Retail Trifecta – and a Real Woo-Woo Story

We begin this morning with “the Numbers” and acknowledge in passing that even in market declines at the Macro level, there are still noisy trading patterns that require the occasional rally in order to square the books of otherwise runaway trend traders.

Retail Sales First

OK, retail is up 1 percent.  Meaningless to us.

Reason?  Prices.  If prices are up (see the Wednesday CPI data) of course Retail Sales will be up (somewhat) based on price inflation, and this has nothing to do with real unit volumes because those are actually down.

Latest rail figures this week show it:

“For the first 27 weeks of 2022, U.S. railroads reported cumulative volume of 6,201,367 carloads, down 0.2 percent from the same point last year; and 7,108,876 intermodal units, down 6.1 percent from last year. Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 27 weeks of 2022 was 13,310,243 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 3.5 percent compared to last year.”

Ding-ding-ding.  BS Detector goes off on Retail.  Next?

(NYFed) Empire State Outlook

Equally simple to grasp:

New orders increased marginally, and
shipments expanded significantly. Unfilled
orders edged lower for a second consecutive
month. Delivery times lengthened at the
slowest pace in months, and inventories
picked up. Labor market indicators pointed to
a solid increase in employment and a slightly
longer average workweek. While still elevated,
both the prices-paid and prices received
indexes moved significantly lower, pointing to
a deceleration in price increases. Firms turned
pessimistic about the six-month outlook, a
rare occurrence in the survey’s history.”

That’s maybe because I have been telling you for six months recession in Q3 – and since Q1 was down, we expect Q2 to be a stinker, too. Could just be a GOM (grouchy old man) effect, too though.  Not ‘vestment advice, fo sho.

(BLS) Ex-Im Prices

What comes in:


The price index for U.S. imports advanced 0.2 percent in June following a 0.5-percent increase in May and a 0.4-percent rise in April. U.S. import prices last recorded a monthly decline in December 2021. The 1.2- percent advance for the second quarter of 2022 was the smallest 3-month increase since a 0.5-percent rise for the third quarter of 2021. Prices for U.S. imports advanced 10.7 percent over the past year.

And what goes out:


Prices for U.S. exports rose 0.7 percent in June, after advancing 2.9 percent the previous month. Higher nonagricultural prices in June more than offset lower agricultural prices. U.S. export prices increased 18.2 percent from June 2021 to June 2022.”

Of all of ’em this morning, this one is the most useless because again, it’s all about prices and the Dollar is strong against other currencies (esp. Euros) and this skews the report which, in turn, skews our thinking.

To wit, flying numbers Dow futures were up 150-ish.  But our screaming pessimism insists we put this in context here:

Yes, we’re still on the road to Perdition.  This just happens to be a burger break and pee stop along the way.

Gold is about to drop into the 1600’s and this should tell any thinking person that the Biden administration will suffer huge inflation ahead of mid-terms, but by the next presidential election in 2024 we will be back in deflationary depression (with a nod to Jas Jain’s modeling the way forward).

Maybe when Europe as collapsed by then, huh?

Corrupto Currency?

By now, everyone knows that pseudo-bank Celsius has gone BK.  Embattled crypto lender Celsius files for bankruptcy protection.  Also of note this morning, the BTC prices have almost touched 21,000.

Meanwhile, we don’t know what to make of Brazil’s Largest Private Bank To Offer Crypto Custody Services.  Are they stupid and on some self-aggrandizing that will blow-up on them?  Or financial geniuses?   Too early to tell for sure, but my guess is the former.

Our whole complaint with Crypto-Corrupto comes down to two points.  First, there is nothing of value inherent in the con.  A unique number?  Shit dude, we can duchy those out all day.  Are you effin kidding me?

The second point (and remember where you heard this) is that IF CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL – CRYPTO-CORRUPTO mining is a crime against humanity.  Pisses away power like there’s no tomorrow and gives made-up bullshit numbers in return.  This as the world faces famine on the near-term horizon this winter.

Typical indicator (beyond mining using more power than the whole country of Iceland) include temporal topics like Texas’ fragile grid isn’t ready for crypto mining’s explosive growth.

Any idea how much food could be produced with the energy wasted by con artists making up their pseudo-revolutionary fairytale?

If you can imagine a Ponzi scheme where the world’s food potential is squandered to con the slow who can’t see a con.

Anyone who trades Crypto-Corrupto has placed greed over logic, as we net it out.  They are tied-at the hip to the Old-World Order.  And yes, things are changing. And yes, they need to own up to crimes against humanity.

Well, Except the Basics…

…like WAR, for example.

A little war-gore with your hashbrowns this morning?  Russia-Ukraine war live: children among the dead as rescuers search for dozens missing in Vinnytsia attack.

Which has the expected impact on global food production getting real as Ukraine grain exports down 35.4% so far in 2022/23 season -ministry.  Which part of surprised are we supposed to act?

Meantime, we laughed at G20 finance leaders in Bali to tackle Ukraine, inflation.  Sounds like a waste of jet fuel to us.  Just a meeting to keep the international financial order manipulated.  Warm up the Gulfstream?

Drippings and Drivel

Illiterate socialists in Congress who can’t Read the Constitution dept:  UPDATE 1-U.S. House panel to weigh assault weapons ban next week. While we have the luxury of a 100-meter rifle (and pistol) range in the back yard – meaning we might have above-average gun awareness – you DO know that lefties who talk about assault weapons don’t know full-auto is one of the technical descriptors of an assault weapon?

Naw… reading is just too much work. While we are sympathetic to raising the semi-auto gun purchasing age to 21, we also could only countenance that if ALL constitutional rights and duties were tied to that age.  No income tax till age 21, no military service, and so forth.  Lefty’s are in the business of picking the Constitution apart – piece by piece – their idea of a New Deal.

Fewer parties to choose from this weekend: 1 million fentanyl pills linked to Sinaloa Cartel seized in record-breaking drug bust. This is ALL thanks to the commies in Congress and the revolutionaries on the Buy’ed ‘Em team.  SINALOA drugs.  From what Country – which is in a war with us and whose borders we can’t close – because they produce food, human trafficking and…hey!  Does Hunter get stash from down there?  See how the National Media can’t even HINT at possible Truth?  Don’t ask, don’t tell news control, Am I right?

Biden’s Knee Pad tour update: Biden’s Saudi Lesson: The Only Path Runs Through M.B.S.  President Shuffles so far on this trip has managed to make Israel’s war on Iran (next month) OUR WAR here in the U.S. as U.S., Israel sign joint pledge to deny Iran nuclear weaponry.  Hmmm.  Not the power of law because it’s not a treaty.  Just more red flag-waving in front of the mullahs in Tehran.  But, gee, just think about power to ration food and institute martial law that comes with radioactive fallout, huh?  Bigger plans afoot here?  Befrore elections, anyone?

Liberals Attacking Online Media.  Oh, sure, we’re watching for DoJ expected to file antitrust lawsuit against Google in weeks.  Please – again – refer to the mid-term elections calendar.  Lawsuits like this could be used to influence Internet search, videos, and advertising impact ahead of an election.  Which – in our view is the most likely motivator.  Anyone with a LAMP stack and an ISP CAN compete with Google.

ATR/Woo: The “Gifting Cloud”

Justin, my UPS guy came by last night to drop off a delivery.  Before the package came a vacuum sealed package of his “nuclear fuel rod cooling pond” jerky.

Then, when I open the package, it’s a dandy package of black tea courtesy of Bullish Bob Bagley Securities up in Dallas.

The day before, a package of hand-selected Hawaiian pepper seeds landed – from reader Hank out on the Big Island.

Same day that a book from reader Jester up in Canada showed up, too.

And last week, reader LOOB sent me a brand-new CPAP machine – which I transferred the registration on, only to find it was on a recall list, so now a WHOLE NEW Philips Respironics unit is enroute.

Not only that, but LOOB included two bottles of homemade wine.  One of which is the Emperor’s wine recipe.

It’s not just readers who have suddenly jumped on this “be generous to George” meme.  Amazon Prime Day netted us a new 5-speakerphone rig for my office line for just over a hundred bucks.  And on eBay, an offer for a “near museum quality” vintage Hallicrafters SX 100 general coverage receiver was accepted for $250 including shipping.  Normally a $450 – $500 range kind of thing.

Week before that, Chris McCleary (who runs the National Dream Center (.com) sent Elaine and me a new anti-aging protocol to test.

See what I mean?  That’s a whole TON of generosity landing in a very small space – and in a very short time.  And that, by God, is odd.

On my side, there’s been some giving back going on, too.  So, it’s not like an unbalanced energy exchange:

Besides the “usual” for the kids I sent a long-time friend a couple of model ships to build.  He’s been under huge stress – not a good thing.

Gave some power tools to my neighbor up the hill, too.

But here’s to woo-woo, though, I can’t remember a period where there has been this much generosity flowing around in my vicinity.

Not sure if it’s meaningful.  But a couple of theories emerged from inspection.

One is that the whole Planet is in some kind of a “Giving Cloud” now.  Not sure what causes it, but I worry it’s a last-minute expression of planetary love before the nukes come out.

Or, less gruesome (not to be confused with the governor of California, but that would be excusable) way, has the global consciousness awakened to the Christmas in July idea?  I’ve had that percolating down at the subconscious level for a couple of months now.  Looking for the DUDE to answer the question.

Here you loud and clear, buddy!

The Ultra Woo-Woo Part

As you know, I do a lot of “dream work.”  What I have begun to notice is that when an exchange completes there is a very subtle (or sometimes not) relationship change.

For example, my friend who I sent the ship models to?  His work showed up in dream content overnight.    I’ll send him a note on this, but it’s likely just a mental construct/thought stub – which most dream content (but not ALL of it) is.

It’s almost like a completed exchange of goods is somehow like a “subconscious ticket” to a different level of connection with people.

Wonder if this is how shamanism functions?  Comments on experiences and insights would be appreciated.  For now, I’m somewhere between gently awed and seriously impressed with the grandeur of process.

Write when you get rich(er),

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103 thoughts on “Retail Trifecta – and a Real Woo-Woo Story”

  1. Covid is still around, and it is real. Last month I went to visit friends in the N/W. When I arrived, he was sick. A day later she was too, and tested positive (he, being a man, refused testing, (home test)). Both were vaxed.

    I’m not, and had left my vitamins at home. I was not worried. I had decided to take pre-cautions, but go about my business, being fairly healthy. (Which is no guarantee of survival, but I reckoned I had already lived a good life. To not live in fear. Each to his own. I’m not married, no kids.)

    Sure enough, had a sleepless night, with chills. Three of those, but the following nights and days, lots off sleep. Chills! Get up to pee, physically shaking by the time I got back to bed.

    And aches! Everywhere! Eyeballs! Touch my hair, ache. Nearly a week.
    No appetite, after the third day, began with broth and soups for a week.

    Lots of water, lots of C, lots of sleep. My normal response to illness is to work till tired, then rest till antsy, rinse and… Within a week was working, but often quit early for two weeks. (Even during the worst I would work for short periods, then rest, usually sleep.)

    Tired’s, but no nausea or runs. The others were coughing all the time, since I could control it, I refused to hurt my throat and avoided it unless something really needed to come up. The need did persist over a month.

    Long term, basically back to normal physically. EXCEPT when I drink coffee! Tried again this week, a small cup at 5am, could not sleep till after midnight. Makes for a lousy day after. Took a little to figure this out! I LIKE MY COFFEE!! Would say mentally, still not 100%, forget too much, logic a little slow. But maybe that was always true, just aware of it now. I LIKE MY COFFEE!

    IT’S REAL! To me, not as bad as the flu. How each one responds is up to them, just don’t force/shame me to do the same as you! Oh by the way, thanks to this site, at the beginning of this attack, I did not need to go to the the grocery store until after the madness had died down at least somewhat. Thanks George!

    • People who have had the vaxx shed the spike protein – people can get sick by just being around the vaxxed – sounds like you were ‘spiked.’

    • In my experience, N- Acetyl cysteine and Glutathione are two more excellent supports for when you catch the ‘vid. Black seed oil is really good too.

    • Thank you for sharing your story WHOINPHX. This whole damn thing is like a giant jigsaw puzzle with many pieces missing. I am worn out trying to analyze it. I try and avoid judging anyone who takes or doesn’t take the vax. In the end, we all have to live with our decision and not force it on anyone else.

      I have a grandson who is a professional hockey player and is double vaxed and boostered and has had the Rona 3 times along with a few team mates. I have friends who are unvaxed and never got sick as of yet. I took two shots and a booster to protect an immune compromised wife and granddaughter. I am debating taking a second booster as many of my friends have done. As of this date I have not had a sniffle.

      I have tried to sort through all the medical opinions both pro and con vaccination including the extremes on both sides. There is plenty of evidence for both arguments. The blood clot issues with young athletes who took the vaccine is a huge concern for sure. I will continue to search and try to learn and I do appreciate George allowing me to use this forum to do so. This is a good group.

      Can I ask you a few questions?

      How many shots had your friends taken (1,2,3,4)?
      What is your blood type (O, A)?
      You mention you left your vitamins home. Do you take Vitamin D supplements?

      It is obvious to every thinking human being that this is a purposely engineered virus that will keep mutating to infinity. Dr. Campbell’s video yesterday was talking about Omicron BA2.5, the next variant on the move. Think of this as a COVID tree trunk with several branches of which Omicron is one branch with smaller branches of the variants. There are several other branches like Omicron off the main trunk. They will most probably deliver their own set of variants.

      Dare I say a Chinese puzzle?

      • @BIC
        Type O. Vitamins included D3, NAC, MULTI & C. Very high dosage of C while sick, plus garlic/cayenne and black seed oil. It is a mystery/weapon and not a nothing burger.

    • Phew I can totally kicked my azz for over a month.. afterwards I was having a lot of issues catching my breath when I laid down.went to the doctor and they said it had created enough damage that I now had copd and would need an inhaler ( 600 a month cost unless I made a monthly trip to Canada or Mexico where it’s 25 or 10 if you get generic )… so I checked out Chinese herbal medicine it said to
      Drink red ginseng tea …or take the capsules..I am no doctor but I tried it and I swear by it for myself.. it helped me..

      • Chinese/Korean Red “Sang” – taken in Winter/cold its nature is “hot”

        American “Sang”- taken in warm months, as its nature be Cool.

      • All of the D3, C and Zinc now sit idle on our bar. None of us have taken anything out of the ordinary since, crimany, March maybe and getting my wife, type O blood, to take anything is like pulling teeth. She wasn’t brought up with vitamins as I was. B’s are what I’m all about now to get my butt through the work day and the “horse paste” is always near at hand.

        We did attend the funeral of one friend who just let the infection go on for way too long but wouldn’t go to the doctors or ask for help in any other way until too late. Talk about living in denial when death is staring you in the face. Devastated his kids but he was master of his own destiny. Aren’t we all?

    • “EXCEPT when I drink coffee! ”

      Right with you there to. Coffee the Healthcare workers treasure….it took a few weeks for that to pass and I could get back to enjoying a good cup ( or pot) of coffee..

  2. WordMeister: end at beginning, I feel rich(er) by having lost less of late (aside from precious metals which are still green, just less forest green more avocado green).

    On all this kindness flowing your way: you feel OK? My read is people are nicest to them who are about to check out. Probably read some of those Earl Gray tea leaves …

    Thought about you early am reading about relative value Tesla vs SpaceX (due to the StarLink component. I have argued for years Elon should dump the EV bus. and focus on space. Sat. to dish seems smart. The rest?

    Last: a bit of preaching. I lust after vastly more “things” than I buy with my hard-earned dosh. OK, I did buy a _very_ nice old 35″ J Class hull (sans rig and sails) but that was conservation so it didn’t go to trash.

    I think many are shopping a bit much. Spend less stack more, hey?

    Write when you woo (woo),

    • SpaceX has had some real breakthroughs on rocket management. I am not sure the low orbit satellite internet (starlink) will make economic sense. 20-30K satellites that likely need to be replaced every 5 years. Talk about wasting resources? Maybe they can make economic sense of that model, it is just hard for me to grasp. It is only a matter of time before a Kessler event happens causing a chain reaction debris storm. – That would be catastrophic for our use of low orbit, but they also just have risk from solar activity – (potentially costing the company about $100 million.)

      • The sat thing isn’t as wasteful as it sounds. Bear in-mind we went from 28.8 v32 modems to 2Mb modems in 5 years.

  3. Come on Man!

    We dont need no water, let the ____________ burn, burn ______, burn.
    think they call it karma or something..
    western half US -check
    ukraine -check, this out like a hot knife thru butter – France, Italy.. all the weapon supplying TERRORIST Nations of the EU. Nederland hotting up over forced starvation..

    Europeans No Likey being called Terrorists and Naterz(Haters frm NATO) PooterZ NO Likey Neither.
    Think these entitled eurodopes would have learned something from their Parents and Grandparents who lived thru WWII.

    *Re framing for historical clarity – Light Bringers Court vs the darkness of judeo/christianity..the dark “gods” of antiquity. dundundun

    ?what is the opposite of AMOR/LOVE ? ROMA..nuff said
    ..or have forgotten about p12’s rat lines out of nazi germany.

    ? for the community ? 2 birdz/2 beakz? nein -twin peaks2017/d.lynch..trinity(7/16/45) atomic blast chain reaction destroyed Reality that was there at the time.
    ? quantum immortality? Conscious Re Created Reality…apparently there there was tiny “hole” in the recreated and “BOB” had to come wit. You guessed right if think Bob is the devil. ? Does this happen ? every time at every detonation ? How may friggen “bob’s” have we let the hell in this that what raphaim of bible (disembodied giants) still Are?

    time 4 breakfast -off to eat some Sun rays..yum.

    • TtwH,

      Did you draw a full house? Well one can draw solace that Mrs. T. was tickled pink to offer the peace sign to a “Splash” photographer. This while exiting a favorite Italian restaurant steps from home having grazed lightly according to the proprieter. Clad in a leapardskin coat she appeared blissful in the company of a bodyguard. Yet to be found at the bottom of a staircase so shortly thereafter. One wishes The Don well in these capital stormy seas.

    • I must be losing brain cells! I tried to parse this and failed utterly. Is it jargon from the Church of the Subgenius? At least I did check out the link and it confirmed what I’d thought from the beginning – Ukraine has about as much chance as South Vietnam did. We have long supply lines and no obvious reason(other than the Biden corruption) to even care. Russia has a methodical plan and they’re winning at a relaxed pace. If we continue to be involved in this stupid conflict, we’ll be sharpening sticks to re-arm our military. The more equipment we send to Ukraine, the more gets turned into scrap metal by the Russians.

      Just imagine what that equipment and our military could do on our southern border if we ever chose to defend it!

      • “Ukraine has about as much chance as South Vietnam did.”

        Exactly @NM Mike… two kind of wars you cannot win.
        A religious war
        And an Ethics war.. Ukrainians asked Putin for help.. they seen him as the one to clean up the vast corruption there. The genocide, rapes, child trafficking, illegal organ harvesting, money laundering,
        A person I use to visit with. ( I pray they are ok) years ago told me about crucifixion of people not willing to accept.. even small children..
        Not to mention over 30 illegal bio warfare labs..
        So Putin sees himself as justified..even gave those citizens ample time to get to safety..
        We on the other hand ho to war for enriching others..taking their raw resources for the gain of a few..
        Now my opinion is after the signing of those agreements yesterday we added one more to the list.. iran, saudi arabia now asking to join the brics.. parking missiles and our bombers close to China. Along with opened borders that have an estimated half million a month crossing.. news today was putin is going to give an ultimatum..
        China is eerily quiet.. Xi was trying to be the voice of diplomacy and went on deaf ears just like putins requests for us to keep our word..
        I fear this is not going to end well.. I sure wouldn’t plan on any Delaware vacations anytime in the future.. ..and NYC is giving the new duck and cover warning to the residents of nyc..

      • Consciousness = Non local

        Our brains be like an antenna – and man o manschevitz do some of them need serious cleaning & tuning..
        – working on amping personal antenna up! MOAR nrg.

        .while some guyz still be hamming around..

      • Ukraine has a much slimmer chance than South Vietnam did.

        Did you watch the vid? That was some absolutely stunning and flabbergasting targeting.

        BTW, I’ve figured it out. “Sharpening sticks” is exactly right!

        The folks who installed Biden gave him strict orders to deplete our military, to make up for Trump having restocked & reloaded it. This is the only explanation for the Afghan dump and our ~$50bln in aid to Ukraine, so far, with more to come…

      • @LOOB

        “news today was putin is going to give an ultimatum..”

        He already has.

        Read my post from a few days ago.

        The Western press is going to pick up the address he made, where he stated that should Russia be named a “State sponsor of Terrorism” the Duma would immediately declare war on Ukraine, thus making it open season on any country which supplied aid, intel, or materiel to Ukraine after the Declaration. IIRC Putin also stated that if a Declaration of War were issued, he would conquer Ukraine and destroy 100% of its fighting ability within 24 hours…

        Lest anyone forget: “Bottom 7% of Russian soldiers…”

    • If’fn somebody drops a nuke on NYC, Grand Central Station is going to be “ground zero.” The PSA is pointless, because there won’t be a skyscraper left standing between Jersey and Connecticut, south of the residence halls at Fordham. If I’m going to get nuked, I’d much rather be at the bomb’s IP than buried under 50,000 tons of rubble and dying a slow death from radiation poisoning…

  4. Certainly completed exchange of goods will create a positive connection to friends, neighbors or “other people”. But lest we not forget the spiritual connection. Last year when I returned from the hospital under strict O2 and physical limits orders my wife and I were looking at possibly extreme changes to our lives. After a long discussion with, to paraphrase Andy, the Dude I decided to lay it all out to him and agreed to accept what he wanted for me. One thing he told me was that my recovery was up to me and I should follow the Doc’s instructions. Do that and the rest will follow.
    Long story short, all is well. The ranch is still here and we are having the time of our lives. While I was under house arrest a day did not go by that one of the “Executive Committee” did not stop by or call and a lot of the jobs I was worried about got done without me even asking.
    I have not forgotten that this did not come to pass free gratis. There is a bill to pay and I look forward to paying it.

    Stay safe. 73

  5. “Gold is about to drop into the 1600’s and this should tell any thinking person that the Biden administration will suffer huge inflation ahead of mid-terms”.

    George, can you please explain the above to those of us who have less in the way of charting and investing skills? It would seem to me that it would indicate more of a deflation, though food and fuel argue against that. Is this just a setup for insiders to buy more? I’m missing something. Of course, the dollar index is especially high for now, without any obvious reason beyond the EU being in the toilet.

    • You bet – slow assets – like gold – tend to be sold when people are raising money for HOT (for 10-minutes, lol_) investments. Remember the market – up today 550+ on the Dow. Some damn fools will sell gold to chase the higher return as inflation will increase the book value of companies.

      Over time it reverses and the stocks fall again – and then money will come into gold as people realize the paper chase is just thast – paper.

      Honestly Mike, it’s a judgement call. I have seen a couple of years back when before btc we had gold go up when stocks went down. Miracles of financial engineering although the effect is more media hype than anything.

      We would sell our “lone gold rouond” to buy paper not matter what!

  6. A&&&&&&farms has #10 cans of dehydrated or freeze dried foods on sale for up to 50%off . Today is the last day on our favorite on line free delivery with membership site. Some as low as $10 a can. Great deals

    There is a $1.25 store with a a Tree that sells shelf stable whole milk for 1.25 that has a shelf life for more than 12 months. They also have the same kind of boxed Almond milk. This store is worth checking out. Recently I bought a box of 80 security envelopes, 2 jars of coconut butter, a large can of name brand baked beans, and name brand foaming hand soap. Each for $1.25.

    George is in no specific danger of dying. As a group we are all very aware that our time on line is probably very limited and we are grateful for this site. People are saying thank you while they can.

    George I figured it out. I can’t say bad things about specific stores. How’d I do?

  7. So check this for a woo. My scanner for years has lines down the page where the receptors burned out. Yesterday, I scanned some pages, and everything works perfectly again. Figure that.
    Something else I have always noted that is weird. People come into our store in groups. You can have nothing for hours, and then suddenly groups of people will come off of the highway at the same time, within minutes of each other like a sign lit up that said “free”. Noticed that for years. I have no idea why, because it has nothing to do with time, such as lunch.

    • I’ve noticed that from the side of being the only customer, parking lot empty.
      Turn to check out and the whole neighborhood shows up at the same time.

      • Happened to us at the bank today, totally empty, one clerk. By the time we left, several waiting in line.

        Withdrawing money from the bank.

    • “Something else I have always noted that is weird. People come into our store in groups. You can have nothing for hours”

      Hmm.. been in a traffic jam.. rush hour traffic.. there isn’t any mystery about that @chris
      Years ago.. the 7/11 type store I worked at part time during the reagan recession and we had similar problems.. I pondered it .. it was like trying to pour a heavy liquid through a funnel all at one time.. the funnel will overflow.. and then getting off to get to that job from the job at the plant.. I was stuck.. three blocks and it took forever for me to get there.. everyone was trying to get home at the same time….
      It was shift change.. the flush em out at the same time.. so I figured if the companies around here would only tier the shift changes.. and I wrote up a simple suggestion and dropped off a sheet of paper with each of the local companies with a proposed shift change..
      many of the companies adopted what I suggested at the time I had suggested and from then on it was a steady flow instead of the mad rush and I didn’t get stuck in a line forever….

    • Chris, I had this happen with one of my cameras yesterday. A bright white line running down the image that lasted for a day and then resolved itself. The camera is always on. I have no idea why this would happen in a CCD, but it’s something to note.

  8. Railroad Carloads – IGNORE TOTALS

    The relevant number for economic activity is the Intermodal Units.

    Total carloads are greatly distorted by COAL shipments and OIL shipments.

    From memory coal shipments make up 60% of all car load shipments and those are down for DOMESTIC consumption (coal use for electric generation in the US is DOWN 75%+- since it’s peak in 2007) but UP for EXPORT. In addition OIL SHIPMENTS are up dramatically since the oil price low of a couple of years ago (Bakkan Oil has to mostly be moved by rail – thanks to the political lobbying by Warren Buffet who owns the Burlington Northern RR and funded the political effort to kill his competitor, the Keystone Pipeline).

    High demand for EXPORT Coal = higher total carloads reported
    (super high right now due to the reduction of oil for power generation overseas, every mine is working overtime again)
    High demand for Oil due to a shortage = higher total carloads reported due to the movement of a LOT more oil by rail.

    Intermodal carloads are a more accurate of economic activity in the US … but beware! Some of those carloads are cross country unit trains carrying Asian goods going to Europe that are using the US rails to bypass the Panama Canal. Now that the backlog is ending in LA/Long Beach MORE of those trains are most likely making the transit cross country.

  9. Some people see a deal and buy it up to save a few dollars, while some people will buy it with prepping in mind. – And while some (can’t) take advantage of a good deal, those who can, laugh all the way to the tank.

    And some people wonder where the sayings come from: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    “Vortexa’s data shows most of the products arriving in the Middle East from Russian ports are fuel oil, diesel/gasoil, and more recently, jet fuel and kerosene.“

    • But of course. They’re buying Russian petro products at a discount then flipping them to NATO and Japan for market. That’s millions of dollars every day in free money…

    • When an entity purchases goods from an embargoed nation, then boosts the sale of exports for the same products, it is called laundering.
      I see the same thing happening with material origin certs. When you see enormous amounts of energy products and industrial goods originating from piss-ant locations, well, it doesn’t take a Phd talking head to figure it out.

      • Whatever it’s called, it’s helping keep oil flowing to our gas stations and elsewhere. The sanctions are stupid, and so is our involvement in a war we are only prolonging. I’d buy Russian oil in a heartbeat. Since idiot Brandon is doing all he can to shut down the country, extraordinary measures are warranted to remain agile and functional.

      • “I see the same thing happening with material origin certs. When you see enormous amounts of energy products and industrial goods originating from piss-ant locations, well, it doesn’t take a Phd talking head to figure it out.”

        AMEN @n_____ AMEN
        Kind of like Russian Oil being sold to one country then bought by US or the UK
        Its all in the business model ..

  10. Economic whiplash this, economic whiplash that. Long story short.

    The thought of buying a freezer and filling it with vacuumed sealed beef (from the source/not $WMT) might be a good one to play with. On the other side of the collapse we’ll be eating bugs. Canada .gov is investing hugely in cricket farms.

    Now for pet foods:

    Massive cricket-processing facility comes online in London, Ont.

    Later for pet & people foods:

    On June 27, 2022, Agriculture and Agric-Food Canada announced that the federal government is investing up to $8.5 million into an insect production facility in London, Ontario.

    The Natural Nutrition of Crickets

    – Has twice as much protein as beef

  11. Speaking of Woo Woo..

    I got a courtesy call from a company I buy stuff from frequently that has stuff shipped in from China..
    She said she just wanted to know if I needed anything that I should possibly consider putting in my order asap.. I appreciated that call they know something we don’t that may be coming down the road…

    • They know we’re going to be starving in five months, and unwilling to purchase anything that’s not food-related. It doesn’t take much of an actuary to figure that out. The lady just wants to move product while she still can…

  12. With your recent comments on crypto/Bitcoin, you might think a bitcoin broke into your house and kicked your cat. Where to start, well theres the crimes against humanity. That is a giant stretch when BC processing can never be done with retail electricity prices. Almost all BC miners negotiate to consume excess electricity when the grid is producing to much and it is otherwise wasted. Or they have their own cheap source of power. If you were to run a BC miner on the excess electric from your farm, where is the damage to humanity? There also “can” be a huge benefit to free people around the world to use a currency that is not in control of crooks/dictators, so potentially a boon to humanity (think about Canada and US freezing their citizens back accounts). Try and also imagine how much energy does our current currency consume. Physical banks, ATMs, data processing, swift, printing and transport of physical money. I get it, you don’t want a replacement for the fed dollar and maybe that is because you are at the sunset of your life. I however will support ideas to have mechanisms of barter that empower my kids and reduce their dependence on money printing crooks. Will that be BC maybe, but if not I will trying to find the next thing to bring that control back to the people.

    • So – give it a look as a professional manager.
      Energy is a resource. Use once (exception for hydro and wind but dubious in drought, as Lake Mead shows.
      Is the greatest net benefit to society:
      1. Trying to replace a government mandated money system
      2. Using low and zero emission vehicles
      3. Pumping and desal of fresh water
      4. Using energy to make and distribute food?

      In my world, 1 is a nonstarter.

      • non starter due Ure En-Slavement, uncle Tom ?
        math sux – use once ? un-used energy is wasted – a negative. concept known as Zero no workey here ?

        And zo call Ure bullscheisse on BTC -Mr Logical Fallacies.

        using excess electricity that would be wasted otherwise -green
        using a fraction of BTC to buy Solar install/panels/electronics – drill water well-green genius
        no paper,ink.printing, distribution, counterfeiting, = Costs, BTC none of that – green
        SLAVERY -negative
        Freedom – scary apparently, but still major Positive .

      • People have done far more in history to protect their freedoms. As I said in most cases miners are consuming “excess” power. Windmills and solar panels run and generate power regardless if it is fully consumed. Probably would not be running a BC mining operation in the Texas summer unless using something like flared methane or similar wasted resource to generate power, but it might make sense in spring and fall. Power generated but not consumed is wasted, very little grid power is stored for future consumption. Anyway I see great value in having a trading media, that “leaders” cannot corrupt to their own benefit. As you so rightly highlight our currency is debased by over 96% since 1913 and debasement will accelerate as we print to cover our liabilities. We should do nothing, try nothing new, just accept the elites stealing away our futures?

        • Your swallowing the “excess power” storyline fascinates me!

          There IS NO EXCESS POWER – save nukes which are a special (and messy_) case.

          Every other source, shut it down and it’s better for the environment. Few dead birds from wind, less smoke from gas oil and coal, and fewer fish dying with hydro.

          The coiners have this delusion that everything should run 100 percent and if demand is 90 percent, they want the 10 percent at rates FAR cheaper than the rest of us law abiding tax victims pay. I say screw ’em. One rate for all and if the con fails WTF?

          Remember that word EQUALITY I keep harping on?>

      • George, I’m no special fan of BTC, largely because I don’t trust it’s worth as “money”. In particular, it’s not especially private and anonymous. In fact, it’s not completely fungible either, since it’s a known and trackable hash. The government may claim the “right” to exclusive control of our primary means of exchange, as it does the right to steal it, track it, and freeze it. As libertarian, I find these aspects to be abhorrent. Metals have always been considered the “ideal money”, being anonymous, fungible, divisible, etc., but even they cannot cross international boundaries in quantity without either permission or subterfuge. For that matter, neither can we. One of my primary values is individual freedom, and government is a necessary evil, like fire. It can get out of control far too easily as we’re currently seeing. The ability to print at will, devalue at will, and extinguish value at will is not, IMHO, a legitimate governmental function. IF the government is subject to the will of people, then these things would be anathema and not tolerated. Today we have both a government and a “money” system that’s beyond our control. I’m not saying that cryptos are a solution, but perhaps some of them could be. Stablecoins were a stab in that direction, but the Fed/Treasury has telegraphed its intent to regulate them too. I don’t have a solution, other than avoiding putting all eggs in one basket. We Americans claim to value freedom, yet we’ve found ways to reduce it way beyond what the founders could have imagined. My biggest concern regarding money is the likelihood of a digital dollar as the prime store of value and means of exchange. While it’s nice to be able to trust your gov’t(fat chance), digital currency and its manipulation is entirely in their hands. We’ve had plenty of science fiction demonstrating this. There are some cryptos with designed in anonymity, but even those have their flaws. It’s not just criminals that value their privacy.

  13. Never heard the term, “thought crime” outside of futuristic scary movies … and now the world’s legal systems are looking into it … thinking about it. Not wanting this but, the term is now in the mix of things … and as definitions seem to change, this might be something that starts (here) small and then gets redefined until in the future, you might get convicted of a Thought Crime … I worry about shit like this.

    • There are many “hate” crimes on the books and regularly enforced. A hate crime is just another name for a thought crime, because you are not being punished only for the physical crime, but by what the prosecutor’s believe you were thinking when you committed the crime. These laws should be removed as they will not be equally enforced and I don’t care especially what your motivation was, just meet out the harshest punishment for the crime possible if you were to add a “hate” conviction to the punishment.

      • Hey JoeDish;

        That’s truer than true. Wonder when “hate crime” labels will go beyond racism. Heck, pretty much any time there’s enough anger in someone to harm or kill someone else, there’s hatred. Damn

  14. Ahhhhhaa fat/Fib king !!!! Telling all those good old stories from the old country get the zombies all freaked out . 1 gold coin boof? Better buy some right here . Maybe 73 . You going to moriarty wedding . See the fake gold boss with his new grandaughter squeeze?probably on the phone to him daily with Bobby pretzel and other yankee fortune tellers

  15. George
    In response to your first news-dribble today, the House of Clowns surely did NOT read the Bruen decision, at least not thoroughly.
    Thomas (bless his heart) put in a whole paragraph discussing how the Second Amendment applied to arms ‘commonly available and in use at the time it was written” and so should be applied in the same manner today.
    My favorite assault weapon is a Winchester M94 in .30-30.
    If this doesn’t sound like an assault weapon to you, ask any Native American what an assault weapon looks like, because that is what did the number on his people.
    I have two, and also a Marlin 336 variant. The Marlin wears a scope for hunting but the M94s are strictly for home defense.
    Winchester made a little over 7 million of them before production was moved to the Win Custom Shop in Miroku Japan. (They went from easy to find used at about $300 to over $750 and a new one from the Custom Shop on special order is about $1600.)
    Of the AR-15 style rifles from all makers (and there are many) there have already been over 20 million sold, so they now outnumber the old lever action by about 3 to 1.
    That has to fulfill the requirement for “common use and availability” as Thomas described in his decision.
    So once again the House of Fools is tilting at a windmill. This has been decided before they take the vote. Hopefully the House Parliamentarian Review will shut them down before they even vote.

      • majority “intel’ agencies inside govt sponsor these “shootings” as tools ..for Leverage/Funding in next years budget..also dont forget german dvd fav target is Women & Children…see uvalde school shooting..

        Always about the money, ALWAYS.

        DHS/FEMA/FBI ect – same clown show, same clown show results. They dont care about you, me or anybody else in this “lightless”
        Government..”feather Ure own nest, and F the Herd or is it the Un Heard?

      • In my opinion what Plato warned us about democracy holds true today.. 2400 years ago, Plato warned his fledgling democracy that its leaders should not have property or the means to expand their wealth, assuming that power and wealth were detrimental to society.
        In fact Early religions decided that greed was not an asset for society and since they lived a religious society wrote the laws in the holy books to affect their own beliefs on how their communities should be ran… Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, and Christians decided greed was a sin. Unfortunately the church didn’t get rid of greed or espouse democracy and Christ was put to death because he was one born to a single woman and for not following the religious teachings of the day…
        Our forefathers, believing the ideals of democracy, created a government where power and greed would be curtailed. This included limited power given to the president. the Second amendment was added as a safety measure to keep the politicians from letting Greed take hold of them..
        These ideals worked pretty well for a while. We paid lip-service to democracy but stumbled with who would share democratic rights. Somewhere in the 1970s, we decided to give in and admit that greed was more important than democracy. then the famous supreme court ruling that there should not be any checks and balances for congress members..
        Students came to college, not to get a broad-based education, but to learn how to make more money and gain more power.
        Colleges of Law are spending more time teaching students how to get around the laws, rather than implementing or improving them and our politicians are exempt from the laws that are passed… Like the sophists of Plato’s time who gave more emphasis to rhetoric, argumentation, and propaganda, our attorneys in Congress are far more adapted to playing games than achieving legislation.. They pass laws that are never even read. In fact they will give you a thousand reasons why they shouldn’t read the laws they pass.
        NOW.. take into consideration.. THE LAPTOP from Hell..
        a great book but it doesn’t even begin to touch on the depth of what has been published.. overseas they had one channel on internet tv.. that a few months ago had nothing but HUNTER BIDEN HOME MADE MOVIE DAYS
        and the fierce work to cover over all of the allegated activities.. the money transfers etc.. it is so bad and so deep that if any of it at all is real.. it would make this group in DC the most corrupt in the history of our country.. I think it isn’t the gun that kills but the person with the gun..I have no fears of someone that buys a gun and goes through the checks and ballances that are already on the books.. I have a greater fear of the guns that our govt is handing out to cartels and third world.. the transportation of unvetted illegals.. if ten percent of those shuffled across the border are in fact what they threatoned to do for year.. send warriors over posing as refugees.. then we have a formidable enemy army within and supported by our dual standard system.. there are those that cannot see the implications of what I see.. and I get that.. even though if what I think is going on and will happen will in fact affect them and their loved as well.. if there is an army within our borders.. and if they did give each of them a half million as was suggested a year back..
        None of what is going on is good..
        and if .. by par chance.. any of the club-k defense systems made it past and into our country…
        we litterally could be chasing ghosts.. a wild goose chase from a system that is out on vacation..
        and if none of the other happens.. we have the printing fiasco to deal with.
        . we are all screwed either way in my opinion..
        My only hope is that my opinions are totally WRONG… and the bus isn’t being ran by beavis and butthead..

  16. “What I have begun to notice is that when an exchange completes there is a very subtle (or sometimes not) relationship change. For example, my friend who I sent the ship models to? His work showed up in dream content overnight… It’s almost like a completed exchange of goods is somehow like a ‘subconscious ticket’ to a different level of connection with people.”

    One of the Great Big Secrets of Life is that we are continuously connected to People and Things every second. We exist in a huge energy field. Everything at its essence is energy, including us.

    So we are not only swimming in a huge Universal Sea of Energy… we are also that very Sea as well…. made of the ‘same stuff’.

    Our personal consciousness is a temporary (usually life-long) amnesia of our true connection to all the ‘People’ and ‘Things’ around us. Even those at great distances and other periods in the ‘timeline’ (which is also an illusion).

    When people have Out-of-body experiences and Near-Death experiences (and yes, certain dream-states)… They come back with vivid accounts of feeling a deep connection to ‘The Big Everything’. They feel themselves as the energy field that we are actually all the time but don’t usually experience in our normal waking-state. And those lucky souls who have those experiences come back profoundly changed and with a newly-realized understanding of what Our World and our lives as ‘individuals’ are.

    We are ‘leaking’ thoughts and intentions and vibrations and frequencies continuously into Universe whether we are ‘awake’ or ‘asleep. We are broadcasting out to Universe (and we are receiving countless ‘broadcasts’ as well. A process of ‘Eternal Exchange’).

    And with some People and Things we find a vibrational match with very quickly. And when it’s not so fast… vibrations tend to match each other over time. Not always… if our vibrations are quick far apart. But the matching is quicker the closer in vibration that we are to something or someone.

    Damn fine set up Our Source has going here. And one hell of a ride for we who are so very lucky be a part of it all.

  17. Well I enjoy my burgers.. but I do have a future grand daughter in law that is a VEGAN and a niece.. or if Beef is just to expensive.. you can make a substitute beef mix..
    so what do we do around here..
    we make bean burger..
    ( you can add one cup of glutin granuals to.. if you make your own glutin I flavor it )
    1 Can Black Beans
    1 Can chick peas
    1 Can Lentils
    1 Can Pinto
    2 large Portobello mushrooms
    1 tbsp vegetable oil
    1 Cup oats
    1 medium beet
    1 tbsp tapioca starch ( you can use corn or potato starch to )
    1 tbsp nutritional yeast
    1 tsp marmite
    1 Tsp onion powder
    1 tbsp liquid smoke
    drain and rinse beans.. in colander
    take a small brush and brush off the mushroom spores lightly ..then place in blender.. blend until they are all chopped fine..
    take a stick of butter.. or oil.. I put a little smoke flavoring in the butter.. cook the mushrooms until soft..
    take your beans and a half can of lentles, mushrooms and blend in the blender until chopped..
    peel and chop the beet.. add to blender and pulse it to mix it into the bean mix..
    Add the starch, marmite, nutritional yeast, and liquid smoke to blender and pulse..
    pour mixture into bowl and add remaining lentils and mix.. now you can freeze this.. or you can make patties out of it..

    1/2 Gallon Fresh Milk
    1 container of ricotta cheese
    1 tbsp methyl-cellulose HV
    1 tbsp Wheat Gluten
    1/2 tsp Chicken Flavor Powder (vegan chicken broth mix)
    2 1/4 tsp Gypsum powder
    1/2 Cup water
    Cook milk in a sauce pan over low heat and bring up to 165º
    and allow to cool back to temp.
    Mix methyl-cellulose, ricotta cheese, vital wheat gluten, and chicken flavor in a separate bowl and set aside
    when you pass the 165º mark turn off the heat and mix together the water and gypsum powder together really well.
    Once your milk cools back down to 165º slowly stir and slowly pour in your gypsum mixture
    Let sit for 30 minutes, you will see the milk start to coagulate
    Once coagulated pour milk through a cheese cloth lined strainer or your cheese press and squeeze out water
    Add your cellulose and flavor mixture and fold in
    Now using a mold or by hand shape your mixed curds into block shape and tightly wrap with the cheese cloth.

    • Oh once you shape the chicken mix.. steam them for about ten minutes.. then you can cool them and bread it.. or what ever..

  18. “full-auto is one of the technical descriptors of an assault weapon?”

    Now, that’s simply not true. Everybody knows: “If a gun looks scary, it is an assault weapon…”

    I was in a pawn shop yesterday.

    Ever notice, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, and 10mm wrenches and sockets can spontaneously sprout wings and fly away — even from a latched tool box? I needed 7/16, 1/2, and 9/16 3/8 deep well sockets to redo a chain-link fence, and the FOUR socket sets that I have are all devoid of the aforementioned sizes. First pawn shop, a guy is selling his shotgun: 12ga autoloader w/10 round mag, also had a 40x scope, laser, and illuminator attached to its FIVE RAILS, and front & rear pistol grips.

    The pawn shop was selling used tools for over new-tool retail, so I checked out the e-bicycle on my way out the door to try another pawn shop (where I bought all three sockets — S-K, Craftsman -VV- and looked brand new, paid 50 cents for the three of ’em.)

    BTW, the dude selling the shotgun got $80, which I figure is just about enough money to pay for the rails. ‘Wish I’d gotten to that first store 10mins sooner and met him at the door…

    • Even a kid’s sling shot looks scary if it’s loaded, stretched and pointed at your face and, yeah, that guy got ripped off big time.

      A couple of people I talked to mentioned semi-auto shotguns over on ZH such as the Komrad and the Rock Island VR-80. The Komrad is up there in price, being a Kalashnikov look-alike (one of those “scary ones”), but I was surprised to see, even now, that the VR-80 was about the same price on Gun Broker as my Black Aces Series M box magazine fed semi-auto. I’d have thought the prices would have bounced well into the price-gouging territory some months ago but I guess everyone’s concentrating on the AR and AK platforms. Being an old fart that can take a bit too long getting the front and rear sights to focus in and come together a shotgun covers a lot of area when split seconds count. The only problem is 11 rounds, one in the chamber and 10 in the magazine, start to get pretty heavy after a while.

      • I tell ya what Joe, them hollow point 12 gage slugs are the shit. That is a big fucking bullet. It will rip the door off a Honda. Trust me on that. I seen one rip the door off a honda civic up on C post Road im Derrington Washington shooting. Someone abandoned a car up there. So everyone was using it for target practice. LOL

        We used to get fresh ornaments every Christmas. After we took the tree down. We would take all the ornaments up to the mountains up that way. Hang them on trees and go way back and shoot them. Until my youngest (daughter) at age 7 told me in not so many words, its not okay to shoot christmas tree ornaments and threw her peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the back of my head. To which I replied as she was balling her eyes out in the ornaments defense, yes Mam. We won’t shoot the Christmas tree ornaments anymore.

        So we blew up a bunch of stuffed animals instead that she picked out a substitute.


        I choose a nice remeington 870, double aught, double aught, hollow point slug.

        I really like that combo when loading amon. double aught, double aught buck shot, then followed by a one once hollow point slug.

        You wont need a Lazer for that.

        Especially if they are enlighten enough to hide around the corner in a house with a sheet rocked wall.

      • Right?

        I can’t imagine needing a “target locator” of any kind on a shotgun. The optical was about 2″ at the objective and mounted on the top rail. Laser was mounted to a side rail below the right side of the scope; the illuminator looked like an Olight, and was mounted to a 3rd rail below the left side of the scope. I can’t think of any possible use for that setup, except possibly deer shining from the back of a moving pickup. I simply assume the owner had more money than brains, and felt a need to hang $600+ worth of gofasters on his ~$700 shotgun…

      • Joe, a lot of States in flyover only allow deer hunting with a smoothbore (shotgun or muzzleloader), or a firearm which fires a pistol round (ever see a .45-90 saddlegun? I have!)

        Around here they use rifled slugs with no choke…

  19. Here’s some woo woo for fatso. Mexican peso parity with USD . Gold 10000 US an oz . Hidden Mexican treasure . FED disbanded sent home to israhell . Klaus schwab first non American president (after Obama). New fast food chain called Mc insects .

    • Len, Ya just plain suck. You always get the last discombobulated undecipherable, plain dumb comment into the chat about the love of your life, yellow dawg.

      Can you give it a rest ? Or in plain language, stake out your position ?
      Maybe contribute in a contrite manner what your life’s passion is focused on ?

      George is such a defender of freedom to give you such leeway, but really, what is your game ? Besides disrespecting GU and us regulars ?

  20. I had my own small case of ‘woo’ yesterday into today. While dining at a local rapid chicken joint, a group meandered in reminding me of a family I dealt with about 20 years ago whose family tree doesn’t branch. I had arrested one of the daughters and sent her to the pen for 5 years. Today I looked at my email USPS ‘Misinformed Delivery’ to find a notice from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Victim Services. I figured it might be a notice of release on somebody I sent down 20 years ago or so. I mentioned the notice to my wife, and she asked about that same woman I had arrested 20 years ago. I told her it couldn’t be her, because she only got 5 years and would have been out years ago. Well, when the mail arrived I opened the notice, and it was about that same individual. Notification that she was back in prison for unlawful use of a motor vehicle in another county. That messed with my mind a bit, that I thought of her yesterday, my wife thought of her today, and then I get a letter about her.

    • Perfectly normal case of pre woo by the sound of it. When a lot of those begin to pile up, your kindship feeling with me and andy will rocket. It will begin happening first once a month then weekly and with andy – sometimes a few times a day.
      Keeps life entertaining!

  21. Today I visited the library. What did I see on the shelf beside Jane Fonda’s “What Can You Do?”. Yes, there appearing scarcely touched by human hand, “How to Avoid Climate Disaster” by Bill Gates. At page 233 “an invaluable writing partner”, Josh Daniel, is acknowledged. Warren Buffett read the manuscript too.

    There is mention of the US achieving oil self-sufficiency (in 2019/20?) for the first time in 7 decades. No mention is made of Mr. Trump. However when it comes to 2021, climate and covid-19 challenges, Mr. Biden is the leader for the job. Mr. Gates offers up that he learned that government is benevolent from his Microsoft antitrust woes in the 90’s. In fact he laments that government is not more involved in the economy. Hopefully those of us not fortuitously blessed with billions in their personal foundation will contemplate we take a haircut so that the poor people of the world can gain their share of the bounty of the Earth. Honestly, by just scanning the few pages that I have, I think I could comfortably address Mr. Gates with the friendly honorific of comrade.

    Spoiler Alert:
    ‘What Each of Us Can Do –
    – Lobby elected officials
    – Run for office
    – Sign up for utility green pricing
    – Reduce your home’s emissions
    – Buy an electric vehicle
    – Try a plant-based burger”

    Well, I think that book will be going back to the library soon for the next person to enjoy.

    Next, hmm, looks a bit more interesting:
    “Drawing on the Dominant Eye – decoding the way we perceive, create, and learn” by Betty Edwards.

    Apologies in advance for that part of the 2.7% of total electrical power generated in America (2019) powering data centres and thus storing my mental doodlings via this fine website. Have a great weekend everyone!

    • – Lobby elected officials — done it
      – Run for office — won’t EVER do it
      – Sign up for utility green pricing — I do my own
      – Reduce your home’s emissions — done it
      – Buy an electric vehicle — done it
      – Try a plant-based burger — done it

      Lobbying without $$$$$ doesn’t work.

      My skeletons stay in MY closet.

      I’ve always hated paying for energy and striven to pay as little as possible.

      I bought my house some “Beano” years ago

      I’m driving a hybrid — not terribly impressed

      Nobody’s figured out how to make a syn-burger which tastes good, is healthy, and is not made from heavily genetically-modified crap. Food “engineers” can do one of the three, and its usually “taste.” I can’t eat GM foods and I refuse to consume a week’s worth of sodium in one meal so no more frankenburgers for me.

      Bill Gates can afford a billion dollar hospital bill — I can’t…

      • William von Gates -genauigkeit

        Gotta keep this sceisse straight..Gates adversary of Mankind, as “trained” by his Father..wonder if his Pop gave him the same training Augustin “received” at the tender ripe age of 16(whilst taking a bath) from his Father?

  22. Prechter issued a July Elliott Wave Theorist today. No charts, just Random Thoughts. His musings on depression debt liquidation, real estate, and politics pretty much mirror what I hear at this site.
    Prechter thinks the depression has started.
    His one paragraph closing rant on Dumb Investments is priceless. I will be the spoiler for his choice of the dumbest investment of all time: NFT’s.
    Of course, my corollary to that would be that being an NFT artist is the best con ever, exceeding even cryptos by a comfortable margin.

  23. “Looking for the DUDE to answer the question.”

    “The Finger Prints of God”.

    A while back I had stood in awee down Seaside Oregon where there was 9 manifestations of the totems or whatever you call them all around me. Nobody knew what I saw. But i was just blown away at how all of them came together in one place.

    I went in the Christmas store there and bought 2 pairs of dice. One of the dice has smaller dice in it. So it’s like a pare of dice inside a par of dice. And another par of dice.

    I was a party on the 4th of July. And again I stood in awee all 9 of “the totems aka finger prints of God” hand all come together again in display around me. Different but all the same.

    For an example there was a giant Nautical Star (with North, South, East and West) next to a world map on the wall in a restaurant with the women’s bathroom on the left and men’s on the right in Seaside Oregon.

    And at a 4th of July party I was at. There was a table cloth on the table that was a world map, naturical star(with North, South, East and West) deck of cards on the table. All the women on the left of the table playing and all the men on the right of the table. I looked and thought whooaaaa.

    Then a lady came up to me Hands me the burgers on a Christmas platter and a hand towl with dice on it and says, I need you to work the grill.

    So I stood at the grill then someone comes in and sets down a Tony Bahamas lawn chair next to me. Another one of the finger prints. There is also a medal present. And a bunch of stars. And the symbol for a wish. On Seaside boardwalk there is star fish lights up and down the block. The Oregon symbol for the lottery is 2 fingers crossed for the symbol of a wish. When I was at the BBQ all the napkins had stars on them and there was a single cup cake on the of the tables with a birthday candle in it. I said is it someone’s birthday? A friend said no, I don’t know why I put that birthday candle on that cup cake. Then I pulled out a lighter lit it and said make a wish. They laughed and blew it out. Then someone came in wearing a shirt with deer on it.

    And all those totems I found in about a month period. When I was doing the security gig. I laid them all out on the table and I arranged them to trying to make some sense of them.

    4 months in Seaside Oregon they were all elaborately arranged around me.

    3 months later at the 4th of July party. Again. All them elaborately arranged around me.

    Nobody knows what I see but none the less they’re all present.

    Every single one of them in some form. From Christmas to the Nautical star, the world map, the stars, the symbol for a wish, boys on the right, girls on the left, the world map, the pairs of dice, Tony Bahamas, and 2 others I didn’t name.

    Again the cycle of the same totems or finger prints of God all manifested in the same exact spot. All around me. In an elaborate layout. Different but all of them were present. Sooo weird.

    I think, if you really think about it George. All those gifts you received. Are all related to your own personal set of the Finger Prints of God. If you really think about it. All though Ure set is different “totems” or whatever you want to call them. I mostly call them “finger prints of God”. Everyone has their own set. Atleast i hope so. You must have seen all these items in a different form all together present (probably more times than I have because you are older) if you really think about it.

    THE DUDE , is more than likely making a big deal about it so you don’t miss it this time.

    I just take it for I’m standing in the palm of THE DUDE. I’m standing right in center of THE DUDES hand. I just stand there in awweee. The first time I was so blown away. I went back to Seaside Oregon and stood there 2 other times because I was just so whooooaaaaa no way, jaw dropped wow!

    Then when I saw again at the 4th of July party I’m just whooaaaa. Again. How did all these show up in the same exact set form in one place again. There is absolutely no way this can be a coincidence. I mean 3 juxtaposed together would be mind blowing. But that many?????

    Im 100% sure that is the case George. Most people don’t pay attention to the language of creation around them. I don’t. I don’t want to. I take breaks from it. But all those items are related george and I’m sure you have seen them in some other form in the past grouped together like that. It just seems so profound because they all came together at once from different directions so you could see them all together.

    I don’t if there is a term for that or for when they all occur together in the same spot for me. I don’t know what to call that when it happens like that. If there is a word for it.

    But I honestly think that is what happend dude.

    As the saying goes,

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! You are as well!!

    • Oh I did mention 2 but I didn’t mention one. Okay good. I kept one to myself. There is a total of 10. And I keep adding to them.

      Nautical star (like compus)
      World map
      Wish symbol
      Tony Bahamas
      Women on the left and men on the right.
      Bucks symbol. (Male deer)
      Pair of dice, (times 3)
      A beautiful girl who likes me.
      Found money. (Every time I find money it occurs. )

      Oh there is 10 total. Because there is a constant number present every time as well. I just remembered that. I noted everything. Next time it occurs I will see if there is something else I’m not noticing that is consistent.

      I’m almost positive this what is what you are experiencing George. Probably everyone on here experiencing it, they just don’t see it. Or maybe they have.

      I don’t representations mean. But they they are occurring all together simultaneously none the less. All juxtaposed in different places. It’s so mind bending to see that. So like nothing on this earth. I’ve never seen anything like it. I seriously doubt it’s me creating it or you creating it. It’s THE DUDE, ya know???

      You couldn’t artificially make that happen without out everyone being in on it.

      The thing is, there is like a certain kind of shine to all the objects when they are together occuring like that. It could never be faked. There is like a uhmm hard to describe shiny reflection or different sort light to all of them all together like that. I noticed that too.

      I’m not sure what the calculations would be of them all grouping together like that. But it has to be as astronomical as the stars in the Milkey way of it occurring like that, and I might even not be seeing them all. There may be more of “The Finger Prints of God” occurring than I’m aware of, so far.

      I’m absolutely that is what you are experiencing. It’s just seems so prevalent because THE DUDE making sure you know. I guess. I only know a little.

      Hope that makes sense. We certainly don’t live in a world that most people are aware of. I’m constantly going whooaaa what is that? What does that mean. Just the grateful I can see it. Even if I can’t comprehend it. I’m aware that it is happening.

    • Too f-ing funny just Andy, too funny. Ure “standing in the palm” reminds of a tale regards the MonkeyKing.
      Long tale short.After hopping off the wheel of Life, he visited with Neptune/underworld dude, selected a magical iron bar as his personal weapon of choice – a gift frm the lord of the abzu. went to heaven where MK swiped the pitcher full of The Elixer of Life – and guzzled down the contents..he went a little gonzo in his “rage against the machine”. Anyway MK was kicking the shit of Heaven and all self intitled/self righteous denizens thereof. All the Gods&Goddesses were pissing,moaning and bitterly complaining – about getting their shit rocked .
      Towards the end of his rampage, he had found his way to the top the holy “mountain” where he stood before 4 magnificent gleaming pillars. Being the smartass MK he was – he pulled out his johnson and proceeded to pee all over the pillars.
      The Buddha looked down at the poor angry MK pissing on his fingers, and laughed some more, as he closed his his fingers around the MK in a soft loving embrace..

      • I literally open up a new book I’m reading for meditation the first line on the page I’m on talks about prensence not presents from Santa Claus off-ten assure us of our Divine path.

        Santa clause. With off – ten as the dash takes the word to the next line. I spit my coffee out laughing.

        Ah po po.


        Have a wonderful Saturday George and everyone. I’m off to the national Figure 8 races at the Speedway tonight. Always a fun fun time.

  24. I’m going to be honest. I thought more than a few times “is someone fucking with me?” How did all these show up at the same exact place at the same time including the number which I will not mention. Not once but twice. Well three times. Because I found them all in one week period and put them all on a table and thought how are all these related? What is the point of all this stuff? What is this telling me?

    Did time travelers come back in time to give me a bunch of stuff as clue to the future? Are the powers that be fucking with me for my predictions coming true? Is this some kind of trap? Is aliens? Is it Angel’s doing it? I don’t think it’s me creating it. Maybe. I don’t discount anything. Are they symbols I chose before I was born? Or something from one NDE’s? I don’t know.

    there is just no way that they all occur with that hard to describe shine on them, like looking at a blade of tall grass in the sunset sorta shine to them when they are all present together.

    And When I see one object by itself and the others are not present. It doesn’t have that shine to it like it does when the are all present. The shine is hard to describe and I don’t what it all means. But I do see it. And I acknowledge its presence. And it’s mind bending more so than anything else I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe take all your stuff and put them all together and then see what it tells you. If you figure it out what it means George? Please share with the rest of the class.

    And don’t call me grasshopper and talk about eating grasshoppers for fucks sake. Thanks! Hahahahah

    • I keep waiting for LOOB to give us a recipe for deep fried grasshoppers. Had them once in Uganda when there wasn’t much else on the menu. Definitely needed some of LOOB’s specials spices. LOL

      I enjoy your posts Andy. Stay well.

      • OTFLMAO…. I have had them in a tortilla like a mini taco once @Bic .. and chocolate covered ones they sell deep fried ones at the store hanging in the snack isle..I did have mushroom burger once and it was really good.. thought I was eating hamburger at a fancy restaurant.. only to discover that the mushroom burger I ordered.. the burger was the mushroom not like some places that sell sauteed mushrooms to go on top of your burger…. but seriously I don’t think I will be rushing out to make them any time soon.. sort of like the japanese sausages made from human waste LOL.First read that article in World Waste Magazine..Had to cut the article out just because people didn’t believe it… ( one way to keep the waste issue in control.. just reuse it LOL I personally check to make sure the sausages I buy are not imported LOL ) kind of like when I was head of maintenance.. one of the guys that was hired.. Made hot dogs as a career before a strike for years… LOL LOL LOL LOL… I had to tell him to not tell me anymore line stories.. I actually like a hot dog once in a while and it would shock you I even now only buy them with a manufacture date of the beginning of the week.. with mustard onions etc.. LOL It took me a couple years to be able to buy them again.. and for years I only made my own..or went to a processor and bought them made where I could watch them being made.. ( home made is much better.. I started to make up pork burgers or fake ribblets after I had someone tell me what they had heard was in the manufactured ones for a bi product.. and I don’t make many even though pork is cheap enough..)

        I had a really good date once.. we went to the nicest chinese restaurant in china town.. my date seen a cute puppy in a pin and wanted to adopt it.. they fed it to her.. needless to say.. I didn’t get lucky that day..
        and cat.. same thing working at the plant the refugees would come in with that stinky white meat LOL….. one day the boss and I were at the market.. ( now the neighbors are mostly from other nations) and I noticed on the shelf.. a jar of pickles.. looking at it.. I got closer and the boss said what are you looking at.. these are pickled millipedes LOL… I have been hungry.. been down the road you really really don’t want to go down beat grain with a rock to make crude gruel and re roasted old coffee grounds with barley corn etc.. to make a drink…. but I would have to be almost dead before I would eat that.. bags of deep fried grasshoppers are hanging at the store though.. I haven’t tried JACK FRUIT.. they have them whole or cut.. but the sap coming out of the cut ones looks like liquid rubber.. and that does not appeal to me.. Guys I know that work in the produce department say it is some nasty stuff to work with..

      • everyone thinks I am crazy.. but.. when someone in the family gets married.. they get a pasta maker.. and grinder..

        they have all made pasta with me.. but.. the odds of them using it are not good.. the problem is we live in a work a day world and to stop off and pick up a small package of pasta is not real expensive.. a couple cups of flour make a ton of pasta.. which is why I like the little plastic one.. I can make just enough for a meal.. even though I am razzed about the gift I give.. it has a practical purpose.. to try and keep ones life as normal as one can during SHTF days.. which we all see in one shape or another.. the OH NO what just happened it always happens to someone else.. not myself…. like the gent that tried to do himself in.. bills came due and no money a family to feed.. and no food..
        I was watching the movie the sum of all fears last night.. and I got thinking..
        Look at all the really really really stupid crap that our administration has done in this past year and a half..
        We all suspect that there is someone else behind the scenes running this shizt show we call politics in this country.. the thought we would ever be supportive of such a corrupt group was not even considered in years past.. but think about it..the president signed a set of papers a few days ago that no other president in my lifetime would even consider signing.. why did he do that.. is he that stupid.. ( well don’t answer that .. since he still thinks the perv is the smartest azzhole he has ever known) .. that basically opened us up to yet another front militarily.. My guess is it isn’t some joker in the USA running this show.. why would he want to destroy his home.. just someone elses.. and the affects of what they do will affect each and everyone.. including their own families and friends…. like the biological purging unit I worked day labor to clean up..why would they spray something questionable over their own children wives parents etc.. they wouldn’t.. they came from other area’s..
        like the movie.. who is the one that is behind the curtain.. obviously no morals or ethics that is pulling the strings of fate…. can’t be about money since money will be worthless.. after reading about a member of the security team being sent home after attacking a woman there has me question that maybe those in the protection teams are just as lacking and morally vacant of any ethics of common decency.. but then like the rest of the crap and thousands of photos and videos.. we will never see anything done about any of it.. Or is it just the fact that he has no real life experience except for what he seen his parents go through in life.. In reality the majority of his life has been in the bubble of lets throw some money at him and the double standards of law.. he will jump for us.. ..

  25. That shine (and i wonder if I have that shine on me too when all those “finger prints of DUDE”) is like you see a tall field of corn when the sun rises or sets. How it has that shine in the leaves of the stalks. Or on a crows feathers. I’ve see it on them too.

    I’ve seen it in other stuff. Like leaves. Like iridescent “shine”. When all those Finger Prints for lack of a better way of putting it, show up all juxtaposed seemingly unrelated other than occurance by the DIVINE WILL, they have that “shine” to them.

    I don’t know how to accurately describe it. But after I wrote that. I wondered because I’m aware of it, even though nobody else sees it but me? Because they have their own set, even though they may not be aware of it. I was wondering if I have the same shine me when it occurs. I don’t know.

    I don’t know if there is a way for me to know if I have the same shine. I don’t know if I’m the only one who can see it. Because those totems or finger prints are unique to me? Be cool though to shine like that with them when they all lign up like that. I’d like that very much.

    Off to dream land for me. I know Ure Awake. I just saw you smile. Even the fact I can see that while I type this is uhmmm a cool gift. :)

    • “I’ve seen it in other stuff. Like leaves. Like iridescent “shine”. When all those Finger Prints for lack of a better way of putting it, ”

      that isn’t weird.. @Andie.. I can see people Aura.. like in Kirilian photography..
      I had someone make a comment once.. like you know all those evil things you think of.. I was a little shocked.. because I DON’T have those thoughts.. I must be a glass half full person.. I like a few of my grandkids wake up to the birds singing and the butterflies flying.. the sweet smell on the air.. the positive side of life.. but I have seen people with dark auras around them.. the hair stand on end type you avoid..

  26. My retirement is a wrap around porch on a house. From what I was shown it has remained in all my NDE’S, that I die on my 118th birthday siting on a coverd porch with my Bible open smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of black coffee.

    Every single NDE I’ve had. Showed me that is the day I die and move on to another plane of existence. All 12 of them show me that right before I come back to life. Then after I breath my last breath. I wake up and THE DUDE is there and HE says what did you think? Come quickly. I just finished a whole new creation. I want your opinion on it. You want to take it for a drive? And I laugh.

    Off to grab 18 gears. Hope you all have an Amazing summer. I know I will.

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