Impeach Biden – the Ure Amendment

We assume you have been following this bullshit where the US Government’s Department of Justice has recommended $450,000 settlements per child (two children max for $900,000!!!!!)  to separated families – of illegal border jumpers – for their pain and suffering?

Biden is now trying to back-pedal and ass cover.  See reports like Biden denies $450,000 settlement payment in works to separated families.

America’s seriously pissed about this.  As reflected in Poll: Most Americans oppose $450,000 payouts to migrants, want southern border closed | News |

Until the phone rang just now, I figured it was just the lying, thieving Scam-o-crat party. It was my consigliere.

“Look up what the death benefit payment is for a member of the U.S, Military when killed in action.”

He knew already – one of his sons is in the service.


To be fair, there are some survivor benefits for children that can press this higher, but not much.  And we’ll take the bet –  that a sweetheart deal will defer some of the Bidenista Coup’s comp payoff plans to hide the real long-term costs to honest taxpayers.

Enough is enough.  Harris would be hard-pressed to do worse.  Impeachment is in order.  Failure to follow the Oath of Office.

Time to Impeach Biden

One pissed-off Texan calling out the Ostensible President won’t make change.

So that’s why I an proposing the Ure Amendment.

Simply put:

“NO victim of any wrong-doing by the U.S. government may receive a single penny more than the present government-provided death benefit payment applied when a Service Member dies.”


I know this may be beyond the limits of Biden to comprehend.  But please, have someone read it to him.

Jerk is too weak.  Asshole is closer to the facts.  Not comfortable, but we do still have free speech, right?


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  1. oh i just found out what this Lets go Brandon thing is. according Fox 13, Jim Innocenzi, “Unless you are living in a cave, you know what it means,”

    funny, doesn’t look like a cave out here. LOL!

    as i have said many many times on this site. ~ repetitive cycles in history, proves poor stewardship. ~

    when your president has a 38% approval rating. why the F is he President? Would I get on an airplane with a piolet has a 38% safe landing rating? i mean even Clif is better than chance. and what are the odds of Chance? better than Bidens in the next election. ROTFLMFAO!

    ya, we been talk about the land of opportunity. among many things.

    time to get busy. break time is over.

  2. “Biden is now trying to back-pedal and ass cover. See reports like Biden denies $450,000 settlement payment in works to separated families.”

    ‘Thing is, if you study the history of the $450k payout, and you listen to the spoken, as well as written word, you will discover that last week, Creepy Joe asserted that said payment was a “right wing conspiracy,” had no basis in fact, and would be utterly crazy, if’fn yer watching Joe for tells, they’ll tell you that he’s telling the truth.

    Biden had no clue that the $450k thing was an actual part of “his” policy.

    Stop and think about that for a moment.

    Although he came out a couple days later to defend the policy, at the time the question was first posed by the Press Corpse(sic) Biden had no idea and thought the idea ludicrous.

    Stop and think again…

    The media as screwing with the timeline, and

    Joe is not driving the bus.

    He has been a bumbler his entire political life.
    His mental faculties are in decline.
    He’s not very bright, but does have a strong political instinct.

    Any policy which runs against norms, decency, or reason can be blamed on his senility.

    He is the perfect tool to use to force a soft revolution.

    The policies would not change under Kammy, or Pelousy, or Buttjudge or Bedo, or any other of the prominent Dems. They would just be a little harder to excuse.


    • “He’s not very bright, but does have a strong political instinct.

      Any policy which runs against norms, decency, or reason can be blamed on his senility.”

      He does know politics.. have you noticed how he has maneuvered it so that Kammy is in position to take the blame LOL…smart and cunning if you ask me..

      • Nope. If Kammy is the circuit breaker, it’s Joe’s staff has its hands on the handle. Joe just reads the words on the teleprompter, and his staff pulls the plug if he goes off script. Elanor ran the show when Franklin got to the point he wasn’t functioning. I would say that Ron Klain is really running the show at the moment.

      • @n___

        I’m thinking Hillary, Obama, or both, through Susan Rice, but the point is the swirl around the $450k confirms to the observant that it’s not Joe…

  3. IMPEACHMENT is not enough of a tool to rid of the swamp MONSTER, Joe is just the current poop puppet. I like the kind of trap that draws the entire group in. It is hard to imagine when the swamp monster is a multi-generational group of GLOBAL crime families. Everything is owned by strawmen/corporations, like Russian nesting dolls. this corp owns that corp and visa versa, one big spiderweb of inter-connecting corporations, and rotating boards of directors. The US Constitution was an open breaking from their control, they have been slowly but steadiedly getting US back under submission.
    I have to wonder what trap, Trump and the military have set. Racheal Madcow made a reference to the Trump and military the other day,,, hummmm what does she see or hear.
    This is why I find the Q team interesting with the info they (Q is a team of less than 10, 3 non-military)(the power of 3,6,9 ?)
    Remember when Trump first took office and had a fancy dinner with all the top brass, “this is the calm before the STORM”,,, “what storm? Mr President?” echoed the reporters in the room.
    Even the shape of the men and women posing for the photo shoot is a military STRADEGY, Trump leading the way and drawing all the fire, while the military encircle the opposing force in a trap.
    Q has made references to needing the military. If our phony election was controlled by chinese influence with Dominion machines and Sorass money, the military under emergency orders issued under Covid cover during Trumps term could be active right now, and we would be unaware.
    It is my BELIEF that we are in a pivitol moment in HUMAN history and I have a ringside seat in this battle between the Titans
    Humans are not the product of natural evolution anymore than GMO corn, but we are plants that someone planted and claims ownership, just like we plant corn and claim it as mine. Ranchers in my parts own their land and the cattle on it. Who owns this Earth? Blackrock is a name I hear and so is the Payseur family. I am stock up on popcorn, hoping it for entertainment and not emergency food ration.
    I put team Q in the light as Nostradamus, we all have different opinions, that vary from a little, to total opposite as what to think or trust, we take what we want and leave the rest(best?)

    URE correct, Slo Joe has to go, but the entire cancer needs removed, the cancer is in both dems and reps, federal and states, US and abroad, in every country.
    “I will leave a light on,,”
    cause I spent my life in the electric generation production (mechanical,hands on)
    someday we need to have a conversation, chem-trails vs contrails
    vapor vs ash particles is Quite apparent in stack emissions that I have observed over the years. When the ash removal systems fail you see the trail go to the horizon,, when the ash removal is working well, you get fluffy white humidity vapor that quickly condenses to be unseen by eye.
    We are being sprayed on, but by who by what money, by what department. What is the reason or goal, the Questions are endless. Titans I tell ya

    • no nope – cant be, conspiracy !!!!! no way in hell do any of the ingredients in “chemies” interact -in vivo – with mRNA vax ingredients, once combined, will be accelerated -in vivo via 5/6G freaks. WHO ya gonna track ? WHO ya gonna attack? WHO ya gonna whack? to control a global herd..just another conspiracy theory…like the inventor of the internet hisself, lil al manbearmanpig – “we will be able to track ALL global polluters via satellites by this time next year”


      • There’s no chance Durham will cut a deal with anyone, before he’s investigated that person thoroughly and knows how bad they’ve been. He doesn’t like crooked government employees…

      • Durham does not do interviews, Durham does not leak to the press. We can only judge him by his works. 3 indictments and the Clinesmith one, did a plea bargain. You have to wonder, did he flip?
        I think he is aware of the election fraud, but is focused his job, as assigned, “FISAGATE” those who used government as their political weapon. Made up lies and used the departments to push the lies, with the cooperation of the lame stream media,[newspapers and tv]. Treasonous congressmen, they impeach using lies in place of facts. Little Adam Schiff was on the intel committee that was informed, that the Steele dossier was not a trusted provable source.

      • When Dunham cleaned up the mess Robert Mueller made of the Whitey Bulger case he busted several FBI agents & Masshole State Police, and damn’ near nailed Mueller.

        Dunham has spent about $3mln of the taxpayers’ money and is not popping people for process crimes. Over a similar period of time, Mueller spent over $20mln…

  4. My mate george is back!! Impeach the senile old commie prik . Enough . No more . All of em . Hang em high . My country is farked. If America rises it can save me . In respect of the founding fathers of every principle I hold dear in the Declaration of Independence. Rise America get rid of this evil

  5. dude! how long you been future tripping? you cant see the set up on this one? Ure smarter than me.

    i mean this isnt anthing new dude. issue the people a problem, then provide the solution. never let a crisis go to waist.

    lets give the US a demicrat majority, lets give them Joe Biden. lets them tax the shit out of everyone, raise the gas prices high and let them pass massive retarded spending bills. get em all riled up. then……… what George?

    Troy yells from the back row, “What Andy?”

    Well, Troy, I am glad you asked. Then you build a horse out of ships. they will think it is a gift from the GOD’s themselves. and then sneak in through the front door. that’s what chicken but.

    why would they do that? To maintain control. its alot like watching those old westerns. only 3 plots. just different characters playing the roles. sure maybe the cgi is a little better.

    The point is, How does one profit from all this. to secure for them a future that yields anyway.

    saw some hula-hoops the other day. what is the next hula hoop? that is what I want to know.

    why waist my energy thrashing around in my lawn chair spilling mustard on my t- shirt over a TV re-runs of Bonanza. We already know little joe is going to get everything into trouble and later to save by Pa and Hoss.

  6. And while we are slugging it out over paying illegals, let’s get Fouci, The CDC and The WHO into a malai for polluting the crap out of the planet.

    Impeach Biden ? Hell George, they ALL NEED TO GO !!! Whole damn Administration.

    Heard last night that if you die from covid, (with or of) someone can fill out papers through FEMA and collect $9,000. They say it’s for burial …. I say it’s for agreeing and keeping quiet. Not contesting the cause of death. I haven’t researched it, but I don’t doubt it.

    Our Nation is in a cluster-f*ck.

    We need to become Americans again and, get a grip on our sovereignty and close the boarder, right !! Stop being afraid of getting sick and be allowed the CORRECT treatment when we are ill. Acting like test monkeys is not the right course of action. Taking bribes in politics and at the graveside, doesn’t serve anyone’s best interest … except for those who have the money to burn.

    There are Democrats and Republicans … two wrongs aren’t going to make anything right. Neither of them will.

    I got an earful at one of them pitchfork and shovel meetings recently. Can’t say I’ll be attending any more of those … ever. Sometimes ya just wanna know what’s going on out in the hills … I shoulda stayed home. Damn.

    The spirit of disharmony seems to be gaining momentum.

    Heard the conceal carry without a permit bill is gonna pass around here. Gulp !! Guess everyone’s gonna saddle up for that … which gives me nightmares about what the future of going to the grocery store will be like. Really not interested in getting into a gun fight over a pack of hotdogs … but if I won the fight and got the buns, I WILL get the hotdogs.

    It’s crazy George. All of it.

  7. Whoa! It looks like you’re sliding into KEK-country. Can we dial the politics down a bit and get back to the financial analysis and good living advice?

  8. “NO victim of any wrong-doing by the U.S. government may receive a single penny more than the present government-provided death benefit payment applied when a Service Member dies.”

    I am sorry George.. that will never happen.. and I am sure that the half mil is written in the trillion dollar bill they are trying to force through that none of them will even take a look at or read it…. which makes me sick to my stomach.. not only do we have an administration that has more potential criminal activity allegations against them than any other sitting president in the history of the whole USA.. and organizations working overtime covering up all their activities and trying to tell everyone that it is fake.. even though news sources around the globe keep bringing it out as if the people condone their actions..
    then we are listening to them rant and rave about wanting to give money to people that shouldn’t even be here.. and giving good taxes etc.. it is just wrong and I think everyone knows it..
    and the truly scary part.. it hasn’t even been a whole year yet.. phew.. scary huh.. just like healthcare.. you don’t want to say.. I have seen it all.. because that is when something totally bizarre happens.. and with this administration.. you don’t want to say.. could it get any worse.. just list the allegations of criminal activities.. are there any that they haven’t been accused of.. and the circumstantial proof.. the postings that they themselves have made.. not to mention the hard drive or the thousands of photos and videos that have been circulating the globe..
    It all scares me to death.. I only hope we as a country can survive the next three and a quarter years..

    • “NO victim of any wrong-doing by the U.S. government may receive a single penny more than the present government-provided death benefit payment applied when a Service Member dies.”

      How about, No Person who enters the United States in violation of immigration law shall receive compensation in any form other than transportation back to the country of origin?

    • Any rational person will look at this idiocy of an Administration and realize the outcome of their “platform” of change.
      When asked by normal people, “How stupid can you be?” The D’s always take it as a personal challenge and set out to show you! So it is just getting worse for now. They are people of NO faith and only listen to themselves.
      That big squeaky wheel is still turning. It is slow for sure but don’t get too used to what it brings right now. The future is on the way so ‘Let’s go Brandon’.

  9. “Not comfortable, but we do still have free speech, right?”

    I believe that this will be done away with shortly.. big sites are already policing the posts.. I had told someone to google it.. and it was deleted as not in the best interests of the viewers.. even though it was a private message..

    • It already has been.

      The 1st Amendment no longer exists.

      The first time someone said “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater…” free speech died.

      {When I hear this, I always ask the speaker: “What if the theater is on fire?”}

      The “Press” is pwned. It has been politically Leftist since Wilson locked up journalists who disagreed with him, but was not radically Marxist until about the time Bill Buckley died. Cronkite was a Leftist, but a patriot. He believed the in same goals as Buckley but differed on the path to be traveled to achieve them. He may have colored his evening broadcasts, but he didn’t overtly politicize them.

      NOW the “media” has a different agenda, and no reservation about lying to realize that agenda, and altering or counterfeiting “news” to support their assertions. The vast majority of newscasters are completely without honor or honesty, or morals.

      Do I even have to mention “freedom of religion” or “freedom of assembly?”

      The Bill of Rights is a list of God-given human rights. It is not open to interpretation. It is not open to limitation. The Founding Fathers interpreted and limited, and deliberated for YEARS before the creation of the BoR. Then they codified it with multiple supermajority votes. Congress and the USSC have been illegally “interpreting” both The Constitution and its BoR for 200 years. That doesn’t make them right. That doesn’t make an interpretation or limitation right. It makes doing so, an illegal overreach.

  10. At Biden’s TV news conference 3 days ago he said that those people DESERVED to be paid, though he started to walk back the amount, but then THE NEXT DAY, the White House walked back his walk back of the amount.

    DC and it’s Government Bureaucrats (who are very heavily super liberal to socialist Democrats) are clearly putting people who come into the country illegally HIGHER on the totem poll than our Service men and women who risks their lives for the US.

    And to think … Biden is likely to be the President when China moves on Taiwan.

    btw … are all those who came into the country ILLEGALLY going to stick around if the Military Draft comes back if they are also subject to the Draft? Of course not … but then again the DC Bureaucrats will probably FORCE US Citizens to be drafted and serve so that they can make the country safer for the illegals who live here and who will continue to come.

    Scarey to think about.

    • “Stephen 2
      November 9, 2021 at 15:01
      “btw … are all those who came into the country ILLEGALLY going to stick around if the Military Draft comes back if they are also subject to the Draft? Of course not … but then again”
      Are you kidding!!?? Illegal invaders of mostly military age, often members of drug cartels with half a million dollars in their pockets- SUBJECT TO A DRAFT?
      With free guns and ammo along with all the other military equipment they will get access to, they will be forming their own party and running for President or just demanding it.

      • More likely, they’ll attempt to establish their own cartel and narco-state!

        The invasion has not been televised, other than occasional snippets of “refugee” women and/or children. We still – barely – have the ability to re-establish the rule of law and government by a FEW honest and accountable people, not a monstrous bureausaurus.

        The current attempts to demoralize and destabilize the USA are obvious and there for all to see. We must find ways to either remove or ignore the current plethora of idiotic rules and get back to common sense. I’m at wit’s end trying to figure out how to do this as an individual. Yes, I can survive, but thriving and enjoying life in this “obama plus” environment is nearly impossible – or so it seems.

  11. Bwahaahahah – see those fine folks at the ACLU, they have been negotiating this separated illegal alien families deal with dept just-us for months. No big deal – whats $450k ? but a fraction of a Bitcoin..eventually.

    Modern Tulip mania – US stock market, see chart.

    Whose holding a bouquet of digital tulips now, Mr single gold coin man ?

  12. Ok. Ok. Step away from the keyboard and/or phone. I’m gonna channel the late great Paul Harvey here.
    The USA got sued by some illegals who claimed that they were harmed by Trump’s zero tolerance policy that separated parents from their children.
    I don’t have any idea about the merits of the case. It seems like a stretch to me but hey, you can get sued for anything these days. The real question is whether you can win and recent news reports show some humungus liability amounts when you do.
    So, here’s the DOJ acting as the USA’s defense counsel trying to negotiate a settlement (as litigators always do). Someone threw out the $450k number during a strategy session and some “person familiar with the matter” ?leaked it to the press.
    So, here’s the DOJ of the current administration being tasked with cleaning up a mess caused by its predecessor while minimizing the monetary damage to its client (the USA).
    No defendant likes to settle litigation when they think they are in the right. One of the lawyer’s jobs is to point out the risk that refusing to settle may result in a much greater amount being awarded if the defendant loses.
    So my friends, are you feeling lucky? Would you have the DOJ dig in, refuse to settle and go to trial? Remember the Alamo! (BTW, everyone died there). But don’t forget to take ownership should a D.C. jury impose an award several times $450k per.
    Now, I know that you conspiracy mavens will accuse the DOJ of throwing the case, not bargaining hard enough, and heeling to the orders of its liberal overlords. Maybe at the upper echelon levels (another reason to impeach Garland). But the litigators on the line know that THEIR careers depend on how well they’ve represented their client (the USA), NOT how many times they’ve made the ACLU happy. That’s why I suspect that the leaker was one of them.
    So no, Biden didn’t get up one morning, get his daily Adolf injection and decide to pay illegal immigrants $450k each. His DOJ is cleaning up Trump’s mess, bad optics and all. If there was true justice, Trump would bear the risk of his decisions and any settlement or judgment would be on his dime. But that’s not how you get to be a big-time NYC developer/promoter.
    Please stick to the facts, not dreamed up conspiracy theories, and apply some rational thinking. (ODG! What have I started?!?!)

      • That amendment is too broad. Foreign nationals following all the rules and being wronged by the US government may well be entitled to compensation. Of course, that doesn’t apply to the border jumpers or other criminals.

    • other-George
      “Please stick to the facts, not dreamed up conspiracy theories, and apply some rational thinking. ”
      your entire make-believe post sounds like it was written by lets go Joe’s press secretary Jen Psaki. You are putting hooks in bait, trying to catch fish

      “Blame Trump for everything you are doing wrong,,”, herr goebbels psaki
      Did you used to write for a big news outlet? This post of yours reminds me of something one would read in NYT, WaPo, or the Atlantic, Corporate-owned anti-Trump , orange man bad syndrome
      You tell others to take ownership from your arm chair quarterback position, while you blame Trump. You forget Joe is resident now and we had how many decades of democrate/RINO uni-party before Trump.
      I have to go , good luck with your next book
      I got an idea for one,,, most say Joe Kennedy bought John the election for President, who did he buy it from? who is able to sell an election without being punished, for decades now? how deep is this state, this hidden hand?
      did you fall for the Lee Harvey theory also? and they [CIA] called US theorists, defect, deflect, these are not the droids you are looking for. Coffee time

      • TOBD,
        So you’re sayin’ that the root of the whole kerfuffle was NOT a proposed settlement over litigation about one of Trump’s immigration policies?!?
        I’m not blaming Trump for everything, just what he DID. Imagine that!
        I hope the coffee’s kicked in by now.

      • Yeah Yeah – Just blaming tRump for upholding the Constitution, Defending the southern border, and Defending innocent Women and Children.

        -Seems UPSIDEDOWN to me – and when I see upsidedown I know the Satanic is the operation .

      • Like I said to my wife, “What does me not picking up my socks have to do with you not putting the dishes away?”
        Since there’s no game board to kick over, you’ve resorted to trying to change the subject. I’m not biting.

    • leave them sue win are lose, sentence them in a criminal trial for illegally entrance into the US. then confiscate all there property to pay for there time in jail and legal expensive.

    • Okay, this is the dealie-o:

      CBP under Trump did not invent the policy. It actually began during the latter part of the Clinton Administration, as “spot-DNA testing” became feasible. The Trump Administration continued the policy of Obama, Bush43, and Clinton.

      The original proposal was to pay parents a compensation, when the kids from whom CBP separated them got lost in the system, shipped off to foster homes, AND NEVER REUNITED WITH THEIR PARENTS after the spot-DNA tests confirmed lineage.

      There were fewer than 150 children to whom this happened, under Trump.
      There were more than 9000 children to whom this happened, under Obama.
      There were fewer than 400 children to whom this happened, under Bush.
      There were fewer than 100 children to whom this happened under Clinton.

      Go back & read.

      The “Obama Nightmare” has somehow not yet been scrubbed — not even from Google.

      Why is the Administration blaming Trump for a CBP policy, implemented last millennium, which actually makes sense and which his Administration handled quite well?

      Why are both The Administration and the “Press” ignoring the “Obama Nightmare?”

      Rumor has it the “$450k policy” has been expanded to all illegal aliens who’ve crossed into the U.S. from 1/20/17 to date, who were accompanied by a child. That’s a rumor. I haven’t dug around to see if I could find out whether it’s truth or gamesmanship. It is sufficient to know the Administration &or its enablers are lying [by omission.] I don’t need to count the lies. The scorecard isn’t largest total. It is pass/fail…

    • Inversion man – Trumps mess ? bad optics ? and all?

      Upside down as obummer ever is, brandon for that matter. Upholding the Law of the land = mess ? Defending the Constitution as well as the Southern Border = mess. As backwards/ upside down in Ure trolling as you are in Ure posted belief system. Truly a joy to parse the nonesense – thx.

      • FSM,
        No, mess=enacting policies that cause the USA to get sued resulting in a judgment or settlement that costs us taxpayers (m)(b)(t)rillions of dollars. All adminstrations do it; I’m just addressing the one on the table.
        BTW, you really rock that colander hat.

  13. You fell right into the trap George. Negotiating 101 , ask for a massive amount , settle for what you really wanted to start with. Ask $450k settle for $100k. Suckered again.

    • Kevin,
      I don’t know if the $450k number was ever presented to the other side. Although it must have been getting some traction for the leaker to be upset enough to drop the dime.
      Like I said, I don’t know the case law on this one. Maybe there’s a bunch of similar cases with jury awards in several multiples of $450k.
      Everyone knows that the first offer to settle is a lowball but other considerations emerge. Such as that the DOJ’s resources are limited. The DOJ case manager may be pressing her team to settle because other, bigger matters need attention. I just don’t know. A ridiculous opening lowball accomplishes nothing and damages your credibility (unless you’re billing at an hourly rate). Try it with your car dealer sometime.
      When to hold ’em an when to fold ’em is part of the art of the deal.
      Maybe The Great Negotiator would like to handle this one for the USA gratis? After all, it’s his policy mess that the DOJ is trying to clean up.
      Ah, only in a dream: you can’t shame the shameless.

  14. The Biden admin can’t go through with this. It’d be the final coffin nail and anyone not completely far left will put their foot down. As for some of the comments posted about this sitting president, yeah, he’s on decline pretty fast. There will come a day, soon in my opinion, that he will definitely express this in a way that media and his aides cannot hide. I’m still sticking to the idea that he’ll be fast tracked out as soon as someone can get Kamala to not screw herself verbally in public, so she can take the office. God help us all if Pelosi gets her foot in the door.

    Seriously, who is driving this bus and why are they determined to take it over the cliffs of insanity?

  15. Metallurgist Admits She Falsified Test Results for Steel Used in Navy Submarines

    A former metallurgist at a foundry that provides steel used to make U.S. Navy submarines pleaded guilty in federal court in Tacoma, Wash., on Monday to falsifying test results that measured the strength and toughness of the metal — a practice that prosecutors said she continued for more than three decades.

    They Say Colleges Are Censorious. So They Are Starting a New One.

    A group of scholars and activists are planning to establish a new university dedicated to free speech, alarmed, they said, “by the illiberalism and censoriousness prevalent in America’s most prestigious universities.”

    I will reserve my opinion on the integrity of the UATX faculty until I see a demonstration.

    50th Person In Chicago Charged With Murder Or Attempted Murder While Out On Felony Bond

    Edmond Harris became the 50th person in Chicago arrested this year for allegedly murdering, attempting to murder, or shooting someone while out on felony bond.

    Republicans plan ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ rally for Brandon, Vermont, as Biden crumbles in polls

    The Vermont Republican Party has scheduled a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally to be held in the city of Brandon, Vermont, on Saturday, Nov. 13, capitalizing on the response to the viral phrase.

    Thanks to New Diversity Policy Managers at One of the World’s Largest Investment Firms, State Street Global Advisors, Will Need Permission to Hire White Males

    Instead of adhering to Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, Americans are being subjected to a new kind of racism, covered with the lie that being racist against white males will somehow help solve the problem of racism.

  16. WAYNE ROOT: Vaccine Mandate is Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy USA and End Capitalism

    Back in the 1980s, I was a Columbia University student learning about a plan to destroy America and end capitalism. It was called Cloward-Piven – named after a Columbia University husband-wife professor team. Their insane goal was to turn America into a socialist/communist hellhole.

  17. Hey, Whatever Happened to John Durham’s Critics?

    Durham will not speak to the press at all until he is done, and probably not even then. He and his team are extremely unlikely to leak. He is not afraid to reach conclusions that will disappoint or frustrate Attorney General Barr or President Trump. He will not be rushed; there is no guarantee that Durham will reach any prosecutorial decisions before the 2020 elections. And he will investigate so extensively and thoroughly that no reasonable observer will be able to argue that something important was missed.

    Jim Geraghty isn’t the only one. As I said here, Durham is extremely thorough, and utterly detests corrupt public figures.

    That hasn’t changed. Neither has my opinion…

    Former DNI John Ratcliffe Turned Over 1,000 Documents to John Durham – Expects MANY MORE Indictments

    John Ratcliffe: ”I gave John Durham over 1,000 other documents that have not yet been declassified that I know include intelligence that go specifically to this criminal activity that would be the basis for further indictments and again, what happened with the Steele Dossier, a grand jury is saying was criminal in nature, and I expect that all of the folks that are involved with creating it and pedaling it falsely would be in jeopardy and I know that’s what John Durham is looking at – and as I talked about, this goes to the highest levels of our government.”

    Whew — no longer embarrassed about my run-on sentences…

    • speak to the press ?!?!?! The press will Never see JD, nor will anyone else. In fact besides two well worn pictures of the mythical JD, there exists no other “proof” he is even a real person..SS#, Drivers License, US Passport. This cat is more elusive, harder to find, than Waldo or Brandons brain .

  18. Biden Administration Stockpiles More Than 55 Million Gun Owner Records Amid Second Amendment Crackdown

    According to the documents obtained by the Free Beacon, Biden’s ATF collected 54.7 million out-of-business paper records and 887,000 electronic records detailing gun transactions and other private firearm information in the 2021 fiscal year alone. These records are reportedly kept in a federal warehouse managed by the ATF in West Virginia.

    The firearms records would be background checks for firearms purchases. I was under the distinct impression that ATF was statutorily-required to destroy all background check inquiries within 30 days, unless they were indicative of a felony or material evidence in a criminal court proceeding…?

    • The background check – instacheck info might well have been deleted from the NCIS records, but each FFL holder/dealer is required to keep a copy of the federal form 4473 for inspection by the BATF – supposedly on a case by case basis. No doubt, the brandonistas are sending minions to scan and collate all of these things that they can find. They will be hampered to some degree when a FFL holder dies or the business falls apart, but they’ll get something to harass people with.

      • I noticed Tucker Carlson or his writers found this, yesterday…

        I figure about 6-8 months after I die, people will discover I most-generally kept myself 1-3 days ahead of the lamestream media. ;-)

  19. That Unchecked Inflation That Biden Insisted Isn’t Happening Keeps Happening

    President Biden, speaking with reporters, July 19:

    Q Yes, thank you, Mr. President. At what point would you consider inflation unchecked to a point at which you would either consider taking action or you would want to see the Fed take action?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way — no serious economist. That’s totally different.

    The Associated Press: “Inflation at the wholesale level rose 8.6 percent last month from a year earlier, matching September’s record annual gain and offering more evidence that inflationary pressures are not yet easing.”

    ‘Nuff said…?

      • Dunno. First you’d have to define it, then you’d have to bury the goalposts of that definition, really deep…

      • “Checked” inflation is happening with social security payments. This upcoming year it will be less than the AP apparent inflation for a month.

  20. I don’t know what to think. I need old dude experience, strength and hope. I think I will go see a priest tomorrow. One that doest work for me. I Alchemy Wizard his thoughts and I sent an old friend an email from the bot days I just love to see what she says.

    I have a few men in my life that help me and understand. One calls me Homer from the Simpsons TV show because every time we talk, it a whole new episode of What Andy doing and Where is Andy now? LOL!

    I know that this is not a normal existence. Like what I said the other day. It’s all true. Some of you like George have been along the way with me the last 21 months. Most people don’t know what to think. Some get jealous because their lives are so repetitive, work, home, family, eat, sleep, work mon- Friday and Saturday and Sunday watch TV and hangout at the grill maybe catch a show…. and they do that for years on end. They arent at Chez Loma ( voted #1 most romantic restaurant in California) on Coronado Island, then 100 foot yacht off the coast for a few days with Spanish Royalty. Then 3 weeks later in a Hippy Commune off grid in the Shasta Mountains doing a drum circle for the first new moon of 2020 with a bunch of Hippies and Shamans and Spirital Gyspys.. then looking at a Moose in backyard in a Alaska 5 months later, then riding in an Elevator with one richest dudes on the planet a year later and a whole bunch of other stuff in between. The Alchemy Wizard said, many are called, only few are chosen, and of that few, many never feel the pull of destiny. Or read the signs along the way. You are not running from something, your moving towards something and everything is provided for your journey to whatever it is. I said what is it. This is in no shape a “normal” existence. I don’t know anyone other than one other I met at the Hopi Rez that day, that is moving this much. Like a Divine Nomad. And everyone and a while out paths cross. He said I don’t know. But there is a reason for it. I said I want to stay put. I want to have a woman and a life and kick my feet up in a lazy boy and fart at the end of the day. Long pause and he said. Many who are last will be first and many who are first will be last. I said shit.

    I haven’t stayed in one place longer than I have now. 5 months. And even then I went back to Alaksa. I mean I could end up in Los Angeles by the end of next week. I never know. It just happens.

    Does anyone know, why I’m on this journey? Has it happened before? To anyone else. I’ve read thousands upon thousands of books. Never heard of anyone doing anything like this. One moment I’m sitting at the Paper Moon Cafe with Mark and the next im saving someone’s life, then the next I’m back Stage with Legendary Rock and super wealthy and who knows where I will be the next moment. And all the people except a few.. look at me and get quiet or well they all kinds of reactions. And well I get lonely. Because I don’t know what to do about it but keep going. Am I’m supposed to go Idaho and run a plow. I don’t want to. But I will if lead to. Yesterday I got asked to speak at a big spiritual dinner on my ex wife I haven’t seen in 4 years birthday. In the town she lives in. And there is a big Psychic Fair the next day my friend told me and said I need to be there. Practices of all faiths. And I can’t make the wrong mistakes and right moves to avoid the path laid out for me. You seen the CD case I found. Everyone mad all the exact choices and mistakes along with me to put me there before anyone knew there was a there.

    Sorry to puke on you site. I just need sage advice. It’s kinda overwhelming. I talked to the TAO Master and my good friend tonight who lives on Coronado. Who’s family has the oldest hacienda in Mexico City. Been there since Cortez Conqured the Aztechs. And they were really happy to hear from me. We hadn’t spoke in a while and I got invited for a siesta in Mexico all expenses paid. But I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to rest a while where I’m at. But like I said.

    I could be in New York City for all I know this time a Month from now eating dinner with Donald Trump for all I know. LOL. I mean I wouldn’t put it passed THE DUDE. Not any stranger than stepping on an Elevator with Elon or beating a drum with a bunch of Shammans in the woods in the Shata Mountain’s or hearing a voice tell me to go to the Hopi Indian Rez, now at 4am while getting gas in Palm Desert then driving 900 freaking miles to meet a Shaman who heard the same thing, then standing in the middle of a place called the center of the Universe on a cloudy day and the clouds parting and the sun shining down on me like a spot light from heaven on a day that no faith went to church or temple for the first time in thousands of years across the planet. And all the other stuff that’s happened.

    I don’t know what to think about it. I don’t know what to do about people calling me an Angel and all the other names they give me. I don’t know when it will end or if I’m say I’m not going to budge I will end up in the belly of a whale. I’m just Andy. I’m not that big of deal. I can’t be an angel and I’m definitely not God. Or the Devil or whatever. I’m a man. I make mistakes and I’m not perfect and i don’t want to be a freaking cult leader or even an Angel. LOL I’m just Andy. I like being just Andy. I don’t why I do some of the shit I do. I just do it and find out later why. LOL I’m not a King or anything like that. I’m pretty much a regular fella.

    Any thoughts, you old wise men would care to share in the open? I’d like to hear it. Have you ever heard of this. Is there any books I can read about anyone else’s experiencing this sort of Path. I’m asking and I don’t ask questions very often except to THE DUDE… maybe I will go see a priest this weekend and ask him. One that doesn’t call me Angel or Boss. LOL.

    Thanks. Sigh….Sorry dude for puking on your site. I just don’t know what to think about this all. It’s kinda overwhelming and lonely at times.

    • And you better not say Columbus. Because he was looking for a faster route to India. Not looking for a Continent. I will definitely be at Comicon when it comes to town. I saw that written in bright Gold, only one day of the event. All the other days were just plane black words. Since I’m staffing Security for it. I will make sure I’m there that day. Bright Golden light around letters is DIVINE. Know that much. Maybe I will find some answers there. Who knows?


        U Can run , but U cant hide Homeskillets. Might be time to cowboy up, again.

        cant imagine what You could be running from, obviously you dont either, but if I had to guess…Ureself.

        Now get in the Bitcoinz/Blockchain and try and love someone!

    • You could probably rest in Mexico as well as at home. Your answers are within. It sounds like you need to be quiet and to meditate. You seem overwhelmed by your journey. Some quiet would be soothing.

      • Thanks for your Comment. I will just wait for THE DUDE to do HIS thing and Im sure I will be where ever I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there doing whatever I am supposed to be. My salaray just went to time and a half and my car allowance got doubled.. so for now. I stay put. unless otherwise indicated.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer me. i appreciate it. living by faith and totems and itution and all that is well… different than they taught in school.

  21. And i just keep getting physically stronger and stronger. Like I stopped working out. Because what the point. And I can’t get the rona and evey day I become physically more stronger. Not that, that is a bad thing. I just don’t know why all this is happening. 90% of the men on the planet can’t do 450lbs on bench press. Let alone at 51 years old and all I eat is fruit and nuts and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Drink a bunch of coffee. Quit smoking. Why? What the point. I found a CD case in a dressing room with a picture inside and ended up there 10 months later. Before I had the job I have now, and before the Artist ever booked his tour. Smoking cigarettes don’t keep me from ending up there anyway and don’t keep me from getting stronger and stronger physically.

    End of rant. I just don’t know what to think old dudes. I’m definitely doing something, heading in a certain direction and have no idea where that is. I have never heard of it before. But it’s happening.

    • Congratulations on quitting smoking. You will continue to have impulses to “have just one” for the next several years. Don’t. Try imagining a guy in a $3000 suit sitting in an office of the top floor of a Virginia high-rise office building, pulling on a marionette string which goes cross country and is tied to your hand. “Right to smoke” his mouths as he pulls on the string and brings a cigarette toward your mouth …

    • Andy, you’re all over the place. Gather your thoughts and frame an actual question, please.

      The “Why is this happening to me?” thing is a question no human can answer, unless we assume you are either a Prophet — or Ferris Bueller… ;-)

      • Ya, I asked my few close brothers I known a long time. I dont think i am prophet or Ferris bueller.. but i am moving in ways most do not. and its not all my doing. sometimes i think just along for the ride. promotion has come up alot lately and I heard the voice of my old friend the pga master after my rant, while lying in bed. and i looked at the clock and it was 2:22am, and 222 is the number sequence for the Arch Angel Gabriel. and my pga master buddy that past away recently has the same first name.

        he quoted an old book that is one of my favorites. I had just read it again and talked to George about it on the phone.

        what the voice said and it sounded exactly like my buddy Gabriel who just passed said is a direct quote: ” jingle in my wallet, Pleasant Thought, Id say. Wishing you the best of luck in your worthy undertaking and waiting eagerly another opportunity to assist, I am.”

        So here is my question: Why am I on this path? Why me?
        Has there ever been anyone who else experienced this? this sort of path?

        l got some good rest last night. only takes a little bit to recharge me… sometimes I wonder if everyone i meat is in on this and I’m the only one out of the loop.

        like you said Ray, thing is a question no human can answer.

        Im not really special. I have abilities and I have alot NDE’s.. but at the end of the day. Im only a man. I mean it has been wonderful and fun and all. It has become as much a part of me as I am on it. I would just like to stay put a while. nevertheless.. all indicators around me are saying… i will be back in motion again and soon. the unexpected is about to happen. and some of the expected.

        how can i get promoted? Im already the top Dude in my office. LOL

        my alchemy wizard buddy said. let it be what it is … everything your doing is changing everything and everyone. The Creator doesnt choose people because they are amazing and cool. He chooses the right man for the right job. obviously The Creator Chose you andy.

        so i guess we shall see what THE DUDE, can do with fella like me. andy from a small town in alaska, population 7,147 hanging out with legendary rock stars and super wealthy elite. helping people go from the trash bin of life to becoming champions for others. that is my favorite part. i care more about those working on my team than what kind of shoes rock legends wear. i care more about them becoming all they can be more than who is in the elevator with me.

        thanks Ray, you helped me answer my own question. you are the best!

      • “thanks Ray, you helped me answer my own question. you are the best!”

        You’re welcome. I’m tryin’ to be. There are times when you make it less than easy…

      • whoooaaa Ray, i just read your comment and after i smiled, a coin that I hadnt seen in a long time dropped on the ground behind me. i gave it back to someone after it was given to me. it has all seeing a pyrymid on it, its not a money coin. and the Roman Numeral I in the center of where the eye is…. hmmmmmm wonder how that got here.

        like when i read george’s comment yestday where he said,

        alike, yes sir!

        i got a message from a very renown psychic lady who said we are the same and she is now single. right after having a thought about peter pan.

        just like the other day i was listening to this motivational speaker, not sure which one, who said The Universe is like a well. full of abundance, we need only bring our own bucket and recieve, then someone messaged me on instigram and when i opened the app, there was a picture of 9 buckets filled to the top with cash, right as i heard “Bring your own buckets”

        i mean, im sorta used to this kinda thing on regular basis but coins, i havent seen in a long time that I gave back? materializing out of thin air and dropping on the ground behind me. jingle jingle the sound coins make… as i am reading your comment.

        maybe there is a magician hiding my office who works comes to Urban Suvival and is playing tricks on me.. the kind of good tricks that raises the hairs on your arms. if you know what i mean.

      • and “buckets” was the name of Gabriel’s dog. cooool

        you know, i know alot of people who do alot of drugs to experiance the stuff i do. i did as well back in the day, but now, i dont need them anymore.

        i woke up this morning with fortune stuck to my foot. from a cookie.

        and well there is a bit more to it than all that. just, i spose… more will be revealed.

        later dude.

  22. If they wind up giving even one person or family that $450K then it becomes more likely that the remote viewers I’ve read and seen are right about a lot of people refusing to pay their taxes come April next year. What will be the point, especially if the US$ finally slips into the void some time this Winter. If all Congress and the Fed need to do is conjure up new currency out of nothing to hand out then paying our taxes is nothing but self flagellation.

  23. Illegal Immigrants should get NOTHING at all – there is no wrong doing by the government with the exception of letting their asses in the country to begin with. Even legal immigrants deserve NOTHING. You come here – you support yourself – like my Grandparents and tens of millions like them. If you want a free ride, please return to your third world shit hole.

    • LEGAL immigrants deserve to be treated honestly as long as they remain honest. Most that I’ve known are far more honest than the average American. We, as a nation, must follow our own rules if we expect respect from anyone, including each other. If the US government does something that violates its own stated laws and policy, it needs to be held accountable and wrongs righted as best possible. I agree that no real immigrant(legal) should have more rights than any American, and no illegal alien should have more than the basic right to be incarcerated, convicted, and deported in accordance with basic human decency.

      The rest of the world watches. We observe China and their human rights violations. We don’t need that reputation in the world. That said, there’s no reason to give handouts to anyone.

    • Well, FIRST, we need to stop placating the PC crowd and calling them “immigrants.”

      An Immigrant is one who emigrates to another country or territory, following the rules of the country to which they’re emigrating, and the qualification parameters for acceptance into the society they intend to join.

      By definition, NOBODY who’s gate-crashing our border, qualifies as an “immigrant.” Illegal alien – yes, alien invader – yes, conquistador… I hope not.

      If’fn people can’t name the problem, there’s no way in Hell they can solve the problem.

      Nobody who sees this invasion as a bad thing is going to convince even a single SJW to like them, or listen to them, or admire them, no matter how much you kiss their ass or pretend to be one of them.

      Get over it!

      Call the problem out, or it won’t go away until it has done its job and we’re all gone…

      In the interim, mayors and county council members need, whenever they find illegals in their midst, to pony up and send them to D.C., Dover, SanFran, Portland, Seattle, and everyplace else where there’s an open-armed Democratic mayor, welcoming them in. There also need to be welcoming committees in these towns, to ensure the illegals are settled in the proper neighborhoods — Nancy Pelosi’s gated community, for instance…

      • It does make sense. If parasites are carrying the virus then the use of ivermectin would take the parasite out and thus the carrier of the virus. But, I agree there is a lot of fuzziness around the whole situation. it is serious. I know people who have died and who have gotten sick. The world has turned upside down and danger lurks around every corner. We watch while China and its adversaries prep for war while also waiting for one or the others system to collapse. the common people pay the price.

    • The fact that hydroxychloroquine cures malaria, which is a parasite disease, and it also works for covid, is another indication that covid may be caused by parasites, which would explain why they’ve never isolated a covid-19 virus.

  24. There seems to be a specific anti-viral effect by ivermectin, and that affects most if not all viruses. It’s not the same as the anti-helminthic effect, but it seems to promote health if not taken to excess.

    As always, do your own research and use only if you’ll take responsibility for the outcome.

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