Robots Don’t Pay Income Tax

This is certainly obvious, but what would happen if non-stationary machines (robotic) were required to have Social Security numbers and pay…you know...income tax?
We get into that along with some discussion of accounting rules about depreciation this morning.
But first, let’s see how the president-elect has just basically put the whole U.S. State Department on probation, shall we?
Time to bean ’em up and fire a few lazy neurons…

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9 thoughts on “Robots Don’t Pay Income Tax”

  1. Is it the State Department or is it the CIA that calls the shots through State….. Regardless – I have to think Romney is a total joke in State as he will do what the nested neocons there want him to do – I still don’t view him as serving at the behest of the President. Watch Sunday and the Italian referendum – it could throw the final wrench into the EU.

    • Would Romney bend to the will .. I am not sure.. if you think about it.. Romney as one of the anointed ones.. he’s made a fortune from what I have read invested in overseas ventures as well as local ventures.. done well for himself.. Unlike many billionaires.. he is a conscientious person and he knows that by making america and our laborers strong will let him keep his winnings.. where a poorer person could be bought for pennies on the dollar.
      If a lobbyist came up to me.. said here is x dollars.. all you have to do is have a cup of coffee at this time .. Hmm let me think now.. starbucks here I come.. maybe even eat a pastry smiling all the way to the bank..with that said
      I personally think all legislation should be written by the legislator and every legislation should be read in session.. then voted on with the majority of legislators in chambers.. no bill should be tabled for a vote at a later time but a time limit given on all bills to be voted on to either vote yea or nae.. then I am a dreamer and this is just that a pipe dream that will never happen similar to the pipe dream that our leaders in congress need to be changed just like a babies diaper..If they keep doing a rotten job then they should be voted out.. ( how can you expect anything more than what they are presently giving you and have given you election after election ) instead we vote the same old group in election after in my honest opinion since this is what we the people do then we need to suck it up and accept it rather than complain about their rotten work ethics its really our fault for keeping them in office.. if you ran a restaurant and had a dishwasher that constantly let dirty dishes go on the floor.. and had a lot of customers complaining about the dirty dishes they get.. you would fire the present dishwasher and get a new dishwasher. to keep the one doing it now would detrimental to your company.

  2. Todays “Focus” comments were certainly food for thought for the “business type” readers. For the rest of us readers the “bowels of gruel” were a little hard to swallow!!

    • “Bowels of gruel”! LOL.

      Sounds like sausages. But now the metaphors are really getting mixed. Glad nobody mentioned pizza.

  3. Watching our government function is like watching a Chinese fire drill in full motion. Cant tax the Robots but can tax the Robot owners just like Car taxes,, Do not under estimate the govs ability when it comes to raping your income.

    • I have to disagree with taxing personal or business property. This is true for income tax too. The income tax has dissuaded me from earning above the 15% level, and I’ll only go there if I really need the money. I have earned at much higher levels due to circumstances and desires, but it’s so inefficient that I’m better off staying at the lower level of income and spending my time on myself.

      Having robots, personal assistants, and other tools be taxed would reduce me to doing nothing more than manual labor in order to maintain my relative freedom from recurrent expenses.

  4. As I read your article about taxing all income from robots and drones as regular income because they replace human jobs,
    it made sense at first until I realized that we humans shouldn’t be paying income tax in the first place. If the government owns the lives and labor of the citizens it is supposed to represent, then we are agreeing with the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto of which you say your family has been fighting against. However, since the govt is basically paying (through depreciation) for these robots, then it makes sense that it “owns the labor” of these machines. So I will send a letter to my CONgressoid requesting them to do away with human taxes and double down on the taxes of robots.

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