As one of our readers posted [in the comments section following each post] The end of August brought about a change (into  Virgo I think it was) that should see the decoupling of  social restraints.  As in people going nuts.

The shooting out in Odessa, that left 7-dead and almost 2-dozen wounded, for example.  To me, that was a pretty clear sign of a mood disorder.

At the same time, we see the  seriously left Federal Election Commission chair appears to be warming up an attempt to ram-through the end of  Constitutionally protected Free Speech on the web, as the libs have the  Drudge Report in their sights (again).

Everyone involved – at least in the political sphere – seems to lack a clear vision of what’s really going on with social(ist) media.  To refresh your memory:

  • China (ChiComs) are the threat in 2020 because they don’t want to deal with Donald Trump on trade.
  • Russia never was a major threat; it was just lib-bait. (Hint:  You don’t hear about the  real corruption of elections!)
  • Facebook and the other social media are already facing a user implosion as CNET reports “Facebook considers experimenting with hiding likes.

We have seen the “end of Likes” coming for years.  In fact, we nailed the coming collapse of social media when it was in its infancy, telling Peoplenomics subscribers that corporate media types would have to be complete blithering idiots to hand their own product audiences overs to be held hostage by a bunch of  greedy 20-somethings.”  Corporate group-think struck again, despite our warnings.

As a result, this is precisely what happened.  Social media used to be honest (well, less dishonest ).  But, as soon as traffic throttling came along (to squeeze money out of posts unless you “buy circulation”) the whole house of cards began to wobble.  Show me a politicized corptard with power…way down from the C-level, and I will show you a leak below the waterline.

What the “geniuses” of social may not fully grok is that “Likes” are a kind of social currency.  It’s become the ego-currency of losers.  When “Likes” go away (and/or more controls on cross and re-posts) it will be time to start thinking about shorting social media, perhaps.  Maybe we were right (again):  We’re seeing social as a huge GOSUB routine for thinking people.  The coming period will see the RETURN call.  Life moves on, line by line as we’ve been coded.

Sometimes, our analysis is pretty BASIC, huh?

Back to the opening thought:  Will the now-past holiday be seen as a national mood swing  inflection point?  We’ve got this on our watch list.

The stock market is set to roll-out a mini mood-shift itself shortly.  Dow futures were down more than 200 points and with the employment data to come later this week, we could see some downside momentum build  if the data is bad.  Either way, all eyes will be on Fed boss Powell Friday looking for hints of another rate cut.  The Fed and Bernie & Liz have one thing in common, though:  They all love Free Money.

One of the headlines sighted over the weekend wondered “Does Fed plan to Crash Market to Stop Trump 2020?”  Intriguing notion, but how about China?  Trade data will be along about this time tomorrow.

Speaking of which, the useful department at the NY Times has this under DealBook Briefing: Prepare for Market Turmoil After the Latest Trump Tariffs.  Other than that, the rest looked like fish wrap to us.

This & That’s, Wind & Rain

Dorian is stalled off the Florida coast.  For the latest without any commercials or hype, bookmark the National Hurricane Center website:

I was  only joking (or was I?) when I noted that the hurricane changed directions within 24-hours from of that “time slip” we reported on over the weekend.  Look at the comments following the article:  Lots of people experienced it…it’s just not something wre are conditioned to sense.

And another joke (or was it???) when I wondered if Dorian’s landfall ‘came on top of  Mar a Lago’ would be a kind of “ultimate signaling” to Donald Trump about who the Deep State/Swampwalkers are in league with?

Thinking back to our days in Deerfield Beach and Boca (and the SQLs), we at least has a definitive answer to the question What’s slower than weekend traffic on the A-1-A or I-95?”  Dorian!

Eye, eye, aye! Teen’s junk food diet caused him to go blind, study reveals.

Other eye-related news? Notre Dame’s Ian Book hits Louisville cheerleader in face with football on errant throw.  Oi.

Word Frequencies  du jour From our site.

  • Climate: 3
  • Trump 6
  • Hurricane 16
  • China 11
  • Russia 7
  • Peace 1
  • Love 2

Around the Ranch

UrbanSurvival may load an iddy-bitsy tiny bit faster this morning after some graphics crunch and speed of loading work Sunday.

That’s because Saturday was spent on the quarterly personal planning.  Hell of a life when I still have to schedule things in  ProjectLibre.  What the hell happened to retirement?  Here’s what  part of my life looks like:

Useful exercise:  Sat down Saturday and made a list of all the things I wanted to get done between now and the end of the years.  Then started working out the “dependencies.”  For those who aren’t into project management, that’s figuring out what needs to happen (say task A) before something that  depends on that can get underway (task B).

Easiest way to avoid arguments in lay out who’s in charge of what parts of the project.  Elaine’s got most of the design/planning on the front-end.  I show up and do the building parts.  We want the kitchen done in a month and a half so she’s working on her part now:

As you can see, super-loose schedule.  But you can do that in “retirement.”  No more of this 24-hour scheduling stuff.

We actually work pretty well together…she tells me what to do and I then ignore it, lol.  (My favorite jobsite phrase is “Close enough…”  Her’s is “ I told you that would happen…”

Nice thing about applying real management tools in complex lives with many moving-parts is that the schedule gets agreed-to so if there’s slip, it means a precedent didn’t happen and there’s who screwed up.  Data ends arguments.

At least in theory.    Ask me at the end of October how the new kitchen looks.  Or, ask me again in the spring…

Off to size-up the leftovers…frying eggs sounds like, oh, you know,  too much work.

Write when you get rich,