Saturday Special: Word From the Front

We have a number of things to cover this morning, so an unusual “Saturday Special.”


Peoplenomics will likely be posted on Sunday. It’s only partly due to surgery. Turns out I’ve come up with a whole new paradigm for investing through all this disruption this week. And it’s taking a while to get it all written down. (Slow typing speeds).


The Peoplenomics weekly charts are EXTREMELY interesting – so stand by for that, too. Working on things as fast as possible.

Expect Peoplenomics late today or Sunday. Killer issue coming up. I mean massively mind-expanding view.


Thank you to the subscriber who sent in his renewal via certified mail. I will get it updated in the system as soon as other items are cleared from the desk.


We didn’t suffer any of the damaging rains and flooding that his downtown Palestine, Texas overnight. Although there are reports in the old gin mill district of buildings up to their windows in water, and some wind damage and so forth, here at the ranch, we have had less than one inch of rainfall overnight and the roads are good – and the sun is out.


I don’t know as I did much of an update since our doctor visit on Friday to get the remove the old IOL sugergy, but the eye is doing about 20-80 through a pinhole test which is much better than expected. While today, the eye is bruised and looks more like a meatball than eyeball, and is at “peak swelling” right now, the prospects are really bright. But what’s even more exciting is that next Friday for the follow up, I will be fitted on the other eye (which is bad, 20-100) for a new special kind of contact that may bring the “bad eye” (as opposed to the operative eye) down to 20-30 or 20-20. This is seriously cool because the odds of having 20-20 in both eyes is going up by the day. And, in consultations with the doc, it’s way too early to think about selling the air machine.


This little encounter with impaired vision has added a lot of perspective to life. Elaine is now swimming in new art supplies, equipment, brushes, a second easel, and so on, because there is little more important than enjoying the vision you have. She likes art, and lack of wall space, or not, I told her I’d be pleased to build some additional walls. It’ll just be a few more weeks before I’m back on the chop saw.

Patience is not my long suit…no sirree, Bob.

What else…hmmm… Oh yes!


Tomorrow, since I am not spending much time out on the rifle range lately, lol, I will be hanging around the low end of the 20-meter ham band on CW. Callsign AC7X and this gets us into a topic that I’ve just written about for Monday – some 2,000 words on (and some homework, too) about prepping for “unseen disasters” so be sure to drop by Monday…and tell your friends, too..because some of the Monday homework will require a friend or helper…

(Bet this leaves the mind reeling, doesn’t it?)

Write when you get rich,

4 thoughts on “Saturday Special: Word From the Front”

  1. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery George. I’ve had two lens implants, one in each eye, also for cataracts, but nothing as severe as what you are going through. Been a long time subscriber and have enjoyed your insights and humor all these years. Just wanted to say thanks!

  2. George – One solution for Elaine’s lack of wall space – Post and sell some of her work on the site!
    Best wishes on your recovery!
    Major Matt

  3. I’ll second that one. Good luck to both of you pulling it all together. It’s wonderful to actually see a couple flow through serious problems together and come out intact. It’s a great example for all of us.

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