The Future – In Advance

You’re welcome!

For what?

To the beginning:  You saw the story in Vanity Fair just breaking?

Keeping Up with the Kushners: With Jared Back on Top, Kim Kardashian Heads to the White House

Months of talks between Jared Kushner and Kim Kardashian is set to culminate in a meeting with President Trump, in which the reality-TV star will ask him to pardon a 62-year-old great-grandmother serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense.

You absolutely, positively HAVE to go read this.  When you’re done, read on…


OK, here’s why this is such a hoot.

I told you – almost 90-days ago this was coming.


Go read UrbanSurvival for the morning of March 5th and this RFO prediction (highlighted) in the post:

“(I don’t think Ray will like my analysis, but seems real-enough, however slow-motion.  Slow enough, in fact, it’s likely to be “swamped out of consciousness” by glitterati stories like “Khloe Kardashian Just Revealed She is Having A Baby Girl.”

It’s just a matter of time before one of the Kardashians makes it to the White House, I reckon.  We do live in a world where the real currency of power is name-recognition and position-power, right?)

There…didn’t even need the ViseGrips this morning.  Just plenty of coffee and a few Tums.”

I am  laughing so hard at all the wheels and cogs of this turning into place, I can hardly breathe.

It comes (like my dragon tea) at a propitious moment in life:  I’m working on research for Peoplenomics this coming weekend.

That will focus on how the Digital Mob Rule  is rolling out.

But, judging by how fast some of our “far-out projections” are coming to pass, I better stasrt writing…faster.  Will that be one scoop, or two?

Moron the ‘morrow…


14 thoughts on “The Future – In Advance”

  1. Nice call George. Was it a dream or just intuition? It will be interesting to hear what the Feminazees on “The View” will have to say about this.

    • I try to put it into words, but you know, I just comes to me when I’m looking at the data – and suddenly, there it is. I try to explain the graphical site of it and the Elliott of it, but it’s a really difficult and incredibly complex process to write up.
      There’s this thing in Universe called the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Kim has boobs, Washington is full of ’em, so it just follows, you see? At the beginning of third wave declines in peckerticula…

      • Exactly, bits of information ferments in the subconcious…& then poof, it comes to you.

  2. I was fine with your analysis, both then and now. The one outlier I didn’t see was Kanye West — Kim’s hubby, his public approval of Candace Owens’ message, and his defense of Mr. Trump…

    • …and BTW, I would not recognize Kim or any of her family if I saw them in a photo with balloon captions, identifying each by name.

      I’ve never seen a reason for wasting MY life, attempting to live vicariously through the experiences of some celeb with whom I have nothing in common, or lusting over some celeb I’ll never meet, or if I did, wouldn’t like, and for whom the feeling would soon be mutual. I have an exceedingly low tolerance for “stupid” and perhaps even less tolerance for people who’re vain, spoiled, narcissistic prigs.

      George, the “savename” function was working sporadically, yesterday, but seems to have gone on vacation again…

    • But you see, Ray, Everything’s a Business Model. When the left no longer has anything left to sell to the poor, urban, or whatever, they will jack up the right for it. Thus, the pendulum in society is – in itself – a business model!

      • The “Left” hasn’t had anything to “sell” for two generations. That’s why they campaign against “Republican policy” or create “straw-man” conservative “villains” against which to campaign, and why, once receiving the Party nomination for whatever office they seek, invariably “move to the center,” to snag as many low information voters as possible.

      • Nice explanation George.. Ray.. I am surprised that you can’t see the sales pitch…..HOPE.. as a bottom feeder in the twilight of his life with little time left and I find myself frustrated at times. That no one recognized my potentials enough to offer me any opportunities. Instead every once in a while a group of paper hangers get frustrated because the cannot look out of the box they are in and ask if I’ll take a peek for them. Yet not enough for any opportunities to join the paper hangers exclusive club.
        It’s the same thing with all bottom feeders. They are stuck inside the box of life they’ve been given.. they see the divide and would like the opportunities to shorten the divide between the classes. They are forced to seek assistance where they would rather have the resources so they wouldn’t be forced to seek these resources. The animosity is high.. those on the other side are stuck in their box’s-unable to look beyond the flaps.. they to feel the animosity that there are those wishing to enter their box. The left sells the vision of a bridge. The right sells the vision of opportunity but no bridge for those outside the box. As the one box fills with more the other will empty and the animosity grows to explosive proportions. And the reverse pyramid happens in a flash of lightning.
        Last night I got a call from an old friend. A professor and doctor his teaching and management position was dissolved..he’s now a bottom feeder and feels the stresses. Usually some will ask if I could use a student or two..this time he asked if I had one of my projects that he could help with to keep his mind busy. I said yup.. my dirt shed.. now I have five or six for sure a professor a three year old and a five year old and an grandson that just graduated as an engineer a son in law that owns a big construction company and maybe some missionaries. The three and five year old will be making the blocks.

      • The left with the gold front tooth uses the pitch.. look at them in the box.. if you vote for me I’ll build this beautiful BRIDGE to help you obtain equality. In finances in laws in society..
        I sat at the candidates table by mistake at a fundraising meal . Another candidate asked the residing senator.. what should I talk about.
        The response was.. just give them a one two three speech.. they are dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them.
        The sad part… he was absolutely correct

  3. C’mon George, admit it. You have “the gift”. You’re a “seer”, which is probably why you’re into all the woo-woo stuff. Great to see you in action!

    • God speaking about woo woo.. I am building a hydroponic garden bed.. I decided before I line it I will coat it with flex seal( great stuff does exactly what they claim) I had bought a whole quart and half of a used quart. Walked over to the bench set it on top of the bench grabbed the half quart and started to paint it on.. got done went to grab the new quart.. it isn’t anywhere to be found.. no place I looked everywhere. Had my son in law with me. We sat down and I was thinking I’ve lost my mind. Went to the car retraced my steps went in and there it was right in the open on the bench …

  4. I almost got taken in by the media stories headlining the recently imprisoned Mr. Robinson as a victim battling an alleged UK police state.

    First of all, “Robinson” is a pseudonym for the convicted football hooligan, and co-founder of the far right wing English Defense League. Secondly he was in contempt of court for at least a second time and one would think he received a deserved outcome. Certainly “Mr. Robinson” has not been a stranger to the hospitality of various HM prisons over the past 15 years. Thirdly, the anti-immigrant to England agitator is said to be of Irish extraction.

    I am at a loss to imagine what will become of the many thousands of £ crowdfunded by the Rebel Media site apparently intended for the sustenance of their purported man in London, the imprisoned “Mr. Robinson”.

    P.S. Why is Mr. President still tweeting? Roseanne’s 1990’s fictional depiction of then republican Elgin, Il., has been transformed into a present day Hispanic, democrat city.

    Come on geetar people, light it up, tweak dem strings, set the autotuner and all together now –

    “Sweet Home Alobama,
    singing songs about Chicago,
    where the family is so true,
    watch them bring it home for you…”

  5. Mr. Soros has invested over $21mln in local prosecutorial races this year, in Cali, NM, AK, FL, and Texas. His agenda is to buy prosecutors who will not prosecute illegals, and will proffer light (or no) sentences for people of color, irrespective of crime…

  6. Hello Mr. Ure,

    Hope Zeus is keeping the estate tidy of critters. Happy to report the dust bunny proliferation issue here has been successfully addressed by Mr. Hoover. Sadly I accidently played my commemorative Kanye vinyl disc, “Plugged into DC”, at 78rpm. The hounds were baying all night.

    Did your computational algorithm pick up on the WSJ story of the ongoing travails at the USA retailer for “craftsmen” like you? Difficult to believe that its Canadian namesake closed their last store this past January. Valuable store brands and service departments had been long sold off leaving a hollow carcass for pensioners and creditors to pick over. Coinkydoink has it that the same billionaire and hedge fund is guiding the troubled US retailer to a promised land.

    All aboard the elevator! Next stop basement for Hades’ out of this world deals, but don’t forget to leave in the heat of the moment. Apparently the Titanomachy was something else.

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