The Global Calamity Ahead

While we were very positive about the market this week, and perhaps even into next, there are some Big Uglies that we don’t talk very often about.

They’re the assumptions about the planet’s future that over the longer-term will define how many humans are alive in about 20-years, or so.

Before the cheery tidings about how “In the Long-Run, We’re All Dead” let’s pause briefly and load up on the daily mundanely.  Gathering our energy for this morning is an important mission..

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17 thoughts on “The Global Calamity Ahead”

  1. The one problem I have with your idea about moral business is purely practical, given human nature.

    Who decides what is and is not a moral business?

    Ultimately the customers decide what they want(regardless of what says, or their religious leaders say), so what is really needed for your scheme is an ethical, moral people.

    That will be a challenge.

    IMHO, what lies ahead with be a board clearing reset which will involve billions of deaths by the classic means of the Four Horsemen.

    I take no pleasure in that opinion, but barring miraculous intervention, it’s the high probability outcome.

    • Given that scenario, one which occupies my imagination often Marlowe, I think we’ll be too busy staying alive and keeping those we care about alive (a continuously shrinking list most probably) to worry too much about morality. I intend to adhere to The Golden Rule, Christ’s rule, as much as possible but more than likely those you confront will be setting a different set of rules you’ll have to play by, like it or not. Realizing just how thin the razor’s edge is we live on is a real eye-opener. Look at Venezuela and learn.

      Now I’ve got to go read George’s latest pearl of wisdom.

    • I’ve told the kiddies who’re not “sold on religion” to pick one — ANY religion that’s been around for several thousand years, and read its foundation. I have them quote (as best they can) the 10 Commandments, correcting where necessary. Then I tell them to tell me in a week, if they appear in their chosen study-religion.

      My personal belief is they were enumerated by God and codified to Moses, but I don’t believe God actually created them. I believe they came about through tens of thousands of years of trial and error, with chieftains and elders painfully figuring out what PO’d people enough to kill their fellow tribesmen, and how best to avoid actions and situations which would precipitate same.

      Nevertheless, AFAIK the Commandments appear, in some form, in every currently-practiced ancient religion except atheism. They were the first form of “social engineering” and form the basis of accepted social mores and morals. They also, in many religions, have numerous corollaries which relate more to society than religion (like the sayings of Confucius or the Proverbs of the Bible.) These form the meat & potatoes of what we call morals, today.

      ‘Thing with the kiddies is, they always come back, amazed, and with the proverbial question: “So is God also Buddha?” This is usually followed by a “So how did this happen” sort of “Commandments” question, and a brief lecture by me on social “best practices” not being proprietary to any belief system, ethnicity, climate or culture.

      Today’s trend is for the youth to go with “personal beliefs” rather than “personal morals” and although I tell my kids, their peers, THEIR peers, offspring, parents, etc. that ignoring (or deliberately proceeding in apposition to) 10,000 years of social “best practices” will come with a heavy cost to each. I am old, and so am ignored…

  2. George,

    While “enough money” may solve many problems, it can never solve the hard ones. If someone was to lose their wife, for example, how does one replace her with just money? It isn’t possible.

    Even a prostitute(professional wife/girlfriend) hired 24/7 at $200.00 an hour would cost $1,752,000.000 per year, so I suppose a billionaire could afford one, but could he find one that’s truly loving and caring? Some things are not fungible.

    On the other hand, with effort, a real “Cherry 2000” could probably be produced in mass quantities for 20-50K per copy. Not perfect, but far better than nothing, and she won’t get pregnant or angry.

    On a different topic, the “world problem” with our petri dish is to find an ethical way to reduce the population radically(1/10) without losing our standard of living, and producing value in proportion to our desires and needs in life. I’ve yet to see a single potential solution to this problem. An absolute dictator could solve all but the ethical part.

    You’ve addressed a real can of worms in this article. It’s thought provoking and has interesting links.

  3. My charts went red signaling a bear market so I bought SQQQ @ 3:45 pm. Good thing I will be home in the morning tomorrow in case I have to bail. I prefer to be long.

    • If Bitcoin was rat poison then the banks are the rats: from cryptocurrency fund manager Dan Morehead

      • Yeah we need a money creator which is supposed to be our treasury instead of the Federal Reserve to fund the cryptocurrency if there were no banks.
        Then there would be no crypto as it is now the rates are doubling and almost tripling to use the banks to fund crypto so yes there is a war between the two

      • Excuse me it’s coinbase that’s doubling and tripling their fees they’re taking advantage of the rise and people enlisting in crypto’s

    • here we have psychics and their Spirit guides are telling them to give this crypto investing information to the public so something big is going to happen here in the future according to Richard Alan Miller so trying to put it together means they are arming the public with financial crypto to get ready for whatever it is that’s coming at the globe, probably an ice age from volcanoes going off from the earth expanding from objects hitting the Earth because of this 400 year alignment of the planets.

  4. I am appalled at the “Solutions” you guys see. Need more resources throw money at it. In space there is, to us, near unlimited energy and resources. Need some hydrocarbons? Stick a straw in the Venus atmosphere. Need another billion cars? Rope an asteroid put it in near earth orbit and mine it. I am so disgusted with the folks that want to bring us whirled peas as long as they are in charge that they are willing to do ANYTHING to get that power. Including kill our freedom and billions of earth riders.

    • We’re always fighting the last war. But unless TPTB, the Deep State, the breakaway culture, whatever you want to call it, come out with the secret tech to get us out there without tons of propellant just to get into orbit Earth is our prison and we’re constantly running out of resources until each population cycle completes itself.

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