Roadmap to the New Inflation

Despite the Fed boss ramble Tuesday, our pessimism grows.  That’s because scattered food shortages are being reported in the Northeast as grocery shelves “thin out.”

Going beyond pet food, there’s a hit that the supply chain issues will not resolve quickly this time.  Since the Brandon administration has gotten almost everything wrong so far, no reason to expect enlightenment and wise policy to come along right now, is there?

Which is why we again show you how inflation and the nation’s food supply are tied and discuss (again) the reasons why our “Grow Room” project on the side of our house has been such a high priority.

If you don’t have plans for survival gardening now, and for food storage when you get a crop, there’s still time to get prepped, but the window may close quickly and without notice.

Which we will explore in more depth after a few headlines and a discussion about another Nostradamus warning sign being fulfilled.   Oh, and the ChartPack, of course…

But let’s begin with an email from a fellow I know – who’s the smartest man in the room regardless of who else is there.  Not the kind of kudos we dish-out without basis…

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84 thoughts on “Roadmap to the New Inflation”

  1. I’m a lousy gardener. Incompetent. Dangerous to plant life. Even so, I plan a sizeable garden for this year. I’m reading like crazy and asking local successful gardeners about things.

    But, there’s problem. The time line. (As an example), “Tomatoes in sixty days,” means two months tomato-less. Two months starving. From planting to harvest is too long to rely upon as salvation.

    BUT! One CAN do some preserving — “canning,” or “putting by,” as Vermonters say, right away,

    One can immediately put by some long-storage no-refrigeration things this very day. There are things in cans, and things all dried out and desiccated that will store for a LONG time sitting on the shelf now.

    So, our plan is to acquire and put by some things — even some of that widely-advertised “Mountain Home Camping foods,” and create a buffer that is serviceable right now as we watch the garden grow. (Actually, this program is well underway here.)

    “Dinty Moore Beef Stew” in a can, and “Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti-O’s: in a can, and maybe some Spam, Baked Beans, and canned Brown Bread WILL keep body and soul united, even if such mean cuisine doesn’t win any culinary awards. And you can buy some today.

    Do do one thing, gang. BEGIN TODAY — BEFORE THE SUN GOES DOWN!

    Better a couple of months too early than an hour too late.

    Get off your ass. Now. Right now. Today. MOVE!!

    Use your independent brain.

    • Plans already implemented – similar to yours. Remember that alkaline water(most groundwater in the west) isn’t great for plants, and rainwater is best. I couldn’t grow anything for the years I tried to garden, but when the monsoons came, so did three foot high weeds – overnight, it seems.

      Out here, anything edible WILL be eaten by rabbits and other rodents, unless strong measures are used to keep them out on all six sides! Don’t forget ground critters and birds.

      Canned tomatoes and canned citrus are so acid that they’re probably only good for a year, so get to eating them. Other canned goods can last a long time. Plastic barrels with removable and sealable lids are great for storing sacks of edible stuff – keeps out the rats and mice. Put it in a freezer for a week first to kill off anything that’s already in there. CO2 or nitrogen is great if you have it. I’m still seeking the best sources of seeds and sproutable seeds for purple thumbs like myself.

      • Just get dry goods for long term storage. Ive got tomato bricks that were powder 10 years ago, and they still appear to ne edible. Cans from back then started leaking and got tossed a couple of years ago

    • Be careful buying in cans. Follow expiration dates. If you go past that date and start tasting a metallic taste, don’t eat it. Might not keep body and soul United, after that.

      • Had some canned soup with a 2013 expiration date (part of my stash left over from the 2012 Clif High debacle that George remembers so well) a few days ago. Mmm, Mmm, Good!
        I DO stay away from any puffed up cans and ones that look or smell funny after opening. I feed ’em to my aardvark.
        I haven’t tried my MRE’s from Y2K for a while. I’ll put it on my to-do list.

    • One of the best things you can do for a vegetable garden in the planning stage is soil preparation. The best, richest soil you can manage to create. Giving your plants the best possible means to grow and thrive. I do not know what kind of soil you have., but please look into enriching and creating the best soil possible.

    • “I’m a lousy gardener. Incompetent. Dangerous to plant life. Even so, I plan a sizeable garden for this year”

      Hmm.. farmers are pretty easy . Contact a few and see if they would be interested in growing one for you..

  2. Russian Orthodox Christmas was supposed to be the day of the war. Frozen ground and all that.

    I’ve been listening to “Art Bell Somewhere in Time” Saturday nights on terrestrial AM. A recent repeat show was from the late 1990’s, over 25 years ago. The folk from that time were sure the big end of world war would be 1999.

    On another show they were sure the world would end in 2012. On this show Nostradamus and Mayan prophecy both aligned. Callers were explaining end of world dreams and the whole nine yards. A sure thing.

    Since that time the only end of world happened for Art. And maybe some of the callers.

    Possible Sun @ night. Imagine this baby landing on New York.

    China Launches $1 Trillion Artificial Sun That Burns 5 Times Hotter Than The Sun!

    • You have hit the nail on the head. People are constantly selling fear porn – yes, the world may blow up tomorrow! Do I care? No, I do not.

      I can tell you this – we live (as we ALWAYS have) in the best of times and the worst of times. We’re there wealthy people during the ‘Great depression’? Absolutely! We’re there healthy people during the ‘Great Depression’? Absolutely! We’re there wretched, sickly people during the ‘Great Depression’? Absolutely! Are you picking up on a pattern here? So, only one question needs to be answered? Do you want to live in universe ‘A’ or universe ‘B’? If you want to live in the ‘best of times’, turn off the fear porn and go do it!! Screw Brandon, the government, or anyone else selling fear porn!

      • I certainly know some are selling fear porn, but there is also those that see history repeating. Many governments have failed into socialism and communism and millions of deaths resulted. It is not fear to highlight those historical similarities in a manner that might awaken people that we are following a similar path. I believe that my kids will not live in as free of country as I do. I would rather them live free, and I live that way and try to convince people that I speak with the same. But if 51% of the people choose socialism, the other 49% of us will have few options to live our best life. One can try to ignore that evil, but it won’t stop it from spreading. The ones that want to live that way, have no issue using the force of government to make you to live how they want you to, no matter what you would choose.

      • There were no nukes during the depression. It’s a completely different world.

        I remember my father, former professional military, preparing during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        You sound like someone who does not have to care for people. If you do, tough luck for them.

        True story: newly married, new house, after a hard days work on that house, I fell asleep in front of the T.V. and suddenly woke up to a news report that the U.S. and Russia had gone to war in a naval engagement.

        But it was all a movie.

        In that hypnagogic state, I could hear the report. As I woke up, in the minute or two that it took me to get my act together, I thought it was all real.

        On that day, when I thought it was real, I went down the check list of things that “I should have done”; your heart will race, you’ll be short of breath, and you won’t be as calm, cool, and collective as you are pretending to be here.

        You do both, enjoy life, prepare for the worst.

        On that day, you will be working that list too, and you’ll remember my response to your comment. Bad training, bad advice.

      • I agree but good luck with that.
        The fear pornographers ’round here are either addicted to it, monetizing it, or both. A wise man once said “Everything’s a business model” and that includes doom porn.
        They don’t want to be called chumps (or worse, “sheeple”) so they’ll buy a book or two or seven, and maybe some merch, and make a donation on the way out.
        I’m just enjoying the ride. I already know the punch line. The jokes are what life’s all about.

      • You are absolutely and completely right! Do it, honor God and don’t waste valuable time wringing your hands!

    • The Shelves at the store weren’t going empty back then. That’s the difference. Empty store shelves serve as empirical evidence.

  3. The hysteria over the vaccines and COVID seems to be dying down…The WHO has just come out with this “, a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

    And, it’s about time.

    • The CEO of Pfizer recently announced that 2 shots are useless and the booster appears to only reduce symptoms. (So obviously you need the new shots which they are currently working on) MSM pundits are starting to point out that most hospitalized with covid had other injuries like car accidents requiring care but they test them for covid when they get to the hospital. They even seem to be acknowledging that some of the random stupid rules are causing harm. Wonder why this plainly obvious forbidden information is now comming out?

    • These a-holes in the medical “profession” have been lying to us for my entire lifetime, and I’m 79.
      Penicillin was isolated in the 1880’s and not released to the public until just before WW2 (lucky for me (?) since without it I would have been ‘planted’ in 1952.
      They (NIH) not only covered-up the cancer causing SV-40 contamination of the Salk polio vaccine in the 1950’s and early 1960’s but there was over 100,000,000 contaminated doses that should have been destroyed but instead were used to inoculate the general public. Some of the soft tissue cancers that were significantly increased as a result were: Skin, lymphoma, prostate and breast, (I have had two skin malignancies removed). That was a two-fer – cause the problem then make a ton of $$$ treating it.
      Then there is HIV, of questionable sourcing, but the ‘recommended treatment’ of AZT by “the weasel” Fauci resulted in the deaths of over 300,000 people. This is a topic that certainly deserves lots of screwtiny.
      Then there is COVID where hospitalized ‘patients’ were given Remdesivir
      which in less than a week killed their kidneys, and many livers ‘forcing’ ventilation where they died by drowning in their own bodily fluids. Both of these last “treatments” were financially beneficial to the weasel.
      When I am asked “do you trust the medical profession” I quickly answer ‘certainly!’ but not in the positive sense (obviously).
      Until recently I didn’t realize that this organization of this profession was accomplished (allotropic medicine where no-one is cured, only treated for lifespan) by the ‘Doctors’.
      It is way past the time for an expose of this murder industry with the appropriate public punishments. I’d much rather deal with the local ‘leg-breaker’ down the road than ‘Dr.’ Fauci and his ilk.
      If you want to live a long healthy life stay away from Hospitals and the charlatans that call themselves Doctors!

    • Whatever the grandkid had when she came home Sunday night (headache, fever) she gave to me and it bloomed yesterday when she went back to school. Woke up yesterday with something in my chest so started Guaifenesin. Had a low-grade fever by noon and chest congestion so about mid-afternoon I took an inch of horse paste and by bed time I was feeling better. Grandkid’s lasted two days, the wife is still coughing a little but it’s because getting her to take regular vitamins is like pulling teeth. Mine lasted less than a day and my immune system is still intact. No doctors bearing ventilators needed.

  4. George, many thanks again for the kind words.

    On the “Brute Beasts we hear talking” part, I was thinking more like the talks between NATO and Russia on January 10, 2022.

    Brute Beasts would be Nostradamus’ poetic license for those individuals desiring a war.

    As I mentioned, Quatrain I-64 has a numbering scheme that seems more than coincidental: I- (6+4) = 1/10. There are many more examples throughout Nostradamus’ work with numbering and dating coincidences.

    This seems to be the day that NATO opted to go to war with Russia.

    • I personally don’t find this appealing, but things have value because people believe they do. I don’t find value in antique autos, nor baseball cards. But others do. Think of early internet, people probably didn’t consider the value of a name, didn’t consider the value of having IP address space. But now a name can be worth huge money, IP address space was free. So if a metaverse becomes a thing and there are spaces that are very useful to people, marketers and ad sellers etc will want to be there.

      Early on I never bought into Amazon, because I thought to myself, what is the barrier to entry, won’t barnes and noble and walmart just enter the market? That was a huge oversight on my part.

      People are still social creatures, so even in the metaverse they will want to congregate. If you “own” a space that attracts people that will have value.

      • Thou speakest of truths.. “crypto verse” real estate has already brought eye popping prices..can hardly wait for the herd to catch up on for goodness sakes!

        No Buying The Dip 4 Youse 2!

      • Second Life is to MySpace as metaverse is to? Facebook. No Really. If Brick and Mortar Bank stores have to convert themselves to coffee houses, and the restaurant chains and 80% of free standing businesses are fallowed by the supply chain. Then virtual space is going to look pretty amazing in comparison from an entertainment perspective.

        But that’s the soft side. Lets look at the hard side. Network slicing on 5G, VR goggles and a 3D Virtual map including all building spaces and floor plans access points [think Uncle google] et al… a great tool is introduced to used save lives in a rescue situation. Imagine that same BW and an ambulance based robotic ambulatory surgical unit allows an ER capability to be placed at the patient, the doctor performing live saving surgery on the patient insitu remotely. Spares having to deploy a Helo. There are really cool disruptive things coming, in magnitude as Henry Ford was to the buggy whip. Or Marconi and Tesla and what that spun up [kind of like watch crypto wars of today]. Just scratching the surface of this. Gotta stay on your life boat until we get there. Wall paper the house. Cheers! For those fearing the 5G envelope there is an official quiet zone in country.

    • It could be product placement. Like F buying “World Space” in the staged world of Andy Griffith. The only cars that exist in Andy’s world are Fords. We never see BMW.

      If you’re not already, familiarize yourself with the first GTA world Vs the current GTA world. Links below.,

      GTA V is now an online version. (the MetaVerse will have a worldwide online audience.)

      “In November 2021, Rockstar-developed action adventure GTA V reached 136.8 thousand concurrent players on Steam. This is down from the all-time high of over 220 thousand peak concurrent players in February 2020.”

      – Dec 13, 2021

      Someone might be interested in buying virtual land in the GTA city and building ‘virtual billboards’. What could a virtual billboard get you? Every time the online players pass your billboard they’ll see your message, sorta like a pop-up in your modern browser.

      You own a piece of the digital world. You might sell an ad on your billboard to in-real-life Ikea or Hillary Clinton. Everyone playing in that part of the video game will see the message on your billboard.

      Grand Theft Auto 1 – Trailer

      Grand Theft Auto VI: Gameplay Trailer

      Like anything else many people will reject the Metaverse.

  5. George, my first question…and I’m serious…how do you get a swamp cooler to work in Texas? Well, you’re part of Texas. They work great in El Paso ( personal experience).

    Second, when it comes to dying I don’t fear being dead. Even though I’m thankful to be here, I look at this existence as sort of a ‘combat deployment’. What I’m mostly afraid of is some gruesome, painful exit. The pain of dying doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Maybe some people are into that. The other thing that I’ve worried about over the years when it comes to the possibility of exiting from nuclear war is what happens to you if you’re too close to ground zero? Is it possible that being too close could actually damage or completely destroy your soul or spiritual being? Is that why aliens or whatever those others are seem to be so interested and/or concerned about our nuclear ambitions? Does it have the potential to ruin a good portion of their crop?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • 1. In terms of swamp coolers, they work OK, even here. Out normal summer high temp period humidity seldom gets over 60%. While that is miserable, the first 20F is knocked off my the evap cooling, such that you or me working in 60% humidty and 84F typically is miserable and a sweat festival, most plants will cope with the humidity and the temps fine. When they ball up is when the temps are over 90F and that’s when they stop setting fruit…

      2. This is why we are out past the 100-mile air burst rings.

      • 1. Interesting. Looking at it from space, I’m just up the road from you so our weather is essentially the same. I don’t recall seeing anyone employing swamp cooler in these parts, but I’m not expert and if it works it works. I’ll keep that in mind if I throw up a green house. My house is on a slope and a crawl space. That equals a very large standup crawlspace that, theoretically, could be used to grow things year-round using grow lights, which I may or may not already own. Obviously, that would require constant electricity, which is another matter altogether.

        2. Yep

      • George, maybe consider running some 8″ or larger diameter black corrugated drainage pipe 8′ under the ground. Hook up a fan so when it’s too hot in the grow house you can bring in 50ish degree air to cool it off and when it’s too cold out you can bring in 50ish degree air to warm it up. Might be easier on your solar running a fan than running a swamp cooler, but good to have a backup heat/cool system in place in case the fan fails or can’t keep up. has some interesting videos.

    • During my stay in ICU due to Covid last September for the first time in my life did not think I would be going home. I am told I checked out 3 times. 1st was during admitting. I could not get a breath and said I can’t breathe and the lights went out. The next thing I knew was I was being drug by my arms through a doorway and tossed on a bed with people pulling clothes off and shoving needles in me. Second was a short while later. I was laying in the bed getting stuck all over both arms and the lights just went out again. I woke up feeling like I was flying but actually was being carted down a hallway with a very attractive blonde girl climbing on top of me. Been a long time since that has happened. I looked up at her and said Hi there. She just said Don’t do that again please and stayed there until we got to another room. She patted me on the head as she dismounted. The third was a few days later. I had been in the ICU for about a week and was getting really antsy just laying in bed. A nice nurse but not the hot blonde from a few days earlier came in and said I needed to get up and see how moving around would go. She got me sitting and then said let’s try standing. When I did that, lights out. I woke to half a dozen nurses and whoever else all thrashing about. The nurse said you had one foot out the door but I could tell you were pushing back. Please don’t do that again and I could see she had been crying. The point here is all three times the worst pain I felt was the first time when I could not breathe. Like you sir I have no fear of dying. I hope I know where I am going.
      I did see the attractive blonde nurse a few days later. Attractive does not begin to describe her. She snuck me cup of coffee and a little local newspaper. God Bless every one of them.

  6. If your going to do a garden because of the coming food shortages, then you also need to know that you need to worry about SEEDS, They could very well become in short supply so you better understand you need to bug HEIRLOOM seeds so that you can harvest the seeds for the next year, anything else and you’ll be up the creek without a paddle. There MUCHO more than just this but, you can’t grow if you don’t have seeds, so this is the start, like anything else you better do research, gardening does not work on its own, LOL

  7. As a person who has had the “prepper’ mindset for several decades, I can shed some light on food storage, canning, and food preservation. Do it NOW. If totally overwhelmed , there are hundreds of good videos that will get you off on the right direction. There are several great books available too. “Putting Food By” and the Ball “Complete Book on canning and Preserving” come to mind. Get a copy of the ancient, “Diet for a Small Planet”. That being said. Start with the basics. Rice, beans, pasta in all forms, canned meats, veggies and fruit. Don’t forget the can opener. Water is VITAL!!! I use old bleach and vinegar bottles well washed out. Milk jugs will leak as they are all “biodegradable” now. If you have waited this long, it will be almost impossile to get canning supplies. You must have both a water bath and a pressure canner for non acid foods. Seeds…well good luck. If you don’t have them it will be hard to get as with many things, the slow drought has decreased seed farm production as it has with the genneral food supply. Now that the “main stream” media has begun to report on “shortages” the shit will hit the fan in theform of panic buying very soon. God help us all!

  8. As a farmer in Hawaii, growing a Market Veggie Garden as well as a field subsistence garden, I read the comments on the web about growing gardens, with a bit of cynicism. Here I can grow year-round large quantities of carbohydrates (taro, cassava, sweet potatoes, plantains, and perennial fruit trees ) with minimal labor. It was a much more challenging proposition to grow sufficient carbs when I lived in the PNW. Additionally, it takes at least two years to build fertility in any garden before it becomes really productive. Finally, growing protein from dry beans or chickens is a challenge. Dry beans take a lot of space and labor, and true chicken forage systems are difficult if not impossible in temperate climates, without buying chicken feed. So my cynical part looks at preppier garden talk as akin to the victory garden patches of World War II times.. of course we all do the best we can. So I wish everyone the best!

  9. Garden crops,, aka, children for the pedophiles constantly seek to groom and harvest them.
    For you lovers of the main stream media, here is the USA TODAY attempting to normalize criminal behavior,, “Guardians of the Pedophiles”

    But the good news is we got 3 down,, more to come,, where is Bill,, Gates or Chilton,, both are sickos,, scroll down just a little to view photo, when you click on it,, the wheels of justice do move slowly, like a D9

    criminality at the highest levels of government, religion, royalty, and corporations that rules us. They fear the light of day!
    Motel 6,, and Tom Bodet, we’ll leave a light on.

    back to vegetables, would solar tubes for lighting be enough to grow a basement garden? even as an assist to grow lights?

  10. why dont you all give the same old sheet a rest and talk about knitting or gardening.. really another day of this ?

  11. Very good reality check write up, George.
    Lots on the to do list.
    Gas long term storage…diesel and propane seem to do okay without too much help, but reg unleaded seems to have a max of about 3 years if an additive is used up front. Any opinions or further info in this area are appreciated.

  12. “Gets to an interesting question, however: How much of what’s on television (like this) passes by at the preconscious level and never surfaces?”

    …Or is it designed to be subliminal?

    The Indiana Senate is authoring a bill in an effort to keep communist doctrine out of Indiana schools. The Indiana State Teachers’ Association has released a “rewrite & hit piece” which they released on farcebook, and which one of my kids regurgitated this morning because her hubby’s cousin’s cousin or some such is an ISTA member, or maybe SAW THE WORD


    IN THE HIT PIECE and went apeshit ballistic.

    I looked the Senate Bill up (not difficult — it’s ) and sent her the link with a chide to always read the source, because anything abstracted from it might be an abstract – or propaganda – and have little basis in relevant fact .

    BTW, the sure-fire tell is to locate the publication, then search for a unique word (like “Nazis” ‘cuz that’s how that word is presented.) Zero hits in the publication is a guarantee that the “quoted material” on farcebook (or anywhere else) is indeed a hit piece, and should be totally discounted without further investigation.

  13. Love it – prepping for pocyclypse.
    Dont forget to hang some anti – kihzhal tinzhal to hang on Ure neighboring county “seat” of mal -government”..niooce glow ya got there pardnerz..

    “Ha ha charade you are, Big man, Pig man.

    Tree kinds of dem…

    U well heeled, big wheel, ha ha charade you are.
    and when Ure hand is on Ure heart, Ure nearly a good laugh, almost a joker.
    with Ure head down in the Pig bin, saying keep on digging
    pig stain on your fat chin
    what do you hope to find, when your down in the pig mine?
    Your really a good laugh, your nearly a good laugh
    But your really a cry.

    Hey You, White House, ha ha charade you are
    You house proud town mouse, ha hah charade you are.
    Ure trying to keep OUR feelings OFF the streets
    Your nearly a treat, all cold lips and cold feet?..?..?..?
    You gotta stem the EVIL Tide
    and keep it all on the inside. PF..”by the way, which ones Pink?”

    Da “wave” Jefe! The wave…No need to worry bout catching this Cosmic Kahunha..

    – It will Catch U – whether U ready or not.

    My misson(Sou/life long) – Break “Systems”…gonna luv the “wave” it be changin pair of dimes all over da Uni-Verse.

    Peace..get some Pi.

    • De Thotman,

      No sooner had the Lady Mountbatten said “yes” to her suitor at Vebier than the divorced cousins sold a neighborly chalet jointly-owned for a tidy sum. Perhaps one might be confident that duchess descended from mistresses of Charles II has no interest in revisiting the alleged actions of a jeffrey a decade past in averting her bankruptcy. Doubtless the duke is knowledgeable of cash being king at civil court. Maybe the complainant could direct some of such wealth into her tax-free foundation that has been inactive for better than 6 years since a sec990 form was filed. Everyone looks to a better world, don’t they. But as you know, next up is The Wall.

      “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.”

    • “para dimes.” thank you, i keep finding dimes everywere i go. always 2. or I find $10 bills all the time, always 2. never considered it to be a para dimes. LOL I keep thinking ten eye see. LOL or 20 i see.

  14. I had a plan. I “got to Hawaii” early!

    Omicron is ravaging the islands. Don’t even THINK of coming here now!

  15. did yah hear the one about the virus!!! did yah hear the one about war ! did yah hear the one about stocks always going up !! how about the gold and inflation story !!! stand up comedy hour

    • did ya hear the one about the newest silver eagles from US Mint? 2021..2.1?

      There be a new Notch in this coinage – Nobody knows what it is fore! at least they aint talking..till now.

      4 Youse all to see, you must use Ure IMAGINATION…I know, WTF is he talking about. Talking about multi level thinking – picture IT as you think on it..

      What kinda tech u bee thinking would be needed to encode each Oz of Silver and directly hard Link It to the Blockchain????? think – U can do it!

      Wait what do thou speakest of BCN – “this is some seriously sacrilegious scheisse”-old school Lemmings raised on FRN “grass”.. that aint a Infinity hill view Youse see up ahead – That Is the Cliff – the only one that you maybe going splatta..Please, be advised.

      NO Downunda BCN’s 4 Youse either.

  16. and no more saline shots for slow joe .. give him the real deal , double strength dose , hit him hard. can you imagine him talking to vlad , hey im only joking man you want a reefer . smoke up bro .

  17. I need to get some fast-growing bamboo trees in this spring to make it impossible to see our solar panels from the street – even though it’s one way and there’s a killing ground and video coverage.

    I suggest a nice birch or aspen grove, or some o them thar tall, skinny junipers, instead. Bamboo is a grass and its highly-invasive. Once it’s more than a couple feet high it is impossible to cut, and goes away in the fall.


  18. “But, since we now have shortages, blamed ostensibly on omicron, what happens when it goes beyond Oh-MY! cron and moves to a general Sovietization of once-free America?”

    That’s just it. It is NOT COVID, in any way, shape, or form. CV-19 shifted from a medical issue to a mass-control plan back about May, and nobody noticed.

    The shortages are not from COVID, they are from CONTROL, as in “You can’t drive your truck here, because it’s not an EV,” or “Show me your vaxx card.”

    • Been thinking all this through, Ray. Thing is, the iron horse is down right now because of a worn through hydraulic line (design flaw with Kubotas). As a result, in order to spread risk and avoid the single point of failure (tractor) I am looking at the gas tiller options – including and especially with avgas…

      • Understood. The tractor-driven tiller makes the job 100x easier, doesn’t beat your deltoids or kidneys, and you cover far more ground much faster, with less effort. I used to rent myself and the Deere 318 (much smaller than your Kub) out. I could cut & turn roughly an acre an hour with amazing control, so 15mins for most neighbors’ plots, about 25mins for my half-acre…

      • Please, stainless steel. Doesn’t have the ambience of copper, but it’s likely to last a lot longer (I gave myself one for Christmas…)

  19. Comrades,

    Fifty three years to the day since Zeppelin released their first album, a main American witness against the unsentenced has been tweeting through the day as ArtisticBlower. Surely the queen of hearts will not be impressed! Has the good woman forgotten her medical bills were being covered by social media fundraising of a bestie who went to the same school as the mother of the future George VII?

    Really ma’am? “Pull it”? Truther things have been told one imagines.

  20. “There’s always got to be a scapegoat. And router back-doors.”
    why pretend there is not. that is what I think. like im a sucker for miss-direction. hahahahaha.

    you know I have perfect eye site, right? You know I can see 20/15 without wearing glasses? Right? The reason I wear them is becasue when Im wearing my mask at work and other places that I feel it neccisary I can the see the reflection in my lenses of what is behind me and it gives me…. sorta dragonfly eyes if you will. since dragon flys can see 360 degrees. It is certainly not because I need them. but who cares.

    You know the weirdest thing dude. Its no secret what I do for a living. I got every fuckin show in town. I mean, I’m at every single Seahawks home game on the 50 after doing 100 laps around the place. 68,000 in attendance. just at Seahawks alone. I’m every concert, every mariners, sounders, huskies, Kraken, every big show with 20,000 people at it. a lot of the time, I am on the barricade 2 feet away from Massive Crowds full of people (I mean 30K+ people) , facing right at me, breathing straight in my face and the band breathing on my back side playing. and you know what dude? I have never once caught the Rona. not a single time. Infact. I have only been sick one time in 5 years. I get tested at every fucking show. I probably been tested 200 times.. and I never got it. not once! Maybe I’m just weird. but it trips me out. especially when I know people who never leave the house and catch it at the gas station. LOL I mean I know people who have got it 4 times now. 4 times. i probably have taken over 300 rapid covid tests. not the cheep ass ones they sell at Walgreens. I mean by doctors back stage. When The Eagles, Cold Play, Foo Fighters Tool etc etc etc and all these guys come to town, trust me dude, they spare no expense when it comes to that. LOL just shere odds of me blowing a false positive by now are astronomical.

    hmmmmmmmm i may just be magical as f.

    probably got so many damn nano bots swabbed up my nose, Im can up radio station broadcasts from fucking Pluto. if that …. were … true.

    who knows,

    THE DUDE knows, of that I am certain.

    you know I was at Tool last night, lots lots lots of symbolism. big old 7 point Crowley star and tons of references to the Golden Dawn and all that, thrown in a hodgepodge of Thoth symbiology along with a bunch of element stuff. very eclectic… to my understanding

    I been thinking, why do they roll out the red carpet for a guy like me? I mean, im cool. but im not that big of deal. I mean I meet everyone, anyone who comes to town, i meet them if I go to their show. I was at tool, met the band, walked out to the stage with them, stood by the stairs waited for them to end their show, they walked off the show by the stairs next to me, then i follow them out to their ride with them and then wish them well. they all call me sir and when they look at me they look down and to the left.

    its so odd, its almost like they a fucking parade i thought as i stood bettween a chalk line on the floor making the symbol for the 4 corners (native symbol) and two random boxes on that said mesa on them. right between them.

    it has occurred to me it could all be an elaborate ruse….

    or you have to meet the guy who never gets the Rona after standing infront of hundres upon hundreds of thousands of people breathing on him, has never been vaccinated and never got the rona. not a single time. hmmmmmm…….

    see, you know I have perfect vision right? i dont need glasses. I have perfect 20/15 vision. I wear them for 2 reasons, one nobody can poke me in the eye and the other is when im required to pull duty wearing a mask, when i push them forward enough (not obviously) on my nose, i can see every single thing going on behind me and in my blind spots through the reflection in the glass. self made dragonfly eyes. i even see the movement of shadows behind me. lol nobody knows that until now. see i don’t say everything i see. and eye see alot.

    its like watching a little old lady walking past a Birch tree with her cane and she says, life must go on. and i know the Berkana means birch tree and the symbol for re-birth. reincarnation springs to the mind, for her..

    well off to see about some jedi who have instigated a playful creation. i respect their skills.

    pig man? Black Sabbath wrote a song about His kind.

    lets make music.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!


    • “I been thinking, why do they roll out the red carpet for a guy like me?”

      Are YOU certain that you’re not the SECOND COMING of Jesus? ;-) So, why would they?

      Sincerely, stay Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

    • IIRC 187,000 fraudulent ballots cast by Democrats, in Ohio, in the 2004 Election — most in Cuyahoga County. The RNC never pursued charges or convictions, because Bush won Ohio. THIS is a major reason why our elections are fuXored. If the crooks don’t affect the outcome, the Party in power never pursues them; if they do, the affected party hasn’t the votes or legal backing to pursue them…

      GIGO website…

  21. BOMBSHELL: Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC

    There have been 298 Hydroxychloroquine studies that show a 64% improvement in patients for COVID-19 patients. Despite the science, Dr. Fauci and the medical elites have blocked the use of these effective treatments for coronavirus patients. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, accused Dr. Fauci and others of lying and causing the death of over 500,000 Americans by preventing HCQ and Ivermectin, and other treatments from COVID-19 patients.

    China Tightens Lockdown Measures As Omicron Spreads To Another Port City

    On Wednesday, China reported about 170 new locally transmitted cases, with 118 in central Henan province, 37 in the northern port city Tianjin, eight in northwestern Shaanxi province (where the capital city of Xi’an has been locked down for almost three weeks) and seven in the southern technology hub of Shenzhen, according to the National Health Commission. There have also been new cases of the omicron variant detected in Dalian, as we mentioned above.

  22. Mozilla Launches ‘Facebook Pixel Hunt’ to Analyze How Mark Zuckerberg Tracks Us Online

    Mozilla, the organization behind the popular Firefox web browser, is conducting a study to analyze Facebook’s “tracking pixels” that track user actions across the internet. The “Facebook Pixel Hunt” aims to understand how Facebook pulls data about users from millions of websites that contain its tracking pixels even when they aren’t using the social media platform.

    Personally, I use Facebook Container, which creates virtual browser windows and makes all contents go poof when the windows are closed. That said, I will be happy when the mozcrew sorts out Zeke’s spyware…

      • It ain’t just yellow… I have designed microdots before. A good one is either black, and inserted like its a “period,” or it’s 1/300″ square, and without a locating template, can only be found by disassembling the coding of the source document.

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