ShopTalk: A UFO “Conspiracy” Becomes Real…

Woo-Woo or Ultra-Science?  That’s the Question.

It has been popular in American politics of late to diss all manner of disagreeable and still “information-controlled” alleged facts as “Conspiracies.”

To this, the Denying Party then proclaims that ALL Conspiracies are Wrong.

This morning, we show otherwise.

UFO MATERIAL:  Recovered and Tested

Although nothing new to our Peoplenomics readers, the odds have now moved into perhaps  the upper 90th percentile that a) the UFO Crash near Roswell, N.M. in the late 1940s was real.  And, this being the case, the book by (late) Lt. Col. Philip Corso, The Day After Roswell demands further inspection.

How much “UFO-tech” was recovered and back-engineered?

What Has Changed

The condensed version is reported today by the UK Sun news service online.  See their story “‘STUNNING ADMISSION’ Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckage from UFO crashes & findings may ‘change our lives forever,’ expert says” for a thumbnail overview.

Going Deeper, to Source:

The source of the Sun story is Anthony Bragalia’s website where the post “PENTAGON ADMITS IT HAS UFO DEBRIS, RELEASES TEST RESULTS.”

You will want to bookmark for future use.

Atom Bombs and UFOs

The now-established fact that the U.S. Government has been testing UFO crash debris brings into focus a slow-motion process of “Disclosure.”  Most recently, this has involved the release of 2004 (and more recent) UFO videos captured by Navy pilots whose operations offshore (Pacific and Atlantic coasts) were apparently “observed.”

In addition, the recent release of Navy patents on compact energy sources and mass reduction (the Dr. Salvatore Pais patents) has further substantiated that a much larger referential framework is materializing.  Ignored by the lackadaisical press.

The mainstream is both censoring and in fact selling yesterday’s news as the prevailing paradigm.  It isn’t; only if you’re gullible.

Current Focus

The information now admitted by the government contains one critical fact most will miss.

It involves the analysis of a foil-like metal that – when crumpled – returns to its original shape.  In the report, this is referred to as “nitinol” although the DIA disclosure doesn’t say where it’s from or, for that matter, its chemical composition.  

What IS useful to know is that small amounts of these material were in private hands briefly and were “passed around”  non-government hands in Gallup, N.M. in 1947.  My wife Elaine was staying with a female relative there (age 4 at the time) and she recounted touching the material shown by a “suitor” of the female aunt she was staying with.  Entertaining the children and showing off.

The CRITICAL breadcrumb in the DIA disclosures is that the nitinol research was conducted by Bigelow Aerospace.

This matter’s GREATLY because their founder, Robert Bigelow, has been instrumental in supporting research into UFO’s.  Critically, this note in Wikipedia is worth study:

In 1996, Bigelow bought in Utah the Skinwalker Ranch, a 480-acre cattle ranch “that some believe is the site of an interdimensional doorway used by alien shape-shifters and stationed watchers there”

And this leads us in two useful directions:  First to the Colm Kelleher/ George Knapp book  on portals and odd creatures and happenings documented in the “Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah.”

The commonality between UFO’s (esp. the occupants, critters, and portals) and the Native American folklore near Skinwalker Ranch is impressive:  Totem-like creatures and beings ranging from reptilian to Nordic in appearance spice tribal tales.

Then there’s the must-watch video series on Amazon, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 1 from the History Channel which offers a compelling view into other-worldly events, as well.  Including the first-rate, well documented appearance of a “light” type UFO on camera during portal research.

A “Thought Matrix” or Two

Humans tend to think in matrix-like ways.  Bits of information that have easily defined, adjacent, linkages are more easily processed that non-adjacent data which requires the mind to “see dots where there are none” to complete a compelling picture.

In the field of UFO disclosure, there are two matrices that you will likely find useful.

The Temporal Matrix

This is purely a collection of UFO *(and borderland physics) events over time.  But do consider some of the “bumps” on the UFO timeline:

  •  October 30, 1938, 8 – 9 pm ET:  Orson Wells does the famous War of the Worlds broadcast.
  • 1942-1943:  Tesla, Einstein, Von Neuman, et al (including Beckwith) purportedly work on an attempt to radar invisibility.  Although scrambled (as disinfo will) into the “Philadelphia Experiment” and popularized in a Charles Berlitz book.  Planned disinfo?  Quite possibly so as that book was largely debunked.  However, the truth is likely closer to the governments use of a  motor yacht – the Martha’s Vineyard – which was subsequently renamed the IX-97 and dimension-bending dimension-bending experiments conducted.
  • 1945:  U.S. explodes three atomic devices.  Trinity, the Nagasaki, and Hiroshima bombs.
  • 1947:  The now much more credible crash (and material recovery) of a UFO from 90-miles from the Trinity Test Site.
  • 1947:  Kenneth Arnold sighting, 90-miles west of the Hanford ato9mic works.
  • 1952:  The Washington UFO Flap.  This could likely have been the “take me to your leader” moment.

On this last, from my private book on topic for Peoplenomics subscribers, whether there was presidential UFO contact in the early 1950’s is a persistent rumor.

Take Me to Your Leader

From the book:

Eisenhower and the Aliens

Following the UFO flap in D.C., on February 20, 1954, while on a golfing vacation to Palm Springs, Eisenhower supposedly met with aliens (called Nordics for their light coloring) at Holloman Air Force Base.

However, events of that night are in dispute.  Variously, it was held that Eisenhower had suffered a heart attack and alternatively that he had a tooth issue requiring dentistry.

According to one source, and you can read the details in the book “The Hero’s Journey Toward a Second American Century,” Eisenhower not only met with the Nordics, but also a few months later struck a deal with another species of exoplanet beings, the ones called “greys.”

A 2004 Peter Carlson story in the Washington Post filled in details of this second meeting outcome:

“Sometime later in 1954, Ike reached a deal with another race of extraterrestrials, known as the “Greys” — allowing them to capture earthling cattle and humans for medical experiments, provided that they returned the humans safely home. Since then, Salla says, the “Greys” have kidnapped “millions” of humans.”

The Salla reference is to Michael E. Salla, PhD. who has written a number of books on exo-politics and the politics surrounding UFO/UAP and another slice through the data suggesting how all the pieces fit.

Interestingly, Salla offers a book (*Amazon, Kindle $9) titled “Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination.”

Although it offers a slightly different view than we present here, the Amazon book summary encompasses much of my line of inquiry, as well:

“Just before beginning his first term on January 20, 1993, President-Elect Clinton made a very strange request to close family friend and lawyer Webster Hubbell: “If I put you over there in justice I want you to find the answer to two questions for me: One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.” According to Hubbell, “Clinton was dead serious.”

The key to unlocking the mystery of President Kennedy’s assassination and a possible UFO connection lie in events that occurred 18 years earlier in post-war Germany. In 1945 John F. Kennedy was a guest of Navy Secretary James Forrestal, where he personally witnessed technological secrets that have still not been disclosed to the world. These secrets stemmed from extraterrestrial technologies that Nazi Germany had acquired and were attempting to use in their weapons programs.

In searching for answers to who killed President Kennedy we need to start with the death of his mentor, James Forrestal in 1949. Forrestal became the first Secretary of Defense in 1947, a position he held until March, 1949. Forrestal was a visionary who thought Americans had a right to know about the existence of extraterrestrial life and technologies. Forrestal was sacked by President Truman because he was revealing the truth to various officials, including Kennedy who was a Congressman at the time.

Forrestal’s ideals and vision inspired Kennedy, and laid the seed for what would happen 12 years later.

After winning the 1960 Presidential election, Kennedy learned a shocking truth from President Eisenhower. The control group set up to run highly classified extraterrestrial technologies, the Majestic-12 Group, had become a rogue government agency. Eisenhower warned Kennedy that MJ-12 had to be reined in. It posed a direct threat to American liberties and democratic processes. Kennedy followed Eisenhower’s advice, and set out to realize James Forrestal’s vision. The same forces that orchestrated Forrestal’s death, opposed Kennedy’s efforts at every turn. When Kennedy was on the verge of succeeding, by forcing the CIA to share classified UFO information with other government agencies on November 12, 1963, he was assassinated ten days later.

Kennedy’s Last Stand is the story of how an American President tried to realize his friend and mentor’s vision of a world where humanity openly knows about extraterrestrial life; and of the government officials responsible for denying that vision.”

While I applaud Salla on his research, his timing of events (Arnold and Roswell are a month off from the widely reported June dates.  He cites events of July 1947.

Another variance with my work involves the supposed motivation for the Kennedy assassination.  While Salla’s work points in the disclosure direction, I was more swayed by the “window of opportunity” theory that military “hawks” saw given America’s new EMP capability, then unmatched by the Russians.  Remember those “thought razors?”

Notwithstanding specific motivations behind Dealey Plaza events, its likely the killing of Kennedy was most likely not the “lone gunman”  proposed by the Warren Report.  A matrix solution is more likely:  reasons may have involved EMP, failing to set the US on a war path out of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the non-nuclear outcome of Berlin which led subsequently to a peaceful end to the Soviet Union and the re-establishment of Russia in more traditional (Catherine the Great) geographical bounds.

What it continues to distill to seems like the following key points:

1.     Multiple races have likely visited Earth.  Some may have been close to human appearing.  Others could look like monsters and hybrids of mythology.  Some were likely “good” and some likely “bad.”  When encountering each other “on planets” (like Earth?)  great wars between exo-civilizations (ancient Indian texts) possibly occurred here.

2.    It is likely that some of Humankind’s finest minds have been able to initially penetrate the bounds of space-time.  The opening of space-time “portals” is likely to be associated with the appearance of “clouds” which have been described in modern encounters to be of the green/yellow (chartreuse) shading, though semi-transparent.

3.    Should this have occurred, it would have been instantly apparent that space-time and inter-dimensional travel (portals via manifold joins in space-time) would be a Godlike power.  Thus, it seems reasonable that a body of humans holding such extreme power might wish to “secret it away.”  Thus, the charging of Majestic 12.

4.    With one local – and who knows how many Other teams on the field – understanding the present “threat topology” because a multiply-dimensioned mapping problem.  For imagine five points in space, with interest planes extending in multiple directions.  These could meet in all sorts of unanticipated ways and may involve the interests of others (exo and terrestrial) groups.

Another Matrix

Less time-stamp oriented, but more event-driven, consider Disclosure of Non-Human contact as forming a Six Step process (with additional steps yet to be revealed.  Again, from my book:

“UFO/UAPs – A Stepwise Advance

Let’s take another pass through the data.  This time we will do some logical grouping of sighting events.

Until the historical radio program (“War of the Worlds” – Mercury Radio Theater on the Air – [1938], Wells, et al) the genus of “off-planet visitors” had existed only in science-fiction genre novels, beginning with the H.G. Wells novel of the same name (WotW) first published in 1898.

We can arbitrarily mark this as the incept point for Stage Two if UFO/UAP interactions.

Earlier, intermittent sightings (of historical nature) could be classed as Stage One, being temporally and geographically dispersed.  Data degrades over time due to societal norms drifting, language changes, and media duplication and mistranslations.

Stage Three began at the WotW 1938 radio broadcast, which although causing panic, is not believed to have been singularly causative.

From WotW to the Roswell Event in 1947, though, there was a ton of observational data.

Stage Four was marked by the post-War period beginning in 1947 through the abbreviated presidency of John Kennedy.  Events in this period included the first H-Bomb detonation, the Kenneth Arnold sighting over the Washington State Cascade range, Roswell just before that, and following these came the Washington D.C. UFO “swarm sighting” along with President Eisenhower’s alleged meeting with extraterrestrials during a West Coast visit.

Stage Five slightly overlapped Stage Four.  This is due to two glaring historical events:  The first being the July 2, 1962 detonation of the high-altitude H-bomb “Starfish Prime”.  This was the first-ever human encounter with widespread effects of electromagnetic pulse radiation (EMP).  This test shot, conducted 250-miles above Earth, resulted in street-lights being blown out in Hawaii, some 800-miles up-range from the 1.4 megaton space-based blast.

Stage Six begins with efforts of The Disclosure Project and is where we are presently observing developments.  Some of these include the recent (2020) U.S. Navy release to the public of key “UAP Footage” taken from American carrier-based fighter aircraft.  Most of the released footage is more than a decade old.

Our research contrasts this with the Navy’s paradoxical (and very public) recent filings of three critical new technology patents in 1) superconductor theory, 2) anti-gravity techniques (mass-reduction), and 3) a gravity wave generator.

To me, it appears that the U.S. Navy has been a critical “swing player” in events since WW 2.   That is, being involved in early anti-gravity and time-travel technology (from 1942, per the account in Appendix 1).  Then by staging a specifically controlled release of “footage” (from 2004 when rumored visual and armament cameras evidence began to go wild (that is, outside the Navy).  It continues up through recent television series release (2019-2020).

Ultra-Science & Ultra-Economics

While caring for Elaine (her hip surgery recovery is going slower than either of us hoped) I’m working on a follow-up on the Peoplenomics side.  It’s focus is to game-out how you would get a heavily armed and divided planet to transition into a space-time voyaging group without blowing up the planet along the way.

The Ultra-Science is coming into focus.  And it has been knowing about some of this for years that has led us to fault “out of the loop” (or mis-directing government officials) for resorting to lower-level jingoisms (“war-like stance on job creation”) as  a kind of “crowd control.”

Interestingly, if there is ONE extraterrestrial influence group, then an unlimited number (in practical terms) becomes a safe bet, given the size and age of the Universe as we construct it.

So the economics problem becomes a HUGE stinking multivariate:  On and off-planet extraterrestrials and the nearly warring nation-states that have vested interests on a massive (planet level).

Should be instructive to see how the Parties will “play” use.

But the evidence is growing.  And we’re the pawns.

Bifurcated Reality

It is through the “split lens” of on-planet versus off-planet governance that we begin to see logical contradictions.

On-planet, conventional economists will pull their hair.  Or simply make-up money on command of Others.

Off-plant, the problem reduced to “Local wampum wars don’t concern us.”

How would you “structure” Disclosure (and at what change-rate) to ensure the smoothest transition.  Realizing  (as an off-planet manager) that Earth would have to be changed to accept Other appearances (and binary, or not, life forms) while not evoking War with existing Paradigm Controllers such as churches and religions.

It’s a difficult field and only a few people seem to have a grasp.  Especially Catherine Austin Fitts ( and others like Dr. Salla.

The Data is being verified in slow motion.  But admitting to nitinol and other advances is a step.  Circumscribing the Black Budget involved in all this would be nice.

So would a map of the social engineering so people don’t get worked up over the hard stomp on prejudice which becomes necessary if we’re to interact with “Not From Around Here’s.”

A Novel Idea

mRNA vaccines?  Could you take the news disclosures and cobble the UFO angle into Covid-19?  Strikes me that you could.

I don’t have time to write it, but given the possibilities of external Parties, a punchline to such a tale might be?

mRNA vaccines as a kind of “seasoning?”  As in the first batch of chicken?  Add just before serving.


Write when you get rich,

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  1. Super column today my friend here are couple of videos that I have found interesting one on ancient cone head beings
    on cone heads,
    Dr Salla
    on vaccine,

    MINUS 24 F tonight for me, who the hell is manipulating the weather, just another CONspiracy theory? Dr Fauxie says I need to wear 2 MAGA hats to keep the vaccine zombies away

  2. G-Pops,

    U seem to be going in the wrong direction homeskillets.. See EARTHING.

    Thats right Frosty, Journal of Inflammation Research -2015MAR24,PMID 25848315

    Can U get Lady E barefoot and to the edge of the local stream ? prolly not with Ure current weather conditions on the ground E. TX. – but U can still get her Grounded – rinse and repeat..

    Current disclosure ufo /”mechanical “info seems ancient tech.
    Aint nobody currently knowledge/ skill to even access inter dimensional craft.

    – if ya cant swim in aether – let alone know what it is/how it workx/how to work with it – how U gonna even know how what U are looking at? like the bio-re/active luminescent
    lighting systems underground Antarctic..wheres the on/off switches?

    • We already have/use/sleep on a high-end grounded sheet which is on it’s own 6-foot grounding rob with ultra-low resistance copper foil… well ahead on this one…thanks though
      Also at 22F and snow? Naw, we’ll just5 pass on barefoot for a while…
      That’s how we got to grounding sheet: Too cold or too many siders and fire ants, lol

      • Check that Ground periodically with Ure test digicals(mm)- still got nighmares bout trying establish a ground in tropic “jungle” -lil stressful..

      • Any chance you might give us an article on your views on personal grounding and shielding? My views on the subject are evolving.

  3. Good morning
    Just checking if you have been getting my emails over the last 2 weeks.
    I know it’s been busy, I just didn’t want you to miss the data.

  4. The space aliens, they’re right there. Just look up.

    Clearly Trump knew. Thus the build out of the ongoing and very expensive Space Force, in the nick of time.

      • * USGS latest earthquakes …negative values for incidents? – get scrubbed soon after posting.

        Earth has become a “roach hotel’ – they checked in, mucked about, aint getting out – try as they might..
        Spliff down the volume –

    • Every President has known, dating back to FDR. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy talked about it. Clinton too. Space Force isn’t anything new. It’s just a rebranding of what we have been doing for 60 years. Private industry (Bezos, Musk and Branson) has done more to advance space travel and exploration than our own government.

      • And the sorry fact is (and this should offend you deeply) is that the present administration just muzzled the Musk efforts.
        Does the phrase “{Government hates competition}” have a fam-ring to it?

      • That is a false statement. Nobody muzzled Musk. What comic book did you get that news from? Ha space Xis stronger and more emboldened than ever before. If you are talking about the employment inclusion case from the Justice department…that has been dropped and was stupid.

  5. George

    Excellent post this morning!

    It’s interesting that you posted on this topic when last night the Ancient Alien tv show had a two hour round table discussion that included William Shatner on this subject.

    Some items to ponder:

    Arts Parts:
    Back in the 1996 time frame the radio host Art Bell was sent some very peculiar metal fragments that were claimed to be from the Roswell UFO crash. They were tested by several highly qualified laboratories and found to be very strange and exhibited properties unlike any materials constructed by humans. They were layered metals of aluminum and bismuth. The layers were of microscopic thickness. Reportedly they exhibited anti-gravity effects when electrically charged. Linda Moulton Howe is the current owner of this material as Art has passed away.

    The MJ-12 Burn Memo:
    There is a memo that was purportedly saved from a fire that states that Lancer, (President Kennedy), must be eliminated as he wants to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life’s presence on the Earth. The memo was written by the then head of the MJ-12 group who was part of the CIA, This memo is hotly debated in the UFO research community.

    The SOM1-01 Technical Order, TO 12D1-3-11-1 :
    This document gives instructions on the handling and disposition of retrieved UFO materials and alien bodies. Linda Moulton Howe has obtained an original copy of this technical order and has had analysis of it to ascertain it provenance. If it’s a fake it’s a really good one. Among many factors is the fact that the letter Z in the document show that it was produced on a government owned Lineotype machine as the Z is seldom used and that character would be a little sticky and print slightly offset. The Ancient Aliens tv show did an entire episode on this document several years ago.

    Bob Lazar:
    This fellow is a physicist that has reportedly worked at Area 51 on the back engineering of retrieved alien vehicles. Despite government efforts to destroy his education and work history he seems to be the real deal. The reporter George Knapp of Las Vegas has done extensive work on the Lazar story and has found evidence that corroborate his story. Lazar got into hot water when he went public about whats going on at Area 51.

    Am I saying that all of the above is absolutely true? NO. It’s some info to ponder and explore as it may lead to the truth!

    The government is real good at laying false trails to get us away from the truth.

    I doubt that a real Disclosure will ever happen! The Elite in this world want all the UFO technology for themselves and will use taxpayer supplied systems to get it!!!!!

    That is all.

  6. I’m 83 and I played with the material that one could crumple up and then it would be flat. It was said to be from Roswell. Can’t remember much but it was a square piece and it was shiny and thin. Sorta like aluminum foil. Don’t know why my Minnesota farming family had it but in those days stuff came from sending in cereal box tops. The famous decoder ring gimmick. LOL

  7. Funny thing about conspiracies coming real, it’s like physics, depends on the observer.

    You seem to see this as the Ike conspiracy come true.

    But I see it as aliens are god, come true. I mean the little pill shaped crafts glow, and lots of UFOs glow, so they must be angels.

    Or, wait, it might be the communist takeover hates progress conspiracy. I mean we just saw the FAA shut down Musk. There will be no private space companies making the USGOV look like pikers. So they are putting this out now to prove that terrestrial technology is inferior and thus a waste of time and money the masses could use for things like reeducation and 1800 guaranteed calories a day!

    Dang it, maybe this is the conspiracy that USGOV already has the tech and needs to make up stories about it..

    Or Report From Iron Mountain conspiracy, come true! You see it’s all made up to get us to spend war like efforts on useless…. theories!

    Don’t believe the hype. This is the USGOV talking, why suddenly believe them? I call this “conspiracy bias”. Making the facts fit a favorite conspiracy. The most likely outcome is conspiracists being wrong, and the people disseminating the information succeeding in fooling the people again.

  8. Wow! As a writer of science fiction, and someone who grew up during the late 50s in Roswell, today’s column blew me away. I have resisted spending the $40 for Peoplenomics because I’ve never been in the market, but you just sold me.
    I went to High School with the son of the undertaker who provided the small coffins, and remember hearing about the foil material that would return to its original shape after being crumpled. I also remember hearing that people were afraid of some people from Walker (the Airbase) who had threatened those who talked too much about the crash. I even delivered the Roswell Daily Record for a few years.
    I’m pulling for Elaine’s quick recovery, and hope you don’t overdo it.

  9. “there was presidential UFO contact in the early 1950’s is a persistent rumor.”

    You already know what I believe, and I dont have any questions. my curiosity has been answered a long time ago.
    Remember when a president is involved there is a staff photographer at all times . So as far as photos.. for the above incident and one at Andrew’s airforce base regarding a president. Then you would need to check the national archives . Or ask Bill Byrnes maybe he has some of those he is frequently on television and has written a few books on the subject. smart man and quite interesting .. if they have been released there could be some that could be quite interesting..

  10. Family UFO Encounter Indiana 1950s

    George, first off, let me say that I have never seen a UFO, a ghost, or anything I could not eventually identify as a man-made or natural phenomenon. However, my parents had a strong connection to your woowoo article this morning, and they DID have a woowoo encounter.

    Mom and dad were both in Washington DC in WWII. Dad served in the Navy in the Bureau of Aeronautics. He had been a flight trainer for cargo planes for Curtis Wright prior to WWII. Mom was a civilian secretary for a high ranking officer (his name escapes me at the moment). Dad was a Lieutenant Commander and served with Laurence Rockefeller. In dad’s files is a letter of recommendation written for my dad by Laurence after the war when dad was trying to find a job.

    Dad knew Forrestall — I remember him telling about helping get a very drunk Forrestall home from a bar one night.

    My parents married in Washington, DC, and moved after the war to an 80 acre farm east of Indianapolis that dad had inherited. One evening as they took a stroll around the farm they had a strange encounter. “A pinky-orange light the size of a house dove at them out of the twilight sky. They ran. The next thing they knew they were inside the house. The did not remember running into the house.”

    They told me that story several times. Very oddly they could not tell me what year or day it was. A pleasant evening in Indiana probably means spring or fall. I’m guessing it was around the time, or within a couple of years, of the Washington DC UFO flap.

    As I grew older, and read more of the UFO literature, I began to have a suspicion that the UFO that chased my parents was not extraterrestrial, but was a prank on my father by former associates.

    You see, my dad was highly intelligent, and highly vocal, especially after a couple of drinks. If he had a crappy opinion of someone, then everyone knew it. Also, mom was much younger than dad and very beautiful. It may have pissed off some fellow that the old guy got the hot girl. And the pissed off fellow had access to a “UFO” with which to scare bejeezus out of dad.

    The “UFO” not only scared him badly, his ranting about it led to the destruction of his reputation. He sold the farm and moved the family to the Deep South.

  11. Clinton called Bill Wilson, ‘Behold a Pale horse’ the most dangerous man in the world.

    Jackie Gleason wrote that Nixon took him late night to a secret military base and he saw a UFO. There is other stories to cooperate this.

    Funny you should mention all this. Remember that coin that was given to me in Cochella Valley by a really really wealthy dude? And I gave it back. Another person gave me a similar coin last week. I was told by the other dude it was older than Christ. It had the all seeing eye on it.
    I thought it was made of gold but it’s not it’s made of aurichalcum. He didn’t say much but he did say in latin, “out of many one'” it when I was at my award banquet. And he quoted scripture and said. Many are closed but few are chosen. Manu kings would give their entire kingdoms to have what I’m giving you. And he held out his fist palm down. And held out my hand palm open up. He dropped a similar coin in my hand. I don’t think it’s the same one. This one is a little more worn. Then he looked at me and said, The watchers favor you. You education is complete and your work has just begun. To thy known self be true. You need not hide. Then he did an about face and walked away. I said what is this? He said Light of the World. He never looked back.

    Never saw him before and I don’t think I ever will.

    Its really really old coin. All it has is the all seeing eye on it with a circle around the triangle. With the roman number I im the center for a pupil and on the back it says just and true. With the infinity symbol Trippy.

    One thing about the Aleins. Is could never figure out why they are obsessed with butholes. Lol. Almost all abducties Report having a proctology exam. Are the Aliens homosexual? Who knows. I mean of all the body parts to inspect. Why the anus?

    Good article dude. I’m off to church to shovel snow to make sure nobody falls while walking inn. We got 10 inches here.

    To Elaine, I say. John 5:8

      • “Could they be looking for our heads?”

        Brought a genuine smile to my face. As an aside, I’ve always asked as a kid: If the pope was the representative of God/Jesus on earth why would he wear glasses? No one answered that, either.

  12. Great article today, George and oh-so timely. I’m beginning to wonder if this is what “disclosure” actually looks like!
    Tell your woman to get off her duff and start healing up quickly!! I hope her doc supplied Elaine with plenty of happy pills!

  13. Uhem, “Many are called but few are chosen.” Pretty trippy stuff. The writting on the back is all in old Basque. Which I read pretty good because I studied for a long time.

    Have a great day. I’m off to be of service. Really enjoyed your article this morning. I been super busy working the field.

    You ever read Dr Noel Huntleys Fractle Matrix A paradigm for multi dimensional reality thesis posted on the net back in 2004?

    It still on the net which suprises me.

    He has a super good theory for a vortical propulsion motor that folds space and time. Using plasma and dark matter if memory serves me. The dude is out there a little bit. But his theories are pretty amazing stuff.

    Ya the ‘Word of God’ yada yada yada. First two letters and last two letters make the abreviated name. YH WH but the whole Torah is conscious stream writing right to left with no vowels only concinents, no puntuayion or paragraphs. Just 304,805 caracactures in one stream. Writin on the mountain by a left handed Moses. The whole thing is the name of “God” or “Word of God” and God is a plural. Meaning many.

    Coincidentally there are 304,805 Gnome combinations in the human body. Same at the rodent, swine and some shell fish. The forbidden food. And where did jesus send legion or “many” but into some pigs who flung themselves off s cliff.

    The point being. 3 world religions came from what Moses wrote in conscious stream writting while he was educated in Egypt. The Hebrews, the Christians and the Muslims. Cowboys and Aliens….

    Remember what the Pope said a while back? we only have a few more years left to squeeze this orange.

    I been wondering if the Aliens are harnessing the power from our magnasohere?

    Interesting ponder as well is. Are all these japanese quakes after shocks from big boy and little boy? Who knows what the long term damage is from lighting off a nuke? Edgar Cayce said, Japan would fall in the ocean if I remember right. Makes sense since it sits on a pedestal.

    The world has ended by fire, flood, Ice, earth (comet slamming earth) or “by dust you were made so dust you shall return”. So it make sense that it could end by plague or Aether.

    You think the Hopi got the Ant Queen on speed dial? If she shows up and opens the portal. Could be a trap. Just saying. Ha ha ha ha. And it may be the way to a new world.

    Remember George, Columbus wasn’t looking to discovered 2 continent’s! Or
    a bunch of new contries and states.
    Althoughh he eventually that is what he did, after the norse kept it a secret for a long time.

    Nope Columbus was trying to make some mulah by providing a faster route to India. Lol aint that just like life. And Columbus never knew what we know now all because of his crack pot theory to make some money.

    Kinda reminds me of you and me. I’m just trying to make some bread here brotha! Discover not one but two continent’s. Doh!

    I thought the greyes were the good guys an the mantis were the bad ones? Go figure.

    • Andy, when will we see You on the TV preaching? I’ve heard there is plenty of them thar “mulah” by providing sermons for them gul·li·bles. ;-)

      • Dont get me wrong, money is good. Its a tool and I’m a money agent. I don’t think I want to be on the TV. Lol. Alot of people tell me stuff like that. When they tell me stuff like that. It comes from their desires. My top 3 favorite things in the world is #1. my relationship with God and an on going dialog. #2. Helping others become something they didn’t could be and #3 being a father and having a beautiful relationship with a beautiful woman.

        I think when ya see the lights go on in someone and that moment of epiphany and revelation? That is about is about the coolest thing in the world. I’m going to write today. I fckin around long enough. Just thinking about stuff. Be back in Idaho on Wednesday and in a couple weeks back in Cochella valley to see some friends for a week to 10 days, then off to grab gears for a while. unless God has other plans for me. God could drop a million bucks in my lap today. Gods funny like that.

        I’m not really the Benni Hinn type. I mor of the go on the street, snactch them out of living in a card board box, getting them some food and checking them into rehab then paying for them to live in a half way house and get them a job kinda guy and send them on their way. Which I have don’t that well over 4-500 times in my life. Most of them make it. Some dont. Had a kid I did that for who had brain cancer. A tumor. He had no family, no friends, dying of cancer living in card board box. I put him on my couch for a month, fed him, bought him clothes, prayed with him every day, soberrdr him up and my buddy were there for him as his friends and family until he died peacefully (Because he was too far gone for the chemo to help him with his cancer) on my couch with a smile on his face. The lady thing he said to me was, thank you for being the answer to my prayers. You are a good man. I just said awwe shucks I’m product of amazing grace that saved a wrench like me. Thats all. His name was markus. He was 24 years old.

        But alot people tell me I should be on TV. If God wills it. So be it.

  14. All these things we are doing write now big brother Goerge, may be the continents others 200 years 500 years and 2000 years from now 5000 years from now live and thrive on. Maybe Joan Osborne was right?

    “What if God was one of us?
    Just a slob like one of us
    Just a stranger on the bus
    Tryin’ to make his way home?”

    Perhaps, We are charting future world’s for others one digit, one key, at a time.

    You think Moses knew he was starting 3 world religions? That More people would love their entire lives based off what he wrote than the grains of sand on all the shores of the world when he came down off that mountain?

    You think Columbus could fathom Biden steeling the election let alone a selfie on facebook?

    Not any more than you can fathom your article on 3D printing could map the future for “beam me up Scotty” 120 years from now. It influence someone who got an idea to tell someone who will tell someone in the future something that will give them an idea to tell another Who will have the idea to create such a contraption that can beam organic matter and consciousness accross the distance of the globe and reassemble them there.

    Isn’t that what 3D printers are? Are they not what Chinese calculators compared to quantum computing 500 years later.

    I appreciate you.

    Good stuff dude. Really good stuff. I applause your service to mankinds adancement even though you wont see the results for 120 – 300 years from now of your efforts and crack pot theories and farting around in the shop picking Ure nose and scribbling on a card board tablet. Doesn’t mean they won’t happen any less.

    I gotta get some coffee. Later dude

      • None of what you have written surprises me, George or Andy. If anyone would take the time to dig into the topic, they can find the ingredients of proof. There have been so many wonderful truth tellers slaughtered on the altar of lies leaving behind their noble-effort trails for the truth-seeker wanderers to follow.

        On another note: try not to park under trees during this ice snow storm. We have had multiple oak trees breaking their ice-laden limbs all over the yard and roof. Neighbor had one limb fall on their car. This is going to be one for the history books.

        George, caring for a loved one is the highest form of service. The deep feelings of love, caring, humility, and gratitude grow the soul. A lot of people get scared and then miss the opportunity.

        Glad Elaine is ok and on the mend.

        Everyone should have a plan in case millions more lose electricity, heat and water for days on end.

    • Think about it… THERE ARE NO SECRETS…. the best kept secret is right in front of you.. let everyone know.. tell the world.. send it to one of the checkout isles gossip rags to disclose.. then…
      discredit it make it seem like it is all wrong..
      the most secret news isn’t on page one.. but page six of the newspaper.. in a small column then the discredit is on page one.. …Think about it.. Men do it all the time.. we buy something that we might think is questionable to the wife.. and we set it in the closet or on the shelf in plain sight.. let it gather some dust then say honey do you know where.. such and such is.. she of course doesn’t have a clue.. so you go rummaging for it..knowing full well where it is.. then say I found it.. the disclosure.. no arguments it has been right in front of them all the time.. that is how this is going to play out when they finally do say what the hell and tell everyone what they know…. and everyone will say.. dam I knew about that.. seen it in the gossip rag even and laughed about it..
      only to discover that it is true in the end.. I have a friend that is a farmer that had cows that were mutilated.. on his farm.. no blood no tracks except for the tracks of the cows.. in fresh snow..
      How many times do you drive down the road and see buildings every day.. do you know what they do in all those buildings.. I use to run in and ask.. take a tour.. until I walked into the wrong one.It was a lumber yard.. and. it had more security than the NSA lol… and knew instantly that i was in the wrong place. it was suppose to be a lumber yard.. so I went in to buy some lumber.. they of course had to tell me they didn’t sell lumber.. ( I could tell it was more by their dress and what was around ) and thanked them for their time asked them if they had any coming in on an order and then I left.. they packed up and the whole place was shut down in three days.. The wife won’t let me wander in places anymore.. LOL hidden in plain sight..

  15. “mRNA vaccines as a kind of “seasoning?”
    There is precisely why I will NOT be taking a vaxx shot for at least a year and have observed the side effects on the early ‘victims’. Health worker friend on the mainland getting vaxxed and wants to travel to Maui this summer (our second-most infected island) and come visit me on the Big Island. I told him he could not stay with me. Travel related family clusters are still happening here. But he has ‘normalcy bias’ and figures everything is OK if he’s vaxxed.

    Not in my house. I have elders to care for.

    • Careful that sorta thinking and talk will get ya 30 days in Facebook jail. Zuckerberg is on the pay roll and policing the thoughts of many on his site.

      Good thing I’m not on Facebook anymore. I’m single again too. Not my fault. Lol. Its ok, I’m good either way. I got a hundred million friends and I ain’t never lonely unless I want to be.

      Ya, correct me if I’m wrong but we are on the 3rd mutation. Them french slayed a million minks. Good thing it wasnt the Vatican and monks. Me thinks ya should wait to get the Vax until it’s run its course.

      • You know ‘horseface’ Zuck invented Facebook because he couldn’t get a date? He can’t censor me… I’m not on farcebook… nor on Twatter. I’m an anti-social media guy. Never started, and the boycott continues!

  16. “mRNA vaccines? Could you take the news disclosures and cobble the UFO angle into Covid-19?… mRNA vaccines as a kind of ‘seasoning?’ As in the first batch of chicken? Add just before serving.”

    So, Earthlings “Taste Like Chicken”? Fried? Basted? Broiled? Grilled?

    Brings to mind the old TV commercial (playing right now on Galactic TV): “Earthlings! It’s what’s for dinner!”

    Don’t even want to think about what DESSERT might be.

    Is THIS the answer to the Deagel prediction about massive population loss coming soon? So Rod Serling was right?

  17. George,
    Fabulous post today about the current state of ‘Disclosure’.

    I have a lot of empathy for the trials Elaine (and you) are and will be facing during her recovery from hip replacement surgery. I’m 74 and had hip replacement surgery in Nov. 2019. It took me 6 weeks to move from needing a walker to being able to walk with a cane, with physical therapy (PT) starting at 2 weeks post-surgery. At 10 weeks I could walk pretty well without a cane. Persistence in doing the PT exercises really propelled the recovery, although this came with a lot of pain and soreness. The really quantum leap in recovery came at about 12 weeks when I began to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Then at 11 months I focused much more on strengthening my core muscles and that really helped. I still do the PT exercises and walk up to 2 hours a day and I continue to see improvements in my muscle strength, stamina and balance.

    Right after surgery it’s tough going but I think the key to keeping positive is to identify even the smallest improvement in your condition on a daily basis. That’s especially important in those first 2-3 months post-surgery, to help you endure the pain and discomfort and keep you pushing forward. Also, do the exercises religiously – you’ve got to rebuild the muscles to hold those joints tightly in place.

    Also, Miralax is a real help, especially when Elaine is still on opioids for pain.

    Thought my roadmap to recovery may be a help to Elaine.

    All the best to you both.

    • Excellnt remarks (she is a stubborn patient!!). So far, my elixirs of fruit juices, inc black cheery, is working well. She just doesn’t hydrate enough.

      • Prune juice helps, too, and she must hydrate, it is the key to kidney, bladder, stool, and all systems go health. Elaine, drink your liquids!!! Cooperate with Dr. Ure.

    • Also, Miralax is a real help, especially when Elaine is still on opioids for pain.

      AMEN to Miralax.. if you live in an area where it is legal.. get the Tylenol green with a little cush.. no constipation with that and no chance of getting hooked on the opiates.. I found my magic mix with prednisone and etodolac… but when things get rough I have to use the opiates.. which suck..

    • Now… I have been in texas in the summer… thought I had gone to Hell it was so hot… I personally don’t see that a little cool weather would be any bigger of an issue for the grid than that hot weather… except if they have the wires strung to tight.. then there may be some outages..
      and from where I live you aren’t looking at seriously cold weather or really deep snow.. what is making the chaos is the inexperience to adapt to the conditions that aren’t very common…. it is the same thing here during first snow.. everyone has forgotten what its like and it takes a little getting use to.. but that far south it will be gone in a couple days.. or less.. sit back drink cocoa and peppermint schnapps and watch some old movies..

      • The South doesn’t just suffer from inexperience. They totally and completely lack the cold-weather equipment we have. A quarter inch of snow is a major travel event in Dallas because they can’t salt or sand.

        I was out last night when the front edge hit. It was 14°F and the first 20-30 minutes of the storm was rain…

        George: I described my yard light to you. What I didn’t tell you was I built a second, smaller light, so I could keep an eye on the critters. This’uns only 15′, and uses three S11 (night light) bulbs. I have the head supported with 300# Kevlar (which is thinner than kite cord.) Today the cords look like 5/16″ clothesline.

        When we go back below zero tomorrow, it’ll be fugly…

      • It never ceases to amaze me, how efficient Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York are at clearing roads and keeping them clear. If Southerners ever saw one o’ them ginormous Oshkosh trucks with a 16′ blade and a 30yd box, they’d freak out, looking for the strip mine…

      • It is because Texas has closed two coal and one natural gas electricity generating plants due to the hatred of fossil fuels and one nuclear plant is having trouble now AND the windmills are frozen. Hasn’t there been a long standing argumentative divide on this site over the environmentalist that wanna sing kumbiaAH, and shut down oil, gas, and natural gas and dry our wet hair in wind mill and solar power? Well your electric cars are stranded. This policy just kicked everyone in their freezing butt asses in Texas. Here we sit in record breaking low temps, single digits, 1, wind chill below that in Austin and we are cut off from electricity since 2:00 a.m. this morning. We have faced frozen pipes in house and business, we are using natural gas burners to heat our house, and cook, we are the lucky ones, we have natural gas lines in our neighborhood and old house. I feel sorry for the all electric properties in our city and state and there are millions without power. It’s back to the 1800’s at night. Afghans, quilts, beanies on heads, animals, and us all snuggled together. Our electric bill rarely exceeds $100 at ANY time of year and there were NO crews out anywhere fixing anything within a 10-12 mile radius. They are on vacation today. I hope Governor Abbott goes after the Dictator in EO Chief and fries his butt. We need our oil and gas industry in this country and we better fight for it. George Ure, grid down, no EMP needed. Reporting from Austin.

      • @Austin

        ” I feel sorry for the all electric properties in our city and state and there are millions without power. It’s back to the 1800’s at night.”

        I don’t. Sometimes people have to get burned before they learn the stove is hot. I’m more interested in how they act AFTER the current crisis has passed.

        My parents went through The Depression living in the Connecticut snow-belt. Reddy Kilowatt started selling John Q. on “all electric homes” in the 1950s. He didn’t sell my parents. We had oil, gas, and electric heat, and could have any two of the three fail (and did, on several occasions), and still be warm, dry, and fed. When I got old enough to ask, Dad pointed out the redundancy to me.

        It was a life-lesson, and I learned it.

        I have gas heat, but I have backup electric, LP, kerosene, wood, and diesel, and I began to acquire them when I had nearly no money with which to support a family, let alone buy a living-space safe multifuel forced-air heater (my first acquisition, after an inverter. FA heater + kero + inverter + battery = several days of warm house without frozen pipes — did that one winter.) This stuff is important. Even if I lived in Hawaii, I’d have a vintage Kero-Sun heater and a 30gal drum of kerosene laying around…

        If I were in Texas, had no off-grid heating source (inconceivable, but go with it), and could buy none, I would have trash-picked over last weekend until I found stuff from which to build a [reasonably safe] wood or oil burner. Anybody can (ask LOOB how…)

        To quote, well, ME, from 4 days ago:

        “George: The BIG risk will be broken tension lines.

        It is utterly amazing, how much high-tension wire shrinks when temps drop. In da Nort’ we put loops in the wires between towers and still sometimes lose them. BE ADVISED: If’fn the crap starts at near-freezing, and the initial salvo starts as rain, with that kind of snow and temperature drop your area WILL lose medium tension runs and HT transmission wires, blow transformers, and could be without power for weeks. It shouldn’t be a big deal for a prepper, but be advised, your neighbors, especially those close to towns, are going to get a lesson in frontier American life. I hope they’re prepared…”

        I know of what I speak, and was not kidding. The “next shoe” will be when all the folks between Amarillo and Chattanooga discover that untreated icy roads kill semi traffic, and after two days absent da truckers, there will be no back-stock left with which to fill store shelves.

  18. Real quick. I got a busy week. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. He saved one million bitcoins for himself.
    Multiplied by its current rate of
    46,936.40 United States Dollar per bitcoin.
    For total of

    $4,688,850,000,000 US George Washington food stamps.

    Four Trillion, six hundred and eighty eight Billion and eight hundred and fifty millions dollars.

    And all it is, is an unhackable number?
    And nobody knows who this dude is?

    ROTFLMAO! God we are gullible sheep!


    Jeff Bezos – $192.3 billion


    According to Hunter biden in that taped conversation his buddy that his Daddy and He were doing buisness with was the richest man in the world at $398 billion dollars.

    According to Forbs Apple is worth 2 Trillion. So some dude who nobody knows who he is can snatch up a company like Apple, short the shit out of it then sell all his stocks and make trillions crashing a company like Apple just for the fun of it.

    Buy twitter for 50 billion dollars and snatch up the entire company of Boeing who’s net worth is 191 billion and buy the entire country of the Phillipeans with 1.92 Trillion dollars while grabbing a burger at the local McDonalds and not bat an eye.

    All based on a made up number nobody can hack? Doesnt have an army, no Nation supporting it with a GPD or gold.

    Boy howdy! That one hell of a salesman.
    I need to figure out how to do something like that. That is one hell of a…. I don’t even know what to call it.. lol

    Just the thought that some dude is rolling around with a thumb drive on his Key chain next to his lucky rabbits foot, listing John bonn jovi sing at the top of his lungs, living on a prayer in a 1989 Iroc Z car with a mullet, and a white bester tank top drinking a coors lite and fuzzy dice dangling off the rear view mirror with $$4,688,850,000,000 on it? Cracks me the F up!

    And everyone is like Bitcoin! Its going to a million. Dude if it really goes to a Million per bitcoin? Satoshi Nakamoto will be the first Quadrillionare on the planet. And nobody knows who he is.

    All based on made up number that is unhackable.
    ROTFLMAO! We are all gullable sheep.

    Baaah hahahah baha hahaha. Bah bah bahhhhahahaha

  19. I got put thinking cap on and come up with something like that. That dude made up a unhackable number than sold it to the world and 4.8 trillion in 12 years. Bitcoin was invented in 2009.

    I been going about this whole thinking buisness wrong. I’m an idiot compared to that dude. Pass off an “secret special” number and go from flipping burgers to being worth $4.8 trillion in 12 years. I mean the Union has a really good pension plan. But I’m gonna up with something like that. That is f ing amazing.

    12 years. That is it. And all it is is a number that is unhackable. I wonder how much cocain and hookers ya can get for $4.8 trillion dollars???


    I figure out something like that. That is a hell of a great idea.

  20. George, I got an idea. I’m gonna daisy chain some 256 KB scussi drives, load them all with Dos 3.0. hook them up to a razer and wrap them all up in some neat little flashing LED lights, and a disco ball and hook up a Casio Alarm clock. Sell it off to a 3rd world government for $58 million dollars as a “Time” machine.


    Whatcha think? mean if some one can sell the entire planet on a special number as being worth $48,000 per number and make 4.8 trillion dollars???

    The odd are good that I should be able to get a buyier for my time machine.

    I mean it’s a digital number. Its not in color or anything fancy. Its not even on a nice piece of paper. Is a number on a screen. Its all hex programing at it’s base. Lol

    I got stuff to do. To day is a day of action.

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