Topless Markets: Vax 2 & The Bubbleator Revisited

Vax #2 Hype & A ’62 Flashback!

Seat belts on for market hype deluxe?  Moderna says its vaccine is 94.5% effective at preventing Covid-19.  Remember in last week’s round of virus hope that the RNA answer had to be kept super cold?  Well, this one seems a little more practical as Early Data Suggests Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Is Nearly 95% Effective—And You Can Keep It in the Fridge.  Well, your doctor, then.

Is the planet saved?  No, not especially.  We remember Ma Nature always has another variant in the wings.  And – as pointed out in this Wall St. Journal article, “immunity” may be fleeting since some people are getting the disease twice.  Hard sell of the vax if so.    That fear also surfaced in a story Friday that asks whether you might get Covid twice.

That said, the stock market is ripping early futures (+500), but it’s wildly over-hyped.  The damage from the disease has already set the stage for the Second Depression.  Construction of high-rise office buildings has fallen, with no jobs growth (people overlook that we’re STILL down 8.738 million jobs compared with year-ago levels).  Political divisions not healing – see DC clashes overnight – and fresh lockdowns underway…

We see a Reality Gap between the facts of today (like with Washington State relock) versus the hype of “sometime next year.”  Color us skeptical.

Overly glum?  Not so: A ‘huge wave of evictions’ is possible in January.  As the U.S. surpasses 11 million coronavirus cases.  Oh, and let’s not overlook WHO chief warns that vaccine alone wouldn’t end COVID pandemic.

People on Wall Street who are buying at the peak are a common feature of bubbles.  The Rich need patsies to dump their hype-heavy, debt-saturated, dividend-free paper on.

All Feeds the BBIH

Biggest Bubble in History.  We love bubbles – many fond memories….

You may not be old enough to remember the World’s Fair in Seattle in 1962.  But, one of the main attractions was in the former Washington State Armory building at the Seattle Center that became the Food Court for the Fair.  Over on the middle east side of the building was thing marvelous group elevator.  With a plastic “Bubble” over it for passenger safety, it quickly became the Bubbleator.

Here’s a photo of it – borrowed from Wikipedia – which seems to trace back to the archives of the  Seattle Museum of History & Industry (where Pappy was a volunteer docent at MOHAI for several years thanks to his remarkable memory…).

People attending the Fair would come into the former basement of the armory at the northeast corner and then watch in awe as this large elevator lifted them into the Food Court.  First step out of it – Ure slapped in the face with the smells of cotton candy and every fast food that could be shoe-horned into the Seattle Center, why it was  amazing.

Old News Man Nostalgia?  Indulge me.  One of the things that “made the World’s Fair work” (The Food Court, the Fun Forest, and the whole experience of the World’s Fair) was a remarkable PR man who was always coming up with great story ideas for me.  The late Dave Lempesis.  Always went out of his way to find “only the best” for the inquiring young reporter.  One of those “shining light” people you meet in life.  The kind of people there are never enough of, and once found, too quickly go.  But I digress.  Other than suggesting a future World’s Fair build a Hype-O-Lator.

Optical Cuing

Why share this corner of history with you?  Because when I look at the Bubbleator and I looked at how the pre-opening chart for the markets looks today, I’m struck by the uncanny resemblance.  I’m just sure you’ll see it at once:

To our way of thinking, there is no  rational  justification for present levels of market pricing.  Like the Bubbleator, it’s part spectacle, part amusement, yet somehow familiar….

However, much to the chagrin of Mr. Ure’s trading account balances, the market has been woefully disrespectful of economic realities.

This market is no longer driven by sound investing principles.  Instead, it’s a con-job, a super-bubble waiting for collapse.  Yet, there are the futures prices and there’s the Bubbleator.  Work it out for yourself.

Once upon a time, people bought stocks because the company would have large increases in sales dead ahead.  Today, with population at saturation levels, there are few profitable voids in physical goods.  So, we’ve turned to the game of “optimizing.”  Everyone is getting on the gerbil wheel Mondays like this trying to out-run their “next-door gerbil.”  All totally frantic.  But we should rudely ask sometimes:  Have any of the gerbils noticed they don’t seem to be  getting anywhere?

If there was the prospect of  dividends? Or, if we living in a world where  bonds paid a livable return…maybe “mounting the wheel” would make sense.  To me, this particular Monday doesn’t seem to warrant the effort.  Wheels will be there Tuesday.

Empire State Data

Not that the market needs another huff on the financial crack pipe, but here’s the latest NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing tease:

” The headline general business conditions index fell four points to 6.3, pointing to a slower pace of growth than in October. There was a small increase in new orders, and shipments were modestly higher.

Looking ahead, firms remained optimistic that conditions would improve over the next six months.”

One vax press release creating 500-points of Dow gains?  Pinch me so I can wake up.

Well-Fed Paranoia Dept.

One thing to place a small side wager on?  (Not to be too paranoid, but let’s for the sake of argument say there really is a global biological war underway…):  I’d put a $20 on the idea of a new – novel – semi-related but much higher kill-rate disease being discovered in the next 90 days.

Because if it looks like a country (US) that was attacked by a bioweapon has an effective counter measure (and record highs in its financial markets), then would an adversary see this as the time to “up their game”?  In terms of conflict, CV-19 w0uld have only been a nuisance in the aftermath.  Something more deadly would be a bigger problem on the backside, but CV-19 isn’t getting the theoretical adversary the kind of results they were looking for.

Or, putting in artillery terms:  Maybe CV-19 is just a “ranging shot.”  Hope like hell it’s not…

One Iota

Slamming Central America as a cat-4:

Wonder if this thing could “re-fire” over on the Pacific side?  Details this weekend?

Things in Passing

These won’t really change your life (if you live the duck, cover, and Clorox) but notable:

While the getting’s good: Jay Clayton, S.E.C. Chairman, Is Stepping Down.

Never stop selling: Independent Insurance Agents Face Headwinds Brought On by COVID-19 Pandemic, J.D. Power Finds.

Something for the next farm bill? Regulatory maze, money prevent craft marijuana farmers in California from offering own brands.  Despite all the liberal hype, we don’t see Slow Joe and Kam Slam legalizing nationally.  Just too much  dasch to be made on working contributions and lobbyists.  Send some to pops.

All talk? Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: “We’re Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States”.  Call us when it happens…

Say, here’s a story worthy of  NY Times coverage: To Scare Off Wild Bears, Japanese City Calls In Robo-Wolf.  AYFKM?

Invest in the Obvious:  The story Tyson Foods beats sales estimates on strong pork, beef demand caught our eye.  A couple of times in the past week or two we’ve done the new Tyson “slow cooker meals” – Wal-Mart’s carrying them.  Beef or Pork along with veggies (carrots, onion, potatoes) and they pretty good.  Pot roast dinner for 3-minutes in the kitchen.  Elaine watched in shock – as she does when Mr. Stopwatch comes in…  Nothing broken in the blur.

To finish, remove cooked food, cover.  Boil juices and thicken with oat flour to gravy…yum!

War is Coming.  On the simple theory that governments don’t spending money on things they’re not planning to use.  So when  Forbes writes up “The Chinese Air Force Sure Is Buying A Lot Of Bombers” we not only pay attention, we also remember while coastal cities out West may have seafood, they also have bull’s eyes on ’em…

OK.  Enough out of Mr. Cheer.  Off to the pot roast left-overs and then a full to-do listwith 10-hours of crap on it.    You can tell when the temp is under 40 F here when Zeus-the-Cat comes into the office and parks in front of the heat.  Frost on the pumpkin coming into view…  Zeus’ seasonal hang-out marks this as the first day of winter.  Screw what the calendar sez…

Write when you get rich,

71 thoughts on “Topless Markets: Vax 2 & The Bubbleator Revisited”

  1. They need a Rhodesian tobacco auctioneer for these COVID vaccines:”We got 94.5 for this beaut.Do I hear 95?”

    The next company will claim that it’s vaccine is at 96 per cent and that it can survive on the planet Mercury.

    Nothing will be as effective as the tried and true medicine that the Duprees sang about in the 60’s”Have You HERD?”

  2. “the disease has already set the stage for the Second Depression. ”

    I personally think The Stage was set a long long long time before the virus hit.. What sped its arrival was going option two instead of one and leaving the velocity of cash in flow.. I think if they had gone option one and froze everything the economic drop would have remained the same. supplies rationed and passed out . The big issue was If they had gone option one.. and the govt had taken over industry, banking, housing and personnel then wouldn’t that be the opening to total socialistic country. everything micromanaged by the same group that only spends 28 days a year doing anything at all.. the refuses to read the crap that they pass for the people.. Or would they still have a job and the country would be run from the white house and dept. of defense.. I am not sure how the plans are laid out for it to work.. I interpret it both ways..

    • Depessions are usually joined at the hip with over-expansion and implosion of credit (credit deflation). The Covid was the black swan that put the repo men into motion. Once all the debt is liquidated, the cycle will begin anew.

      • The other interesting thing is that the worst depressions are usually during times when theres a severe drought or lack of supplies. Right now the supply chain is broken..

      • Farmers who can’t farm and workers who can’t work attract repo men. The drought & supply interruptions are a traditional economic black swan. It is the credit implosion for ordinary people that delivers the lasting damage. Losing all your assets by forfeiture when you are 50+ years old is usually a sentence of poverty for the remaining year(s). Most people don’t realize how overextended credit to ordinary people was in the 1920’s, setting up the credit implosion of the 30’s. Mortgages and margin investment were common. The dust bowl was the most visible black swan of that era.

      • “It is the credit implosion for ordinary people that delivers the lasting damage. Losing all your assets by forfeiture when you are 50+ years old is usually a sentence of poverty for the remaining year(s).”

        Hospitals ,Doctors , Medications and Medical facilities usually do that to the elderly.. even with medicare and a part D plan the average senior with any complications at all.. will spend somewhere in the vicinity of five hundred to a grand a month. I personally spend about eight hundred a month.. Many head south to lower texas so they can zip over to Mexico to purchasse their years supply of pharmaceuticals.. what I have been told is the trip south and spending the winter months in texas are paid from the savings in what they would spend on medicines..
        Any trip to the hospital is a bankruptcy event.. if you are sent to a nursing facility then you face bankruptcy no matter what money you have.. the average stay is somewhere close to a quarter million a year and that doesn’t include your pharmaceuticals.. and in those facilities.. you cannot get a bottle of tylenol.. they have to get it from their pharmacy where the cost per tablet is more than ten dollars a tablet and other pharmaceuticals are inflated by their pharmacy.. its a racket.. you don’t think a ceo of a hospital makes more than a million for free.. and those that can’t pay.. end up loosing all of their lifes possessions.. ( the gentleman living in our spare bedroom.. his wife dies from cancer they take his farm and his home and his business he was penniless when he moved in our room we even had to go buy him clothes.. they took it all)
        Now Yesterday I was talking to some of the younger laborers with children… COVID and the loss of income for that short of a period of time tossed everything out of whack.. they are facing being evicted and cannot afford groceries..all because of the velocity of money in a world where the money flow was stalled.. and that is most common from the street view.. from the perch of executives I am sure they don’t notice it because they don’t experience it.. and even though their world of make up numbers is looking good they should be taking heed to the street view of those that keep them on their perch.. they can’t fix it.. the tower is going to fall and everyone will be at street view soon enough.. the only thing they can do is dump more water on the table.. and I almost think it is to late for that to happen to.. they would have to back up the printed numbers dumped as water on the economy table all the way back six months or more..

      • And when the doctors become fearful and overworked again, and the hospital administrators scream, the partisans and their f@ckhead medical science advisors will have their excuse for the martial law lock-down. This will be the largest of the black swans.

  3. “People on Wall Street who are buying at the peak are a common feature of bubbles. The Rich need patsies to dump their hype-heavy, debt-saturated, dividend-free paper on.”

    When I was just starting in business many years ago, I had a mentor (president of the company) who told me the following:

    Always remember that the market is like an apple tree. The big guys plant the tree, fertilize it and water it. The apples grow to a juicy plump and delicious fruit. The little people scramble up the tree to pick the apples and when they are all up the tree, the big guys come along and shake the hell out of it. While the little people are laying on the ground out cold, the big guys collect all the apples and start over again.

    • Governed by crooks, thieves, liars, frauds, rentiers, embezzlers,extortionists, and power hungry greed blinded, depressing the Value of money and life aholes..??? Quinine tonic 99 cents, and enlarged prostate???

      • “Governed by crooks, thieves, liars, frauds, rentiers, embezzlers,extortionists, and power hungry greed”

        M…you forgot some that are.. SADISTIC PEODOPHILE’S
        When you have the best politicians money can buy… they get special favors

  4. Getting COVID twice? Sure! Dr. Martenson was saying that early on sometime in or around the first quarter this year over at Peak Prosperity. Also that the second round was much worse than the first.

    We’re becoming a hot spot for the virus here in Texas. Friends who know are saying it’s really bad in Mexico which would make me believe that is what’s driving the spike in cases in El Paso. People who wind up in hospital South of the border quite often are never heard from again as they’re cremating the remains as fast as China was and the ashes are never handed back to the families. I’ve always wondered why we weren’t hearing anything in the news about it. Population reduction at its finest.

    Also, George, thanks for verifying, as you have in the past, that the markets are anything but readable. I guess you can always bet with the Fed and win for a while but the more they mess within the markets the more instability they’re installing in them. If we ever see “normal” again it’ll be in a Brave New World none of us will recognize.

    • Governed by crooks, thieves, liars, frauds, rentiers, embezzlers, extortioniextortionists, and power hungry greed blinded, depressing the. Value of money and life aholes..???

  5. George,

    We were told before the event took place – exactly how the commies planned to Win election during the 2nd Debate, the rutabega told the American public “they(dems) had put together the greatest vote stealing organization in history” ,this was not a gaffe, but a freudian slip.

    – Dont ever forget what else the rutabaga & co. would do next to o the American public/sheep by D.S./DVD-cia/Bankers & the rutbegga hisself – ..wakey-wakey or wake & bake ? cognitive dissonance much?

    * This covert19 jabroni virus pysop IS a Live Exercise – it is Still running (TIP) transition integrity project.

    Wait what ? US military already wrote the Script, and Game Played out in June 22-23, 2001 – Dark Winter- BioTerrorism Exercise @ Andrews AirFarceBase ..

    ..hello 2010/LockStep -roths/rockafellas luv us sooo much

    * Daily Stack = VitC/VitD/Zinc/CoQ10 = BulletProof – fight to live another day..

    FYI -Affiliated Auctions 11/18 – Lots of real Ammo up for Bid, Federal, Hornady – lots of calibers including some Hornady supersonic 300 blackout, 40.,45. and some magnum loads. Also lotz of NAZI regalia/weapons/ect in this auction.jss

    30 Thou Dow ? Valuations Do Not Matta ! CON fi dence IS all that mattas – Or How to Take It in Shortz Everyday by lenny & squiG. accordingly
    ..fighting Treasury is like liking fighting the fed, they got way deeper pockets as they make “the shit up” as they go

    .. Now WTH is Counter Party Risk ? and why does it matta to Bitcoin/Litecoin Owners?

  6. War is only in their dreams or the minds of the MIC for we are in no shape to fight much of anything,we are wasting to many of the today’s on the yesterdays thinking we are something we are not,for we are still hung out on wars started twenty years ago with no end in site except for a lot of empty words that don’t mean a thing.!!!

  7. Interesting how they are slamming the vaccines down everyones throat. Of course, getting people like myself to take the vaccines (plural here) maybe another matter. As far as I can tell, there is much more pushback here than the MSM is accounting for. Even (supposedly) conservative Fox is pressing the vaccine! All the MSM is the same – just variations on a theme to make you think you have a choice.

    This should be an interesting play as America will soon choose to submit to lockdowns and totalitarian policy or resist and go forward with at least something that resembles a free country.

    We will see if we ever have anything approaching free elections again. And no it’s not about Trump. The same fraud can be pulled on any candidate that is not ‘preferred’ by the PTB.

    • “Interesting how they are slamming the vaccines down everyones throat.”

      what I find hilarious is when Trump stated that one was close at hand.. everyone said it couldn’t be done.. LOL LOL LOL LOL… that it would take over a year.. LOL now our new president is elected and a miracle happened over night LOL LOL LOL who in the heck buys that story line….

      • a savior is born and on his way to office..
        You do notice that they are painting the picture for the history books to blame Trump for the devastation of our country.. because he didn’t send out the stimulus.. now if Biden is able to push the noodle… and it crashes later on.. then Trump and the Republican party buys the depression coming.. DJT could stimulus before xmas.. but I doubt it.. hell congress is already home LOL..and the narrative is already out so that the republican party buys the coming depression..

  8. Using 911 as a template of expectations… what did we get after the initial shock period, one year later and beyond?
    New police bureaucracy
    Increased airport security
    New banking rules
    Media in lockstep with all changes
    Complacent and obedient public, glad to be saved from the boogie man

    That’s not all of it, but enough to show, we should expect more of the same.
    Contact tracing apps (people I know are relieved and happy to use them)
    New medical bureaucracy
    Increased restrictions to medical care facilities
    New medical record rules, like banking laws, what are you exactly allowed to do? Travel? Live in certain places?
    Media/social blackouts and restriction to information, political views (already demonstrated on a massive scale in this election)
    Finishing up the great (financial/social/political/global) reset that began in 2008 with the financial bubble trouble and color revolutions.

    Just like terrorism, any tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. We’ll be forever living with the new changes, forget they are new, forget they exist, and life will seem normal again. Not because it is normal, but because our expectations take time to adjust, and we desperately want tomorrow to be like yesterday.

    And every time we get a little “remembery” they’ll march out a new boogie man, like they did with ISIS, and use it to crush the markets and hopes. New germs, new worries, and a public grateful to be saved.

    • Dont forget the NAZI organizations at Home Land Security (Israeli Setup&Controlled) and TSA – Airport Nazi’s who enjoy Sexually Molesting Paraplegics and Elderly Grandmothers – another sick Israeli controlled US govt. institution.
      Dont forget – those You cant Criticize – is who CONTROLS U .

  9. Comrades

    Let us await announcement of a Chinese Antarctic airfield operational now or shortly. It’s in the public domain that a Canadian registered DC-3 in Chinese colors was seen operating in the Antarctic and also from the home city of the US Air Force Naval Academy.

  10. Doctor G ! r U there? Hello Doctor ?

    OMGoodness somebody please call coot a Doctor !
    I am in need of medical intervention……………………….Oooohhh the pain..

    … ohhh the suffering succotash!

    coot be buying SPY Puts at 360 Strike – oh nooooo !

    – moar Painial to come soonly..

    Treasury Bonds have been in a Bull market for 39 years straight – how easy is that ? just buy UST right?

    Because the current Rate on a 10yr UST is Less Than Inflation Rate = REAL Rates are Negative . December is Delivery Month on Comex, already discussion regards settling Phys in GLD/SLV etf shares. Standing Bid/Buy order for Any and All Phys Silver = Standard Charter Bk.

    Repo “emergency’..covert19…QE infinity/counterfeit Op..lookey loo duche bank is still solevent..hmmm

    So please help a dim witted investor out with Ure Expectations of getting back Ure principal on the Money U lent to obumma/bribem in treas direct acct? The guy U that money to is Trillions in Debt, must Borrow more $$ to just Pay Interest on Outstanding UST’s – how R they going to Pay off the Principal ?? With Fed Coin ?? whose a sucka now – geniuses?

    Got Bitcoin ? no U do not, u got a piece of paper/future..bwahahahhaha
    Counter Party Risk Party is happening everyday over at coinbase/kraken.. See Ya @ DeFi on 18th..or not.

    • Relax coot – using two simple indicators, use is coasting to fabulous gains in this (sack of shit) market.
      Maybe it will only be paper but it’s better than only electrons.
      At present, Ure’s treasdir acct is under $100. Placeholder for the transfers when needed – which will be just prior to the bail in.

      Enjoy and make dough on the afternoon decline…

  11. I was at Seattle World Fair. I remember the jet pack guy flying 40 yards. Still waiting for my private jet pack to beat the traffic.

  12. What if….
    The CCP and the dems colluded to bring down Trump with a bioweapon (Covid 19), BUT the blame didn’t stick to him, so they had to rush to plan B which involved using rigged voting machines; ballot scanners and no GOP oversight at the collection centers?
    THEN before much investigating could be accomplished, rush Biden/Harris to “Pres-elect” status to propaganda-ize the public with the “fact” that Biden won?
    Wait a sec….there are guys in suits banging on my front door.

    • Ask them kindly to step over to and On the plastic sheets U got layed out on Ure front porch. Trust me – it makes cleaning up the splatta sooo much easier.

  13. NM went totalitarian again today! Supposedly for two weeks, but my guess is until April, if we’re lucky. Now we have long lines of people waiting to try to get into Walmart, nothing left to buy, and a governess ranting and raging like Hitler on a bender. “Non-essential” businesses are required to close. At least Texas is adjacent, and my car gets good mileage. So are Utah and Aridzona.

    I don’t intend to get a symptomatic case of Covid. Like the common cold, it’s a coronavirus, and like the common cold, sensible lifestyles and nutrients can help a person go for years without catching it. I don’t “social distance” on purpose – it’s just how I live my normal life. I’d hop in bed in a moment with a compatible female if I was so lucky as to meet her and we got along.

    Some countries are distributing zinc, D3 and C vitamins. We’re “shutting down” and praying for an untested vaccine. Personally, I think the sacrifice of lifestyle and the economy is not worth the imaginary benefits of shutting down.

    • If you need supplies, best to do the road trip or the mail order quickly. Texas will likely follow if the hospital beds start filling statewide like they have in El Paso. I am more afraid of panics and roadblocks than Covid. I still indulge my PPE and sanitation fantasies when I am out in public, but angry, fearful people and lawmen are potentially a lot more deadly than that bug, at least to me. Keep us up to date on how things go in NM. You sound like you are now on the bleeding (liberal) edge of crazy out there.
      Good comments Len.

      • a flight nurse giving cpr training last night said that the hospital is full at this time.. that they had one patient that went into the ER and before they could get him to a bed passed away..
        that is reminiscent of the woman that I was talking to a couple of weeks ago that said she was coming down with a bad cold.. went to lay down and never got back up..
        rumor has it the school will be closed again.. very soon.. and you cannot get most of the things you need at the store.. the supply lines are broken.. store managers are concerned that they won’t be able to keep the doors open and the best way to get the things you need is amazon ..

    • Thanks everyone! FYI, the rumor is that the Walmart distribution center in Las Lunas, NM found a Covid presence, and that shut down a lot of Walmart resupply in the local area. I have a hard deadline on a project for midnight today (11/18) and will be making a supply run asap after that. It’s essential to get feet on the ground regularly just to figure out what’s really happening. I’m mostly stocked, but there’s always something!

  14. It had never occurred to me to look at the stock market bubble like one on a level, until I read Ure post. Since I am very fond of “Zero X and Zero Y” axis on the Level where the Bubble is dead center. I work with it every day. Huh. A different dimensional angle… Hmmm.

    I don’t know why but “Cash talks, bullshit walks” springs to the mind. Couples with, “Ass, cash or grass. Nobody rides for free.” Sprinkle in some “Shit happens” and smidge of, “There are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them.” Laurence Welk said that last quote. After his band The Champagne Music Makers finished their set.

    Cue: Don Ho, Tiny Bubbles

    Clique 116!

  15. and that folks was another day in the sewer rigging extreme . our market the asx 200 sewer closed all day yesterday. some lies about data feed . my platform team said the asx was installing new programs all weekend . didn’t work . got the gold gurus at 321 selling cars on bingo buys as the fed worker says . must look at different run patterns and prices . nah this is truly a market for veges and new commies . will just bunker down . fade the news . time and price extensions maxed. how did it get this bad George ? the time monks . are they dead George ? gary lamert and the fractal blokes given up ? new world yep and she aint nice .

  16. I don’t think China’s bombers are meant for America’s west coast. But it does raise an interesting question…

    If China begins carpet-bombing the West Coast will Biden kneel to them, will Americans kneel to them? Are American generals ready to overthrow Biden and the will of the people to directly protect by possibly nuking China to stop their advance? Are they all in on it already?

    Michigan just turned on a 3 week lock-down. Will Black Friday Christmas shopping be sacrificed?

    • They don’t need the bombers. Don’t you remember when China (probably) sent off a sub-launched missile off the West Coast and then a little while later one bird flew out of the Gulf and n-o-t-h-i-n-g was ever said about it?

      • “They don’t need the bombers.”

        Nope not at all BILL ..Didn’t they buy they own the toll roads.. they own our granaries and export services, the ports of entry and they manufacture the vast majority of our goods and supply our technical services.. you cannot even call a tech line without getting someone from someplace else..
        they have the mortgage services and own a great deal of the countries homes that can be recalled with a thirty day notice and taken possession of… Our medical equipment and a great deal of our medications all manufactured from…
        why in the world would they want to bomb a country that they are already in control of.. our military supplies and armaments’ the bullets the casings the guidance chips the list goes on.. LOL LOL
        Even the illusive hard drive that has vanished suggests that secrets among other things have been traded.. in other words.. I personally think we are F#@ked and owned.. Not even to mention .. our military is spread around the globe… we are out manned and everyone forgot about the faulty guidance chips we got.. amazing how that stuff vanishes..

      • Yes.

        I’m also familiar with the NORK sub (diesel, soviet castoff) sighted both in the Gulf, and over on the Atlantic side, a couple years before the SoCal launch, The NYC launch, and the Russian sub that sailed into Nooofuk Harbor, put its XO ashore to hand-deliver a message to the (CO’s aide), and then sailed out without being detected either inbound or outbound (this last, only a couple years ago…)

        I’m SO glad somebody besides me is paying attention…

  17. my number one benefit from coming here and only benefit is medical knowledge .. the number one thing im into lately is charga mushroom powder and oregano oil . trick thanks urban survival medical team . beat the flu. supplements ,exercise and and avoid contact with vaccinated veges .. isolate , listen to music drink beer and smoke and short

  18. George, re: CV 19 being a “ranging shot” .. how’s about COVID 23? There’s a movie called ‘Songbird’ in rapid production (already set to be released in December this year). The movie is is set in the year 2024 and features a mutated variant of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) virus. It’s directed by none other than Michael Bay, and is expected by many to be more or less standard-issue predictive programming, like with the movies ‘2012’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ GMAFB.

    • What ever happened to that movie about Elites sport hunting Deplorables? It was delayed but didn’t it finally come out on a limited basis in a few cities?

  19. Sidney Powell on Rush with Mark Stein today presented a tenacious & coherent defense of widespread voter fraud used to get Biden elected. With the CIA, FBI, & the media doing nothing, even with evidence showing fraud, shows you of Deep State involement & possible payoffs. Those states that certify false elections will be complicet. When it gets to the Supreme Court, those 9 judges will not be moved by the media or corrupt polititions. Don’t count your Biden’s until your Trump’s hatch. Wait until the Slicon Valley tech giants start getting tagged for their part in the fraud. They will sing like canaries.

  20. Ahhhhhhhhh and here we gooooooo, we have our fresh in the Lime Light. Samurai with No Honor George. The one who had a sword that could dice through reality.

    And a simple pen wrote, no Honor.

    As always, The news after the Knews.

    Wonder how much people would pay to know the sale of honor 2 months in advance? I mean you all knew before the owner knew he would sell his honor.

    Yes I agree George. I need to monitize my words. 2 items of interest I won’t mention yet. I will get busy on my list as soon as the power at my house comes back on. Someone took out the power pole down the road. I may be moving back to Seattle…. Idk yet. It had crossed my mind. Cali may be in the future as well. We shall see.

    Hey TLN! Did you know that I know Satoshi Nakamoto is a girl not a dude. The inventor of Bitcoin is a woman. I can’t tell ya how I know this. I just know it. Lol

    I gotta get my shit up and rolling. Rogan just signed a $100 million dollar contract with spotify for his pod cast. That is is bad ass! I’m hope I can get half as many people to sign up for my little opinion. Lol

    • You wanna know the really weird part. I don’t hardly ever look a the news, follow the news, watch TV or use the internet to know what I know. I get all my stuff from the environment around me. Just reading the world around me tells me about the world events. On occasion, I read zero Hedge, George’s site almost every day, google news just the head line flash for 20 seconds couple times a week, maybe glp once every blue moon to check the thread names. Most of this stuff I just read off the world around me. No matter where I’m living, I get it from gas pumps, grocery store receipts, music I listen too and things people say around me that are not taking to me. And alot of it from meditation. I do an hour a half minimum a day.

      And well there ya go. :)

      I’m so blessed to know people smarter than me to help get my shit together and Buisness running. You are all so helpful. I am super at seeing the future and creating but when it comes to web development and alot of other stuff. I’m a big dummy. Lol thank God I aleast have the capability to listen and follow directions. And thank God most of my friends on this site are smarter than me. :)

    • Perhaps U R picking up on a team member – as there were several (2-3) additional peeps involved in solving the “Double Spend” problem with Digitals.

      Probabilities suggest that Alan Greenspan is/was in fact Satoshi Nakamoto.
      AP wrote ALL the code/programs for Digital Money at the Fed. Where do U think “Road To Roota” comic book put out by the Boston Fed came from? Root A – Old Compiler language some of the “more experienced” guys might remember (COBOL&FORTRAN).
      AP has previously attempted to bring down current vampiric Banking System. Success in that endevour is just around the corner – just a matta of time.

      • Rota Roota?! Isn’t that a plumbing service too? They come out and unclog your drains. Ya know another word for a Hitman is a “Plumber” and a “Mechanic”. Because a plumber goes and cleans up a shitty situation.

        I have actually heard of Cobal and Fortran. I had an old professor back in my IT daysost networking Comptia A+, Network +, CCNA type learning that was an IBM fella that did alot of work for the Cia around the time the Intertnet was invented. He said they used to send coded messages through those old round blip screens and told me about his start running punch cards to program mainframes. He taught me about the Loom and it being the first computer he has since passed really good dude except that always inviting me down to the Masonic Lodge for a dinner once a week thing . I never joined. I learned a long time ago Navy stands for Never Again Volenteer Yourself. we used to meet once a week before he passed. He had told me right befor when passed about the some code they trying to crack ad had been at it for almost 40 years at the real Area 51 which located somewhere in South Carolina. He showed me a fee templates for some codes and asked me what I thought. They were Mason Codes. That much I knew. I havemt thought about that in a long time. Lol

        Yessss, I think you are correct that it was greenspan. However he was just the sales man delivery boy. Im 93% certain that the person who actually wrote the code for the Bitcoin Platform was a woman. I looked at the hash the other day and I remember when I was playing MMO and RPG online games like Everquest and I used to set up a character asa female. With a female name. I was dating a stripper from Dejavue back then and I (feel kinda bad about it now) would trick those virgin dudes alot who were programers down in Nintendo into giving me super good deals on Items for the game. I actually used my buddies name spelled backwards and it sounded like a girls name. When they wanted proof? Id send them a picture of my stripper girl friend. Lol

        And it occurred to me right then and there that the Bitcoin programer was a woman.

        Anyway. Blah blah blah. I got to get my meditation done and today is an action day provided my miniscule unemployment money shows up in my account. Because I’m a broke ass bitch. I don’t like being poor. I like being Rich more better. I mean if I have to choose between being poor and miserable or rich and miserable? I’d choose to be Rich because it would suck better. I really money is a tool. Like a pistol or a number 2 pencil. My happiness is dependant on other things. Like “me love you long time.”

        So I gotta get. Probably won’t comment for a while. I need to be a man of action. And I’m not talking about being “Captain Save a Hoe”. Hopefully. Lol I don’t want to waist anymore time. I like money. Money is my friend. Lol.

      • Also, let me tell ya. I know the names of the Old Money. These guys been around for a very very very long time. I know most of the names of the Families. Like the Rothschilds are HR department for them. You won’t find there names on the net and very rarely in a book. It’s about control and power to them. They seen the rise of the Roman empire, Atilla, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, the US and Russia, China etc. Etc. And they control the Vatican. And the Vatican has more money than all the nations in the world combined. They control the religions. They Control the “God” concept.

        Now, does that mean there isn’t a God? Nope. I know there is. There is many people consider God’s that were just powerful men at one point in history that became legends, then God’s.

        I am. Christian because I know that Christ is real. I been to Israel seen the evidence and I know He is real.

        I read an old book from the 1700’s I found that was printed in england about Muhammed. Long before Google. In it, it has a paragraph in the middle that talks about a ritual performed by some Kabbalahist Jews. And how the result was Muhhamed has his visions and rose to a place of prominence. Very interesting ritual. They tied 13 strands of Muhammeds hair around 3 palm leaves and hung inside a well for 7 days. It was deal Muhhamed worked out with these mystics to help his people. There is a bit more to it than that.

        Ya see I don’t just see the future. I have a long list of other Abilities. One is that when I read stuff in books or online. I know personal stuff about the authors. Many examples have been presented on this here site. no need to list them. Another is. When I read certain phrases and the letters become golden in my mind or I on some occasions see we Golden Geometrical shapes within the words? I know that they are True through and through. Like Divinity True. Sometimes I see words and they have a red hue or a blue or a purple hue.. pink etc. And each color springs off of them like the words are pirism. And it tells me if someone is being intently deceptive, or emotionally invested in a deep level or being deceptive unknowingly thinking what they are actually saying is true.

        The most golden shaped Geometrical patterns I have ever seen in anyone’s words even if they were not the author of the original words is in Jesus words in the Bible. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Jesus was real, telling the Divine truth, and was also a master of Chi Gong, as well as trained in Egyptian mystical ways, allong with TAO and Hymilayan Monks and Gnostic Ways. To name a few.

        Because I seen the same golden geometrical shapes in my study of their stuff too. That is also how I know which Alt Coin will replace the dollar. Because when I look at the long list of them. Only 2 shine brilliant Gold and have a geometrical monad and cascading pyrmids flowing out of their names. Bitcoin is like AOL in the beginning of the internet. Back when 56 K dial up was a big deal. Which was huge for a while along with Yahoo. Compared to Google now? Not so much.

        Beautiful Golden sunrise this morning. No further questions. Standards and speeds! Yes sir. Im on it!

      • Please note, I’m not here to covert ya to christianity. Everyone is entitled to believe whatevet they want. That is your right a s human. And what ever jives with you is about you. See if ya have any faith in any God, your faith is about you. Your prayers are about you. God speaks in rythm and beats to the Drum pounding Shaman, Equation and formula to the Mathematician, Pigme to the Amazon Pigme. Maybe God speaks to you from a cone around dogs head? Who am I to say any different. I’m don’t own the rights to God. God does. I’m just another pilgram on a journey through world as living material energy. Just like the Dog with the Cone. Lol a dog with a cone is more of a satilite dish of unconditional love. Than I am. Lol

        Ok, I’m gtfo here to get busy.

      • @Andy

        “Also, let me tell ya. I know the names of the Old Money. These guys been around for a very very very long time. I know most of the names of the Families.”

        Very good…

  21. Yay! The power is back on! Ok. I’m gonna nap for 3 hours because it’s 1am, then I will get crackalackin in that list dude.

    Don’t worry. I never sleep. I just don’t need it as much usually.

    • “Don’t worry. I never sleep. I just don’t need it as much usually.”

      Boy Andie.. you sound like me a few years ago… this was my song..
      take it from someone that has been down that road….going without sleep has its price… of course I jammed three lifetimes into one.. but believe me I paid the price and am still paying it.. so be careful..the heart muscle and body can only take so much..

  22. I wonder if my accuracy would increase if I actually spent time looking into stuff in the web. I just got burned out researching stuff and I found I didn’t really have to look at it much on net. Hmmmmmm

    Having my own website, I would think it would be more productive and prudent to study current events a little more closely. And glean more stuff off the net.

  23. I wonder if they are going to have 30000 hats and cakes and flags . wont use em long . should put a hammer sickle and swastiker in the corner . replace the stars

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