Reality Busting Ahead

We are continuing our efforts toward making a real-life time machine. However, as it turns out, there’s a lot more than time involved.
So, today and update in our Real Time Machine project.
First, however, an even stranger, but so far more profitable question:  based on a few trades this week we need to ask “Is G-d a Parabolic Probability Function?”
Not your every day wake up questions to be processing, which is why we recommend a double-shot America with a shake for this morning’s episode.
Let that get the BP launched with a few warm-up headlines and then we begin…

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34 thoughts on “Reality Busting Ahead”

  1. Chief,

    Ure manual approach to inter-dimensional adventure requires deep pockets bro – or some Working Grp. level assistance.

    Can not really relate how or why – just know that the Frequency U need Can be reproduced by HU-man vocal chords.

    I have heard and perceived(1st hand) high level strangeness regards HU-man capabilities of a Qi-gong Master. Am talking hear about Padre Pio level of Bi-Location abilities.. Just dont forget to never, ever lose sight of Ure “lil silver thread” as it is Ure tether back to the “living’.

    Purification of the body is no joke when endeavoring to access an On Ramp to Hyper Space.. otherwise Ure recovery, once back from Ure sojourns, will be arduous at best..

    Suggest learning how to Meditate (Farsight method), with this “remote viewing” method can U can go Forward and Backward in Time – and U can Interact “mentally” w/ the “peeps” U meet! has lots of How To Videos – guided Meditation – to learn OoBT.

    Unfortunately – time is running out of the hour glass for USA as the neoMARKist technocratic takeover by Communist Global Government..via Dominion – like a god dammed cockroach infestation.

    What is Smartmatic ? Why so CLOSELY Tied to Dominion? Why such close ties to clinton fdn., sorass open society AND piglosi chief of staff???

    Who is Lord mark MALLOCH brown (MI6) ? frm vice chair soreass investment fds & open society, frmr VP world bnk, family history w/MI6 – responsible for Russian dossier, flynn frame, HANDLER for obumma team : see samantha power 2008 for quote.
    The british-german hand behind the current ASSAULT on OUR Freedoms..Achtung Baby!

    Looks like we didnt even Win the Revolutionary War after all.

  2. (Trump didn’t tweet so much until he became one of ’em, you following?)

    I personally think that Trump tweeted because he did want to keep the citizens informed with what was going on and show an open govt.. as honest as we will ever see in our lives.. as we seen from MSM during the past three years.. just how corrupted the information system is.. and just how corrupted our politicians are.. the sorry part for me is I don’t think anyone can change any of it and at this point we are F@#Ked.. if you have the right amount of cash you can buy anything you want in the usa.. If you have enough power and cash and political influence.. You can do anything you want in the USA and not have to fear its consequences.. a certain HARD DRIVE comes to mind.. not to mention all the other crap that when it surrounds men of power money and political influence it vanishes then a quick misdirection to draw the attention of the people away from those actions to something else..After that it becomes a simple chili fart in the wind..
    But then all of these things have been predicted to come to pass… all we can do is go with it..

  3. “Acting like the North Sea fields are entering depletion, are they? “The UK plans to ban sales of diesel and petrol cars from 2030.”

    I think that action is a tad bit premature…
    OIL is everywhere.. just out of many plastic containers, styrofoam, plastic wrap, plastic bags, can holders, bottle carriers you throw out in a week.
    Plastic can be reprocessed back to it’s original oil state cheaply and efficiently.. then consider algae conversion..
    Supposedly theres an iand the size of texas in the ocean all plastic waste..
    That doesnt even take in carbon conversions to oil and gas. Alcohol production made from just about anything..
    So in my opinion I think theres a future business model that someone plans on benefitting from in the near future..

    • Also was told that in the oil fields here.. that there was 300 years of petroleum in the wells we capped.. not to mention the oil sands of canada that they are just now beginning to harvest.

    • Think you are right. Remember there is enough oil on top of the ground at Rifle Colorado to last the us a long long time.

  4. I always enjoy seeing the plus/minus figures:
    (±11.1 percent)*
    14.2 percent (±8.8 percent)
    6.4 percent (±8.7 percent)

  5. “into how one MIGHT actually build (more properly I suppose it would be “call” a portal into existence.”

    On GAIA. Theres a great show about the portals around the world.. and how indigenous tribes still claim that they activate..what was funny is they had done rock analysis..heavy quartz content..snd the theory that traveler’s used a frequency device.. what caught my interest was .. wouldn’t it be fun to travel to one of the so called portals with some equipment to run a series of frequency and magnetic test..

  6. disbelief . Jerome the jerk chief salesman at FED motors says that the FED will continue to loose money to keep the economy alive . they have now officially shredded the declaration of independence and constitution and have never to be seen deals on all wrecks ..

  7. Okay kiddo, time for some hints for you again.
    1. Why does time run faster, the further away from a large body such as a planet.
    2. Why does time slow the faster you go.
    3. What do sound and light have in common.

    • I know I know lol….waving his hand frantically from the sidelines…

      Sound and sunlight are both waves.. the differ though in my opinion because sound can travel through an item and light cannot. I believe that even though they both are frequency that sunlight is actually a photon particle wave.
      The faster a person moves away from the light source the more light is dispersed and time slows down.. just like taking a 99 cent laser pointer and a photo electric cell.. aim the pointer at a window so it reflects on the photo electric cell.. plug it in to a digital audio recorder and you can get a recording of the sounds within the room by analyzing the frequency of the vibrations..move back so the beam spreads out the recording becomes garbled..
      I think it speeds up as you move away because of the space warp of gravity and magnetic frequencies..
      Of course I don’t know for sure.. since if you think about it by the laws of physics the laws of physics could never I think Its all just a best guess scenario. I do believe in harmonics and everything is a frequency. Those with certain physical chemical changes show greater signs of esp..take the McKenna’s or the schamen the Oracle of examples.. nostradamus I had read someplace that he used a combination of herbs and sleep deprivation..

      • My thought is by altering the conscious mind they were able to open the subconscious and perceive other frequency ranges that the mind normally cannot perceive.

  8. yes forget it . resistance is futile . never give up . but leave em on and just wait . some fat robot on a sewer site for turd investing says he follows the current algorithim . fancy talk for bullsheet

    • LOL! reminds me of

      “Well, I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison
      And I went to pick her up in the rain
      But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck
      She got run over by a damned old train
      And I’ll hang around as long as you will let me
      And I never minded standing’ in the rain, no
      But you don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin'”

      David Alan Coe

  9. G -dog,

    The claxon horn just sounded in my trading Naccount..Ahhhuuuuugaaaaah,ahhhhuuuugaaaah Dive, dive, dive..down bubble -90degrees..rutroh.
    Think those SPY Nov 351 Puts are looking good now, specially since coot doubled down at Close, to lower average cost, bad boys expire 11/23 – Monday after standard Expiration Day on Friday the 20th.

    So U cant eat Gold/Siilver, nor can U eat Digital Tulips- the worthless kind BTC.

    So keep Ure cold Gold, that dont earn Interest, does not pay a Dividend, is Difficult & Expensive to transport, and Easily taken/stolen from holder.

    – Selling Gold – Buying BITCOIN&LiteCoin – cant counterfeit worthless digital tulips with Tungsten, ect. Selling on the DeathCross 50/100day, buying BTC for the WIN and LTC for the TRANSACTIONs!

    If U do not Hold Ure Crypto (s) in a Hard Wallet – U do not own Crypto , U own a Paper Claim – just like Precious Metals.

    ..Every single Bar in GLD/SLV custodian Bank (JPM) has been Super ReHypothicated multiple Times..”whoops our “oversight”, no guilt – just pay off a Fine to Ure regulators – like shooting ducks in barrel.
    N obody
    B uys
    F or
    Y ield.

  10. big trouble . as said put up white flag . then send in scouts to take them out . bitcoin busted as forecast catalyst . gold now going into death run . watch the 92/96 pedo boy. exactly 08/09 . no its 08/09 on super steroids

  11. Could I ask about Mr. Ure’s soldering class? There seems to be a dark finality in some of your recent transmissions. Could you leave us with some soldering basics?

  12. “Acting like the North Sea fields are entering depletion, are they? ”

    Too soon, but I told you years ago about the lucid dream I had, in which all of Scandinavia was walking south into Central Ureope because the Bank of the North Sea had run dry and everyone was starving — mass diaspora of the millions, and they were walking, using hand and farm carts, because there was no fuel for motor vehicles. IIRC the time period of my dream was the 2060s…

    “Police Chief Who Backed Charges Against Lawmaker During Protests Is Fired.”

    I would double-down on the charges…

    “For more recent data, just released yesterday (and $12 bucks on Kindle is Turchin’s newst collection of data with co-author Daniel Hoyer: Figuring Out the Past: The 3,495 Vital Statistics that Explain World History.”

    It’s statistics…

    I’ll wait for your review regarding their validity, before I even look at it.

    I believe Tamarah has given you a clue.

    No matter how many slices, how close together, you make in a digital sound, it is still a sliced sound. No human may be able to discern the difference between an A-110 blown on a shofar and a 176.4khz sampling of an A-110 from said shofar, but God, Nature (note capitals), Physics, and the Universe must be analog existence entities (or abstraction layers), unless we really ARE just avatars existing only inside a computer matrix.

    As such, THEY all CAN tell the difference. If’fn you need the real sound, the real harmonic, or the real dissonance, you’re only likely to get it from the real source…

    • Ah – Wm of radio ranch has already solved this with a suggested pure analog audio chain. Which consists of an analog 16 chan mixer and a marvelous Tanberg D20A analog recorder/ We do try to think of these things…

  13. The partisan wingnuts are gearing up to go on a looting and killing spree in 2021. If you don’t have anything worth stealing, then you might be somewhat safer than the neighbor who likes to show off. Don’t expect your life and political support track record to mean anything. Looters in three-piece suits still gotta loot. Ditto for killers.

  14. You know when your talking to some about marketing and maybe doing buisness together and they start talking about how they support the new black panthers. And then go on and on and on and you can’t get a word in edgwise? Then they message ya after the meeting and asked sooooooo and you tell them, ya, no. Lol. That just happened. I don’t care how pretty ya are honey. And trust me she is very pretty half japanese and half peurto rican. Very very nice looking. And I’m not a racist. I don’t care what brand of flesh ya have. And I couldnt even talk about my goals or what I want to do and barely said anything about what my website is about. And that made all that pretty not matter. It’s not that it matters anyway.

    buisness is buisness. And I ain’t trying my website to any of that shit. I believe strongly in helping people and kindness and generosity. I do not support the radical leftest agenda. At all.

    And like Mr Rythms said in the Movie Taxicab, “best advise I can tell ya son is, don’t let your Dck run your life.”.

    Always try to remember that. And damn dude. I really wanted to Mount. But if it comes with all that. Noooo thank you! I won’t even be with my ex who is a playboy centerfold because it comes with a bunch of other non sense bullshit. Lol

    Soooooo that was that.

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