Retail Sales: Dear America Spend or End

Locked-In to Load-Up

We are eyeing this morning’s retail sales figures with the usual suspicion since people’s spending habits will mold 2021.  If they falter, the dream goes down.

The problem in economics is simple:  If people  don’t   spend, then sales fall.  As sales fall, markets fall.  Waking up to Reality, a few people will notice this and become very defensive in the 401K’s and the like.  Word spreads.  Pretty quick, nothing much is selling.  Stocks are in free-fall.  World can flip from the  virtuous cycle to the  vicious cycle in almost no time.

Right now, we’re in the “learning to ride the new bike” stage:  We’ve fallen, but we’re trying to figure how to get back on “the economic bike.”  We don’t hold much hope.  And that gets us to the Retail Sales data:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for October 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $553.3 billion, an increase of 0.3 percent (±0.5 percent)* from the previous month, and 5.7 percent (±0.7 percent) above October 2019. Total sales for the August 2020 through October 2020 period were up 5.1 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago. The August 2020 to September 2020 percent change was revised from up 1.9 percent (±0.5 percent) to up 1.6 percent (±0.3 percent).
Retail trade sales were up 0.3 percent (±0.5 percent)* from September 2020, and 8.5 percent (±0.7 percent) above last year. Nonstore retailers were up 29.1 percent (±1.6 percent) from October 2019, while building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers were up 19.5 percent (±2.3 percent) from last year.

8-million fewer people are working compared with year ago and sales are up 5.7%…wanna tell me which planet we’re on?  Planet of the Apes?

A simplified chart:


Which has us asking a totally  obvious question:  If there are lockdowns, where are people  going???  And if there’s no one going anywhere, who the hell’s gonna buy a car?

Which gets back to the problem we were talking about yesterday:  At what rate of change do the Global (real) Elites want to reduce the global population count?  (Refer to the Georgia Guidestones for target levels.)

Elites, too, have trade-offs to consider.  Why, imagine if the population actually was driven down to 500-million worldwide:  That would be one survivor out of 15.  Consumption would be lessened, climate change goes away, and we won’t run out of lobster (or fish and chips).  But there may not be as many “safety services” either.

For example, say you’re an Elite and want to single-hand a ULDB  (ultra-light displacement [sailing] boat) around the world and you take a knock-down offshore.  Would 500-million people globally be able to send out Coast Guard cutter to patrol fisheries and rescue hapless sailors?  Launch and maintain SAR sats?

See, these are the kinds of “thought problems” that may (at some macro level) spell out the future much more than radical wannabe-rock-star-politicians-Greedsters with their puny demonstrations and causes could ever hope for.

But, we give you credit for having an independent future-predicting computer between your shoulders so no point on sharing all those data files today.


Last Minute War:  Bets?

Been some speculation on the web lately, coming out of Israel, that before the slip to Slow Joe & Kam, it might be better to attack Iran  now rather than wade into the deep end of  Palestinian and Muslim appeasement.  Which is where dems instinctively jump.  Having be programmed by [whoever] leads child-like socialists around by the nose.

Yet, in another  stunning example of the MSM getting it wrong, The Mainstream Media is trying to spin Israel trying to ensure its own forward survival into a fresh chorus of Donald Trump is a mad man.  Some backgrounding on our part will help read you in:

Trump asked for options for attacking Iran last week, but held off – source.”  We’re thinking that while the  source used may have gotten the question right, the context may be all FUBAR.  Trump likely sees the same thing we do:  Iran would have  idiots blanche once past the Inaugural.

The Washington Post then rolls with Trump’s Iran agenda is about to end in failure, which almost has a ‘green light’ background cast to it, if you hold the paper just so…

With the Inauguration in just 64-days (lawsuits, notwithstanding) we can already see that the media shape-shifters in Tehran want the fear of war to become the “Next Story You’re Sick Of” because it will tie-up Trump (or, from their view “rope-a-dope”) from doing anything.

Which is why stories like “Iran says U.S. move against it would face ‘crushing’ response” will rise as a counter-force to Israeli forward-survival considerations.

What the Mullahs have wrong is Israel – as we read it.  Because they won’t give a shit about petty U.S. politics when calculating how to survive Tehrans pack of genocidal Persians.

Not grim enough?  Try War Lite: UN Warns Of ‘Full-scale Humanitarian Crisis’ In Ethiopia Conflict. Someone please call BLM and ask ’em to mediate? Or, don’t they?

Flash War:  Get some soon.

Flash War: The Preps

As if to echo our advice, did you see where the “US shoots down ICBM in space from warship for first time in successful test.

See?  Already lobbing press releases along the front lines.  CivPops been targets since Dresden and Hiroshima…

Put in Ure ear buds…gonna get noisy.

You know, war’s a good thing to watch and since there are multiple wars being fought right now, a User Guide may help:

  • Military wars:  Azerbaijan, Iran-Israel, N Korean-World, China-Taiwan
  • Media Wars:  Iran – World, Trump – World
  • Money Wars:  Banks-Humans, Stock Markets – Shorts and the lists go on.

Each of these pairings offers a comfy winter-assortment of viewing positions.  Bring a blanket, hot chocolate, and some peppermint schnapps…

Amazon Does Drugs!

No, seriously!  Check out the press release:

“SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 17, 2020–, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced two new pharmacy offerings to help customers conveniently purchase their prescription medications. Amazon Pharmacy, a new store on Amazon, allows customers to complete an entire pharmacy transaction on their desktop or mobile device through the Amazon App. Using a secure pharmacy profile, customers can add their insurance information, manage prescriptions, and choose payment options before checking out. Prime members receive unlimited, free two-day delivery on orders from Amazon Pharmacy included with their membership. To learn more and get started, visit


One Cautionary:  Not to go off paranoid on you, but what IF turns out that CV-19 is eventually connected with mail and package deliveries?  Or, what if there was a mail strike or internet went down…what’s the backup plan, umm???

Misc. Notes

A “Social” Outing to watch as ” Zuckerberg, Dorsey Return To Capitol Hill For Post-Election ‘Rematch’ With Senate Judiciary.”

Going cold on Pfizer because of super-cold requirements Distributing Pfizer’s vaccine will be a “logistical nightmare”.  (Can you imagine a company based largely on getting hard and cold?  Hmmm…)

In our Rich-Getting-Richer Dept: Walmart Jumps After Smashing Expectations As Average Ticket Soars 24%.

Who needs clothes at home?  Z’is why Kohl’s sales fall 13% as shoppers shift spending away from apparel?  Online – clothing optional.  Naked Zooming?

Zen Headline du jure from CNN: Opinion: Post-Trump, the need for fact checking isn’t going away.  Let’s break it down:  An opinion piece about a future time when politicians still lie.  F**k ain’t that imaginative?

Although, in fairness:  In a World where race, sex, weather, money, food, housing, air…have ALL BEEN MONETIZED, no reason not to rally around the endangered FACTS so let’s continue monetizing those, right?  If we didn’t already have sewer bills, we’d be asking what other shit’s left to monetize…

Ure is convinced:  Stupid people don’t have enough to do and making up these low hanging monetizations is really screwing up the future.  Which is why we’re here to help.  Flushing things out for ya.

Kuku’s Dojo

We have a wide range of topics rolling betwixt the ears.  And the smell of old cedar, carefully worked, sipping on hot tea while contemplating  Pokemon seems like a starting point. Who ordered the red-velvet wall hangings?

M.A.D. – Modified Asian Diet

We’re planning to try a mostly-Asian diet for a while.  One of these days, anyway.

Sure, soy may not be totally great for you – and Asian eats may have a bit more salt.  On the other hand, we are experimenting around here in  reduced wheat.  I can drop 5-pounds in three days of wheat-free eating.  And since one of my daughters has celiac, been wondering if wheat-free might be a good thing…  Reduce inflammation?

Also…Our investigations conclude the Buddha didn’t sneak wheat thins…

Uric Acid and Brains

Our lone reader in Oz (Len) has been working on a mix of oils and shrooms inonotus obliquus.

Sometimes referred to as a mushroom, Chaga more like a tree fungus partial to birch trees.  Wiki’s with “Chaga is traditionally grated into a fine powder and used to brew a beverage resembling coffee or tea. However, caution is warranted with chronic use due to the extremely high concentrations of oxalates in chaga.”

A favorite topic around here is such mush’ talk.  Our (non-medical, this is not advice!) thinking is what gives mushrooms their “powers” is they drive blood levels of acidic chemistry around the block.

We’ve known this (forever) and I’m always focused on staying in the “acidic groove” when comes to thinking.  For example, if I eat an alkaline diet, I don’t feel *or think* sharp.  Carbs make me stupid tired.  Some of the easiest ways to push around serum uric acid levels?

Beer is good – so is a pork roast.  (Conspiracy-minded might come to think that bans on eating pork some places might be to keep people more compliant – just like fluoride in water supplies – but that’s an aside – grist for the paranoid.)

Gout effects are also – seemingly – impacted by blood sugar.  So sweet and sour pork, for example, might have more of an acidifying effect.  Too much?  That’s the rub.  Too much and you run the risk of gout and kidney issues. Hobbled or dumb…it’s a hell of a choice, ain’t it?

Pork twice a week, huperzine-A, and an odd beer with some sweets in between plus stout coffee on empty stomach.  There’s a reason in the Ure fam “steak and eggs with coffee” was the pre-test regimen.  Manage serum acidity and serotonin and who needs mushroom exotica?

Confession?  Yeah I take a mushroom mix now and then (with Lions head) if I get too “dull.”  The right knee is my onboard “gout monitor” and hints when enough is enough…  Just a slight sensitivity when rubbed just so is my “smart zone.”

Useless/Youthless Formatting

Happen to be helping a Gen-X’er on a project.  Noticed an oddity.  This person on things like Task Lists goes to great effort to underline, bold, center, italicize and assign colors to tasks.

WTF?  Total time-sink.  Escape path for mind to lose focus.

Time squanders like this reveal much about disciplined “thinking” *(which it’s not).

Simple docs are faster and easier to follow. No colors or fancy underline on/off keystrokes.

  • Bullet points
    • Or numbered
      • or inset more
        • If you need more insets, than four, retool your thoughts.

But please, colors?  No-no.  Ideas is what you’re after.  Clear, unambiguous communications.  Colors have meaning and can trip-wire thinking.  Highlight something in blue and someone who hates blue will miss it.

Formatting tools are totally overworked.  Life’s got enough noise.  Think Joe Friday.

(Ah, the old ways…)

Home Lab Supplies

In our work on light (and speed) crowns, it’s easy to lose track of which color LED is planned for what position in a project.  Turns out, Amazon has a cheap optical spectroscope for under $10-bucks.

A Jeweler’s dichrometer is also useful when working on light-box mixing.

Amazon’s also got a couple of interesting low-end fiber optic multimeters, but sadly, these all seem to come with connectors for fiber.  Wish someone made a frequency measuring light meter we wouldn’t have to liquidate the portfolio to fund.

More tomorrow on the Peoplenomics side an update on our Real Time Machine project. What’s odd?  Pomegranates and bells may be useful.


With that obscure note, off to look at the 3D printer.  Which has been chunking out a new insulator for stranded 300 ohm antenna cable.

It’s a real joy to be able to grab the calipers, measure out a cable.  Go to TinkerCAD and draw up a two-part cable holder, and then print it out.  Really neat.  Back in the “old daze” we’d be scrounging up 1/8th inch plastic, cutting, drilling, and cursing that the holes don’t line up.  Today?  Click in and drop out.

Think, don’t work.  Love it.

Hey!  A deer just put its nose up against the office window.  May knows that for now, the only things we’d shoot at have two legs, not four…

Down futures down 270 at click-time…

Write when you get rich,

86 thoughts on “Retail Sales: Dear America Spend or End”

  1. Wheat. My Lady (a food snob) and I noticed a difference in the USofA wheat and EU wheat years ago while on a cruise. The cruise ship wheat, non USofA, was easier to digest. Less problems, inflammation? Our North American grains simply are not the same as the grains that our grandparents ate or our parents and us in our youth. They have been hybridized and GMOed. Not the same for digestion so we reduced out grain input and feel better while also losing some poundage. Intermittent fasting also helps on losing poundage and girth. There are several good books available on the effects of wheat and high carb diets. Worth looking into to reduce inflammation and be healthier. Works for us!

    • Like most of the food supply in the US, the problem probably isn’t the genetic makeup, but the level of pesticides and other chemicals that are dumped on the crops.


      In the UK, the farmers now use Glyphosate (Roundup) on their crops 2 to 3 times a year.

      Some of Europe/EU resisting, but Monsanto/BAYER is very powerful and they push their products across the world claiming to increase yields all the while destroying soil and yield and the crops that can grow. AND controlling the SEED.

      In the USA, they have been spraying this poison on all grain and other crops for many many years. THINK: corn, soybean, wheat, barley, etc., peanuts, ALL vegetables heavily sprayed on berries and all fruits.

      Even organic is not 100% organic any longer nor non GMO.

      Glyphosate now a proven connection with the cause of AGGRESSIVE BREAST CANCER in Women.

      Glyphosate acts as a constant antibiotic on the GUTS, the GUTS are the 2nd brain, could be argued they are the FIRST brain.

      Glyphosate causes cancer, causes indigestion, causes IBS, causes all manner of disturbances in the physical body.


      AND STOP SPRAYING IT IN YOUR YARDS EXPOSING yourselves, your family members, especially children, and your pets, not to mention the natural world of insects, birds, etc.

      So, yes, you would have noticed the difference YEARS AGO, but as each year goes by, another country falls to the illusion of “Greater Yield for the Lesser Good.”

      Between Glyphosate, antibiotics, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup AND hydrogenated oils in our foods; Americans are fatter and fatter and can’t seem to catch a break. The food producers Do NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. A lot of the chemicals in our foods are NOT in the same foods in the EU and the UK.

      Plant a FREEDOM GARDEN, declare VICTORY over the globalists that want you dead!!!

      • Yes.. years ago.. we had thousands and thousands of monarch butterflies that would fly through.. over the years with roundup.. the butterflies have gone so have the dragon flies.. and the company that sets out bee hives will not set any out.. he said that the chemicals that are used on the crops have been killing his bees so he just doesn’t want to jeopardise his lively hood.. if you buy the bees he will maintain the hive for you.. but he won’t put his bees out..

    • Einkorn is an ancient wheat grown in Italy and available on Amazon. According to comments, people who are gluten-intolerant are able to eat bread made with einkorn.

  2. Regarding celiac, modern wheat is actual a dwarf wheat hybrid that has a lot of proteins that some people have trouble handling. Try Einkorn or Emmer flour, both are low gluten varieties from 1000-2000 years ago. They don’t help with the carbs to sugar calorie issue that causes weight gain though.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  3. you may want to try tamari rather than soy. most soy has wheat in it. most tamari is gluten free.

  4. Just to add some ‘realism’ to the possible attack on Iran scenario, I can tell you as a former Marine officer that an attack on Iran is not in any way an easy attack and the resulting war could be long and protracted. I am not sure why anyone would think that attacking a decently large country in the middle east would in any way be successful. The logistical challenges alone are formidable. And the US is not in the financial and economic shape to engage in a long war. God knows we have plenty of war on our own streets and a war would NOT unite people. As Marine General Zinni said years ago about the difficulty of a war with Iran, ‘if you liked Iraq, you will love Iran.’

    But, we have crazies running the show these days, so anything is possible.

    • “an attack on Iran is not in any way an easy attack and the resulting war could be long and protracted. ”

      Do we have any other type of war.. How many countries are we presently in … all so that a couple of people can have the illusive more..

    • A War with Iran would certainly make our “short” War in Afghanistan, 19 years plus one month and counting, look extremely short.

      Iran’s population of 83,993,000 is also a “bit” bigger than Afghanistan’s 2001 population of 21,610,000 too.

      (for reference Japan’s population in 1941 was 73,114,000, 13% LESS than Iran’s current population – and both societies at the beginning of such a War, for Japan in 1941 /currently for Iran, were were/would driven by a religious zealotry mindset)

      (for further reference Germany’s population in 1939 including the areas of Austria, Sudetenland and Memelland was 79,375,281 – and of course Germany was also driven by a “religious zealotry”, at least among it’s leadership, during it’s war of that time)

      Which of you wants to “Volunteer” their kids for a ground invasion and long term occupation of a religious zealotry believing/led Iran? I have yet to see a “War” actually “won” by airpower alone without having to have troops actually occupy a country … though Gen. “Bomber” Harris and Gen. Curtis LeMay thought it was doable, as has every Air Force Leader since. Maybe one day a War will actually be won by airpower alone without having to have occupation troops, but I will probably be long gone before that unicorn is ever found.

      • To Clarify … I am a DIFFERENT Stephen than the former Marine Officer. I guess I need to add a quantifier to my name to differentiate us … so I am going to change it to “Stephen the EXPERT Extrodinair!” ;-) . No that sounds way too modest considering my extreme talents and sophistication :-) … so let’s just go with “Stephen 2”

        In the future my posts will be signed “Stephen 2”

  5. No George there will be no war with Iran they wanted to do that before and Russia said no,this without a doubt came out of our own state department which is very well known for their bullshit and propaganda,stirring the pot for Israels sake.

    We are in no shape to start another war when we can’t finish the ones we have already started,even the color revolutions we have started have failed, maybe we would be better off looking at the war that may come here.And I see the remaining Koch brother states that it was a mistake to have funded the Tea Party for it brought in Trump,just another day in a confused country that don’t know where its going nor how to get there,!!!!!!!!!!!

    • With a change in administration pending, the U.S. will likely not start a war with Iran. But the U.S. would surely back Israel and/or Saudi Arabia should either (or both) decide to vaporize Iran’s Natanz, Fordo, Isfahan and Arak nuclear facilities before 20 January, doing so by providing critical intel and targeting support along with a few on-the-ground “advisors.” The only option left for Biden and his ‘coalition of the disaffected’ liberals will be to endlessly whine and collectively gnash their brittle, harmless teeth. It would take Iran a decade to sift thru all the rubble and regain viable plutonium production capabilities, giving Israel time to continue pursuing regional stability with moderate Arab nations.

      • “But the U.S. would surely back Israel and/or Saudi Arabia ”

        Anything to get control of the leviathan gas fields..

    • Finished now blue – TRUMP is bringin everyone home for the Holidaze!

      Besides the “source” is none other than the Lyingest, most deceitful paper on the eastcoast ..same rag that stated unequivocally “absolutely no vote fraud”.

      US has not Won 1 single war since prior WW1 – not one single conflict why would we wanna anotha ??

      oh yeah – MIC

      • “TRUMP is bringin everyone home for the Holidaze!”

        That was one of the things he said he wanted to accomplish during his presidency.. my guess is he suspects that the incoming administration will fall for one of the many false flags that will come to try and get us involved in some horrible war someplace.. at least if he brings them home before the next administration goes in.. then the next horrible war to get some crap for the one percent will lie on his shoulders not DJT

      • I personally question that.. Dengue Fever is spread by mosquitos so is malaria and several other virus’s.. so what would make covid19 special enough to stop it from being spread by the mosquito.. it was designed to be the ultimate killing viral agent.. fast mutation and transmits from animals to humans.. and vice versa..

    • Although some viruses are known to be mosquito-borne, it is not known for sure that CV-19 is a virus because scientists have not yet been able to isolate any virus as its cause. I find everything about CV-19 to be peculiar, especially how it spreads in an often inconsistent manner, so I wonder if it’s the result of something like a weaponized frequency instead of a weaponized virus. Or perhaps it’s a toxin spread via chemtrails, as a reader on another blog speculated.

      • *truth leak
        Kinda like bubonic plague dayz – when German peeps would put a loaf of bread out on a pole on edge of their fields at night – in morning would check to see if covered in “moldy like shit”.
        Then they knew unhealthy conditions/spirits were at work previous night.

        .. as if “someone” was “leaking” poisonous gas at night, (jesuits) to spread plaque..sick bastards.

  6. George,

    Regarding “The Elites” and population levels what is your view on “The Great Reset”?
    It needs to be brought to more peoples attention what the World Economic Forum, UN and global corporations have in store for us mere mortals. New rules to tackle climate change, nature conservation etc. which will no doubt apply to us but not to them.

    • “The Elites” and population levels what is your view on “The Great Reset”?
      It needs to be brought to more peoples attention what the World Economic Forum, UN and global corporations”

      OTFLMAO.. It is kind of like Eating and Bowel movements or your checkbook.. a little in … a little out.. they all know this.. you can’t keep spending more than what goes in or you can’t shizt more than what goes in.. if you do the results is damage to the body..because it has to come from someplace and it draws from the muscle mass or worse.. and if you damage the body enough you eventually die.. if you keep spending more than you put in eventually they stop the bank account..
      The Elites have known about this for a long time.. they invented the processes..
      The question that should be asked.. IS WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN IN FACT PUSHING THE AGENDA..

  7. There are 440 nuke power plants in the world. If 1000 people work at each one, that’s 440k people that need to be included in the 500 million. Every one of them or the plants melt down.

  8. “The problem in economics is simple: If people don’t spend, then sales fall. As sales fall, markets fall. Waking up to Reality, a few people will notice this and become very defensive in the 401K’s and the like. ”


    for Years I have been saying.. support the base wage earners.. it is why they developed the EIC tax credit.. food stamps, rent assistance the list is huge.. back in the day the employer took a smaller cut of the pie and spread the wealth among the workers.. he had their support and at the end of the year if he did good they did good.. which stimulated everyone to excel in their jobs..
    then the tide started to change.. basic necessities were not offered to the hourly.. corporations went to part time labor with a skeleton full time staff.. things that were taken for granted were no longer on the table.. like employee health insurance.. they had to pay.. ( we pay sixty percent of our gross income on insurance just for the wife) daycare..
    getting rid of labor just a toss out commodity.. there isn’t any loyalty anymore.. most employees feel that job security is something of the past.. and if the company does good.. only the top executives do good.. the benefits and income piled on top of the tower..
    complaints from a great many of the people about those on govt programs that they are destroying the country.. and very little hope of any gain.. yet if you cut food stamps as an example by lets say two hundred a month.. ( ok the average cost per person is about 12 per day.. they give as subsistence what is is five for an adult and seven per child.. but if they cut the two hunded a month.. that two hundred has to come from someplace.. SALES of other goods comes to mind.. why buy the next bling if you have to buy milk.. I just had this discussion with a worker at the local store..she was complaining about the cost of milk.. and why was it so much cheaper at another store twenty five miles away.. I had to explain retail to her.. she had no clue.. big stores have loss leaders.. at least two per section one on each side.. they are usually essentials.. then in the furthest section of the store they have the giveaways.. the idea is to get your to mosey down the isle and place the high profit impulse items at eye level.. for every ten dollars loss they make twenty..
    when covid hit.. they went option two and left the velocity of money working while the economy was stalled.. they should have gone large and in charge.. but I do understand why they didn’t.. or option three and just let the virus play out like they are now..
    no money you can’t spend.. especially after going option two and everyone using plastic to survive.. most are maxed out.. In my opinion you can only kite the economy so long…

    • the other thing from the street view.. is the reason you see essential items increasing faster than the others( on some it is three to four times what it was before shut down) is also because of the shut down where they left the velocity of cash moving.. people didn’t have the extra to buy the impulse items so they were only buying essential items that were loss leaders previous to the option two shut down.. so the stores had not other choice than to increase the costs of the essential items so that they could make a profit.. and even with those profits it in most cases isn’t enough to pay.. It takes a lot of milk to pay a three thousand plus dollar cooler monthly electric bill..
      which is why I tell the wife to not complain to her boss about getting an increase in wages.. I know without even looking at his books that he isn’t making a dime.. the only reason he still has the doors open is because he doesn’t know why its always a struggle at the end of the month.. he is Juggling.. big time juggling.. but he see’s this huge income that is spread out sporadically throughout the month..
      My hope is he doesn’t notice the real reason until she can get on social security..

    • CONfidence my good man- CONfidence. They can and will keep “kiting” until Chynah assassinates the petro dollar..and Crashes the FIAT Financial System – of which they are big players in – as the same thing backs the Renminbi as backs the USD – true Vaporware.
      “hey Steve – O – mnuchin, click that mouse and shoot Ure good bud LOTB a few Billion” 4th Reich guys wont miss a couple Billion..

  9. Sir, Read “Wheat Belly,” by Dr. William Davis. Today’s wheat is not what it used to be. sjkb

    • Read it..
      Keep in mind..
      None of the crops are what they use to be LOL… they have been modified throughout the years to produce more as our farmland recedes and converted into cityscapes…
      I know I have said it for many years.. greenscape the cities.. we don’t we won’t so we live with it.. the earth what was it one or two years ago actually hit the level where sustaining food production had been dwarfed by human growth..

  10. Cutting firewood in frozen January Alberta Rockies we called Hot chocolate and peppermint shnaaps=Peppermint Patties. Cords(4ftx4ftx8ft) of wood were stacked on trailer and then the chocolate boiled.

    • “Cutting firewood in frozen January Alberta Rockies we called Hot chocolate and peppermint shnaaps=Peppermint Patties”

      My father always said that.. LOL.. love peppermint patties is my favorite winter drink.. dam kids keep eating all the marshmallows LOL
      I definitely miss the smell of wood burring in the old cook stove..

    • VOTER FRAUD = the counting of American Votes in Spain which were then sent to Germany. WHY? To ensure a Biden win. If all the votes were counted fairly, not fradulently, Biden lost by millions of votes. Whoa, Hillary said why not me in 2016. Reason – needed a COVID to confuse the issue.

      Gov. Cuomo of NY is saying people are being mean spirited by bringing up the 46 day Executive Order sending COVID seniors to Nursing Homes against all sane medical advice because they didn’t have the room to segregate them. Did they need a higher death toll? WHY didn’t he use all the resources the Fed Gov’t sent like the Hospital Ship. Try to find that Executive Order, it is gone. This guy is one of Mark’s hero’s. So much for the CA KNOW-IT-ALL. Gov Cuomo & COVID are people abusers. Next target…Thanksgiving, don’t surrender people.

      • NC and the other Brother,
        If I said that I could levitate and then in blink of an eye, accelerate to warp speed to the other side of the world in a split second…and said it on NewsMax, would it be true? That story about Scytl, Spain and Germany is about as fake as the Orange tan on Trumps fat face. Remember Mad Magazine? Ever read the Onion? Newsmax reporters have about three trillion points in IQ below that. Get a life folks

      • Mark, if my source is full of crap, you have nothing to worry about,,BUT if they are correct, then you are in deep deep sh!t and the fact that you chose to comment to me and NC, shows,,that you are worried otherwise a successful business man as yourself would not bother to tell us anything. The enviroment is getting a little dicey for the pedo-adrenochrome crowd.

        NewsMax gave a direct Quote “According to Congressman Louie Gohmert, Texas there is “compelling evidence” of vote switching in the 2020 presidential election compiled by the Spanish electronic voting machine company Scytl.

        The Texas lawmaker said in an interview with Newsmax TV that US military forces seized the company’s server in Frankfurt, Germany. Gohmert said there are some who believe it’s U.S. intelligence “that manipulated all this” to cover themselves.”
        but you best stick with your lying NYT and WaPo go Zoom with your treasonous friends at Lincoln Con

        Marks question,
        “If I said that I could levitate and then in blink of an eye, accelerate to warp speed to the other side of the world in a split second…and said it on NewsMax, would it be true?”. Mark, your inability to perform this feat has nothing to do with the facts, no wonder you succeed at sales, you good at being full of it ,mixing a lie and the truth together, and getting the fish to swallow it, bait on a hook,, that is psychopaths function,,anybody need a used car.

      • “Breaking: Congressman Louie Ghomert has stated that The U.S. Army has seized servers for Dominion in Germany.”

        ‘Guess those NewsMax reporters have “three trillion points in IQ” more than commenters who couldn’t see the source was a U.S. Congressman, not NewsMax…

      • Actually, Mark, I have gone to the other side of the earth in a split second, but I did not levitate and take my body with me, I did this in my consciousness.

        Consciousness, something you demonstrate over and over that you do not know of what you speak.

    • other brother, NC and Ray – it’s fake news. The issue isn’t people not being discriminating or skeptical enough to spot fake news. The issue is that people susceptible to fake news won’t learn from their mistakes. They just move right on to the next fake conspiracy never using hindsight to say, ‘hey, wow that’s a bad source.’ Y’all are so anxious to confirm your existing opinion that you’re open to anything to convince yourselves your opinion is right.

      Learn from it. Ask who is lying to you and why do they want to manipulate you. You’re being used as pawns.

      “The false claims followed a Zoom call this week that featured Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, of Texas, suggesting that “U.S. Army forces” had seized servers from a Frankfurt office of the software company Scytl. In his remarks, which were widely shared on social media, Gohmert acknowledged that the information about the alleged raid only came from a “German tweet in German,” and had said, “I don’t know the truth.”

      • JUDE JOFFE-BLOCK is the writer in the AP article and I trust her to present a one sided view. she is not a trusted source to me. The AP even declared Biden the winner, when the outcome has NOT been decided yet. THAT IS LYING to your face by the AP,,
        Learn from it. Ask who is lying to you and why do they want to manipulate you. You’re being used as pawns.
        I will wait on the pudding

      • did you even watch and listen to the congeressman in the video in the reuters link and see how JUDE JOFFE-BLOCK took his words and reorganized them to fit her narrative in the AP article,,come on man, your bias blinds your objectivity,,you are smarter than that,,,our US Constitution is under attack and you back those WHO want to OWN US,,slavery is not new and never went away, it just went underground, out of plain sight,,debt is slavery, by the world bankers,,,free men are not in debt, and a free country is not in debt,,,GOLD WILL END THE FED! THE FED IS OUR SLAVE MASTER ,,Kennedy was out to end the fed and the fu,,ing bastards killed him and his brother,,,wake up sleepy head

      • other brother – you’re proving my point. denial ain’t a good survival strategy. sorry that facts conflict with your opinion. only one thing can change though and it ain’t the facts. you’re so anxious to confirm your opinion. please do some of your own research. then ask yourself why you are so anxious to believe it. the german server story has been debunked by all the alleged parties involved – the US Army, Scytl and CISA.

        According to USA Today:
        “The claims center on a purported raid by the U.S. Army in Germany. But no such raid took place. On Saturday, a spokesperson from the Army told the Associated Press, “Those allegations are false.”

        Scytl also put out a statement on Friday to refute the claims, including that it currently does not have servers or offices in Frankfurt.

        “The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else,” the statement explained.

        The statement also clarified that that its technologies were not used to “tabulate, tally or count votes in the US,” and were “hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida.”

        Jonathan Brill, the president of the company’s U.S. division, told the Associated Press that Scytl temporarily had backup servers in Frankfurt for a project related to the European Parliament, but they were closed in September 2019.

        “Scytl products sold to US customers are fully housed in the US, utilizing Amazon Web Services and have never been housed in Germany,” Brill said. “Election-related servers WERE NOT recently seized in Europe by the US Army contrary to #disinfo rapidly spreading across social media,” he wrote on Saturday.”

      • AP – Reuters U do know who owns these pablum posting “news” services ?
        U smell like an enemy of Freedom and Liberty of the American Peoples..

        US Patent # 10,130,701 – look it up geniuses. Owned by the Pirbright Institute – now why would a british institute want to own Corona Virus ??

        rabbit hole #1 – Henry (rothchild) de Worms – 1st Baron Pirbright

        cranial rectalitus?

      • OG,,really,,,according to USA TODAY,,do you not realize they are WHOLLY owned by and only report what their corporate masters allow, they are enemies of freedom, until you wake up about corporations owning everything. Owning and controlling the human herd is their only goal. put you muzzle back on you ignorant slave, your free speech and freedom of movement is now owned by the Chinese virus, another tool of the evil that rules this Earth, your heroes that you parrot are all part of it, rockafellers and sorasses have been in a criminal organization with the commie chineses since before you were born,,,,but don’t speak against it, you will be censored. We are at WAR,,hey! we are at WAR with this global criminal cabal and you keep believing and repeating their mantra
        REMEMBER,,THEY KILLED OUR PRESIDENT in plain sight and his brother,,,they really want President Trump dead, and you back them!
        And you don’t believe that they would cheat an American election,,one born every minute,,,THEY HAVE NO MORALS,,,,

      • I was responding to the attack by Mark on Newsmax, not the veracity or validity of the news itself.

        Time spent worrying about the eventual result of the Election is time wasted. I choose to assume Biden will be the next Prez, and plan accordingly. If Trump pulls it out that’ll be great for the Nation as a whole, but if he doesn’t, spending the lame duck period just waiting around for the lawsuits to run their course and [the] EC tally to finalize is an exercise in both stupidity and futility. I’d much rather be pleasantly surprised by a Trump win (for which I gamed my affairs, four years ago), than I would, waste two months which could’ve been used to minimize the damage to my life and affairs by likely changes in law and policy, should Biden win…

        Were servers seized? Were they not? I don’t care. This live soap opera doesn’t involve me and provides nothing actionable by me, so my most-logical course of action is to not invest any time or grey-matter in “watching the game,” and instead, do my own thing and simply cop the box score after the last pitch…

      • Weak intellect ? luv it – Ure type easy $$ pickins..

        Closest genetic match to HUman beings ? PIGS !

        Sure Pilbright just does Ag research – and Avrille Ames is just a nice, sweet, concerned, loving human being..

        – and Ure gay hero – obummas’ – intelligence deputy director at ClownsInAction. Can U say PREDICT 2 project or event 201?

      • I am sure the US Army in Germany would RAID a civilian German business site in a German City WITHOUT the German Government knowing or sending along German police and would never object to the US Army doing such an act on their sovereign soil

        … and of course NO German would ever take a SINGLE picture or video of US Military Vehicles inside that city as US Army Troops marched in and out of that business carry computers and other equipment which the German civilian would then post on Social Media.

        YEP … it must be that the US Army RAIDS German civilian businesses all the time, and nobody notices since it is just an everyday occurance all over Germany which is why no civilian in Germany ever notices the arrival of US Military vehicles in a civilian area and US military people going in and out of the building(s) carrying stuff … and of course NO ONE ever bothers to pull out their smart phone and record the goings on.

        YEP … sounds like a 100% true report to me!! Why anyone would question it is beyond me!

        Questioning that single German tweet is obviously “Fake News” and should be ignored since NOBODY ever tweets anything that is not 100% True!!

        Stephen 2

  11. G -Dude,

    Why has there been Soo much secrecy regarding ufo/aliens since history was first being crafted/written .
    What is living on Lowest Level Area 51, what is living on Lowest Level at Dulce?
    What do “they” get in return for sharing Technology? Answer: Mining Rights
    What R “they” mining?

    Solarsys history – Mars v Maldek – war in heaven. Maldek destroyed=asteroid belt. But not before destroying Mars. Maldek was home to race of Reptos – nasty,warlike creatures – same things with Earth “mining rights”.
    After millions of years of Genetic Manipulation – Human Beings are indeed a very Valuable Commodity. Why do think they never allow any megaton nukes to be launched/delivered.

    Somebodies are riding Herd” on Humanity with the help of Greedy, Moral less Pyschopaths (BIS bankers-roth/rock etc). That is the only WAR that matters ..

    Nah – just wear Ure masks, await UBI, submit for the Vax.. The Arimainic Dimension awaits – take the Chip and change Ure dna..again.

    • Lenster – ever seen,heard of or worshiped dagon ? rumored to be head of the “cult” Down Under.. U know the one – if U aint a member – U do not get to climb the ‘upper rungs of ladder/leadership” ..must demon strate Ure Psychopathic proclivities to reach the top.

      Menu Board: andrenachrome $$$$$
      human Infant $$$$$$$
      sweet meats $$$$
      young child $$$$$$

      * wonder if Con gress will inquire of msre. jacks’ ‘online” marketplaces for kiddies(openbid) or Zucks lil vril doll – too cute that vibration..

    • Skeptical ?? Where is China Lake Navel Air ? Where were the mysterious -big ass Earthquakes in Cali a year ago – centered exactly on top of China Lake – and they kept going for awhile.. WAR – breakaway civ Spaceforce v new US military Spaceforce ?? What the hell are the Solar Wardens doing ? gary mcKinnon what ?

      R U ready to face a 7 ft. repto with a bad attitude and sharp nasty claws for hands -hahahha Just Submit – it wont too bad, for too long..just an eternity..

    • IF? we were tinkered with, to get to this newest design?/?/? Why do they need 7 1/2 billion of us? They could have stopped at 500 million a long time ago. ‘they’ do not make the gluons and the quarks spin, to form atoms (in 115 flavors), that make all we see and experience. The Real CREATOR made sure we had ‘free will’ and most importantly, a soul.,, in spite of what ‘they’ may have wanted. And I scratch my head, when some dude who thinks they’re really smart, doesn’t/can’t have gratitude to the obvious (need better adjective again), Intelligence that put this all together…. Use that soul, that’s why it was given to us (as a choice)

      60,000,000+ votes changed?,, we need more/better adjectives to describe something this ‘huge’,, elections all over the world, blatantly manipulated, for decades,, right in front of our collective noses?? Was this done by ‘they’? Rip off the bandaid!! We want/deserve to see it.

      I’m too poor to be a stock guy (but I do well in my imagination).. It might be a good time to look into any company (or cotton farmer),, that makes orange jumpsuits for the federal prison system.

      Thanks for listening,, great folks come here,, Thanks, Mr. Ure

  12. We warmed up in Japan with the March ’45 firebombing of Tokyo…firestorm. Then the shake and bake.

  13. “…what IF turns out that CV-19 is eventually connected with mail and package deliveries?”

    I did your Clorox regime one better. I put together a strong UV germicidal lamp on a table stand out in the garage. All incoming mail gets ‘roasted’ under the germicidal lamp for a time… both sides… before sorting. Junk mail goes immediately to trash. Packages are opened and contents again ‘roasted’. Every surface will be germ free before going into the house. And my hands get washed in the nearby laundry tub after all this.

    Don’t talk to me about diet restrictions. Prep for a colonoscopy last week. Then it revealed I have Diverticulosis… which promptly became infected Diverticulitis. Incredibly painful infected, open sores in the colon. Liquid diet for now, two NSAIDS and an OPIOID for pain just barely take the edge off. What a great way to lose some weight! …NOT!

      • COLOGUARD only detects the DNA of an already active cancer. If positive, then you still need the inspection scope. It would not have revealed my condition. Glad I went for the colonoscopy. If they find precancerous polyps they can clip them out at the time of the inspection procedure.

  14. it is getting a bit unfair and immoral to preach doom or collapse of market . see it will happen , but with this rigging it maybe 5 to 10 years or until some advanced other disease or flu .. yeah I think all bears must accept the other guys are right . things are so good

  15. so many gold sheep in crypto nowadays .. yeah old salty sure barked at the wrong dog there as usual . to all the lunatics well done.the FED and most central banks use crypto .. they could not give a sheet about gold . why worry when you got none .

  16. yeah the new gold sheep were led to the slaughter by self appointed general jerk on gold . you know him .. they fell straight into the siths spell trusting the hippy dagolio . ray .. the only thing that was required was market collapse but with all the guru economics . ure know who I mean they protected their ill gotten gazillions and screwed people with covidflu stories . and all the oligarchs all over . Chinese Russian European everywhere are in on it .. such a stupid greedy old fool general jerk . wouldn’t listen to the hardened bulls of 25 years .. like stalin putting kontratieff in Siberia how he treated us . what an idiot

  17. and finally hows this for oz neighbor NZ . up for 11 days in a row its market !! and kiwi folk tell me it is depression >> woo woo woo woo . come on spin doctors spin it up !!!!

  18. “8-million fewer people are working compared with year ago and sales are up 5.7%…wanna tell me which planet we’re on? Planet of the Apes?”

    Naw, numbers are accurate… Of course, they’re also just numbers, and have no basis in inflation-adjusted value.

    “…the media shape-shifters in Tehran want the fear of war to become the “Next Story You’re Sick Of” because it will tie-up Trump (or, from their view “rope-a-dope”) from doing anything.”

    Won’t work. If Trump were inclined to go to war as a lame duck, there’s no amount of media or political pressure which could be brought to bear, to dissuade him. That’s part of that “Commander in-Chief” thing. ‘Point is, he’s not inclined or he wouldn’t be drawing down in the ME. I don’t believe we’d even support an Israeli strike, because that’d be destabilizing and Trump’s ME diplomatic accomplishments have been amazing. Now if the Saudis started a war with Iran, well…

    “Naked Zooming?”

    Hazzent that already been done…? 8-)

    I doubt Lenny is the only Aussie — just the only one who isn’t shy.

    I don’t do chaga every day, but when I do, it comes from Northern Michigan via Canada, and I drop a half-teaspoon in my 3rd morning cup.

      • I used to be a real coffee drinker, but now I only drink four 6.5oz cups daily, and with organic milk & honey. My Mom drank 4-5 pots daily for over 80 years — hot, black, and “strong enough to float a horseshoe…” Swedes loves themselves some coffee, and my Swedish side runs strong when temps drop.

    • “sales are up 5.7%…”

      ?????….. quantity or cash intake..
      Like the rush for toilet paper.. many people that see the future coming towards them like a rocket out of control has increased sales in the attempt to prepare for the tree to fall..
      The other thing is part of th hat from the increase in prices of essential items.

  19. 8 million less working yet retail sales up 5.7% and car sales up- Makes sense to me – at least for now. The 8 million less working tend to be those in the lower wage jobs and non/management jobs and those who are self-employed who have to budget carefully to begin with, are not always certain where their next paycheck will be and if it will cover everything, and typically live paycheck to paycheck. (8 million divided by 50 cities is about 160,000 per city…in cities (which includes their suburbs) the size of Seattle, LA, SF, Dallas/FT, Chicago, NY, Phoenix to name a few)
    Sales are up because everyone that is working from home now has a different set of needs – make home workspace comfortable/useable so probably have to buy some more stuff to do that; clothing wise – don’t have to look ‘professional’ so need a whole new set of ‘work’ clothes; spending more time in the family room with the family and decided that they really DO need that new comfortable couch for everyone to sit on and since we are watching more tv – a larger screen tv; Can’t go out to dine so need more ‘things’ to cook with; and since we can’t go to the gym anymore, buying home exercise equipment and new workout clothes are a must.
    And about the car sales – dealers are offering up great deals right now to move their 2020 inventory – those who are working – and are getting regular paychecks – even though they aren’t driving to work, that new car deal is just too good to pass up right now.
    And if you look at housing sales for the last month-3 months – it is the hot housing market – inventory is down and many are trying to move out to the suburbs, creating the demand. An suburb of Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas – pricey homes and condos, “Lake Las Vegas on pace for best year since Great Recession”.
    I live about 5 miles from Microsoft – the HQ in Redmond, WA. Except for a wonderful time commuting due to no major traffic rushes, everything else around here is pretty much the same ol’ same ol’. In our pocket here, majority of residents work for some hi-tech company (Microsoft or Google or some other company or a business depends on hi tech like SpaceX or Aerojet) where the jobs are still going strong and still are hiring strong.

  20. communista 200 in oz getting roboted again . don’t even bother looking anymore . no signal either broke down . vegas vagabond bloke old saltys mate . only low rsi for yellow dog technical ping pong . leave me out of it . going to read more fibonnaci holiday travel books and Italian cooking by fibonnaci

  21. Comrades,

    On a serious note, the BBC has a report out today advising that The University of Cardiff is sending for peer review a study that mouthwash may be effective against covid-19. Certainly a mouthwash brand has long championed that their product “kills up to 99. 9% of germs…” . It also warns “DO NOT SWALLOW”. Mint?

    Locally, code red restrictions are tightening. This week the province put private security force G4S members in orientation classes to commerce writing provincial $1296 tickets to individuals and $5000 tickets to businesses perceived as running afoul of lockdown rules. Last weekend’s mask protest in the rural biblebelt drew out pacifist Hutterite families from their isolated colonies with children in 18th century garb. This is not a good portent for smooth government administration.

  22. Okay, I’ll bite, the reason car sales are up is due to the 300,000 people who have fled NY and need a car to go anywhere but there, AND all the people fleeing California need a BIGGER car to haul all of their personal effects! PLUS the car dealers have been offering awesome deals like 5 and 6 months with out payments on the front side….can ride for free … and sadly fires and other calamities have caused people to need to purchase a new ride. We’ve had one hell of a year 2020 and more to come!

  23. Wheat is an apt picture of our society; the sacred origins of life usurped for profits. Plant breeders, paid big bucks by corporations and divorced from nature, breed only for “more” and “faster” and create Frankensteinian wheat varieties so full of “hard” gluten proteins, indigestible to many and creating incalculable illness and disease. And all for the sake of a buck. The masses in turn eat this, can’t think straight or digest correctly, and this gives rise to our current state of affairs in this world. The Orange One himself, loaded up on this so-called food, can’t offer an unclouded, coherent thought. Not to be outdone, the other end of the spectrum wants to regulate everything out of existence so as to control all variables; thereby numbing and leveling nature’s joyous exuberance.
    Where did morality and self responsibility go? Wherever it is, it is gone in large part because our food has become gross “filler”, devoid of spirit, energy, and nutrient density. Instead it is filled with nitrates, glyphosate and greed. The lack of the inclusion of the Sacred in the growing and processing of our food is foundational to the decay of our society and no “ism” can resolve that.

  24. Thank you for the advice on charga George. Will take it in and adjust. Yep for a loner you are the only constant. A great guy who respect each other . Bravo George we are already rich . One day a beer and a pork roastl

  25. thanks George . contrary to popular belief I was taught listening will make you wiser than talking . last visit to my specialist . now only one a year thankfully . how are you mate ? I said great , bit of weight from lockdown but fine . . he said I called the priest twice for you . I was dead they reckon , people celebrated . do you still drink ? yes 2 beers a day . do you smoke still ? yeah about half a pack (all smokers lie about that ) he said listen all these tests are perfect don’t want to see you till next june. thanks . so the sedgeway moral is . I am mindful of my existence and mortality so I investigate medicines , foods and effects. and I know who to listen to because of rare skill to see thru stories or scams . so only listen good blokes , very rare , but listen George . biggest compliment from ozzie is to be in trenches with a bloke he is so tough and smart . your the only American bloke I would go to trench with .. too serious !!! good advice George will take it on board

  26. Went into town last night to pick up a few things. Tuesday evenings are usually slow at the local warehouse grocery store. There was a noticeable uptick in Hispanic families with multi-hundred dollar food baskets waiting in the queue to check out. That was how it started with the first panic. Word is spreading from El Paso and NM. Inventory is still holding up.

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