Inflection Point Weekend

Instead of a “focus report” this morning, we focus on charts. Because the market is – in our view – at a critical inflection point this weekend that may color America’s future for years to come.

Depending, of course, on which way things fall next week in markets. So without further ado…

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72 thoughts on “Inflection Point Weekend”

    • Len,
      Investing is more art than science as it’s all about anticipating the mindset of the market. If wave charts are working for ’em, so be it.
      Beany Babies and NFT’s, baby!

    • “I’m pretty sure the “inflection point” was on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021 at 11:52 am.”

      You mean all of this crap and all this horrible information on some of the most bizarre actions and activities that I’ve ever heard of… and it hasn’t even been a whole year yet. Phew..dam….its going to be a LONG FOUR YEARS

  1. George:

    Just digested my VERY FIRST Peoplenomics. I need a second read to get it all down. I think your wave count looks correct, but that could be my own confirmation bias. Just curious, does anyone else use RSI and volume for count confirmation?

    My trading fear? The Fed papers over any “blips”. And then we have a steadily climbing chart, while we are steadily losing purchase power. In the past, I didn’t consider myself to be making money until I was up/positive 7% for the year. I fear I am waaaaaaay off on that number now.

    We make very little here anymore. The US has become something of an international bank and refuge for the wealthy of the world. We are hollowed out. Every MBA for the last 25 years got the same curriculum. Offshore/downsize/outsource, save a few percentage points of cost, declare yourself VP/CEO of the year and punch out with a golden parachute before TSHTF.

    At the same time, a large swath of politicians have wrested control of everything and regulated/taxed and stifled innovation for grift and (insert your cause here).

    It’s just a symptom of the fourth turning. Every country in the world it seems has had the opportunity to rule the world at some point in human history. Our turn appears to be rapidly coming to an end. We can only hope the next “great generation” is able to pick up the pieces and keep the country our founders gave to us!

    Like many of your readers, I am looking for one or more pearls of wisdom to fill in the missing piece. As CEO of R Family, we are looking toward the future for ourselves and those we love.

    Keep them coming!

  2. dear Mr Editor,

    At the risk of causing more “squirting” issuing forth from the editorial office of PN, I bring you a warning of digital danger ahead..

    No FEAR – for that all the TBTP/Aliens have to Control Human population (s) with.

    As previously mentioned on these pages, the el grande burrito debt bomb has been detonated – damage assessments are fluid – one particularly nasty “domino” has fallen…but no one heard it fall..yet.

    Biggest dollar “Coin” in world is Tether.

    One for One – USD equivalent Coin for TRADING crypto purposes; Settlement, Pair Swaps..
    Not really sure of details, but for some strange reason the folks at Tether decided to diversify their investments/collateral for better yields & port theory. These geniuses decided that the Chyknees realestate market was ripe for profits, so they put large % of portfolio into the EverinDebtAintItGrande “burrito” bonds..look delicious, but will leave you with is bad gas& coupon payments.
    ? Ramifications of Tether collapsing ? if you got any standing Buy orders for Crypto paired to Tether – when market/coin price moves, you will be holding the bag.
    Unofficial/Unsolicited advice – cancel/rebill Ure orders and re-enter with Binnance dollar coin or similar.
    * FYI – need to open account w/broker down under in Lenny land(fund w/international wire) if you are interested in getting a piece of Tether (future internet).
    If Earth is the proverbial coal mine, then dem islands off coast of northern Africa is saying something, then exactly what it is saying is ALL our problem.

    Yo Bob& Jim …thought Yuse were going to return someday.. Turn It Up and Get Some Bitcoin….”well you can yank me, well you can crank me, but you dont wake up and try to thank me”!-TN

  3. Your statistics on China vs. US this morning should even rattle the single brain of the woke crowd. Party on.

    • I’m not sure there are any woken (broken) readers here, Bob. Even the leftmost of George’s commenters (not counting trolls, of course) is more grounded in reality than any of the woke sheeple I’ve ever met, whether in real life or online. Wokeheads aren’t likely to spring for even $40, just to spam a site which is still, predominately about economics and finance.

  4. Do you guys still read the Drudge? I snagged one.

    “Austrian chancellor considering implementing lockdown for unvaccinated”

    Soon all the Unvaxx’ed quitters in the U.S. will be replaced with the Vaxx’ed. I expect a permanent lockout for the Unvaxx’ed “by Spring”.

    “Death with Dignity” bad.
    “Trail of Tears” good.

    The good old days.

    April 3 (2020): The CDC recommends that people begin “wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”

    “So it’s voluntary; you don’t have to do it. They suggested for a period of time. But this is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it. … So with the masks, it’s going to be, really, a voluntary thing. You can do it. You don’t have to do it. I’m choosing not to do it, but some people may want to do it, and that’s okay. It may be good. Probably will. They’re making a recommendation. It’s only a recommendation. It’s voluntary.” — Trump in a task force press briefing, announcing the CDC recommendation on face masks.”

    • Austria: The source of some of the best economic theory, and worst social theory ever put in print or action. I’m starting to think the Austrians should make coffeehouses illegal in Vienna…

  5. Well, here we are….

    We’ve been talking about the big decline for years and now we’re in it, lamenting about how it will effect us, our children and generations of Americans and …. it will be bad.
    Fortunately the m5m and the NEA have been preparing our younguns by reducing their awareness and expectations to fit the new narrative. It’s us relics that will be hit hardest but, we really have few grounds for complaint. After all, while we were whooping it up roaring twenties style we knew our technology was being sold off, starting most visibly with the Clintons and then every occupying grift mob since.
    The ship is sailing and we are not on it. Some will rejoice, the woke mob, the self flagellating green movement, the anti American apologists and the less fortunate who were left out of the party will welcome the new era only to discover they are now slaves of little value. We have looked down our noses at societies such as Cuba for decades with their antique 54 Chevys, dirt streets and zero tech society. Well, that’s exactly how the Chinese will view America in the coming decades (unless we lash out and attempt to arrest the decline via our traditional military ‘knock over the chess board’ response and as you have pointed out so succinctly, it would not be an even match).
    We have been played, by whom is a matter of perspective but the result is we have been divided and while we are mired in petty divisions and hatred, multinationals are plundering our resources, both technological and natural. During one administration development of oil and gas is halted, during another we frac and drill ceaselessly only to sell the production off to other countries. Foreign owned mining companies control 90% of US mines and ship 95% of resource production overseas. Technology companies mine our data and use it to further harvest our wealth and our intellect. In reality ( dangerous ground, I know) the piracy of the 17th century never ended, it just became more sophisticated.
    The markets have harvested enough of my wealth over the years that it has finally become apparent to me I shouldn’t be playing. It’s not that I couldn’t succeed at some level, I just don’t have the attention span for that game. If I had just invested and walked away for 20 years I would have been far more successful than from my trading experiments. I have chosen to pursue things I am good at and build something lasting with what remains of my time and treasure. This is what keeps me fueled, if beating the casino keeps part of you cerebrum fulfilled, I get it. It’s always more fun if you are winning.
    I still enjoy your analysis and marvel at the depth of insight but I’m tending more and more towards a hundred thousand mile viewpoint these days (I used to say 30,000 feet but, know the thing) and when I see the chart pack I see Wiley Coyote overshooting the cliff rather than trend lines and Elliot waves.
    The challenge as I see it is to survive the downturn and launch new projects when the opportunity is greatest. Either that or learn how to roll cigars.

    • Got exemption from wearing mask from family Dr. January 2021. Pain in the toe. Suggest you do too.
      Your treatise is so accurate!

  6. “News Matters – Not things like the Baldwin shooting case. ”

    Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure out why Alec wanted Halyna Hutchins dead, or who else could’ve engineered his shooting of her. NOBODY carries live ammo on a movie set and they haven’t in 50 years. It’ll be really interesting to hear whether there’s a recoverable fingerprint on the shellcasing (I’m betting “not.”)

    “There’s a very, very bad case future, a not-so-bad, and a muddle-through. With some other plug-ins that comprise sideshows to the main plot lines in years to come.”

    That’s pretty much what I see, also, and the “muddle through” case is becoming less-likely, by the day…

    “Some Navy ships are already sitting idle in port for years on end waiting on needed repairs.”

    Meh, we could re-commission the Missouri in a heartbeat so, no problem…

    I knew you’d glom onto “Unrestricted Warfare.” Thanks for the link to the Barno and Bensahel article…

    Note in your “Possible Global Coordinated Intervention” graph, the last two “possible interventions” have had virtually no effect. This is what I’ve expected, and broaches the question: “What happens when government manipulations have NO effect on the Markets?”

    • On this last, this has been worrying me for a while, too, Ray.
      As we sink deeper into “soft controls or it all blows up” we either need a new lever – and not something stupid like six packs of vax – or the wheels are coming off and should be apparently shortly.

      • We are lied to every day, who with half of a brain uses a real gun, that can fired live ammo, and call it a PROP gun? The liars of Hollywood would! In todays world of digital enhancement, they can reproduce gun fire from a barrel, artificially in a video, no need for a REAL gun on a movie set, unless,,,,,,,
        just a distraction for the sheep, there is no audits, the election was the most secure ever, Ignore Durham, just a nothing burger
        All eyes/attention on the sacrifice in the land of Enchantment 35 mile from the Zorro Epstein ranch, Warlocks and Wizards, the majic of illusion and delusion, it is all about holding your attention, like a pic-pocketer
        Enough for today, I get to go play with my chainsaw and wood splitter, winter is coming. Playing with the wood pile is more healthy than puter surfing, gets my heart rate up in a natural, healthy way.
        Trump won and we are winning, ignore the MSM scoreboard, they are known liars, and this game is not over, just in overtime, the man in the striped shirt is on the take, claiming a fake touchdown, let US have a closer look at the replay, from every angle.
        Have any of you made contact with your state house rep? full forensic audits, IT IS YOUR MONEY/VOTE don’t let the crooked election officials/bankers steal from you, stand up for yourselves or be happy with your little participation trophy sticker that says “I VOTED”

        Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on US

    • “Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure out why Alec wanted Halyna Hutchins dead, or who else could’ve engineered his shooting of her. NOBODY carries live ammo on a movie set”

      They also never discharge even blanks in the direction of people.. theres usually a dummy looks real in the movies ..accidents are very rare.

      • It is easily possible to kill a human with a .38cal (or larger) blank. They typically have a full powder charge (else they’d not sound “real”) and that paper wadding is hard enough to make it a full-blown wadcutter if the shooter is within about 6 feet. One can play Russian roulette with a blank, and when it goes off, the party who’s both stupid and unlucky can anticipate a skull fracture to go with a side order of baldness…

      • It must have been a shot where the shooter is firing in the direction of the camera to get a “receiver’s” perspective in a duel. They should have had some kind of shield around the camera crew.

    • Ray, zeta talk says, he killed her for the Clinton’s:

      From the zetatalk website: …”The crew that loaded the live bullets is complicit too, but Baldwin was fully aware and complicit too. She was to be a witness against Clinton associates and had already given testimony to Durham et al. Halyna’s murder is also a warning to others not to talk. ”

      Have to say, if that’s true, it’s truly mind boggling.

      I guess we gotta ask is Baldwin that good of an actor to pull this off or was he set up by his own ego and known arrogance?

  7. I always wondered about the rationale of warships. Why on earth do we need any type of military ships? Talk about sitting ducks. They aren’t agile, stealth and carry large amounts of vulnerable soldiers confined to a walled space. With the type of all world satellite imagery like Landsat 9…positioned to study solar wind, but is a bigger part of the military’s Space Force ops…and on demand voyeuristic technology available today, wouldn’t it be pretty easy for an array of hypersonic missiles to wipe out an entire fleet?

    Let China waste its money on that junk. But….for what it’s worth, America still has the edge on what matters…it’s part of the strategy, so the media needs to chill about the hysteria it’s causing on matters it knows nothing about.

    According to the Diplomat….
    In order of descending size, China’s surface force is comprised of two aircraft carriers, one cruiser, 32 destroyers, 49 frigates, 37 corvettes, and 86 missile-armed coastal patrol ships. In addition, China’s submarine fleet includes 46 diesel-powered attack submarines, six nuclear-powered attack submarines, and four ballistic missile submarines. This is further supplemented by the China Coast Guard, which fields roughly 255 coastal patrol ships. In sum, China has a surface warship fleet of 121 vessels, a submarine fleet of 56 platforms, and another 341 coastal patrol ships.

    For its part the United States Navy boasts a surface fleet of 11 aircraft carriers, 92 cruisers and destroyers, and 59 small surface combatants and combat logistics ships. Its submarine fleet is comprised of 50 attack submarines, 14 ballistic missile submarines, and four cruise missile submarines. As such, the United States maintains a surface fleet of about 162 vessels, depending on the inclusion of its small combatants and combat logistics ships, and a submarine fleet of 68 platforms.
    Here we clearly see that talk of China’s massive navy is rather out of proportion. It should be noted that China’s fleet relies disproportionately on smaller classes of ships, like the frigate and corvette, which are widely considered not to be major surface combatants. Even still, the bulk of its numbers advantage comes from its coastal patrol ships which, while not insignificant, have limited capacity to project power beyond China’s near seas. Further, the United States maintains a massive carrier advantage. Wherever one falls on the debate over the continued viability of aircraft carriers, the fact remains that both states are interested in producing them.

    • Yes. Navies are around for the same reason armies and air forces are around — we still believe we can fight wars surgically.

      For the longest time, the biggest threat to the Navy was the Chinese Silkworm shore to ship missile. It was too fast to counter so the Navy now makes sure it’s aircraft carriers are closely surrounded by missile frigates and stay way, way off shore. Nobody thought hypersonic weapons could be built so it remained at the bottom of the threat list. And then China figured it out. It’s a priority now but remember, most of the engineering and science students at the universities are Chinese so guess where their emails are going? (Hint: The Chinese version of the state-of-the-art F-35 fighter jet was made public the day after the USAF made ours public.)

      By the way, those sardines in the cans are called sailors. Soldiers do the dirty work on land, and Marines are soldiers who can do their jobs in just about any environment. Might makes right.

    • We need to figure ‘leaps in technology’ into this equation. After WWI, France constructed the Maginot Line, a fortified string of concrete pill boxes and mined fields intended to deter Germany from invasion. Germany’s innovative air and armored land Blitzkrieg put a quick end to that antiquated way of defensive thinking. China may have a numerical disadvantage on traditional navy ships and boats (subs), but intel indicates China is working their posteriors off producing aerial, surface and subsurface drones. Such drones may be armed and dangerous. Some might jam communication channels; some might emit EMP pulses; some might have microwave or laser weapons; others might hold conventional explosives. Question is, what new tech does the USN have up its sleeve? Is America prepared for what China might throw at it? Whenever hostilities do break out in the S. Pacific, I guarantee it will not look anything like previous conflicts. Oh, and we should fully expect lots of cyber tit-for-tat, which will impart massive disruptions in communications, banking and the overall global economy.

    • Hey Mark, What do you think is sitting on all those cargo ships stacked up in your back yard, is it Christmas toys they are not off loading?????? Tim

  8. Comrades,

    Do catch a glimpse if you will of the brand new US Navy Zumwalt class destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) on the home page of Naval Sea Systems Command.

    The $1.4 billion marvel was designed to have hypersonic missile capability in 2025. The two guns on deck originally intended to provide naval fire support are for decoration only. Their unique ammunition requirement is never going into manufacture. It’s a boat and it floats. The editor of this fine publication probably had more chance of catching big fish from his childhood rowboat.

    When the music stops, sit down on a chair and recite the following:
    quack quack quack quack quack…

    • The “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Strait” had nothing on the US Navy which can’t even keep it’s warships from running into commercial freighters operating in regular shipping lanes

      Zumwalt destroyers: $7 Billion EACH (almost as much as an aircraft carrier costs which it is supposed to “protect”), and a deck gun that “IF” they produced the shells for it would cost $800,000 EACH. The Navy, finally, has cancelled the program after starting 3 hulls and reducing the program size from 32 ships to 3.

      The sad thing about the Zumwalt destroyers is that was a CHEAP cost overrun compared to the F35 which is now projected to be $1 TRILLION dollars over budget (give or take a few Billion).

      Cost PLUS contracts are GREAT for the Defense Contractors. The longer they can draw out the development and build time the MORE MONEY they can make … it’s all about the Bottom Line (for them) isn’t it?!! (actual protection of the US? Why worry about that, NOBODY is going to challenge the US wrt high tech weaponry … right?)

      DoD contracting for weapons development and procurement is in a “I Scratch Your Back if you later Scratch My Mack” relationship with it’s contractors. Those contractors hire MANY of the upper level retirees at very very large salaries when they “Retire”. It is beyond a contracting disaster …

      OH … and now to save $250+- million, after wasting BILLIONS on the Zumwalt ships and letting a $2 billion dollar LHD burn up in San Diego (after they let a multi billion dollar Sub burn up back about 2012), the Navy just announced they are closing much of their on base recreational stuff for sailors, such as self auto repair facilities, libraries, etc. and severely restricting the hours that gyms, swimming pools are open or closing them entirely.

      The Marx Brothers could have made a great movie about our current Navy.


  9. BCN-

    I particularly enjoy your POV.

    Dabbling in the new frontier myself for the last year. To all who condemn crypto as a Ponzi/fiat, Of course it is! So is every fiat around the world. Gamble one fiat for another and hope it beats the other’s return.

    To My friends who declare it will be gone with a flick of a switch or an EMP, I ask, what do think will happen to your Fidelity or TD Ameritrade account? POOF

    Diversify my friends. A few commodities you hold as insurance helps me sleep like a baby. Do we have all bases covered? No way! That’s why we are all here. Drawing on the collective experience of what I suspect is hundreds of years of real experience and deep thinkers.

    Now I am off to check preps for a (maybe) big blow in the PNW. Rule #1: What’s gonna kill you first?


  10. Ure comments are very similar to the current narrative at Elliott Wave Theorist. Their main talking point is that the longer the overshoot on the top goes, the more severe the decline will be. The Elliott take on the cycle down is that the full decline will take two to three generations time in length; that is inconceivable under the Keynesian status quo, and implies massive and pervasive sovereign defaults. Cryptos will not help a recovery in any shape, fashion, or form.
    When you look at the debt levels worldwide: sovereign, private and personal, you can see what is coming. Will there be black swan(s) which start the collapse, or will it just happen spontaneously with the talking heads straining to invent causes? I have seen predictions from multiple sources that the worst effects will be in the next year. I reserve judgement on such predictions; seeing is believing. Nonetheless, pay attention, and be prepared to make defensive adjustments.

  11. “They” told us it was coming, so everyone stocked up. And sure enough, yesterday’s visit to the local warehouse store shows them completely out of stock of toilet paper and paper towels. Wonder for how long this time? I have prepped by getting several squeeze-bulb “Travel Bidets”. And the shower is right next to the toilet, also.

    • making paper is real easy Hank and one of the first things I teach grandkids.. along with making a pencil.. so few people realize how screwed we would be it technology took a sudden turn with an EMP or a HEMP..At least someone will be able to keep written word going….. and paper making is a lot of fun to.. I actually made a few five inch trays for the just in case… buying a newspaper is ok.. but they to have gotten expensive..

      Now if you use sawdust to make paper pulp.. is a lengthy process.. not a simple process like there is using Hemp or papyrus..
      It means cooking it in lye water and letting it sit to break it down to the lignone then the bleaching and rinsing.. the process is easy its just a lot more intensive.. which is one of the many reasons why that billionaire wanted to make hemp illegal in the USA.. and went through such a horrific process to get it done.. the sawdust he had piles of was worthless with hemp in the paper making world and hemp one of the nations top crops..


        I like how this guy presents making paper.. I don’t know if he goes into breaking down sawdust into the pulp.. at the factory they fluff paper.. expand the fibers by creping it to make it soft and wrinkled…
        here is a video of the yankee dryer.. now when I was a young kid.. and I did photography at home.. I made a continuous dryer out of some pipe and blotter paper.. anyway the yankee is nice and seriously you don’t need one.. and adjusting the blade is real easy it pretty much rides along on top.. the whole idea of crepping is to raise the fibers.. this can be done at home in your deckle by taking the dryed paper and laying it on a hard surface.. I said deckle but you can make a crepping frame to.. then take the paper and gently run a plaster knife or a decal tool to transfer a decal and run it along the top at an angle.. now if you want two ply or quilted.. take the hand deckled paper and lightly mist it. then take your embossing sheet and iron it with a towel between it and the iron.. this will give you your print.. if you want two ply then after you spray the paper lay a second sheet on it.. then emboss it.. the embossing and the spray will adhere the two together.. some rich people spend hours peeling the tp apart to get two rolls out of one LOL.. just kidding there.. I only knew one person that did that and I thought he was nuts.. LOL…
        If you decide to go and try paper making it is a lot of fun.. and easy to do.. I use a little starch or flour in the pulp but that isn’t necessary..

      • Yo LOOBsters,

        There is something even more fundamental and cheaper for writing and backside care..CLAY.

        Yeah yeah yeah – before you geniuses get all high and mighty on Ure workbenches/shop stools – main ingredient in cat litter is what ?

        Short hike into backyard/woods, near by stream and locate some clay. Dig it up and bring home to Ure Box, sift real quick to get stones/debris out. Keep moist in big plastic bag. Pull out lil lumps as needed – roll out with rolling pin – write with dried reed – get all Mesopotamian wit it.
        Left handful of semi moist clay will do just the trick in Ure hand on the dirty bum – assuming U didnt skip sifting step.
        Now get in the Bitcoin, and try and Love someone!

    • No doubt your TP replacement stock is sitting in a shipping container waiting to be loaded / unloaded. Does Amazon Prime deliver out there?
      I haven’t seen any shortages of anything local.

    • LOOB- I don’t think I could make ‘home made’ TP that wasn’t stiff and crunchy. And as for clay…. I’m trying to get the brown clay OUT of my bung, not pack it with more. So yesterday I drove over the mountain to the Kona side to get a new door. Big orange box store had none available in my size, so I went to the OTHER blue box store and found a door to replace my termite eaten one. Surprise! They had pallets of paper towels stacked there in the aisles. Guess who stocked up?

  12. Sinema’s Blockade on Tax Rates Prods Democrats Toward Billionaires’ Tax

    To get around her resistance, the Democrats are looking to a proposal by Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat and the Finance Committee chairman, that would raise hundreds of billions of dollars with a wealth tax on just 600 to 700 people – America’s billionaires.

    ‘Cuz abandoning a really bad economic policy is out of the question…

  13. To steal from Reader’s Digest: “Laughter is the best medicine.”

    EPIC: Republican Lawmaker Closes House Floor Speech with “Let’s Go Brandon!”

    YouTube deletes rapper’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song

    Rapper Bryson Gray announced on Twitter Thursday that his music video poking fun at President Joe Biden was removed from YouTube due to “medical misinformation.”

      I hadn’t heard that about the chanting LOL LOL LOL LOL I guess I must be cut off from Network Television LOL LOL..
      after the end of the last video of the lets go brandon LOL.. there is an ad of the amper heater .. phew.. I haven’t seen one but can pretty much tell you how it works.. it works like the bladeless fan.. two cones the air is increased going through a pre warming chamber then back past the heat coils or lamp.. with a fan behind it to push and accelerate.. ( wow sounds familiar huh.. LOL its what I was going to do making a cardboard air conditioner..which is still on the build list.. ) I am sure it will work.. but as a heater you still have the one and a half kw used per hour by the heating coil and would need a dedicated fifteen amp circuit…. a more efficient form of hot oil heat would be run it through a chamber where the oil is fractioned using a cavitation wheel.. compressing and fractioning oil with a cavitator will get it several hundred degrees in a hurry similar to the tesla pump instead of flat blades you would put a cheese gratter edge on the blades to fracture the fluid.. run it through a coil like an air conditioning coil continuous loop.. dam now that sounds like a heat pump LOL but you could use that in any temperature .. grab any hydrolic line and youll get an idea.. not as hot but the same principle

  14. Texas Republicans described President Joe Biden’s immigration policies as reckless and criticized him for claiming that he has been too busy to visit the southern border since taking office in January.

    Biden said Thursday night that he “should go down [to visit the border] but the whole point of it is I haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of time to,” during a CNN town hall.

    For actual factual elucidation, go here:

    Then tell me with a straight face, Potato Chip, exactly what is it that Creepy Joe is busy, doing?

    I’m starting to get that Andrew Breitbart meme about nothing pissing off Leftists more than The Truth…

    • “President Joe Biden’s immigration policies”

      What policies..????
      Didn’t He or did he push that decision off for Kammy to do it so If or when it all blows up it is all her fault..
      just open the borders to anyone no credentials or vetting needed….

  15. Yo G, this is the most comprehensive article explaining all things COVID that I have found to date. My guess is that it was written by a very smart Dr. that takes his oath seriously and wants to save lives. The Spartacus part of this article may have been previously linked, however I believe the info presented to be extremely important. Seventeen pages, rather long but worth the effort. If you don’t have the time go to Conclusions.

    In regards to Mr. Half Past Human, I find him very informative and extremely smart, I always learn something from his talks. Based on his latest vid I think I will build a Celtic Cross and learn a new skill.

    • He’s also a very good Mongolian long bow shot. SBD means something besides a fart. And it’s a grand skill when noise is not your friend. Like in a power’s off, food’s collapsing too, kind of world.

      • They’re nifty, and load/shoot really fast. I might add one to the armory, someday. With that said, the reason I have an English longbow is because anyone who has a hardwood forest nearby can carve one — might have to shoot reeds or saplings instead of Port Orford Cedar, but IMO it is the easiest post-apocalyptic weapon to make that’ll kill large animals, and for which to acquire ammo.

  16. The Big Delimna (for me):

    NYSE hit a new high. When that happens, usually all the sub indices need to as well, and Nasdaq is far behind.

    I still have the 4585 1.618 C wave measurement in mind for SPX. The 4265 area also going to be key, which (if it gets there this week) will be the underside of the broken ascending wedge trendline.

    Tough call.

  17. With Hawaii over 70% vaxxed, and daily case counts around a hundred and twenty statewide (30 daily average on Big Island of 200k population), the state is feeling bold and ‘opening up’ to tourism. Yet the ‘safe travel’ rules still apply… gotta be vaxxed to fly in, or endure quarantine at your expense. Public gathering rules have been loosened up a bit, and the University can now fill the bleachers with fans again. So I expect covid wave #3 will arrive here about the holidays when families gather to share food and germs. Watch what happens.

  18. Got some news from “down South” today. A trucker friend makes regular trips down to the Uvalde (pronounced YOU val dee in Texan) area and tells us there’s a DPS check point every half dozen miles or so checking his truck for, what shall we call them – Kling-ons? Yeah, that works. He says there’s many, MANY places in which the fences along the highway are torn up where stolen vehicles have gone through them trying to evade LEOs of all stripes. Also the trains going through there are frequently stopped when Klingons are seen hanging beneath the cars. Many bounce off making for many greasy spots on the tracks where the officers then have to stop and do their due diligence in “picking up the pieces” and re-re-re-searching the cars for people. You know how hard it is to stop a train?

    Just about every thing South of I-10 is being ravaged in Texas and, I assume, N.Mex., AZ and CA. Lay it ALL at Bribem’s and his administration’s feet and all his sycophants in the various states he wants to fundamentally change.

  19. Here is an interesting development..
    I get a call from an old friend that I worked with years ago this afternoon.. anyway we get talking and he was telling me about a friend of his that is retired living in an apartment for the elderly at supposedly lower rates.. without calculating for his utilities or food or anything.. the rate he was paying was affordable but because of the cost of the new materials etc.. they increased it this month to two hundred dollars more than he gets in retirement funds.. not even counting the rest of the expenses.. we knew that the rents were all going to have to go up.. but it came a little sooner than what I figured.. I gave it two years.. not six months..

  20. Doing my Drudge imitation — Just headlines & links because for some reason, today was the biggest news drop I’ve seen in years, and on a Saturday, no less. I culled this list by more than half, and it is still huge…

    Bear in-mind, Friday afternoon to Sunday night is the “dead zone,” when wires and outlets release news stories they are obliged to publish, but which the PTB wish to go unnoticed until the Monday news cycle can bury them forever.

    George Soros Worked With John McCain in Order to Frame Donald Trump With Russian Collusion

    Turkey’s Erdogan orders expulsion of 10 Western ambassadors

    Democratic cities that sought to defund police reverse course amid rising crime, cop shortages

    DHS to shell out nearly $500k for border fence around Biden’s Delaware beach house

    ‘We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth’: NASA leader suggests UFOs could be aliens

    Release of JFK records delayed again, with Biden citing Covid-19 and national security

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Issues Cryptic Warning of ‘Hyperinflation’ Soon To Happen in the US

    Watch Massive Migrant Caravan Push North Into Mexico as US Reports Record Apprehensions

    New COVID Variant May Be Resistant To The Vaccine

    America’s Finest Are Getting Purged While The Worst Of The Worst Are Being Promoted

    High Stakes in Virginia

  21. Comrades,

    When China was resupplying its bases with a new icebreaker in Australian Antarctica during the last Antarctic summer, America’s 46 year old sole Coast Guard icebreaker was esconced at its home port of Seattle due to covid-19 according to their website. Subsequently it patrolled up around Alaska out of harms way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect the US military industrial complex concludes Antarctica is some sort of a protected biopark in perpetuity.

    Antarctic resources could superpower a nation into the 22nd century? Unfortunately, the link to the non-ratified 1988 New Zealand Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities is down at present. The subsequently ratified 1989-91 Madrid round of The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty kicked the football into the 2040’s. Since England basically handed almost half of the Antarctic landmass to Australia 90 years ago the Chinese have pretty much scored a de-facto coup of usurpation by their physical presence. Now if I was noodling this over in a Beijing think tank, I’d next want to establish a “scientific research base” across the Ross iceshelf from Australian Antarctica in unclaimed Queen Maud Land. Securing that would give China two thirds of the continent’s landmass and completely surround the Ross Sea oil and gas reserves. Throw some shade on New Zealand to halt USAF C-17 supply flights to the South Pole, and President Neville’s your Uncle Sam. To add insult to injury, drill down into the 6000′ ice pack and suspend some plutonium 239 to get things moving, and dampen overheated markets in Silicon Valley.

    Finito est as the Roman’s might say. It’s time to learn mandarin.

    • You leave out only that the Queen Maud lands were of serious serious aerial surveillance and mapping by the pre WW2 Germans…Rumors high-jinx and High Jump?
      When Xi announces antarctic science plans at the Peep’s Comm shortly, it will be a staging for the 2023-2025 shitshow. Since the UK “gave title” to Aussies…but in real estater terms as an unregistered claim, the UK never had “good title” TO GIVE!!!

    • Nein nein nein.

      Mountains – yes, literally mountains of very hard – very pure carbon/COAL. Enough to fuel the world for ages….our US military was collecting “truckloads” of stuff back in the day? No eye deer what they did with it, or what DARPA did with it- but those mountains of highly purified coal are still there today..

  22. Over a hundred years ago Mahan write the basic naval doctrine that has been followed since. Basic premise, want to control a water world, have a big navy able to project power beyond your shores…..Now we walk away from it. I guess I am missing something.

  23. “The $62 trillion “Ponzi scheme” real estate market in China is imploding and reportedly has at least $6 trillion in sour debt. In America and the rest of the world, they are printing more just to keep the system afloat.

    … Now, the problem is central banks have put too much money into the system, and you are obviously seeing the inflation . . . . 35% of all dollars outstanding today have been created in the last 12 months.”

    • I ignored the Fauci, “cruelty to beagle puppies” stuff a month ago when it first came out, but now, Congress is investigating, and there’s a couple-dozen congresscritters (of both parties, ‘cuz everybody likes puppies) trying to subpoena Fauci for a Q&A regarding these experiments.

      Congress now has proof that Fauci lied to them, under oath, no bus needed.

  24. Comrades,

    INS Vikrant, the new built in India aircraft carrier, is underway with its second round of sea trials.

    So now China has two carriers and India has two carriers…

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