Roe Versus Revenue

Maybe this morning’s column – and the ensuing Roe V. Wade overturned decision – was too long-winded for Sound-Byte News Consumers.

Allow me to summarize the Deal Points.

 1. The Government Already Owns your Body.

Roe v. Wade was, in a middle-of-the-road reading – correcting an unconstitutional foray of the government into a personal healthcare choice.

Demonstrators who want a “right to abortion” – but who were vaxxed – have already sided with government bullies.  They just can’t admit bullying is OK some of the time, just not all the time.  Never on THEIR issue.

The Court figures government should get OUT of dictating healthcare.

(No, they didn’t expand gun rights, either.  They merely affirmed existing rights which the liberal-commie spectrum seized.)

Where was the court with balls when we needed ’em on Vax Waivers? Mandates, threats and actual firings?

2. Joe Worthless and Nancy Loudmouth have no business commenting.

To the extent demonstrations and damage arise (beyond peaceful protected speech) Joe and Nancy should be put on the Insurrection Witch Trial docket.

Understand this: There are three co-equal branches of government.  Nancy makes the budget and deficit crisis with Schemer and the crew.  Slow Joe shuffles money from protecting our southern border to protecting Ukraine’s, and the Supreme Court (quite remarkably against such verges on treason) avoids getting in the middle.

Joe and Nancy, are disrespectful louts who will kill the goose that protects the Golden Egg.  They will pivot – with Obama’s help – into lefty plans to seize the High Court and before elections this Fall.

Watch and listen for the revolutionary screed pouring out.

3. Roe as in Revenue

We’re in a serious drought. Famine is coming. We have crappy gas prices because of Biden policy blunders. Biden’s pushing war along with the EU.  Dems desperately need a fund-raising tool for the upcoming elections where the left of liberal party will likely be thrown out of Washington on its ass. Not everyone is stupid.

This is about Women’s votes and Women’s Money

Women will be conned out of their money once again, as the party that creates
America’s problems, promises on this June umpteenth  “Next Time we’ll really fix it.”

Money and Power are interchangeable. Power – drama on the streets – can be turned into campaign money and from there yes, even remotely erasable software backdoors. Not difficult, but not free.

Mainstream media is screaming for attention – because the more eyes the more ad money.

It’s Friday.  The Dow is up 700-points.  No, it’s not AmRev; just plain vanilla AmDumb. States just got some power back.  No thinking allowed on the boob tube though.  We’ll remind you: People are free any time to vote with their feet.

America is a feedlot packed with idiots. Conducted by whiners like Joe and Nancy – even Obama can STFU and gracefully retire as previous presidents have.  Demonstrations and histrionics are just another con – like Bitcoin.

Only clear in a longer view of history.  When you grow up, it all coalesces into the tapestry of collapse.

Buffalo Springfield lyrics for the grownups:

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong…

For what it’s worth.  Who would have ever believed we would monetize collapse?

13 thoughts on “Roe Versus Revenue”

  1. The liberal left has insidiously infiltrated the federal judicial system with judges who routinely legislate from the bench, particularly the 1st and 9th U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals. It’s now so commonplace for these east and west coast justice hackers to do Pelosi and Schumer’s bidding that the lib legislators expect and demand judicial compliance to lopsided lib opinions. As George noted, that ain’t anywhere close to how the framers laid out the tricameral system for the Republic. All I’m hearing from the Dimms and their MSM mouthpieces is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth that they didn’t get their way. Waaahhhh, waaahhh! Somebody call these whiners a waaahhmbulance! Funny how the left protects criminals by fighting against the 2nd Amendment (and by default preventing citizens from defending themselves) but abandons the unborn under the auspices of a mother’s constitutional rights to do what she wishes to ‘her body.’ Well, if a pregnant mom is shot in her abdomen and her baby dies, it’s murder. Why should the mother not be punished for the same act? The baby has no rights until it does, which sounds crazy but its currently true. Interesting times, indeed

  2. “For what it’s worth. Who would have ever believed we would monetize collapse?”

    Why not? It’s the only thing on the table that’s running efficiently…

    • You know I never thought about it like that @Ray…. but heck.. YEAH.. what the hell… as far as Rowe Vs. Wade.. people still buy into the crap.. they are not going to do a thing.. the thing I see is they tossed the justices under the observation microscope to keep them in control.. and the using rowe vs. wade.. that is a decades old campaign platform.. six months you won’t hear another word about it.. at least till the next election.. it’s a vote getter.. the two cars and a chicken in every pot platform.. this campaign platform goes way back to the fifteen hundreds.. King Henry.. to keep control of his people.. but heck.. we all knew that.. abortion issue is just the chicken in the pot vote getter..

  3. Roe v Wade was decided incorrectly, it should have been decided as a 10th amendment case. The 14th amendment should be reserved for correcting “asset forfeiture laws. Which now brings us to an interesting question. Will liberals try to back SCOTUS in the next 6 months? Or will they just wait for one of the conservative members to resign or die?
    This country is coming apart … QUICKLY.
    I would like to think that a major incident (Pearl Harbor, 9/11) would bring us back together, but I do believe those times are gone.
    So the next question is, if/when this country comes apart, can we as rational human beings do this peacefully? Probably not, too many sharks in the water smelling blood.
    And will there be foreign actors involved and / or stirring the pot? Probably already here. Seen the border lately?

    • Why would anyone repeal the unconstitutional asset forfeiture laws, unless there was a massive grass roots demand? Nobody in government wants less money for themselves, and theft seems to be a way of life for most of those in a position to actually make a difference. The police that protect them get a “legal” kickback for more equipment and new cars to continue the practice. It was wrong from the beginning and needs to go away. Theft under color of law is still theft, and those stolen from will never again have allegiance to the system and quite possibly no tolerance for it. It’s bad policy to make too many enemies, especially if the enemies have the moral high ground. If someone has actually broken a legitimate and moral law, they can and should be prosecuted in a court of law. Until then, they are presumed innocent, and so should all of their assets.

    • 911 was an international inside job, so expect another “sacrifice” to bring us all together and go after someone, something, or some country under UN-altruistic influence(ers).

      Yep, I love language EASE.

      Ya’ll just experienced numerous ones in the last 6 months, two high voltage gun downers, and one USA, NATO fueled war using Ukraine as the instigator, couper, six-year sleeper cell, antagonizer of Russia by curtailing and hurting Russian areas of Ukraine, baiting Putin for a well-funded war just to end up in famine tatters.

      So what and who is or are the Target(s)?

      What’s The End Game?

      Can you name one country that imploded from within peacefully? Oxymoron?

  4. The government claims to own me, yet denies that claim while trying as best it can to assert it. Yes, I follow their rules until they are at odds with my moral compass, yet I absolutely repudiate their claim!

    They tried to force me into fighting their war 60 years ago and I refused absolutely. For some reason, that never escalated. Others did and regardless of their morals, the consequences were theirs. In the 70’s we were all told that we must get the Swine Flu vaxx or we’d surely die. I didn’t. Now they’re coercing everyone(still) into getting themselves violated by agreeing to allow unknown things to be injected deep into their muscle tissue beyond the reach of a large part of the immune system. This is unacceptable and to date, I won’t allow it. For some reason they need to force people into “voluntarily” agreeing to these jabs. I’m still trying to get my head around the long game, though depopulation is the easy answer. If I was to get pregnant(unlikely due to age, though I’m told that men can), and I wished to get an abortion, I’d either do one or get one from any available source. I’m totally agnostic with regard to abortions. If we can send money, materiel and “advisors” to help Ukraine in an undeclared and obviously politically driven conflict with the result that many additional lives are pointlessly lost, what difference does it make if a fetus meets the same fate? Above all – who are we to judge?

    I don’t believe that any but a fringe group of psychopaths wish to get abortions for the joy of it. Most men and women confronted with such a decision are torn emotionally and will need to deal with the psychic trauma regardless of the decision. Early abortion is not that difficult as a procedure regardless of the morality or lack thereof. Eliminating it will be even more difficult than eliminating “illegal” drugs. There are laws against suicide too, but they seem to have little effect. The only possible way to enforce these rules would be to eliminate free will and create a nation of zombies. Yes, we’re halfway there, but there’s still some hope left.

    If abortion is outlawed, as it has been in some places this week, only outlaws will have abortions. Sound familiar? IMHO, only the potential parents should have any right to decide this. People MUST claim their autonomy or they will be swept into the slaughterhouse chute through failure to refuse or stand aside.

    I despise the Brandon coup and all who encourage it. This is a world-wide phenomenon and may well signal the end of the American Golden Age. Can we really escape? I don’t know, but there’s no reason to make it easy for the thugs. Can we really retain wealth and autonomy? Same answer. Otherwise law abiding people carried concealed in NYS and NYC before the SCOTUS pronouncement. Sometimes there are consequences. The same is true for abortions prior to 1973. Each person needs to listen to his/her inner God and act accordingly if they wish to at least live and die in peace.

    Freedom is an idea, embodied in classical America! We can and must keep it alive as the singular value from which most other worthy values flow.

  5. Maxine Waters was expounding in front of the Supreme Court building, urging her followers to protest, all the while shouting that women WILL control their own bodies. IF that were true, there would be no need for abortions.

      • Granted. And what percentage of all of the abortions nationwide were the result of rape/incest? The states have the power to regulate abortions as their citizens desire. They CAN make exceptions for rape/incest, even if on-demand abortions are eliminated.

        But back to your original question, MOST women (by your count 80%) are pregnant because of the decisions they made. Yes, they could have controlled that.

      • I do not believe that limiting an abortion to victims of rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother has been seriously challenged by any state?? It is the other 95 or so % of abortions that people have a hard time with, you know , those pregnancies that could have, with a little personal responsibility, been avoided by using an IUD, diaphragm, Nor Plant, BC pills, spermicidal jells , vasectomy, condoms or any combination not to mention the morning after pill. So what is your point again?? Is it the personal responsibility part??
        (and no, the 95% number above is not a number that I researched, but I think you understand my point, It’s a matter of personal responsibility.)

      • I don’t trust those statistics, especially when they say further down the page that over 45% of the “rapes” were by an intimate partner! Determining consensuality in that case is problematic, to say the least! The site has an agenda and I don’t like their agenda.

        Rape is bad, unless it’s a true “consensual” rape fantasy. The idea that sex, abortion, contraception, and everything else associated with reproduction can or should be regulated or outlawed is just wrong. The state has no business interfering with anything between truly consensual adults even if it’s disgusting or harmful. Everyone has to answer to their own God eventually, regardless of whether or not they understand that. They will in time, or beyond it.

        I would like to see much better options for contraception, including one year or five year options that require no thought before or during intimate time. Another one would be a pill that could be taken just prior to intimacy, and options for the guy that could be effective just days after taking it. Any viable option for both male and female has to be safe, non-intrusive(no injections), OTC, easily available on Amazon and elsewhere, and private, with no “experience” penalty. There’s currently no push for both partners to be using contraception, though this is the best option by far. I’ve never even seen this suggested, and of course, there are essentially no available and legal male methods at all(condoms don’t count – that’s just an extra layer).

        BTW, for those interested, Plan B is available on Amazon along with a generic version. There’s no reason not to have it in your medicine cabinet if you or someone you know could possibly become party to an unwanted pregnancy. This is true for males, females, and others, if any. It’s a far better option than an abortion.

  6. This whole abortion debate is just a bunch of hooey hysteria. Sex without love without responsibility for an almost X percentage guaranteed outcome called conception which leads to a potential 9 month pregnancy.

    Humans: still figuring out how and why erection leads to conception, and what to do or not do about it.

    Families get started that way.

    It’s just a war on families, gotta get the woman to kill her offspring and sell her on it’s “her right”.

    I am glad the S Court chucked it back to the states.

    Maybe the states can chuck it back to the men, with consequences for unprotected sex with women they have no desire procreating with, who can chuck it back to the women, and maybe the women will just say no to unprotected sex, (emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual) and then chuck abortion onto the trash heap of history….in the meantime, carry on. Thank God people get old; can old people get pregnant and have babies???? (Don’t answer that!)

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