How THIS Depression is Different

Academics have screwed the world up more than they think.  Two examples should make this clear.

The first is how in many (if not MOST) schools, history is taught as “politiography.”  In other words, from Columbus on, world history has been considered on its sociological groupings, not its manufacturing and economic realities.

Take slavery – still rampant in the world today.  In fact, the Arise Foundation put the number of people in slavery today at a higher level than at any time in history.  40.3-million – or more.

Slavery in American history was a labor-driven event.  And like it, or not, the Northern manufacturing states with new farm equipment knew the South would be fertile ground for sales.  So, from Eli Whitney’s cotton gin patent (1794) the next 60-years saw asymmetry in the business model arise.  The second stage processing (after picking) means higher inputs were possible.  That drove labor demand.

Civil War Caused by Marketing?

I don’t want to burst all your bubbles at once, but since I brought up the role of mechanization of the supply chain as a lead-in to the (un)Civil War, let’s see how the Civil War helped Northern Manufacturer’s future prospects, shall we?

Inventions and Inventors. In 1850 Samuel S. Rembert and Jedediah Prescott of Memphis, Tennessee, received the first patent for a cotton harvester from the U.S. Patent Office, but it was almost a century later that a mechanical picker was commercially produced.”

For those (like reader Ray) who are suspicious of Wikipedia at times, neither Rembert OR Prescott has bios in the “politically correct” Wikipedia.

Yet it was clear (and patented more than a decade prior to the War Between the States) that there was a mechanical alternative to forced human labor in the wings.  Business models being what they are (adaptive to changing conditions), supporting a war to build future manufacturing demand would make a terrible kind of economic sense. Except!  Ending slavery was good.

What history teaches is that Whites, Blacks, and Muslims all participated in slavery.  The reality of the Zanj Rebellion (853-883) is glossed over.

Instead, when Americans think of “Slavery” it’s cast as a White-Black issue.  In our view, slavery (and it’s human-trafficking brother along the U.S. Mexico Border) is best described as a “Supply-demand imbalance.”

People would not likely not use drugs if their lives were fully balanced.  Nor would human traffickers have clients unless there was deceit and dishonesty in their marriages, by and large, resulting in various “demand-driven” perversions including children.

Which social workers can offer sociology-based explanations for many aspects of history – including exploration, genocide, and conquest – these usually have an economic (or massively egoic) component when inspected closely.

The Follow-on Historical Lies

None of these facts are standalones.  I am NOT a racism denier, by any stretch. But the Data offers support for multiple causation of the Un-Civil War.  Racism was key – and slavers (White and Black) were careful to avoid “critical masses” of oppressed peoples” to congregate.  Native Americans might have experienced a similar outcome, but they had local support and had been willing to fight for their place.   Racism was (and is today, regrettably), an opportunistic business model.  A visit to the Mexico border should lay any questions to rest.

These important contexts are undersold; the modern (Marxist-influenced) liberalist curricula teach mainly racism as a sole cause in their “re-education camps” masquerading as “Public Education.”

Sure, sure – argue the point.  I’m telling you straight up my analysis of economics is better than the sociological angles being hawked by the Washington Post for whatever their agenda is: What pre-Civil War history tells us about the coming abortion battle – The Washington Post.

I’ll take ECONOMICS, GREED and Curtain #3, thanks.

Try to remember: Greed and Self-Interest is the gift that keeps on getting.

Great Depression Business Model

With this “wider-aperture” view of how history evolves (profit motive are in our view co-equal social drivers) we see expectations for the Second Depression widely misunderstood.

What happens in a Great Depression (besides drought and a debt-saturated fiat (currency) is that a Dominant Country – that was won a War, loses stature in the long term.

For example, today we see Manufacturing as being China’s Big Card to play.  Going into the Second World War, it was the U.S. which was ripe with capacity.  And before that, England was a financial powerhouse going into the WW I.

Thus, it was (in Depression #1) the changing role of Europe while in Depression #2 (in the wings, be patient) we are already on the front-end of major changes here.

You see, even in the First Depression, British Financial interests held great power, even as their Empire was (and remains) in sunset.

And so, in the next one, we expect American Financial Engineering to do well, even as the working class falls into massive living standards decline.

Curiously, we see China as already tasting the “bitter fruits” of the Second Depression where the military option will be their “economic recovery tool” of last resort.

The adjacent Hang Seng Index (HSI) hit a peak of 33,184 in 2018.  Since that time, it has traded as low as 19,818.  This index has lost a shade more than 40 percent of its value.  By comparison, the U.S. S&P 500 hit a high in the same period (late in 2021) 4,701.70.  Based on early futures prices today, the S&P is heading for an opening about 3,755.  That’s only a 21 percent decline – but that’s also SO FAR.

Just as the UK did not experience something like the American Crash of 1929, so too, America is now in a “grinder phase.”  Grinding inexorably lower.

Chinese Money Woes

There is growing concern that China is replaying the 1929 blowoff aftermath in modern  times.  China Property Protests Threaten to Dent $220 Billion of Banks’ Mortgage Loans.  This caused the Washington Post to wonder Is China Stumbling Into Its Own Mortgage Crisis?

And it’s not just real estate mortgage flows involved.  Media coverage is careful NOT to use the emotionally hot term “bank runs” but we are seeing stories like Bank customers demanding their money back staged China’s largest protest in years. The violent episode is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of China’s looming banking crisis.

For now, keep an eye on how Beijing sweeps this under the rug. China’s Banking Regulator Promises to Compensate Depositors After Violent Protests. But, will they?

The ripples of the Evergrande  are continuing with little Western attention.  Specifically Evergrande unit Hengda’s onshore bondholders reject proposal to delay repayment | Nasdaq.

Which – curiously to us – is being as much addressed by virtue-signaling as by sound financial engineering:  Evergrande Auto prepares to sell their first electric car.

In a way, this “virtue signaling” phenom is being seen a lot more places in recent years.  As an excuse by American libtards to keep a porous border leaking drugs and sex slaves, by Europe as the EU is using the Ukraine War to rope-a-dope more victims into their governmental Ponzi scheme.  And in China now with collapse knocking and people wanting either specific performance or their money back.

Ah, but so much for the foreplay.  Back to the sound bites for another pass at pretending it will all work out nicely in the end.

History assures us otherwise.  Besides, even if there was doubt there, prophecy from multiple religions argues the “short-fuse” now, rather convincingly.

Back to the Last Days of Earth, in progress.

Data Day

Pass me a number?  Producer Prices – will that work for you?

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 1.1 percent in June, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This rise followed advances of 0.9 percent in May and 0.4 percent in April. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, final demand prices moved
up 11.3 percent for the 12 months ended in June, the largest increase since a record 11.6-percent jump in March 2022.

In June, three-fourths of the advance in the index for final demand was due to a 2.4-percent rise in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services increased 0.4 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.3 percent in June after advancing 0.4 percent in both May and April. For the 12 months ended in June, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 6.4 percent.

Tomorrow, import and export prices.

For this morning, our multimarket view of the long wave economic decline (since Nov. 8 of last year) looks like this:

We rather doggedly hold to the circle level, bottom right, as a target to hit sooner than later.  More this weekend on the subscriber side.

Plan for Economic Shocks

Around here, we’ve just been biting off small day trades.  Take a position, hold it for as little as an hour or three and then walk out of a Casino of Wall St. a couple hundred up.  Rinse, repeat.  Long term positions are extremely risky in manipulated, declining markets.

Did you see the story Bonds Slump as Inflation Surge Fuels Bets on 100-Basis-Point Fed Rate Hike?  IF there is going to be a Jumbo hike – something totally off script, we’d expect and trade as though it comes as a hike between scheduled Fed meetings

The logic would be simple:  Rather than have the market worry itself down another thousand (or two) on the Dow, why not “spring it and wing it” and not face global panic?

We shall see.

Quippish and Rubbish

More Epstein fallout.  Or, would this be better tagged “a hex on Lex”? Victoria’s Secret owner enchanted by Jeffrey Epstein: Hulu doc (

Summer heat – broke with disastrous results as Flooding sweeps through Southwest Virginia, leaving dozens unaccounted for – CBS News.

Slow Joe on the go watch:  Biden Ruins White House Plan to Avoid Handshakes in Middle East (businessinsider)  So, let me see: We back Israel and the Saudis keep out of this summer’s big blockbuster over Iran…while Joe says sic ’em to the DoJ on the PGA which was there first before the Saudi-owned LIV tour?  Z’at how this tee shot rolls?

Speaking of “sic ’em” Another fine example of our digital psychosis.  We took the origins of the phrase “sic ’em) as the late 1500s.  Not 1992 and punk rockers. (Is this tangentially related to Wazoo’s Cougars part honors for hardest drinking college in ‘Merica which had tragic consequences? I guess you have to talk to people in a way they can hear…)

Let’s do some warmongering, shall we?  Ukraine’s new US rockets are causing fresh problems for Russia | CNN Which is offset by Live updates: Latest news from Russia and the war in Ukraine (  Ratings, Dead, Food, and Wounded is the monetization in play.

Speaking of Food and Famine: Farms of famine in our land — Opinion — The Guardian Nigeria News is an important read.  Because it ties in with warnings that famine will jump outside of containment zones. Famine feared if inflation in Mexico is not controlled, economist says.  Garden like your life depends on it – it very well could.

Interesting famine note:  Wal-Mart grocery has added a new flag on the way to their checkout:  “Some items in your cart are high demand.  Hurry and order before they’re out of stock.” Or words to that effect.

Let you know tomorrow how much of a $474 food order can actually be picked up…

Write when you get rich,

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41 thoughts on “How THIS Depression is Different”

  1. “Except! Ending slavery was good.”

    they just changed the terminology of it.. to EMPLOYEE… LOL…
    the only difference is your not obligated to any one .. except for those that trade time for service.. you give me this for this amount of time.. and I will give you that..
    federal government employees are given that offer.. we will forgive your school loans.. and you can have the best healthcare insurance and best retirement plan available if you will work x many years.. my doctor took them up on that offer and several of my old work friends..
    many companies that still try to take care of their workers.. are not scrambling to find new employees.. the ones they had won’t leave.. such as the place my father worked for.. ( it has changed since the colonel sold out and retired) like the rest.. they to are scrambling for help.. not as much so but.. its way easier.. and they outsourced a lot of production to other countries..

  2. Civ War?

    At this point like opinions and bungs, everyone has a reason why the Civil War was fought.

    Here’s mine.

    There was the American revolution (taxes). The Whiskey Rebellion (taxes). Unrestrained wild men ran around the continent for a few decades platting and organizing the land under the belief (from authority) they could keep the land ‘free and clear’. Illinois started land taxes in 1818 which spread throughout the North. 40 years later the Civil War broke out spreading Northern land taxes everywhere.

    The South fought for “property rights” which could mean keeping slaves or a avoiding land tax schemes.

    It’s cheaper to pay someone $10.00 an hour then manage them as slaves all day.

    A slave you have to feed, clothe, house, give medical.
    A $10.00 an hr worker you don’t feed or any of it. They are on their own.

    Not to forget authority taxes the worker.

    • Now we’re just all Slaves to the Banks. Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards etc….

      • Yes, debt slavery is the stealth indenture system of the elites. Employment itself is not slavery; employment which goes to service debt is.
        You are led to believe that your financial health is represented by your credit rating. In reality, your credit rating is a measure of your suitability for service as an indentured pleb.
        Work that overtime, pay those monthly notes. Be a good little servant for the Jeffy Epstein’s of the world.

  3. “the Data offers support for multiple causation of the Un-Civil War. Racism was key – and slavers (White and Black) were careful to avoid “critical masses” of oppressed peoples”

    brings up my old friend.. he was considered and american hero with the medals to .. but he should have gotten it twice.. in one of his overseas deployments he wanted to hire a house cleaner.. only to discover that women had no rights and they couldn’t hold down a job.. you had to buy one.. so he went to the sale to get a house keeper.. and met his future wife.. His only thought was to have her work as a house keeper then let her go.. but they became friends and became commited to each other.. married and he insisted she get an education.. she became one of two hundred of the most influential female doctors in the world.. still likes to be called doctor.. LOL..
    I worked with a guy that came to the USA because the Us govt.. would sponsor him and pay him.. to earn enough money to buy twelve wives in afghanistan.. nastiest guy I ever met..

    • Yeah, I know a guy from Taiwan, America military, cia, etc., went there and paid for his education, and then he got clearances and lived the American dream, just so he can look down on any American male he meets and accused them of not doing anything with their lives.

      He tried to pull this sheet in front of me with my humble expert mechanic husband that got not one yellow/red/blue/black/white/brown cent from this race-baiting citizen-hating government.

      I put his arrogant ass in its place. I notice he’s a lot more polite when he comes over here wanting his car worked on.

  4. In my various online sites people have been complaining about milk going bad very quickly, before the marked dates, and usually bought at Walmart. I stopped drinking milk after getting food poisoning a few years ago from a Walmart pick-up order. However, I picked up some shelf stable whole milk in a box at Dollar Tree to use in cooking. A box is good for more than a year on my shelf, and once opened and refrigerated it lasts as long as regular milk. Shelf stable milk is used in remote villages in Alaska quite frequently and I’m told in some European countries. I’m assuming that there is less chance of food poisoning since the carton is sealed at the manufacture and does not need refrigeration during transport.

    We buy mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce doesn’t last more than a few days without spoiling except for cabbage and apples. Onions are usually fine but potatoes about 50% of the time are already sprouting and wrinkled. There seems to be a problem with refrigeration in route to stores.

    • Diesel is expensive, and the reefer trailers have diesel powered refrigeration systems. If the trailers go on trains, no telling who monitors them, if anyone. Train crews are cut to the bone already.

      Speaking of trains, there’s quiet talk about a national railroad strike next week. I suppose it will hit the news on the day of the strike – too late to get ahead of it.
      Biden could presumably delay or prevent it, but I don’t trust that guy to do anything rational.

      I’ve noticed a tendency for strikes and strike threats to happen just after an economic peak. I wonder if this is a common observation.

    • I don’t use much milk so I keep a couple of containers of shelf stable condensed milk in the pantry for when I need milk for cooking (dilute it with water 1:1) and have no milk around. I prefer the boxced over the canned condensed (unsweetened) because the boxed has a screw lid that one can screw back on tight after it is opened. After it is opened I have found it is good for about 6 weeks if you keep the lid screwed on tight.

      When I know ahead of time I am going to cook something needing milk I buy the Ultra Pasturized milk, usually also labled “Organic”, since it has a shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks in the fridge. I have thrown out so much regular milk over the years that even though is 2.5x the price of regular milk I actually save money.

      • A lot of serious (e.g. unbending) readers have asked why I don’t just ban C for her liberal views.
        This is a dandy example of her contributing valuable content to this site. I mean I consider myself
        well-read. But I had never heard the Al Capone – Meadowmoor Dairies, food dating angle before.
        Well Done C!
        (Fits in with the “cloud of giving” woo-woo” report in today 7/15/22 column to come…)

      • censorship is bad, but so is false info, by substitution, pretty words to hide the ‘sausage’
        ingredient labels: natural flavorings ,, find me a jar of dill pickles without it. this is from a google search page cut and paste,
        “Does natural flavors mean MSG?
        YES! One of the worst types of “natural flavors” on the market are naturally-occurring glutamate by-products—which is just another way of saying MSG. These chemical by-products are excitotoxins, a type of harmful chemical which tricks our brain into overeating while creating addiction.Aug 12, 2019”

        I read labels and I read C person’s links, looking for the ‘sausage’, ingredients.
        George , I appreciate, Ure not censoring her or Markie!,,, “first they came for the jews and I said nothing”

        I need a root cellar, natural, I mean nature’s refrigeration, to keep taters over winter.

        Blind pig finds acorn and I still read the links because I don’t want to eat natural flavorings, but true food is nourishing, thank you Mr. Ure

    • I keep a self-propelled milk machine in the back yard to avoid such as that. Fresh milk daily at my fingertips (literally). I dare not count the expense, as it would surely at least triple the Wally World milk price, but then I also get the benefit of free entertainment from baby goats bouncing around the yard.

      • When running booze got shut down (due to repeal of Prohibition), ‘Bottles’ Al Capone switched to undermining the Chicago milk cartel with his Wisconsin supply, ‘no slices’ pizzeria meant you were following mob rules (distribution of milk/cheese controlled by mob…)

        He also supposedly partied all night long (after a clandestine boat ride from Alcatraz to the city), back for bed check, 6am…while stayin’ at the ‘Rock’!!

  5. “Plan for Economic Shocks” = NSS!


    Some talented back to the future guys & Girls (Dick & the Hawaiian grp. ) “viewed” the COMEX – long story short – KABLOOEY! yes that is a comic book term, but nothing else is adequate in describing the Khaos “viewed”.

    Commodities Futures market looks like its going, going..

    in the meantime lets look to scalp some bullshit script from the system with Long positions in Agriculture ETF’s the great Jim Rodgers AG vehicles.

    * USA went Bankrupt (technical) in 1999. “they have been working on the “problem since then.. “Focus 2020” was/is group tasked with problem. We have been kinda just “floating along” since then just keep printing as needed – who F-ing cares, just keep the beast afloat awhile longer. Really believe blockchain, distributed ledger ect was cooked up and released in the last 20 years? 30 Years ?
    Really believe the clever ass backheads (old banking families..rome,delbanco’s,medicci et el) havent known about distributed ledger and blockchain for a very looong time..they maybe top of global pyramid, but the ones they work with?

    The Black Sun bee Rising!
    ..think Ill go soak up some more of her rays -as I Imagine them filling my WHOLE body..

  6. Not to be outdone by Mrs. Obama’s keynote speaking at the now-happening asian Leadership conference 2022 in Seoul, Mr. Biden’s official schedule in Israel has him participating in the inaugural U2I2 Virtual Summit. No Bono & Co have not released a new single. It’s the US, UAE, Israel, and India banding together. Although Mr. Zelensky addressed the Seoul gig yesterday, I don’t believe he is Zooming U2I2. He’s a busy man after all.

    Well, one can’t speak Middle East emirs without thinking of the FIFA World Cup later this year in Qatar. Foreign workers have no doubt slaved away to build posh venues for the glitterati. The Group B competition looks especially interesting:
    England, Iran, USA, Wales.

    Popcorn will be available at the Colliseum!

    • Correction:

      It’s the I2U2 not U2I2. India & Israel before…
      sorry…I before U like the alphabet. I must have been thinking of the 1920 Harding presidential campaign:
      America First.

  7. Fantastic Article today Mr. Ure. Well done. On China’s Money woes.

    One has to look no further than to the massive unwind taking place today in China’s Real Estate situation. USSA and the ’08 “drop the keys off at the bank and leave” movement come to mind. I believe that that whole securitized mess now has a seat at the table of the BIS under shares of the Prudential llc special entity.

    Look for a similar three card monty arrangement arriving at our door step no later that 2025 using the new financial tech of the day.

    Got Blockchain?

    Makes one wonder why some policy wonks / agency wants a certain crypto currency to be designated as a security in the US? [ For all you home gamers, connect the Prudential llc special holding company shares dots] .. Wonder how much shares of that special entity are valued at today?

    Wonder how much notional value would be transcribed into that forthcoming blockchain and its underlying crytpo currency,, er, umm I mean security. I mean fixed price stable coin. I mean HODL.
    Not financial advise, all conspiracy theory LOL .

    Tulip fields of dreams, that.

    • R U XRPing me or XLMing me? I know Veri little, but Reggie was ‘analized” by feds – dont think he will be too thrilled to BAIL their panicked asses out. We shall C.

      Either way makes “hay”

      ..that time o year for blazing hot hay baling gig. long sleeves, carhartts ..did I mention hot &nasty work ?

  8. Everybody discusses China now and its future strong economy. Most people forget the stupid policy of one child family from 1980 to 2016. That will have a major dent in their growth. From 2025 to 2040 it will be a slowdown as there are less adult between 35-55 years old. Since 2016 policy was lifted. Family have continued to follow the policy to spoil the one kid and keep them educated to get to college.

  9. Hmmm. History of 3D in the fourth dimension, anyone?

    Today there is a local CBC headline of a coordinated Canada Customs-police interception of a home-based printed 3D gun production operation based upon USA parts and blueprints. It appears to be at least the third one this year.

    The thread of linked CBC reports goes back 9 years. Originally the downloading of plans and printing 3D guns fell in a grey area of Canadian law. That has changed through the years and it is now deemed illegal.

  10. Crypto:

    As I projected a couple of weeks ago when the first of the Crypto Exchanges were collapsing MORE Crypto Exchanges have now stopped withdrawals and LOCKED UP people’s coins and actual MONEY. Some Crypto Exchange owners and founders have even departed for parts unknown … SURPRISE SURPRISE … taking with them hundreds of millions of coins!!

    Crypto has lost 2/3+- of it’s value since it’s top last fall (from $3 trillion down to $1 trillion in market value) and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that remaining amount HAVED AGAIN as Crypto Exchange after Crypto Exchange descends into insolvency and customers lose what they have on deposit with those exchanges.

    Strange isn’t it that an UNregulated end of the Financial World would attract a bunch of crooks and scam artists towards it. SHOCKING and absolutely UNFORESEEABLE that such a thing would happen in the Wild West of the unregulated Crypto World!! Didnt’ those people who are now being exposed as crooks and scam artists ever sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya with everybody else?

    The only question remaining for me is: Will ANY of the Crypto Firms that hold it’s customer’s coins and money survive? Even those who tried to run a clean operation are being caught up in the chaos created by the crooks and criminals, especially since it appears to have been common for all those various exchanges to make loans and borrow from each other left and right with the collateral being only … you guessed it … CRYPTO!!

    Crypto is here to stay … I think. Unfortunately buying and holding onto a DECENT coin in the midst of the wreckage that is unfolding in Crypto Land is going to be like running at full speed through a minefield, ie: not having an ability to see the mines before you step on them, while trying to stay ahead of the bulldozers charging right at you from behind … all while BLINDFOLDED!

    IF you are going to be in Crypto, I am NOT, keep your coins in your own wallet OFFLINE and in keep that wallet in YOUR PHYSICAL POSSESSION, NOT on deposit with any exchange or clearing house!! DO NOT keep coins on any computer that is connected to the Internet!! Even when using your off line PHYSICAL wallet you may want to only run that wallet through a separate computer that is otherwise totally OFF the internet except for when you are making a transaction. Using your phone to make transactions? Are you stupid?

    It is open season for crooks and criminal to troll the internet looking for wallets … and I can guarantee you that THEY have more sophistication with the software the various computer operating systems utilize than you could ever hope to have. Remember … even the US Government’s computers were HACKED by the Chinese and they STOLE the entire record of every Federal Government employee, including virtually all of our Secret Agents that we ever paid any money to!!

    Well back to my observation post where I observe the absurdities of people and countries. Fascinating to watch from afar … though wrt countries our government keeps trying to rope the entire country into their follies by lies Lies and more LIES time after time.

    • Based on comments and reviews of crypto brokers I have found online, most of the offshore brokers were stealing coins from parties who had no recourse, like idiot tax scofflaw ‘Mericans from the get go. The latest action has been to extend the looting to all the customers.

  11. The power systems book was awesome! Details (where the Devil is) in the planning and load factors are what everyone seems to overlook. I’m happy with my leased system. It made economic sense over the huge cash outlay with a self installed system. And then the grid-tie approval paperwork…. ugh! I watched the professional installers sail thru the process. And with our oil-fired grid costs now exceeding $0.50 KWh the solar lease payment is a bargain for the power I’m getting. And lately I’m glad the company is responsible for maintenance for a battery glitch. And if the financial system collapses and the company cannot get paid from my bank…. well, I am still in possession of the solar goods usable on a daily basis.

    I have two smaller ‘offline’ solar systems self-installed. A couple 100 watt panels power my solar hot water pump and controller system, with leftover sun power to the attic exhaust fan. The other PV system is two 50-watt panels arranged on a hinge to fold up and carry, with a special charge controller for the Lithium-Iron “half kilowatt hour” ham can battery for the comms. Field day luggable.

      • Yeah, nevermind the Canary Islands. The Big Island has a southern shelf next to the volcano that is slipping into the sea also. Last big movement around 1868 or so drowned a village along the southern shore. If it had a Molokai-style collapse it would drown a lot of the west coast USA. Fortunately our shield volcano does a slow ooze and is not normally prone to big blowouts.

  12. Outdoor yard work on hold with passing showers coming in ahead of Hurricane Darby. Sometimes I feel like the center pin in the eastern Pacific ‘bowling alley’ with hurricanes rolling down the alley from Mexico. Darby path shows it dying out just south of the Big Island this weekend, but that close it will drag along washbuckets of rain for us. Doing the hurricane preparedness dance now… batten the hatches, watching for wiggles in the path.

  13. -…..| “War Between the States”
    -…..| vs
    -…..| (un)”Civil War”

    In 1861, slavery was indeed an issue, albeit only one of several. In the North, slavery had a different name, “bonded indenture”. But slavery none the less. The Irish were the prefered “slaves” up north, African blacks preferred in the south. Irish could stand the cold better, blacks could stand the heat better.

    As told by my grandfather,(Confederate POW, Army of Northern Virginia) politics and economics had a far greater influence on the war of 1861. My father dates from 1906, my grandfather expired in 1912.

    A “civil” war, on the other hand, (in my view) is an uprising of the general populace in opposition to “Duly Constituted Authority”. This we are facing today, the “duly constituted” being somewhat debatable. I maintain that the “American Revolution” was actually the “Civil War”, having taken place in 1776-1781 against King George.

    The definitions and generic usages of such terminology are, and have been, changable to suit the political expediencies of the times. Probably the worst example is “WikiPedia”, which I have personally experienced on several occasions.

    Bi11 Hudson (Descendant of the Va House of Burgesses before 1700)

  14. “Biden Ruins White House Plan to Avoid Handshakes in Middle East”

    I notice he again shook hands with no-one…

  15. Sri Lanka was just the start? Massive protest in Tirana, Albania…

    Thousands of people hold protests in Tirana, Albania against the surge in the cost of living and government corruption.

    Also in North Macedonia, which one of my friends is currently visiting.

    Sri Lanka Is What Happens When Countries Fail To Realize Green Policies Don’t Work

    With the president fleeing, prices tripling, and the country out of power, Sri Lanka is in crisis after it banned fertilizer.

    “Take The Tragedy In Sri Lanka And Multiply By Ten”: The Fed Just Lobbed A Financial Nuke That Will Obliterate The Global Economy

    We are living in a period of mass “Jonestown” economic delusion. Just twenty months ago – central bankers were offering to buy nearly every junk bond known to mankind, dramatically distorting the “true cost of capital.” All the way from crypto to emerging markets – it was a moral hazard overdose. Everyone on earth was borrowing money at fantasy-land bond yields. Now, the Fed is promising endless rate hikes and $1T of balance sheet reduction onto a planet with emerging market and Euro-zone credit markets in flames.

  16. Report: Biden’s Approval Rating Falls Below Trump’s Worst-Ever Rating

    While recent polls show that President Joe Biden’s job approval rating just keeps falling, the latest Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll saw Biden’s approval rating fall below former President Donald Trump’s worst-ever rating.

    Biden’s Job Rating Slumps as Public’s View of Economy Turns More Negative

    With public views of the nation’s economy at their most negative in years, Joe Biden’s political standing is at the lowest point of his presidency.

    Civiqs poll: Biden 29% approval…

    Biden approval rating hits ALL-TIME LOW of 29 percent – Civiqs poll

    Biden Job Approval
    Approve 29%
    Disapprove 58%

    Approve 19%
    Disapprove 67%

    Approve 36%
    Disapprove 48%

  17. To each their own. Reap the whirlwind.
    Timelines flashing in and out of reality.
    Time to choose.

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