it for a while but I’m more concerned that I’m not allowed to carry in the venue. That bothers me more than any stinkin’ virus.

      • “1 – The nursing home that accidently discovered it works for viruses”

        This is what put me on HCQ. The earliest reports out of China, before the CCP started scrubbing information, noted that lupus, malaria, and arthritis patients on HCQ almost never got COVID no matter how severe their exposure, and when they did, they were over it in ~3 days with no lasting effects.

        These reports (dug up by the CIA after the CCP buried them, BTW, not Fauci or WHO) were eventually forwarded to Trump, and are what put Trump on the hydroxychloroquine bandwagon.

        FWIW, I read the original, unredacted, undisappeared reports from 29DEC19 and 02JAN20, and also the Indian report which came shortly thereafter (and was discredited as being from three grad students who were “just having fun” and “wrote a parody” based on CV-19) and a shit-ton of CV-19 lab work being done in Australia.

        When Fauci slithered onto a stage, discrediting HCQ in favor of a lab drug which cost $4300 per shot, I began to pay attention to the underLYING politics of the pandemic. I believed (and still believe) those original, unmodified Chinese clinical observations and findings [which were] made before any political hack in their government (or ours) cooked them. The doctors who wrote those early papers were trying to solve the problem, and had no reason nor motivation to lie about anything (until the CCP tried to bury COVID.)

  15. Yeah, George, here’s somebody losing their job due to the “Let’s Go Brandon” stuff, the Inner Kilgores, facing the existential theats, thrive on their morning hate chant, yet

    Inner Kilgore quote on morning inspiration:

    costing the driver his sponsorship, some just don’t wanna get on board with divisiveness…duh Homer, hate just don’t pay!

    Look for future ‘trying to be a nicer White guy’ articles/shows from Fox, Tucker already featured the most famous BLM supporter, Rittenhouse on his show.

    Well Homer, a lot of U.S. is employed at near pre pandemic levels, course that doesn’t mean Social Security won’t be underfunded in 12 yrs or less…

    M2 and M3 don’t explain why more people are back at work, but keep up that doom/’Apocalypse Now’ wish to feed your extinction theory:

    Social Security will have to cut benefits in 2034, (Republicans, raising taxes somewhere could help!):

    G, instead of laying their gun on the table, many Texans prefer to bring their gun on to the plane, gotta make sure the stewardess serves you first and correctly mixes your drink, right?

    • Lets Go Brandon got a new sponsor for the stock car

      now lets see some more of your feminazi writers bias , you got one way goggles and refuse to consider both sides. Is CNN looking for new pedo-producers to replace the ones that got caught?,,, they got more, uncaught ones yet. Yes I have a bias also,, I despise pedophiles and those who protect them
      Happy New Years

      is the glass 1/2 empty of 1/2 full? doom/gloom yes,, the answer is yes,,, shheeez,,, or as the Beav who say geeeez Wally. You have to look at both sides and then there are sides to each of those sides.
      Even the leftist socialist Jimmy Dore is seeing the light, he still is anti-Trump but sees that he did 100% better than Lets Go Brandon, and is even starting to be anti—vax mandate, he got a bad vax.
      Don’t ya like Kyle, the criminals that tried to kill him don’t/didn’t like him either, too bad, the kick him in the face guy, got away
      But on the bright side, George Floyd has not committed one felony since his last fentenal binge.

      When are democrats or RINOs going to do anything that is good and helpful for Americans?

      • The communists’ goal is a one world government in a communist/socialist system, run by a politburo selected from a tiny, wealthy, permanent ruling class.

        Those who dominate the Democratic party at this point in time, and also EVERY Neocon, has this as their eventual goal, only differing by whether “nations” should have “trading borders” and be feudal fiefdoms, or everything should be homogeneous with only a single Central Authority.

        A RINO is a Leftist who secured campaign financing from the Republican Corporation instead of the Democratic Corporation.

        RINOs are made possible by districts or States which are heavily Democratic, because the only way the Republican Corporation can run a successful candidate is to run a candidate which appeals to people who’re too immature or lazy to take care of themselves, and have to depend on the government to do so for them. (Certainly not everybody who’s aid-dependent is lazy or immature, but everybody who’s lazy or immature is certainly a leech…)

        Mittens is an exception — he became Governor of a Leftist State because he was a RINO, but during his Presidential campaign, people kinda forgot this as the RNC “starmakers” shifted the public perception of him toward conservatism. The folks in Utah got “starry-eyed” because he is Mormon, and forgot that RINO thing. They will remember when his re-election number comes up. Ogden’s dog catcher would beat him at this point in time…

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