Peoplenomics Note: A Rare Public Post

We step out of our “ordinary” way of doing things around here to share a follow-up with our subscribers because of how the ChartPack looked Wednesday.  (Besides, this will give non-subscribers a sneak-peek at what goes on in the loge seats).

Wednesday decline in the market, followed by this morning’s rally (and then a likely down end to the week) leaves us in an extremely vulnerable position going into September.

Let’s discuss the “technical problem” in a nutshell beginning with…

A Review of the Literature:

One of the many ways of viewing the market is called Elliott Wave analysis.  Invented by legendary inventor Ralph Elliott, there are two defining books to study.  this first being Elliott’s own “The Wave Principle” or with additional material “R.N. Elliott’s Masterworks: The Definitive Collection”  but more organized and approachable is the Prechter and Frost book Elliott Wave Principle: A Key to Market Behavior.”

Now we can move on to…

Problem Description

In Elliott Wave analysis, markets tend to move in 3, 5, or 7 “steps.”   Impulsive moves – waves in the direction of the prevailing trend – are counted with numbers.  A corrective move *running counter-trend) is noted with letters.

The Elliott works (augmented by Bob Prechter, et al) comprise a substantial Rule Set that some (especially Ralph Elliott, the discoverer of the technique) have used with good success.  On the Peoplenomics side, Elliott is “just another arrow in the quiver”  used with a multiplicity of other tools including trend channels.

If you need a good intro to these, a study of Gilbert Raff’s ”

The problem at hand today is whether the “End of the World” is nearly at hand.  It comes down to whether US Markets can be properly viewed as being in an “ending diagonal wave.”  Observe the following chart:
Pay close attention to the following points:
  • The market MAY have completed a “fifth of the fifth” upward move.
  • The trend channel bottom was tested in Wednesday’s trading.
  • We are likely to bounce higher today.
  • But into next week, the view turns more bearish.


It’s the crux of things today:  One of Elliott’s “rules” was that for a wave count to be correct, the 4th wave of an impulsive run could not overlap wave one.   On the left of the red line, you will see the top[ of the (i) and on the right, how (iv) has overlapped.

In their masterful interpretation of Elliott, the Prechter   A March, 2016 point on Prechter’s site titled “FAQ: Sometimes on your charts there is overlap between waves one and four within wave 5. Doesn’t that break a rule?” addresses this specific case.

The short answer is that while Wave 4’s may not generally overlap Wave 1’s, the ending diagonal is the pattern to pay attention to.  And, as shown in our chart above, that certainly is where we appear to be right now.

Therefore, while it looked earlier this week like we would break out to the upside (breaking the bounds of the ending diagonal opens up a new “box of possibilities” unless we’re mistaken, the odds now favor:

  • A Rally at the open today.
  • Weakness evolving toward the close with not too much change for the day.
  • A resumption of the decline tomorrow so commercials can cover the index options expiring at the close today and make a little ‘lunch money.’

This would clear the way for what could turn into a brutal fall and winter because:

  • (As my consigliere notes) Europe is already sliding into chaos and it tends to propagate to the US over time…so that’s likely coming here.
  • The Special Prosecutor comes us on his “election balckout period” in the first week of September.
  • And of course, the Hang Seng has been screaming weakness coming to Asia,  K-Pop can’t save a whole region.

Thus, the perfect storm for this fall might look something like this:

Decline now into mid September.  This would be a larger-degree Wave 1 down.  Then a short, violent rally between mid September and mid October.  Followed by panic setting in during the weeks prior to the elections.

At the far end of those possible events, there’s no telling what 2019 will look like, but since democrats have turned socialist/communist, we can expect that absent a “blue wave” we will see higher taxes as the runaway political “victim class” seizes to turn the Trump hate campaign into future political power.

When even a substantial portion of this alt. future comes into the investing public’s mindset, the odds of collapse will increase.  That, in turn, will increase calls for American “protectionist” trade policies in order to “create/save jobs” and that will scare the hell out of markets.

In the meantime, there are some key underlying value shifts to be keeping track of.  One of these is the decline of gold prices which we reasonably expect could drop more than 30% concurrent to a market decline this fall of similar magnitude.  While silver will still be around – and will have a role in the prepper’s stash as a possible “coin of the Apocalypse” we expect that the new “Currency of the Webolution” – Bitcoin will continue to retreat.

This morning, gold had bounced a bit early while Bitcoin was languishing again in the $6,430 range.  We’ll talk more about BTC’s tomorrow.

For now, the futures look to pop up 200 at the open but as they do, we’re mindful that it will take piercing of the overhead ending diagonal boundary to turn us back into bullish on prospects for the fall.

So enjoy the “running of the shorts” today and let’s see what kin d of “covering” Friday brings.

You see, even with a strong projected open today, we’ll still be a couple of hundred points in our Aggregate work below the levels set August 7 and 8.  If those fall?  Then bulls might come out of the closet.

Minor Housing Data

We’ve got some new data out from Census today.  Highlights only with detail here if you need it:

Building Permits
…July  – were at a seasonally adjusted annual
rate of 1,311,000. This is 1.5 percent (±1.3 percen
t) above the revised June rate of 1,292,000 and is 4.2
percent (±1.7 percent) above the July
2017 rate
Housing Starts
…were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,168,000. This is 0.9 percent (±11.5 percent)* above the revised June estimate of 1,158,000, but is 1.4 percent (±11.7 percent) below the July 2017 rate…
Housing Completions
…at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,188,000. This is
1.7 percent (±10.9 percent)* below the revised June estimate of 1,209,000 and is 0.8 percent (±11.3 percent)* below the July 2017 rate…

One week from next Tuesday before we get the Case-Shiller numbers this week, due to how the calendar lays out.  Consumer sentiment and leading indicators Friday shouldn’t amount to much, so it looks like a good three-day weekend…

On the retail front: J.C. Penney same-store sales miss estimates, shares tumble. but balancing it off Walmart’s U.S. e-commerce, comparable sales growth strong, shares jump.

Media Minutia

Fox sides with Trump in “Trump was right to revoke Brennan’s security clearance.”  Meanwhile, Time reports “Analysis: Latest Political Influence Campaign on Facebook ‘Most Probably’ Russian.”

And, as we would expect, here’s CNN with “Investigation into Trump Foundation donations.”

Sort of covers all sides, we think.  Oh, except for the Twitter problem – what the hell is “healthy” tweeting?  The Hill takes a run at answering over here.  Amusing, but we ain’t twits and we sure as hell don’t share the UrbanSurvival/Peoplenomics on/off switch, lol.  You get that, Jones?

Attention Space Force

While the pacifists and appeasers go nuts on the idea of a Space Force, here comes a story about the Russians weaponizing space that seems to be right up their alley: “Mystery Russian satellite’s behaviour raises alarm in US/”

One other space note:  Extraterrestrial craft in the Bermuda Triangle, anyone?

Marriage Counseling vs. Doctor Visits?

This one from Science Daily caught our eye:

“Married people who fight nastily are more likely to suffer from leaky guts — a problem that unleashes bacteria into the blood and can drive up disease-causing inflammation, new research suggests. .”

Details over here…  We’ll be off to a homologous breakfast in a minute based on the report that “Eating breakfast burns more carbs during exercise and accelerates metabolism for next meal.” Yum…  oh, wait..;mean I have to work it off????

OK, “moron the ‘morrow…”

33 thoughts on “Peoplenomics Note: A Rare Public Post”

  1. Thanks as ever George. SP500 calls – 2825 is where the huge open interest lies so I expect us to close under there tomorrow but this China talks about trade talks could give us some more legs at the cash open.

  2. George,
    As a market timing agnostic and having read your posts for many years, I have concluded that wave analysis is a better explainer than it is a predictor of market behavior.

    Mandelbrot:”But Wave prediction is a very uncertain business. It is an art to which the subjective judgement of the chartists matters more than the objective, replicable verdict of the numbers. The record of this, as of most technical analysis, is at best mixed.”


  3. I see that taking Brennan’s security clearance is an infringement of free speech. Can someone tell me how taking his access to things he can’t talk about is an infringement of speech? Unless he is actually committing a crime of talking about them. Strange times of illogic.

  4. In my so far dismal attempt to be a trader, based on my SQQQ Trade which still shows bullish, I noted that the NASDAQ 100 is showing bullish. I failed to get a confirmation between the index & 3x ETF. We will see what happens today & add that confirmation step. May be the missing link.

  5. As an experiment to eliminate the immigration problem, the US will agree to do as the other countries do in our experiment. The American left (since they are so caring) will become illegal immigrants of foreign nations like Mexico, El Salvador, Egypt, Yemen, Saudia Arabia, China, Japan, South Africa, British Columbia, etc. The mass migration from the US will be conducted in secret under the direction of an independent Global Council not associated with the UN. Will they be welcomed & provided food & shelter as their cases are decided. How ever the other countries handle the US immigrants as determined by the independent global council, the USA will handle the immigrants coming into our nation. It is a win win learning situation.

  6. Hi George;
    I’m 63, just retied up here in the GWN (great white north ??). My RRSP’S registered retirement savings plans, are conservatively invested but will put half into cash equiv. Soon.
    But I can survive without them for now and live on pension income.
    So, yes, hard times are comming, but for how long? I.E. best time to reinvest is when ” bloods in the streets”. When will the streets be washed?
    As always you are my mornings first read!

  7. George, you like to use names and labels to denigrate: “. . . but since democrats have turned socialist/communist.”
    You can call it what you want.
    But at the end of the day, do we deny a hungry kid lunch? Or let a grandma sleep under a bridge, or deny a cancer victim radiation, or bankrupt a breadwinner who lost his job?
    Or rather, does basic common sense carry the day? Best, Mike.

    • We stop paying for illegals in Sanctuary cities – use that money for lunch.
      W?ith the SF launch of poop patrols, we go back to jail time for people who defficate and shoot up – takew the savings and buy kids lunch
      Reduce the adminsitrative law overhead – and return to constditutionasl law – thereby saving money which can be turned to feed kids
      We outlaw studded tires, reducing road wear, and the savingds feed ki8ds
      We stop penaliizing small solar producers like me with “damn net metering charges” and reduce pullution because solar is a good investment… omg I could go on all day here! How much you got time for?

    • Yup .. Cancer patients are turned away cash no insurance no treatment.. One friend had a diagnosis of cancer a survival rate of ninety percent if caught in time..well treatments weren’t started till she could put down a fifty thousand dollar deposit. Clinics you aren’t going to be seen if you cannot pay.. Instead they send you to the ER .. an immigrant..that’s a different story

      • Hi how you doing looking out of the box .
        this is a phone number I’m going to post if I do or if George does his website will probably be attacked because this has to do with the medical pharmaceutical all the powers that be corporations that are ruled by a few okay here’s the phone number 1 855 6 to 4 4772. This is the only place on at least on this part of the hemisphere that cures cancer without radiation treatments without cutting into your brain if you have a tumor .

        cancer has been solved back in the 1800s but just like the Telsa guy or whatever one discovered how to make free electricity JP Morgan or whoever it was said no if we can’t make money off of it we’re not going to do it so anyway there’s this place in Mexico that will cure your cancer without surgery without chemo and there is a DVD out there you can buy it for about 20 bucks it’s called our beautiful future.

        So anyway what we’re trying to do is expose all the corporations which are about a couple things two or three things one is making money. II is killing you while they’re there making money .
        So if you call the number of they want some information and they will send you a package according to your information depending on how bad off you are they have taken people that are going to die in a week and within 3 weeks these people come out smiling.

        I have three sisters 2 who had cancer and I told them about the Gerson diet therapy and they have changed their diets and are still living today.

        acid kills healthy cells

        Alkaline makes healthy cells grow

        The oceans are the most alkaline source I think it’s like a 7.77

      • Here’s a test for anybody to use to see where you’re going to be at in the future with tumors and Cancers.

        Pick any food that you’ve cooked if you can add a little water around it and then put a little bit of baking soda on it and if it Foams up its acid.

        if it doesn’t it’s good to go now you’ll probably notice that most vegetables that are fresh are not acid until you cook them.
        But there’s exceptions to the rule and that’s why you need the extensive Gerson diet therapy that was produced back in the 1800s all the way and reproduced in the 1900s

      • what they told me..( they called every half hour) I worked my debt off.. resurfaced a surgeons parking lot by hand.. ( you have no idea.. in hundred degree heat as well..) the hospital a year in trade for the hospital bill.. three full time and one part time jobs about 140 hour work weeks.. it about killed me..
        but they would call and belittle you make sure you knew what a scurge you were and tell you.. why did you seek medical treatment if you didn’t have money.. not nice at all..I had to beg to get to work it off.. ( except the surgeon he loved the idea) old women living under the bridge.. all over you would be surprised.. single mothers.. I helped one out a few years ago.. she had the swine flu.. she wasn’t to sick.( the hospital have to take you if it is life threatening) she went home went into convulsions and left a thirteen year old girl to care for her toddler brother no assistance no furnace power shut off and no food.. I got a call and you never seen a more scared young woman in your life.. another guy had a cat that would bring in what it killed that is what they ate.. he delivered all of his kids on a kitchen table because he didn’t have insurance.. you wouldn’t believe some of the things I have seen helping others that slip through the cracks.. lost your job there isn’t any help for you.. you are on your own pull up your big boy panties and go to work.. people living in dumpsters not by choice either.. one guy I am helping now lost everything in katrina hurricane.. he didn’t have anyplace to live abandoned by everyone.. deep water engineer.. designed deep water oil platforms.. left on his own.. yet we will give free education, housing, food healthcare everything to someone from another country while americans starve.and they don’t have to pay any taxes get it all back….—knoxville–tennessee-edition

      • Hey blpg.. good to read that post.. I already knew about the treatments.. my friend had contacted me they had given her two weeks to live.. I had told her about the sweet wormwood and alkyline water treatments and the food grade hydrogen peroxide.. she lived almost a year longer than they had expected but the cancer had gotten to far.. Oh the medical industry has you by the well.. you notice that most hospitals have a lot of brass ornaments and statues LOL.. I had known a guy that had cancer and was on a study by the mayo and it was using food grade hydrogen peroxide..When they studied the miracle waters of Lourdes they discovered was high in natural hydrogen peroxide and he had made it twenty years.. the one I like is the Kanzas machine( in texas) ( that is basically why they use radiation to treat tumors but this is more focused and less good tissue damage I think I was reading some great progress reports from ???? Princeton ?? not sure which college I read so much they all muddle together anyway the college is doing studies on focused heat therapy to destroy cancer growth).. using radio waves to heat up the cancer cells.. send in bullet drugs to attach it to the cancer then zap it.. if I was a millionaire I would be donating money to that research big of my hats was working in and around the sick.. amazing what you see.. meet people from every walk of life.. still haven’t seen it all though LOL every time I think I have something shocking comes up and slaps you silly. what I find interesting though is we as humans are basically acid creatures.. that is why salt and sugar tastes so damned good.. you use a netti pot you put salt in the water because the tap water is to alky and if you use it will feel like it is burning. cancer patients crave salt and the idea of changing the bodies ph balance makes some sense to me the same with increasing your oxygen levels cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment..all of it very interesting.. I believe in the the sweet wormwood to.. cancer cells from what I have read have a higher than normal iron biomarkers and sweet wormwood affects that..
        unfortunately I have seen people die from many many different types of cancer and in various forms. I do not believe they have a cure for it at this time. they are close though and a lot of theories..what I have seen and worked with though was the best recourse was to get your mammogram and pap smears have your prostate checked get your general checkups once a year preventative measures will many times catch them in time to get treated effectively.. the ones the bother me is that if you don’t have the money you cannot get the treatments before they get to the serious stages most medical treatments are held only for the extremely wealthy to receive them right away.( this is also why we are at the bottom of the list for having a society with good health. our health system is set up to hand out great treatment to only those that can afford it is a luxury there it is a right.. we needed health care reform( they should have never deregulated it) but like always congress let the sharks write the bill and no one can understand it.what is funny is all the laws needed were already in place they just never wanted to enforce them. I made it a third of the way through the bill before I tossed it in the trash it was so confusing it would take a team of harvard and yale lawyers to understand it) I had to sell my first house to pay for medical bills and my second home probably will be sold for the same reasons.. most peoples homes are sold to pay off final expenses..

      • BLPG.. what I wanted to do.. but couldn’t get in it.. ( you had to have the piece of paper on the wall LOL it use to be ojt..) was work in histology.. that rocks.. and I am sure it would have given me a window to understanding.. I did end up giving away my personal microscope.. seems a blind man can’t see good enough to use it the way I could when I was a kid LOL…
        so I gave it to one of the grand kids.. just won’t show her how I torked my mother off when I was a kid she will have to learn all of that herself the way I did. Now as I am older I can see why my mother was so concerned. I think she is a tad bit quicker than I am I hope and dream that they push her to expand.. unfortunately I see her dumbing herself down to fit in.. that won’t get her any further than I got..

  8. One useful metric to follow is the price of scrap base metals, such as steel. It dropped a full penny a pound locally over the last six months, which surprised me greatly. I have a lot of scrap to sell, but not if the price of fuel to market exceeds the profit.

    Part of the problem with dealing with a thug mentality on the left is that one can’t safely show one’s support for the president, or your car and other possessions are likely to be vandalized. This is the absolute usurpation of the rule of law.

    Regarding security clearances: They have no purpose if there’s no need to know, and should all be suspended when such need no longer exists. They can be updated and reissued if a new need to know exists. Brennan is completely out of line in complaining and expecting the government to continue his security clearance when he has absolutely no need for it. I never wanted one and refused any job that required it. Such things come with strings attached.

    • Having had DOD clearances on a number of occasions, you lose a clearance the moment you leave the work/employer that needs it. They can be reinstituted fairly quickly if you haven’t been “uncleared” for long. At least that’s how it goes for mere worker bees.

      So I really don’t see how these folks who left service for civilian non-MIL employemnt still have clearances in the first place.

      Clearance or none, they’re still strictly prohibited from disclosing confidential or classified info they saw without written permission from the relevant agency they worked for.

      Again, worker bees get serious jail tiem for that….the upper echelons…apparently not.

  9. Damn.. if I don’t have to rethink my shelter project.. rain.. I can do a lot of it with it misting but rain.. it has to cure.. I might have to find a building to make it in and store.. if it keeps going like this.. every three days it is raining.. we will have snow tree top level this winter. the twenty foot deep pit for materials is full of water.. amazing..the last time it was like this during the summer it continued into winter and we had twelve foot snow.. which means I have to consider getting a new snow blower..

  10. Dear Earl of Ebonia,

    Court is surely in quadraturic rapture. Waves of joy to all!

    Has “The Federation” moniker been trademarked? “Space Force” sounds so 1950’s to i-ears. Thank goodness for the weekend to drown out the debris field from last Friday’s failed missile test.

    Speaking of namesakes, today is the anniversary of the nuclear-powered submarine commissioning that commemorated a legislator of Warren Commission fame. One trusts that Puget Sound denizens have resurfaced since last Friday’s impromptu F15 sonic booms. Youtube camera operators then strafed the finer senses with a carpet of f bombs. Lips flapping notwithstanding, it was a rich irony to tangentially read about the real estate linkage from Ketron to Panama of a Potus nemesis. “Woo, woo” says the train leaving the station. As the web dealer reaches to dole out the next card, SAM and SEA hear the super notes start to roll. “Rock el Casbah”?

  11. George, as always for many yesrs I have read your posts with interest, and i also find some pearls of wisdom in what some of the readers have to say. My dilemma is this: do you think this is the beginning of the END for this country, or just another downturn that we will pull out of after a number of years. My life situation is extremely complicated right now. Power of Attorney-holding situation for my elderly father is worse than ever, no affordable legal recourse in sight. Sold my hurricane-damaged townhouse that previous owners had covered up damage. Have found there is no reasonable, affordable housing in this area. I have looked into buying, renting, RVs – still a possibility, extended stay hotels, ordering a modular house from a kit and having friends with equipment and I build it myself, and on and on. Therefore I am not only not in my forever house, a lot of my stuff is in boxes. Is this a storm, or is this a devolvement of this country that we will NEVER come out of? I just do not have the funds to continue preparing as I had been, or the place to go even if I had the funds. Temporary living situations are not a place in which to prep

    • DJ… chin up.. you can get through this you are one step ahead of most in your shoes.. your on Urbansurvival and there is a wealth of information to be gleaned here..I have been in your shoes and worse to many times in my life as a bottom feeder. My solution was work harder and longer . the thing to remember is you are the only one that can raise yourself out of this. I belong to a church that has an extensive help system and they cannot help.. maybe with manpower but financially no one can carry you.. first off don’t rent an RV… you can buy one cheaper.. but the stay is expensive if you have to stay at an RV park.. Do you have a job.. if not then seek out the Salvation Army..for your father and the power of attorney.. ok from what I read from your post you are in a position where you cannot do a lot.. get a payee.. many banks offer this service you can go down to the social services office and they will give you a list.. these guys are so valuable in this type of service and they have resources to resolve complex legal issues that are not available to the average person. as for you.. if you have a job and the resources to build.. that is good.. I built two homes by myself and you don’t need a lot of people.. I did have to take down three trees to get the help to lift one hell of a heavy wall panel.. but building is pretty easy.. get a book on code for your location.. if you have a job and money.. then the truck and a cot for under twenty dollars a day.. there is also KOA campgrounds many have cabins..I am not sure what they are there but here they are quite reasonable and you can rent for under a grand a month..are you a veteran.. if so have you been in a foreign country.. if not that is ok to.. they will help you find lodging.. if you don’t have a job and no resources.. depending on where you are at depends on what resources there are.. the give away programs.. non existant unless you are from another country.. unemployment.. same thing the only time it exists is if you are a seasonal worker at least around here.. if you are in the PNW you are screwed.. I visited with a gentleman that needed help with his daughter that was on heroin.. I pulled all the strings I could.. the help is there but a waiting period of six weeks to six months and housing is ten years waiting list..
      do you have kids.. kids is a complete other situation the good news is there is help for you if you have kids..
      building a home.. depends on where you live what is the normal cost of a lot.. kits run between home kits run between five thousand to three hundred thousand.. now what every price your looking at triple that figure.. or count how many rooms you want.. figure twenty thousand per room finished cost.. a lot of people don’t figure on hook up fees and the basic services.. plumbing electrical and interior trim windows etc are the expensive points. my first house I built in a month.. the second I built in three months by myself you can go down to menards and they have small four dollar books that you can buy that will guide you on almost every aspect. when you build put in the bigger doors at least a 36 inch 42 is best and a wheel chair accessible bathroom. ( dad may end up having to live with you and you don’t know what lies ahead in your future. )
      all of this is dependent on the area you live in.. remember there are kids making a quarter million dollars a year in SF that have to live in cars because they can’t afford to live anywhere.. cardboard structures and no restrooms. If you are single and no commitments then you are ahead of the game.. you can pick up extra jobs.. all of your utilities are where you work. a camper van will work for that.
      they are quite comfortable and you can park in the work parking lot. Many employers have electrical outlets on the light posts..

      the newer ones even have a deep freeze..

      at least this could give you a little breathing room till you can figure out your situation.. for immediate lodging don’t forget the salvation army and the truck stops.. if your not employed then you have to go survival mode and learn the street smarts for your area.
      the problem with most is unless you have been there you don’t have a clue.. you can read all the books in the world but that never compares to real life experiences.. been there.. the sad part is everyone you know will abandon you and the assistance you will find will come from someplace you never expected in a million years..

    • I forgot DJ.. I have known people that have taken up residence in their storage shed.. not sure what rent is there but they had to down size and moved all their stuff into the storage unit. then just set it up.. got a generator for electricity and a porta potty..
      one of the most amazing people I have ever met lived in a dumpster.. heavy stuff takes a lot of space.. most of them downsize to a couple boxes of stuff..

      • Thank you for all your kind suggestions. You always have something positive to contribute to this website. I will take the things that you have said to heart, and I appreciate your encouragement. My situation is not quite as dire as to need the most extreme options. I owned my townhouse and sold it for cash, but had to take a significant hit due to the hidden past problems in the place. House kit seemed like a great idea, until as you stated, I did factor in all the costs for interior finishing even on a bare-bones scale and for utility hook ups. Even in the rural country area that I would try for, there are code restrictions on who can do what. I’m a girl, a former school counselor, who has also worked in the private sector and heavy industry. Right now and for the last few years my only jobs have been taking care of my elderly parents one of whom, the nice one, is now deceased. Even running their small business there is no salary. I’m still fairly young, and this is apparently happening to people more and more often as they’re younger.
        Re: Fathers POA: The problem IS my father. Abusive, CLUELESS, and essentially surrounded by vultures trying to take advantage of him. Even though I hold POA, the only recourse would be an approx six month trial to obtain financial guardianship, which my father would fight, and nobody can pay lawyers For six months plus witnesses and their travel time and court costs.

      • DJ.. Being a young woman won’t slow you for kit homes and building definitely can do first home I bought a thirty minute tape lol young woman built a house in a half lol boy was I shocked to discover it wasn’t that easy. Running rafters is the bet is to check with component housing..they assemble a complete building in a warehouse..the price is relatively inexpensive..I bought a sheetrock lift but you can have sheetrocker come in and do the hard work for so much a foot. No kids no spouse then go small with the structure designed to expand. A 600 ft home can be built for under twenty grand not counting hookups and land. You will be surprised at just how fast new construction is..I built my home this time while working two full time and one part time jobs.
        Prepare..get what you want down in your mind..don’t view it as a complete project but as a single board at a time.over engineer your electrical. Heavier gauge wire isn’t that much more and you can pull more current. A friend was building and was viewing his project as the finished project he was intimidated.. Went out with him and his frame was up in less than a day.
        Your dad..yes there are people everywhere that will steal you blind. The payee’ss..(personal fiduciarie managers) usually get five percent or about a hundred a month they have to report to federal social services. I believe that other companies work with them mostly because the manager doesn’t give a hoot and they know they’ll work it in.
        Best hundred you’ll ever spend. The mental relief alone is worth it.
        You can also go to trade schools they welcome a building labor..
        To bad your thousands of miles this sounds like something i would love to line up help can check with the local morman wards to..
        Good luck young lady..

      • YOU CAN DO THIS DJ..
        Remember a house is nothing more than a square,rectangle,triangle, or circle..
        The building codes are your friends to..for a small cottage.( around here pre built run a couple grand unfinished interiors) if its on skids or a trailer then it’s a thing not a building. The colleges and trade schools will leap at the opportunities given. There s no better learning tool than hands on.
        Go to the church talk to the missionaries you’ll be surprised I’m sure..yellow shirts come by..or the Amish colonies ( not sure they might charge you..a small place a couple days work at most.) don’t scrimp on the roof pitch age will slap you around when something needs to be updated or repaired.

    • It is the end, and certainly past the beginning of same. When we go down, there won’t be a massive World War by which to leverage ourselves out of the pit and if one happens, someone, somewhere will start losing and hit the button. Everyone’s broke. Nearly every nation’s socialist. Socialism is a two-class, caste system with a tiny, elite, permanent ruling class, very similar in appearance to feudalism. When we crash, every socialist nation will do so also, because their faux middle classes have been created and sustained via the USA’s consumption. Socialism only works as long as the socialist can spend someone else’s money.
      One year post-crash, there will be seven billion really hangry people on this rock, and unlike in previous crashes, famines, wars, etc., the entire U.S. will be front & center on this one, with no beneficent Uncle waiting in the wings to bail us out.

      What do YOU think our chances are…?

      As for your living situation – that’s a toughie. I’ve a friend in exactly the same boat, ‘cept he’s about 500 miles further inland than you. He got a fleabait apartment (2nd floor of a 3 story building, to minimize HVAC cost) 9 miles outside town, and a $40/mo. storage warehouse to store his stuff.

      Your best option might be a 28’ 5th wheel with slideouts, external roof-over, extra insulation, and a pick-em-up truck. It’d be darn near as big as a ranch house, but portable (and hurricane-proof, as long as you take SPC’s projections seriously.) Niece has this setup, paid ~$7k used, five years ago. It was several years old and they bought it out of season, but it had no issues…

      • Agreed on your Analysis of our current situation in this country. We are the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry pile, and I just keep hoping that somehow we can come out clean smelling again. But this time there’s him to be so many factors, who knows? I’ll be interested in knowing more about where your niece is able to park her RV on a daily basis. I’ve been looking into Forest River rPod lines, they come with gas solar and electrical capacity, the problem is in RV Parks in the surrounding border areas in border states even lot rent in a safe place adds up quickly

      • DJ..Sams club Costco..most municipalities have dumping stations..then there are storage still have to dump and fill your tanks..but you have a single monthly rent for your unit and many have a great security system in place. Where parking in a big city can be quite dangerous. Then there are the truck stops again free parking but you have to move it which brings back the smaller van camper..and then there is work. I have known people that parked there’s at work filled the gas tank at the gas station and they let them fill the water tanks as well. In a city security is a major concern..then there’s friends..some around here just let vacationers park in their driveways.during my egg timer parking lot..

      • She parks it in her driveway, when they’re not camping. They’ve parked in mall, shopping center, and fast food parking lots, roadside parks & rest areas, and at least once on a beach, when they’re camping. My Dad used to park his on the street. I’d guess streets and driveways are likely parking places, anywhere city ordinances or draconian COAs don’t prohibit parking. Chemical flush-toilets were good for 200 cycles, in 1975. I assume they are at least that good, now, and that’s the biggest issue/expense with a camper (until something breaks.) Also when I was a kid, a dump/recharge was $12, and I assume it is more expensive, now. If we were anyplace which had a restroom or outhouse, use of the camper’s facilities was prohibited. Dad would get 2-3 years between dumps…

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