"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch.11)

Value Propositions and Economic Models today. Because we need to start at the very beginning of a product’s life-cycle if we’re to resolve the now-appearing conflict between economic efficiency on the one hand, and environmental efficiency on the other.

Because once you see the inherent conflict, we may be able to outline a new kind of “global econometric model” which might lead the entire planet (after a bumpy transition period) to a new sort of “economy” where there’s harmony between “economics” and “environmental constraints.”

Unless we get this figured-out soon, the entire world will continue riding “deeper and deeper into the Box Canyon” or disaster where slaughter of all things will take place.  From the Great Barrier Reef right down to the 3-year old child next door.

We know we need to change our thinking…but as always, that’s a product of habit and the how to change US stops us cold.

So, into that in greater detail after a few headlines and our morning view of the ChartPack for this holiday-foreshortened week…

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14 thoughts on “"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch.11)”

  1. G – take a look at the Bitcoin Price Chart from Inception to Today – now overlay and Compare S&P Chart – tres interesting, non? Word is the Fed is already back Buying Up Bonds..Stealth QE…wheeee more MMT to the rescue..

    -Got Silver?

    • I would really like to understand the fundamentals behind the recent silver rise. Many knew it was coming, mostly from hearsay. I still don’t get why it’s moving now and was in the doldrums since 2011.

      On a possibly related subject, I did a quick mental inventory of prices in Harbor Fright yesterday. My guess is that they’re up perhaps 10% since June.

    • Joe and VT…your both right..

      Sure my issue is that I am on the end line. Just my place and one other and the power company has had a lot of issues with the transformer for the end line.
      I do purchase the five year extended warranty on all products. I will never own another maytag.. the closest company contracted service center is 400 miles away a true nightmare.
      So far my extended warranties have all paid for themselves.
      The other thing is while most people utilize the majority of their utilities at work ours are on..washing machine and dryer five or six loads a day dishwasher the same.
      I have been considering the line shutoff for an emp..you can watch on the inverters the line fluxes .. the change from peak to low..
      No nuclear plants close by..there use to be..after it closed I worked day labor there on cleanup shoveling dirt..it wasnt until I was done that we were scooping hot dirt unofficially. I don’t think anyone would have mention it th o anyone.. they told me over cold adult beverages..

  2. “we need to start at the very beginning of a product’s life-cycle”

    Ain’t that the truth….

    August.. the dryer control board went out.. its 4 years old.. cost to repair it was going to exceed the cost of a new one..
    A week later.. the washing machine motor and clutch assembly went out( it’s under warranty) then the vacuum cleaner.. the one year old dishwasher that went out ( it’s under factory warranty) the cost to repair it double what was paid..a week later the motor and pump assembly went out total cost of repairing it will exceed five times the cost…
    Ok now out by the garage I have an old Sears and roebuck wringer washing machine..it was my mothers… I know for a fact it’s over fifty years old.. and it’s still working like a champ..rollers are getting aged and I’ve replaced the hoses a few times but runs like it always did..
    I had a tv we were watching it then nothing..went in the repair shop said there wasnt a thing to do. Seemed the company programmed it to fail after s many hours.. Planned obsolescence.. which brings up the question..are all of them made that way

    • Looking: No, everything I buy has lasted for years. You need to shop elsewhere or buy a home warranty. Do you live near a nuclear power plant or are your neighbors building a time machine like Mad Man Marcum on the Art Bell Show which needs massive amounts of power?

    • Recommend you get the electricity going into your house checked. It might be fluctuating or high, wearing out the devices.

      • A surge protection device (SPD) for the main and sub-panels can help. I recently put in Siemans FS-series SPD’s.

      • Thanks N____ I will look into that.. I was thinking the emp shield..

        The power company has really had a lot of issues with that one transformer to.. it sucks.. I had to go out and flip the main breaker once.. they dropped a leg and the other one was pushing double the voltage.. you could hear the fan motor going like hell..
        I had even considered going off grid.. because I get a more stable voltage with just the solar power..

      • The specs on the Siemans FS100 and the EMP Shield are very similar, although the EMP shield has slightly higher capacity. It is the 1 nanosecond response that sets those two devices apart from the rest. At least on the surface, both appear to be faster than even a Transtector unit costing many times more money, although I will admit I have bought more Transtector surge protection equipment over the years than anything else.
        Mounting the device(s) and getting the wire into the breaker panel is the big challenge on a retrofit. Be careful working in and around the breaker panel. That is a place of lethal danger. Don’t drill, poke, or fish unless you are absolutely sure what you are touching or prodding. Run off the grands before you or your sub start; the kids will get you and themselves all permanently dead.
        I went with the two surge protectors on the two panels ’cause I once heard that two is one, and one is none. That works for most any redundancy issue.

  3. Products worth investing in..

    I am at the bottom of the economic food chain.. but I have an expensive taste from time to time.
    In years past i had shared how i built my own meat aging chamber… well i wanted to share with you that you can now buy one. Just like the freeze dryer i built i had discovered that one purchase isn’t really that much more than one built.
    Well they make one… the price is comparable to building one a little more but well made.
    Anyway i thought I’d share..
    For those that enjoy the melt in your mouth aged to perfection piece of meat than this is the ticket.


  4. Down the road stands a small, (solid, not facade) brick ranch house. In the master bathroom of this house are faucets machined in 1959 by the Delta Faucet Company, out of solid 22ct. gold, for which the owner paid 29,000 1959 dollars. They are a nice complement to the imported Italian marble. The man who had that unassuming looking house custom-built, spent his life collecting trash and charging people $1 per truckload to deliver it to him, then culling it and reselling the metal scrap.

    Garbage stinks. People don’t like the stink. Trash clutters stuff up. Most people don’t like too much clutter. Generally speaking, people are perfectly willing to pay someone to remove the stink and clutter from their lives…

    Republic and Best-Way are stinky places. The houses their owners and managers live in, are not, and they’re probably nicer than your house and mine.

    Junk pays. Trash pays more…

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