Print Me to the Moon (*bossa nova): Brandon Chronicles

You may not be old enough to remember Joe Harnell’s catchy tune, Fly Me to the Moon (bossa nova), but fly me to the moon hyper-inflation is upon us.  As we read this morning from The Brandon Chronicles.

Energy and Economic Fairytales

One of our correspondents is a high-powered Century City legal practitioner.  Who sent us this tone-setting note:

“One cannot help but wonder what the motivation of the ostensible president and the people around him is in taking such an action. If we discount treason, then with what other explanation are we left? He could hardly do more harm to our country these last ten months than if he were the agent of a hostile power.

Biden administration considering shutting down another pipeline.

Sure, OK, “Guilty!”  I do write for the narrow “high-IQ, long wave economics and it would be nice if the books would balance, too...”  segment.

But you’ll have to pardon our snagging such low-hanging fruit.  Since Biden approval falls to 38% as midterms loom.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of followers.

Speaking of politics – the other organized crime – see where  ‘Many’ More Durham Indictments Likely in Connection to Steele Dossier: Former Director of National Intelligence over on the Epoch Times…

Playing Powell Like a Fish

It’s Monday – and I’m one of those people who couldn’t sleep, having gone to bed early (or was it late? Hmm…).  At any rate (or 1.435% on the 10-year note) Futures were up 73 on the Dow and 3-something on the S&P.

That’s because while there’s no real news to drive markets, Jerome Powell is speaking this morning.

Although he can’t get Afghanistan exits, policy on economics, or understand there’s nothing in American law allowing made-up mandates, Slo is playing J. Powell like a fish.  (Not playing Powell the reservoir north of Vegas, just the fish for now.  But we’re braced for all possible mandates…)

Essentially, Powell wants his appointment renewed as Fed boss.  Buyed ’em needs a bubbly market to keep up the ‘Merican fairytale.  So he periodically mentions his appointment of someone is coming up soonish. Play that fish!!!!

Couple of weeks ago, the Wall St. Journal opined Don’t Politicize the Fed, Reappoint Chairman Jerome Powell – WSJ.  We think that ship has sailed.  The Fed is already politicized – and the recent  trading on non-public information by regional Fed bosses was quickly swept under the rug.  I’m sure, as a Fed Chief in any of the regions, I could pick up a phone, call research, and have them spill the real-time beans on M1 and M2 growth rates.  Plus talk to the whoever is running the NY Fed’s trading desk.  Could I have done a little better in our accounts?  Duh.

Still, look for the market to be bullish today, Brandon’s got a fish on the line, and he’ll play him till he tires.

Which could be any minute.

Just the Vax

Reader Bill shares on something we’ve been making as a vax point, now getting traction:

ZeroHedge article:  When Will The CDC Correct Its COVID Death-Counts, As Italy Just Did

According to Summit News:

The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the country’s official COVID death toll number by over 97 per cent after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID rather than with COVID.

Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000.

“Yes, you read that right. Turns out 97.1% of deaths hitherto attributed to Covid were not due directly to Covid,” writes Toby Young.”

Yes, that’s right:  of or with  is what we’d call a scam-delimiter.

Tamping Down Hysteria

Panic and doomporn sites are doubtless disappointed in the latest solar cycle progression report from NOAA.

Before the Global Warming climateers start shaking-you-down for donations, no, we are not being blasted into a horrible and hot future.  Because the present solar cycle is ridiculously lame compared with earlier data from the last century:

As should be obvious here:  Sunspots look to peak at a level less than half previous extremes.  By the way, have you ever looked at the Carrington Event (
September 1859, Sunspot number 200.9?

Doomporn and global warming duking it out with a second Maunder minimum aside, both extremes are likely to be dead wrong – which is getting to be traditional…

Notwithstanding, like CV-19, it’s always about money.  See where a B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from ‘climate change’ – ‘Picked up his patient’s chart & penned in the words ‘climate change’?   Social Monetizations:  How your disposable income is stolen and choices  limited….” should be in a bookstore near you, one of these days.  (I just have to write it, first…)

OH!!!!  Action Point:  I asked last week whether my next book should be fiction or non…and not a single suggestion came in.  Can I ask again? Or,, is this a message about retiring?

One more climate point:  COP26: Rich countries ‘pushing back’ on paying for climate loss – BBC News.  This is what happens when you turn science into political bullshit.  Tell poor countries they are poor and (how stupid must people be not to see this) out  come demands for money.

Tell someone you owe them $20-bucks and pretty soon they will start believing.  Of course you don’t have $20, but being government you’ll just make it up… Stupid people will buy anything.  And we do.

We Still Have War Coming

If a “killshot from the Sun” fails to appear (we don’t carry SPF 1,000, lol),, take heart that the risk of global war (lighting up from China) is still in the wings.

We have been telling you for years about my consigliere’s 1979 outlook which was 2022-2025 but centering more on the 2023 area.  So far, the “early national indicators” are falling right in line.

Take today’s headlines:  China triggers growing fears for US military.  And even more alarming the report China Builds Missile Targets Shaped Like U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Destroyers in Remote Desert.  Not sure why this should surprise anyone.  Bombing targets shaped like a hamburger wouldn’t make sense, would it?  “This time, pilot Jin, make sure you’re crossing the carrier hamburger amidships at mid-pickle…” 

Who did our fictional food service pilot go to school with?  Maybe Wang Yaping becomes first Chinese woman to complete spacewalk.

Military Woes

Got help us, if Slow really is the third term of Obama,  If the marionette strings on Joe are pulled just so… Why, we could see evidence of another neo-Stalinist purge  of the ranks.   Can’t have a bunch of real war-fighters sneaking in.

I guess, in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for stories like Harvey Milk: US Navy launches ship named for gay rights leader.

Now, about that:  Seems to me that political correctness has scuttled common sense.  I mean no issue with naming the ship after a gay mayor.  What we do question is naming it at all.  Will there be a companionship vessel to honor George Muscone, as well?  Who, you say?

See, back on that day in addition to Milk, George Muscone was also shot and killed by the same perp.  All of which led to the name familiarity of another actor:  Diane Feinstein was on the scene…

In times of Cancel Thinking, maybe names of naval ships aren’t supposed to strike fear into the enemy’s bosom.  The candidate list of impressive Americans is an unfortunately short list, though.

Naming ships (presidents, streets, schools, public buildings, and denominations of currency) after people has always been purely egoic.  Never action-based, never for the intimidation factor.  Take the average PLA recruit in China (they have 2 PLA starts in 2022 as they transition to a new system – bet you didn’t know that…)  So you scream at this Chinese recruit:  “Carter!”  Would that make him piss his pants and consider going AWOL?  He’s looking at you like you’re nuts….. (Thought a lot about this  boat naming while living on my sailboat for a glorious decade plus.  A disclaimer here: Naming my boat Magic Elf was the kid’s idea.)

America doesn’t have a ship named the  “U.S.S. Ass-kicker.”  We appreciate abbreviations like CVN-70 are powerful (make note of CVN-70 too, as you may hear about in the near future).  Studying ahead, names like the “U.S.S. Dead Eye” might be useful in fear-marketing terms.  Come to think of it, commissioning a ship the “U.S.S. Windage” could be one of the few presidential name double entendres playing off Slow’s blows.  An oblique ref to Camilla Parker Bowles keeps talking about Biden fart at COP26 (

My humor doesn’t stink.

Short Snorts

A further rite of nasal passage, then?

So, they didn’t see this coming?  SoftBank’s Vision Fund sees record loss | Business and Economy News.

Covid fever breaking?  U.S. Lifts Travel Ban for Vaccinated Foreigners – The New York Times. So, if you want to book St. Petersnerg: Russia shutdown ends despite coronavirus wave.   Though what’s weird is how Germany is blowing up virus counts:  Germany’s seven-day Covid incidence rate rises to record high. Maybe they just need more order?

If you don’t see economic cycles, think internet bubble 1998-2001,  housing bubble (2007-2010) and now Covid Bubble.  Fed’s made up $9-trillion papering over this train wreck.  Only instead of MBS being bailed out, it’s Big Pharma… such truth we hold  to be self-evident, of course.

Isn’t Electric Blue something that was on Playboy channel Not today, Josephine:   Tesla slides 5% after Elon Musk asks Twitter if he should sell stock.  I’m trying to give him money (for StarLink) but no soap so far and year’s coming to an end, Eloi.  They said late 2021  but this is FR.

For the “Can’t Fix Stupid” files:  ‘Joker’ strikes AGAIN: Man tries to set high-speed train on fire.

We can hardly wait to see how Q Anon spins this.  I mean who better to critique democratic and elections? Veering from democracy, Nicaragua’s Ortega secures another term | Reuters.  Key part of the read involves Biden lecturing on Nicaragua’s “…had orchestrated a “pantomime election…”  Brandon’s an expert, maybe?

“Why, yessir, Wilbur, I’d say this Brandon feller’s done found hisself a career…”

Me?  Not so much.

But I can find breakfast.

(OMG, it’s light out at the wrong time!!! Stop the presses!!!!)

Write when you get rich,

78 thoughts on “Print Me to the Moon (*bossa nova): Brandon Chronicles”

    • I’m not sure that D-153 is totally fiction, with names changed to protect the guilty, of course. It’s more of an exploratory tool.

      Regardless, that would certainly be an interesting book-length read. I’m generally partial more to the non-fiction, though I did enjoy DreamOver. Even that is more than just fiction – it’s exploratory too.

      I’ve appreciated all the GU reading so far, though I don’t always agree with everything. IMHO, whatever might get written would be best to have a non-fiction component, even if it is cloaked in fiction. Ideally, that component would be actionable.

  1. Where’s Waldo? Cali seems to have misplaced someone, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller? playing hookie?

    Yes sir, Durham is like a D9, slow, but who can stop him from pushing up that big ass pile of dirt.
    The high-powered Century City legal practitioner hit the nail on the head.

    All this political mix-up reminds me of yesteryear, reading the Jack Anderson column during the Nixon plumber disaster :) more popcorn please.

  2. Hey George

    How about writing a fantasy book that describes a change of paradigm from the mundane to the utopia we were promised when we were children.

    Beautiful cities, nature as a garden, flying cars and no one is sick because everyone has realized they have Chi and know how to use it for the greater good.

    Expanding technology to other planets to become habitable, as a means to control the rise in population here.

    Where men are men and all the women are pretty, not just at closing time. Higher education and Truth, is the order of all things.


  3. no book, however reaction to lists of doom porn sites on all subjects released into the wild would be interesting to watch

  4. No staff from Pfizer’s executive row arrested. Someone forgot, “Q says.”

    Closing the pipelines will start collapsing the rural areas of the country. Amazon may have to charge by the pound delivery rates. What is it now, miles per watt?

    Fert’s will become more expensive too. Bug pastes. Yum. Plants eat fertilizers. What do bugs eats? I wonder what kinds of bugs we’ll be eating.

  5. What about naming a new Carrier the “NIXON”?

    In other news did you notice anything special about the map in the Daily Mail of the Line 5 pipeline
    Biden is going to shut down?

    Hint while upstate New Yorkers have to pay higher gas prices which country is going to have its industrial economy totally destroyed?

    Second hint where is Toronto Ontario located?

    What do I mean by totally destroyed? Well Americans will still be able to buy fuel not just because they can out bid people from that other country but because shutting down the pipeline means there is no physical connection with that country any more. ( have you guessed the name of it yet )

    • When the USA sneezes, Canada catches a cold. That’s been true since the 1957 recession, at least. My parents got caught out on that one.

      There’s no logical reason for anything the puppet in chief has done other than overt treason. Denying this requires more suspension of disbelief than I can stomach.

  6. “Come to think of it, commissioning a ship the “U.S.S. Windage” could be one of the few presidential name double entendres playing off Slow’s blows.” ROTFLMAO. Fell off the couch and hurt my ankle.

    Couple of thoughts on this morning’s blog.

    Why don’t you make your next book a combination fiction/non-fiction? Sort of like a new age “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” A collection of all the craziness you have witnessed in your life time that really happened but in any other world would be fiction. Loads of material from the current Biden administration.

    As of today and after 20 months, Canadians are allowed to enter the USA by land. My wife and I made annual trips to NYC for Christmas and also to Florida for a couple of weeks of sun before the pandemic. I read this morning that Biden has flown 15 plane loads of illegal aliens into Florida in the middle of the night (or was it the early morning). After he gives them their half million dollars each and they get to buy their condos, I am wondering if we should wait and rent from them come Februay and it is 10 below zero in Canada?

    Have a good day and thanks for making mine again!

    Bob in Canada

    • Non-fiction if we have time to act on it…. Fiction if not – entertainment while the world burns..

      • Lol lol I thought they did away with daylight savings time.. everyone gave me a hard time about it lol lol
        Did i miss the memo

      • I operate across three time zones. My office clock in the central time zone now has a label which reads ‘eastern’. Problem solved.

  7. George,

    Your next book needs to be about your shop adventures – building it from the ground up into what you have today. Given the current trends a lot more people will become interested in how to build, make and repair. Your views on organization, value of time, project management are great. I’m a subscriber and your Sunday shop series is a never miss for me.

    • I was thinking something similar. The story of how you went from living in a boat to a tree farm in Texas has to be a good one. On the boat you lived a minimalist life style but you now live a preppers dream. What you bought and why would be quite a read.

      • I think Eleanor is right. We’d love to hear the full account of your life on the boat. Perhaps a couple of chapters by the First Mate titled “Living on a boat with George.” :-)

      • Years ago.. a coworker I knew had taken an old grey hound bus.. he made it into a camper with pull outs.. ( before they started making them) the thing was beautiful.. I asked him once on his deck..( yes the top was a bar be que deck..) he said.. no taxes except for the bus taxes.. he can up root and be anywhere in a day or two .. he would take photos of peoples homes process them and put them in a nice frame.. then sell them to the local home owners for gas money..
        Years later I was running a couple of photo labs..and this came up.. it was in the early eighties.. and one of the ladies was saying that she needed to find a part time job.. she had a nice hasselblad system..umbrella flashes etc..
        I said.. parents are proud of their kids.. go to the games take team photo’s.. contact the coaches.. sell em an 8 by 10 put it in a cardboard frame.. make some buttons.. get a shot of the kid and the coach and of the kid and the ball..
        Well she really did do just that.. did it up until she retired.. she made more money doing that.. today.. dam they have a nice printing system you can set up on the side and process them instantly.. ( they do have a great machine though at the plant I use to put your chip in.. it takes the positive and turns it into a negative.. goes into a printer and projects it just like a negative.. you get a real processed photo not a printed photo) what I found funny is all those years ago.. today in the correction room.. the test prints I had hanging for my reference are still there LOL….

  8. G,
    Shouldnt we be celebrating the dawn of another great Navy Day!
    The progressive thinking of current USN admin (flag offc.) is admirable.
    No more “haze gray and underway” the new NAVY slogan “rainbowed and bending over”..which comes direct from the Submariner branch of Navel Operations…”150 bubbleheads head out on deployment, 75 couples return.

    I have 2 serious suggestions for the Navy leadership to consider for combat vessel names; 1) USS Shartsville and/or 2) USS Zhong Kui – google this cat – serious goodass “mofo”. Either or should strike fear into opposing red threatz.

    War is STILL raging on AND around planet, though most cant see or realize.
    How many deaths is XI responsible for ? #1 with a gun this guy- far exceeding Mao, outdoing Iddi, Stalin not even close, Hitler? please, small potaoes compared to the EVIL Xi. just ask a UgiUre..if you can still find one.

    Chaos is Form of Control .

    – “operation kaos” IS the currently operating on EARTH. Which is why the global internet pandemic the WEF is warning about could be rolling out within the next 365. No banks/digital money/credit-debit cards/JIT inventory sys/ = digital world goes dark!?!?!? no likey that scenario..

    This “WAR” we are in the middle of, is why so much money, time, resources has been put into suppressing anything UFO related – throughout history..just ask JFK.

    Navy video release of UAP’s..” whole fleet of them” heard on the transcript – where U gonna hide a whole fleet of massive UFO’s on Earth? Future timelines have shown truly horrific scenarios spreading out across the Galaxy from Earth – if WE go down the current path. Great resources are being amassed “out there” to help guide us away from the final negative outcome = slave race to reptilian- orion alliance.
    We can bee Ure own Saviors!
    – think Super Position – Wave Function (s) combine into larger Wave Functions = Frequency. All about Frequency – as the nogoodniks are lower frequency beings. It is all about Ure freq. vibe at – Anger, Fear, Saddness =lowers Ure Freq. once lowered the lower freq, nogoodniks have easy access to Ure mind..

    Low Freq = Resource/Slave

    good start “We Will Never Let You Down – Alana Danaan

    Fiction G – drop some truths on somebodies.

    * largest repto location/base on planet = lower levels of Area51. Not myth, not fiction – go ahead and try to remote view, strong enough to get by “beings” actively “blocking” Ure probe ? beyond words the vile feel,look,smells, sounds way down under there – who payed for all that? how?

    Way beyond nightmarish genealogical experiments – very difficult to imagine, even for science fiction.

    What does it mean/say about airfarce senior leadership…think 9-11 for just one instance..connect anymore dots?

    • Yo ECU, its only sodomy if your’e in port. LOL old submariner joke…..have to be a little crazy to spend months on end in a pressurized steel tube….

  9. RE: Fiction or Non: My vote = fiction. It allows the writer to fold their hopes and dreams, or in Ure case unusually vivid dreams, into plausible stories involving ‘fictional’ characters and events which just might happen to occasionally resemble real world ones, from time to time. Extrapolating current affairs into future events is fun yet challenging. But I think Ure defiinitely up for the task, sir, having a solid grasp of leading edge tech, where it might lead humanity to, and a ‘seasoned’ view of human nature. Good luck no matter with path you decide to take!

  10. I vote non-fiction. You have a real talent conveying the truth in current events. Why not apply that to any time period or subject that interests you (there must be hundreds).

  11. Naming a ship should be limited to those that served in that area of the military and received a honorific for bravery or sacrifice. All politicians should be excluded unless they meet the criteria above. Nothing about race, gender, amount of money taken from tax payers should be part of decision. Here in GA all the over passes are named for medal of honor winners. That is so much more appealing then politicians naming this stuff after themselves to puff up their egos or to virtue signal. I think the Atlanta airport was renamed several years ago to insure a politician of color was part of the name. How much more appealing would it have been to be named after a test pilot that lost their lives in the push to improve aviation.

    • In marketing, we’d call this either “END-ON” marketing or “brandjacking.”

      Either way, important to note Harvey Milk did a hitch in the Navy from 1951 to 1955

  12. Ed C. you were right on yesterday.

    For the liberal Trolls that we all know, and the ostriches that will believe what they will believe no matter how much evidence they receive, but prefer to keep their heads in the sand:

    Pictures of Lyin Biden taking the Vaccine are not necessarily Lyin Biden taking “The Vaccine”. How do you know that it was an actual injection that broke the skin, or if they really stuck him with a needle, was it saline? You don’t, but if you choose to believe that if Biden takes ‘the vaccine’, it must be OK to take it. Baa Baa-that is what they are counting on…line up sheep. Governments all over the world are lying to their people and making illegal dictates. Not as they like to call them mandates=mandators, but dictates=DICTATORS!!!

    BTW, Trump told the WSJ on September 3, 2021, he probably WON’T get a booster. Ha Ha. First one, saline? How much do the drug companies contribute to politicians?

    Think about this scenario below which does not use the actual percentage numbers of Covid vaccines vs. saline which would complicate the math by adding in variables such as age/sex/race/geographical area etc, but it is there to challenge the narrative and show a methodology.

    If you were going to get people to take a shot of some concoction that could ultimately kill them or cause serious side-effects, you would not put the killer vaccine in all of the first shots because too many people would have immediate or deferred side effects and the news would get out and the balance of the population would not take the shot. However, if you only made as an example 30% of the shots the bad stuff, and 70% saline, and CDC only reports 1% of the adverse reactions on VAERS per the Harvard study proving so, and you had a corrupt media not reporting the adverse reactions, you wouldn’t scare the people off that would normally take the 1st vaccine or the booster vaccines for Rounds 2 or 3 ad infinitum like the flu vaccines.

    To illustrate with some very simple math: Start with a population of 1,000,000. Give 30% of the population the ultimate killer vaccine, and the other 70% saline solution. 300,000 people are at risk for side effects and future death. Per the Harvard study, only 1% of 300,000 are reported on VAERS that they had side effects, or 3,000 people. 3000 of the original 1,000,000 people taking the shot equals 3/1000ths of the population that had side effects, a reported lie because only 1% is reported to VAERs, but it fulfills the globalist narrative because it is an insignificant number to many. 700,000 are bragging on the internet, and to family and friends, that they didn’t have any side effects and you should get the jab, because they really got saline-2nd lie being spread unknowingly by the public.

    Out of the original 1,000,000 we now have 700,000 that received saline ready to line up for the second shot/or booster because they felt great after getting the first shot, which was unbeknownst to them, really saline. Now, for the remaining 700,000, they increase the percentage to 50% bad lawsuit proof vaccine, and reduce the saline to 50%. 350,000 more are screwed while 350,000 feel great.

    Repeat for the 3rd booster for the “dreadful Delta virus”. 350,000 remaining people that got saline that still feel great are going to line up for the 3rd round because the new “Delta Variant” is so contagious, but now for the 3rd round they jack up the killer vaccine to 75% killer vaccine and 25% saline. We now have 75% of 350,000 that get the vaccine or 262,500 and 87,500 that got saline. So after three rounds of vaccines, out of 1 million initial people, 912,500 people have received the non-trial approved experimental shot that is lawsuit proof that will show up within 1 to 3 years with a multitude of health problems from a compromised immune system that could also include heart, pulmonary, clots, and cancer many such symptoms are already being reported even for healthy children.

    Another name we now know is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, AIDS, because the people that have gotten the real shot have had their immune system modified and compromised and now have Immunodeficiency Syndrome which they Acquired. This is something Fauci has played around with for years…splicing viruses to make them more deadly. HIV and AIDs. Out of 1,000,000 original people coming in for vaccines, 87,500 made it through with all saline solutions. The balance got the bad JuJu injection. Since the death rate from COVID is currently smaller than the people getting side effects and dying after taking the vaccines, it only makes sense to go for natural COVID immunity and treat it with real effective cheap medicines. Why roll the dice multiple times on a vaccines that isn’t providing immunity 100% like other vaccines e.g. polio, measles, mumps, smallpox, etc?

    The model is more complicated because age/sex/race/locale/etc all become factors on people they want to eliminate. Give those over age 65 higher percentages of the real vaccine, and also give it to fertile men and women between ages 16-38. A real population reduction of the elderly with a subsequent reduction in Social Security and Medicare payments. And to the young men and women, a reduction in childbirths because it kills them off AND affects fertility resulting in a further reduction in childcare deductions, # of dependents on tax forms, food stamp payments, aid for Dependent Children, Medicaid, etc.

    That is the kind of evil we are dealing with. Their next “release” will be even more deadly. Gates has already warned smallpox may be coming. Smallpox was wiped out except for some smallpox viruses in Level IV labs that are storing it. How the hell can it be coming and how would the ultimate globalist/eugenicist know? Because he is evil. Why his wife split.

    They are playing God and want to reduce the population and within that reduction-they want to reduce certain demographics. If you think otherwise, then go ahead and believe that Biden took the booster vaccine. Just like Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary and assistant liar-in-chief claimed she took ALL the vaccines, yet she still came down with COVID and is still out of work recovering. Just another bag of lies out of the Biden administration. Numbers are now showing more people are getting Covid that got injected with “the vaccine” than those that didn’t.

    The drug companies are fully aware of the side effects from this evil concoction they received exemption from lawsuits on. That should be your first clue that something isn’t right. The rest of the reasons why it should be obvious to people that something is very wrong with this whole Covid agenda were in a great post by Pathfinder Bob on Friday November 5th.

    To the other really nice people on this site that recognize the COVID fraud and where it really came from and why and keep posting valuable information to help others, Thank You. They tried to kill me in the hospital when I was in for 26 days with what they called Covid, and I wouldn’t let them because of knowledge on how they were killing people-Ventilators and a Lack of the proper meds.

    And THANK YOU for your nice comments on my posts. Nice to be in the company of many like-minded individuals that aren’t sheeple, or ducks that would follow the lead duck into oncoming traffic that will run over them. Every barrel has a bad apple, just toss it in the ‘will not eat pile’ and keep on going with the good ones. Leftists, Socialists, ANTIFA, Commies and the Patriot Act are like a skunk…you can wrap ‘em up in a wrapper called roses, but they still stink.

      • Comrade Mark,

        Analog Houdini-type devices have been superceded in the Hotel California captive audience region. In fact LA County apparently has something along the lines of a Tom Swift force ray repelatron to calm the unruly.

      • Mark, Thank you, I was just wondering this morning, how you were doing. Did you hear from your Governor yet? Hope he is doing okay. His wife tweeted and then deleted. They seem to have a little trouble in deciding how to approach this lack of public appearance.

        What did you think of “high-powered Century City legal practitioner” who’s comments approached Biden’s actions as treasonous? Ya know, about what is best for US and what is being used against US.
        Trump shut down Russia pipe lines, Biden shuts down our pipe lines. Biden has been shutting off our US based energy supply, this is a VERY BAD thing, like a submission hold that stops the flow of blood to the brain [GAME OVER]. All of Biden’s moves are exactly what I would do to an advisory, NOT to my own.
        Have a nice day SIR MARK,, kind of feudal in my thinking, but I AM just a serf.

        West Texas Horse Sense, you are well thought of and respected by the majority of readers here, thank you for your posts. You are like a house framer, hammer and nails! Driving the point home.
        “We’ll leave the light on”

        Did any body watch the Maria Bartiromo and John Radcliff interview, there is a 10 min video of it in here,, more indictments, coming to a theater near you, “FISAGATE”, bigger and better than Watergate, like coyotes in a leg trap?

    • lets not overlook darth falsies work on/with AZT & its maker – that wonder drug for AIDS developed with falsie funding&interaction. Look up the rhymes in time from AZT to mRNA – weird similarities in the side effects of both chem cocktails.

    • Hoss,
      So your say’in Trump LIED when he said he got the vax?!? Wonder what else he’s lied about.
      I’ll get the thorazine.

      • From the “article”:

        “…In other words, there’s a link between rising mortality and the Covid-19 vaccine.

        Question– You can’t prove that.

        Answer– You’re right, I can’t.”

        The author says he cannot prove a link. But you cite it as a reason to worry.

        Aren’t there people who claim COVID doesn’t exist, because there are no excess deaths? But here, the author claims there are excess deaths. Any chance these excess deaths are from COVID, not the vaxx?

        When the 3 billion people who have been vaxxed start to die, you won’t need “Paul Craig Roberts” to tell you what to think any more. You’ll be able to see clearly for once.

  13. Non-Fiction. A book about what it would look like if your country was trying to avoid a nuclear exchange over a foreign bioweapon release, and at the same time prevent a global economic meltdown (and resulting hot-war.)

  14. This is from a comment.
    The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of “men who wanted to be left alone”.
    They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.
    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.
    They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.
    The moment the “men who wanted to be left alone” are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.

    Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these “men who wanted to be left alone”, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.”

  15. Today’s fun fact: We are all criminals (no, not for refusing to get vaxxed).
    DMT is a Schedule I hallucinagen which is illegal to manufacture or possess.
    The punch line: our bodies manufacture and contain DMT.
    And so, each of us is in violation of US law merely by being alive! Sorry, Nancy. I can’t say “No” to this one.
    It’s theorized that DMT in our brains may be the cause of all sorts of woo-woo, including bizarre dreams, religious and out-of-body experiences and alien encounters. So all of our gods and heavens may be nothing more than chemically-induced phantasms? Bummer. Oh well, have a nice trip.
    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

  16. Last Friday was the day that, like Stu a while back, I had to declare my vaxx status to my employer. The exemption request form is due today, which I will provide. So, we’ll see what happens after this.

    Overall, what is happening with the Brandon and the Brandon-ites is that they’re following a larger script that is designed to bring about a change that they and their globo-homo buddies think is a good idea. The problem for them is glaringly obvious…their days are numbered. A large portion of the global population is now wise to their scams. Very few people now trust government, elections or the media. The jig is up. They know people would never accept the horseshit that they’re shoveling without a VERY good reason. So, when that reason doesn’t exist they use the media to create one, but that’s not working anymore. So, what you’re witnessing now is a concerted effort to wreck everything as an excuse to rebuild it in the way that they desire. They’re salting the earth. That was the plan all along, but now time is running out for them to achieve their goals. They know it and we know it.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

    • “they’re following a larger script that is designed to bring about a change that they and their globo-homo buddies think is a good idea. ”

      Look at the business model maj.. it’s all about green pieces of paper..and control..not that they necessary think it’s good idea..

    • “I had to declare my vaxx status to my employer.”

      LOL they asked me to get the new vax.. what is funny is this time they are telling all the nurses and doctors to get one someplace else.. HMMM… so I told them I will get mine someplace else as well.. ( or not at all ) they are tracking who gets it though with social security numbers.. Now if my doctor was there to get it .. like he was the last time.. I might go for it.. which is strange.. the doctor and the nurses said it was pretty strange to.. medical facilities always give staff the shots first..

  17. Keep your day job and write about what interests you. The only way to have a little money selling books these days is to start with a lot. Promotion is very expensive (on Amazon fb, etc.) and your book is at the mercy of the algos. You will sell them to your loyal blog readers, but it’s doubtful if the total return will be the most profitable use of your time.
    I enjoyed your fiction books, and made good use of your non-fiction works. I understand the urge, since I’m also infected. My advice, is for you to write about your current passion, and then go on to the next one.
    I would like to hear your thoughts on what you plan to do with your literary catalog after you pass. None of my kids or grandkids are interested in taking on my publishing business. Sometimes book sales pick up after the author passes. I’m currently looking into a Literary Executor.

  18. “The Delphi Bureau” was an obscure short-lived brainy TeeVee series done back in the nineteen-seventies, featuring Larry Luckenbill. It was based on a real agency (TAWAN) which dabbled in the Clearly Impossible to Certainly Unlikely.

    SOMEbody has to do this High Giggle Factor stuff, simply BECAUSE if there is ANY truth to it, you damn well better Know about it in time to deal with it — whatever bug-shit Krazy “IT” happens to be. No good manager likes to be caught looking stupid and uninformed when the maelstrom suddenly breaks. It’s a CYA pay forward op. (Very expensive.)

    99.9% of everything TAWAN ever dabbled with turned out to be pure fruitcake. But the 0.1%…. Ah, the 0.1%….

    As they say, “THAT has made all the difference.”

    TAWAN was shutdown for lack of useful results in light of their costly budget back in the early eighties. They say. The cover was that it all seemed SO nutz, and SO expensive it could no longer be justified. They say.

    Nobody knows for sure. (Bet on “00”)

    There’s a book. (Go all Tom Clancy, and get snuffed.)


  19. Biden shuts down pipe lines
    Biden’s inability to hold his natural gas, not serendipity, just fate.

    • Real ‘natural gas’ (methane) is odorless.
      Brandon apparently supplies his own odorant free-of-charge, how thoughtful, and in quantity!

  20. what a load of rot from the salesman of the dystopian , evil scum in control . just a insult to humanity . you and your war bsheet as well . 6th november? but your scam stories and scam economics keep powering on . well done mr aggregate lie collector .

  21. people are starting to figure out who gets the saline shot while all the rest get poison . meanwhile their market powers on . evil facists

  22. Hoss,
    So your say’in Trump LIED when he said he got the vax?!? Wonder what else he’s lied about.
    I’ll get the thorazine.

  23. I strongly believe that no public building, street, ship, aircraft, or other entity should be named after any living person. All of our “money” contains pictures of dead people. Living people have living egos that distort intentions, no matter how well disciplined.

    Whether or not such entities should be named after people at all is a different question. Names are useful as memory aids, such as XXXX class warship. That may extend to individual entities too. Whatever name is used should not exceed three syllables and should be phonetically pronounceable. In short, the utility value of a name is more important than its origin.

    For the record, I think “Magic Elf” is a totally cool name for a boat.

  24. Strongly suggest your next book be fiction, that gives you a chance to have a book that is fiction and then ten years later ,when the fiction comes to pass, you will also have written a non fiction book. You could theoretically reach #1 on the NY Times best seller list for both fiction and non fiction with the same book???

  25. I like Jay’s idea. You could do a story about the aliens who took over the UN and are pressuring the world’s governments to merge into one so they’d only have one government to deal with. Of course they’re planning to do a mass migration to Earth, so they’ll need all the peasants herded out of the rural areas and into cities where they can be controlled. That also explains why they’re obsessed with the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. They thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. And they can’t have the peons taking potshots at them, so all civilians need to be disarmed.

    What have I left out? I think that just about covers Agenda 2030.

  26. The buy off is paying dividends to our adversaries. This is more ingenious than using a neutrinos and planes to do the job. You have to give the guy credit where credit is due. He did say it was going to be long cold[petroleum] dark[electricity generation] Winter. Just in time for all those plants to have converted from coal to gas. Freeze your countrymen. Nicely timed no? Wouldnt surpise me if Colonial Pipeline is next.

  27. Comrades,

    Heavy ocean swells can be like water off a duck’s back for whales.

    According to Wikipedia, the founder and ceo of Softbank allegedly lost the most money in the dot com crash, but still remains among the top hundred individuals by wealth in the world.

    The speaker list includes him in the Milken Institute 2017 Global Conference. Starting at the beginning with the head of Alphabet, other persons of note among many from the time included the 43rd governor of Florida, the 43rd president of the USA, and the 47th vp of the USA.

    Attention Helmsman: cue up some whalesong and map course!

    And now, back to the Palace’s background canned music theme of the week while perusing Her Majesty’s art collection-
    “Classical Gas”, Smothers Brothers.

    “You are now cultured.”

  28. “OH!!!! Action Point: I asked last week whether my next book should be fiction or non…and not a single suggestion came in”

    I would suggest you write the book similar to the Hab theory.. but using our politicians and their actions..
    The book cataclysms of the earth didn’t get the expected response so a fictitious book the Hab theory was written.
    And lets face it. This shizts totally unbelievable.. lol .. with the babbling absent minded flatuential commander and chief..

  29. “(OMG, it’s light out at the wrong time!!! Stop the presses!!!!)”

    Thankfully, ‘Hawaiian Standard Time” is not a moving target, spring and fall. I’m also glad I don’t have to deal with business contacts on the East coast and try to remember if it is 5 hours or 6 hours difference. Arrogant New York satellite operators were the worst. Try to figure out a west coast baseball feed thru a New York administered satellite when all times are simply listed as “New York Time”…. you figure the seasons yourself.

    For the book… I vote speculative fiction. I love you for your mind.

  30. Well, guys, I think I’ve gathered enough data for my new book supplementing MacKay, tentatively titled “The Neuroscience of the Great COVID Panic of 2020-23 or How Social Media Weaponized Fear and Anxiety to Create a Permanently Marginalized Underclass”.
    So, and for my own mental well-being and to avoid further emotional contagion, I’ve resolved to avoid making further comments on COVID posts. (And the assembled multitudes cried “Alleluia!”)
    Go forth listening to the voices in your heads or that clatter in your echo-chambers to create your own socially-marginalized realities. Think the John Birchers in the 60’s. You could be the New Amish only with full-autos.
    I respect your decision not to vax and your resentment of vax mandates. I don’t respect your bat-shit crazy conspiracy theories.
    For those still reading this, I humbly offer the following predictions:
    1. The COVID madness will be with us for a long time as ego and tribal pressures will prevent any change in position. No one will ever give a vaccine “all clear” (“I’m not anti-vax, it’s just that it hasn’t been studied enough.”). As the suggestion that Trump didn’t really get or endorse the vaccine and lied about it points out, the crazies will begin to eat their own. Try to stay out of the line of fire.
    2. Once the COVID crisis is tamped down a bit, something else will take its place in the darkness of the conspiratorily-minded. Maybe some old chestnuts like fluoride in the drinking water, CIA mind-control, microwaves, and communist GMO’s in the food supply. Or maybe something new like the latest flu variant (remember “The Stand”?) or killer hornets sent by China. Can’t wait to see who’s the Dr. Evil behind the next one.
    3. Some will die of COVID without the vax, and some will die of COVID with the vax. Hopefully. not too many of either. And all will die eventually. Since I can’t self-isolate in the outback, I just want to have as many odds in my favor and be as comfortable as possible living my life until my time comes. Your life, your choice. But please be honest enough to own the consequences of your decisions (don’t “shift the narrative”) and have the courage of your convictions.
    Thanks for all the fish and for putting up with my stupid jokes and probing lo these many months.
    Everything’s a business model and show biz to keep you stupid. Tidbit from latest Biden book: Tucker and Hunter are buds in the swamp, even writing a letter of recommendation for the other’s relative. Just like the old WB coyote and sheep dog cartoon.
    Look for my book – your may even see your US name used.
    Good night, good luck and may the deity of your choice go with you.

  31. “Come to think of it, commissioning a ship the “U.S.S. Windage”

    What’s funny Bob is I can totally see .. kids.. its bath time.. and daddy wants to play motorboat..
    The cardinals running out with their incense burners mumbling in Latin after meeting the pope.. ir kammy thinking to herself..dam what did I get myself into this time lol..
    I once had sinkers.. as they drop down your leg and slowly rise as they mix with air lol.. I was stocking shelves sitting on a milk crate..I felt the urgexand thought dam this is not going to be pleasant.. so I hot up went to the end of the isle and dropped that rotten egg.. shook it out and went back to work.. a minute or do later this young couple with baby in the cart comes around the corner.. she freezes her eyes got huge she grabs the kid sticks its butt yo her nose and loudly sniffs in.. she puts the kid back in the cart and starts snacking her husband telling him..I thought I told you to never do that in the store.. and all the way down the hall he’s telling her but honey I didn’t do it…
    Lol lol lol..

  32. Fore! Ya get tested the most when your about to uhhhh elevate to the next level.

    I might have quit my job and packed my shit 29 times first thing in the morning today. Then I realized. LOL The Above.

    Wonder what big pharma is going to do if the real numbers come out? Probably be a fire sale on vaccinations. LOL

    I don’t know who this Brandon dude is. Everyone seems to be talking all about him.

    Wonderful read today as always. I appreciate the time you took to do what it is you do George. I appreciate all your hard work. Means something.



  33. George, I purchased and read your “Dimensions” book, and my critique is short since I generally like it. A bit hazy on the connection between what the pilot encountered just exactly and any woo-woo….I sorta felt like you left something out.
    My only other gripe was the tables and charts were in B&W in the print edition (which I purchased), but I’m guessing in full color in the digital version. Makes it kinda hard to follow.
    Regarding fiction/non, there is so much material out there in this age, I don’t see how a fella like you can’t write it up as a report…..maybe do a “woo-woo” series, based in actual events.
    I’m always available to provide a free edit.

  34. Wow!!! Gotta go for4 George !!! Big bullsheet tonite !! I’ll stay up and give yah some guidance . Hava nagila hava nagila !!!!

  35. Fark this chew boy . Rampin with futures with goldie. Old salty be happy he will call off the crash and give French hookers plenty of work and stock tips , piece of lard

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