Tax Bite Joe, Side of Woo-Woo

Let’s begin with who Joe’s tax and spend plan will hit hardest.

New York, California, New Joisey. and Howahya?

Reasonable (relatively speaking) states include Alaska, Florida, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

If America was really honest about taxes, the federal tax code of  73,954 pages long, with each carved out by crooks for their pals, would be shorter.  We’d have a minimum threshold (say $25,000 per person and $50,000 per family).  Then 15 percent on everything.  No long-term gains exclusions, no tax credits.  4 page code.  And send Brandon packing.

People get the government they deserve.  We must have done something really, really bad….

Way we see it, “Don’t Blame Me…” bumper sticker sales should rocket.

Inflation Tool in Play?

We assume you’d noticed one hell of a coincidence in the arrival of the CV-19 plandemic and the collapsing prospects for the American economy in 2020?

Asking a difficult question, around here lately. Is the supply chain shortages problem just another FedGov way to keep from busting the Effective Lower Bound on interest rates???

Go with me on the economic logic to it.  The Plandemic caused people to really pull-in their spending – and that as proven in the Great Depression can spur an increase in inventories.

What IF – and just an IF we’re thinking through – what IF supply chain shortages are just another way to keep prices artificially high?

We notice Forbes saying today

“The supply chain into the United States is in trouble. Cheap and easy solutions can solve some problems, but the bigger challenges require businesses to consider a variety of possible solutions, half-way solutions and frustrating tradeoffs.”

But, in order to cover up the multiple levels of government driving this mess, here come happy talk stories to put you off the scent:  Products delayed by the supply chain crisis will end up heavily discounted at stores, analysts say.”

Maybe they will (but we’re betting against it) because the advent of a supply chain crisis gives the Fed a third lever to pull and maintain plausible deniability for screwing the public.  The first one is tapering (underway) and then after this comes rate increases.  But the effect of supply chain shortages is very much like jacking up prices because scarcity builds price – and that shields the Fed from blowing out the effective lower bound as we cross the deflationary chasm.

Economic Data Spots

Producer Prices – Final Demand just out from Labor:

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.6 percent in October, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices moved up 0.5 percent in September and 0.7 percent in August. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index rose 8.6 percent for the 12 months ended in October.

Over 60 percent of the October increase in the index for final demand can be traced to a 1.2- percent rise in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services moved up 0.2 percent, and prices for final demand construction advanced 6.6 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.4 percent in October after increasing 0.1 percent in September. For the 12 months ended in October, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 6.2 percent.

Earlier this morning, the NFIB Small Biz Optimism report  dropped:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 9, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index decreased slightly in October by 0.9 points to 98.2. One of the 10 Index components improved, seven declined, and two were unchanged.

“Small business owners are attempting to take advantage of current economic growth but remain pessimistic about business conditions in the near future,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “One of the biggest problems for small businesses is the lack of workers for unfilled positions and inventory shortages, which will continue to be a problem during the holiday season.”

Seeing how inventory shortages will turn into price increases?  Try to keep up.  Futures were down a smidgeon.  But the real fiasco could be the inflation report tomorrow (CPI) which could be a shocker.  BUT, drives the economy away from the effective lower bound.  Good news about shortages? Er…

Oh, my, isn’t this good Kabuki, too? Computer chip makers can’t share all the data the U.S. wants for examining shortages.  Aw, sure they can…

The Next Door NarcoState

We’ve been telling you for years that America will eventually lose the Mexican-American War.  Of course, it was supposed be to over in February of 1848.  But – because Americans are stoopid, our leaders are worse, and we can be fooled twice, the LIC (low intensity conflict read: border war) continues.  All thanks to the Cartels.

Which brings us to the report Mexico anti-money laundering chief resigns amid scandal.  Well, golly, which “surprised face” should we put on?

All while another caravan cometh: Migrant caravan headed to US border amid Mexico tensions. Anxious to replay the US government sell-out in a lawsuit that gives inconvenienced criminals $450-thousand each.  What farce!

Of course, dimocrats in places like California put on the erudite tones and pretend the center of the universe is Cupertino or San Jose.  No borders is a good thing…   And by the narrowest of all possible metrics that’s true.

But at a broader level (we’ll lose Taiwan, the border leaks, and runaway inflation sparked by fools in Washington) show a different reality.  This is why liberals nit-pick single facts and refuse to look at big pictures.  Especially those which make economic sense.

Global Energy Disasters

Pipeline Killer Joe is setting us up for massive power problems if the winter to come is typically cold, too.  As luck would have it, Joe’s just keeping America – once energy independent but he wrecked that – in line with global outlooks.  Winter is Coming: Global Energy Markets and the Impact on National Security.

Of course, where President Windage gets it wrong is “Being average is a choice, Joe!”  Could someone please explain that you only give up honest title to American Exceptionalism if you get talked out of excellence by deranged, hating, woke mobee’s?

A little Truth in Music from Paul Brady may help.


Better late than never, I suppose: Pentagon intensifies effort to evacuate families of Defense Department service members from Afghanistan. Can’t rush into this kind of thing.  Oh, except Slow did!

Pandemic tensions are being played like music. As evidenced in Van Morrison sued by Northern Ireland health minister for covid criticism.  I think it would be really interesting to take 100 covid tests and run them on the same person.  Because ever since Italy backed down their numbers by more than 95%, we’ve been wondering if some portion of disease cases hyped (reported if you believe) could be like counting presidential votes in the US:  Depends on what’s being counted, and by whom, doesn’t it?

Moderna Vax note:  France releases new advice for under-30s on Moderna Covid jab.  Spoiler:  Don’t –  due to heart inflammation risks…

But will they work better than Ivermectin?  EXCLUSIVE Amid spike in cases, EU to shortly approve first COVID antibody drugs.   Psst – buddy – wanna buy some trials results?

Monetizing Climate:  Useful roadmap on how your wallet-bleeding is planned by financial types:  Climate biggest single opportunity for insurance: Lloyd’s ceo…

But enough.. how about a little change of pace?

Woo-Woo Tues – Beyond Time

I didn’t get a lot of specific feedback on my book Dimensions Next Door, but a marvelous inquiry came in this morning which I wanted to share.  Because it may add to your thinking on non-ordinary things:

George, I purchased and read your “Dimensions” book, and my critique is short since I generally like it. A bit hazy on the connection between what the pilot encountered just exactly and any woo-woo….I sorta felt like you left something out.

Indeed I did.  But to begin, I don’t make any specific claims – yet – that there is any connection between “woo-woo” which would include extradimensional entities such as show up at Skinwalker Ranch by reports.

What my book does cover are reports of normal physics changing under a number of conditions.  The first (general set) is illustrated in the discussion of the Swedish explorers who documented the set-up for lifting massive 10-ton rocks up a mountainside to build a new temple.

In his example, we see only sound employed.

In the aircraft (and late-night drivers experiencing dimensional shifting over time) we not only have sounds but also a flickering light aspect.  You know, Dr. Ron Mallett (and Bruce Henderson) wrote a book (2007, Time Traveler) about Dr. Mallett’s life-long work in the field.  Described as “…A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality…”

What’s interesting about Mallett’s work is that he’s been studying whether a fancy manipulation of light might be a key into actual time travel.  While Mallett is fascinated with the potential role of coherency of light, when we consider both the Bruce Gernon 1970 event (book: The Fog) or the British air marshal who flew into (a) future and then returned (Readings: Fascinating story of time-travel in Scotland reveals pilot’s eerie encounter on airfield.  “RAF Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard claimed to have experienced an amazing sight as he flew over a base in East Lothian.”

That there is a change in physics at the intersection of “flashing lights” and “high sound field densities” is further argued when one reads accounts of WW II Foo-Fighters.  (Readings: What Were the Mysterious “Foo Fighters” Sighted by WWII Night Flyers?”  A far-field effect?

Taken as a whole, then, we now have a case for acoustical levitation based on pulsed sound, time distortion based on sound plus light flicker rates.  The latter we can break into local/experienced (Gernon, Goddard) and far-field effects (Foo fighters).

Flicker rates is also implicated in a report once phoned in to Coast-to-Coast AM from a reader who was traveling at night with some friends on a freeway at an “extra-legal” speed and the combination of flickering lights and the thumping on the car wheels on expansion joints, were present when a claimed time distortion occurred.

As mentioned in the book, at least I think it’s in there, is a possible role for another property.  One may be suspended particulate matter (smoke) common to all the flying events, though in levitation, no mention was seen in the (machine translation) of source from Swedish.

There may be other field-modifiers in play (when getting into time distortions) that are not clear.  For example. the U.S. military was using the AUTEC radar adjacent to Bruce Gernon’s point of departure (Andros City, Bahamas).

Moreover, the Goddard flight (in 1939) may have had a radar angle to it, as well:  “On June 17, the first target was detected—a Supermarine Scapa flying boat at 17 mi (27 km) range. It is historically correct that, on June 17, 1935, radio-based detection and ranging was first demonstrated in Britain.”

Importantly, radar also plays a role in the opening of “dimensions next door” in reports of odd happenings at Montauk, New York (out of the tip of Long Island). (Readings: Montauk Project – Wikipedia).

There are quite possibly other effects.  Including (and this is most closely aligned with the flickering lights aspect of the effects) the purely electric field-driven effects (as in the Philadelphia Experiments).  Or, perhaps a specific angularity of some off-Earth energy, such as local-hour angle of the Sun at times effects were noticed.

There’s More

What’s not in the book (in sufficient depth) is a related discussion of a genius-level inventor by the name of Robert Beckwith.  (Readings: His patent filings.)  In fact, when you look at the sheer number of patent filings, Beckwith is a prodigy by some measure.

Important to the discussion here?  He’s likely the father of modern (zero-flight time communications, which we covered a while back on Peoplenomics) as well as his discussion of time travel as related to his work on zero-flight time communications.  From the Patent application we read:

“0038 Six well known orthogonal dimensions are used
routinely by electrical engineers. The Six dimensions of
engineering consist of the three dimensions of Euclidean
Space X, y, and Z as shown in FIG. 1, the time dimension T
as shown in FIG. 2, the electric field E as shown in FIG. 3.
The magnetic field B is not shown but is at right angles to
all of the other dimensions.

0039 AS to the time dimension, I can not accept a
physical universe with five dimensions going from plus to
minus infinity but with the time dimension Starting at a point
to convenience mathematicians in our lifetime here on Earth
and their big bang theory. I believe that time also goes from
plus to minus infinity with an infinite number of universes
collapsing and rebanging chaotically as shown in FIG. 2.
Our universes have always been here! With this conclusion
we have a well ordered set of six engineering dimensions all
of which go from plus to minus infinity.”

Beckwith – who passed on in about 2009 – reported working on the WW II time travel (Philadelphia Experiment) project.  It’s in his summary work (45 pages on ScribD) where the Navy’s three-card monte of the U.S.S. Eldridge is unraveled.  Turns out,, related Beckwith, that the experiments involved a converted yacht the Martha’s Vineyard commandeered for military use.  During WW II it was the IX-97.  (Ship’s picture is here.)

The plan here (*like at George’s place in the home recording studio) is to synthesize as many aspects of the Gernon reports as possible (and run on December 1 around 3 PM local time) to see if any effects are noticed.  Lacking the deng-shen trumpets, and a few hundred drum-beating monks to drive then, we’ll have to resort to sounds generated in Samplitude and Reason in the home studio.  Odd Instrument sounds courtesy of Gary Garritan’s World Instruments.

And since I don’t want to buy miles of speaker wire, we’ll play with digital delay lines.  And sure, some LED strobes and some RF sources, as well.  Likely use a 110 dB sound field, which is about what Mooney’s of the era ran inside. (Which is why pilots love NR headsets…)

The odds of success are almost infinitesimally small.

But your intuition is right:  The first book (until we “get the key in the lock” is somewhat incomplete, as are all others in the field.  Until we move the key just right.

“My only other gripe was the tables and charts were in B&W in the print edition (which I purchased), but I’m guessing in full color in the digital version. Makes it kinda hard to follow.”

Actually, the tables are black and white in all versions.  Sorry.

Hope this helps a bit on your fork of the adventurer’s highway.  Not too many people are working on assembling these puzzle pieces.  Many (perhaps Mallett) are almost singularly focused on one aspect (coherent light).  But the etiology of the effects predates lasers.  Remember, I didn’t set up my first low-power CW laser until 1966 in the basement of the UW EE building as a high school science report – I’m still unclear how that ever happened.

As a “synthesizer of information” professionally and at the hobby level, my money’s on a combinatorial approach, though.  Something that could be done in antiquity (Tibet, Egypt) for tasks like lifting.  Pure sound., Advancing to more complex effects (time distortion) as additional fields (light flicker) are synchronized.  Then toss in RF pulses….

Write when you get rich,

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      • …eventually with a “wallet” we will be the new “unbanked” -Libertarians,
        and therefore have nothing in system for the evil perverts /maltavatican bankers to monitor…”vile reptiles”

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      Lamborghinis and G6’s.


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        * in professional Bird Watching circles -the big key is stand the f still and listen – best method for viewing the ‘rare birds”. PEACE

  2. George,
    Re woo-woo
    Drilling down a bit and avoiding the always possible hoax explanations:
    Human memories are malleable and should not be the sole source of data.
    Human perception is notoriously unreliable. For example, we see in 2d but our mind creates a 3d experience. Did you ever go on one of those virtual amusement rides where the ride creates the experience with only visual clues and some slight pitching of the chair you’re sitting in?
    Endogenous DMT?
    Other dimensions? Possibly. But if they’re intruding into our 3d world, we’ll never understand them using our 3d minds. All we’ll see are the anomalies. See the Cosmos episode on dimensions:
    Who was “Dr. Jarl” who observed the Tibetans?
    So, stay curious, keep looking, but don’t be surprised if there’s not much left after Occam’s cutting is done.
    BTW, explosives enable anyone to move large objects using sound waves.
    Just trying to be skeptical, not contrarian.

  3. Hmmmmm.. spose so gerorge.
    …When you get up close to objects… You begin to understand their creators.


    Light and sound. Are only 2 D. Even an 8 is a mobius symbol dude.


    that it is flux of crystalline plasma structures at zero Kelvin that create vibration. And effect of plasma taking form aa solid state… All matrierial reality is a base of the effect of plasma forming a solid state at zero Kelvin. . *See Casimir plates,

    That which was not said. Is now known…. hmmmmm.

    I heard in the background of my mind in meditation this morning…. ~ Every so often, someone discovers Him, and and certain destinies subtly shift. ~

    Windy day….

    Thanks a million for the in sight, man.

    I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, that you are as well.

    Cue: ~ Yankie Rose ~

    Clique 116!

  4. George,
    Re the federal tax code
    The IRC is a testament to “fairness” run amok. Each of its provisions is there because a constituency lobbied for it, usually in the name of making the IRC more fair, in its mind anyway. “Crooks” notwithstanding, those constituencies are mostly just folks with a common interests: homeowners, single parents, investors, charities, advocates for the poor, etc.
    The IRC didn’t evolve in the dark. We, the people, made it what it is. Fairness is in the mind of the beholder. Life is unfair.

  5. How fun is it trolling the leftist trolls. LOL. Leave a little cheese out and the rats come out to feed. 2 of them come out every time, right Another George (‘Hoss’) and Left Coast Mark?

    Jousting is fun especially when you have inside knowledge huh? Check you think…nah…checkmate!!! What I described yesterday in my prior post about the Covid shot vs. saline is true……not for some nefarious plot dreamed up for a book, but is in fact the current game plan and narrative.

    If Liberal trolls knew what is really involved in the process, and how involved and how long it takes, they would have realized that in fact that what I was describing in Covid vaccines vs. saline is how REAL VACCINES are tested for approval! But like someone said yesterday, you know you are over the target when the trolls come out. Look at the long approval process for normal vaccines and wonder why all the circuits were shorted out and skipped?

    FDA Vaccine Testing and Approval Process (summarized by yours truly) …

    A. Exploratory Stage- This stage involves basic laboratory research and often lasts 2-4 years.

    B. Pre-Clinical Stage- Pre-clinical studies use tissue-culture or cell-culture systems and animal testing to assess the safety of the candidate vaccine and its immunogenicity. This stage often lasts 1-2 years.

    C. IND Application-Submission of an application for an Investigational New Drug (IND) to the FDA. The FDA has 30 days to approve the application.

    3-6 years plus 30 days BEFORE Clinical 3 phase trial testing begins! Was there a COVID 19 vaccine or virus 3-6 years before 2019? Nope.

    Once the IND application has been approved, the vaccine is subject to three phases of very long testing.

    Next Steps: Clinical Studies with Human Subjects

    D. Phase I Vaccine Trials-Use of The Vaccine and SALINE in Phase 1.

    E. Phase II Vaccine Trials-Use of The Vaccine and SALINE in Phase 2.

    F. Phase III Vaccines Trials-Use of The Vaccine and SALINE in Phase 3. Phase III typically includes at least 60,000 people and like the other two phases must include people that receive the placebo-SALINE. If only 1 in 10,000 has a reaction or adverse event, it is flagged for review.

    G. Approval and Licensure- Biologics License Application to the FDA. The FDA inspects the factory where the vaccine will be made and approves the labeling of the vaccine, including all the exculpatory advertisements and brochure enclosures.

    H. Phase IV-This is something that the Drug company will carry out to test safety, efficacy, and other potential uses. It is also for protection against lawsuits, something the current drug companies do not worry about because they were exempted.

    Everyone that takes The Covid Vaccine, is a guinea pig because Steps A through H in getting the Covid vaccine approved were completely eliminated and ignored by Fauci at NIH and the bought and paid for people at the FDA. A multi-year process was eliminated to scam the world, and especially Americans. Trump and Navarro were misled and lied to by Fauci all the way up and down the line, and Pence who was in charge of the process didn’t and doesn’t know come here from sic ‘em so he was an easy mark. Lyin’ Biden is now spouting off about something else that he knows nothing about-Get the vaccine or you are going to lose your job and your pension! What a fool!!!!

    The normal process of drug approval and this Phony Propaganda Scheme that was used to steal an election (create FEAR and tell the populace to not get in lines because you will get Covid/use mail in ballots), control the populace (do as we say ducks-lockdowns/businesses closed for over a year/masks/no sporting events/6 feet of social distancing/no holidays with relatives), and destroy the economy of the U.S. (Mom and Pops gone/big store bankruptcies/coming soon to a Broker Dealer near you) with Trillions of phony dollars injected into the system (Bank bail-ins with your money coming) is a total fraud.

    All my life I have been an optimist and have had faith that everything always works out for the best, and I think positive and it has paid off. One reason, I like reading Andy about ‘The Dude’.

    However, there comes a time when reality hits you up beside the head and you realize that evil is running rampant. This country is in a world of hurt and it is getting worse every day. Another pipeline closed! What will the future bring after the scheduled Olympics? Black Swans? Caveat Emptor.

    Therefore, Trolls as you said yesterday when mocking what I wrote, take your thorazine and get in your straight jacket. You are going to need them in the next 2 years.

    • Thank you.

      I read about the process, years ago. You’ve lived it. The trolls, perhaps, are not cognizant of this fact…?

  6. “CV-19 plandemic”

    Back to plandemic. Plandemic means Trump was in on it. That would possibly make him a high priest Satanist ordering death upon the land.

    Encourage neighbors to ride the boosters. Mix & match if you’re in a rush.

    • That’s adorable. You think Da Prez is at the top of the information food chain…

      Trump would have no way of knowing, just like he’d have no way of knowing what was intramuscularly injected into his arm. He, like all the rest of us, must believe the person with the hypo, when they say what’s in the syringe, and what it’ll do for us.

      Trump’s CV-19 advisor was Fauci.

      You can substitute “Biden” for “Trump” in the above paragraph. The result is also accurate, and in both cases the “public government” is broadcasting, as fact, Fauci’s (both subjective, and biased) opinion.

  7. Magnetics, magnetic fields.

    Aren’t they getting closer to magnetic Fusion power?

    And what happens when we enter the galactic current sheet as we are just beginning to now? If it’s enough power to make the sun go into micro nova, we’ll be swimming in non-normal magnetic fields for a while.

    How many of the ancient stories originated during these every-12k-years events, when the sun transitions the current sheet, and all the stuff you listed is available, and coupled with extraordinary magnetic fields?

    The classic cartoon movie Wizards comes to mind.

  8. “flickering lights and the thumping on the car wheels on expansion joints”

    Have you ever seen a You Tube video of a rogue wave out in the ocean? Everything will look normal on the ship cam then all of a sudden a monster wave is coming.

    Is it possible the rhythmic ‘thump-thumps” creates a rouge sound wave that’s the catalyst for the process? And in the case of the highway,instead of smoke it would be dew/frost in the air.

    Maybe these rogue sound waves are everywhere but the process to keep the reaction going stops. Maybe déjà vu isn’t a brain timing issue but instead strange happenings starting > simultaneously aborting.

    • In Gernon’s second book, I think it was, there was an account of an encounter with a cloud. There seem to be two general types. Ones we understand, and those we don’t.
      The kind Gernon encountered are clearly well beyond our ken. But lenticular and such, every day stuff.
      Yet there are fascinating roles for clouds if you search the term because clouds at some woo woo level are the stuff that arise under right humidity conditions. How many timers have you heard of the air turning cold at a séance or appearance of a ghost – yes, likely the cloud reports are along a similar line of physicality. We just don’t invoke spirits often enough – and under laboratory rigorous conditions – in order to document all the parms and then replicate to investigate

  9. Famous in Song & Story for several decades now, is the idea that since Universe is expanding, with the speedier galaxies being the furthest away, the Doppler shift of the light from most distant bodies is red-shifted due to the increasing recessional speed as the distance is greater. (“Space” being empty, and of assumed constant volume.) We have come to measure the distance BY the amount of red-shift.

    Fine. What if “Space” isn’t empty at all, but seethes with an ocean of Quantum virtual particles? The idea is that all this busy business going on exerts a force, and space, itself, is driven to expand from the pressure.

    Now, suppose the “pressure” exerted by the ocean of virtual dark mass-energy embedded in the “subspace” (?) IS the source of the expansionary force.


    Space, a component of the unified SpaceTimeEnergyMass entity, is itself, expanding. (There is published very credible speculation on this.) Then it follows that red-shift could be due to the wavelength of light lengthening as it passes through ever-expanding SpaceTimeEnergyMass.

    Many years ago, a “Tired Light” theory was floated that said light red-shifted as it gradually weakened due to long time-in-flight. Ultimately, Tired Light was discarded when the math simply didn’t work.

    But, inflation of Space is built in to most Big Bang theories, and there isn’t a good reason to think inflation ever stopped. Most Big Bang theories that employ inflation seem to be silent as to when — or even if — early inflation of post-Big-Bang Space ever stopped. These theories were all expounded long before the seething energetic foam of virtual particles was posited, or the idea that the pressure of dark SpaceTimeEnergyMatter was the driving force behind Universe’s expansion.

    Indeed, recently it’s being said the rate of Universe expansion is actually accelerating! They blame it on the presence of Dark Matter that seems to posses both an attractive AND a repulsive force to it.

    Once we learn understanding and manipulation of these forces, literally anything seems possible. Anything.


  10. when I ride my motorcycle at 130 mph plus I cross over to another dimension Feels like I have crossed into another world.does not happen when I am in a plane or cars at that speed

      • Yeah, Tim, in midair you don’t feel the speed… until you start to approach landing. And it doesn’t help to remember the old pilot saw: “Landing is just a controlled crash”.

  11. “Remember, I didn’t set up my first low-power CW laser until 1966 in the basement of the UW EE building as a high school science report – I’m still unclear how that ever happened.”

    Flashbacks! That year my 8th grade science teacher invited me to a lecture at the local university. AT&T Bell Labs was presenting a laser. He-Ne tube about a yard long in a frame. Had some brass bands on the tube connected to a modulator of some sort (RF?). The lecturer was talking to us thru the light beam and receiver at the speaker, demonstrating that they could modulate the laser beam. Then he went on with Bell’s vision of the future where lasers and fiber optics would provide high bandwidth communications…. and similar to the Dick Tracy wrist TV, everyone would have their personal phone to carry with them, they would have a personal phone number, and your phone would also carry video. In 1966 this blew our minds as Sci-Fi futuristic stuff.

    (But I’m still waiting for the flying cars.)

    • I’m still waiting for a “phone”, or wrist computer that I can wear as easily as my wristwatch, which I only remove to take a shower or go for a swim. Until the black monolith devices can be carried that easily(and have a hardwired ‘off’ switch), I’ll keep forgetting to bring one with me.

  12. Recall the recent Philadelphia train rape. One of the good officers went on to explain his feelings.

    ““I’m appalled by those who did nothing to help this woman,” Timothy Bernhardt, the superintendent of the Upper Darby Township Police Department, told the New York Times.”

    And this could happen if you do get involved:

    No charges against Colorado officer in killing of ‘hero’ who stopped mass shooting

    “Officers that day saw a mass shooter, heard many rounds of gunfire in broad daylight in the heart of Old Town Arvada,” King said. “Thus, the officer’s decision to shoot John Hurley was legally justified despite his heroic actions that day.”

    The Prime Directive. don’t get involved. Just watch it happen as a life experience.

  13. Comrades,

    The ceo of Moderna will be a speaker at the Re-Wired Conference on Wednesday morning at 09:30 am est.

    The ownership of the ownership of Wired is Advance Publications, Inc. which is a privately held company of the Newhouse family and has served to create more than one individual wealth to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.

    The social media platform Reddit is one of the many subsidiaries of Advance. It trails frontrunner Twitter badly and appears to have lost further ground throughout 2021. Interestly msm is picking up former Prince Harry’s comments made Tuesday at the Wired conference that he warned Twitter’s Jack Dorsey by email on January 5th about his platform being used towards an attempted coup against America. Apparently Harry never heard back from Jack with reference to the January 6th Capitol riot that followed.

    The only thing of note that I found pertaining to Prince Harry from January 5th was in The Hollywood Gossip. Harry and Megxit had signed a $100 million deal with Netflix and a $30 million deal with Spotify. Harry is sure cashing in a whole lot better than Piers Morgan ever did!

    I am confident that Her Majesty will not be amused by her wayward grandson cozying up to all this nouveau-riche money. It’s quite unbecoming. To think that these Digital Robber Barons can press their buttons at hand and deceiptfully steer the World into tempestuous waters.

    What a disgrace!

  14. My Dad, WWII Pacific vet, told me a story about Goddard’s sub-audible frequency testing. Goddard’s team was in the room, turned the machine on, luckily someone fell on the power cord and cut the machine off. I think additional research ensued.

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