Sex-Monkey Monday: Mania, Memorial, Militaria, More

We covered the groundwork, for what is threatening to be yet-another public health bureaucrats’ globalist-backed power-grab. Back in July 2021 we wrote:

“Leaving us to wonder “Is this the short everyone should have seen coming, or does Savior Joe have a plan to pull it out?”

That’s before we get to MonkeyPox, though:  Monkeypox outbreak fears as CDC monitors 200 people in 27 states for possible exposure after contact with infected Texan (

Bad as Trump denial was, Covid, Joe, Kam, collapsing currency, and international travel risk denial are every bit as dangerous to the data-minded realist.”

Yet, Bum’s Rush II is threatening to spool up to an ear shattering crescendo in the corporate-owned MSM.

Sex Monkeys!

Forget medicine (government will!) [again]  Let’s watch in a very Goebbels-like way how the media groundwork is laid on this.  Here, Watson!

Yes, there is something suspiciously evil here.  Maybe this is why?  Biden says monkeypox cases something to ‘be concerned about’.   Yes, it could indeed be that America has grown skeptical of the hair-sniff-in-Chief.

Fool us once….

Ruler’s Meeting

The folks who control the American put-up political class (Funded by the Davos  crown) are meeting, as you know.  World Economic Forum, monkeypox, UAE education – Trending.

Fortunately, slower thinkers (like me) are able to “read-behind” the WEF far enough to remember the (overarching) plan is still for a global Economic Reset.  That is strategy.  Monkey, Biden, Ukraine is all tactics.

OK – we understand reset dreams – because that will give the leaders (henchmen) of Davos an excuse to confiscate all forms of private ownership, then dole everything out from State resources – which this egomaniacal stooges believe they are morally able to run.

Not so, as we see it.

But then what do we make of stories like this about Ukraine warmongering? Zelenskyy urges ‘maximum’ sanctions on Russia in Davos talk – ABC News.

We’re pretty sure that we will see a Davos-dated story soon that will tout Monkeypoxing – and ensure it’s times to break with another gender and brainbending life-shortener in it.  (But, maybe I popped too big a raspberry gummy before writing, and the wave of cynicism hasn’t past…)

See, here’s the sketch-up of a timeline ahead:

  • NuBug, NuThreat, NuPowers launch was last week with Monkeypox drop.
  • To take down America, all that news to be done (besides promoting woke idiocy) is for some Commie embed in the US to light of another war.  Biden says U.S. willing to use force to defend Taiwan — prompting China backlash.  Surely  the Davos shott-callers have experts explaining how a two-front war worked out for Hitler, The Emperor, and Mussolini?  August-ish.
  • Two stories on the Defence Blog are whispering about Future to us:   Ukraine will be another democrat-started PermaWar:  NuTech needs NuWars, as we all remember from Iron Mountain, right?  Ukrainian Army fields Vampire rocket artillery systems.  Hmm…vampire as sucks? (While we’re at it, let’s slide more air assets toward China, shall we?)  Second Japan-based F-35B squadron is ready for combat.  (“Doing great Brandon!“)

Just another way to shake the walls of what’s looking like the United States of Jericho.


Pretty much in line with…

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) increased to +0.47 in April from +0.36 in March. All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in April, and three categories improved from March.

The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, ticked down to +0.48 in April from +0.49 in March.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, moved up to +0.48 in April from +0.42 in March. Sixty-two of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in April, while 23 made negative contributions. Forty-seven indicators improved from March to April, while 37 indicators deteriorated, and one was unchanged. Of the indicators that improved, nine made negative contributions.”

(God, I love the phrase “negative contribution.”  As Press Pundit Ure, we teach all annual report Management Discussions should include it once.  Twice is better.

Economics Simplified

Class topic this morning is:  “How to estimate Rally Size in terminally-ill markets?

One method is to remember the bidirectional usage aspects of Foreign Exchange.  That is, since all the world’s “money” (except countries whose dough is readily convertible to gold, silver, lithium, or a tritium refueling kit) is REALLY MADE UP.

This allows to peer at this back-alley bullshit gambling gathering and deduce as follows; after you study this morning’s hand-out.

Let's talk gearing

Left Chart Discussion:

Eyeball the left chart with me.  The most recent dollar-euro was about 0.9363.  However, earlier it was around 0.9440.

This simply means there is an early gain in pricing American markets. 1.008223859873972.  Which applied to Friday’s close of the Dow (31,261.9).

This results in 31, 518.  Which would therefore predict a gain this morning based on silly FOREX noise alone of  (31,518-31,262=)  +257.

At which time the ACTUAL future’s price was about ~$20-bucks above that.

Right Chart

I can’t be doing all the work for you (though I do considerably more on the site…) You run the numbers and tell me how you see the day, OK.

(If you can’t run numbers, there’s Bitcoin.  You know the book value of a crypto, right?)

In Today’s “Shorts”

(Other than sex-monkey stuff…)

We knew it would only be a matter of time until SEX got mixed in over WAR seen in stories like Cannes: Topless woman protests against sexual violence in Ukraine – BBC News. I won’t offer further on either Cannes or the lady-perp’s can….

Name of The Beast is solidly in the Ad Agency news flow: Ukraine war: Russia’s space agency chief issues fresh nuclear threat to the West. See how demonic ideation might actually be expected before First Use since WW II?

Like they aren’t already planning a sneak surprise and take-down?  Ukraine war: Russia’s space agency chief issues fresh nuclear threat to the West.  Why the Drooler couldn’t have said “Hey bud, know you’re down, but let’s talk about it…”

Nope, instead Ast. Sec. State for NuWars (Vicky Nuland) pulls an Uzi.  (Or, flintlock if you’re over 60 and remember the previous language once – singularly – spoken in  Olde ‘Merica.)   Europe needs fresh meet to leech more bureaucratic power-grabbers.  Harmonizers, though.  Kinda like parroting, but with taxing authority…

Speaking of programming you how to think:  What a recession means for workers battle over return-to-office.  Like we can’t figure out gas-bills and lost productivity from traffic jams?

There goes my lib-reading of Arabic lessons:  Taliban Enforcing Face-Cover Order for Female TV Anchors.

Meanwhile, as the Madness descends:  Chicago academics compare fatphobia to racism.  I don’t know whether to scratch my head, or my ass, when thinking through this one.

Another Liberal Do-Nothing Story.  I just love how the Left makes up issues and then doesn’t solve them – turning them into ISSUES.

See A record 100 million people globally have been forced from their homes. Yet while the UN division of Global International will talk the problem to death, we have three simple questions:

  • How many of these 100-mill did you personally help and deliver overnight aid to?
  • Which is it when the UN wants money, we see tears all over the Western corporate-controlled media?
  • You ever build a house or anything useful?  I mean beyond going to a high falutin school to learn to speak the obvious and get paid for it?

Seriously, rent some jets, by some ship-lap and shingles.  This kind of “strong-arming” doesn’t work so well.

I am SICK of people NOT solving problems!  A preview of The Ure Strategy is coming shortly on the subscriber side.

I want to read Action Reports Imagine a story where company and orgs could NOT PUBLISH PRESS RELEASES unless they followed a sensible template:

“In response to the problem of  (list), (company or agency name) solved the problem of (past media hyped concern) by (Action report).

Of course, this solutions-oriented approach would allow for stories before solution implementation following this format.

“Because of recent news of (non-local, world-threatening event) we at (organization or agency name) has made some project estimates to solve the (name) Problem.”

But if the pre-story is done, a financial disclosure like:

“Assuming a 20% cost- over run, we pay to fix (named problem) which would be paid for by  (revenue source).  Because the number of payees is (population data) this will be a person cost of (solution cost divided by payees).  Which translates to (personal solution cost/beer cost).  If you don’t drink, we understand.  So to honor and respect think of it as a pack of smokes.  Which comes to (personal solution cost/cost of a pack of smokes).”

See why this column is more like the long drawn0out read of my never-written book “Economics as a Path to Enlightenment”?

ATR:  Ghost Radishes

As part of our getting ready for Famine Lite, we built a garden room onto the side of the recording studio over winter.  In which we have a few “house crops” going.

One of which is radishes.  Which we left in a bit too long.  But WOW!

We cleaned up a handful, ate them.  Good.  And then.  Ka-BOOM!  The “detonation part” which is what the chili-foodies call it…  Oh my God.

Elaine went for the soda crackers, I went chasing the milk.  Telling you straight: These radishes may ultimately be sold to the Defense Department as munitions.

Got a ton of projects to do this week.  We want to have everything tuned up and done for the three-day weekend.  (Never happen…)

Planning to do a double-edition of ShopTalk Sunday this week.

Buy the weekend’s gas today or tomorrow, since prices often go up a nickel before a holiday.  Doesn’t sound like much, but on a small are 10-gallon tank?  Why, that’s fiddy-cents!

That means it will only take 80-gas fill ups to afford $40 bucks for Peoplenomics.

That means if your small car gets 30 MPG, you will be able to drive 24,000 miles from the savings in this one small tip.

What do you mean I’m rambling?  Time for me to go sniff Elaine’s hair or something?  Re-watch 12-Monkeys?  What will happen to C-SPAN’s rating?

Write when one of us gets rich; it’s sure to be an accident.

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56 thoughts on “Sex-Monkey Monday: Mania, Memorial, Militaria, More”

  1. George,
    A couple of days ago, I saw a post with an extensive quote from Russell Blaylock but now I can’t seem to find it.

  2. Dude G,

    What with Gas prices creeping up like the president on a 12 year old – gas savings from buying early- more frequent fill-ups – is like front running the market – now the sheeps can play that game, just like bankerz – locking in profits…what fun -Wheeeew!

    U all do know – we never had a baby formula shortage, until men like sf RE guy started getting pregnant.

    Solutions – You want solutions – I gotz Ure a solution to Baby formula shortage – All pregnant Men should start donating Breast milk.

    Drooler and Creep DOES NOT HAVE DEMENTIA ! He has ALWAYS been that DUMB.

    “Hey Cmon man ! its only day 275 of build back better, who needs baby formula anyway – let them have Sugar Water” – Slo B.

    • Starvin’ Marvin,

      Please…save a sugar cube for the horses in billionaires’ Florida stables!

      I can’t recall in my lifetime there being required emergency food import measures from abroad to provide nourishment for helpless infants in America. The positive spin press release from the White House is below concerning the second such mercy airlift of Operation Fly Formula.

      Inquiring minds may wonder in no particular order:
      1./ why isn’t Nestlé Europe and the like completing their own airlift to Nestlé USA distribution centres?
      2./ what is this costing, who is paying and who is getting paid?
      3./ are the great philanthropists like Mr. Gates stranded somewhere in the Atlantic gulfstream without an oar to assist?
      4./ what next is going, going, gone from the shopping basket?

      • There’s over 5mln babies in CONUS who’re on infant formula.

        The Biden Administration flew in “enough formula for 500,000 8oz bottles” (which pencils out to be 4 million ounces of formula.) It was specialized formula, only of use to babies who’re lactose-intolerant or have specific digestive issues.

        When you have 5mln consumers, who will consume an average of 36 ounces of formula each per day, every day, of what use is an airlift of 4mln ounces, anyway?

        Do the math!

        One flight = 5 TEASPOONS OF FORMULA per American infant, or 83,333 infants who’ll get fed, and 4.166 million who will starve.

        This “airlift” thing is propaganda. It is a Band-Aid on one of the Creeper’s public relations problems — utterly meaningless, and it will fast become a PR nightmare, as parents begin to see their babies starve, and listen to them scream 24/7 with hunger-induced colic.

    • The really sad part about the baby formula shortage is that I can no longer honestly say that this country can call itself a “First World Nation” or a “Global Superpower.” Name ONE Superpower in the history of modern civilization that has REQUIRED it’s military to airlift less than one day’s supply of a “critical” resource from a so-called poorer nation. Just ONE.

      Face it. The moment that plane left European soil, The USA ceased to exist as a Global Superpower. Our time in the sun is OVER.

  3. Today is a new day. I kinda got thr flue. Not the rona. Lots of changes. Taking time to consider all the opportunities that just presented themselves. Whole new data set for me and ideas. A fork in the road presented itself this weekend.

    I didn’t expect that. None the less, pros and cons list and not being reactionary is always prudent. Think first then take the best course of action. Always best to pause, say after YOU DUDE!, wait then let the solution go before me. Then I’m not bring the error machine to the problem.

    Expected and unexpected ways. Hmmmmm….

    Saw this and it reminded me of you George.

    Spread sheet that. Haha.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Make a decision in a couple days.

    Cue: ~ On the Road again ~

    Willie Nelson

  4. The Mexican bean beetles are tearing up the green beans this year. Not with the pole beans though. I recall that my dad would sow radish seeds along with the beans to keep the beetles away. Seemed like a waste of seed to me at the time but I suppose it worked. Too late for this planting so it’s a dose of Spinosad.
    Stay safe. 73

  5. Speaking of time travel and the 12 monkeys. I saw 11 fucking DeLoreans this last weekend on my trip to another state. That a large amount of DeLoreans. I don’t ever see that many 1.21 Jigawats machines in a day.

    I take note when I see stuff like that. 11 fucking DeLoreans in one day. Trippy.

      • Daylight savings time? Spring ahead? I thought they got rid of that for some reason. It had occurred to me when my mantra tone thing that it wasn’t a dream. That I had cast my consciousness into the future or the past. Because I had a moment where i saw my reflection and I had black hair and blue eyes. Really bright blue eyes. Like a wolf. That all sounds like crazy talk. LOL. I don’t know. It was off the hook and it will be a while before I do that again. I seen some trippy stuff. That was up there in the top 5.

        Alot of nautical stars and compass references too lately.

        I don’t know why I thought they got rid of daylight savings time. If that is what you are talking. About.

        Lot to ponder today. Best be about it.

      • Have to go back and read that article again I found in a news paper that cat fella wrote about 6 months ago. It lines up. Hmmmm if he is creating like that. That is some serious skill.

        Interesting I saw a Power box with the painting of golden gears on it on my trip to another state. Where I was working. There was one with a DNA symbol painted on one side and a ladder with the moon above it on the other side. Signs of the prophets written in the world around you. And me.

      • Oh you are talking about mercury. I don’t base my life path off planets. LOL It says can potentially affect communication. Doesn’t mean it does or will.

    • I look at that a few ways. That is alot of Flux (capacitors), or a lot of time travelers or a whole lot of cocane and cash. Either way, pretty interesting.

      Not something you see every day.

  6. Slo-Joe missteps once more wrt U.S. China policy, his comments on defending Taiwan being “walked back by the shadowy, all-knowing and controlling ‘White House Staff.’ Someone behind the curtain is pulling Joe’s strings. As with most things progressive and woke, the workers seem to be telling the boss what to do. Executive leadership by committee is not quite what the Constitution intended.

    • seems to me that the deep state/CIA/Five Eyes spy network has installed puppet regimes in Ukraine and the UNITED STATES and of course there are others, nothing new under the darkness.
      Let There Be LIGHT, to me the Sussman trial is a laser beam directed to their evil heart. Kash Patel, a name to remember, has said, that Andy McCabe and the lovers Peter and Lisa will be next on the indictment list. Durham is digging for gold, so to speak. Hillary, Obamma, Soros will go down and I do not hold any hope for the Gates or Faucis group. Mean while Elon is destroying Twitter’s power, go Musk.
      The lame stream media is in a fight for their continued control over the flock of sheeples’ attention. Human attention is power, you, Sir , are fully aware of, Attention! the military drills it into the recruits.
      It will take a team of patriots, with sworn allegiance to preserve and defend The Constitution of the United States. It would take an order from the Commander in Chief, do we know what orders President Trump gave to them? How about Space Force and their budget? There is so darn much that I do not know, but I do see a war for our accepting the deep state bull shit, next up the monkey pox and of course the poison is hidden in the cure/vax, like a hook in the minnow, Let US, just let Biden give our sovereignty to the United Nations One world government,, WHO, World Health Outlaws. Would that be a Red Line, not to be crossed?
      I saw a video of a Pfizer exc talk about a biological chip they have that can be inserted in a tablet we swallow. The chip could send a signal to confirm compliance for it being consumed!!! In my monkey brain, biological means capable of reproduction and if it can send a signal, it can receive one !!! this video

    • Thank you Warhammer, I sit right up to read your comments. I have been a peoplenomics subscriber for many years. George had great friends. Dave for Iowa.

  7. Many of those places that have housing issues, also have no good protections for private property ownership. People will not put in the effort to develop something if there is no protections for that effort. Government will seize the property through either just taking, or put such onerous regulations against a property that is cannot be used or developed. Private property protections are one of keys to a prosperous society. Places like Sanfran where there are constant issues with enough housing will put up regulatory road blocks that can take years to jump (if ever) to be able to develop a property.

    • The same problems apply to maintaining property! When you need a “licensed” this or that to come into your private space to do anything – improve or just maintain, there’s a strong disincentive to do anything beyond letting it rot. Licensed people are deputized spies and need to stay in good with the regulators. They also need to have insurance, bonding, license fees, continuing education, and massive other overhead that you get to pay for. They may be good people or not, but the temptations to the dark side are immense.

  8. I went to my library this morning and extracted a book that I read about 15 years ago; Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslan. It is a non-fiction thriller that ties together the assassination of JFK, the quick offing of Lee Harvey Oswald, the horrible murder of Dr. Mary Sherman and the links to mafia, secret cancer causing monkey virus research and polio vaccines contaminated with said monkey viruses.

    Nothing much has changed except sophistication in 60 years has it?

  9. I hope no one is buying this latest psyop – ‘The Monkey Pox’! I sometimes think that the cabal comes up with ridiculous names for stuff to tease the sheeple – laugh at them directly and some of the sheeple think it is real!

    Unfortunately, some of the people here on this forum bought into the covid con and stupidly took the deadly vaxxes, but nature is giving you a new chance to learn to spot the next big psyop. Btw, don’t get the Monkey Pox vaxx when it is released. Unless you want to see just how fast your immune system can degrade with multiple vaccines.

    Btw, the Monkey Pox follows the great Ukraine psyop. From the western point of view, Ukraine has nothing to do with the people or land of Ukraine. It is a prime opportunity to grift tens of billions – and yes – laugh at the stupid people who think this is about Ukrainian independence. Nature is always giving us the hints to learn. Will we pay attention??

    • Monkey Pox, IIRC (and I probably don’t, but I also don’t care enough to research it) is a very mild form of smallpox, which migrated to humans as an STD, from people bangin’ monkeys. The pox are fugly, the ailment, slightly (but not significantly) more deadly than influenza…

      • “(but not significantly) more deadly than influenza…”

        ????????…. That depends @Ray… I had read someplace a while back.. ( a few years) that the USA was researching Monkey Pox as a Bio Warfare virus.. using it to carry a deadlier strain.. so the big question is.. is this similar to our Bio geneticists that was playing around with the Covid virus?
        Was this let loose from our stockpile of Bio Warfare viruses.. or is this a natural one.. Back when Senate members received mail with bio spores on them..
        the theory was that some foreign country had sent them.. what it ended up to be was the powder was ours and came from our storehouse in the midwest..
        So that is my question.. is this something that was let loose from our storehouses of biologicals.. or was this a naturally contacted wild strain…

      • It is always those monkey “bangers”, Can you imagine trying to “bang” one. Talk about a wild ride……. Come on, an average chimp could beat the sh*t out of you, if she wasn’t willing, it seems to me. But if you walk on the wild side, the “he” chimp could tear your private parts off and make you eat them or eat them himself. Rocky Mountain Oysters style.

        Sorry, can’t buy it.

        Take a walk on the wild side and go for it cowboy.

      • It is always those monkey “bangers”

        Hmmm, I gather your last name is There…

        Read a little, or go troll someplace else.

  10. The 83rd week second fractal crash:

    From the March 2020 lows with a 33 week base (x), the maximum 83 week (2.5x) second fractal length will transpire this week with expected transitional nonlinear decreases in equities, crypto’s, the CRB, and treasuries (transient lower interest rates).

    This correlates with expected devaluation lows in Evergrande, the Bank of Shanghai, the Shanghai Composite, the Shanghai Property Index, and the Hangseng Index.

    For the French CAC representive of the EuroZone Friday 27 May represents a 3/7/2022 10/25/25 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal series.

  11. One other thing if interest George. I met a super cute girl this last weekend and guess what her name was. Mabus!

    I thought. Oh. My God. You are probably relationship material except your first name is the same name Nastrdamas said was the name of the 3rd antichrist. Hahahaha. Wow! The Luck!

    • There was yet another “Mabus” recently running around the joint.

      Has the Nostradamus fans forgotten about Former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus ?

      Not gonna lie. That puckered me arsehole quite a bit !!!

  12. I thought dang. She seems so nice and very attractive. Probably not relationship material. Hahahahahahhah. I can hear it now. So you thought everything was going to be a rainbows, unicorns and nlow jobs having a relationship with the a lady with the same name as Nastradamus 3rd anti-christ Andy?

    Ya that is a story we shall not write this life time. Hahahahahha exit stage left. Hahahahah

    Not the girl for me. Hahahahha

    • C’mon Andy, she might be “the one”! Just nickname her “Mabel”.

    • Oh don’t forget about the 8 other Andy’s in the Kill zone that day.

      I probably shouldn’t have huffed that much rubber cement in 7th grade art class. Ugh. Let that be a lesson to you all. Don’t huff the rubber cement. LOL

  13. George george even perma Lenny told you on weekend a great surge . Wait for the surge in gold!!!! Usdx has fallen off side . Will be productive short term . I learned 25 years ago what runs the world . Asx RRL my favourite space vehicle and real stuff

  14. “So to honor and respect think of it as a pack of smokes. Which comes to (personal solution cost/cost of a pack of smokes).””

    Can’t do that. A pack of cowboy killers is $4 and change in Kentucky, and nearly $17 in NYC.

    I’ll take mine in PMs, instead…

  15. Clearly a design pattern is emerging after these Davos thingies.

    2019 : We know what that was, and it wasn’t of the beer variety]

    2022: Monkey-shines? Nah too obvious, has to be something that would act as the foil for a banking holiday. We are soliciting answers…. Any guesses?

  16. It’s brain teaser for sure. Got a really good job offer big rig long haul, a girl named mabus shows up, bad Bunny and his world tour and the end of the world 2032, 11 DeLoreans pointing the future. Sure is alot cheaper to live in that state, all connected and alot of talk about earthquakes, every where I go it seems. Hmmmm.. and bunch of other data sets, like the Witch trying to screw me on Saturday the day I got there. Hansel. LOL. She didn’t get any, and I got offered a free place to stay and a lot of money to go there…. best wait fog a clear sign. I can’t be that important. Can a man change the destiny of the world by altering his path? And if he can? Is it good to do so?

    I asked the Jedi that. They said, there is no try. The end of an era. Same markings at the beginning of it. Yoda said that. There is only do.

    So I asked THE DUDE, I need a Really Big no Brainerd no question Dsign oon what path to take.. And now I wait

    • I can’t be that important. One man’s choice alters everything? Nah. I’m not that big of deal

  17. Like shooting politicians in a barrel or flushing a full toilet..

    -DVN energy got oil & gas “stacked” in the shale rock and be paying coot round 8.00% dividend yield..winnawinna

    -BHP Metals&Mining – got metal ore (s) galore in the ground and be paying coot round 12% dividend yield.. chickendinna

    ..whats the difference in the above stocks ? Oil versus Metals and about 4% yield.

    ..whats the difference tween a politician and a fresh Turd ?

    – One of them is always Lying, and one of them is very Real.

  18. Gene Sperling, former Economic Council Director and now Senior Advisor to President Biden said, The US is in a “Economic Transition Moment”

    I mentioned this to my wife who replied, “Well, that’s a pretty way to put it.”

    Yeah, using the word “moment” makes it sound like all this is only temporary and won’t last long. Hmmm … got the same feeling when I read that Russia could destroy NATO countries in a half hour with that handy-dandy Satan missile they got. (The got 50 of them btw.) –

    Seems the language I’m reading today is highlighting short spans of time … Even you George, mentioning to Andy, We go back to the future in 11 days.


  19. I can hear it now. George remember the time I married the the Nastradamus, third Anti Christ after I found a missing bullet 2 or so months before it went missing from a suspect shooters gun? Yeah way back
    when, right after I hung out with Paul McCartney back stage and Eddie Vedar from Perl Jam. Ya that was the good old days.


    Ohhh I need a vacation in the tropics. My life is so strange.

  20. Ghost radishes…lol lol lol
    Years ago I planted sweet radishes.. it was a hot hot year 2012…anyway the stuff I planted the first week of March did great the stuff i.planted in was so hot.. green beans were an inch long at best..on my sweet green bell pepper plant was one.. the size of a raisin… I thought.. oh well it’s food and crushed it and added it to a huge bowl of salad..dam everyone had tears and beads of sweat..
    It all was tossed out lol..

    “shott-callers have experts explaining how a two-front war worked out for Hitler, The Emperor, and Mussolini?  August-ish.”

    Can you imagine what it would be like if the worlds waring leaders actually worked at projects to help mankind.. instead of bio warfare labs labs to solve diseases.. or to maimed kill and hurt others..
    If we lived the Dao instead of hurting to cover their activities..

    • I have been told exactly the same thing @Bill.. and they’re having a heck of a time getting product to sell..

  21. Comrades,

    Not only does South Park have roots in Colorado, so does the Aspen Institute dating back to 1949. I had imagined that the temporary appearance of “Ukraine House” on Promenade 63, Davos was a work of the official Ukraine government. Wrong, it’s guided by four Ukrainian women of interesting connections.

    The first woman heads up WNISEF which is a private equity fund with investments in the Ukraine. It’s subsidiary to USAID funded by US tax dollars. The second woman is of the Ukrainian diaspora to Canada who had returned home and co-founded a successful Eastern European equity fund. The third woman is a director of a foundation overseen by a London-based Ukrainian billionaire who began his career as an engineer and rose to become son-in-law to a Putin-friendly former Ukrainian president. He apparently has also underwritten the new for 2022 “Russian War Crimes House” at Promenade 68, Davos. Prior to the Crimean invasion, it was known as Russia House and featured Russian diplomats. The fourth woman was a journalist for a US tv network and currently works with the Program for the Global Economy of the Aspen Institute. Last year the president of Ukraine awarded her the Order of Princess Olga so she joins exclusive ranks that include the company of US House Speaker Mrs. Pelosi.

    Okay, let’s get back to DJ Ure back in studio dusting off a vhs copy of South Park’s “Chickenpox” episode featuring a cover of “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees!

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