Scared Yet? Wait Till the Depression Hits…

America is about to undergo a massive psycho-social change.  We got at some of the psychological roots of it in  Peoplenomics yesterday, but there’s more to come…LOTS more.

For one, there’s an almost daily increase in the odds of a severe economic depression arriving, the result of the disease spread and breakdown of international commerce driving:

As you should be able to make out in the chart above, there is a lower trend line that will likely be challenged over the next several days.  That is likely to be a “do or die” for the lifestyle we’ve become comfortable with.

President Trump – belatedly – announced travel restrictions last night, but the problem with these is they will seed a further decline in the market.  As you may remember from history, the stock market decline in 1929 continued into November and eventually ended down 48% on November 13th of that year.

Now to a very interesting discussion about how long down waves take to evolve.  In a recent Peoplenomics we discussed the matter of time-compression in market declines.  The data then was hinting that what took 28 days to occur in 1929 had this year taken but seven days.

The reason this is do bad is that historically, the workout from an all-time high to a serious low had run on the order of 55-56 days.

The technical problem this morning is that we are down this morning on the futures at levels commensurate with the market reading 43 days from the 1929 high.  The problem becomes clear when we pencil in that modern era we are only 21-days into the unfolding economic collapse.

My consigliere is a man of no small stature when comes to numbers – a tax attorney, CPA, pilot, extra-class ham, he’s no dummy.  He’s at latest check still holding to the 56 day outlook.

And yet, here’s the data:  We will be down today on the order of 19% from the all-time high just last month and – if the pattern holds – we could see a market crash as early as next week – if there’s to be one, at all.

His view – the 56-day count anyone can do from Sept 3 of 1929 to Nov. 13 would put the bottom out in the May 7th area.

Where we go round-and-round is over the changes in “signaling speed” in today’s world.  Sure, back in the 1920’s the news about the market came out every day, at the close, for people living any further distant than Midtown.  Absolutely, we agree on this speeding up.  Yet – and his point is valid here, so pay attention – the Mass of Humanity takes a while to grasp and adapt to fundamental changes.

Take, for example, the Atlanta Fed survey out this week.  Got little play but if you took the time to dig around in it, you’d discover that there was a special question about COVID and here’s what they found:

You can see the data is beginning to skew to the left – into a more negative mood, but my consigliere’s view is that despite the high-speed market moves which have us close to lock limit down again today, the psychological adjustments can take a while.

Now, here’s the rub:  What if we’re BOTH RIGHT?

This prospect should scare the hell out of you because what IF we are going down for 56-days and at the present rate?

That would have the market sliding down through the 18,000 Dow level like it was warm butter with a hot knife.  Yet, as my friend Robin Landry has pointed out, depending on the wave structure there’s a good chance we could sink to the 2009 spring lows if support levels keep failing.

Let me toss some numbers out – to put you in the mood: 683 for the S&P and 1,294 for the Nasdaq.

The Dow?  (Got your barf bag ready?) 6,627.

Could it Really be THAT Bad?

Well, uh, yeah, it could.  So when you look at the short-term target range on the downside today, think about the implications of this:

Note to subscriber Mike:  Yep, a click-glitch/OMBF (olde man brayne fart).

We’re not saying it WILL get that bad – by the end of April, but it’s not a totally alien concept now.  When in doubt?  Let;’s go…

Headline Tripping!

Surely there ought to be some good news, right?

How about Trump on the economy:  Can  the Fed Print Enough to raise the market?  Here’s what the twit-in-chief says:

“Nancy Pelosi all of a sudden doesn’t like the payroll tax cut, but when Obama proposed it she thought it was a brilliant thing that all of the working families would benefit from because if you get a paycheck, you’re going to take home more money.”

Well, no.  It won’t play out that way.  Not even.  Here are some BIG UGLY REASONS WHY:  (Pay attention here):

Notice how othing here makes me want to go out and buy stocks?  How about you?

The good news, if you’re among the world’s ultra-rich, some are already bugging out for their defensivee super-bunkers.  Leaving us peons to…gulp...put up with the shit to come.  Dandy, just ‘effin’ dandy.

Box Scores and Outlooks

Our look-ahead of the data continues to deteriorate:  Now looking like global cases of 20 million by Fourth of July:

And the death toll by then could be upwards of 750-thousand:

Naturally, we hope this is a case of GIGO (*garbage in, garbage out) but the data has been consistently loading this way.  Germany is estimating 70% will be infected over time.  Sucks, javohl?

We could go on, but there are only two other items on the agenda here this morning.

One is the Federal Reserve money dump of repo’s trying to talk the markets out of full-on collapse.

They just put in how much?  A lousy $95-billion?  Never turn any tide on chump change like that…

Circus Breakers! (sic)

And Producer Prices

Like this matters in free-fall, right?

“The Producer Price Index for final demand fell 0.6 percent in February, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices advanced 0.5 percent in January and 0.2 percent in December. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand
index increased 1.3 percent for the 12 months ended in February.

In February, 60 percent of the decline in the final demand index can be traced to a 0.9-percent decrease in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services moved down 0.3 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services inched down 0.1 percent in February, the first decline since falling 0.1 percent in June 2019. For the 12 months ended in February, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 1.4 percent.

In the details, this verged on interesting:

Final Demand Final demand goods: The index for final demand goods fell 0.9 percent in February, the largest decline since moving down 1.1 percent in September 2015. Over 60 percent of the broad-based February decrease can be traced to prices for final demand energy, which dropped 3.6 percent. The indexes for final demand foods and for final demand goods less foods and energy declined 1.6 percent and 0.1 percent, respectively.

Product detail: Nearly one-third of the February decrease in the index for final demand goods is attributable to gasoline prices, which dropped 6.5 percent. The indexes for fresh and dry vegetables, diesel fuel, jet fuel, meats, and light motor trucks also moved lower. In contrast, prices for chicken eggs rose 27.8 percent.

Not that it will matter all that much:  The end of sports, the end of live entertainment, and end of going out for movies…the end of gatherings…online churches, anyone.

Off to work more on an idea for my son’s fire department up in Washington State.  Sent him an email earlier this morning (I ran some case projections for him to noodle on in terms of department response) and I suggested this:

“I think you ought to set up a quick program call “(City Name) Home Safe.”  The idea is that if someone is over 50 and they have any kind of symptoms, the cal Fire Department could give them a daily “health and welfare phone call.”  Kids don’t call parents  enough, as we see it.
That way, if the senior deteriorates, an aid unit could visit to do a pulse-ox and – if needed – be ready to transport.   Local radio stations could be involved to give out local numbers and it shouldn’t be too many calls for the on-shift crew – going to be spread out over months.  Simple database.   Be a great service…wish we had a real staffed department down here in the woods…”

Meantime, Dumb People Abound

Daughter 2 called this morning to report a sighting of one in Seattle:

“So there’s the guy at my gym – sweats like crazy – wipes his sweaty face off and then wipes the equipment with his sweat…. Can you believe that shit?”

Why yes, dear, I can….  In a National where Joe Biden is the best the dems can put up with?  Stupidity is the national pastime.

Off to boost my cholesterol levels…Big decisions to make today,  Is today’s prepping a trip to the lumber yard or the liquor store.  Hmmm…

Write when you get well/rich/sane…

95 thoughts on “Scared Yet? Wait Till the Depression Hits…”

  1. My (harebrained) opinion. NOT actionable intel. (As always, you’re on your own.)

    1) While you might not get the virus at some point in the next two years, chances are pretty good that you will.

    2) Maybe it’s better to contract it now — before the rush — while treatment and ICU time are still available. Because bureaucrats know only Rationing to respond to shortages. Look how Italy is dealing with it.

    Good luck.

    • The Italians chose to side with Hitler. They are not trend setters except in pizza & shoes. Even in crime they have lost their dominance.

    • Improved treatment options and a vaccine are the wildcard bets in favor of avoidance. Age favors avoidance.

  2. George

    “The Dow? (Got your barf bag ready?) 6,627.”

    My son was complaining the other day that his Lockheed Martin 401K was taking big hits with the stock market in it’s current state.

    I am very tempted to tell him to pull his money out of it and take a loss instead of losing it all!

    • Good Afternoon, RM,

      There are several things happening here that no one is addressing:
      1. There is about $100 TRILLION in derivatives that are in the process of blowing up. Is this what is behind the daily repo madness?
      2. The entire run up from the last bottom ($6.627?) was initiated and fueled with borrowed credit from the Fed Reserve. It was called “free money” as interest was very low; but the principal must be paid back. This was laddered into existence and will un-ladder as we are now seeing.
      3. The Corona Virus showed-up right after the Democrats phony, failed attempted Coup to remove Trump.
      4. Coincident with (3.) was the permanent shutdown of ‘our’ biological Level-4 facility at Fort Detrick, MD.
      5. Masking these was the unauthorized, failed Coup against the Saudi Crown Prince which brought on the ‘Oil Price Crisis’.
      6. What is in the those chemtrails anyhow, Whose planes are being used, and how much are we paying for this “service”?

      End goals here are:
      a. Kill a bunch of people, see the “Georgia Guidestones”.
      b. Continue accretion of governments into a single entity (One-World-Government).
      c. Steal as much of our earned retirement as possible.

      A. Trump must declare Martial Law, arrest the entire Criminal Government, military tribunals, convictions, and “up against the wall”.
      B. Terminate the Federal Reserve, transfer it’s legitimate functions into the U.S. Treasury and convert all outstanding currency from FRN’s into U.S. Treasury Notes requiring the conversion to take place at a bank (within a time span)- Bye, Bye drug money- foreign and domestic.

      • About right I was reading that there are quad trillions in the derivative scam, but if he was to arrest those in government then that would have include all those involved in the MIC, including the generals that use rank as a stepping stone to some position on a corporation that peddles suspect weapons to the country thru their congressman/women.

        Amazing how deep the rot goes it effects every corner stone of the government,even back in 1929 there were those that were untouchables, and that’s only multiplied over the years as they have gone from being millionaires to billionaries.A number of amendments should be run thru the state houses with term limits,number of congress that must be present before it can be called into session,raise the threshold from 51% to 71% in order to pass a bill and re-pass the original thirteenth Amendment which was passed once but denied its place in the Constitution and those would work for starters.!!!

    • The problem with 401K plans is that you CAN’T pull your money out without quitting the company! You can only move it(sometimes) between a very limited choice of funds. If you quit, you can toss it to an IRA and do what you wish, or pay the taxes and penalties and just withdraw it. Until then you’re generally stuck riding the market wherever it goes.

      • My sister was complaining during the 2008 downturn..
        Shes in her seventies.. I said sis.. the stock market is a rise and fall long term investment.. the velocity of money.. why in the world do you still have it in stocks.. you should have started to transfer the funds after you reached 55 – 65 into a more guaranteed form of return.. like my in laws.. the past week took ten years off of the growth they have seen..

        I hope stews predictions are all wrong… if he’s right it isn’t going to make a bit of difference..

    • I dated a girl once who lived in a Chrysler town. Mom and Dad were both employees, and had a degree of retirement flexibility not normally seen until the ’90s (at least flexibility my brothers hadn’t yet acquired, at GM.) When the company went tango uniform (late ’70s, before they brought Iacocca in) the parents did not redirect their pension funds out of Chrysler, because their corporate loyalty overrode their common sense. I watched CMC go from comfortable 3-digits to below $8, and listened to these good, but naive folks whine and lament nearly every day I was dating their kid.

      NEVER fall in love with a monetary vehicle or a position!

      • “NEVER fall in love with a ”


        We put all our love and trust in things.. we discard that that truly holds value….
        I like the average thought things were the important parts of life. I literally worked day and night..putting on hold everything with the thought that I would catch up later..after I got the things..
        Whether its money, that fancy car, gold, silver, bitcoin numbers on some random computer screen, everyone has a thing that trips their triggers quickness their heart rate .
        I didn’t realize the futility of things until I got really sick.
        They were on the verge of placing me in hospice..
        My life changed in a matter of hours.. the SLAP of realization that it isnt the things in life that hold any importance at all.. it’s that woman or man next to you. The faith in our heavenly father. And the friendships that you have..
        In the end the fancy house, your good looks can and will be gone. The things you placed your value in will be discarded. The medical industry will take the financial gains you’ve made. In most cases you’ll be forced to get a divorce just so your spouse can survive and you’ll be penniless.
        My advice. Cherish the moments you have.. get down on the floor with the grandkids and play cars show them how to build a tower or make that awesome paper airplane. Be the loudest supporter when their playing sports and enjoy the time.. in the end we all leave here with only a couple of boxes of assorted crap a few photos and the memories of what you stood for..
        Do not end up being the one that people remember as the had to screw him into the ground haha…
        Hugs not drugs..

  3. Outside of the horrors or world war and the 1918 Spanish Flu, modern human society, our governments and economies haven’t experienced a game changer like this. This is unquestionably a generationally defining event. One can expect the worst from the psychopaths and hoarders as CoVID-19 runs its course, but the rest of us can do our very best to bring to the forefront those qualities which have allowed our ancestors to survive and thrive during past tragedies. ‘We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!” FDR

    Unfortunately, history proves that seismic stresses such as this one build up tensions which lead to economic and eventually armed conflict. Dictatorships emerge from the shadows of fear. For ‘we the peons,’ taking watch over our families and our communities seems the best place for us to focus our energy. Pampered, self-centered millennials are about to grow up in ways they never anticipated. But they need leadership by example, adults among them who unselfishly are doing the right things, lest they fall under the spell of the vain and the ruthless.

    For those out there who do not pray, now might be an excellent time to start.

  4. Democrats will do anything to blame Coronavirus on Trump including ruining our economy…they have no viable challenger to Trump. The news is making sure we panic by talking it up all day. China has it under control, so will we, but the news wants you to panic, lose hope & blame Trump. The NBA joined the Trump hating ranks by cancelling the season because 1 player had the virus, & he wasn’t even in the house that night when they sent all the fans home. Even in NC, toilet paper is sold out which proves this whole thing is full of s__t. The good is that it is creating an eventual stock buying opportunity. Mother Nature operates under the Even Steven Theory….for every bad, there will be an equal good. You just have to recognize the good when it knocks. Trumps future moves will be to block the Democrats virus attack, impeachment didn’t work.

      • Truth always finds its way to the light where it can be readily seen by those who have the eyes to see, bringing justice to situations where untruths otherwise prevailed.

      • P.S. I still haven’t recovered from your batSh*# crazy comment comparing the Trump crime family to the Gambino crime family. Of all the insanely fictitious things I’ve seen written about Trump, this one takes the cake! You are definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Hahah, Mark comments, and now he has an anono-mouse supporter, anybody hear an echo in here? ahahahahah!

    • China got it under control BECAUSE they locked down Wuhan when they had only 400 confirmed cases. It’s the unseen cases that kill you. They barely made it.

      North Korea was handling it well, except case #31 was the “superspreader” that infected thousands. Once they isolated him, they started bringing their case load down.

      Italy was two days later than China in locking down, and they are paying a horrible price for it. But at least they acted with resolve, and their case load will soon begin to show a decrease.

      The US is way way behind the curve in both testing and closures; 4 days behind China (and counting). That’s 4 days of untested, undetected exponential growth in the true number of cases. We will pay the price for that. It’s already baked in the cake.

      The math is both unequivocal and unforgiving.

      Here is the best explanation I’ve seen:

      • CDC delaying and lying was a DELIBERATE slam against this country and Trump…and they are STILL lying…as the CDC is just as corrupt as the FDA DOJ FBI CIA NSA…etc.

        This country is ‘toast’….and maybe out of the ashes comes a new day…war with the NWO….or take the mark of the beast….seems like we are entering this era or maybe just going thru..THE Twilight ZONE

      • They came out with something different today.. if your feeling short of breath have a cough and a temperature. Yuh our not to go to the doctor. Your to call them and they will give you a questionnaire.. if they determine that it could possibly be coronavirus then they will send out someone to take a blood test.

    • Yep if I was you I would mortgage everything you own, borrow all you can from friends and family,run your credit cards to the limit and plunk it all down into the stock market,then as the markets keep tumbling down and they come for the money you borrowed you can tell them its all the democrats fault or the virus,I’m not sure they will buy it for as my father always said a fool and his money are soon parted.This was coming sooner or later the virus just made it a little sooner,the market was little more than a hollowed out shell anyway, with little value left in it except cheap money dumped into it by the Fed.I was reading where the head of the treasury called the Russians for a meeting concerning some trade with Russia, the same head that demonized Russia and placed more sanctions on them, I guess they are not smart enough to know that the Russians have a long memory but the oil deal should be a wake up call.As far as mother nature as they say don’t try to fool mother nature for it will get you every day of the week and twice on Sunday,the rides only started sit back and enjoy it for its long overdue and its still a long way down.!!

    • “Democrats will do anything to blame Coronavirus on Trump including ruining our economy”

      Did you notice that once again during a time when they should be going to work to deal with the logistics of a serious issue for the citizens of our country..
      The left to go on a vacation.. sort of reminds me of the shut down when they and their families went to some lobbyists paid island get away..

    • Coronavirus count in NC up to 15 (WOW). NC is in a State of Emergency (Democratic Govener). No toilet paper. Get my point now? Let the professionals handle the virus, not the polititions & press..

  5. Joe Rogan had a great interview with Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policies at the University of Minnesota a day or two ago. Dr. Osterholm, in general, was saying exactly what Dr. Martenson has been saying since January. The time to run around with your hair on fire was a month ago. Italy wasn’t prepared but also, when the word got out that they were going to quarantine the Lombardi state, province or whatever, people began bugging out and spread the virus everywhere. Dumb, stupid, selfish people … just like Americans. Getting people to wake up is impossible until their own pants are on fire.

  6. With problems, comes opportunities. Here is a ray of hope that was sent by our COO in New York today to help put things into perspective.

    “Here are some historic stats related to crisis recovery rates. We can be almost 100% certain equity markets will recover within 12 months after this health crisis if we look at recent historic precedence:
    * Black Monday (8/25/87-12/4/87) – US stocks dropped 33.5% and recovered 21.4% within 12 months.
    * Gulf War (7/16/90 – 10/11/90) – US stocks dropped 19.9% and recovered 29.1% within 12 months.
    * Asia Monetary Crisis (7/17/98 – 8/31/98) – US stocks dropped 19.3% and recovered 37.9% within 12 months.
    * Tech Bubble (3/27/00 – 10/9/02) – US stocks dropped 49% and recovered 33.7% within 12 months.
    * Financial Crisis (10/9/07 – 3/9/09) – US stocks dropped 56.8%, and recovered 68.6% within 12 months.
    * US Credit Downgrade (3/10/11 – 10/3/11) – US stocks dropped 19% and recovered 32% within 12 months.
    * US Trade Wars (10/3/18 – 12/24/18) – US stocks dropped 19.6% and recovered 37.1% within 12 months.

    DID YOU KNOW? Refinance applications rose a whopping 79% last week and were 479% higher than a year ago. Mortgage applications to purchase a home increased a much milder 6% for the week and were 12% higher annually. Mortgage rates have come off their record lows and took a sizable move higher on Tuesday, as news of potential government stimulus to combat the financial effects of COVID-19.”

    The good news is…we will recover and always have. Patience and perseverance has always been our strong suit. If everyone contributes Hard to the solution, not sulk about the the problem and making everything worse. …(sound familiar George?) we will get through this.

    • Mark: For once you are right. Zillow ZG is taking a beating creating a future opportunity. You are so smart.

    • “The good news is…we will recover and always have. Patience and perseverance has always been our strong suit. If everyone contributes Hard to the solution, not sulk about the the problem and making everything worse. …(sound familiar George?) we will get through this.”

      I doubt it. The game is over.

    • Uhem.

      *Raises finger. Good history lesson. However, this but bubble is made of cash and companys buying their own stocks.

      In those examples we didnt see 3700 point drops in the Dow in 3 days.

      Inflation has to take hold at some point and when it does??? Those stocks are gonna go through the roof and the dollar is gonna go up in smoke.

    • 1929 NO one bought a home….then also the Dust Bowl…NO work any where..

      that IS what is coming….CREDIT markets die….and credit cards are useless….as 50% of the country is OUT OF WORK….no loans…as the banksters refuse to loan $$$$….to anyone…..and ALL peoples $$$ in their banks are KEPT by the banksters as per LAW….most people over 90 do not use banks they KNOW what happened in 1929….

      read your dam history….’off the mark’

    • Mark, you and your company still suffer from ‘normalcy bias’. Those examples are all ‘modern recoveries’. I note the absence of any reference to a recovery from the 1929 depression… as George has been comparing this decline to. The horrific part is that the financial house of cards is so much bigger this time…. and global. This country, and the world, has never seen what is happening now and what is to come. “Recovery”?! Not in your lifetime. This will be a generational scar. Prepare yourself.

    • Leave it to the puppeteers to take advantage of an opportunity. Why not put a good health emergency to use getting more useless crap and destroying more lives in the process..
      Wasn’t it abraham that told everyone sure no problem .. you can be a member of our tribe just get the foreskin cut off your penis.. then as all the men lay there in pain and misery they killed them and raped all the women and girls making them slaves and killing those that they couldn’t and stealing the things they had.

      • Nope, it was Jacob to the tribe of Shechem. Shechem wanted to marry the daughter of Leah, Dina, and was willing to become a part of the Jewish people. While the men were inconvenienced, Levi and Shimon slaughtered the men of Shechem.

        Note that later in the Book, the area of Shechem is given to Efraim and Menashe, who are supposed to be descendants of Joseph and Asnat (the daughter of Dina and Shechem.)

      • Hideous things like this are one of the reasons that I avoid reading the bible.

        It’s bad for me emotionally, and there’s nothing I can do about it. The only lesson here is that some people are cruel and can’t be trusted.

      • thanks Tamarah.. I wasn’t sure my first impression was that it was abraham..

  7. I closed my stock accounts a year ago. My broker told me that the stocks would rebound like always. My question to him was why would I risk money I need for money I don’t need ?

    • Amen brother. I did the same a year ago. Told my advisor that if he doubled my holdings, my life style would not change but if he cut them in half, it would. He told me I was missing a huge opportunity to make money. He was right until last week.

    • you were smart to do that NOC.. my inlaws were just let known that their retirement accounts have taken a drastic their age it is highly unlikely that they will live long enough to recoup the losses

      • I have argued the point in the past that cryptos are digital leverage on nothing, making them a certified 100% pure margin investment. With a credit deflation hurricane blowing, margin investments are the first to go, followed by debt, both prudent and otherwise. The big equity bounce which will happen in two weeks will likely be the first of a series of sucker’s rallies. A lot of what is going for investment advice reminds me of that apocryphal tale of the shoeshine boy giving advice to Joe Kennedy ahead of the ’29 crash.

  8. Let’s see how sick Tom Hanks get. The news is acting like since he is an American Icon & got it, you are next. When you get home strip & wash your clothes is another news media idea, thanks Hoda & Jenna.

      • Australia…which BTW is in summer right now. They have 122 cases. High for a country that’s smaller than Texas in population. So much for warm weather killing this virus like the dumbsh#8 POTUS was spouting many times in the last month. So then NC…what’s your point again? Please go away.

  9. “Scared Yet? Wait Till the Depression Hits…”

    Strangely….. NO …… I have been through some pretty rough times so it is just another day to me.. That is how it is at the bottom.. the velocity of money is and should be a huge concern .. but then when it hits it will be hitting everyone.. and already is.. after todays announcement that they are laying off port drivers as a beginning is going to cause panic.. so many people live day to day and rarely give any thought .. their money is on a paper or computer screen and even then the collapse of cash is emminent.
    what should scare people is.. HEALTHCARE… we live in a country that puts the health of the people at second or third place along with our very own INFRASTRUCTURE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE.. we put all our resources into the plan of gathering more crap for groups that don’t need anymore crap and destroying whole nations,families communities and economies so they can get what they desire.. and they don’t even live or pay taxes here just give gifts to high ranking officials LOL.. that should really scare you it should really scare them.. the do not covet thy neighbors resources…..
    Then because of deregulation most of us at the bottom.. well if you don’t have insurance you cannot go to the clinic.. they won’t even see you.. they in turn send you to the ER raising costs for everyone else.. on top of that.. they only diagnose you.. they don’t start treatments until it becomes life threatoning or you can come up with enough cash.. remember that young woman with the two kids.. she went to the er.. wasn’t sick enough they sent her home… she survived.. but they are doing that very same thing now with the new virus as it hits the useless eaters.. cant pay get away. what is the old saying.. CASH GAS OR ASS NO ONE RIDES THE BUS FOR FREE….we will deal with the useless eaters when they get really sick.. now as fear sets in..a pedictive picture emerges…

    These same useless eaters are the ones that do the majority of the labor.. they make your breakfast burito and your chicken dinner.. that cup of java at starbucks they clean your house or motel room empty your garbage or handle your itenerary your money your food your waste… they pay almost all of what they make for daycare and for insurance.. the days of the employers that was willing to take a modest growth aproach transended into the its all for me aproach..and instead of looking out for his employee and their families best interests shifted his interests to just a few at the top turning a work family into a zombie crew where everyone was expendable.. that will come back and haunt them.. as the useless eaters get sent home because of the velocity of cash death spiral..internal and external panic will begin to emerge. this is what brought adolph into power and napolean etc.. yet we play the greed game like none of the past events ever mattered..
    I am concerned with how this all plays out but am not afraid..
    how was it put…

    Now when FEMA came around and had communities write up their community emergency response plans..
    I helped pen that emergency plan for our community.. and it wasn’t the for me alone.. no man is an island.. it takes a village to raise a child.. the same model was used.. the community.. if it became really dire then the stone soup phase.. work together for the betterment of all.. even if that means closing off the community..everyone is a genius in their own right.. each has skill levels that no one else has.. did the daughter just notice that people wipe off equipment with their sweat LOL when I was working out everyone did that.. LOL.. you drip all over everything.. I don’t know about there but the gym I worked out at had dissinfectant spray at every gym section.. I carried my own..
    checking on the elderly.. yup you hit that nail on the head.. the busy work a day world leaves the parents isolated and many times alone sitting by the window for little billy to come visit.. around here.. the church leaders check on the elderly members.. ( my church excluded.. if your not paying a regular tithing or attending regularly.. nope you won’t get a visit the missionaries only go out to see the righteous LOL.. if you are not dressed appropriately.. oh my god get away from us.. sad but true..Jesus would have been pushed away from the congregation) a church bishop did that once.. and I know that monson discussed it many many times a man to be admired in many ways..

    We all live in a world where many of the people living in large metropolitan area’s don’t even know who it is that lives next door to them..
    Luckily I hate that idea and I know all my neighbors.. for several blocks in any direction..
    I know I have said it before.. the guys living under the bridges will be the ones to survive to.. ready to join a colony yet LOL.. I sure would..
    but if you haven’t been prepping.. take it slow don’t panic keep your faith pray dilegently and buy an extra can.. learn new things.. if you don’t know then ask someone makes their own soap or cheese learn something new..

    speaking about the something new.. I tried something I had read on the cardboard project dam it it didn’t work.. but the good thing is I can fix it LOL…

    • I think you have your useless eaters mixed up! Useless eaters are the +60 crowd (to witch I am sure that you and I are part of) that this virus is hitting the hardest!

      • “(to witch I am sure that you and I are part of)”

        YUP… I am in that group … but not useless.. we have built up the skills through the ages.. and if we had been able to invest the money we paid in to social security we would have been multimillionaires.. I figured it up and would have had conservitively between twenty five to fifty million if the money I had invested from the paychecks I worked at in savings bonds from day one.. I give the savings bond lecture to all the kids.. when they start their first jobs no matter what position you have or the wage level if you start young you have the compounding interest periods to mulitply that money several times.. the thing is pay your self first.. you will always have bills and loans etc.. We let a group that has a poor work history to manage our affairs and they have squandered it the same way they have let our nation go into ruins in my opinion..

      • I think they useless eaters has to do with the young with children sect to.. the average wage earners.. I was listening to a popular talk show host one time that had a stand in.. while he was out on vacation.. and what he talked about was the people that made less than x dollars.. the average wage earner he had an extremely low opinion of the average laborer the thirty percent crowd actually if you consider that 76 percent of all wage earners are on a federal program and one in two receive food stamps the stats are way off… even in corporate america.. they no longer look out for the company family but the few at the top.. one place I worked I was a department manager.. there was a ten percent full time the rest were to be hired had to be within guidelines to get the tax incentives and wage breaks.. they were not allowed to have a benefit package because they were in the part time category.. for the ninety percent of the lower end employees they are told at hiring that their retirment program is the social security that they pay in..
        their children are the burden of the society.. in my own community I had argued the older didn’t want younger to move into the community because they would bring their children.. what is funny is the horrible children that they reflect against were their very own children and if they were that crappy of parents then why blame someone else for their own issues and mistakes..
        its a catch twenty two really.. those in the over sixty crowd can’t make up the money they lost investing it with a group of bought and paid for running the country. Even in todays news we are once again getting militarily involved at millions of dollars worth of bombs.. excuse me consider your own countries needs first.. stop giving money we don’t have and close the borders.. and take care of ourselves and our countries needs first. Rand paul was right in his assessment.. then again he is in our age bracket to..

  10. All of this virus fall out would actually be a good thing – like an enema wiping out all the clutter and toxic agents. But not so fast. Massive debt and leverage has been the hallmark of the global system for the last 10 years or more. Personally, cleaning out the leverage and the massive debt will be very cleansing, but it will come at a VERY painful price. The effects could be multi-generational as was case with the ‘Lesser Depression.’ Btw, George to go to the heart of your question – the lumber yard or Liquor Store. I think liquor will be more useful as it is a very portable item to trade during the depression. A bottle of Vodka may eventually fetch a good price (in physical trade, not dollars or digi dollars)!

    • Yeah.. don’t mention vodka is 40 percent… lol lol or that while all the hand sanitizer is sold out the shelf is still full of denatured alcohol in the paint isle lol..a little gel thickening and you have plenty. E85 is 85 percent alcohol and 15 percent petrol..under a microscope 409 antibacterial kills germs almost instantly where alcohol takes time.

    • Shoot Stephen.. someone squealed.. dam it if the vodka isn’t flying off the shelf as fast as hand sanitizer…. and what if they close the bars.. department stores.. the way they were talking is that anyplace that had over fifty people were to be closed down until further notice….Saturday night is suppose to be prime rib special at the local restaurant.. I will have to call and see what they are going to do.. hopefully stay open..

      • and what about the concert I bought tickets for.. the wife and I was going to take a mini vacation.. dam..


    From the article:

    “These pandemic bonds were sold to investors as a giant gamble in the global financial casino. The World Bank sold “pandemic bonds” which were a scheme like no other. In 2017, these bonds were sold to private investors on the premise that they would lose their money if any of six deadly pandemics hit. They did not pay out in 2019 when the Ebola virus broke out in Africa. The World Bank announced the creation of these structured bonds in May 2016 at the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Governors meeting in Sendai, Japan.”
    The bonds are set to expire in 2020: “There are two varieties of debt that are scheduled to mature in July 2020.”
    So, The World Bank HAD TO “pull the trigger” before the end of 2020 — or lose out on all that bond investment.
    At least this explains the actions of The World Bank — declare a world-wide pandemic, or lose funds.

  12. George:

    Nouriel Roubini just said:
    “Acceleration of the coronavirus contagion spread looks much faster in US than in Italy/Korea. [Chart.] Only difference between US & Italy/Korea is that latter are honest & test 10000s every day while Trump made sure almost no one got tested for over 2 months as he “likes numbers very low””

    Best, Mike

    • “while Trump made sure almost no one got tested for over 2 months as he “likes numbers very low””

      I am sorry Mike.. but I have to dissagree with your assessment..Trump did the right thing.. he signed in an emergency plan long before anyone thought there could possibly be an emergency..
      of course everyone downplayed it.. they still are for the most part.. to stop panic buying.. what I seen the other day was from a scene in a movie.. it was nuts.. it is still heading in the nuts category.. If the president had gone with the oh my god what do we doooo we are all doomed back in January..the country would be in total chaos..the velocity of cash would have ended and the USA would be in ten times more dire straights in my opinion..
      BE CALM… I have seen some real uglies working the floors of healthcare institutions..( some that would give you nightmares and stop any hunger pangs). they closed the school down because a parent caught the virus.. I just visited with him less than a week ago at the store.. I am not going to freak out..

    • Mike,your twitter link shows what your problem is. Like a fat person in the cookie aisle, you need to change what you are consuming, that junk food is not healthy
      Be Best, Darrel

  13. George:
    I see that Lamar Alexander (R) just blocked sick leave (wow).
    Because of the hit to the national debt — after he put $2 trillion on it for unfunded tax cuts. Wow.
    Republicans loot trillions from the treasury, but they don’t have pennies for sick leave?
    So now that sick guy will avoid testing and go to work —
    Just like Trump said he should!!
    Can I get a Mama Mia for gross incompetence?
    Best, Mike

    • “So now that sick guy will avoid testing and go to work —”

      Actually… that’s the daily grind at the bottom..

      It isn’t uncommon to hear that they dont care about your being sick or not. Theres a job and it has to be done..
      I quit a job I loved very much. The daughter got sick and had to have surgery. I took 4 hours off to be there.. i got back and they wrote my butt up. I asked why.. because i took four hours off. Seems their point system your allowed two days. I had a day of jury duty twelve years earlier..
      At the hospital theres no excuse to be off work for illness or weather..

      But if your an executive the rules are way different. They even give out cruises and have condos sick time bonuses etc. . it just depends on what part of the food chain your at.

  14. Zero cases of Corona in Alaska. Very very few in the worst health car system in the world. Africa.

    Why? Probably because they arent a threat to the paradigm shift.

    Probably be a good idea to see about getting a berkey if ya still have time too. We are about 3 weeks away from total shut down from my perspective. Hmmmmmmm… I will see what EYE SEE…. been kinda busy.

    I got a good place to live, good stock of food and full tank of gas with an emergency 5 gallons.

    Lots of opportunities… I am sure I will be right where I’m supposed to be when and where I need to be.

    I will give ya a heads up.

    “Mindfulness” is the word of the last few days.

    Gotta check on a few things. Be back later.

  15. Hey G,

    U remember the ALTA reports from Mr High? Dude was tracking a “Sun Disease” since 1997or so. I have have ALTA reports from 2015 on – and the descriptors of this “Sun Disease” are eerily similar – no make that exactly similar to what we have been seeing out of Wuhan. Live video reports out of Wuhan are downright spooky – there are hundreds of thousands of peeps missing- gone W.T.F/ did they go? Up in Smoke..

    This bad boy has Corona Virus as Core Envelope that presents to human body..but someone tweaked this badboy adding 3 different protein Insertions: 1) HIV 2) MERS 3) SARS These Insertions are the “weaponization”/engineered pieces of these nasty wicked lil bugs. The Insertions effectively prevent human body from developing Antibodies – and this thing is Very stable as it has also been engineered with a Long Duration Encapsulation – wicked.

    3 – Rabbit holes –

    1) China is/was becoming global economic winner/leader – threat to ruling Kosher Nostra Financiers.

    2) Italy was signing onto Belt & Road with ChiComs – giving the finger to EU

    3) Iran – mortal Enemies.

    This baby is a BIOWEAPON ! Might want to download publicly available US Army NuclearBiologicChemical Warfare Handbook -300+ pages

    DECON ! it will save lives..

  16. George –

    As US Troops start spreading out over Europe – the Hunt gets real and the pain starts. Who they be Hunting or backup support for the Hunters – but the Hunt is on!

    Next will be Presidential Elections Cancelled.. Martial Law soon to follow. This is the “STORM” and with it Pain ..for Satan/Moloch/BAAL worshipping Globalists/Billionaires and their Puppets.

    or is this just more conspiracy theories..?

    Buying SPY Puts in the 205 range as market popped on Fed liquidity news. PM stocks and Streamers stocks holding up pretty well, as is Bitcoin – ya know that worthless – pennystock like thingy. Man o mano shevitz R there some temptingly cheap stocks out there – starting with 2020 refunding IRA – some of my fav target companies are too cheap to ignore! “damm the f-ing torpedos” -BCN

    in times of great financial uncertainty U gotta ask yourself – “well do I have any Bitcoin ..well do ya punk?”-BCN

    NO BITCOIN 4 Ure!

      • My fav Tech Analyst has been calling for same this year before Halvening. He has made 2 public Bets regarding this Price Call Prediction. BCN has fingers crossed that we get one more Big, Bad, Red, Candle down before BUYING moar!

        Yes I am Bullish BTC at these levels and with one more big down Candle will put me into “Wildly BULLISH”.

        • Repeat after me: This is leg 1 down. We will bounce, then the crater.
          My skepticism of BTCs and cc’s generally made an honest answer to the IRS question about crypto’s easy: NONE.
          Even if you don’t think they have it, lying to IRS is still a gotcha and are you betting against Provo’s computing horsepower? Um….not I said the geezer.

    • Hmmm. Good point. No Presidential election? Before that can there remain options for Democrat campaigning to a July convention? How convenient. Sanders left Biden’ time now may land sometime a three-pointer at the buzzer?

  17. George, your “(City Name) Home Safe” idea might be OK for some people to PERSONALLY opt in to. If otherwise, it’s terrifying! Having relatives sign you up is a non-starter.

    Many of us elders wish to be left alone by other than intimates. If we fall and die – at least we know who was responsible in our last moments. If I have a medical emergency, I’ll tough it out and either make it or not. I’ve been in difficult spots and calling 911 is the farthest thing from my mind. Some people want emergency services and some don’t. In most cases – I don’t! The idea of “wellness checks” initiated by neighbors or well meaning strangers is really scary! Medical services in particular are presumed to be authorized and it’s tough to push back against EMT’s and others when your refusal could be life threatening. They take it personally. A man needs his own safe space FROM society and that’s what I pay my taxes for.

    Opting in to these things is fine. We just need to secure our right to be left alone.

  18. So we have a situation and I am pretty much ignorant when it comes to buying and selling stocks. The market has dropped dramatically. But, we all know that sometime in the near future the market will go up. So my question is: What are the early indicators that a recovery is about to occur?

  19. Remember that comment I made a couple of weeks ago about our economy being like the venerable SR-71? All it took was one little bug spat on the windshield and the whole bird begins to approach the ground in a million disassociated pieces.

  20. What a difference a week makes. After sharing stage time alongside a former Australian PM and other celebs with a few thousand young people at London’s Wembley Stadium last March 4th – as well as visiting the Canadian diplomatic corp during the same trip – the Canadian PM’s wife is now diagnosed with covid-19.

    She and her family, including the Prime Minister, are now in isolation. We understand that the Prime Minister is working from home…

    It’s an interesting recent “Urbansurvival” observation that some virus numbers may be dropping in China juxtaposed with the Americentric comments above projecting outcomes favouring either Dems or Republicans depending on which eye is blinkered. Do you really think China is going to hand over the cure before communism’s major competing system totally seizes up and collapses?

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