ShopTalkSunday: Tile Redux, Ultimate Bedside Radio, CV19

Not to spoil the “time off” notion of Sunday, but there’s a Twitter posted video for you to see and understand.  Because?  It explains how people with first and second Covid shots will be treated as “unvaccinated” – thus moving the dishonesty of medical statistics to a new Biden propaganda high!

See it here.

You may also wish to do some “advanced lookups” on the Open Secrets website – where political contributions are summarized.  We found the word “Moderna” to be heavily correlated with democrat party funding. For extra credit, an analysis of the word Pfizer as a political funding source is a somewhat larger (10,000 entries) big data headache-inducer.  Extra credit is available, for tenure track grad students in the collapse of ‘Merica Studies programme.

Me?  Find Victoria’s Secret more fun to study than Open Secrets being a privileged old retired dude.  Still, when we looked at costs, The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Trivia, it was clear that nothing seems to approach the price of a good – well sold – politician.

While study of both “data sources” may lead to sex, degrees of consensual participation are vastly different.

Meantime, Tile Work

…continues.  a further 117 pieces were cut Saturday.

But not without incident.  Seems that after using the Skil tile saw for two (more) actual days of cutting time, the “water coolant” gets a little thick.

Good with a bit of tile dust as thickening.  But it’s very much like my gravy’s made when cooking.  When it gets cold?  Turns into a concrete like block on the bottom of the saw’s water reservoir.

Nothing that attacking it with 67 PSI water pressure on a hose cleaning nozzle wouldn’t fix.  Except then there’s the wait to make sure the work area is dry enough to reduce risk of personal “zappage.”

Ham Radio Stories:  BC-348

One of our long-term readers – who’s been following my notes since the old University of Colorado Long Waves discussion group circa 1998 – dropped by with a marvelous gift Saturday.  You may have never seen one of these before, but it’s a WW II vintage BC-348 receiver:

As you can see (with some squinting) this one was made by Stromberg-Carlson which (after the war) went on to build some very high-end television sets. Stromberg’s fame came from accomplishments including:

  • Radio and television receivers, loudspeakers, paging systems, commercial sound amplifiers, and microphones
  • The ubiquitous BC-348 HF radio, originally manufactured for the U.S. Air Force during World War II and for a decade after
  • Institutional intercom and public address systems
  • Ground-Air-Ground tactical communications, AUTOVON and secure systems used by various government agencies worldwide
  • Fire alarm products, such as bells and horns

Back in my “secret days” I actually used some of that AUTOVON gear up north.  Anyone else besides me remember Sparrevohn Air Force Station?  Learned to appreciate a proper Scotch (thanks to two Cols.) at Murphy Dome Air Force Station which was my main assignment.  Heady stuff at age 19…

Other versions of the BC-348 – like the one I had over half a century back – were made by Wells-Gardner. Again, like Stromberg, the post-war track of this company led to the one-eyed monsters invading American living rooms:

“Wells-Gardner manufactured an estimated 3 percent of all televisions in the United States. The company also began manufacturing high fidelity stereo systems, electric organs, and various consumer electronics. The company’s factory had expanded from 140,600 square feet in the 1940s to 270,000 square feet. Wells-Gardner owned the building, machinery, and equipment.”

Wells did a lot of contract work both before and after the war years.  Their Airline receivers of early vintage are collectible. Made ’em for “Monkey Wards.”  As are lots of Stromberg radios.

Restoration of Old Radios

Restoration of this radio will come in late winter.  Since there are so man7y home and shop projects taking precedence.,  However, here’s the general work plan to how to “bring up” an old radio like this:

  • The main thing that goes wrong with WWII gear is the wax paper capacitors tend to dry out over time.  This is especially true in one like this generous gift which hasn’t been plugged in and turned on in 50+ years.
  • The main risk to the radio is a defective (usually pair) of electrolytic capacitors (caps) in the power supply.  Because they are larger and handle more power, think of them as waxed paper with a chemical “goo” which is what dries out.
  • When the capacitor fails, it MAY short out – and that may, in turn, cause a sufficiently larger voltage drop in the high voltage winding of the transformer to burn it out.
  • If you’re old enough, you may remember a tube-type radio that hummed slightly when first turned on…but quieted down after a half-hour of use, or longer.  That was aging electrolytic capacitors regaining some of their properties as they warmed up.

Think I mentioned that this will all be covered in my (already 130 pages) of “The Art of Ham Radio Repair and Restoration” which I’ll get to when I can.

The ‘348 was a very good match with either an ARC-5 Command set transmitter (one for 80 meters and a second for 40 meters).  Even better would be a TCS or a venerable Collins ART-13.

Brings back the days when my life-long pal (the major) and I would ride six miles on our bikes to the old Washington Liquidators in George Town (Seattle) hoping that one of those refrigerator-sized shipboard transmitters from the breaking yards (like Zidel’s and others) would show up at a price either of our families could afford.

We’re still looking.

The Ultimate Bedside Radio

In the presence of such a grand radio, I will slap you if you say “Best bedside radio is Ale1xa and iHeart Radio streaming…

Those are options only when a) the power is on and b) when the Internet is up.  Much past that and they make serviceable paper weights.

No, the perfect radio for this mission MAY not be the BC-348.  Thinking more about a Radio Shack DX-160 and matching speaker acquired a ways back.

It’s not a stellar performer and really pretty basic:  1 integrated circuit, 5 FETs and 6 conventional transistors with 15 diodes.  The good news is you can find both service manuals and the owner’s manual at RadioShack / Realistic DX-160, HF Receiver | at

Again, if you read the review of the radio at you’ll see it ranks only 3.6 stars out of five.  But with some tweaks (dimmable LEDs for the dial, for example) it MIGHT be a decent bedside radio to capture the far-away magic of night-time winter AM and whatever is left – not yet replaced by the internet streamers – on shortwave.

There are better radios, but sometimes a project just “calls to you…”

A lot of serviceable Radio Shack shortwave gear was ruined when someone thought they would wield a “Golden Screwdriver” and improve things. When you’re 12 years old that seems logical.  When 70-something?  A Kenwood scope, and the Rhode signal generator offer the truth about such delusions of youth,.

One other bedside radio:  Picked up a used Realistic Pro-2020 scanner – which like everything else of any useful vintage, seems to only need $7-bucks worth of new capacitors and some “golden screwdriver” corrections.  That will give us the sheriffs and Texas Fire and DPS plus weather.  Only 20 channel scan bank, but we like to focus on what’s important:  Fort Worth Center and the local ATIS frequencies are interesting, too.

Off to (hopefully finish) with the tile laying today.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. My dad was a tile setter for a long time. He would work the farm and travel to jobs. His last few years was working for a company who built Mickey D’S. He did not play aroun. Once the wokspace was swept and lines snapped you had better not step in don’t matter who you are. He had a necktie with a brand new hard hat running to his car for stepping on a staging line once. Once thinset was down he was like a card dealer. Tiles would fly from a stack in his hand landing perfectly. When the detailed cuts and small trim work started, it was more like watchmaker. As you well know it is hard physical work. But the results are worth it.
    Dad passed on 22 years ago. I miss him a lot.
    Stay safe.
    Jim in mo.

  2. Covid -Thinking about a third shot. Went to my doctor as I wanted an antibody check to see if I needed one. He told me I could not get one as it was for people who had already had Covid. That does not make any sense, how else would they know that antibodies decrease with time. He’s a good doctor but I wonder what’s going on here. There is so much negative info out there that I don’t know what to do about the third shot, I am 79.

    • BP. I will offer you my opinion which George always kindly allows me to do, even though it does not fit well with the opinion of many other responders on this site.

      I will turn 80 in March. As a graduate water chemist, my whole life has been spent in the field of science and while no longer active, I love to study both sides of scientific arguments and continue to arrive at my own conclusions. Old science coots tend to do that.

      It seems to me that we have a problem between “compliance” and “concordance.” In the first case, you are told what to do (Biden vaccine mandate) and better comply, or you make up your own mind based on the facts and take the vaccine or not as an informed and agreeable partipant (concordance). After a lot of study, I decided to take the mRNA vaccine.

      There is a lot of information on both sides that concerns me. For example, this morning I read an article where 620,000 US veterans who were fully vaccinated were studied between February 1, 2021 and August 13, 2021 to show which ones had COVID breakthrough. In a little over 6 months, the average protection had declined from 91.9% to 53.9%. What is particularly concerning is the reduced protection of the J&J single dose vacccine from 92% down to 3%. Moderna went from 92% to 64% and Pfizer from 95% to 50%. The study did not include information on hospitalization or death. Other studies I have read seem to confirm that these two outcomes remain reduced in vaccinated over unvaccinated individuals.

      A recent CDC study shows that people over 65 currently account for 67% of hospitalizations and 85 percent of deaths from breathrough cases. Older people actually face greater risks of severe disease than unvaccinated children. I have read studies that convince me we should probably not be vaccinating young children (a whole other discussion). The main reason offered seems to be to prevent them from transmitting the virus to the elderly (grandparents). Sounds selfish to me.

      I try hard to separate science from politics on this COVID catastrophe and it gets harder but taking the vaccine or not taking the vaccine I continue to believe is a personal decision. It is hard enough to make a concordant decison as a scientist and with all the conflicting information. I do not envy people without science backgrounds trying to sort through it all.

      I am the same age as you. I decided to take the vaccine. I will take the booster shot when it becomes available. I may have made a very different decision if I was 30, 40 or 50.

      Hope this helps you some. I am sure you will get many different opinions.

      Bob in Canada

      • Bob that’s a very learned and well-informed decision. thank you for shairng and you have my respect for standing by the science, although it is contentious and uncomfortably overmarketed and over monetized. And that patents immediately predate the apparent intentional release following the Invictus games…well, no data set is perfect

        We respect your opinion and action.

        George (who with Elaine is also coming up to “It doesn’t matter from here” in terms of aging.)

      • Thanks everyone for the info. Does anyone know if is a creditable web site? If it is, the Covid info there where make you shake in your boots.

      • @rp

        Copy or type “Paul Craig Roberts”
        Paste into the search field of your favorite search engine
        Hit [Enter]
        A generic bio or commentary will pop up, either from Wikipedia or the person’s website:

        Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and author. He formerly held a sub-cabinet office in the United States federal government as well as teaching positions at several U.S. universities. He is a promoter of supply-side economics and an opponent of recent U.S. foreign policy.Wikipedia

        I’m gonna guess – “yes.”

        Works with any person of notoriety…

      • “I love to study both sides of scientific arguments and continue to arrive at my own conclusions. Old science coots tend to do that.”

        Amen Bob I am totally with you on that one…
        I never got a degree didn’t have the money and then had real life hit me in the face.. so I stayed an dumb now a dumb old man.. I wouldn’t have ever guessed you were 80.. I had suspected mid forties or fifties….
        but I do love to read and was a long time lab rat.. speaking of which I have to do my specific gravities today..
        everytime I use fresh fruit in wine making it stays suspended.. LOL.. I am cold crashing now though.. so it shouldn’t take to long.. what I am wondering is

      • “It seems to me that we have a problem between “compliance” and “concordance.” In the first case, you are told what to do (Biden vaccine mandate) and better comply, or you make up your own mind based on the facts and take the vaccine or not as an informed and agreeable partipant (concordance). After a lot of study, I decided to take the mRNA vaccine.”

        that was me to.. First it was mandatory with the wifes work place.. then my doctors all were getting it.. ( we got it at the same time , it was mandatory for them as well) and I had read the patents for the vaccine long before they even said they had one.. they patented both parts.. the vaccine and the virus..
        since it was designed to NOT be able to come up with a complete vaccine to eradicate it.. just vaccines on some various aspects of the original virus.. ( just some of the more deadly parts of the virus.. from what I read and understood it was designed to mutate quickly a clear cutter) it will be an issue for years to come if what I read and understood is true..

      • “I try hard to separate science from politics on this COVID catastrophe”

        Boy am I with you on that one to Bic…considering if the one that is giving the mandates even a portion as bad as you read.. How can you tell if he is telling the truth or not.. He is a career politician that has never had a real world job well I take that back he did work as a life guard once that I know of.. just a spot at the Trough money and gifts in DC. And usually if Someone gives you money and gifts .. they probably want something in return..

      • Well LOOB, I’ll take a street smart guy without a degree like you any day over some of the losers with degrees that I have had to deal with in my life. It seems that many of them wind up in government telling others to do what they were never able to do themselves.

        One of the reasons I started my own company 40 years ago was a group of MBA’s bought out the company I worked for. Their lack of work ethic and bottom line “screw the employee” approachconvinced me I could do a hell of a lot better on my own. Five years ago, I sold the very successful business I created to a like minded person who put the employees first and has taken the business to new heights. Fortunately, I was smart enough to maintain some shares in the company until the buyout completed 2 months ago.

        Life is about more than degrees and money LOOB. I like the comments you make here and suspect you are the kind of person I would enjoy a glass of home made wine and get along with very well!

        P.S. The company I left went bankrupt within 10 years.

      • “I would enjoy a glass of home made wine and get along with very well!”

        Well Bob thank you for the kind words.. I can tell you I am not a ten words or less guy I am very opinionated on some subjects and totally love to enjoy the company of friends in a conversation . I love to debate to and can pretty much take either side… ( wife keeps telling me.. honey your opinion is your opinion and no one wants to know your opinion more than you do. explain it in ten words or less ) .. LOL.. and I am a sharer.. and definitely love to share a glass or two of home made wine with friends.. I have read enough in my lifetime to comment or have an opinion on many subjects….( well you would like an old congressional secretary friend of mine.. she is in her eighties.. and makes my reading look like childs play.. she still reads a book and a half a day has for many decades smartest woman I have ever met.But she is humble and won’t tell you that..once in a while I get a laugh out of her.. she will be telling me if she meets someone smart.. and I say.. hun you forget who your telling that one to LOL as she dips into a book from the dark ages LOL… ) I can pretty much share an opinion on many subjects.. getting ready to bottle the grape wine this week.. it has been a chore getting the sediment to settle on that one.. the grapes came from my son in laws fathers house. it is nice and lite though..gotta kick like mule. and the pomegranate wine should be done to.. a couple of hundred bottles.. I want to try orange wine next and a young lady I helped after she almost died in a car accident asked me to save her a bottle of elderberry and drop it off when I travel to her city.. she would love to taste it…. the orange wine will go in next..
        I use to be in a small group.. they could see patterns in abstract puzzles really well.. and got irritated with them because they were of the opinion that the fact that they could see patterns in abstract made them special.. that really bugged me. the funny part of that is.. they thought everyone else was a drooling box of rocks.. and I quit because I thought they were a drooling box of rocks because they had that opinion.. (ironic twist on that one..because I think everone is brilliant and special in their own way.) .. My career problem was there wasn’t a paper on the wall and when I was young I was hit non stop with medical expenses.. ( if you ever notice it is my pet peave )

      • I never did hear if Elaine and George loved the Elderberry wine..
        I love the vanilla citrus wine.. ( tastes like rum) goes great in a coke a cola.. ( it is a little fruity but then I love citrus so I made it the way I like it LOL)

      • You must have missed it! We LOVED both. Elaine still parcels out a dram of the Prescription rum now and then but it can’t be gone until I figure some great way to punish your kindness. Turnabout being only fair…

    • Ditto at the VA. Asked for an antibody check when having blood work done and was informed we can’t do that. Asked why not. We can’t do that. Is it you can’t do that or you won’t do that. Cone of silence follows. I would like an answer please. No response.
      What if I told you I’ve been exposed to the bio-weapon at 4 gatherings and at least 3 personal contacts in the past 90 days. Christ you would have thought I dropped a turd in a punch bowl at an ice cream social. Now two Drs. come in and start asking a litany of questions. I also put up the cone of silence.
      I then asked them both if they had seen the movie the Omega Man back in the 70’s and they said yes. I then asked them if it had occurred to them that maybe some of us like Neville in the movie that my blood was an anti-serum for the covid bio-weapon that’s been deployed. No response. Asked if I could have antibody check please. We don’t do that in stereo. Why not, don’t you think it might be a good idea? No response and they both looked at each other and walked out.
      I asked the phlebotomist who had been there the whole time what is everyone so afraid of? Gees I thought she was going to start crying. Okay I’ll drop it. Be safe! Then I left. Makes you wonder what they know and we don’t, and they can’t or won’t say!

  3. Speaking of ‘refrigerator size’ transmitters, I operated a BC610 in Greenland with a R388U receiver. The transmitter had a serious drift problem, so when I tuned it I had to key down until it stabilized, then send like crazy (CW) to keep it on freq. The commander at Camp Century told me every time I keyed up he dived under his desk, as the tone sounded like a bomb falling. The 388 receiver was the best I ever used. It could hear a mouse fart on the moon.

      • My dad had his first class ticket and was a ham W4DNM, owned a couple of radio stations and was the chief engineer at a tv station. A story he told me about a board opt that put a unopened can of soup in the transmitter to heat it up, it exploded in the transmitter boy was he pissed at that opt.

      • All through high school I read meters with my first class phone license while the board ops (3rd class licenses) did the dj chores. I was called a “baby sitter” (the big licensee on duty). This is sooo typical, lol…
        On the other hand, if you couldn’t get laid answering the request line at a rock station, you were past hope…

      • “if you couldn’t get laid answering the request line at a rock station, you were past hope…”

        Still can George.. you can even have an HB time of your life..that’s where I get a real tickle about the Herbert the pervert character..
        I now where the inspiration for the character comes from… a long time ago as santa claus a good friend had a visitor as he played Rudolph lol lol.. it was a great joke between us back in the day then he moved to cali.. thought he was nuts. Now he has his own company fame and fortune lol lol lol

  4. What the hell is, “Identifiable Harm?” … identify and harm who?

    Guess they don’t wanna get into that conversation so now, they’re going with (the pandemic caused the delay.)

    Meanwhile, Joe builds a wall around his Delaware Beach House. Must be worried about La Palma, thinking a big wave might wash up there … or the wall might keep all those nasty viruses away. Who know?

    I use to live in Sandbridge near Va. Beach, VA. and I can tell ya, putting a box around an ocean front beach house, would really defeat the whole purpose of having a beach house.

    Wonder if that wall is codified ?? – Maybe I shouldn’t ask that … might cause an identifiable harm to someone’s feelings.

    • Bob, as far as the JFK thing goes, the question isn’t about who’d be harmed by the release of the info, so much as who is still alive that can be convicted of assassination charges? Someone tied to this is still alive and kicking, and refuses to be the last man standing holding the robbery goodies. I have to think that whomever this may be, probably has the goods on those who would release it. Game tied–game over.

      I bet it still can’t rival the atrocities that are tied to the Clintons and all those suspicious deaths around those monsters.

  5. Remember the old Clif High web-bot reort dated around 2009 that mentioned solar disease and a global coastal event? Didn’t make much sense then, but now we have corona virus (sun disease) and the possibility of a La Palma tsunami (global coastal event – although not quite ‘global’).

    Echoes of these events into the past was noticed at the time simply because of their global nature – big ripples in time. If solar disease is a webbot hit, then will global coastal event be one as well?

    • Thanks for the ALTA Report.

      Noticed this;

      “At the time the data seemed to be suggesting that the [cork] was to be moved by [underseas volcanoes] that would be causing [current shifts] that in turn would [erode] the [cork’s position]. Perhaps the shift of the Antarctic ‘ice bridge’ is this cork being moved. The details may not be knowable.”

      This guy found a caldera-like feature off the coast of New York. He mentions it at 4:58. Says he never noticed it before …

      When I read “cork” I remembered the video. Don’t know if it would be something that fits Cliff’s description, or not.

    • Came back here to ‘catch up’- sorely missed the financial black clouds.
      I am in the area George used to hang out but is still Clif’s backyard.
      Listening to Clif’s ‘woo’.
      Wondering that if and when the market crashes- who can do anything about that. However, if the sun disease spits out a CME flash with concerning radiation, how does one make an inside room like a bathroom- no windows, into a Faraday cage? Good to bring my satellite phone into.
      I thought of looking for some lead paint, but that doesn’t exist anymore.
      I don’t have x-ray aprons we used to wear in surgery,
      Someone advised to use aluminum foil around the door and walls.
      Really? REALLY?
      I have no $$ to dig a root cellar to crawl into, and it’s a bit late for that anyway.
      So an inside room is my best bet.
      Oh, BTW I live in an upstairs apt. of a metal building.
      Get real.
      Well the VID hasn’t got me yet. I figure I have natural immunity.
      And what good is money if the world goes to crap by Christmas?
      I have good crytpo, no more gold and some silver and niobium coins.
      Food prep and water and other such matters.
      Why worry about mortgages and interest rates when that is all going into the toilet soon?
      China is on the brink, and Bill Gates cannot buy any more farmland for Chinese food growth- he has it all.
      There will be NO invasion as we will NOT give up our guns. Sorry-you lose, God wins. Timelines have coverged, and you cannot stop what is coming.
      I miss George.
      I miss dreaming the Inception fashion.
      God bless all.

  6. Just returned from a quick trip to Texas for the first time in decades. Some observations:

    Mini malls and cracked cement. The place is littered with useless, empty, run down, commercial real estate and the roads were about as good as those I’ve traveled in India. The concrete is falling apart, everywhere. Don’t blame the freeze, these were the same sidewalks and streets I rode my bike down in 1982. Great work suburban Dallas! You can’t keep up with the 3rd world, but everyone’s lawn was mowed and they all drive new cars. Okay.

    Texans are apparently rather stupid, at least the ones that feel like telling everyone how stupid they are. I was treated to the fact that the state that just made abortion illegal is in fact overrun by communists who are at this moment oppressing, suppressing, and depressing everything, all with nothing more than a requirement to wear a piece of cloth or paper over your mouth whilst in closed spaces with strangers. If that’s all it takes, bye bye Texas. When the real communists get there they’ll make you recycle stuff and it’s going to melt your minds into a puddle on the floor. What a bunch of crybabies.

    I think one of the dynamics at play is the inability to think. For instance, when data changes, you must adjust your game. But people told me repeatedly that “they said it would be for two weeks” to “flatten the curve”. If that passes for a logical reason to act like Mao himself is holding a bayonet to their throats I can’t hold much hope for their mental future.

    This idea that the government is somehow omnipotent, they know all, they see all, they predict the future, they never make mistakes, or adjust what they ask us to do based on “data”.

    I picture people hearing the tornado alert is over, and no more storm today, from the government warning system. So they decide to mow the lawn. When they get outside, it’s raining, so they take to twitter to decry the communist plot to make them mow in the rain. And then proceed to mow the grass, soaking wet, dodging tornados and lightning strikes. All the while cursing the communists that led them astray. As if it’s the government’s responsibility, nanny state much?

    These were just my impressions, a very limited data set.

    • Expansive clay soils and drought / flood cycles in the flatlands tend to wreck concrete. There are also areas with seismic activity which don’t get a lot of national press.
      Visitors to the state who display wokie tendencies usually get an ear full.

    • Yeah, a limited data set from Dallas, Texas. Maybe you should venture out like say Port Aransas last weekend for the international sand castle building festival. Over 100,000 people came on Saturday, alone, all ages, only 3 masks were seen. All those people having fun, no Crap 19 issues to be seen.

      Many millions of people in Texas, just as an example, are out and about working and living their lives without fear.

      We attended a 150 person outdoor/indoor wedding 3 weeks ago….NO MASKS OR SOCIAL DISTANCING OR VACCINE STATUS CRAP19 issues. (We also attended a 200 person indoor wedding 2 months ago, and a 135 person wedding one year ago, no problems anywhere, at all!!!)

      DayStar and OAN (for example) are interviewing excellent doctors and researchers: There is no, and never was, a pandemic.

      The wrongly called vaccines do not work and are causing thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of adverse effects, which people would have to be solely tuned into and brainwashed by the following news sites to miss: ABC,CBS,MSNBC,PBS,BBC,CNN,NBC,WAPO,NYTIMES,FOX,ETC.

      These incredible revealing truth-telling programs are freely and easily found right now. Most of this information has been out for over a year, but more and more details are coming out and more treatment protocols and results are being heralded.

      Continuing to vaccinate is illegal and criminal.

      Many doctors are having 100 percent success on treatments.

      Politics, money, and an agenda has been behind this Crap-19 hoax and rollout.

      Vitamin D3, without soybean oil, should be taken daily, by most people, supplementation, not overdosing, talk to your doctor, get the Hydroxy 25 test, find your number, and if low, supplement to stay in range. Greater than 55 ngl is the target. The people that have high Vit D levels are immune from this crap virus.

      This virus is avoidable, treatable, and survivable. It is not a death diagnosis.

      The CDC protocols are the death sentence in the hospitals.

      Come on, people, wake up!!! It’s your money AND your life of you and your loved ones!!!

      • Funny that,
        There is a ‘new’ term (being coined?) that I heard on Steve Bannon’s War Room from a gal who took over her Republican Party – she was so disgusted by the ‘TransRepublicans’ she had to do something about it.

        I then heard it is a speech in Tuscon.
        I chuckled that the mass social consciousness has entertained ‘transgender’ for so long that even the parties don’t know what affiliation or even pronoun to use for themselves.

        Tore Maras suggests all politicians should be made to wear Nascar-like patches on their shirts so that the peeps will know who actually sponsors them. Forget having to look it up on the Fed website.

        Great Idea. Who will sponsor a bill on that?

  7. My bedside radio is an SX-25. I’ve an old telescoping halogen desktop/nightstand light I reworked for “vintage” LED, as front illumination…

  8. Glad to see you’re hip to “whatsherface”. I follow her on the U-tube and throw her a fiver on her Patreon site.
    As I recall from my telephony days, Stromberg-Carlson also manufactured the old mechanical telephone exchange switches.
    Finally, as a Summer job when 17, I worked on the assembly line at a plant in Orleans, IN that manufactured console color teevees, radios, phonographs and other electronic gear. I was all of 140 lbs and they put me on the console tv line. This was just after the picture tube was installed. My job was to pick up each set, flip it right side up, install the degaussing coil, and screw down the chassis, all while moving down the assembly line with my bastard airgun. I was also working at my first Radio job as a dj and the hourly pay was higher at the plant than the station!

  9. George, you’ve proved your love for Elaine by doing tile. Absolute love for someone is the only reason I’d ever consider doing it. Good luck getting it all done and cleaned up!

    Regarding your new book on repairing vintage electronics, I’m interested. Yes, I did a bit of that way back when, with a friend who specialized in fixing old TV sets. Unfortunately, every time he fixed one to the point of usability, he’s start watching it and drinking too much. He was skilled and I learned a lot of practical knowledge on the analog side of things.

    You might consider expanding the “scope” of the book to include vintage test equipment. Scopes, counters, and precision power supplies. Things like old Tektronix and HP equipment. Of course, a lot of the process is a direct crossover from vintage radios, but there might be some instrument specific gems you picked up over the years. Notably, things like where to find handbooks and schematics, and of course, parts sources. I’m guessing this would significantly increase the appeal of the work. Your call, of course.

  10. From the cited article:
    “…contributions were almost evenly split between major political parties: $7.1 million went to Republicans, and $6.6 million went to Democrats.”

  11. Comrades,

    As one hoards one’s preferred store of value in anticipation of a jit for Christmas release of “Ure Art of Ham Radio Repair & Restoration” paired with “LOOB’s Cardboard Projects for Boxing Day”, do not overlook jumping on the waitlist at your local library for the just-released “State of Terror”.

    Russia Today notes that the tome is “perhaps not Mrs. Clinton’s first foray into fictional narratives”. Anyhow the co-authored book was announced the month after Mr. Biden’s inauguration by which point Mme. Clinton was no longer a cabinet contender. Her fictional book describes the prior to current administration of Eric Dunn (President Dumb) as “increasingly deranged”, and the current President Williams as a “fool”. Thankfully the heroine of the book is appointed Secretary of State and steers the nation around perils of terrorist attacks. Perhaps the book can reveal tells of the future?

    And now, we return to Ure favorite DJ and a leap into the Fab 4 vinyl catalogue “The Fool on the Hill”.

  12. In 1972 I was trained as a AUTODIN terminal repairman. Secure digital communications network before there was a microprocessor. State of the art was two flip-flops in a TO-5 can.
    I hated my old tube SW receiver. Way too unstable to use as a ham receiver. The Radio Shack DX-150 was my first decent receiver and worked well for my novice ham CW operations, with the Heath DX-60B transmitter.

  13. Dam.. I wished I had the money.. it won’t be on the listings long though.. when i worked for the county.. the building we worked in .. includes a pit that has a natural spring in it.. some of the best fishing ever .. we had game fish and parks stock it for the kids. Two big buildings and my friend called me included in the sale is a semi truck less than ten years old , he said a road grader and front end loader five acres .. for under five hundred..I know they spent a couple million building it.. the compactor trailer alone is worth a small fortune .
    Wow … theres a wonderful small plum shelter belt around it to..
    My guess is their dumping it at the bargain price just to get rid of it. I’m sure selling the equipment alone would pay for the building. I dont know what scrap iron is going for but dam

  14. My beat up DX-160 drifted like crazy when I first got it. Replacing the ceramic caps in the local oscillator with NPO type cut it to less than half. The OEM speaker is painful to the ear for anything other than CW. My personal version of Hell is Howard Cosell being broadcast through that speaker for all eternity… Otherwise a decent radio, I often think how may hams got the radio “bug” listening to one of those. They can often be spotted in a shack picture, usually tucked in a corner or holding up something with a broken leg…

  15. +1 for a radio repair book, would love to see & learn. I have a Hallicrafters that needs some restorative attention.

    I had the pleasure of owning a DX-160 (got it new, while working at a RS). Not the best receiver but good enough to enjoy the bands. Another oldie but goody is the Panasonic RF-2200, which I continue to enjoy on a daily basis.

    Ebay showing the Dx-160 in the $150+ range and the RF-2200 above $200. Some things just hold their value :)

  16. thanks bemused, those are some interesting predictions, the grounded vessel (in your link) the Evergreen (?) did cause global supply problems, and U.S. ports are still backed up, but I think the global coastal event will be coastal cities going underwater from the glacial melt waters caused by climate change:

    Under SpaceGoat farts in your link, the Russian woman (Putin’s mistress with $100 million?) involved with State Govt (Putin) and a whistleblower (investigators of the Pandora Papers?)

  17. New set of (mostly) news links…

    First though, the non-news:

    How to Hold Soros Prosecutors Accountable

    Two ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ rap songs top iTunes charts; one anti-Biden anthem banned from YouTube, Instagram

    Chart-topping? Cool! However, it’d be awesome, if only the kiddies knew why millions are f-bombing Creepy Joe.

    Trump Releases New Line of ‘LET’S GO BRANDON’ and ‘FJB’ Apparel

    Now this IS awesome! The Donald is using Biden to finance Trump’s PAC…

  18. Now, newsy stuff:

    Hollywood firearm expert says Alec Baldwin broke No. 1 rule of gun safety; crew used gun for off-set ‘fun,’ report says

    So, the “prop gun” was an actual firearm and Alec and his ignorant, gun-hating, and immature buds used it for plinking. I’m guessing Baldwin may well have bought himself an extended stay at Los Lunas and into a huge legal settlement.

    Congress is Investigating CIA Plans to Kidnap & Kill Julian Assange – But Don’t hold Your Breath For the Truth Coming Out

    WT(actual)F? If this weren’t from Congress itself (Adam Schiff, but still, Congress) I’d think Alex Jones was mirroring The Onion…

    Anti-Trumper Fiona Hill Warns Trump Getting Reelected in 2024 Will Spark a ‘Civil War’

    Oh please…

    Barack Obama slapped with reality check after he denounces ‘trumped up culture wars,’ ‘fake outrage’

    I can’t believe Soros let Obama go this far off-script…

  19. Latest COVID:

    Amish Covid: ‘No hospitalization, isolation or vaccines = herd immunity’

    I’m starting to really appreciate actual journalists like Sharyl Attkisson and Alex Berenson. Dunno about him but I believe she’s a Kennedy Liberal, and they both got out of the Marxist Media Machine so they could do actual journalism instead of blindly hawking an ideology.

    This Should Mark the Fall of Fauci

    “The NIH received the relevant documents in 2018 and reviewed the documents in 2020 and again in 2021,” he said. “The NIH — specifically, Collins, Fauci, and Tabak — lied to Congress, lied to the press, and lied to the public. Knowingly. Willfully. Brazenly.”

    New patent proposes digital surveillance to vaccinate people based on social credit style scores

    Patent and trademark attorneys Dr. Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster recently had a US patent approved for a technology that aims to surveil people via their digital activity, give them a score that defines “the potential level of super-spreading activity of each individual,” and then vaccinate people based on this score.

    …Like BigBro needs help?

  20. Glenn Beck: Here’s how Biden’s new finance report is the ‘most DANGEROUS movement in the world right now’

    I may have to start listening to Glenn Beck again… I really wish his show didn’t air at the same time as David Webb’s. I notice both he and Hannity have counters up, showing how many days it’s been since we slithered out of Afghanistan, minus at least* 281,000 people we should’ve extracted before we left…

    * That number assumes everyone we DID extract was on the State Department’s extraction/refugee list, which we k?n?o?w? isn’t true, but we have no idea what the actual numbers are…

  21. New world !!!!! Forever wealth !!! Crypto gold stocks !!!! Money for alll !! Inflation doom boys on top !!! Shortages !!! War !!! Covid !!! Hava nagila!!!

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