Social Cohesion Breaks, NATO Tweaks, plus PPI

A familiar theme around here is the idea that social cohesion is failing.  We see it as the direct result of “social media fractures” which are in the process of mortally wounding America.  Plus, several other countries, as well.

Social Cohesion is also laid at the feet of government:  They continuously make the error of lying to We the People.  Whether it’s Covid-19 shot effectiveness (which we saw through early), or the JFK file release, UFOs, and gloBull climate change, the pattern is the same.

While the Fast Company article about the collapse of cohesion is a good read, the specifics (in WEF: Social cohesion erosion is threatening world stability) it’s self-serving of the World Economic Forum to talk about cohesion without naming the “checkbook governance” problem.

This is where government policy is bought and paid-for (like the Section 230 protection racket for social media) by self-serving interests of the uber rich.  Too damn few will call social out for what it is.  But there are some bright spots: Metaverse Hype Is Like Communist Propaganda: Soviet-Born Tech Founder.  But logic be damned, though.

Laughably, bitching about “social cohesion” and not the underlying greed? It’s like setting your house on fire.  Then blaming the fire department when it arrives.  No, it’s not the fire department’s fault.  It’s the clown with the matches and gas can.  Or, specifically in this case, the people wielding more currency than neurons; buying wrong-headed, self-interested outcomes. Blowing-up Social IPOs and then giving them free passes…a payoff scheme.

Nothing particularly new about this.  It’s just that when the periodic failure of complex societies comes along, people seem unduly surprised.

Don’t be.

Wikipedia’s entry on Dr. Joseph Tainter’s fine tome Collapse of Comples Societies is worth at least annual review:

“Tainter begins by categorizing and examining the often inconsistent explanations that have been offered for collapse in the literature.[6] In Tainter’s view, while invasions, crop failures, disease or environmental degradation may be the apparent causes of societal collapse, the ultimate cause is an economic one, inherent in the structure of society rather than in external shocks which may batter them: diminishing returns on investments in social complexity.[7] Finally, Tainter musters modern statistics to show that marginal returns on investments in energy (EROEI), education and technological innovation are diminishing today. The globalized modern world is subject to many of the same stresses that brought older societies to ruin.[7]

Like Tainter, we’re not pessimistic.  The people decrying Urban as a “doom porn site” simply don’t comprehend the data.  We’re all set to “get long” and put on the rose-colored glasses.  But not until – and only if – “…some new input to an economic system is brought online, whether a technical innovation or an energy subsidy, it will often have the potential at least temporarily to raise marginal productivity

Jabbing one-another while fattening Dr. Fauci’s resume or giving away tax money (paying ourselves off, less a 20% handling fee) is not a strategy that results in an increase in marginal productivity.

At this realization, another cause for collapse and rebirth comes into view:  Robots are coming, and people are going. but in the paradoxical transition zone between old economy and new, we still need record numbers of the old technologists (like OTR truck drivers).  Who will be trained and fielded in record numbers, just in time to see their business models collapse?

In this, the boom-and-bust cyclical nature of economics cannot be clearer.  Or, hidden from view by WEF delusions of “social cohesion.”  The illusion of collapsing cohesion is little more than an uneven peaking process as ultra-complex societies roll over.

We learned from the Internet Bubble an important lesson circa 1990-2003:
Too much change, unmetered, results in excessive social displacements.  Pensions funds can’t adjust, shopping malls have recently died, and now, the work-at-home model will kill construction as surely as Covid has wrecked air travel and the cruise industry.

That’s not a “social cohesion” issue.  That’s a crowd of rich pricks wanting to make their money too fast, driving complexity past unadjustable limits.  If you sell jabs, technology, especially robotics and electric trucks, forced premature adaptation will break the system. To the point where government – having no more imperative to rule (after enough people see the inefficiency and lies) will then have to resort to global war to cover up the global failure of elitism.

As we shall see in the next few years.

Vlad:  The Impaler?

Victoria Nuland – darling princess of the Neocons and now under Secretary of Warmongers or whatever – took over the State Department daily briefing this week to call Russia “everything in the book” while trying in intimidate Russia.

“It is Russia that created this crisis out of whole cloth.

It is Russia that has amassed 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders.

It is Russia that has prepared internal sabotage, destabilization, and false flag options for Ukraine.

And it is Russia that has spewed disinformation and lies about Ukraine, about the United States, and about NATO to justify its own actions.”

As Pappy taught us growing up, though:  “It takes two to tango.”

So specifically, while the war drums are beaten – to the delight of the Death Machines Industry – Ms. Nuland seems to have missed two things:  First, since 2014 the Kiev government (which has sloshed a lot of money in Hunter’s direction – like millions) has been playing with water supplies (*irrigation and potable) to the Russian held areas (which are Russian-speaking).

Second point she misses is (as the Financial Times pointed out editorially today) that NATO IS the one making the aggressive move, trying to shoehorn Ukraine into NATO.  Which wouldn’t be happening except for the European Union’s megalomaniacal plan to subsume first Ukraine and then march on eastward toward their end-game plan:  an EU sprawling from “Portugal to Vladivostok” as one (alcoholic-sounding) EU leader admitted some years back in a major Truth Leak.

Until Russia receives assurances that Euro-Megalomania will renounce intentions to bring Russia into the EU, and as part of that, hold Ukraine out of NATO, none of this ends well.

For now, the liberal psychopaths who forget detente are going all-in on demonizing Vlad the Bad.  As seen in Putin is Threatening a War. Are Russians Willing to Fight It?

One last round of talks.  Ultimatum next week?  We shall see.

But with a three-day weekend ahead, a lot might go wrong this weekend.

One policy change Slow Joe might consider:  Let the Army, Navy, and Air Force make international decisions; not the neocons.  People who have been around killing people and breaking things first-hand might make more rational decisions than Foggy Bottom’s erudite power-mongers.

Regardless of the western elites, Russia’s view in Pravda today is abundantly clear: Russia and NATO: Politics does nothing, relations escalate to the host point (

Global Lies Dept. II

If you’re keeping score, Xi’an, China is still locked down this morning.  13 million boxed up there fearing not only Covid but the possibility of a natural mixing tube with the seasonal hantavirus there.  Then, in addition, we see 1 million locked in Yuzhou plus 5 million in Anyang in Henan province.

We mention this to put things in perspective.  It’s almost laughable that China’s state-run media is rolling out GLOBALink | Fast-spreading Omicron variant taking toll in U.S. Texas-Xinhua.  Along with Why is China’s zero-COVID-19 approach effective against Omicron variant?-Xinhua (

Seems it reads like “pre-Olympics happy-talk” to us… No lockedowns in Texas, Xi.  Get a grip.


We just got the new PPI data in from Labor.  This is important because it is one indicator of what’s in the inflation pipeline anywhere from right now to 90-days out.

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.2 percent in December, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This rise followed advances of 1.0 percent in November and 0.6 percent in October.

On an unadjusted basis, final demand prices moved up 9.7 percent in 2021, the largest calendar-year increase since data were first calculated in 2010.

In December, the advance in the final demand index can be traced to a 0.5-percent increase in prices for final demand services. Conversely, the index for final demand goods decreased 0.4 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 0.4 percent in December following a 0.8-percent increase in November. In 2021, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 6.9 percent, following a 1.3-percent advance in 2020.

In addition to inflation, the Buy’ed ‘Em posse will try to tout the falling number of new unemployment claims today:

As you can see, filings were up over 100,000 but the inept financial media – spoon-fed ridiculous seasonal adjustments and swallowing them whole, will miss the whole point.  (Look surprised.)

But we will hold by the reality of the overall Jobs picture:  155,975,000 working in the US in December, says the Labor Department database.  Which is still less than the number of people working in October of 2018 (156,294,000).  More than three years.  Remember Tainter’s metrics?  Negative marginal rate of return lead where, eh?

All Over the Place

California Policy Geniuses:  Let’s see:  Demand electric and newer trucks resulting in the supply chain mess.  Then, extend medical coverage to border-jumpers which will squander state dough.  Their announce plans to double-screw people on taxes.  What else do these geniuses have planned?  As hospitals reel, California tells coronavirus-positive medical workers to stay on the job.  Brilliant.  Hand them Fauci cloth virplay masks (I’ve gotta get Elaine a cosplay nurse outfit to go with hers, lol.)

Speaking of Squandering taxpayer money (and the charade of doing the public’s biz):  McCarthy rejects Jan. 6 committee request for testimony about talks with Trump.  The worms are still fishing.  But so far, despite endless hours of media hype, still a NOTHINGBURGER.

 Grease me up!  An extra tablespoon of olive oil helps lower risk of death from cancer, heart disease, dementia! – Study Finds.  Too late on the dementia.  Though I’m convinced it’s communicated by child wokees.

Latest on the Laptop from Hell front:  Memoir by Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle details his cheating, drugs.  And sure, looks like the fix MIGHT be in, as the NY Post reports that a Senate panel approves LA mayor Garcetti for India ambassador.  Feller had attended a Hunter “art” show.  NFT art is the coolest way to pass-through payoffs I’ve ever seen, though.  Slicker than Slick Willy.

Know why the government owns pot compound patents?  We’ve been wondering for years, but now check this out:  Cannabis compounds stopped COVID virus from infecting human cells in lab study.  Gimme a booster toke, would yah?  Or a kush spot in some clinical trials?

Around the Ranch

Got the storage building painted Wednesday. Installed a new hose reel out front, too.  Grocery run this morning. Blah, blah, blah.

Noticed that Amazon had a super sale going on a small cheapie nightvision monocular: VABSCE Digital Night Vision Monocular for 100% Darkness, 1080p Full HD Video Long Distance Infrared Night Vision Goggles Binoculars for Hunting, Camping, Travel, Surveillance with 32 GB Micro SD Card was $68-bucks.

Speaking of NV *(assuming all you want is something bedside, not the head-mounted for the AR with special optics, ahem…) the Carson small NV which I picked up a while back for $84 is now $99.  But, to our way of thinking, the price of minimal NV gear is now down in the price range where it might actually fit a modest prepping budget.

And speaking of electronic doodads, I think it was NM Mike who was complaining about having no green thumb.  You can get gardening electronics real cheap that will do basic pH and Total Dissolved Solids readings for $21 bucks or so: PH Meter, TDS PPM Meter, Soild PH Tester[2021 Upgraded Version], 3 in 1 for Home Water and Garden Soil Use.  I wouldn’t set up a public water supply system with this, but to get in the ballpark for veggie growing?  Hell yeah.

In much of the south/southwest the water is very hard (alkaline) and rainwater catchment is a great source of pH 7 (neutral) water.  I traced back my “cherry tomato” problem (they were supposed to be Beefsteaks) to our hard water.

I’ll be putting in the first few dozen plants on seed mats in the greenhouse this weekend.  Got the plastic yesterday for the sidewalls.  All things in time…which there is never enough of.

Write when it warms up,

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72 thoughts on “Social Cohesion Breaks, NATO Tweaks, plus PPI”

  1. Here’s a goody.

    The SCOTUS is telling us how they ruled on the Vaxx today.

    At the same time a concrete wall is being erected around the White House.

    Which way will the Supreme Court rule. And if it’s pro-Vaxx, how did the WH know in advance?

    We all have a problem …. they’re putting a pre-fab concrete wall around the Whitehouse right now. I’m sure you might have some conclusions …. especially when the News Organizations are silent.

      • Unverified rumors say This Russia thing is much more serious and many key people have been moved into bunkers. My sources only say something is up. or down might be more appropriate word. LOL

        • Keep us posted. We’re still 10-out from a hot date. Reserve callups will be the key indicator. We overloaded at the store and online today. Want the goods in house. With the net likely to go down, care to guess how many people will get hungry and angry about the same time?

      • With the public Origins of Covid narrative in the process of being turned 180 degrees, it was only a matter of time until the global competition begins crying “bullshit” on all the officious bug narratives:


        World wars have broken out over a lot less bodies and economic mayhem. The spin being put on troop movements is naive. Spring is coming, and there is blood in the air.

  2. I would think that along the bottom of the solar panels a plastic gutter would provide a tremendous amount of water during rainy weather. Fed into a low lying container, it would serve the garden quite admirably. And definately eliminate some of the “hard” water problems. Just a thought. . .


  3. What used to be called (con) spiracy is now shown to be pretty much VALID. What most still do not get is the power play from the hidden rulers of the world which are the ancient bloodlines heirs. They are in FULL swing now and unless they are somehow STOPPED things will continue to go as they planned for the demise and take over of not only our country but several others. For those who have not seen the light yet, it will be too late as things for survival will continue to dry up, which is part of their plan. They want whitely gone as we are hard to control. Yes some will remain for the IQ needs but most will be removed. Handwriting is quite clear these days IF one looks! LOL

    • Absolutely. Look at what at the analysis from GA Stewart at The Age of Desolation; ( for those that haven’t heard of Deagle, he shows the mostly WHITE Western Civilization countries being decimated. How the Netherlands squeaks by, I don’t know. Their populations reduced heavily. WHY IS THAT?

      Remember, this bunch of thieves and criminals have been working on this for 250 years and they are good at pitting people against each other, manipulating leaders, killing and replacing leaders that don’t follow their will, installing leaders all over the world to continue their plan, and since the Federal Reserve got put in place, AND the Dollar became the world reserve currency, BUYING OFF ANYONE, ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME. IF you hear of a leader dying, committing suicide, etc., who goes against them, you can better believe it, that was one person who would NOT accept the bribe.

      French Revolution, Civil War, WW1, WW11, ALL BANKERS WARS. All manipulated by these people. All designed to KILL AS MANY WHITES AS POSSIBLE. And OUR leaders in America, the UK, and others went along with it just fine.

      So people are shocked that this same Criminal Cabal is turning against the USA? No, it was always planned this way, to demoralize, destabilize, and gut the USA; Use it up and then throw it away.

      Prepping is the only answer now.

      Another George, Doom Porn?

      Let’s see, is it doom porn to have lived through the French Revolution, the Civil War, WW1 and WW11?

      My Grandparents and Parents lived through The Great Depression and WW2. I know they wished they had been forewarned with some of that Doom Porn so they could have had a little set back for a rainy day.

      How about living through one man being able to support a family and now it takes 2 or more jobs, or 2 people and still fall short? Or as LOOB says, the Federal Government making one dependent on a handout instead of a hand up.

      Is it doom porn to want to make it through the other side?

      Yeah, support the websites just like you support the electric company, your grocery store, (Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.,) your mortgage, your car payment, your credit card interest owners, yah, see, they get their Everything is a Business Model Business, but Doom Porners don’t?

      You know, it’s only Doom Porn if you look at it like that. The rest of us think it’s Forewarned is Forearmed.

      I’m good with Forewarned.

      As far as you saying no one offers solutions, ha, ya, again, what are you a big giant baby boy? Cause I’m not digging why you keep coming in so you can post your little digs.

      IT’S A PREPPERS SITE, as well as many other things and facets.

      Surely you can comprehend this? IF NOT, then go somewhere else and type your negativity.

      As far as holding off starving masses, you don’t know, do you? You do NOT know what people will do or what they are capable of – GOOD OR BAD.

      So Prep It or Stuff It. I hope that is reasonable enough debate for you!

      • There’s a thin line between prepared and batshit crazy. You seem to have found your level with a topping of paranoid racism (wars are fought to kill white people?).
        I’m sure your name-calling ingratiates you with the other cool kids in the sandbox.
        Since you’re such a fan of history, look up how Nostradamus’ “predictions” have been interpreted throughout history and have utterly failed to come to pass. Instead, they’ve only served as a Rorschach test for people in stressful times, served up by charlatans and the fearful for their own purposes.
        I hope you get the help you need. Peace.

      • The thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need doom porn to justify prudence. Local psychopaths and malicious former employers can do you in a lot quicker than falling sky rocks and exotic munitions. Being prepared for what life throws at you is justification for a lot of what goes under that prepper heading. You don’t have to come up with anything exotic. Been there.

  4. The problem is that the cited data is usually provided by a foreign or domestic government agency, and the mantra here is that government can’t be trusted. So in effect, the data is being cherry-picked to support whatever argument (usually doom porn) that is being made.
    Same with online data sources. Everything’s a business model. Right?
    No one offers solutions, other than bitch, revolt, bunker-up and hang ’em high. Oh, and buy the book and donate to support the web site.
    I’m skeptical, and I prep but realize its limitations. Do you really think you can hold off the starving masses once they find out about your food stash (why do you look healthy when everyone else is emaciated) ?
    We live in a society that has its problems, but we remain dependent on each other. “My way or the highway” is not a helpful mindset. Please be open to other points of view and civil fact-based discussions. Compromise after reasoned debate is the American way and is not a dirty word.

    • Small qualifier point, often missed for reasons I don’t understand.

      “Emergencies” come in sizes. From small inconveniences to ELEs. (“Extinction Level Events”)

      One cannot prep for a planetary collision or all-out nuclear war. The Max Deal that anyone can (or should) prep for is much smaller.

      Any level of prep at all will serve to increase your comfort and safety level for any survivable-sized emergency.

      Do what you can, what you can afford in both hours and dollars, and then recline and hope for the best. 99.999% of the time, you’ll be fine.

      Prepping has two large enemies: (1) Inertia and delay; and (2) a misplaced sense of futility as in, it’s hopeless — don’t do anything.

      – 73 –

  5. I didnt know it was a 3 day weekend this weekend.

    saved someones life this morning… got to work early and well an Asian man was not doing so good. you know how we do it. so i planted the seed of tranquility deep within his mind… we shall see if it grows or not. he is in my office awaiting his ride to the mental health department at sweedish.

    ya i see alot of broken people and hunched over people down here in seattle. lots of homeless. it is an entirely different thing when you see a sharped dressed man, come to you and say, “i am having a complete mental break down. everything in me is saying jump in-front of one of those semi’s out there on the road. can you help me. i parked my brand new lexus right over there and when i saw you, i heard a voice say, he will help you. so i came and asked you, will you help me.

    so i called the 911 people, took him in my office, got him a fresh hot cup of coffee and a fresh doughnut, he washed his face in the bathroom. i prayed with him and i pulled some energy from the world around me, and planted the seed tranquility deep within his mind with “The Touch” and he sat back and said.. ahh i needed that.

    almost everyone I have performed that for, a few months later had a radical new approach to life. that simple tap on the for head after pulling in some energy from the world around me and visualizing a hot glowing ember seed on the tips of my fingers, i can visualize it entering into their mind.. see it seat itself there. i don’t do it that often… only when called upon.

    early or late, ~we are right on schedule ~

    i think things are turning around George. perhaps, that was my divine appointment and now i shall cue the travel song. I knew I was waiting for someone a fella with the same first and middle name as me… different last name. and im not asian, that I know of…

    ahhh yes! every day is a good day to do miracle work.

    my prayer every day, the first words out of my mouth every single morning, the first thought i have upon awakening,

    Thank you DUDE for another day of Life! Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! I’m excited to see what You have planned today. May I extend the hand of loving grace you so freely gave to me to everyone I meet along the path.”

    It has been my experience, the words out of your mouth, direct your course for the day…

    and this morning, i did exactly that, with a fella who had a divine appointment with me. or i did with him. or both! you never know what the day has in store. it is always something good, if that is what you look for.

    Q: ~ Ramble On ~

    Led Zeppelin

  6. Brewer and Shipley, “One toke over the the Line, sweet Jesus” for the Covid,, officer.
    Thirsty Thursday, go away, we be doing Covid meds today
    They also sang “Fifty States of Freedom” with the opening lines,
    “I don’t know who’s been drivin my car, but it sure feels good,,”
    Teslas hacked,,

    REMEMBER this,, Big Pharma gave US cannabis/hemp prohibition,,like Rockerfella did alcohol, [marijuana,the devils weed] so they could could PROFIT,, but told you it was for your own good!!!!
    Patents and profits,,, who is the enemy that owns and controls you
    Do you all have your current booster yet, Big Brother Pharma is like a school yard bully,, give me your lunch money(free choice) or I will beat you into submission via Demon rat Mayors and Governors,,, it is your free will they want,, like Jesus in the desert, the devil wanted Jesus’s submission.

  7. “truck drivers/business models collapse”

    You’re right. Some people won’t understand/see the convergence from today. A big change is coming.

    Time machine back to 2015 and warn the N.Y. taxi medallion holders of the value collapse. The average owed a million for the ‘privilege’. Now the medallion is ‘worth’ $80,000.

    A lot of the people who got stuck…. didn’t see it coming. They laughed. “We’re the Mighty Medallion Men worth Millions and cannot be stopped. We laugh at you.”

    Later they’re begging for bailout. “We can’t afford our babies.”

  8. curious George, what is your definition of Success in life and if you were king for a day, what is your vision for US and the World? if you have one? You do have one dontcha? i cant imagine a fella like you just sits around and bitches about the state of the world without a vision of what Utopia would be.

    its a legitimate question.

    and if you dont have an answer to that quest- ion… what is the point?

    i do.

      • Sweet! I will put it on my calendar.

        I been pondering that question for a while now. I always have a few of them rolling around in my brain. I recently asked a bunch of people on Zuckerbergs platform and the general consensus is being a better person than yesterday. which is great, i applauded that as well.

        what i discovered is not many people are goal orientated.

        I ask every I interview to work for me these 2 questions:

        #1. “How do you measure success?
        #2. What is your definition of success?”

        99% I revcieve a look back from the person I ask those questions as if you are talking to a pug dog. they tilt their head this way and that way.. and more than a few have said, “I dont understand what you mean.”

        I find that really really sad about this world. You don’t understand what it means to measure success based off your own definition? that is like floating in a ship with no rudder and saying, well we didnt smash up against the rocks, we are doing great.. do you know where you are going? well, andy we just floating here and letting the current and tide decide. maybe putting up some sails would be a good idea and chart a course to a destination? maybe….

        sadly most do not have a destination in mind, nor are they setting their sails and most do not have rudder to point them that way. im finding out, that most people are just all floating through life bitching about the winds of change.

        I mean I know people from all walks of life. I know billionaires who fly around G-6 jets to guys who work security for me at the homeless shelters and battered women’s shelters. and alot of people in-between. I have a guy who used to be homeless, caught up on drugs, id see him every day when I was out smoking, gave him a chance, helped him get his doccuments, believed in him, helped him get clean and sober, pushed, encouraged, chewed him out a few times… now he is a hero down at the homeless shelter, very very very much successful. he took his brokeness and transformed it in to a vessel to heal others who are broken. Inspires me, humbles me and others in his approach to life. once he figured out for the first time in his life. I can choose my own definition of Success? I said absolutely! He is as much of a Rockstar in his chosen field of work as any G-6 Billionare in my humble opionion. very very successful. he has helped 10-15 people down at the homeless shelter get clean and sober off drugs, helped them find jobs, housing etc. etc. very cool to see.

        I see people every day go down to the Methadone Clinic to get their dose, all hunched over, boy howdy.. being chained to that methadone shit is a heavy burden. I have great empathy and compassion for them. That is someone’s child. Someone’s pride and joy, who grew up, had no definition of success and no measure to base that off and is now to carry a burden, every day thinking this is life. sad. i have helped more than a few break free from that.. since i been here doing what i do. good for them.

        so, i thought, i should ask you the same question. i have a measure, set goals, and a personal definition. Im always looking for ideas to consider to add or take away from others. to aid my own development and definition of success. because my definition of success has changed much in the last 20 years from what it used to be, and some is very much similar, or core success definitions, because I have already experienced those mile stones and successes.

        one of my very very wealthy friends reminded me the other day this old saying. “Change makes noise, Cash is silent.”

        maybe that is why the world and the US is not doing so well. nobody has any idea of what Success means to them or how to set a chart to get to there. they are all just stuck in traffic.

        anyaway… it is a good topic. one I have been thinking about for a while and I ask alot of people the same question and most have no idea what success means to them, other than what TV tells them it is. I look forward to hearing what Ures is.


      • yes, George, Create your own “meaning of life”. and successs doesnt always equate a “destination”. it doesnt for me. its dynamic… like number one definition.

        Andy Definition number one for Success:

        #1. perform the work of THE DUDE, well.
        that is always number 1.

        and that is not a destination, that is a dynamic.

        i find that most people who have a personal, clear and concise definition of success are always at it. they never get tired of it, it brings them joy, meaning, purpose and satisfaction in their lives.

        and nobody’s definition of success is greater than anyone else, because it is personal and unique to their life experience.

        so, i try as best as I can to help others discover what that means to them.

        i thought, i thought, i thought i saw a putty tat, as Zues walks in the room. :)

    • Good question Andy. What’s the point of being cranky about the world around us…Utopia lies within each and every one of us. If someone else wants to complain, I just laugh and say…then do something about it…oh…you can’t?…then do something for yourself and don’t worry about the world around you. We can only control what we can control…and that is ourselves. However…Our actions ARE contagious. You can spread Good or spread bad…I like to spread Good…Good, by the way is what we should really be worshipping anyway. In my opinion…God is a typo…they left out an “o”. Worship all that is good and the universe will make sure that you will ALL be rewarded.

    • Here is a parallel thought. What would you like inscribed on your tombstone?

      For Andy, I suspect it would be “He left the world a better place than he found it.”

  9. “Oh give a home where the cyrpto roam, where the Gold and Silber play
    where i stick my knife in their sides(FRN’s), and rip off their hides
    and the data is not trusted, but VERIiiified!” – home on the .eth

    WTF is he talking bout now, One wonders… Real Estate bitchz,
    Blockchain Real Estate.

    No this aint no Ureian-Ferengi disco, this aint no foolin around. This aint no Mudd Club or CBGB’s,u frn eatin Lemmings aint got time for that now.- TokeingHeads

    One wonderz if there will be any future Value to urbansurvival.eth-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Same bat channel, same bat time..Nope, none! “Bubkiss”- what Vllad replied when mo dadras asked bout israhell missiles getting thru S400/500 & reaching Tehran..

      • me thinks that was Krakken, as in vickynoodles bee a monstrous Neofeudalist Tool – an AssFacedCrackin…

        *See U Next Thursday- u nasty ass lesbotroll. “oh donna let “stroke” your shallala – A brutha hood dont ya know..

        see anagramic rules for playas..

        • That’s uncomfortably close to homophobic and ad hominem.

          How about we call her a neocon – since that seems the case – and keep this on the upenup on policy?

    • I can’t say anything about Victoria Nuland, nor do I want to. This movie reminds me of life before idiocy, when girls were girls and cars were cars. Kerri Sherman did a great job in this mindless cross-genre flick, and at least she was easy on the eyes: (Full movie, age restricted)

    • It’s OK BIC (which sounds oddly like Biff, hmmm…)
      Last time I checked all the happy horseshit peddlers leave their Golden digital worlds and sneak back into OUR world for dinner, drinks, and drugs.
      Makes it easy to catch ’em unawares.

      • Had to look up the definition of BIFF. Wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or just an observation :-)

        Bob In Canada

        • Proving people never know what’s in my head (which though I try to make it transparent seems not to be…)

          The Biff I was alluding to was the BIff in Back to the Future who was always razzing Marty.

          Shrugs, saunters off feeling sorry for Elaine…what she must go through!

      • “Shrugs, saunters off feeling sorry for Elaine…what she must go through!”

        THAT was a GUFFAW outta me! Rare self-introspection is sometimes stunning. :-) I know my mind is kilometers ‘out there’ that I have to conceal from most average people, at times.

    • The Metaverse will change the way we interact in ways we cannot imagine.

      It’s like asking a 1950’s kid to imagine what their grand kid would be playing with as a toy.

      As example – the kid born in 1950 may have had a crystal radio set. That kid probably would not anticipate what their kid would be born into.

      The 1975 kid, home video games.

      The 2000 kid, the Internet.

      The 2025 kid, interactive virtual worlds.

      The 2050 kid – we have no idea.

      My uncle was born in the 1930’s and flat-out rejects computers. I don’t know about you guys/gals but I’m open to virtual online doctors. Two different worlds.

      Remember the olden days when you would go to the DMV, grab a number then sit and wait? Today you might open a browser then click to a website.

      Same with banking.

      In the future we’ll pop on the glasses and go…. A.I. assistants will be out there. There will be no physical DMV or bank.

      • My dad was born in 1897 and ALWAYS embraced NEW Technology …except for buying new cars. Cars did nothing for him.

        As I grew up he was a full generation older than the WW 2 vets who were most of my classmates dads (my dad served in WW1, NOT WW2), but he was always way ahead of the other dads on the Technology side, always embracing the latest and newest technology.

        I learned that adapting to NEW technology, or new clothing or the “new” social norms (they aren’t new at all – my dad told me all about the social norms of the Roaring 20’s and what his dad who also married late like him told him about the social norms of the 1870’s), is a mindset, not an age. He impressed upon me that RIGID THINKERS get left in the dust of history … but at the same time Human Nature is NEVER CHANGING. Crooks, scoundrels, believers in utopia, users, sexual deviants, and givers abound and are always there. Have always been there since the dawn of the Industrial Age at least he used to say.

        Personally our new technology while both amazing me also scares me. We are starting to unleash a monster, with AI, that we are almost guaranteed to lose control of. Elon Musk is right about that.

        At first it will be helpful, but once directed towards War and Killing we will lose control of our ability to STOP it’s killing and being AI it will continually invent on it’s own new ways to KILL us human parasites more effectively and more thoroughly. Eliminating us entirely if it can.

        Ignoring AI on the practical side new technology has been a HUGE BOON to the US economy.

        Just a half dozen years ago New York Taxi Medallions sold for over a million dollars. Today because of technology bringing about Uber and Lyft they are only worth $80,000. The ONLY reason they were worth $1,000,000+ to begin with was that they were a GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY, which totally distorted the Free Market. Bring about a destruction of that Government Monopoly and KABOOM, their value dropped but the consumer was much better off.

        The same thing happened with the US Phone System when Bill McGowan took on AT&T and fought them all the way to the US Supreme Court in trying to open up competition in the phone business. McGowan spent every penny he and the very very small MCI had to take on Goliath AT&T, walked into the oral arguments that day to watch his attorney make his arguments with holes in his shoes soles since he didn’t even have enough money left to even get new shoes.

        McGowan won and us consumers as a result got to a huge a technological revolution hitting telecommunications which AT&T with it’s monopoly was holding back … and of course MUCH cheaper prices (overall costs for the average consumer has dropped by about 95% – 98% over the time since McGowan won that landmark case against AT&T – example …. for my Magic Jack line today I pay $3.25/mo. in the late 1970’s for my touchtone telephone with a couple of extra handsets in the house I was paying $60/mo … NOT adjusted for inflation!!)

        I am looking forward to the future … except for AI, which scares the crap out of me.

      • Stephen 2, the key is to adapt new technology(to your own needs) rather than adapting to it. Hacking has always been key to owning something rather than letting it own you.

  10. Unless you are canning or have places to easily share/sell your tomato crop, you likely want to spread out those plants by several weeks. If they produce, even just 6 plants will likely produce far more then you want to consume fresh. Even with just 2 or 3 cherry tomato’s I end up trying to give away many batches per grow period. Same with my jalapenos and banana peppers. I fence in a small patch of space in suburbia and use double bucket approach – – Keeps water requirements down and the deer away. Anything I have out in yard un-fenced the deer consume.

  11. George

    An After Action Report on my Ivermectin purchase.

    Several months ago I purchased two batches of Ivermectin from India. A total of 2000 pills in 3mg and 12mg strengths were acquired.

    I gave my son half of this for use with his family along with a large quantity of vitamin D and K complex. My son and myself started taking these items as a preventative.

    Right after Christmas my sons wife and oldest daughter tested positive for Covid. Everyone in his house immediately went on a double strength daily dose of Ivermectin for a week.

    Everyone got past the Covid just fine. No one needed a ventilator or hospital care.

    It seems that myself and the Mrs. picked up the Covid from the sons Christmas party. I recovered in 3 days and the Mrs. is on the tail end of recovery. Had I not had the Ivermectin the Mrs. may not have survived given her frail health status. A hospital stay would have surely killed her!

    I took some heat over buying my drugs from India! The drugs were of high quality and worked. I would buy more but Uncle Sam is putting barriers against that. Can’t let the peasants avoid the kill shot.

    They say Rocket Mike is crazy.
    Yes he is.
    He’s crazy like a Fox!!!

      • I forgot something: People, please don’t fall for what they say (example: we’re blocking Ivermectin from coming in from India and here’s the person who we kept from getting their shipment) because very little of it can be enforced.

        Call their bluff on everything and carry on doing what you feel you need to do.

    • A couple more questions:
      1- How many IU of Vitamin D3 were you taking per day?
      2- Were you taking zinc each day (if so, how much)?

      • OK, here’s what I take on a daily basis if I suspect an infection.
        The dosage of Ivermectin is by body weight. I’m 230 pounds so I would normally take 21mg. I’m using 12mg pills so I just take 2 pills. But if infection is suspected I double that to 48mg per day.
        I normally take 40000 units of vitamin D3 a day with K2 complex of 100microgram per 10000 units of D3. The K2 is necessary when taking high levels of D.
        I also take 100mg of Zinc and 1000 units of Quercetin.

        Prior to getting the bug I was taking 24mg of Ivermectin every 5 days as a preventative. I found that it reduced the severity of onset symptoms. Instead of putting me in the bed I just felt that I had been partying all night! My recovery time from the bug was 3 days.
        There is a web site run by an association of doctors under the banner of FLCC or FLCCC that has dosage information. Very helpfull!
        Buying Ivermectin from India is now iffy. The Feds are grabbing the pills. If you want to try I found my source thru IndiaMart. I picked one that uses PayPal as a safety measure. If I remember correctly the pharmacy name is Ahuja Pharma.
        Gregg Hunter recently interviewed a doctor who gave out a lot of info on Ivermectin. The video is on Hunters web site.
        Good Luck!

    • Rocket Mike, That’s an amazing volume of D3. I wonder what your natural vitamin D test result would be and how much you actually need to be in the excellent range. My D3 test came back with me in the excellent range so I’m just taking 10,000 IU per day. Also, we’re just taking 12mg of Ivermectin every 2 weeks over the last 11 months and none of us have gotten sick.
      Please let me if you take the antibody test at cvs and what the results are. The reason I’m curious is because no one in the Argentina 4 month trial who took the dosage of Ivermectin I’m taking got the virus. But, you’re taking a huge preventative dosage and still got sick. It gives me lots of questions.

      • During that time period I was under some personal stress that probably affect my immune system. I didn’t really feel Sick just Down. Like you had put in a hard day’d work and just wanted to chill out. No fever or aches just a desire to hang out on the sofa and not move. I’m sure it could have been worse without my regimen and probably varies person to person. During the 1930’s doctors were giving patients several hundred thousand units of vitamin D a day to try and cure Tuberculosis. Did it work? Don’t know.
        I’m not taking any kind of test that can leave a paper trail. I do not trust what’s going on with the crazy politicians. Just look at Australia and New Zealand. Don’t say it can’t happen here! Just ask the Japanese Americans about WWII interment camp.
        Stay Safe

  12. I said a while back that shortly after the New Year there might be a short and simple “proof of concept” exercise for those of us here who are either licensed hams, or shortwave listeners. There are quite a few of us on here. Enough to be useful to each other in getting through some Dark Days.

    We all have knowledge to exchange, and local “boots” reality intel to share. This seems a potentially useful thing when SHTF day arrives, and “media” is crooked and unreliable.

    Setting up a coast-to-coast live realtime ham net is impractical, and was never contemplated. On-going info contacts among us will need to be a regional, and self-organizing, self-starting thing.

    What we CAN do is narrow the time-place considerations for “fishing around” to enhance contact probabilities.

    Now, any such wild-card backup comm system needs to be independent of any particular person or organization. To be survivalist, it must be free of a Central Command. It must be autonomous. No HQ or Big Guy to knock out.

    America is big. Four time zones and many regional considerations exist. In an “Internet-Out” world. some simultaneity, independent of common-carrier channels is crucial. Put simply: “radio can’t be stopped.” (Well, it can: but we are too unimportant to bother with.)

    The following are SUGGESTED by me (I hold no authority of any kind).

    1) Two channels. 7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. (As defined by your local sunshine.) No tuning around. Accurately spotted frequencies, and wait out any busy activities till the channel clears. (Hunting around only makes confusion.) Patience is the key.

    2) Calling/Listening on the “fifteens,” and the “forty-fives.” This is because most nets and groups begin on the hour or the half hour.

    3) Recognition Phrase. Work the words “Business Model” into the conversation. Draw no special attention to it. Let it seem unimportant. We’ll all know.

    4) We’ll all be “outing” ourselves a little bit via the required use of our callsigns on-air. Can’t be helped. Callsigns are easily looked up. You DON’T need to tie your Urban ScreenName to your ham callsign — unless you want to. If this net becomes seriously operational, Urban Survival website will most likely be unavailable, or else closely watched by GovDome Intel.

    5) Time span for the current exercise. From now to the end of the month – 7-24. “Fifteens” and “Forty-Fives,” Special noted high-profile times: 3;15pm, 3:45pm; and 9:15pm, and 9:45pm. BUT! All other fifteens and forty-fives remain open as well.

    – 73 –

  13. Aw come on fellas still telling whoppers . Market crash, war , vaccines , flations and the beat goes on . Starting to believe your own bullsheet.

  14. Supreme Court blocked facist mandate kill shot stuff. Slow joe looks dead.!how they keep him moving ? Powerful drugs

  15. Good News! Supreme court just said, ahhhh that is bullshit! you cant take away someones right to earn a living because they dont get the jab! you cant force people to get covid tested weekly and force fines on business of $17k a day per person to stay in compliance with your agenda! that is unlawful and unconstitutional. This is the United states, and you cant tell people they cant work if they dont get the jab!

    what a beautiful day!

    of course, this state is washington, and im sure our idiot governor will find away to force us all into nano bot oblivian.

    stay tuned.

    • Don’t celebrate too soon…states and businesses will enforce it just to keep this all going. People are going to realize soon that SCOTUS rulings mean nothing. Sorry, wish it wasn’t so.

  16. George you couldn’t be more spot of with the current state of affairs today.

    I read Kunstlers Book The Geography of Nowhere many years ago which accurately portrayed what was coming to Detroit and was an example of whats in store for the rest of country. This was published while Detroit was still vibrant. In addition to that Old farmers Almanac..

    The Big Companies are shutting down because positivity rates for the moronic variant are forcing safety protocols. Throw a + and you company vehicle [or truck is it?] is quarantined until remediated. The Office is a toxic box, practice PPE and limited exposure guidelines… etc.. While the death rates climb from co morbidies [shot accelerated and or long CV accelerated/ low vitamin C/D induced]… the bulk of the sh#t storm is still just approaching.

    Thank You for this site, and Tin Foil hats do provide protection when donned at the apporiate time and context. LOL.

  17. Glenn Beck’s book is out now – and sold out. My brother sent me his video on the book and it’s … ok. It’s obvious that it is scripted and I’d like to know how they script an “open” discussion like that. That being said the content of the discussion is enough to send a shiver up the most jaded spine on this comments section. If the Davos crowd has their way gold and silver are going to be useless as their jackbooted thugs march over the globe. Glenn is right, however, in that the time to do something about it is N-O-W. Those that have already sold their souls here (need I mention any names?) will welcome it as they think they can buy their way into the good graces of the new ruling elites. Most likely they’ll either be given a shovel and be happy or shown and already dug hole and eliminated.

    • Bought a few days back.

      It’s the first Glenn Beck book I’ve purchased in over 15 years, and somehow seemed a good idea.

  18. Prince Andy pushed to the curb,, they will sacrifice their own to protect the royal assets, the main corporation, the Crown, the Throne. Reminds me of the Gates divorce, was it just an asset protection move also???? Damn pedos,, I hope it is to little to late for the Gates and royal baby fuckers.

    We are winning,, slowly, but scoring, got the deep state on the defense :)
    Hunters become the Hunted. conspiracy theories becoming conspiracy facts

  19. All federal reserve governors should be triple vaxed and boosted daily like Biden to protect them

  20. 2 interesting charts overlaid . US toilet paper aka USD . DX and sheetcoin . nothing like sheet backed by sheet !!!!!!!!! sure beats a negative treasury !!!

  21. Find Akira the Don – The User Interface for Reality. Be positive. Enjoy the tunes.

    It’s much better than being wrong every day about things like cement walls around the whitehouse, or vaccine mass deaths.

    For those of you with the jab – stay magnetic. ?

  22. George, you really should allow emojis. Windows key + . brings up the default emoji menu. But comments only show a question mark.

    • I beg to differ. Emojis/smilies/etc are a distraction for some of us and can’t be translated clearly. I’d much rather have a clumsy set of words rather than that.

      Not all of us use Windows, and fewer use Win 10 or 11. Rendering across different platforms is a tough enough job already, even without these graphics. We can always use the text version :-) !

  23. Oh day, a wise man sees storm clouds in the distance and prepares. Our world will crash in one portion or more. Economic, political, environmental, who knows what.
    The brick wall is before us all. It is to late for some, even many. It is not wrong to help yourself, then you are able to help others.
    Beware of false peace.

  24. nah gotta be realistic .. we are finished .. f the jab thats the least of our problems . we are now in prison forever . finished kapput .. im going to swing long and join em .

  25. Re “psychopaths”

    The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to RE-learn is that psychopaths typically are not physically violent crazies but always stealth predators (exploitative deceivers, which explains why the public has been fed a MISLEADING understanding of psychopaths).

    And then… the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a network of manipulating psychopaths ARE governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (the evidence is irrefutable as is obvious with the Covid Scamdemic –read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon””at

    But that’s only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as explained in that article…

    • Some psychopaths are violent – especially toward those that they think won’t fight back. Others are simply quiet and unassuming, yet cunning. The things that we do need to know is that they’re very good at reading emotion and projecting it, but have zero empathy and can be totally cold blooded. They tend to have little to no fear of consequences. They naturally gravitate to places where these traits are helpful, like government, organized crime, and other concentrations of power.

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