Keyword Roulette

Wherein we replace the programmatic news decided by the Powers and minion Editors.  And instead, we use a “What keywords really matter in my Life?” approach.

We’ll give you the idea and you can dial it in to whatever your circumstances are.

It’s a reaction to wife Elaine’s sometimes habitual listening to the “all news” station out of San Antonio – a practice which loads her mind and weighs her down, oftentimes.

Cast off the control of media is then followed by our discussion of Christmas in July with the commercial’s big payday as the shorts were run to the ground at the options close Friday by a short-squeeze rally.

Pour and then pore to avoid poor.

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George Ure
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31 thoughts on “Keyword Roulette”

  1. Yo G,
    You taking a break this weekend ? Late night/early morning realm romping ? Partake in the breakfast of Hawaiian champions -paco wakey bakey? WTblazes?

    Where the hell is Ure daily Bitcoin bash ?

    Absolutely willing to overlook this glaring omission to this AM’s report, as long as you promise to redouble Ure efforts at bashing the Tech that is BTC in near future.

    I truely find PN very Educational (best value on Internet -Education $$value) and Entertaining – cant beat that combo with a 10 foot Pole or a 9 foot Romanian.

    Some snarky piss and vinegar – please.

    Thx..I dont care what they say about you G, you are hell of a writer and pretty good Dude to boot..its an honor..

    • Bitcoin Maximalist

      fwiw …. I made a comment 3 days ago (I think that is the day I did it) wrt the bankruptcies that are now becoming a regular occurrence in Crypto Land wrt the Bitcoin Trading Houses. Apparently it was very common in Crypto Land for those various Crypto entities to make LARGE loans back and forth with those loans being collateralized by CRYPTO.

      Well lo and behold … Crypto is now down 2/3 from it’s fall high (total value shrank from $3 trillion to $1 trillion) and those loans are now way undercollateralized and Crypto Houses are starting to fall like dominoes because they are underwater. What is worse is that when they fall they take their client’s coins AND MONEY with them!!

      We have just seen the FIRST of the rats on the sinking ship scurrying to their deaths … you can be sure as time wears on and attempts to “paper over” the stink of decaying rats hidden inside the woodwork fails the stink s going to become overwhelming.

      Generally in the history of Bubbles (yep, I have done a LOT of work over a number of decades looking at and documenting bubbles) it generally takes 2 to 3 years, sometimes as long as 4, for all the hidden losses to finally appear. In the case of Cryptos I imagine the chaos will be resolved in the shortest time frame available (minimum least one full Financial Audit Cycle AFTER the collapse completes, but more likely TWO Audit Cycles) since financial liquidations take a lot less time than do things such as real estate liquidations.

      My recommendation wrt Cryptos (I own NONE) is to ONLY hold your cryptos, if you want any at all, in YOU OWN offline wallet that you physically store in a secure physical location of your choice – say under your bed!! lol (fwiw they make thumb drive “wallets” that keep the information OUT of the on line holders hands AND off of your easily compromised computer)

      Lots of crying crypto holders at the moment. They have valuable crypto that is now tied up in a trading firm that won’t give it to them or which has already declared bankruptcy … and those are NOT segregated funds so those people are only general creditors who are at the end of the line when an entity liquidates.

      Crypto of one sort or another is most likely here to stay, but as I mentioned in that comment the UNregulated Crypto Land attracted lots of crooks, criminals and fast talking types. Imagine that a unregulated part of the financial world attracting crooks and criminals looking for easy pickins!! Who wudda guessed?

      I imagine that once the HIDDEN DAMAGE to the finances of the Trading Firms that held client cryptos is finally revealed MOST of them, maybe every single one of them, will have to declare bankruptcy due to the mess of all of those firms loaning and borrowing to/from each other with the collateral being mostly crypto.

      As the mess of chaos and insolvencies gets revealed I fully expect the overall value of Crypto to drop again by at least 1/2 (from the current $1 Billion to no more than $500 million) before a solid and HONEST bottom is found. (my estimates on that loss are based upon what has happened in the past in frothy markets, such as Silver in 1980, the bubble internet hype of 2000, etc. etc. – basically from a frothy hyped market top the asset values of the bubble asset drop by 85% to 90%, clearing out the deadwood /crooks /criminals /and leveraged players, before beginning a solid move up again.

      As Warren Buffet once said: “When the tide goes out you get to see who is (was?) swimming naked”

      • First off. Warren Buffet is a crook. Haha. He ain’t no Saint. Ask the rail guys ready to strike.

        Second all the dot com company went bankrupt too back in the day. Did the Internet stop? Nope. Google came out of that and branched into all kinds of stuff like smart phones and sensoring active presidents. Cryptos will be much the same I suspect.

        Third, the whole economy of the world is a ponzi scheme right now. Ask any derivatives trader.

        4th. And this is very important. Very important!

        Both good and evil agree on one thing. From the Luciferin Bloodline elite to the grasshoppers. No matter their own personal agenda or affiliation. Everyone agrees on this one thing. We are at the end of an era. This is the end of an Aeon. All eras end and start the same way. Total restructuring and reassembling of the land scape and power structures. Even the earth itself restructures and reassemble. No matter if a person is super wealthy or poor as a church mouse. No matter if they are famous or unknown. It is a difficult period to adjust and navigate.

        And 5th point is something I said to someone 25 years ago and they said it to me the other day. And it is the straight truth. If you whine about the same thing to more than 2 people? You are not seeking the solution, you are seeking attention.

        Sure needed to hear that.

        Okay dokey, chickens are the victims today.

        Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! George is as well! , we both hope you are as well.

      • Andy- The cryptos are just the first wave in the depression liquidations. Why the cryptos? Because that’s where the most extreme leverage is, next to maybe collectibles. Will there be cryptos left standing after the liquidations finish? Perhaps, but maybe more in a currency exchange role than as an investment, and certainly with not as many being run as pure pyramid schemes and broker cons.
        Most of the Elliott Wave disciples are in agreement that we are at the end of a large degree economic cycle, and a depression has started. Stephen 2’s views reflect this line of thought. This view does not conflict with your End of Era meme.
        Depressions can come in many flavors, and are complicated things. I would expect a depression at the end of a very high order economic cycle to writhe with surprise twists and turns, and mostly really bad ones at that. We appear to be in early liquidation phase with consumer hyperinflation. Sometimes you hear this liquidation referred to as debt or credit deflation. These two phrases refer to the same process. When individuals or businesses can’t get or afford credit to maintain the status quo, that is credit or debt deflation. This is intertwined with, and may eventually drive consumer pricing, but runs a different course. Consumer pricing is more an immediate supply and demand issue. When businesses shut down or can’t get financing to maintain operation, supplies can dry up. Wars figure into this as free market disruptions, and depressions breed war. Consumer prices can fall as a depression progresses, but they don’t have to. Population and resource limitations figure in.
        I would suggest that you accelerate your efforts to get situated in a safe haven. You can expect the liquidations to affect all debt and credit: the good, the bad and the ugly. And people react badly to having their dreams force fed to them.

  2. What was the great news that caused the dj to rise 600+ points yesterday? Red china joe didn’t crap his pants in public?

  3. Wow.

    Thank you, George.

    “I read the news today, oh boy…”. What a day in the life. I am about to become a Climate Action Incentive recipient. As it happens I live in one of the four provinces where the federal carbon tax giveback is returned directly to residents rather than to the provincial government purse. I promise to invest wisely on the roulette wheel of life. Who knows, might even drop in at the provincially owned casino and drop a few shekels of thanks in a one-armed bandit towards the common cause.

    In practical matters, I took a short walk in the rain this morning rather than run my car engine. I realize it’s not so dramatic as those fine folk who choose to leave their Gulfstreams parked in the hangar. But hey, small steps, right?

    Speaking of hangar time, AF1 continues to make busy in the Middle East according to the official WH schedule. From the I2U2 in Israel to today’s GCC+3 Summit in Jeddah, media continue their onboard “gaggles” with the Press Secretary.

    The return journey includes a fuel stop at RAF Mildenhall, UK. There is no mention that the front-runner billionaire PM leadership candidate will show up in his £500 Prada loafers and share items of international importance on a red-carpeted tarmac with the most powerful man in the world. No word on whether the Palace can send a distant cousin perchance the heir to the throne is otherwise engaged. Yesterday and prior the WH schedule referred to Mr. Biden as “The President”. Today he is noted as “The PRESIDENT”. Is anyone listening?

    Let’s get back to DJ Ure on special assignment at St. Andrews. Look forward to practical advice on shot making from the bunker.

    And now a fitting send-off indeed, the #10 Downing Street photographer was spotted by “The Daily Mail” at RAF Coningsby. Outgoing PM Boris appeared replete with flight suit and oxygen mask in the cockpit of a Typhoon fighter jet. Apparently it was a photo-op only and the plane did not leave the ground. 0 hhh, g ee.

    • “Yesterday and prior the WH schedule referred to Mr. Biden as “The President”. Today he is noted as “The PRESIDENT”

      I still refer to him as the Resident, because the Squatter would sound disrespectful of the office.

      • More emphasis on is title was needed?
        Perhaps next month the WH schedule will refer to him as

  4. with all that is going on today it really sounds like a nice Saturday for PANCAKE soup…

    my grand daughters favorite when she was little..

    I like beef… pancake soup..
    1 lb of hamburger
    1 large onion chopped up
    1 carrot chopped up..or sliced in quarters.. carrot coins we called them
    1/2 cup of pea’s
    1/2 cup of green beans
    1 cup of beef broth.. or half a pan of water and four bullion cubes..
    salt about a tsp (( to taste)
    Pepper about a tsp ( to taste)
    1 small green bell pepper..

    thick pancake batter..
    2 cups of flour
    3 eggs
    1/2 tsp of salt
    1 cup of milk..
    mix eggs and milk in a bowl.. add the salt and slowly add the flour till it makes a really thick pancake batter..
    fry up the hamburger.. add it to the boiling water with vegitables and seasonings in it..
    just as the vegitables start to get done.. about five minutes.. place your strainer lid on top of the pan..
    pour your pancake batter on top and take your squegey and move it back and forth letting the pancake batter dribble into the soup mix..
    You can do this with chicken to.. my grand daughter also likes it with cheese sauce.. I take chedder powder and mix in with the flour.. for a double cheesy flavor.. easy quick and oh so good.. the first time I had pancake soup was in the early eighties.. I had a coworker that his wife made it..

    • “What we focus on instead are stories like 6 Popular Fast-Food Items That Were Cut From Menus This Year.”

      On the other hand, cake batter latte’s going away isn’t a show-stopper for us.”

      I think it is all the business model.. who is funding who.. the companies have to make a profit.. and unless they charge twice as much.. who is going to pay fifteen dollars for a small salad..

      a few years ago large vegetable farms raced to go to other countries.. that today are being affected because they are russian freindly and even though our administration is quick to support and transport illegals.. the countries they originate in are affected by the very same sanctions that we imposed .. My guess is if there is any truth to the material on the laptop.. that there were some contributions to the family business.. and other activities associated with the fake news stories being tossed around..
      while we sent manufacturing and farming to other countries because of the amount of profits they could make.. we are now being affected by the massive droughts here in the USA..

    • Loob here’s my pancake recipe counter attack:

      Two cups of self rising flour
      One egg

      1 3/4 cups milk to start sometimes two
      Apple sauce quarter cup at least, half cup max
      ( mix the batter until you like the consistency of the batter.)

      Fold in frozen blue berries or fresh

      Butter plus oil in the pan so the butter doesn’t burn

      Medium heat cook til done

      For breakfast Cool down with maple syrup (if you can get it.)

      The pancakes can also be packed for Lunch and eaten cold. (Which I have done)

      • dam that sounds delicious @110 percent…
        I will make some up in the morning.. I was going to make muffins out of the blue berries.. but this sounds even better.. thanks for sharing it..

      • Ok @110 percent.. here goes… made a couple.. there was something missing..couldn’t put my finger on it.. had to spearamint..

        3 cups of flour
        3 eggs
        1/4 cup of butter flavored oil.. ( or melted butter, vegitable shortning etc.. Oil)
        1 tsp. baking powder
        1/2 tsp of baking soda.. ( or you can use 1/2 cup of club soda)
        1/4 cup of sugar.. ( can use corn syrup or corn sugar to)
        Mix the eggs flour and oil in the dry ingredients first.. once it is incorporated into the dry then add your liquids..
        1 cup of milk
        1 tbsp.. vanilla ( this can be eliminated )
        1 tbsp of buttermilk powder and a half cup of cream.. or you can use buttermilk..
        Nice thick fluffy pancakes.. great flavor.. and the blueberries or what ever fruit you enjoy will burst with flavor in your mouth..
        I took the half of the blueberries pulsed them once sprinkled sugar on them and put them in the fridge.. in a half cup of water and two tbsp of sugar I put a few to thaw and soaked them over night in the fridge.. I added them to the pancake mix.. and got rave revues.. try it let me know if it turns out the way mine did.. I curshed half of the blueberries.. and left half full to get that berry pop that people enjoy.. the burst in your mouth flavor..

  5. Tropical Storm Darby is passing south of the Big Island as I write, close enough to see the spinning low on radar. Moisture on the northern half of the vortex is being scraped off by our tall mountain ‘wall’, and it leaves a naked, spinning low to continue westward and dissipate. Just another rainy day in paradise with passing rain bands.

  6. Working in news… yeah, I saw a few over the years go down to alcoholism. Being a support engineer, I got to see how the sausage was made, without having to be in the kitchen. People wonder why, after 40 years around control rooms, I don’t watch TV at home. I had a producer ask me once why I don’t watch “our product”. I told him… I already know the content, and I’m in no position to critique the delivery… it’s not my department… so why waste my time? He was not pleased, and wrote me off as “just another engineer”.

    I’ve been ‘keyword searching’ for things that interest or affect me for years, if only to avoid the commercial pablum ‘news’. Today’s keyword: “Storm”. Only local impact.

    • ‘Had that stuck in my head a couple days ago. I used to listen to “Photographs and Memories” all the time — didn’t like all of Croce’s songs, but I loved all his hits…

  7. “Pre-colonisation”.

    The offspring of the ancients who had their land taken want their “generational” wealth back. And I think they are on to something.

    If someone took your land and your great grand kids could get it back, should they be entitled to the property?

    Some folks think the Ukies should ‘keep their land’. The Israelites were tossed out of the ME thousands of years ago and they got their land back. Hong Kong went back.

    Should the Mescaleros or Iroquois get their land back?

    Here’s one from 98 years ago, but why stop there?

    “California seized land from a Black family 98 years ago. Officials just voted to return it.

    Bruce’s Beach was a thriving resort community for Black families when the state took the land under the guise of eminent domain in 1924. It will now return to the Bruce family.”

    Thinking about the U.S.A. as a giant corporation, is it worth more as a whole or busted up to pre-colonisation times?

    • So, of which land do you speak? Indians were nomadic and tribes had few (or in some cases no) permanent villages. The Eurasian concept of “property rights” was utterly unknown. They tended to range over a wide area of “hunting grounds” which overlapped the “hunting grounds” of dozens of other tribes. [Once the concept was explained] a frontiersman who settled in Indian lands he purchased from the local tribe could always find Indians from other tribes [who would] dispute the right of the first Indian to sell the property and the right of the settler to be there.

      “Some folks think the Ukies should ‘keep their land’. ”

      Following your train of thought: It was Rus land when the Vikings conquered it in the 9th Century, so should Ukraine go back to the Norwegians or back to the Russians?

      BTW, the Egyptians want the tons of gold the Israelites took with them when Pharaoh tossed them out of Egypt. I believe there’s even a lawsuit pertaining to same.

      When do I get to sue the descendants of Khan, or the pompous Euroweenies who took over the land after the hoards withdrew? Do I get my ancestral slice of Sweden back?

      Perhaps a better idea is: Live in the “present” and don’t try to dam the water which has already passed under the bridge…

    • Here we go with the pension freebies. They are stealing inter-generational wealth from us.

      FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Historic American Rescue Plan Pension Relief for Millions of Union Workers and Retirees

      “The Special Financial Assistance Program will protect millions of workers in multiemployer pension plans who faced significant cuts to their benefits.”

  8. Folks,
    Hide the remote. This coming Wednesday the BBC will be broadcasting a ‘groundbreaking’ program, “Unvaccinated”.

    Covid-19 triple-vaxxed Professor of Mathematics Hannah Fry spent 5 days in a house with seven unvaxxed UK people being “bombarded with myth busting” vaccine information. On the final day participants are given the opportunity to receive the covid jab.

    Anyone up for an all-expenses paid trip to re-education camp, please raise your hand, or call your Hollywood agent at your earliest convenience. Don’t miss out on free, fun prizes!

    Perusing around, it appears that Professor Fry is the presenter of a well-regarded AI podcast featured via the DeepMind website. Deep Mind is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. (Google).

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