Inflation’s Getting Outed – Fed Dance Begins

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Inflation is about to rip everybody a new one.  If you haven’t been shopping lately, that is.

I assume you know – as was true back during Jerry Ford’s Whip Inflation Now campaign in the early 80’s – that the reason D.C. is so slow to respond to real people’s inflation misery is that No One in the District actually shops.  Yeah – that kind of time waster is sh0veled off onto staff.

Not kidding about this – interviewed a congressman years back who as much as admitted that’s the case.  OBVIOUSLY He was too important to go to the store.  (Too busy not reading legislation, maybe?).  Thing is these horse’s asses in D.C. are insulated by housekeepers, congressional aids, and franking privileges to worry about something so pedestrian.

Still, as the NFIB Small Business Optimism report crossed this morning, it seems that people WHO ACTUALLY WORK for a living have noticed the prices-rising on shit left and right:

“The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index increased slightly in December to 98.9, up 0.5 points from November. Twenty-two percent of small business owners reported that inflation was their single most important problem encountered in operating their business. Price raising activities have reached levels not seen since the early 1980s when prices were rising at double-digit rates.

“Small businesses unfortunately saw a disappointing December jobs report, with staffing issues continuing to impact their ability to be fully productive,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “Inflation is at the highest level since the 1980s and is having an overwhelming impact on owners’ ability to manage their businesses.”

Tomorrow morning, we’ll have the federal Consumer Price Index report over on the Peoplenomics side of the house.

Inflation Calculus, Covid Lies

Jay Powell goes up the Hill this morning amidst a media clatter that includes:

Ure has a new Crackpot Theory that neatly explains what may be going on.

First, you have to know there is a Real Economy and there’s a Fake Economy.  Let’s get Real first…

Real Economy 1: Blame Government

In the real economy, there are a bit fewer people working than in, oh, 2018.  But, there are a million (or more if we could ever count border-jumpers) in the country.

In California, the idiots are out to give free healthcare to non-citizens which should scare the hell out of you!  I know:  “Who the f*ck are these people?”  Yet here it is California would be first state to offer health coverage for all immigrants under governor’s proposal. Legal and not.

Down this rabbit hole we find a spinning vortex reality as:

  • Mexican border jumpers come here for free healthcare.
  • U.S. middle class eyes going to Mexico for cheaper major surgeries.
  • And the middle-upper in the US stay put to pay for all this shit.

(Look up:  Circular Reference to comprehend how crazy things are.).

Slowly, we sneak up on back alley financial rape by democrats who quietly admit to scheming California Wants to Double Its Taxes | National Review.

So, our first (and obvious) is that increasing spending by democrat bleeding-budget liberals will hose actual working people who pay taxes.  But, even here there is Truth:  Blue states are blue because the free lunch party gives working people The Blues!

Real Economy 2: Second Point

Nothing right now is terribly logical.  Because, if millions had really died of Covid, houses would be popping up on the market all over the place and that over-supply from “homes of the dead” would see housing prices crater.  They’re not.

What’s more, if all those people had died (and no one was going anywhere) wouldn’t used car prices be lower (on a larger supply, right?) instead of higher?  Yet here we see illogic again:  Just this morning on the Fort Worthless media we caught Why are used car prices going up? | Supply chain as an offset?

And if Covid had killed off millions (or whatever the number is) wouldn’t there be no demand?  So, why all the help-wanted signs?

See, this kind of stuff just makes me crazy.

Real Economy 3:  SAR’s Matter

All of this rolls around to Standard Accounting Ratios.  Which Really Matter.

When America was founded, the cost of government was nearly ZERO.  Oh, sure, some bread for the Founder’s army and we’ll cast a few bullets.  But, essential zero cost.

Number of government employees today?  All levels?  About 21 million.

Standard Accounting Ratios can be used to track the growth of government work (as a percent of population over time).  No one does this because nobody wants to admit that we’re about halfway through the death of the democratic republic and moving headline into George Soros’ dream land of “Corporate Captive Socialism.”  Whee!

Once upon a time government was a one percent overhead number.  Today, not only are there 21-million (many more since Covid) but that may not take in all the educators who live on gov dough AND the Regulatory Employees.  See, give a group (Like OSHA this week) power to over reach and guess what they will do…  Courts, being part of government will side with (don’t look too surprised here) colleagues in government because that’s where Nuevo Venezuela  is headed.  Socialism-communism.

But, I digress.

Here’s the Crackpot Theory

Ure’s explanation for the present financial insanity is considerably easier than Jay Powell’s soft-shoe which will come later today.

It simply explains that due to financial gearing (leverage in America, gearing in Europe) there is a “product and price equilibrium defended by financializations.

And it starts with the Fed.

  • Let’s say you have a 1% prevailing rate and $25 trillion of GDP.
  • At 2% rates, the economy can operate at $30 trillion GDP.
  • At 3%, perhaps $35 trillion GDP.
  • At 0.5%, though we head for $12.5 trillion GDP.
  • And at 0.25% rates we go toward $6.25 trillion.

So as the inflation rate goes up (on rates controlled by the Fed – and megalomaniacs in Sac-demented and govnah Gruesome, one of the Golden Goose killers, as we see it), the Fed will make up all kinds of excuses.

What’s really going on?  Nothing.

See, there is a lot of deflation left in the system (so gold hasn’t cratered) but the hope of inflationists keeps BTC from falling under $40,000 for long (for now).

And at the same time, a second Jay Powell dance number looms to cover Fed Vice Chair Clarida to step down early following scrutiny over his trades during pandemic (  Seems to us ALL Fed officials with access to data are using insider dope to trade.  But maybe if we could monitor the NY

Seeing the Future – Kissing Channels

In our scribblings around here, we are constantly looking at wave counts and trend channels (MACD, OBV, and assorted stochastics) for insights.  Most times, though, you can simply look at a trend channel and see how things are setting up based on futures prices ahead of the open:

Looks to us like the market will pause for a bounce off the trend line and then either rally or collapse, depending on media hype.

For now, though, are confidence in the market is 100%.  Markets are always right.  It’s just that whether the Pollyanna’s or the Grim Reaper will be along as a result is never quite clear.


Slather on a thick coating of bullshit as the media hype is up, up, and away in stories like US calms European allies’ fears over its talks with Russia over Ukraine, World News |  WTF? These lil gems come from Wendy Sherman, another Brandon appointee who was involved, for example, in the Obama Iran giveaway plan.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong, huh?  Pallets of cash, anyone?

Well, I mean other than Russia Positioning Helicopters, in Possible Sign of Ukraine Plans – DNyuz.  Weekend of the 21st to 23rd would be a reasonable bet, based on arms movement and jaw flaps.

Ure’s (in case you hadn’t noticed) cynical view is if we couldn’t trust Biden on masks and vax, why would Europe trust his puppets on big-shotting Russia?  But we’re willing to be proven wrong, but since that rarely happens…

Biden has, in our estimate, chalked up a remarkable string of losing policy moves including (besides Ukraine) ‘We have gone backwards’: Covid confusion snarls Biden White House.  Amazingly, not one communist leaning social media outfit has the balls to ban Biden yet.  He doesn’t do social well.

Speaking of Covid (and bad leadership, in spades): Covid live: most Europeans could get Omicron by March, says WHO; China locks down city of 5m people.  Beyond Xi’an?  OMG.  And Canada’s child prince is pushing 4th jabs already. Yougeau, kid!  Hell, go for an even half dozing for Canadians.

Snots and Dots

No matter the hype (Coldest air in three years coming to parts of the country ( it’s still just winter.

War Games Deluxe Home Edition: Unconventional warfare exercise being staged by Army in NC | Charlotte Observer.  Being played on private lands?  Are landowners being paid?  How do we get in on this?  Although, so far, the biggest arms used here have been .50 cal.

It’s news, but:  Word that In 1st, US surgeons transplant pig heart into human patient | AP News reminds us most people don’t have much heart – pig or otherwise – in today’s whirled.


Cold and clear the order of the day here.  Upper 20’s at click time. But highs by Friday should be up to 70 again.  Not quite up to our usual BBQ weather but moving that way.

More in PN tomorrow and here’s Thursday.

Write when you get rich,

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97 thoughts on “Inflation’s Getting Outed – Fed Dance Begins”

  1. Patel’s patriot gives a good read of the attack of the Plandemic by Fauci and company aganist US. It tells us about Trump’s counter moves and exec orders to fight this invasion and who is in place to implement these orders on to the DOD and the development of a vaccine,,,, not private Corps but US Army vax,, Operation Warpspeed. Trump was in Walter Reed for covid about the same time the Army vax tests were complete!
    I strongly think that the Army vax will be an antidote to the corporation’s vax’s, ie:remove the harmful shit that is causing heart problems and blood clots, this is just my hopium at this point in time. truncated icosahedron vaccine

    and here is the Army news release again, in case anyone wants it,,

  2. RE: Ukraine – Biden is talking big to ease Ukrainian and NATO fears, but one must keep in mind just how well the “planned evacuation” of Afghanistan went (emphasis on ‘planned’). That same class of woke ass-clowns are still running the Pentagon and are probably locked deep in discussions as I type regarding how to best implement Title 9 Diversity Training for Ukrainian officials and invading Russian troops. After all, the liberal progressive intelligentsia must first clearly establish a clear and firm set of engagement priorities.

      • JC, your insight serves you well (nods to Master Yoda)

        I shared with George my thoughts on this transplant and cited Nostradamus as well. There is one other potential interpretation of that verse – combat aircrew members clip their oxygen masks to their helmets when going in ‘hot’, which an ancient seer might interpret as a “pig half-man” and, when communicating with their friendlies, “brute beasts heard talking.” Despite being a former USAF bomber crew dog, I personally like the medical context for Nostradamus’ prescient vision. It has far deeper implications about humanity’s potential fate.

      • JC:

        If you’re concerned, RX-Safety (as in prescription safety glasses and welding goggles) is running a 20% off flash sale, starting at 1600hrs GMT today. My daughter even suggested my latest pair looked “cool…”

    • I assume you’re good with being on the sidelines, instead of having to take orders from those thumb-sucking idiots…?

      • Warhammer,

        G.A. STEWART also mentioned the same in his latest post, link above, in my first comment.

        “As some Nostradamus Commentators have suggested, myself included, this might have been the description of a pilot wearing his or her oxygen mask. Now we know better.”

      • Two questions come to mind,,
        #1:what is the heart of the matter/subject? you know, the core, our emotional center? Does the emotions of the recipient then have the pig’s emotions? Would foreign emotions occur when visiting a hog farm?
        #2: if a man accepts the pigs heart,, does he continue to eat pork?

        • From a site: Occasionally sows will attack their own piglets – usually soon after birth – causing injury or death. In extreme cases, where feasible, outright cannibalism will occur and the sow will eat the piglets. The development of this behaviour is often complex and difficult to stop and can cause significant losses.

  3. Most of what you say has merit, but I’ll argue a bit about the real estate… The reason that house prices are so high is that the families of those who died and left them houses are angling for vastly inflated prices, and when they don’t GET a half million for a house worth $50,000 they pull it from the market and let it sit for a while and try again… I live in Hot Springs, which is town whose economy is driven by tourism and real estate…I’ve see this trend happen a dozen or so times…

  4. Not to quibble (oh, why not), but:
    1. US COVID deaths are at 838k, not “millions”, so there’s still time to save up for those house and auto deals.
    2. The Fed doesn’t control interest rates. The closest it comes is the Fed Funds Rate which is a daily rate. The cost of longer term borrowings is set by market forces.
    3. Please decide whether we’re currently suffering from inflation (today’s post) or deflation (previous posts). My simple mind is getting whiplash.
    Otherwise, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

    • Exactly. Apples and oranges. Drawing conclusions about the impact of COVID deaths is like measuring butterfly wings in the amazon. Big hurricane, it’s coming, just wait, millions of butterflies just flapped their wings.

      It’s statistically insignificant to the economy. Which leads some to ask, why all the fuss? Well… firearm deaths in the home are statistically insignificant, how many of you lock your guns anyway? Are you a tool of Big-Safe? Is the lock-a-demic getting you down? What about the seat-belt-a-demic? Or the drive with your headlights on-a-demic?

    • If I recall correctly, the actual died from covid rate is 6% of that 838k. Died with covid was the other 94% and a large % of them had 4 or more co-morbidities…causes of death.

      Also, a majority of people being admitted to the hospital are admitted for other reasons and then told they have covid even though they don’t. Our family experienced this and ended with an apology from a doctor at the hospital for their obvious try at convincing us the family member had covid. They lied and we can prove it. Now it’s time to sue them for fraud and create a class action suit to get trillions in tax dollars back.

  5. There is some data coming out of the insurance industry on life insurance claims. –

    “the death rate has skyrocketed an unprecedented 40% among those between the ages of 18 and 64, based on the 3rd quarter and into the 4th quarter of 2021”

    I agree though, we might expect deaths like these to keep down inflation on goods, if there are less people chasing product and survivors selling assets of those that die? 40% seems high, but it is probably still a small number of people in the grand scheme of regular deaths and perhaps not enough to move the needle on the inflation from the massive money printing.

    • Percentages without numbers is meaningless. I thought people who understood money, and thus math, might have a clue here. But I keep seeing this idiotic article.

      There are no totals mentioned. So as far as you know, last year it was 10 people, this year 14. OMG it’s up 40%. Get a grip man. Look for real information, not propaganda. Do your own thinking, and from the looks of it, might want to go to a logic class, or statistics class at the local community college.

      Or just listen to Real Coffee With Scott Adams each day. He’s an economist and well known for sorting out BS.

  6. George,

    The in-your-face level of inflation seems to have eluded many of my friends and acquaintances. One said “Inflation? Oh, I never look at the prices, I just buy what I need”. This, as she fills up on $5/gal gasoline.
    Other friends claim not to have noticed the constantly shifting empty spaces on the shelves at our grocery store, or the “front-staging” of products to disguise the lack of inventory.
    Critical thinking is so scarce I suspect the supply chain must be broken!

    P.S. Yep, 7 minutes was just about right.

    • Inflation is real; maybe your friends haven’t paid their monthly bills yet. I work at home so I don’t feel the gas prices but I read on MW that prices are heading towards $5 a gallon? Chicken tenderloins at the local store went from $8 a tray to $15, and for two weeks now, the red meat section is flush while the chicken section is almost completely bare. Good news is the deli lines are real short these days. Also, I’m seeing more shoppers lingering in the produce section… Maybe we’ll start hearing more about scarcity’s twin, substitution. Gonna start paying attention to the canned meat prices…

    • Seven minutes may work for the column, but there’s time to check out the links and read comments. Then again there’s time necessary to respond effectively to any comment or make a new one. It’s generally worth it though.

      I shop once or twice a month and often have to visit more than one store to clear out specific items. Anything that’s fronted will be cleared if it’s what I need. I just hope this doesn’t get so bad that I have to visit even more stores for the same level of shopping. I aim for at least a month or two where I don’t need to even leave my property.

  7. It is pretty strange out here in the real world …

    Each variant of covid brings a new shortage. Omnicron is mild so, hopefully this shortage will be mild too. Ya think ??

    But on (the bright side ??) of the Omnicron variant … “really encouraging” that the omicron variant is predominantly killing Americans who have other health problems. According to the CDC Director

    I’ve never been “encouraged” about people dying but, that’s just me. Some people are.

    And … That moment when the President of The United States of America realizes … meat’s expensive

    But politicians do know what’s happening, they just play dumb these days. Pelosi has been doing it for years. Doubt she’d save someone who was drowning unless they agree to give her something in return first, like back in 2020

    I still think these food shortages are due to feeding a million plus, people (secretly) who recently got here. Just my opinion.

    Inflation … I wonder what future nightmare we’re actually paying for. There’s some kind of scales we’re riding that when we go down, others rise up. Just my intuition speaking.

    And recently Walmart has begun closing for cleaning and disinfecting. What? Isn’t just making a show out of shopping cart sanitization enough? They stopped that months ago but, here we are, 2 years into Covid and they think NOW they need to disinfect. Riiiight.

    It’s all bazaar

    • “Omnicron is mild so, hopefully this shortage will be mild too. Ya think ??”

      Phew.. if this is mild.. I’d hate to see severe…

      • From what I’ve read in other parts of the world, Omnicron is mild. We had covid here 3 times over the past 2 years. Interestingly, first was hell for me, second was easier and third time, mild. However, others in my home had it easy the first time rougher the second and mild the third. Except for my wife who walked right past the first two times but the third time was hell for her … strange deep pain like she ever had before. I think it’s like drawing sticks and sometimes ya just get the short one and it hurts.

      • I likened COVID nearly two years ago, to playing Russian roulette with a .22WMR revolver: You get one cylinder that’s empty, one with a crimped blank, one with a short blank, one with a short, one with a long rifle, and one with that .22 magnum.

        Get the bug, take the spin.

        My opinion hasn’t changed, other than to say: Add the vaxx, add six chambers, lose the short blank and the long rifle, but you have to spin twice…

    • “And … That moment when the President of The United States of America realizes … meat’s expensive


      Must be nice. It’s $7.99 here…

      “I still think these food shortages are due to feeding a million plus, people (secretly) who recently got here. Just my opinion. ”

      Closer to 3mln, and that’s just since F*ckwit was sworn in.

      It’s mostly inflation. When currency in circulation goes from under $4tln to over $20tln IN A MONTH and LT inflation is bobbing between 31.3% and 32% a body can kinda figure numbers like these are not very good for the economy or for folks living in or close to the “paycheck-to-paycheck” lifestyle.

      When that 90# bag of “Roundup-ready” (genetically modified) seed corn goes from $200 to $300 (not kidding) and doesn’t produce a bushel more corn, and farm diesel goes from a buck-35 to $3.25, the farmer’s got to recover costs somewhere. My eggs are still 69¢ and milk’s 54¢, but meat, even local poultry, is 2x-3x its price of a year ago.

      I treated myself to a restaurant-bought T-Bone steak dinner last week. 18oz steak. It was $24.95 — $27 out the door with a stone-oven-baked Idaho russet slathered in fresh butter, homemade sour cream, and homemade [chunky] blue cheese on me salad. $27 is less than I would’ve paid for the steak alone at Wally World…

  8. The root cause to all of this is that the SHEEPLE (fat dumbed down and happily sitting as couch potato’s) did NOTHING to stop the infiltration of our political personnel whom are corrupt and have allowed all of this to happen from many years of being paid off thru lobbyists and other means of nefarious illegal pay offs to swing votes and insert pork into falsely stated bills for corporational gains which has screwed over the American sheeple. This is the root cause the rest is merely the ripple effect with a touch of evil mixed in.

    • Seems you could add the part about us voting and our votes being changed/manipulated and the person we didn’t vote for getting elected.
      It has led me to the conclusion that it’s not the voter’s fault for electing the wrong people, but it is the people’s fault for allowing electronic voting instead of sticking with paper ballots. This has been going on for a long time. Just ask the previous R gov of KY and the Senate candidate in MA from 2014. Dr. Shiva actually proved it in court while the KY ex r gov proved it with a forensic audit done by a company out of TX. It started way before people started proving it.

      • It has been going on since 1832 but took a vaca from the 1850s to the 1950s, when thugs “strong-armed” voters rather than cooking the vote counts themselves. The Blacks who whine about “voter intimidation” from some Klan member standing over the ballot box with a club have apparently never heard of a union thug or Establishment head-banger standing over a ballot box…

        It was 1960, when Richard Daley proved the dead could vote. that Democrats realized even in the modern world, they could get away with stuffing and ghosting. Although the Klansman didn’t disappear from polls in AL and MS until after the ’68 Election, fraudulent voting has been the tool of choice for most Elections since ’60, save 2016 and 2020, when the head-bangers returned (see pix of the NBP armed with clubs at Philly polls, if’fn anyone needs a refresher on recent history) to “work” alongside the other dirty tricksters…

    • “the SHEEPLE (fat dumbed down and happily sitting as couch potato’s) did NOTHING to stop the infiltration of our political personnel ”

      Hmm.. the people have had this as amajor concern for decades..
      Like everything else.. no one in office gives 2 nickels over what the people want.. yet no one will vote them out of office. And now with creative politics and voting I doubt anyone will be voted out.

  9. Many of the neighbors are to blame for inflation. The latest were the houses with kids.

    Now that the $300.00 a month has been temporarily stopped there should be gimmickry “stock-up sales” for groceries. And stock-up you should because when the Childcare Tax Credit checks resume they’ll probably be retroactive and grocery prices will double or triple. Biden may give the rest of us a drink of stimmy to make the inflation pills go down easier but the stimmy drink will sour or tummies.

    Not to forget the S.S. crowd got a COLA so that purchasing power will be woofed.

    We’ve reached the point in this system where there’s no benefit in participating. It’s got to crash.

    • Steve, I have yet to see a COLA. On the rare occasion when the government has seen fit to allow a “COLA” for Social Insecurity, my Medicare premiums have increased an amount equal to, or greater than the “adjustment.”

  10. “Who the f*ck are these people?”

    In cali.. toss a dart and you’ll hit one lol..
    What I am anticipating.. is the presidential election had significantly more people voting.. than was registered to vote.. theres alot of anticipation that the next election will see a significant change in which party has control..
    SO…WHAT IF…. the election is similar and theres roughly 50 percent more voting than registered to vote and the flip is having a completely Democrat Congress..
    I sure wouldn’t put it pass anyone.. why not.. what would anyone be able to do about it..
    Let’s go Brandon

    • What shocks me.. I am at the bottom of the pyramid..
      I am nothing special and my life is similar to millions of Americans at the bottom..
      Those I know have similar views on the situation as I do..
      Why then can’t those in social classes above mine see it..

    • The Obama Election broke turnout records, with close to 110 million people voting.

      People like Pew Research loose numbers like 214mln, 223mln, 232mln and folks who don’t read the fine print see the number and believe that’s how many voters there are in the U.S.


      That’s how many voters there are if every felon, every illegal alien and half their children, vote, probably along with the folks along Cemetery Row in Chicago.

      These are really conservative numbers:

      There are 90mln children in the U.S. (likely about 96mln)
      There are 60mln illegals. (likely about 80mln)

      There are 340mln total. (likely about 336mln)

      What’s 340-150?

      It’s not 214.

      What’s 336-176?

      It’s not 214 either.

      The U.S. has kept an incarcerated population of roughly 4.5mln since 1970, with ~2mln doing hard time in prisons, penitentiaries, and asylums. That 2 mil, plus about 1.5 mil who’re doing hard time in city & county lockups, are all felons. So are the ex-cons who were released last year, or 10 years ago, or 40 years ago — maybe 40 million in total. They don’t get to own firearms or serve on juries, and they are not eligible to vote.

      Having a “voter turnout” of over 160 million for 2020 is ludicrous to anyone who looks at the numbers. There simply are not that many people in the United States and its Territories who meet the legal requirements necessary to entitle them to vote in a General Election…

      The Dems cheated in every they could possibly do so, because they took Trump lightly in 2016 and he beat them. 2020 was a “whatever it takes,” up to spending 10s of billions of dollars and including murder, to beat Trump. There will be no unwatched polls or tally halls in 2024, and none of Zeke’s “unofficial” ballot boxes stuffed with Bribem ballots, getting mixed in with the official boxes.

  11. The SSA increase is less than $100 A YEAR… so don’t be worrying that the old folks are going to going out an buying all the filet mignons out from under you..

    • If you buy a filet mignon steak but no vegetables or wine to go with it, is it still a filet mignon?

      I’ve always taken pay raises with a grain of salt because it seems the companies that bill me always raise their prices a month or two sooner than, and for amounts that exceed, the raise.

      • “Health” insurance doesn’t insure health! Only DIY efforts and research can begin to do that. IMHO, all “health” insurance is an overpriced scam that keeps people dependent on “doctor visits” and pills, most of which they don’t even understand. We need to get rid of the terms “doctor” and “patient”. I suggest we replace them with the terms “provider” and “client”. Words matter.

        The first necessity of living well is to understand that you WILL die, and probably at a most inconvenient time and place. Once you realize that in your mind, heart, and gut, you can get on with living.

        Maintaining good health is a really good idea, but being dependent on external services that you need to pay for is not so much. Sure, use a doctor if that doctor can provide something of value on your terms. If not, then avoid like the plague. I’ll say that the same applies double to dentists! Just do the minimum necessary for a happy life and get your affairs in order.

      • EXACTLY! mine was between it and supplemental health insurance increases because the politicians sold us out years ago on SS.

    • They also increase our payments for Medicare, so we didn’t really get squat. Instead of giving $450,000 to illegals, how ’bout some bones for us oldsters?

  12. We’re led to believe NORK is 3rd world.

    Suspected North Korea missile test hit speed of Mach 10, more advanced than previous test, Seoul says

    “Seoul, South Korea (CNN)A suspected ballistic missile launched by North Korea on Tuesday was more advanced than the missile Pyongyang tested last week, reaching a velocity of more than 10 times the speed of sound, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.”

    Mach 10 is so fast that if NORK contacts New York, the buildings will be heard falling, a minute or two later the exhaust arc will be seen then still a few minutes later the sound of missile thrust will be heard zooming into the city.

    • North Korea has at least 5 intercontinental ballistic missiles in their stable — each capable of Mach 31.

      They’re old Soviet designs, and rarely hang together long enough to complete a flight, but (in theory, anyway) they have them.

      Not impressed…

      WE, on the other hand, have at least one jet AIRPLANE in our stable that’s capable of sustained Mach 10, for as long as the tankers can top its tanks…

  13. Inflation and taxes don’t matter when people have record Amounts of money…
    Jamie Dimon, JP MORGAN CHASE on the biggest US bank by assets with relationships with half the US’s households…his confidence stemming from the robust balance sheet of the American consumer. The  consumer balance sheet has never been in better shape, spending 25% more today than pre-Covid, and their debt-service ratio is better than it’s been since we’ve been keeping records for 50 years. (CNBC)

    It may not be that way in the flyover states…but there is a reason why we all fly over. Nothing there to see, do or make money on. Big cities are where it’s at.

    • Suit yourself! Some of us don’t measure pleasure in dollars anymore. I can enjoy the sound and feel of a well running diesel and the view of the mountains. I can get out of bed and realize that I’ve got plenty to do and no requirement to actually do it. I’ll definitely get a round tuit – maybe.

      I do hope you and your family are healthy! You can enjoy the city as you wish. I find nothing there worth bothering with, other than easy money and the sight of many pretty and unavailable girls. On the other hand, you actually have to live there.

      In flyover country, we can actually build aircraft and fly them from our own property.

    • “Inflation and taxes don’t matter when people have record Amounts of money…”

      HUH…. lol lol lol..having record amounts of money is not in my world.
      Theres just a very small percentage of the worlds work force that has great profits..for myself.. we got an increase and a decrease at the same time. I will actually make less take home. And prices on the way up.

    • “It’s just poverty with a view” – Yellowstone.

      Thank you God for that blessing. Can’t wait for the next real estate developer to get hung.

    • Would you like a photocopy of my Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar bill, or will the $10tln note suffice?

      In a true hyperinflation, the only winner is “government” because it gets to spend the day’s money before it inflates. Everyone else becomes a pauper. Close your eyes, picture yourself in ragged clothes, standing on a street corner, begging for food. If you are not okay with that picture, then inflation matters. If you think it could never happen, you need to broaden your reading, say to include histories of Wiemar Germany and post-Rhodesian Zimbabwe from the perspective of the people, not the governments.

      When you’re making $40mln/day and a loaf of bread costs $60mln, it’s too late…

  14. George,

    Just a quick observation about “blue” states and “red” states. Being an Old Fart with a memory for trivia, I look back at the days when color TV first started showing the respective state totals for the two major parties as color coded on the map. In the early days, Republican wins were posted as “blue” states and Demonrat wins were posted as “red” states.

    Then the propaganda machine got into the picture. According to most psychological studies on the effect of color on one’s mental perception of an issue, certain colors heighten certain feelings. Namely, “red” is considered a combative or confrontational color, whereas “blue” is considered a more soothing and harmonious color. Therefore, the “old switcheroo” of colors to represent the major parties. “Red” Republicans were to be portrayed as those of confrontation, while the “Blue” Demonrats were shown as peace loving and the party of goodness. Let’s forget that all the major wars were under Democrats, with the notable exceptions of Iraq and Afghanistan, which was started by a RINO, pseudo conservative.

    • You raise an interesting point regarding the emotions of color.

      Another facet people not in the biz don’t think about is reverse type, as in an all black background creates the letters of the message versus the color black on the letters. As I recall your brain looks at the reverse differently than the usual old black type on white background and the result is to create a negative vibe.

    • “In the early days, Republican wins were posted as “blue” states and Demonrat wins were posted as “red” states.”

      Correct. Starting with 1980(?) the networks alternated colors for Parties. Then (the way I heard it) somebody figured out “red” was indicative of “REDS,” or communists, and to avoid the possibility of any of we sheeple making the connection between Democrats and communists, it was decided that Repugs would henceforth be red, and Demons would be blue. I believe Bob Dole was the last “blue Republican” (I could be wrong on this one though — I’ve slept since then. I do recall that one network had red dems and two had red repubs one cycle, and I do believe that cycle to be Dole, but frankly I don’t care enough to look it up…)

  15. I just ordered a book, a CD, and a carbon monoxide detector for 40 bucks. A couple years ago, same detector, on the shelf was 40 bucks. Meanwhile my house is worth double. Own something real and hedge against “hyper inflation” whenever it finally appears. (sounds like another over-the-horizon problem).

    • “(sounds like another over-the-horizon problem)”

      It is, but as any sailor can tell you, that horizon is only 6 miles away…

  16. “I mean, what could possibly go wrong, huh? Pallets of cash, anyone?”

    We have all heard the accusations that our present administration has a little trouble with wanting cash . A pay to play administration.. the Democrats have forced trillions to be created..
    So… who gets those pallets of cash.. you don’t see any checks and lists of where it’s going.

    • Well, Obama did have an off shore ‘investment’ account that he recorded in his tax returns. It’s very simple to have persons deposit cash and have the order to not invest it in anything including not paying interest on it as a Muslim interest exempt account so the funds don’t get noticed until after he is no longer president and no longer showing the returns to the public.

  17. Wal-Mart’s health section is definitely having difficulty keeping the shelves stocked. Looked and looked until we found the last zinc supplement tucked under the next to last shelf on the bottom – $10.88 for gummies. The one that just blew our hair back was a friggin’ vapor inhaler – $5.44 for the little thing and my wife says it barely works. Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Flu gel caps – $9.24. All the cold, flu and vitamin supplements are sparse and HIGH. 1lb. 85% lean ground beef – $4.83. As much as I hate to send them any money given their politics I did splurge an bought a $3.99 can of Starbuck’s instant coffee. It was .40 cents less than the other one we found on the Clearance shelf a couple of weeks ago. Gotta admit it’s the best instant coffee I’ve ever had.

    The stupid panic mode continues around here, though, as the line at the clinic wraps around the block with people clamoring for the outside Covid check. Guess insurance is paying for it and the local hospital is raking it in. As usual, though, my approach is just get it, get over it and move the heck on! It’s a frikken COLD! The granddaughter is up and around and on the mend after a couple of days of it just like it was in the Olden Days when you got one at this time of year. I had tonsillitis for virtually every single birthday I had as a kid through Elementary school since I’m an Aquarius, too.

    • ” it’s the best instant coffee I’ve ever had.”

      Better than Yuban?

      Never, ever, ever buy supplements from a box store, unless it’s a purchase of last resort. (I understand this was, so…)

      Hell, even Amazon (just buy product names with a history. The ‘Zon is carrying about a hundred Chinese brands now, numbers increasing daily. They’ve no QC or oversight, and you’ve no guarantee of delivery…)

      I try to keep about a 3yr supply of A, D, B12, Zinc, and Selenium, and buy vitamin C by the kilo.

      Glad the little gal’s feeling better…

      • Do they still make Yuban? I don’t recall seeing it in many moons in our part of the country. Kava used to be the family mainstay back in the 70s and I’ve bounced around from one to the other over the years. No one else really drinks instant other than me in the house.

        There is a pretty good “Health Food” store in town where I’ve had to go in order to get NAC and the first box of Chaga tea I’ve ever tried. Chaga tastes like Tinker Toys but it’s not bad on the stomach. Don’t have a clue on which other vitamins are any good but I’ve recently had a problem with W-M’s Equate brand of Complete Multi’s. If I take a whole one it’s like taking a handful of Benadryl as it knocks me out like crazy whereas they used to give me the boost I was looking for. I cut them in two now and make up the rest with individual supplements. I attribute it to getting old but I have some I’ve put back that are older so I’m going to try and see if this is a change in the batch formulation or just me.

      • ” I’ve recently had a problem with W-M’s Equate brand of Complete Multi’s.”

        I suggest “Country Life Max.” George was taking them years ago so I checked them out, and liked them. They are sexed, so the “man’s version” doesn’t attempt to replenish nutrients which childbirth and menopause sap.

        For brands, I like Country Life and Solgar, Piping Rock, Jarrow, and Life Extension, because they use quality products and packaging, US & Canada sourced when possible, and they’re consistent. (Don’t neglect packaging. Dark amber glass or polycarbonate keep supplements a lot happier than molded vinyl.) Most supplements will keep forever. Antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, are used as food preservatives for both canned and dehydrated foods. I have no problem with the Vitacost brand, for simple supplements. For the more esoteric ones? No. Just no…

        Equate used to be good stuff. It started going downhill about 6-7 years ago and now, I’m guessing, is totally lacking in QC.

        Check out and when you have a few minutes. I’m betting you can beat W-M’s price and guarantee you can best their quality. FWIW I use Piping Rock for essential oils and stuff like coconut butter and beeswax (when I don’t have enough of an order to hit up “Better Bee…”)

  18. Comrades,

    BBC Future has a “back to the future”-type report out on biphasic sleep. According to the write-up this sleep pattern was the norm for people prior to the industrial revolution. The researcher quoted is A. Roger Ekirch. Reviews of his book, “At Days Close: Night in Times Past”, advise of aha moments as well as lengthy portions that may put one to sleep.

    Dream on!

  19. yep hillariously rigged , planned day !!! no war , bit of gold woopeee for the flationistas !!! no crash just hold it together while the country and the world is on fire . whos worse ? jerome the jerk ? or yous blokes for keeping it going . tell some more stories . outta here already . seen and heard enough bullsheet

    • “hillariously rigged , planned day !!! no war ”

      Only three years and seven days left to survive this FUBAR administration. May we survive it in one piece..

  20. Real Economy 2: Second Point

    Fascinating subject you touched on here George. Its diaspora from the Big Cities with mass transit options to the Suburbs and the Outback.

    Places like NYC Chicago are seeing massive exodus from Urban core to other safer less dense parts of the country. You need a car or SUV to make this happen.

    As far as housing numbers go, you’ll never see the shell of a city NYC is becoming leaked on Tee Vee. Ergo the demand in exurbia is up while the core urban numbers are well… What would we say about the numbers? [gov stats] and hedonistic adjustments not factoring the real price declines?

    The real core urban [declining number] might serve to cancel or even out weigh the suburban housing price number that is going up. That sort of reality doesnt play well with Powells thematic.

    Lets face it, now that we’ve achieved the VonMises debt trap mode of operation. Its simply a matter of attempting to raise rates and crash the econ into an accelerating depressionary spiral, or alternatively print print print and crack up with boom. I think the later is less painful for the banksters.

    Powells hikes should crash tings on Mr. Market shortly after the third round. Remember: “Three steps and a stumble ?”

    We also have to consider that the loss of REPO funds in copious volumes at the window means that JPM and affiliates dont have the funds needed to paper over naked shorted losses on money equivalent commodities like PM and select blockchain currencies. Ask Mr. Corzine what happens when you use depositors funds as collateral.

    Which would lead to real nose bleed price discoveries of the underlying commodities in terms of increasing number fiat notes needed to secure delivery. Gold Silver and BTC will be no bid on CME at that point. Wait for it, and prep accordingly. Happy 2022.

  21. To my previous point on NYC and dense Urban.
    Skip to 4:30 on the link below. Look at how dark all the office building windows are. it was that way after the drop as well.

  22. Used cars for 27K? Gimme a break!

    I have two excellent spares that I won’t register yet because I’d have to insure them, and my two daily drivers run well already. One as a do-everything winter car and one for Sunday and special occasions. There’s a truck and a spare, not to mention the trailers. The most expensive car I bought over the last few decades was 2.5K and that was a diesel truck with a Cummins 12V. The funny thing is that these all (now) work well and all I need to do is buy something broken that’s an easy enough fix and then fix it. There are loads of broken cars out there just needing a little TLC. Love a car and fix it yourself. Best tax-free bargain out there. You can do the same with houses, tractors, and other equipment. The biggest costs are batteries and tires, and even those can be bought right if you try.

    • “Used cars for 27K?”

      Depends on the car. I’d pay it for a cherry Ferrari or Lambo, or something of their ilk. Even the venerable Rolls is a depreciating asset now, unless you latch onto one owned by a celeb, with COA.

      You and I think a lot alike in this respect. I’ve a brother who does the “new, every two” thing. I can NOT understand why anyone would piss away $7000-$17000 per year, just to drive a car 4000 miles per year.

      As a similar topic: I noticed the “new vehicle” price for “top shelf” pickups is now

      OVER $120,000!!!!

      GMC was holding the line at a mere ~$112,000, but they finally relented and joined Ford and Dodge, and Chevy, over in the “stupid” line…

  23. You have never got out of depression since 2009. Few dimes on gold every once and a while , sheetcoin pumping , perpetual flu scam stories to pump . And hold your markets together with robots up and down . Now even rolling out war stories . Do you’d ever get sick of the bullsheet? Really ? Or maybe you all just love it and only care for your big guts and sarking grog. Greatest snake oil guys and gals ever . Still the Wild West the whole damn dump. Ow yeah throw in some climate crap stories which you rig as well . Magicians

  24. March 6 2009 they rolled out bobby prechter to call the bottom on cnbcussa. It wasn’t the bottom . Told him no way it was an ending 5th . Always been massive triangles and 2 much overlapping in sub waves at March 09 . I know they fudged up the dates to hide old r n love kid . Well now you pay the price for the greatest scam ever . A massive A B C . Good old bobby and the rest of the gurus will regret telling the greatest stories ever .

  25. And that old r n fella left a great box of magic tricks for little bobby !!! Oh yeah . Hundreds of em all stories to sell stories . Like !!! See told yah yah after it happens . Pathetic . All to save USSA and screw the world . Your only delaying the end . And it ain’t a good quality life to the end . Take your medicine . Pack your suitcase to die

  26. The noose keeps tightening, and knowing it is all BS is infuriating and crazy-making. If this bill gets enacted here in Washington State, except to see it popping up elsewhere. Interestingly, this bill was actually drafted and certified in October 2019! And the term “plandemic” is considered conspiracy theory. This bill is part of the meeting agenda tomorrow, public via zoom, and looking at the schedule, seems they have allotted a mere 30 mins. for public input on this life-changing topic.

    “Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families: ‘They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps’ ”

  27. Add this info to the insanity and one would think this is all part of a plan.

    ““Starting January 15th, 2022, truckers must show a proof of vaccine to cross the Canada/US borders. Since March 2020, drivers were considered “essential”. They could cross the border without a covid test or the vaccine. Under Biden/Trudeau administration, this is about to change”:

    22 000 truckers are about to lose their job. But this estimate is from the Canadian Trucking Association. The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) estimated this number closer to 31 000 truckers.

    We are looking at a meltdown of the supply chain, or at least some severe disruption.”

    And this goes both ways “U.S. border officials will begin requiring foreign truck drivers to provide proof of full vaccination on January 22.”

  28. to prepare you for your future with ebola after the winter olympics in China, do an internet search for ” ebola chlorine dioxide ” and see what the government says about it before they remove the info:

    the gold trade i called last week is up over $30…but that’s just keeping hope alive for now per some on here. it doesn’t matter…trade what you see, not what you hear.

  29. Comrades,

    Hold onto your wallets! Quebec politicians must be rested up with their current 2200-0500 curfew. The premier of Quebec is proposing a new tax for people unvaccinated against covid, and he says it won’t just be “50 or 100 dollars”. Details to follow from the bureaucracy as to whether it will apply to 2021 or just 2022 going forward.

    And now, back to Kermitland as our chef du jour stirs in today’s main ingredient – frog legs.

  30. USA Today Tries to Destigmatize Pedophilia, Fails Miserably

    USA Today has been getting roasted on social media for attempting to destigmatize pedophilia, portraying it as an orientation that may even be forged in the womb. Written by Alia Dastagir, the article laments that pedophilia stands among “the most misunderstood” of sexual orientations, with people often making it synonymous with child abuse… Some scientists have even put forward the idea that pedophilia may originate in the womb, meaning pedophiles have no control over their attraction.

    My kids get really, really pissed when I tell them paedophilia will be accepted, normalized, and encouraged, and indeed, parents will go to jail for attempting to stop dirty old men from boffing their preschoolers, and that they (my kids) will live to see it happen. If the United States still exists in 50 years, barring a shift toward morality in Leftist ideology that’s of truly Biblical proportions, this WILL happen and I consider myself fortunate that it’s exceedingly unlikely I’ll live long enough to see it…

    ‘Did a Child Predator Write This?’ LGBT Outlet Runs Story About Ted Cruz’s 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Sexuality

    Disgust resounded on social media this week as a prominent LGBT outlet published a twisted piece on GOP Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his daughter’s supposed sexuality.

    The child is just 13.

    On Monday, LGBTQ Nation ran the headline “Ted Cruz’s teen daughter comes out as bisexual,” which quickly attracted attention from conservatives critical of the jaw-dropping lack of basic human decency.

    Case in point…

    Federal Prosecutors Offer to Dismiss Two of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Charges

    As the Ghislaine Maxwell case drags on past the announcement of her guilty verdict, the U.S. government prosecutors have offered to dismiss two charges against her. The charges they are willing to dismiss are both for perjury. Prosecutors said they will only dismiss these two charges if Maxwell’s conviction for recruiting and grooming minors for financier Jeffery Epstein to sexually abuse stands, as NBC News reported. The two charges in question center around allegations that Maxwell lied in depositions from 2016 about what she knew concerning Epstein’s behavior.

    So Jilly fell into a perjury trap, and they’re holding onto it in case her convictions don’t stick? AYFKM…?

    • It’s been a few years but there was a story in the news about a guy that was caught red-handed taking advantage of a kid down in South Texas. The father beat him to death with his bare hands and was subsequently acquitted of murder in court. I’d be willing to put a pretty good stack of bills down on that never happening again in that family or other surrounding ones. That’s the only way that needs to be treated.

      The main reason this is happening so often now in society is because we’ve gone soft on punishment and the time it takes to get to any punishment phase. I keep hearing, though, that someone going into prison for child molestation usually gets beat up on a regular basis because the other prisoners were molested as kids, too, and don’t tolerate that kind of person.

      • When I was a teenager, a kid up the street was caught playing doctor with a 4-5yo girl down the street from me. He was about 14 and his dad won a silver star and purple heart on Iwo Jima, or he would not have lived to grow wiser. The little girl’s bigbro certainly read Scripture to him from The Gospel, and later their parents all had a set-to. AFAIK the kid never again went south past my house.

        I honestly doubt pedophilia is any more prevalent now than it was 60 years ago. I believe “reporting” has improved as the stigma of victimization has diminished. Pedophiles have made up a fairly static 1% of human population for thousands of years. I don’t see that number rising today, nor having been significantly less when I was a kid.

        It is mainly because the perv pop has been static for so long that I believe eventually Pedophillia will be legal and pedos, untouchable. 1% is 3 million people, virtually all of voting age. The DNC has no morals. Why would they even balk… (they wouldn’t. They’re just waiting for NAMBLA to have a political breakthrough.)

        Pedos who make it to prison generally become after hours depositories for their entire cellblock, until they get too loose or whiny. Then they get dead, usually not painlessly. Most States now have separate facilities for sex criminals, which have separate wards or wings for child sex offenders, because people’s families would complain when visitation came around and their loved one would show up at the window with a broken bottle shoved, open side first, up his ass…

        Convicts don’t like woman or child abusers, and they, almost to a one, detest female or child sex abusers. Personally, I think they should all be in the same facility, in GenPop — ‘Twould solve a lot of life’s little problems…

  31. ‘#ExposeFauci’ Trends After ‘Startling’ Military Documents Concerning Wuhan Research Are Made Public: Report

    Documents released by Project Veritas appear to show that gain-of-function research proposed by an agency later funded through Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency was rejected by the military in 2018 as too risky. As a result, “#Expose Fauci” topped the list of Twitter’s trending hashtags in the U.S. as of 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time. “Who at DARPA made the decision to bury the original report? They could have raised red flags to the Pentagon, the White House, or Congress, which may have prevented this entire pandemic that has led to the deaths of 5.4 million people worldwide and caused much pain and suffering to many millions more,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said.

    Biden Admin Quietly Creates Creepy Database Storing Information About Unvaxxed People Who Request Religious Exemptions

    A federal agency debuted a new system on Tuesday designed to record and store the information of federal employees who requested religious exemptions from the Biden administration’s federal jab mandate. According to a report by the Daily Signal, the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, an independent federal agency designed to aid Washington D.C. courts, created the “Employee Religious Exception Request Information System” to track unvaccinated employees who ask for religious exemptions from President Joe Biden’s federal COVID-19 shot mandate. The Federal Register describes the new system as the best way to keep track of “personal religious information”

    Those with concerns about the system only have until Feb. 10 to offer any public comments.


    Dr. Jane Ruby told the public that Big Pharma companies Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are deploying toxic batches of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. “There’s evidence that these companies are intentionally deploying toxic batches [of COVID-19 vaccine],” Ruby said during the January 3 episode of the “The Stew Peters Show…” The team of analysts said that these companies are conducting what are called “lethal dose studies,” which looks at how much is needed to cause death.


    Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president of big pharma company Pfizer, who is being hailed as a “conspiracy theorist” by the mainstream shared his latest take on the damning evidence about the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines.” Dr. Yeadon says these shots are “toxic by design.” Yeadon, like some of the rest of us, has yet to see sufficient evidence that this SARS-CoV-2 virus even exists.

  32. Second Hottest tag in Twitterspace: #BareShelvesBiden

    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was hailed as the man who “saved Christmas” on Tuesday over his handling of the supply chain crisis as Americans around the country shared photos of empty grocery shelves on social media.

    Looks like all we-all better get ready for round two…


    Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned his American counterparts on Monday that some form of military response to the United States stationing advanced weapons in Europe could be possible in the very near future. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has not ruled out using a military response either. A conflict continues to look more and more likely by the day, according to a report by RT. Ryabkov insisted that if NATO proceeds toward the deployment of new capabilities in weaponry, “which are being developed very rapidly in the US,” the Russian military may reply in a way that “will inevitably and unavoidably damage the security of the US and its European allies.”

  33. For LOOB:

    The Photo That Could Come Back to Haunt Joe Biden After Hunter’s ‘Close Friend’ Arrested for Treason

    Over the weekend, Kazakh officials announced the arrest of former Prime Minister Karim Massimov on suspicion of treason. On Wednesday, Massimov was fired by the Kazakh president from his position as chairman of the country’s intelligence agency. His arrest came the following day, The New York Times reported. Hunter Biden described Massimov as his “close friend” in a 2016 email, according to the Washington Examiner.

  34. GOP Bill Would Allow President to Ban Foreign Land Purchases in U.S. for 5 Years

    A bill being co-led by Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Mary Miller (R-IL) would place a five-year moratorium on foreign land purchases to protect “American sovereignty” from being “eroded.” Breitbart News exclusively obtained the bill’s text before its official introduction on Wednesday. The legislation, named the “Moratorium on Foreign Land Purchases Act,” would give the president power to prohibit the purchase of public or private real estate in the U.S. “by any foreign person” for the five-year period after the enactment of the law.

    Biden will never go for it, though…

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