National Mood Swing, Life as a Project File

As one of our readers posted [in the comments section following each post] The end of August brought about a change (into  Virgo I think it was) that should see the decoupling of  social restraints.  As in people going nuts.

The shooting out in Odessa, that left 7-dead and almost 2-dozen wounded, for example.  To me, that was a pretty clear sign of a mood disorder.

At the same time, we see the  seriously left Federal Election Commission chair appears to be warming up an attempt to ram-through the end of  Constitutionally protected Free Speech on the web, as the libs have the  Drudge Report in their sights (again).

Everyone involved – at least in the political sphere – seems to lack a clear vision of what’s really going on with social(ist) media.  To refresh your memory:

  • China (ChiComs) are the threat in 2020 because they don’t want to deal with Donald Trump on trade.
  • Russia never was a major threat; it was just lib-bait. (Hint:  You don’t hear about the  real corruption of elections!)
  • Facebook and the other social media are already facing a user implosion as CNET reports “Facebook considers experimenting with hiding likes.

We have seen the “end of Likes” coming for years.  In fact, we nailed the coming collapse of social media when it was in its infancy, telling Peoplenomics subscribers that corporate media types would have to be complete blithering idiots to hand their own product audiences overs to be held hostage by a bunch of  greedy 20-somethings.”  Corporate group-think struck again, despite our warnings.

As a result, this is precisely what happened.  Social media used to be honest (well, less dishonest ).  But, as soon as traffic throttling came along (to squeeze money out of posts unless you “buy circulation”) the whole house of cards began to wobble.  Show me a politicized corptard with power…way down from the C-level, and I will show you a leak below the waterline.

What the “geniuses” of social may not fully grok is that “Likes” are a kind of social currency.  It’s become the ego-currency of losers.  When “Likes” go away (and/or more controls on cross and re-posts) it will be time to start thinking about shorting social media, perhaps.  Maybe we were right (again):  We’re seeing social as a huge GOSUB routine for thinking people.  The coming period will see the RETURN call.  Life moves on, line by line as we’ve been coded.

Sometimes, our analysis is pretty BASIC, huh?

Back to the opening thought:  Will the now-past holiday be seen as a national mood swing  inflection point?  We’ve got this on our watch list.

The stock market is set to roll-out a mini mood-shift itself shortly.  Dow futures were down more than 200 points and with the employment data to come later this week, we could see some downside momentum build  if the data is bad.  Either way, all eyes will be on Fed boss Powell Friday looking for hints of another rate cut.  The Fed and Bernie & Liz have one thing in common, though:  They all love Free Money.

One of the headlines sighted over the weekend wondered “Does Fed plan to Crash Market to Stop Trump 2020?”  Intriguing notion, but how about China?  Trade data will be along about this time tomorrow.

Speaking of which, the useful department at the NY Times has this under DealBook Briefing: Prepare for Market Turmoil After the Latest Trump Tariffs.  Other than that, the rest looked like fish wrap to us.

This & That’s, Wind & Rain

Dorian is stalled off the Florida coast.  For the latest without any commercials or hype, bookmark the National Hurricane Center website:

I was  only joking (or was I?) when I noted that the hurricane changed directions within 24-hours from of that “time slip” we reported on over the weekend.  Look at the comments following the article:  Lots of people experienced it…it’s just not something wre are conditioned to sense.

And another joke (or was it???) when I wondered if Dorian’s landfall ‘came on top of  Mar a Lago’ would be a kind of “ultimate signaling” to Donald Trump about who the Deep State/Swampwalkers are in league with?

Thinking back to our days in Deerfield Beach and Boca (and the SQLs), we at least has a definitive answer to the question What’s slower than weekend traffic on the A-1-A or I-95?”  Dorian!

Eye, eye, aye! Teen’s junk food diet caused him to go blind, study reveals.

Other eye-related news? Notre Dame’s Ian Book hits Louisville cheerleader in face with football on errant throw.  Oi.

Word Frequencies  du jour From our site.

  • Climate: 3
  • Trump 6
  • Hurricane 16
  • China 11
  • Russia 7
  • Peace 1
  • Love 2

Around the Ranch

UrbanSurvival may load an iddy-bitsy tiny bit faster this morning after some graphics crunch and speed of loading work Sunday.

That’s because Saturday was spent on the quarterly personal planning.  Hell of a life when I still have to schedule things in  ProjectLibre.  What the hell happened to retirement?  Here’s what  part of my life looks like:

Useful exercise:  Sat down Saturday and made a list of all the things I wanted to get done between now and the end of the years.  Then started working out the “dependencies.”  For those who aren’t into project management, that’s figuring out what needs to happen (say task A) before something that  depends on that can get underway (task B).

Easiest way to avoid arguments in lay out who’s in charge of what parts of the project.  Elaine’s got most of the design/planning on the front-end.  I show up and do the building parts.  We want the kitchen done in a month and a half so she’s working on her part now:

As you can see, super-loose schedule.  But you can do that in “retirement.”  No more of this 24-hour scheduling stuff.

We actually work pretty well together…she tells me what to do and I then ignore it, lol.  (My favorite jobsite phrase is “Close enough…”  Her’s is “ I told you that would happen…”

Nice thing about applying real management tools in complex lives with many moving-parts is that the schedule gets agreed-to so if there’s slip, it means a precedent didn’t happen and there’s who screwed up.  Data ends arguments.

At least in theory.    Ask me at the end of October how the new kitchen looks.  Or, ask me again in the spring…

Off to size-up the leftovers…frying eggs sounds like, oh, you know,  too much work.

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “National Mood Swing, Life as a Project File”

  1. Lol. Just got caught up with Ure latest and the comments.

    Ya, we had a “bleed” through. I was with TM. We were sitting in his living room at the same time you experience your “time jump”. We had a significant “reality bleed” through. Where mulitple layers of time and reality collide and some stuff from “then” transfers to “now” and back and forth.

    We were sitting in the living room and doing the work. Then all the sudden at 3:13pm Ure time, a cowboy in black boots, brown pants with black chaps, white shirt, black vest , red neckerchief and black cowboy had with a tan gun belt with a 44 on his waist appeared in the living room. The look of Horror and confusion on his face as he stared at us and what im sure we looked as shocked as him. First moment was about 5 seconds. I started laughing the TM started laughing after me. He reached for his pistol and said, in irish accent, says, am i dad? Then poof he was gone. We laughed and were both saying Wow! That was super cool. We talked for 10 more min. Took a deep breath and went into meditation again. And right before we both closed our eyes. Boom he was back again. This time he slugging down watter on canteen and says, tha ell, Mirage! And dumps it on his head. I said Hi he shakes his head and poof he is gone again.

    I look at TM. He looks at me. I say what the hell you put in this coffee? He starts laughing. Sugar and creme! I said damn! Thats ia good sugar and creme! He points to the water on the floor and says, Yeah it manfests water on the floor! And is hysterically laughing. The dog comes out of the bedroom and licking it up.

    I couldnt talk for 20 min. I just kept laughing.

    • Andy: I have been experimenting with “Transcendental Meditation” & ” The Power of NOW” to develop a link between my Mind & Heart. I believe both Mind & Heart are linked. My link has been broken for years, so it needs to be reconnected.

      First, I mentally go inside myself, & then deeper & deeper inside. It is truly relaxing. Then I go deeper & deeper into My Mind & Chant my Mantra for 20 minutes.

      As my mind & Heart become linked, I control my emotions & thoughts from deep inside me. That way I cannot be controlled by what is going on outside of my body. My mind is clear & actions decisive because My Mind & Heart are as one. My Mind is like a empty space with no outside influences to prevent it from performing its function & power me forward.

      • Cool. Im doing similar, can you “time jump” yet?

        Ya know the Key to seeing the future, right? Its not about what i think of who will be president, its not about my feelings of who i like, or prefer or what i want or wishing. Its about who IS the next president. 

        In order to see and know the Truth about the future, you have to surrender that stuff. I dont care who is the president. Lol. 

        Its all theater. Lol

        You can look at the program flyer they give ya before the show starts. It breaks down the Acts.

        Yeah, the ‘Bundle of His’ in the heart, is more active than the brain and its made of the same cells at the brain. I call it the “Tree of life”.

        Or the Cmos, chip.

        The “wings of the Heart”

        You know the saying, “God judges a man by whats in his heart.”

        One Youtube video. Its an ins-tru-mental for the in-s-tru-mentalist.

        See ya around.

      • You and Andy should try Ayahuasca, if you haven’t already. It greatly boosts your efforts to move your Ego out of the way and go deep within. Another way of saying it is that it parts the Veil and gives you access to your inner/higher self.

      • Andy: I never thought of time jumping. My goal was to be in the “NOW” or “PRESENT” Time. As I continue, I will see if I am led to Time Jumping. I don’t like to force anything, just let it develop on its own. The heart & mind link just came to me, I didn’t seek it. When I started my experiment, I just wanted to enter the NOW, but each week I learned something new & progressed from there. I guess it is true, good things come over time.

      • @RBI: Aya is not for the faint of heart, and it’s certainly not for everyone. It can be overdone, and it can be the scariest experience of your life. Few people do it more than once. It’s good for some folks, and what’s done today by the Amazon people for outsiders is a very diluted version of the real experience. It seems to be a trip to the lower astral(depending on the person) and there have been rumors that people have literally been scared to death. Just remember that you’re there and will be there for the next seven or so hours and there’s nothing at all that you can do about it. Trust that you will wake up, and accept the reality that you might not.

      • OMG. WTF. You !@!#$@# guys are seriously giving advice to someone in rehab to experiment with psychedelics??!!.
        Sobriety is your best option, Andy. You have to keep a real job in the real world. I don’t think living in your parent’s basement getting high is an option for you, like it apparently is for some of the other readers.

      • Relax N___, i havent lived in my parents basement since i was 15. I actually havent lived with my parents since i was 16. Not all is as it seems. I dont need drugs to expand my mind. Lol sometimes, my mind is too expanded anyway. lol

    • This is so much like the old TV show “Fringe”! I thought that show was prescient at the time.

      I can see more of this happening as we move forward in time. It will be interesting.

    • Hi, George,

      Wow, it certainly sounded like the veil became very thin where Andy was during his meditation to manifest a cowboy from the old west days! What a hoot! Had him there twice, no less.

  2. George, last nite I caught the end of an Art Bell show on Bots. I believe it was a show from around 2001. Two gentlemen, I didn’t catch their names, were discussing their invention of bots to predict terrorism, gold prices, currency prices, stock market, etc. They had been very successful predicting gold prices & the dollar, based on the dollar becoming a less desirable currency. The seemed to concentrate on puts. Predicting terrorism was their #1 goal. They wanted to sell it to the CIA, but the CIA wanted to see further development. The problem was lack of capital to perform further testing. Art suggested using the bots to predict the stock market & use the proceeds to fund the research. One of the gentlemen was against it based on moral grounds since the market is already run by crooks & making money this way produces nothing good to benefit mankind. The other gentleman was all for using the bots to raise capital. The moral minded guest said he was set to go back to his ranch in Texas, & the other guest gave the website & one other I can’t remember.

    They decided to offer it to the government for free & let them develop it. Was that you? Art said you were very informative guests & it was a great discussion.

    • Said gentlemen may have inked a “quad chart” for an inter-agency Broad Area Announcement (BAA) within Dod at the time. Sent it in.
      Never heard a peep.
      Meantime, went the bigger/general data approach and has done well. Thing is, it lacks so much of the human instinctives, it’s not terribly good at much more than linear (or lightly formulistic) projects of the sort that fall out from plain forecast modes in an excel sheet.
      The truly important work (and I expect both of us still have an int. in it) is the human-dimensioned side.

      Since then, one fellow has become a crypto guru and the other went off and did things like national dream center and does a lot of thinking, and writing and working on a New Global Economic Model – which will be approached next weekend on PN if I can get to it..

  3. Sorry i been kinda busy, honing my skills and unclogging my filter. An honest self appraisal, a stock of character and habitual patterns. The things that block my usefulness to God and my fellow man. Ripping them out of me “root and branch”.

    Its a spiritual ass kicking, to say the least. But it is going to a good place.

    I gave away everything i owned before i came here except some clothes, a few pairs of shoes, my wallet and DL.

    In exchange for a “new Experience”. Redundancy keeps us trapped.

    22 more days, i will be back to Seattle. for a little while, most likely through the Holidays.

    Played a little on GLP. Seems pretty fruitless to go there anymore. Im kinda done doing battle with everyone and everything. Doesnt mean i wont do battle. i just care about differnt stuff.

    Did ya see there was a big quake in Yellowstone? Im not con-cern-ed.

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Inquiring of our resident Astrologer re: 8/30 new moon:
    Reset energy.
    Close to Regulus.
    Fixed Royal Star.
    Power to the people.

    Perhaps the people freaking out are not “We the people” but *them*?

    Additionally, off topic but would love to hear your thoughts on catallaxy. For thought provoking concept see:
    Any insight or discussion on this subject is greatly appreciated.

    All the best to you and yours George…

  5. Opps, that Yellowstone quake aint for a few months. Lol. Ive been time jumping, its pretty fun. New skill, im learning.

    Consciousness is fast than light, well you can time jump, if you can travel faster than light.

    Im taking a break from it though. Stuff gets kinda mixed up in my brain when “jump” too much. Lol just learned how to do it.

    Just be here and now for a while. Hahahahaha! :)

  6. Presactly!

    “just not something were conditioned to sense” .. Alot of peeps seem to be asleep/drugged out of it, or just plain on a “left hand” path. Many paths up the “mountain” ..trick for this deplorable is not getting distracted/offtracked by PAYING attention to any of the “wierdness”…

    G -Did U see that Hamas attack on israeli base along Leb. border over weekend?..light light lightemup boyz!

    As Granny always said…”dannyboy happiness is not something Find, its something U bring with U!

  7. I’ve seen a lot of Gen James Mattis in the news and media in the past 2 weeks. Is he being groomed for a run at the White house?? He seems sincere, ethical, and knowledgeable. I really would like to know how he interprets the Bill Of Rights.

    • Probably the same way he interprets the Uniform Code of Military Justice’s (UCMJ) Manual for Courts Martial (MCM) — literally. Senior military officers do not like ambiguity; you either did it, are doing it, or delegated the task to someone to do it. You’ve heard the phrase, “hope is not a course of action!” It started in the military world…

    • There were a lot of rumors at one time about Mattis being the original sponsor of the Q group. This should be interesting. I wonder what Stu is going to have to say about this?

  8. Correction –

    *no intention to offend..Hezbollah, not Hamas, double-tapped the israeli’s , with missles no less.

  9. I think I just read why Zillow (ZG) stock, went from $50 to $32 in a straight line after reporting stellar quarterly results. $1 billion of Senior Convertible Notes will be issued in the future. Details aren’t in, but stock dilution is sure to be a result. This is just another example of how Wall Street screws investors. That is why cut your losers short & let your winners run is still the best advice to reduce losses.

  10. Want to follow the hurricane up the coast? Visit The website works everywhere except you won’t see any wave action inland…

  11. It looks like the 50 day moving average is just beginning its decent, signaling the downturn will continue.

  12. “Will the now-past holiday be seen as a national mood swing inflection point? ”

    Can I say…. Thank you DORIAN… what a relief…..

    for the first time in almost three years… There is something other than negative Trump bashing on the tv.. THANK YOU Dorian…

  13. Consciousness/thought is definitely faster than the speed of light.

    Another Author who is thinking on your lines with regards to Hoover deux, George:

    I like to remind the finer acquired minds to read Mary Summer Rain’s first two works: “Spirit Song,” and “Phoenix Rising.” In them, she readily relates the ‘going nuts’ of the future. Remember, these books were written in the mid to late 80’s. She writes how people just start doing crazy killings. It’s been happening more and more in the last several years.

    Get these books before the censors gobble em up and destroy em.

    Once again, more info on how marijuana can cause mental illness, which can lead to joblessness, homelessness, addiction, and other nasties, etc. Very important for young minds, teenagers especially, not to inhale. Oh yes, YOU, may have done it and turned out alright, but many many are mentally disabled. MJ, it ain’t what it used to be!

    • Thank you! I love reading 30 year old paperbacks. My last two were Thor’s Hammer and Casino Royale. The smell of the paper helps with the temporal displacement created when immersed in good fiction.

      • Joe M.; yes, my friend, good fiction is good; but future predictions that come true ARE better, step right up, buy your books, before they are all gone! Gone With The Wind.

  14. Ugh, worked most of 16 hours today, but my butt was dragging the entire time… exhausted, and for no reason. I woke up exhausted and never hit a groove. ‘Don’t suppose there’s a pending quake, somewhere…?

    • I can relate Ray.. I worked over forty years with 2 full time jobs and most of that with 2 full and one part time jobs..a hundred plus was a normal work week…
      Hell year I worked one full time position to pay a hospital 140 plus hours a week.. I’ve never been on a vacation a day of vacation was an eight hour day…what’s funny is except for hell year I still was reading ten to fifteen books a month..a step down from when I was younger..
      The hardest two weeks of my life I screwed up scheduling and didnt schedule in any rest time..I was amazed though after the third day everything became crystal clear.. no sign of being tired nothing.. it scared me..after the two week period I had everyone sit and watch me sleep. I was afraid I was going to die in my sleep..
      I was lucky.. I still only sleep three or four hours a day. I totally love early morning hours.
      I think the reason I was able to put in a work schedule like that because of a program I volunteered for in the service. They recruited people from every branch and the study was sleep deprivation and deep rest. Meditation.. every so many hours you rest for fifteen to twenty minutes.
      The study lasted three months. Then I got out of the service hit really tough times tough enough that I would never depend on one position again..and put what I was trained to do to work for me.
      Years later I had my best friend that decided if I could do it so could he. I told him don’t look what it did to my body.. he passed away in his sleep two days later. I talked to him before he laid down for bed. He said how tired he was..he never woke up. So my suggestion is..dont do it.. trying to put in four lifetimes in one took its toll on me. It isn’t worth it.

      • When I came out of my 8 day coma and 10 day dispossessed of self, I did not sleep for 3 1/2 whole days and 3 nights. No one could get me to go to sleep; after what I experienced I said no way was I going to go to sleep as I could die. That’s because they almost killed me by putting me to sleep like a dog; I was going to keep an eye on all of em and that’s what I did, gently declining every single dam thing they tried to inject in me, get me to inhale, and you get the picture. They also took my intubation tube out on a Saturday morning full well knowing that no occupational/speech therapist was around all weekend to see if I could swallow so I suffered the most horrendous suffering thirst known to a soul on earth; 3 1/2 days of begging for water. It took over a month of water to quench that thirst. I used to do 36 hour shifts straight taking care of my Dad and Mum; I know the clarity quite well. What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger is an actuality for some.

        LOOB, this is for you: Walk On, Walk On…..Through the wind and the rain…..and …Walk On With Hope In Your Heart and You’ll Never Walk Alone…..

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