The COVID Path the WW III


COVID Box Scores First

The data early this morning @ 3:30 AM was looking pretty good.  But, just in the past hour the new data has come in and it shows a persistent increase in the numbers of cases (and deaths) being reported.

No worries by the markets, though.  With the Fed in for a trillion worth of “play money” the market is obliging by rising more than a thousand in the early going today.

Import and Export Prices

Another factor – which will be dialed in to the forward-thinking of markets today will be trends in import and export prices just released:

“U.S. import prices declined 0.5 percent in February, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, after ticking up 0.1 percent in January. In February, falling import fuel prices more than offset higher prices for nonfuel imports. Prices for U.S. exports decreased 1.1 percent in February, after advancing 0.6 percent the previous month.

Imports: Import prices declined 0.5 percent in February, after rising 0.1 percent in January and 0.2 percent in December. The decline in February was the largest decrease since the index fell 0.6 percent in August. Prices for U.S. imports decreased 1.2 percent from February 2019 to February 2020, as declining prices for both nonfuel and fuel imports contributed to the movement. (See table 1.)

Fuel Imports: Import fuel prices decreased 7.7 percent in February, the largest monthly decline since the index dropped 7.8 percent in June 2019. The February decrease was led by lower prices for petroleum, though falling prices for natural gas also contributed to the monthly decline. Petroleum prices fell 7.6 percent in February following no change in January and a 0.5-percent advance in December. The price index for natural gas declined 12.4 percent in February, after decreasing 13.2 percent in January. Import fuel prices fell 5.8 percent over the past 12 months, driven by a 5.5-percent drop in petroleum prices and a 13.9-percent decline in natural gas prices.

Over here, though, we see signs the Globalism Model is failing:

Exports: U.S. export prices decreased 1.1 percent in February, the largest monthly decline since the index fell 1.1 percent in December 2015. In February, falling prices for both agricultural and nonagricultural exports contributed to the overall decrease. Prices for exports declined 1.3 percent on a 12-month basis in February, after rising 0.4 percent from January 2019 to January 2020.

That said, we are still timid, cowardly, and drooling at times as we go off-line thinking about whether to hold ANY position – long or short – over the weekend.

COVID, China, and WW III

I don’t usually “CC the world” on personal, in-the-family emails, but I sent one to my son this morning and here’s part of which it said:

“The short version (supported by lots of research) is that the US and China are likely to have a global war sometime before 2027.  There is a broad “bump” *(wide spread of data) suggesting a very long-term view of events that might calendar out something like this:

  • 2020-2022:  Onset of Second U.S. Depression
  • 2021-2026:  The ultimate Global Arms race
  • 2026/2027:  China invades (and takes) Taiwan similar to how Germany took the Sudetenland in 1939 under the cry of “Lebensraum”  (living or elbow room).  This is summarized (Wiki) as:

The Sudeten crisis of 1938 was provoked by the Pan-Germanist demands of Germany that the Sudetenland be annexed to Germany, which happened after the later Munich Agreement. Part of the borderland was invaded and annexed by Poland. Afterwards, the formerly unrecognized Sudetenland became an administrative division of Germany. When Czechoslovakia was reconstituted after the Second World War, the Sudeten Germans were expelled and the region today is inhabited almost exclusively by Czech speakers.”

OK, so far, not a problem for (my son’s fire department) right?

Except that  we know what happened NEXT:  Germany went to war with the world.  And unfortunately, there are economic as well as social reasons for that to play out vis. China in the next decade.

Go ahead, ask:  What’s THIS have to do with COVID?

Pay VERY VERY close attention to the stories linking the U.S. to being the source of COVID  and its release in CHINA: 

“China government spokesman says U.S. military may have brought virus to China”


Here’s how this story begins (but notice how it implies [strongly] that China KNOWS the source of this bioweapon gone-wild is the U.S.

“A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry suggested on Thursday the U.S. military might have brought the coronavirus to the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been hardest hit by the outbreak, doubling down on a war of words with Washington.  China has taken great offence at comments by U.S. officials …”..

The U.S. MainStream/Corporate media is continuing to downplay this (despite the fact that the Virus footprint does in some online accounts trace back to UNC and up to the Canadian  biolab in Saskatchewan…  The “downplaying” is evidenced by use of terms like “Conspiracy Theory” in order to hide reality from unaware American social media sheep:

Chinese Official Pushes Conspiracy Theory U.S. Spread Virus”

This article continues on:

““It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan,” Zhao Lijian, a foreign ministry spokesman, said in a tweet. “Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

Significantly, the official says his view reflects that of  the government of China – and to us, this is about as close to warning shots being fired over the bow as you’ll see from the shore side of the “bounding main…”

Thus, we are left to wonder – if this much is being said by the public-facing sides of government, how utterly more serious things are on the non-public facing side?  Flash goggles and suntan lotion for all hands, please.  Like toilet paper, we try to give you long lead-times.

As I Told You Last Year

Do you remember how much (sh*t) got heaped on me last year when I wrote:

Along with the futures being up for the markets (Santa Rally may continue!) we also notice that Bitcoins were still holding by a thread above $7,000.   Peoplenomics readers already know our outlook is for BTCs to sink under $4,000 next year.  Grinch that I am.

Well, after the shrill of the shills we notice that BTC was down to $5,620 this morning.  Bathing in O-negative today, are we?  And it gives me a chance to climb on my “Visiting Professor of Reality” soapbox.

Here’s the fact:  Markets are going lower, in our work.  We don’t toss out targets like “Dow 18,000 or lower” lightly.  It’s just that right now we’re still in the “adjusting to new reality phase” of what smells like an accidental (we hope!) global biowar.

Still ahead, therefore?  The cleaning-up of bad financializations that will have to follow.  Shortly, too.  The quadrillion of dead and dying derivatives is no sneezer to this geezer.  “Mark to Market” is becoming “Mark to Ground Level” rather quickly.

Think the Fed and G20 can “Out-Print Gravity?”  Color us skeptical on a good day.  Little lithium orotate with that, mayhap?

Rippings and Readings

Dedicated to the fond memory of an earlier era’s younger newscaster who could compose a cogent five-minute newscast b y standing 30-seconds at the wire machine even with a splitting hangover...yessir, that’s talent…

Marketing:  Never Stops Selling: Airline mistakenly tells patrons “never a better time to fly”.

Note for Oilman2 – are you buying this one? Pain but No Panic in Texas Oil Patch as Saudis Flood Market?

US Political Disaster Continues: Biden and Sanders tell staff to work from home because of coronavirus.  Can you do it for five more years…please?

Opportunity up in smoke?  As Large cannabis operators positioned to dominate potential Arizona recreational cannabis market, shut out small businesses.

Speaking of roaches and drugs...U.S. gives ’emergency’ authorization to new Roche coronavirus test that’s 10 times faster.

Presidents For Life:  Not only Xi Jinping, seems.  The Vladster’s down with the plan, too as we read in Russia’s Regional Governments Back Changes Allowing Putin to Extend His Rule. You bet they do…or else….

For the more genuinely paranoid: Meet the man building a human zoo in China.  A what?  Is he a subcontractor for the aliens???  (Or, why wouldn’t we cage the politicians in D.C….help me here…grasping….)

And call me the “sonambulance!” 10 commandments for better sleep on World Sleep Day.

On this chipper note, the Making Up Money Dept at the NY Fed Repo Depot only dropped $41.1 billion this morning.  Bets on a delayed posting?  Catch some unawares?

Our money’s on gravity when the financial nitrous blows off…

Write when you get rich,

75 thoughts on “The COVID Path the WW III”

  1. The price of BTC dropped to 3,950 around 9 pm Thursday night. Ure bitcoin call already fulfilled. Nice call!

    • What is Bryce porch Garden from Bryce psychic dictionary what is a scorpion fly.
      The scorpion fly is a strange-looking insect that is found in gardens and hedgerows, and along woodland edges, particularly among Stinging Nettles and Bramble. It has a long, beak-like projection from its head that is uses to feed. It scavenges on dead insects and frequently steals the contents of spiders’ webs.

    • Just think the powers-that-be can shut down all television news , and give you some fantasy news,
      Unless your psychic channeling have some kind of ability you’re strapped to what they give you on TV or the internet unless you go to people that you trust on the internet

    • Re: ‘Canadian biolab in Saskatchewan’
      I’ve been to SaskaBush, as the locals call it. These lab people are amazing. They have been able to GMO cow udders to produce beer instead of milk. It’s so cold in Saskbush the beer is like glacier cold. If you can’t make to Saskbush, you can still enjoy it at Cactus Club restaurants and it’s on the wine and beer menu as ‘Udder Ale’. Check it out!!!!

  2. World Military Games – Wuhan, China October, 2019- US left Wuhan Oct 28th -2wks later virus breaks out.

    US Soldiers performed So badly, 35th place, that they were called “Soy Sauce Soldiers”. they should have been called Bio Warfare Operatives. Their place of residence/guest house was next door to Hunan Seafood Market.

    August, 2019 US Army Biohazard labs shut down for failing safety checks.The lab is in Washington State where they have the highest incident of COVID-19.

    Evidence is mounting that we are at WAR with ChiComs and that COVID-19 was Biological Attack.

    COWINKYDINK of the Day – published 1935 – comic – Les Adventures Tin Tin:

    #14 Tin TIN A Wuhan -cover art depicts 3 men in Biohazard Suits in streets of Wuhan.

    #15 Tin Tin ET LE CORONNVIRUS – cover art depicts 3 men in bio hazard suits in hospital ward.

    DO really “THEY” think we are that STUPID/DUMB/IGNORANT..??

    Answer: YES – they consider us Stupid, Subservient Eaters-Sheep.

    * Take a look in the mirror this AM and ask yourself – well am I a Stupid, Subservient Eater-Sheep?

    “wakey-wakey – U may have been asleep 4 a long while..

    Bitcoin – the bottom in ? BuyBuyBuy or not cause U can get trillions more FERN’s today for way less value than just 24hrs ago!bwahahaha.

    Gold&Silver and some BTC for Diversification purposes.

    NO Bitcoin 4 U!

    • “Evidence is mounting that we are at WAR with ChiComs and that COVID-19 was Biological Attack.”

      God I hope your theory is wrong.. if your theory is right .. there will be hell to pay and since china owns us and manufactures everything we get.. that could get extremely ugly..

  3. Looking forward, I’m now glad I’m 77 instead of 17. Looking backward, I believe I’ve lived thru the best of times. Man’s nature is to control. If you have most of the money, power is the only worthwhile thing to quest for and the super rich quest. Their brain doesn’t work like most peoples,[read From the Terrace by John O’Hara] you’ll have a much better understanding of our present situation. Good Luck

  4. Well George if they are stupid enough to tackle the dragon and the bear perhaps it would be the right time to clean house and retake the country,wishful thinking perhaps

    One thing I do find interesting tho is how one mans policies can turn around a country the size of Russia, while we have endless agencies who can’t get anything done.Perhaps we should send a fact finding group to Russia to find out how they do it !!!

    • Hitler did it, and instead of lauding that feat, he ended up the most demonized human being on earth…even Ghenghis Khan and Alexander gets a rosy past for their evil deeds. TPTB don’t solve problems, they create chaos for profit, control, And CH, CH, CH CHANGES!!!! GREAT UNDERTAKING OF CHANGE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!! Obama called it on his election night, TRANSFORMATION. and it has continued non stop.

      • What I find curiously interesting is we all know that all the black flag events are usually the work of a very limited few puppeteers pulling the strings of those that. Should be paying attention.
        They create black flag events.. serious now how many black flag events were there in the past 3 years..11 or twelve.. now we see the pandemic virus emerge just as the next election was starting to look as if they weren’t going to get their way again… the global power structures positioning themselves for war with each other.. if this is the evil work of those few puppeteers will sit at the sidelines once again with their families laughing at our ignorance and how easy it was to manipulate it into creation.
        Was this truly just a futile way for those few to say hey I told you this is what I want and by god your going to do what I want one way or another.. if it is
        You would think the attention would be more towards those that are behind the mess.. instead of everyone getting ready to destroy everyone except the true creators of the issues we are all facing.
        what was it I read that the creator of this hideous virus was being paid by two countries to develop it..
        All while the true evil doers sit it out safe.

        Or was it an oops. Either way we all should be more concerned over the survival of our species than coveting the resources of everyone else.
        What would amplify this is a poor harvest this year.

    • “Perhaps we should send a fact finding group to Russia to find out how they do it !!!”

      It is a reading comprehension issue. Congressoids neither read, nor comprehend The Constitution. Ever since the first one read The Communist Manifesto, they’ve been ceding their power and responsibility to the Executive in hopes of someday creating a socialist, utopian dictatorship.

      The Executive — wherein now lie a myriad of agencies, bureaus, commissions, and what-not, none of which answer to the Citizens, all of which are populated by career bureaucrats, and nearly all of which are redundant and usurp States’ Rights under the 10th Amendment.

      We were given the answer in 1791.

      140 years ago, we forgot it…

  5. The Masters golf tournament is postponed. I thought that they would play it without fans. I obviously thought wrong.

  6. It could be like Star Trek on the other side.

    Certain things I noticed at the store. People are hoarding domestic manufactured product (toilet paper) in hopes of dealing it on Amazon, like the dust masks, for a profit. It would be wiser to hoard imported product, like coffee & Turkish apricots, for later resale. It’s pretty bad when I have to point these things out to the hoarders.

    I thought about hoarding Oxygen gear. Setup a makeshift hospital in one of the vacant houses, once the occupants die from the COVID.

    Schools – UofM – have switched to online learning. Local school districts in my area are switching to online learning. With exception to the low-income areas that don’t have home computers and Internet, why would the order switch back to on campus? The longer the COVID goes on, the new model is being developed and proved real-time.

    The low-income can get a bailout in form of 5G tablets. Everyone will have access to knowledge.

    Sports had to be canceled. Who would watch without the audience effects? A problem with canceled sports is the stadiums need to be operated. If beer dispensers don’t move beer, they clog with mold as example. No income, stadiums will need ballots.

    Good report.

    • Star Trek here we come.

      Here in the Detroit metro area people are receptive to the distance/online learning model.

      An obstacle right now is the free breakfast and free lunch programs. I guess many children eat at school now-a-days for free.

      Most urban school districts are setting up on campus “grab and go breakfasts/lunches”. The grabbers will pull up to the school, be handed a bag and go. Nobody will be allowed in the schools.

      Some rural areas are busing breakfast and lunch meals out to the students.

      All students are eligible. No questions asked.

      The new Star Trek way –

      Main stream distance/online learning.
      Open community food troughs.

  7. Dreamed last night of a future west coast, gleaming tall stylish buildings in Portland and San Jose. A tunnel all the way from SJ to SF. I had an iPad with me must have been 15 inch model. Surreal and very vivid. At the end I was shown that my host for this tour/dream was a dapper guy dressed like a Mason wearing a suit, who had green light inside his fedora.

    It occurs to me that we don’t have all the data. Yet we have all the fear. There’s an article out now about how S. Korea has a lower death rate than Italy. They say it’s because of “massive testing” efforts. A test doesn’t prevent death, but a better handle on how many have caught vs. died does show better DATA.

    So the best data we have is S. Korea, and their death rate is less than the rest of the world. Why is that? Because they have a better idea (still incomplete) about how many have caught it.

    Here’s what I’m saying. Never pass up a good crisis. Don’t test, don’t use data, just tell everyone x number died today (pretty good number) and compare that to how many you guess have caught it.

    I bet that many many people will have caught it, got over it, and moved on without reporting it. Much more like S. Korea than Italy, in the end. But we’ll all run around reacting to the fake news none the less. I have to, my neighbors believe it.

  8. “anyone placed in quarantine by the health authorities risks up to eight years in jail if they leave their homes.”

    And so it begins, Portugal makes the first move.

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
    Even if you dont have the virus.

    Remember: All your Facebook selfies can and will be used against you. Welcome my friends to the age of facial recognition software.

    Dont forget to tell Ure friends where ya heard it first! At Urban survival. Where our goal is to wake you up from the snews, with the Knews before the news.

  9. I don’t link to other sites much here on Georges, but:

    I don’t know exactly which alphabet agency from which country is ultimately responsible, but the above links are very interesting and posit some facts rather than more disinfo and innuendo.

    It is also EXTREMELY coinkydink that Bill Gates is all over this and his test simply requires one to do a nasal swab and “send it in” – failing to mention that this is also a grand source for the DNA of anyone complying – coinkydink again?

    There is no way the numbers match a true pandemic – so many people have been strongarmed into parroting quite a lot of crap. I can tell you that any vaccine for this is something I will not receive – it just has too much fecal aroma all around it.

    Interesting that the timing for this is directly after Trump gets clear of the entire Russiagate and Spygate messes – wham. Stock market globally gets sucker punched – knowing who was holding the shorts for all of this would be VERY interesting.

    I am sooo glad I am not worrying about being prepped – instead I can go about things without having to worry about the basics.

    Most interesting is that ‘OrangeMan’ Trump, a well known germophobe, has not been seen wearing a mask or otherwise altering his habits in the face of the panic all around him. Let that set in a bit – the leader of the free world, a president under continual seige on most fronts, is calm and not wearing a mask or gloves or isolating.


    • OM2 Thanks for that! First article is very revealing with links to claims. Good Stuff. SELENIUM! Who knew it prevents infection with enveloped virus like COVID-19 !

    • Interesting. My personal suspicion is the virus was lab-built, not a naturally-occurring mutation, and that it was built in Wuhan. I believe it escaped via a mosquito. I don’t speculate on the reason it was created, but I don’t buy the “bioweapon” theory because it is not nearly deadly enough, and nobody would build a chemical or biological weapon without first building the antidote… ‘Might be an intermediate step toward a weapon though. However, doesn’t matter.

      The circumstances surrounding the virus’ existence and publicity to this point, unfortunately lend themselves to a multiplicity of conspiracy theories, the propagation of which will only obfuscate whatever bits of true and accurate information make themselves known to the general population. Personally, I don’t care. I’m just going to live my life as long as possible before I get it, to allow the bug to mutate to a much-less-dangerous critter.

  10. No test kits – do we even know any numbers in the US? No support for doctors. Blocking emergency Medicaid expansion for testing. No one being tested coming in from infected areas in Europe. Random bailouts, but no help for working people to stay home when they get sick. Mixed message leadership filled with half truths and confusion but time to tweet this morning trashing Obama. I don’t want Biden, but we can’t take five more years of this. People are scared and confused. Any CEO who mismanaged a crisis like this would have been fired.

    • Manny,
      I have been saying this for years. Any mail room employee acts better than this clown we have in power. He is a true thug..The Gambinos, Capone, Gotti’s all wrapped into one.

      • “He is a true thug..The Gambinos, Capone, Gotti’s all wrapped into one.”

        Are you able to justify this idiotic claim with links to credible sources? If not, as I suspect is the case, please refrain from posting such nonsense.

      • Tumbleweed…this claim is as obvious as the nose on your face. Time to look in the mirror. Those that support this mobster clown are part of the problem. Everyone in New York knows this. It’s partly why he left and is now a resident of Florida. He is the Most hated man in his own hometown. Sad.

      • Actually Mark, she has a point. Unless you have a conviction of a mobster/racketeer you are only stating YOUR OWN PERSONAL BELIEF. Remember, we like KNOWLEDGE and that means facts.
        Obviousness to one is not to another. Facts, however, such as convictions, are indisputable and would support such terms if you could cite them

    • Original test kits were proven to give a large percentage of false positives…If you need “leaders” to to tell you what is true and what to do’re stuck with what is offered.

    • We had test kits in January. They were developed by the Chinese. They were also incredibly defective and proffered wildly unreliable results.

      It was not until we got ahold of the virus itself, that the U.S. (and Australia, NZ, Israel, the U.K., France, et. al.) started from scratch and began to develop accurate tests. The reason Mr. Trump tagged the pharmaceutical industry for assistance was because we were starting the game, 10 runs down in the 7th inning.

      Only some hospitals have kits. Only people who’re symptomatic, and have been overseas or in close proximity of an infected person will be tested, until we have test kits to-spare. IOW, our medical community is going to conduct itself prudently, until we have a numerical surplus of kits.

      I suspect many people between 15 and 50 will get the virus and not even know it. If they get the virus and it is, because of their age and lifestyle, especially mild, should they be tested?

      Why, or why not?

      What can possibly be gained from testing them?

  11. 17 cases in NC & they are selectively closing schools. Get real. Your Governments Coronavirus goal: Create panic, ruin economy, get Trump out of office. Folks, it’s the flu, which has killed more this year than coronavirus. You contain the virus in WuHan like areas, surgically, not a shotgun approach shutting down a nation. Tom Hanks is not in a Hospital ICU. The press is creating what is called a”PSYCHOLOGICAL PANDEMIC”, along with the Democrat Polititions. They have convinced you to Panic, and it is working. Too bad it may cost you your job. VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET, unless you prefer Bernie Welfare.

    Bernie Sanders – “this virus is equivalent to a world war.” Bernie spreading fear & panic. A total lack of responsible governing. Dems are willing to win at any cost. Scary, & if you do not think so, “YOU DRANK THE BERNIE KOOL AIDE”.

    Trump has made bold moves to counter the virus & is being praised by the legitimate health care community (not the TV hacks obsessing about test kits).

  12. Interested in what your thoughts on Boeing are – I don’t think they make it through this without BKing. The drew down their $13 billion ‘revolver’ yesterday. They also spent $10 billion during this meteoric market rise repurchasing their shares at ATH’s – stock has been halved in the last few weeks. They haven’t delivered a plane in nearly a year as well. Should be some nervous people in Renton and Everett right now…

    • Nervous ?!

      U see the all the Tanker Planes being delivered to USAF – DO NOT WORK! The OLD tankers are wearing out they are that old – and the new ones are CRAP that CANT DO the Mission.

      SO US Govt. withholding $23Mil per broke ass Tanker delivered.

      Hate to break it to U all you” BOEING Guys&Girls” – but your PLANES SUCK!

      Quality – what Quality? its ALL about Profits for the very few..NOT U. Our safety and and Our lives aren’t worth Scheisse to them.

  13. I will take Quarentine Alex for a thousand. That’s our daily double Andy!

    Alex, “The Government shuts down entry and exit into 3 block radius, an entire hotel or an apartment complex not letting anyone in or out for 60 days.”

    Andy, “what is a single person tested positive for the corona Virus?”


    Alex, “correct! Well done!”

    Andy, “who hooo!”

    Alex, “Dont get too excited Andy, those poor people in that area will have their guns seized while being detained.”

    Andy, “yep, that is sad. Good thing I’m not on Facebook, I deleted that sh!t and nobody really knows where I’m living. My last update on Facebook was I am living in New York City, in trump tower. Even have mail being delivered there. I dont get any mail at my real place, nothing I own is registered there. I havent got mail at my real place or had anything registered like my car there in over 3 years. Plus I move every 3 months. All that stuff is registered in a different state. I have a Commercial interstate drivers license that allows me to drive big rig in every state. Including Canada and Mexico. so I dont have to change it when I move to a different state or country. It doesnt expire for 4 more years and I have 4 different cell phone numbers with 3 differnt carriers all with different area codes from different states. Two of which are plug in and on in different states pinging off differnt cell towers in Oregon and Arizona. So I’m kinda hard guy to find. Oops! I may have sold an active cell phone to someone who is now in Mexico.” Hahahahahhaha!

    Alex, “Well thought out mister! Most people have got a clue what’s going on.:

    Andy, “well MLB, NBA, NHL, and March Madness have NEVER not happend in the history of our nation. I think most of them are in shock or denial. They will snap out of it soon. What they are doing is controling movement, using the virus to create fear of taking action and fear of dying to keep the heard corralled. To stymie the logistical formation of a revolution and create a dependance mindset upon the Government to help them. So when everyone figures out that the economic engine just shot a rod through the oil pan?? The government has a system of control and anyone standing up and saying WTF?!!! all my retirement money is gone! Or even worse, “I cant get any insulin for my diabetes because the Hospital is quarantined!!!! And I cant go there or I will get sick and die. They will be rounded up quickly as to not create a stampeed.”

    The stampedes gonna happen anyway. They just want to hold on to control as long as they can.

    Have a great day! I have a good and solid update for the 4 years. It’s about 150 words long.

    Since! I am banned from GLP. Unless I register. nah! I ain’t registering. I will post it here. I got a hot date with a thoroughbred Horse trainer.

    That engine is knocking like a b!tch and the Feds stepping on the gas so maybe it will coast farther instead of letting off and going 10 mph on the side of the road till ya get to a safe place to pop the hood. I mean I get it. We ARE in the middle of ‘Death Valley’.


  14. Yeah George: When I first heard the virus news my gut said this has CIA written all over it.

  15. FYI: this is not trading advise.

    #1. It would be a damn good idea to go see the Dentist in the next two weeks.

    #2. It would be a damn good idea to purchase a $500-1000 car to drive around in. Best camo is looking like your a hair above living at the Mission.

    #3. It would be a damn good idea to go see the doctor or hit a couple emergency rooms and tell them you lost your meds. So you can get 3 or 4 medical prescriptions of any medicine you have to have so you have at minimum year supply.

    #4. Always a good investment is the Berkey water filter. That thing will filter out everything from oil to Ecoli.

    #5. It would be a damn good idea to say hi to your neighbor and feel them out to see if they are a Rat or you can depend on them. Dont tell them about your guns or anything. Just feel them out.

    #6. It would be a good idea to have a few things in your vehicle already incase you cant go home one day. Warm coat, boots, blanket, water bottle, knife, back pack, towel, clean underwear. Fishing pole. Etc. Etc.

    #7. It would be a damn good idea to have a $500 prepaid Visa without your name on it so you can pay at the pump at night when the gas station is closed, or rent a hotel room, purchase food etc. Without it being traced back to you. Fyi: Every Motel 6 in the country takes cash. That’s the only hotel no matter what city you live in?? They all take cash for a room.

    #8. It would be a good idea to have a “track phone.” One that you buy minutes on a card for with cash. Dont use your email, Facebook and dont program any numbers in it. Only turn it on to make a phone call. Dont get a Samsung, Microsoft or Apple phone. Get a no named brand. Dont turn on your location. Keep it charged and IF it comes to a point of someones looking for ya?? Turn it on, hit the location, swing by the truck stop and put it on a Flat Bed trailer of a big rig. When they roll out? You go the other way.

    Anyway, like I said this is not trading advise. Just stuff I learned when I spent time with the Tweakers, gang bangers, hookers and children of the night couple years ago. I learned a TON of useful sh!t from them!! Most all of them have warrents. How to get around security and boost (steal) from stores, fixing cars, how to test people to see if they will run their mouth, how to bait people into thinking they are “stealing from ya” but they are stealing from someone else, setting them up to get a beat down from a drug Lord, and taking the heat off you. etc. Etc Etc. You may be Highly Intelligent and very well educated??* trust me, Street smart is super different. Just by being on Aurora Ave in Seattle in the middle of the night, needing help and not knowing its street name??? You are a “Mark”. Those bangers will use a hand signal to one of their friends to come rob ya and you wont even know they did. If you talk to someone down there and say, “nothing like being broke down in the middle of the night on The Blade.” The person your talking to will second guess robbing ya. Probably will let ya walk because they dont know who you may be friends with. Just Because you just called Aurora Ave “The Blade”. Definitely was very very educational.

    I will give my best, “next 4 years assesment” later today or tomorrow.

    Good luck!

    • WTF Andy.

      For water filtration, the MSR Guardian Purifier is pricey, but it is one of few on the market that can filter down to the virus level. Usually the thing that people forget about is water storage. A couple of large MSR Dromedary bags is a good start. Berkeys are OK for home use. For the home, a water barrel with a hand pump is good.
      I haven’t seen a prepaid Visa that didn’t require identity info to activate. Gift cards are more anonymous, though Wally World isn’t above using their facial recognition software for political purposes.
      Having a trailer hitch on your vehicle and a small trailer already loaded is an alternative to driving a car loaded with crap people can steal. The best compromise is to maintain the trailer for a real bug-out, keep a duffel in the vehicle with items you need to keep rolling, along with some clothes and thermals. Also keep a separate small walk-home pack in the vehicle with stuff you need to go on foot, like a Lifestraw or equivalent, a water bladder, a filter mask, good hiking socks, a poncho, a multi-tool, a can opener, maybe a life-raft survival ration, maps and medical supplies. If you are going to the desert, throw a flat of water in the back.
      Burner phones are useful. I have used ’em for visits to extremely dangerous places like hospitals and jury rooms. Never had a problem with a Tracfone, but they all browbeat you for ID info.
      Get 90 day supplies of pharma, and don’t try to scam multiple sources out of the same meds. That can be tracked and prosecuted. If there are effective OTC herbal equivalents which can be used, lay in a stock. I have no opinion on or experience with veterinary pharma.

      • Yeah Andy and n____, got most of this covered. Being “on the streets” is pretty much the same, regardless of a town’s size or location, and just because a dude is a “big fish in a small pond” doesn’t mean he wouldn’t also be a “big fish in a big town” (IOW, the pr!ck in Carbondale or Bridgeport isn’t always easier than the one in Toronto or Dallas. The Seattle coward, the loudmouth who brings a crowd with him to a fight, just has an easier time hiding his cowardice, and his tracks.)

        I didn’t know the Motel 6 thing, and I’d really like to know where one could get a prepaid ccard without submitting personal info.

        I don’t plan on ever needing these specialized bits of knowledge, but one can never be sure, and a stack of burner phones on clearance for under $10 is cheap insurance — just sayin’…

        Fish antibiotics tend to be as, or more pure than people antibiotics. Fishies have extremely sensitive internal biosystems, and impurities can kill your favorite betta or goldfish faster than rank water. I seriously doubt dog, cat, horse, or livestock antibiotics meet the same rigors regarding either purity or dosage.

        N.B. Tetracycline and its near derivatives become toxic to humans, with age. Penicillin and its derivatives will keep for years, Tetracycline, about 17 months, regardless of how it’s stored, and if sufficiently old, can be fatal.

        Read, learn, and know your sh!t, or don’t mess with vetmeds…

    • That is because Motel 6 caters to hookers. Cash is king. Rent by the hour or day. When I use to travel a lot, I discovered this when staying at a Motel 6. That is why they always leave the light on.

  16. George;
    In January I read 2 chinese scientists were expelled from canada last year for stealing the bio samples and research info from that bioLab in Canada,sent it to China. They had been working at the lab doing research for several years.. Other research was pilfered from the lab and off to china..
    The favor of Heaven was smiling on president for Life Xi in china,but should he be perceived to have lost the favor of Heaven,he will lose his head. Proud 5 thousand year history of china.Mostly together under 1 dynasty for 20 or 200 years(under the Mongols, rest of time lots of local wars and positioning.. China is very fragile and needs metals, food and energy from rest of world.. We in USA do not and we can reconstitute our industry in 1 to 3 years to compensate for ANYTHING. Supposed to be 12000 new manufacturing plants back in USA. Only 48 thousand more to bring back. Challenges of the future.. The Master of WAR wins without firing a shot or invading anyone.. Many are the ways of subterfuge, politics,bribes,accidents,and curious tragedy.. Many occur each day. we play chess, They,Chinese play GO, control of maximum area with minimum force/resources. Slow or fast, appear a bit weak while hiding/conserving strength. We have ,they do not,never did.
    A great Game,never ends.But costs can be terrible.

  17. George,
    -Good one on the stats today.
    -And yes, seems even Chinese politicians need to invent a Deep State bogeyman upon which to blame their incompetence and corruption. Trump and the conservatives learned well.
    -But been thinking. I’ve been following you, and your call for the Second Great Depression, for well over ten years now. When will your odds of finally being right ever be more probable than right now? Think it’s time for you step up, stop dancing on the ice, and make your final call or cut bait with your Second Great Depression theory. And I mean your final, final call. No more of this ‘in another 6 months’ stuff. Best, Mike.

  18. George,

    Thank you for all your hard work! You have literally saved my life savings.

    I’m all cash now but in the bank. Am I supposed to withdraw my money?

    I wouldn’t feel safe if I had all my money in the house. Is paper money actually going to be worth anything in a couple of years? If not, what’s the best plan of action?

  19. George .. I think after the fed this week .. you can re hammer the shorts and yep I finally said it .. you can buy gold and gold stocks .. AFTER the fed.. they will hammer incessantly into it and then bingo they will get their medicine .. remember I have got full marks so far .. virus is bad but next week .. woosh down again .. the fourth turning..

  20. well Nuts escalated to insane just a little bit ago.. I was told by my grand daughter that they were all told not to go back to school after spring break.
    and all events and group gatherings are now cancelled or closed.. I wonder if that means the movie theatres as well as restaurants etc.. what gets me is for a small business man his company maybe only have a dozen employee’s but if they loose a days worth of business.. they can never regain that days worth of business… sure the govt.. may give them a loan.. the issue is will they ever be able to pay that loan back.. it is going to get interesting real soon.. my grand daughter sent me pictures from walmart of the shelves.. one of her coworkers said a customer offered her seventy five dollars if she would sell them the jug at the stand…
    my little mini me.. he reminded me that I had made a mistake.. he likes the ramen noodles in the pan not the cup.. so I thought ok I will run in and pick up a package.. someone had cleaned them out.. dam.. nuts.. the small community stores are now being hit.. and they said they were told that the warehouses were out as well and there won’t be any coming in for quite some time..

    • ‘Local school system has been teaching online for years. My kids are in their 30s, yet got two Apple desktops each (one for school, one for home use) from the 4th Grade on, until our tax dollars bought them both MacBooks when they hit high school.

      FWIW they’ve NOT gone to online only yet, but have cancelled all sports training and events, and assemblys/convos/etc.

  21. Yo Gramps – according to the BCN’s calculations we have Capitulation in Bitcoin!

    That means it is time to “back up the truck” and buybuybuybuybuy!

    As soon as they are in your account – move them to ure Hard Wallet and Voila – they longer Exist. Provo can SUCK IT!

    Non Taxable Event – Not Required by LAW to inform Anybody of your purchase.

    This is an historical opportunity to acquire some Bitcoin at a Cheap price – ure Risk is ure ENTIRE investment – just like Stock Market, Bond Market, Precious Metals. But the same caveat applies.. With great risk comes great opportunity and as Yogi Bear always says”..Must be opportunity, cause opportunity only knocks Once.”

    As Always – No Bitcoin 4 U!

    • LOL! Your ignorance of how the internet works is showing. That bitcoin transaction was delivered to a computer at a certain IP Address… registered to YOU. Provo does indeed have a record of that stuff and where it came from, and where it goes.

  22. What is Bryce lazy Porch Garden,?
    Bryce is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation program specializing in fractal landscapes.

    What is Bryce lazy porch Garden.
    Eat local food ,Learn new ideas from far away, Gradually introduce a new plant into your space, Have fun !!! See what pops up next from …

  23. Timely question: Is there anyone present who might claim to have gotten rich on account of “Elliot Waves” (which always look so clear and convincing AFTER the fact! ;-))? I understand that everything is a business model, and so they are.

  24. I really think that Hawaii started this toilet paper rush nationwide. As I have posted here before, back in the 70’s there were shipping strikes that stopped container loads of supplies to Hawaii. Toilet paper ran out in the islands for a month or two. So old-timers here have a legitimate reason for stocking up. Since then, any possible shipping disruption here and people run out and buy toilet paper here to stock up. I believe the first report I read this year was back in January when local social media reported the big box stores here were running out of TP at the first hint of coronavirus scare possibly impacting shipping to the islands. Those faceplant posts were picked up by YAHOO news and posted online. Shortly after that… the toilet paper panic spread nationwide. Thus are the fruits of ‘digital mob rule’. We are so sorry, America. Aloha from Hawaii.

    • No worries, Hank. I’ve been keeping a stock of TP here in Texas for years. Anyone with half a brain and willing to think for themselves has been doing this for a while because we’ve seen this coming. People know that a World without TP is a World with a bad attitude!

  25. Get rid of your dad gum frigging government. Replace it but first get rid of it because they’re only one thing that that government is ruled by and as of the people at the top of the pyramid you know the banker Elite so let’s get rid of their ass that’s put them out in the streets and hang them by the highest pole so everyone can see, hang the bankers if you don’t do that at least disable them and take all of the rights away and put them in a prison are they cant affect anybody and don’t let them have a cell phone and put them in a prison where they are confined away from other people that where they can’t even send the letter out to make commands and then while you’re at it strip them of all their trillions and billions of dollars, so be it today.
    , no don’t have any Mercy on I’m just go ahead and do what’s necessary to prevent them from being on this plane, oh wait that’s what Trump is doing he’s going to get rid of all of them

  26. Went to get our normal groceries this morning
    in Lafayette. A hole isle of bottled water was gone.
    Toilet paper was gone.
    Bumper to bumper traffic.
    Just like a gloom and doom movie !

      • “Is there a prune shortage as well?”

        Actually when I went to Sam’s club last sunday.. all the prunes were sold out all fruit dried was sold out..
        I heard from the postmaster that the reason there was a run on TP was because of it becoming a national emergency health risk and the plans were put into action where total quarantine could be in place. One of the Television daytime Drs. made mention that if this were to happen that you had better have plenty of TP on hand.
        I didn’t know we were out of Arthritus strength Tylenol so I had to make a trip in today.. it was almost back to normal. I mentioned that it was nice to go in and see it being sensible and the security said oh you should have seen it yesterday. they have had to have the police come and break up fights over TP.. the bread Isle was totally empty so was the fruit and vegitable isle and there wasn’t any TP at all in the whole place. the freezers.. one third full.. they did have prunes back in but only a half a pallet usually they are two and a half pallets.. they sold seven pallets of tylenol in one day yesterday.. and that was with a limit of two bottles…. and Now the great story.. LOL LOL LOL LOL my grand daughter said that someone asked if they could buy the hand sanitizer from the cash register.. they offered seventy five dollars for the half empty container.. I said you know what I would have said.. SOLD… to the man with the money…. LOL the soft drink driver was delivering his load and had to use the bathroom.. LOL LOL LOL he said there wasn’t a roll of toilet paper in any of the stalls and no paper towels.. LOL LOL LOL…I didn’t ask how he cleaned himself up LOL LOL..
        Milk.. there was a run on milk.. and Eggs.. they did have one half a pallet of baby wipes but that was only because they had just gotten some in.. some of the items have been taken off of the order sheets because the warehouses don’t have any.. schools have been closed.. and the churches around our small community are not going to meet..Our bank sent out a notice that until further notice the banks will be closed for lobby traffic.. they still will be there to do window and atm.. and internet banking but the lobbies will be closed.. My daughter works in investment banking.. shey are closed and are working from home.. the same for another daughter that is in insurance.. she to is working from home..
        last night they made a notice that all domestic travel was going to be shut down locally.. and the local motels put out commercials that they are going to use stronger comercial cleaners.. but nothing about closing the doors.. the event centers are closing the doors.. the tickets I got for that concert for the wife and I to take a mini vavcation.. closed.. it won’t be happening.. and we are getting a far as I know the restaurant is still open but because of slow traffic servers are being sent home.. the mall.. when I went in to get the tylenol.. it was barren of traffic.. the grocery stores the lots were filled to the max.. the lowes hardware store.. it was doing ok.. it looked like normal traffic maybe a little lite.. but not to bad..
        anyway that is the view from the bottom feeders on a round about town ride ..

      • It is a stereotype “barb,” created by Liberal media and propagated by comedians in the 1980s to ridicule survivalists of that time (“prepping” didn’t yet exist, either as a community or in the lexicon) because they were typically politically conservative – to – libertarian. The jokes and lines would center around: “You’ll be sorry when you run out of toilet paper.” ‘Guess because we blushed and snickered at the mention of TP, condoms, and feminine hygiene products, it pretty much guaranteed a comedian a laugh…

        I never understood the “barb” itself. I’ve known a number of “coasties” over the years. I’ve never gotten to know one, not even the Left-most rabid commie types, who actually lived or worked within sight of an ocean and did not have a GO-bag, usually including a roll of biodegradable TP, in his(her) car, because to have one is simple common sense. I’m sure there are plenty now, since Millenials have supplanted Xers and Boomers as the dominant coast rats, and “common sense” ain’t, any more…

    • Does Lafayette have a Rural King or Big ‘R’ store? Most “farm & home” stores still have an ample supply of TP & towels, bleach, water, etc.

      People have made fun of me, for the 228 rolls I have had in storage for 30 years. NOW I get to laugh at all the sheeple who’re buying cartloads of TP and bottled water, without even knowing why they’re buying them. Sux to be that far behind the curve…

      • There are two or three good answers to the question of why keep a stock of TP:

        My employer ran out of toilet paper the middle of last week. First answer- because you work for Company ____ whose stock clerk has been out with flu or something for more than a week, and wasn’t good at planning.
        For the rural types, because corncobs and leaves plug the septic lines.
        And last, so you don’t get stabbed to death or infected with Zombie plague while standing in line waiting to buy TP in the middle of a TP Panic.

      • n____, I just keep a supply of it because when the SHTF it’s gonna make a huge mess, and I’m on the local clean-up crew…

    • Just noticed the latter article was from October of last year. The oil patch has been looking at this for a long time already.

  27. Heya, George.

    I am Jewish and notices about two synagogues (one in CA and one in KS) that have “closed until further notice” in response to Covid-19. The rabbis also required that the congregation not have meetings in our homes other than with family, but continue the scheduled prayers to create a “virtual service” knowing that the congregation members are praying at the same time. This is not a stance taken lightly by Rabbis since we are a very communal people, expecting services held in AM and PM daily, four times on Saturday. Another Chabad sent a list of changes in practices – including washing hands before entering sanctuary and asking non-related people to stay at least 6 feet apart. Also, kids under 13 are not to attend the services that are held.

    While I as a nurse have been posting memes poo-pooing the over-zealous acquisition of TP, this is a little more proactive in decreasing the spread of the disease. Are churches and mosques also canceling services and closing their doors?

  28. “China government spokesman says U.S. military may have brought virus to China”

    IMO this is the ChiCom News machine, playing with our Election. They saw an opportunity to sew discord and confusion, and jumped all over it, as any antagonistic nation would.

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