Housing Up, But…

Sure, the S&P, Case-Shiller, CoreLogic, housing report came out Tuesday.

It was generally acclaimed as indicating more growth.  But, we’re seeing reasons to be cautious about what it foreshadows as we discuss this morning.

After headlines and recovering from that nasty decline in the market Tuesday that left Mr. Bear happy-dancing through cocktail hour…

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13 thoughts on “Housing Up, But…”

  1. “Ruling on whim” is one of the reasons Trump is in office.

    Even more of it in the midst of a crisis is going to stir up a lot of “animal spirits” and I’m not talking about the markets.

  2. Even a ‘Yale professor’ cannot explain this sort of action ;-(. My explanation: Too much money was created over the last few years. The big end is just to come after I’ll be gone. People never learn from history; That’s why history repeats, JMHO.

  3. Phew.. I hate having moral delima’s but I have one.. I have been him hawing about it for over a week not sure what to do about it..
    I was asked my opinion.. the what would you do .. or how would you do this.. if we accept your idea we will give you 30,000.00.. Now I have been asked this kind of stuff for decades.. I give my idea’s freely with one day the hope that one of them will say heck sure even though you don’t have a piece of paper on the wall it is a good idea.. instead I see my idea’s openly being implemented after I have made the suggestions but haven’t seen even a cup of coffee for them all because I don’t have a sheet of paper hanging on some wall..( well I do but it is the art of my grandkids) .. With the exception of the coffee company I sent my idea to.. lol they didn’t say anything in writing but one day I get home from work and had two years of the product I suggested to them delivered and waiting for me.. now that is a thank you..
    this time though.. with recent medical expenses acquired that would be useful to take the bite out of the sting so to speak..
    the question..

    Some think tank is trying to figure out the perfect solution to a regional problem..what would you do to construct a remote runway in a short period of time efficiently with C reative R eadily A vailable P roducts on hand.
    I know the minute I give them my idea they will be out using it.. and of course I already know that I won’t see one number of that.. so do I take the chance and make my ideas known and hope for the best. Or do I let myself get irritated when I don’t hear another word back yet see them doing it..

    • We live in a world where, absent papering or notoriety, you will receive shite. Sorry, but focus on growing your local success and that of people you know who WILL APPRECIATE you…my 02-c.

      • George.. I am glad you said that.. I appreciate it its been bugging me for over a week.. I always feel like someone Bitch slapped my intelligence after they do that. I am no genius or anything and definitely not smarter than anyone else but I am not a moron either.

    • There are companies that will help you take your idea to market; why don’t you research that angle and give it a try?

  4. Speaking about the what would you do..
    I like a great steak.. and I love a good prime rib roast.. unfortunately as a bottom feeder the real expensive aged meats are not readily available.. well sort of but not all the time. if your going to have a company and need a good tender steak .. and only have a couple of hours before they get there then coat the meat with Himalayan salt. I like it because of its trace minerals but isn’t really needed a good rock salt works.. table salt will to.. then leave them set a half hour to an hour per pound.. Now with the fourth of july coming it is time to start dry aging your meat now.. whether you want to take a cheap rump roast or whatever.. I use C reative and R eadily Available P arts laying around to do this..
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    • I use battery operated fan but you can do like I did for the uv light and put a second plug on the fridge fan.. and the UV sterilizer light well you just don’t want a cord hanging out of the box.. so I put a plug on the fan that circulates the air in the fridge.. if you use a dorm room size fridge you can really fix it up good with hangers and racks and then put a wine rack on the side. works great.. and everyone thinks I spent a fortune buying expensive meat when I am buying the cheapest cuts on the store racks..

  5. Up 322 at the moment. This is crazy. I am trying to analyze the markets as I watch Days of Our Lives. Also, as a rule of Parlimentary Order, to show respect for the office, even if you do not like him, “Trump” should be referred to as President Trump.

    • Come on…you read PN this morning, right?
      “What we will be seeing today (and likely into the afternoon of tomorrow) is a possible rally trying to put a positive spin on the month.” There was more – see the Chart section…
      Told you an hour before the open it was coming….don’t know how much better I could do?

  6. I have another theory on housing prices rising outside of the Bay Area, which is unique, because our housing prices are rising because of a huge influx of jobs….and little inventory to house the job seekers. But in other areas of the country where job growth is less robust, there is another reason.

    According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)…”One consistent finding for the last several years of reports has been that buyers 37 years and younger (Millennials/Gen Yers) is the largest share of home buyers at 36 percent. Sixty-five percent of these buyers were also first-time home buyers.”

    If Millennials in other parts of the country are like they are out west…They want to live close to the core or live near an area where public transportation can take them to the core where they work. In other words…they aren’t moving to the ex-urban burbs where housing is cheaper. They want the convenience of a shorter commute.

    Historically, those homes cost more, because they are established neighborhoods that rely on existing home attrition and not new construction. (No room to build). Therefore, the inventory is tighter and the demand is higher. And… Voila’ the prices rise.

    The families leaving the core are families or older adults that are looking for a quieter, easier lifestyle and newly built homes. Likewise, newly built homes start high…so that raises the radius average.

    But the biggest gains in price are in the core of most cities…And, as more and more millennials crowd the marketplace and put offers on the available homes, the prices will continue to rise.

  7. Your last market chart appears to show the descending triangle closing. The markets could be head faking to appear to be breaking higher. I’d guess sharply down again v wry soon

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