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  1. I got a question and an interesting one at that. This thought hit me as i took your (or Ure) & Oilman’s advice about looking at history and whats going on in South America. After reading these things, i have to admit it scared me a lot. I don’t have anywhere close to the needed items put back to somewhat be able to ride out what is coming. I don’t have financial resources to even begin such a big push to do so. Especially if things go full tilt bogey with others. and it goes in just a few short months. I don’t have a female companion and my family thinks I’m nuts putting back stuff. This hit me really hard and I’m doing some soul searching but when things happen, is there a reason to really wake up every morning? Yea, its a dark thought but if things are going to be bad, do we have a real chance of recovery and regaining lost ground or is it just a lost cause? Can we really regain liberty? Is there a reason for me to wake up after that point? What is it that i can do to make a difference even if it is small? What should i live for?

    Thanks for your work Mr. Ure. The sunspot thing is interesting. Ill have to look at it more!

    • Sure, of course there is a reason to wake up, I have it on good advice that we are going back to the 1800’s, (not 8,000 BC) there is a lot to be said for the 1800’s, you can’t lay on a couch all day after an all night party, you get up with the sun and go to bed with the chickens, you talk to and work with your neighbours, you walk more, and you pray more, one by one as the mechanisation connections come undone, you get your get up and going going, so have no fear. That is what this site is all about, you have come to the right place, so don’t get stuck on stupid, or fearful, or afraid of what other people will think and say, start planning, get moving, easy does it, and you can do it! You know George did an ebook called how to live on $10,000, so now start thinking how you can buy your first few acres or 5 or more for that amount or less; plenty of land for sale, good rural land with trees, for sale – many land owners offer owner financing and you don’t have to live on it right now, but as Bryce said this past week, and posted a clip, just start somewhere. Make sure there is water on that land, big #1! You know that a prophet is not respected in his own country right? Well, don’t let that stop ya! Trust us, when the earth starts to rumble and the sky starts to light up, you’ll have more friends than you can shake a stick at, but by then you will learn the power of discernment. Read “The Little Red Hen” book that you should give you good guidance on friends. Here it is: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/stories/fairytale/littleredhen/story/

      • If you’re interested in seeing what life COULD be like after an EMP/social disruption, try looking up the BBC Farm series on YouTube. Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, Tudor Farm, and Tales From the Green Valley. Of special interest to me was Wartime Farm, detailing rural life in the UK during WWII. The companion book even gives instructions for converting a petrol-powered vehicle to run on coal. I found all of these series to be both life-affirming and serious wake-up calls.

      • Thanks Prep! I appreciate your insight. Along with the other posts here, you are right. Its a matter of when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Ill have to strengthen myself up physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    • Millenial Caller –

      Regarding your resources – Americans have been taught a lot of crap thee last couple hundred years. Equality is a lie in every respect – we are born of a social class and of parents with genetics we got zero control of. One look at the average IQ for each country in the world will raise your awareness of inequality. Another look at the average height and weight will do something similar. We are NOT “born equal”, and never have been.

      Americans have also been taught that they can conquer anything, do anything and overcome anything. That’s also a lie.

      Americans have been taught they should own a home and raise a family all by themselves – a lie again, but a more recent one. Go have a look at the Amish. Intergenerational homes are the norm, and were the norm for most until we hit the oil age and associated abundance.

      My advice here is to find some like-minded others who you can trust, and pool resources. And I don’t just mean your own – pool generational resources of capital, knowledge, families and bodies where you can.

      3 guys can turn a crap-heap old dilapidated house into something buy purchasing cheap stuff from Habitat for Humanity and recycling others throwaways from Craigslist. When you don’t have much cash, then you need to use your time as your leverage. Even if it is refurbing Craigslist throwaways to obtain more cash. Hard to do all by your lonesome, but far easier and more enjoyable with some friends.

      Pooling resources is what smart people do during deflation, and for the immediate future, deflation is what is happening. You need to be honest with your potential partners and up-front about everything, but if you can find some like minded souls, then you should be able to work together to accomplish what you can’t alone.

      It is hard to make yourself fathom this, because it goes against the mythos and archetypes we have been taught. But it is actually how much of the rest of the world works.

      Going it alone isn’t a good plan – you need some soulmates, others that understand as you do, to commiserate with and have a little fellowship and share knowledge. Whether anyone says so or not, that is one of the things that draws people here to Georges little corner.

      It isn’t going to be the end of the world, just the end of the world as WE have known it. It will be a slow-motion thing most likely. And honestly, that should NOT be viewed as a bad thing. We have a lot of baggage to lay down, and some new works we need to pick up here in Western society.

      It is an opportunity for a reset and a renewal and a shedding of layers of lies and crap in America. It is pure opportunity, if you let go of a lot of what you have been taught and sold as ‘normal’.

      Don’t get your dobber down. I have a wife who thinks I am a total nutjob and I still plow ahead. She cannot even imagine anything except tomorrow being like yesterday – it freezes her into immobility – so I just move on and get ready. Because if I am wrong, then I have done nothing but improve things for my family.

      • Thank you for your insight Oilman! Lots of things here i have not considered. I have thought about a group of people but not necessarily in the way you have said. Finding these people will probably be hard at first.

        I would have not seen the coming trouble as opportunity but i remember a quote (butchering it here) i learned that when others see trouble, the triumphant see opportunity. Lots of good stuff in your comment. I will still continue putting back what i can but start finding people with some experience who can help take care of other areas and item acquisition they are best in. I will also start seeing this an opportunity to restore what has been lost to my kids (whenever that happens) and grandkids.

        Thanks Oilman for reframing this for me and bringing my head up little by little. Ill keep my head up.

    • MC, “supplies prepping” is easy and fairly painless. You go to the store to buy three mac & cheese dinners, you buy four. You go to buy a cake mix, also pick up a box of nonfat dry milk. If you need two pounds of dried beans, buy three. Throw your extras in a tub with a seal-down lid. When the tub gets nearly full, place a styrofoam plate on top and drop a half-pound of dry ice on the plate. Place the lid, wait a half-hour, then seal it. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and will force the air out of the container. CO2 packing won’t give foodstuffs a 20 year shelf-life, like N2 packing does, but it will extend the shelf life of dried foods by 7-10 years, and it’s cheap.

      The reason to wake up in the morning, after the SHTF, is because you will have the opportunity to build your world, your way. Don’t worry about the yammerings of the people around you now. If the poo hits the bladed blower, you will be the rock, upon which they all cling; if it doesn’t, you simply have a well-stocked pantry (something every “country” family in the U.S. had until the 1980s) and a set of life-skills which will serve you well as hobby & leisure activities, in your old age…

      • Thank you Ray! I appreciate some of the basic wisdom you have reminded me of! Ill have to keep that in mind with what i store!

        Also, thank you for helping me reframe the troubles that may lie ahead into opportunity! Like i said in my comment above, it will help me keep a daily reminder that what may be ahead will be an opportunity with a bunch of friends in tow.

    • Not everything can be blamed on Trumpble (George, there’s your humorous pseudonym)

      A Bob Dylan quote:
      “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose”:

      This quote may be the cornerstone of N Korea & Russia’s foreign policy. Both have revved up their Military Defense (Putin may have a bomb that can wipe out an entire state).



  2. Jon –

    I enjoy your posts so much more when they do not contain the name of our current president or links to ‘news’ about his sideshow escapades.

  3. Off topic but related to your inclinations on anti-gravity. I found a new video on Laithwaite’s gyro experiments. I can’t explain it with normal physics. It may be I’m too stupid too but the whole thing seems odd. The anomalous event is at 3:00 or so but the video’s not too long all of it should be watched.


    There is an explanation and the math is covered by Davis Mechanics. He says that an object with uniform acceleration that is “then” accelerated(surge) produces inertia waves,(I think. It is the general idea.). There’s lots of examples of anomalous equipment doing stuff like this. A good example is rail guns. Rail guns do NOT have an equal force opposite(to the rear) the rail gun ammo being expended out the front. The carriage or mount can be made quite light. No one has seen fit to explain this but Davis mechanics has an explanation. I have no idea how this ties into the newer EM drive. Maybe as the waveform moves in the enclose it is restricted or expanded causing an acceleration. Another effect of this would be particle accelerators. The more you accelerate the particle the heavier is seems to become. The simple Davis Mechanics response is the particle being accelerated is producing inertia waves that make it “seem” to be getting heavier. Very similar to back EMF in an electrical motor.

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