Relief Rally Monday – Fear Inflation Data Tomorrow

Kinda hard to get out of bed today.  Calm before the storm (in a sec.).

For this morning, markets are back on track for a rally resumption.  One we fear could be curtailed if/when consumer prices come in higher than expected when released tomorrow morning.

Then Wednesday, brace yourself for retail sales figures.  Even though the usual suspects will do OK, the Auto Industry has “the Big Hurt on it” because of chip shortages.  And that’s a post-hole digger for the Fed’s economic outlook.  Just one more “nail in the financial coffin” for this fall.

For the early slog, Dow Futures were +170 and S&P was +20 something.  Lumber was back over $600, too.  Despite our putting the new deck (See the Sunday column) on hold.

TX Flood? Oilman’s Marina?

While we sure hope it doesn’t work out that way, some of our favorite readers (like Oilman2 and Linda-at-law) are down in the “swimming hole” which will fill tomorrow.

We would not be surprised to see local rainfall amounts in the 20 inches (and higher) range as tropical storm Nicholas ambles through.  As always, our little joint in the woods (blue x-box cobbled in by our high-roller art dept.) is just outside the dangerous rains area.

This morning in the outback it’s 75 and the summer bugs are as loud as ever. But with low temps coming in, that’s bound to change, too.

Oh, look!  Lying government!  HUD Sells Flood-Prone Houses To Often Unsuspecting Buyers : NPR.

Vax Notes

Britain seems to be scrapping the idea of a “mark of the jab” to go out: “Covid vaccine passports SCRAPPED as Sajid Javid confirms people won’t need them to get into nightclubs and cinemas.

Here in the colonies, Anthony Fauci may have to change his last name to Waffle:  Dr. Fauci on if Those with Natural Immunity Should Get the Vaccine: ‘I Don’t Have a Really Firm Answer’”

Might we offer a few?  (Like stop misleading Congress on gain of function bioweapons research the US was involved with?  Come clean about it being a bioweapon accident?  Admit people who have had CV-19 are 27-times safer than those with the pseudo vax?  (I don’t know how much help would be the right amount here…)

Liars Poke-Us in Focus

Scroll down to the video clip festival here and see what America’s Liar’s Club used to say… Biden Admin: Don’t Worry, We’d Never Impose a Vaccine Mandate! [Supercut].   Pants on fire, Joe?

Meantime, though, Fauci is holding the threat of vax to travel out there again  Fauci says he would support vaccine requirement for air travel.

Meantime, the UK is being told No more COVID-19 lockdowns, UK health minister suggests.  Pardon us just watching the calendar for a while on this one.  Too early to tell if he’s being sincere or just applying to the Liar’s Club down the road…

Honestly, I don’t know which is worse:  CV-19 or the shocking degree of incompetence in government revealed in the serial lies about where things are.

The REAL story to be aware of?  CDC Hiding the sausage!  Why did CDC change definition for ‘vaccine’? Agency explains.

We think the right and honest answer is more likely the “Vanna White” answer:  “Big Money!  Big Money!”

Joe Buyed ‘Em?

Oh-oh…here’s the new book you’ve all been waiting for:  New book reveals how Joe Biden’s family used his position for profit, reports the NY Post.  Talkxs about Jim and Hunter helped dad along.  (Yah think?_)

Not cheap, this new tomb by Ben Schreckinger.  But on Amazon here: The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power.

Also in Poisoned Politics

Already tomorrow’s California recall vote is bringing out last-minute muck to rake and mud to throw.  Some examples:

Victor Davis Hanson: Recall could save California – here’s how Newsom, elites destroying once-thriving state.

Rose McGowan Posts Alleged Email From Gavin Newsom’s Wife After Governor Disputes Claims.

Newsom nationalizes California recall, spotlights COVID, in run-up to Tuesday’s election.

We have already called the election for Newsom.  But not based on polling.  Nope, the same tools that kept Trump out of office are aligned to keep Newsome in. Whether you’re talking media, vote counters, machinery, legitimate voters?  Don’t need to say.  We only consider preponderance of the data and it’s clear. (Wrong, but clear…)

Here’s the critical point about Big Data most people don’t grok:  The reason “the future” looks like it’s controlled by only a handful of “elites” is that something else (preponderance of data stacks) is underway.  So, conspiracy advocates tend to correctly see how crooked things are.  But then they objectify and personalize it to [fill in the person or group].

More useful – in terms of predicting and understanding the future, however – is to look at life as piles of data sets.  Call how those interact and it can teach oodles and gobs about the future.  It’s why the Delphi method works.

The Real News Overlooked

Terror season?  Is that what 9/11 commemorations have kicked off?  Gotta ask because now Japan warns citizens of possible attack in Southeast Asia.  Raise your hand if you know who the expected perps will be using “suicide bombers”?

“Breaking Up is Hard to Do” but dems are doing it:  Manchin Says Ocasio-Cortez Attacks ‘Just Awful’ — ‘Continue to Divide, Divide, Divide’.”  You know, for a party that can’t do math and has not clue #1 how to balance a budget, they sure know how to divide…weird little math anomaly, huh?

Auto Crash – due to the chip shortage – just keeps getting worse:  The latest numbers on the automotive microchip shortage.

Kid NorK still weaponizing:  North Korea says it tested long-range cruise missiles which just has to be a defence nightmare.

Names in Climate Marketing tip.  Don’t know if you’ll see the humor in this, but our newsroom/gallows humor snickered a bit:  Coldplay to host grand-opening concert at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena.  (Not red hot Chili Peppers?  Ice Cube…)

Google du jour:  Just try to count the hype on Madonna’s butt following some music thing served the plebes on the tube last night.

Where to Buy Brains:  US News has their annual college ranking out here: Bring your wallet.  Princeton, Williams Top 2022 U.S. News Best Colleges Rankings.  See, we would have put Google and Youtube videos on how to just do stuff in there.  Not as good as a 4-year degrees, but most things are “2-minute problems” in real life.

Around the Ranch

ShopTalk Sunday follow-up:  Successfully played beat the clock.  Front of the house is now repaired and we’re ready for as much rain as this storm Nicholas will toss our way.

Ham radio:  Very savvy comments on from my posting the latest “super antenna” for comment.  One, for example, thinks the great gain figures are illusory: “It would appear that your antenna design has simply solved for the maximum calculated GAIN ERROR built into the EZ NEC algorithm….” Hmmm…

The only solution when faced with this kind of problem is to “get out of the software and just go build the real world thing and see how it works….”

With the lumber order cancelled and rain arriving sooner than later, off to the store for a supply run.

Then, writing on part two of contingency planning for the coming Social Security changes which will be on the Peoplenomics subscription site Wednesday.

Have a marvelous relief rally – Dow futures up over 200 now…  Whee!!!

Write when you get rich,

53 thoughts on “Relief Rally Monday – Fear Inflation Data Tomorrow”

  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL climate control..
    LOL LOL LOL LOL well.. they are going to fling mirrors into space on a satalite to aim the sunlight back to the sun LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    the first time I heard that one was years ago almost chocked on some coffee.. LOL LOL LOL
    now I wonder when they are going to build the elevator to the space station and drag coffee filters up and down it LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    OH my I cant quit laughing LOL LOL LOL LOL
    and these jokers are what… Brilliant isnt the word that comes to mind with me LOL LOL

  2. Speaking as one whose dominant goal in conduct of life has always been staying free from financial indebtedness, simply I cannot understand why so many of my fellow citizens tolerate the loads of personal debt carry.Cockeyed optimism?

    I have seen the life-disrupting effect of misssteps while shouldering appalling burdens of debt. Forget the anti-Sicilian ethnic slurs about “Uncle Vinnie and his baseball bat.” most States have laws which allow a creditor to take a debtor apart.

    • “I cannot understand why so many of my fellow citizens tolerate the loads of personal debt carry.Cockeyed optimism?”

      Seriously.. how many have fifty grand for a new pickup in their bank.. or a quarter million dollars for a small house.. or twenty bucks an hour clear to pay daycare expenses.. much less any medical procedures.. take my jaw.. so far the estimate is fifty this point I have less than a hundred dollars to pay the monthly expenses for this month… I will do it.. I am fairly good and complex juggling..
      people are forced into debt daily to survive. and debt is encouraged as a business card debt starts out with a tire or maybe a clinic visit..or as simple as a gallon of milk…
      then something else.. in acient times.. people were enslaved for a bowl of rice.. the romans were notorious over owning slaves..
      take society.. doesn’t matter what you know.. or how good of a worker you are.. you need that sheet of paper.. that you end up having to take out debt.. with a high enough interest rate that you will take decades to pay off and it lowers your income to that of someone without a sheet of paper on the wall.. student loans.. that is also why one in five.. well probably more now.. female students will trade their body in exchange for assistance with school expenses.. its always been like that throughout history…. you go out dating.. you expect access after what.. first date its a kiss at the door.. second date its groping.. third date ye ha.. lets do the wild monkey…today its even less than that..
      Its really not that hard to understand the WHY.. very few see the light of day.. it is what got hitler in power.. and the czar and his family killed in the middle of the night.. why a simple comment like let them eat cake.. its what has corrupted our legislators.. they sold themselves to do the bidding of the puppeteers for the gifts they give them..
      Our whole group of politicians are nothing more that prostitutes or slaves.. they were bought and paid for.. human trafficked so that people could achieve the goals they had set.. they will argue that they aren’t but they are.. billions are spent on buying them.. history is totally all over on this..

      • Ya dating is retardeed now. No doubt about it LOB. I did have a really night out to dinner on Sunday with a very sexy and fit Italian Attorney lady. We had a nice dinner, conversation, went to get desert, hugged and then parted ways and both went to our offices to work Sunday night when, nobody was around. It’s amazing how much worn you can get done when not single person is in your office and no phone calls.

        You know me and Italian women. Two ex wives Italian. Last two girlfriends were Italian and my new staffing coordinator is full blooded Italian. You know how you can tell if they are new york mafia related Italians. The mink coat. They always have a mink with them. I kid you not. You know the other thing about Italian women besides they are bossy as F? You will never get the last word in a argument. It you do? When you turn around you will get hit by a t-cup or a saucer in the head. Happened to me twice now.

        I don’t know why they love me and why I always date these damn super beautiful Italian women. But that is my flavor I spose. Both my ex’s the bunny and the shg middle names are Vallentine. It means Christmas. Lol.

        I went on dates where the Lady’s broght her “fun accessories” with her, in her purse and decided to give me a run down of her fetish preference and safe word an hour after the date. I was like. Soooo what is your favorite color? It’s rediculous. I quit for a while. Now I’m giving it a go again. One of my ex’s actually helped me pick our my outfit to wear and only wants good for me.

        Welcome to the new Real/reel LOB. My best estimate is today is the day we entered the new time line. :)

      • “You know the other thing about Italian women besides they are bossy as F?”

        Hey Andy… Those are AMERICAN women.. only in other countries do women care what the man thinks.. see its their job to keep us country bumpkins in line LOL LOL LOL LOL… Her ancestry may be from another country though..I actually had dinner with a gorgeous woman of Korean Decent… well she and I talked about kids her job what she likes to do etc…. her kids, her job and general life pleasures and plagues.. then again she was a niece LOL.. very nice girl.. Her dad married a woman in Korea while he was stationed there. When they got home the second she got her Green card she was gone..leaving him with the kids..
        I rarely talk about fetishes in a general conversation though.. LOL.. most of the ladies I visit with all want to get to know you more intimently before those things come up.. I hadn’t seen her since she was a baby and I was rocking her in the rocking chair.. It was really hard to see her as an adult since the last memory I had of her I was holding her and her bottle rocking and singing the lets go to sleep song.. LOL..It was just to bad that the reason I got to see her was over a sad event..I wish the get together was over happier times..
        You are one lucky man though.. you have the best lady luck I have ever seen.. except for one but then every woman he went by he asked them for sex.. I use to follow behind him and apologize for him…
        I am very lucky.. I don’t date.. I have been told things are extremely different these days from when I grew up.. I have a very good woman and think I will keep her around.. Seriously after you pass fifty things start to fall apart and lets face it.. the herd gets smaller and smaller that will find an OLD man attractive.. or interesting.. then there are those.. thoughts that your going to end up like JB and Hunter..known more for their resemblence of ole herbert..the good thing is.. the age of consent is going to drop like a rock.. LOL LOL LOL that way they don’t have to keep hiding it all..

      • Nah LOB. I ain’t falling apart as I get older. I’m coming together. Stronger and stronger every day.

        I tell ya what. Since I started this new gig. I added 109 people to the payroll in, last week my gross office numbers were an increase of 359% from the gross profits of the entire office staffs month gross, in my second week of work. I’m actually supposed to still be on training for 30 days. I’m on my 3 week and I aim to increase that gross profit to 512% this week and hopefully hit 800% more in gross profits by the end of my first month then a fully staffed office with 5 people working. And I’m working alone. I have One person I hired for my office to start this week. My output for this office is alot less when I don’t have to pay so many salaries. I think her and I can do this alone. Maybe hire a receptionist in a couple months.

        And I may have a Jewish rabi coming to work security for me next week. I had the shaman bless my office. The Baptist minister bless my office and the Muslim priest bless my office. So I will have the rabi too. Then we got all the Gods covered and of course THE DUDE gave me his blessing too.

        And I think the achelmy wizard will be by sometime next week to work his mojo around the place.

        Then there is me. The Bush Master. Aka HMFIC. You come in my office looking for work, want to have some fun, great pay, be respectful that is what you will get. You come in my office drunk and acting like a fool, tell me how it all is going to go down and I ain’t shit. Well I put ya in the bushes outside, head first, and while your little legs are wiggling. I will let you know, if ya can sober up and come back tomorrow, be respectful and cordial? I put your ass to work that day. Look forward to seeing ya then.

        I never claimed to be a saint, Yoda, Buda, the 5th element or an angel for that matter. That is others claims about me. I’m just a roughneck cowboy and kinda an asshole. Lol

        Ya know it’s amazing thing to be a wretch saved by grace. I highly recommend it.

        Have a wonderful day. Just because I don’t say much anymore. Doesn’t mean I’m not listening. Eveyone thinks you have to talk to let them know your listing. I’m always listing.

      • I’m just getting started dude. Like they say in Idaho, “fuck around and find out.” But the first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.

        Ya see, I gave away everything I owned except what would fit in my car 19 months ago to someone else who needed it. I loaded up my car with a few Momentos of my child hood and some clothes, toiletries and I took of to Palm Desert, CA. Where one quarter of the nations wealth vacations from October to may. I showed up the exact day Trump showed up. The Exact day. I had my 12 NDE the day before. I spent another 8 months there (second trip there.) Hanging out with the Rich and super wealthy. I learned how they think and how they reason, how they do deals, all that. It taught me much. This is after a year long study of how the streets are run by the drug sub culture, and how people destitute live, prostitute, ruthless drug lords, gang bangers and wanna be’s, scammers, grifters, gamblers and all the others. Then I spent sometime learning from very gifted witches, druid followers, and learning alot about love, compassion and empathy and all the time studying you great men and women of this site. I spent 17 months reprograming my subconscious mind,countless hours in meditation, hundreds of hours studying the world around me, how it moves, what it says. I built a website, wrote and leaned how to do that, because George does. I studied George for a long time but it’s different when you do what he does daily verses looking outside in , I studied music, subliminal messages, made my own, met the Hopi Indians, dance in a drum circle at hippy commune, slept indr the red wood trees, I know what it’s like the be super super poor, and feel it in your bones, I know what it’s like to be lonely and destitute and feel that ache in your soul, I studied it really well so I could know myself and eveyone who is there now. I did about 5 months of gorilla marketing in the streets, 2 months of moving large objects for a moving company and now I took all that and shapped and sharpened my mind line a samurai sword. And now I’m a well oiled machine.

        I’m coming apart dude. Not at all. I’m not getting older as most people do at my age. I’m fing reborn. I’m just getting started. I’m moving in ways most of the people around me have no idea. They just watch in awe.

        Not because, I’m a big deal mind you. Because THE DUDE is a Big Deal in me. I gave up eveything, even my sanity and only asked one thing in return. Please, Teach me to be just like you. Show me, how to do what you do? And I will do as YOU do, and I will be as YOU are. And we will be one. I will give up everything I have and am, even my life it it means that too. Then THE DUDE said, ok, so be it.

        And now here we are.

        Kinda an unorthodox approach to stuff. But I’m having a really good time. And now my favorite thing to do is pay my people for all their hard work. I love when it when I pay them. I say thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate you. And they all smile.

        And I’m getting paid really well to help people up, get back off the ground after the pandemic knocked them down. And they tell all there friends. Dude you have to come work for this guy. He is the best boss. Every day, I add 3-10 people to my work force. Every day.

        I don’t really care if ya believe me or not. But im sure having a really good time. :) And it’s gets better every day. I’m not getting older dude or falling apart. I’m just starting to really live. Hahaha

      • “Nah LOB. I ain’t falling apart as I get older. I’m coming together. Stronger and stronger every day.”

        I said that to LOL LOL LOL thought I could conquer the world at fifty.. LOL LOL still benching three hundred .. working an average of eighteen a day seven days a week.. it was a piece of cake…
        Then I had a physical the doc told me watch out one day that will catch you..and less than a year later.. it did…
        my song was..
        It all happens when your not paying attention

    • There is also the idea, of buying with todays dollars and paying back the debt with tomorrows much less valuable money. I have no debt, but I also understand it is next to impossible to save several hundred thousand dollars to get a nice home in a good school district. So this makes some sense for most people, but it does make you very dependent on your employer and makes changing jobs/career carry a bit more risk. Saving money is now a fools errand with 0 interest rates and 6-8% inflation and almost all investments seemingly far overvalued. So borrow a couple hundred $k, buy a house in a good neighborhood and hopefully it keeps value up and over time inflation lowers the cost of the debt. Autos however have no such payback and going into debt for those is a fools errand. The problem is many people cannot live within their means and will never get ahead of their payments and get to a point in their lives where they are debt free.

  3. Hey G,
    -how about that Litecoin ?

    U know its the right coin cause, Wallyworld just partnered up for a digital bromance wit di Litecoinz.
    Guess U can forget shopping Walmart – seeing as how they be going to the digital darkside with di crypto flippo’s. Alls good, U still got the Zon – till they adopt di crypto flippo currency.

    Think the likes of Karl Otto Pohl and his “flying monkeys” gonna be able to manipulate Crypto to the same extent as they do Gold, Silver, Oil, and Narcotics ??????

    What are/were Sept. 11 1991 Brady Bonds 10 yr bonds back by UST..

    Over 50 financial crimes investigations going on at time of WTC attack…BCCI-ENRON- Khasoggi-UBS/bagman-George Bush Sr&Jr.-Deutsche Bank-Richard Secord-Credit Suisse- Richard Armitage-BCCI/Indosuez-Farad Azima-BONY-Darth Cheney- Potamic Capital- Porter Goss – key figures in the massive coverup (s) that was 9/11 operations.

    Yes that was a missile that destroyed the Office Of Naval Intelligence in Pentagon – – have a screen shot, on my desktop – of nose cone entering picture frame prior to striking Pentagon..even though the Pentagon camera system was shut down for maintenance.on 9/11 bwahahahah Like the Airfarce that day – “Stand Down!”

    Still standing down WE Are..

    • Everyone knows Bitcoin is the future of accepted crypto. Follow the Musk Elon. El Salvador made Bitcoin an accepted legal currency. You could live there for years in luxery on one bitcoin.

    • And the airplane where all those people died that were flying on the plane that supposedly flew into pentagon? It just disappeared never to be seen again, and the government just killed those people and crews, and changed radar of the plane to show it disappearing near the pentagon? Our government is not competent enough to come up with such a scheme and no way it would remain secret. If you are going to pick something to go off the rails about, at least pick something without so much contradictory eye witnesses and data that is readily available. Nothing I am sure will change your mind but anyway –

      • I had a conversation with a high time DC-10 cargo pilot back in 2004 and she claimed that she could never have pulled off the high speed maneuver recorded by radar in an airliner class aircraft – especially one with outboard mass under the wings! Somehow I doubt that Saudi trainees could either. I was not there and really don’t know what happened, so I’m keeping an open mind. For now, there are plenty of lies and misinformation to go around. If we’re lucky, we’ll figure out part of the story but certainly not all of it. The photo “pried from the Pentagon via FOIA” is an animated gif! It’s origin and chain of custody is equivocal, to say the least. I really don’t know who to believe, though I was at the WTC the night of and day after the attack, and there was a very well planned operation happening there to which volunteers were definitely NOT welcome. I had to pass five roadblocks to even get near. Even then, I knew something was amiss, but had no idea of how big the incongruities would become. There was never a credible explanation for molten metal at the site two months later.

        Today we have the covid operation and as usual, there’s a major effort to promote more misinformation and deception.

  4. I’ve been reading comments out there, “I was forced to Vaxx-up.”.

    Anyone who says something like “I was forced” today would turn you in for Pop Tart at the first hunger pang.

    If G turns out to be right and nukes pop, clean-up the rats in the American Breadbasket.

    • Kill your neighbors, great survival plan, good marker of what kind of person you are as well.

      Do people even hear themselves over this internet thingy any more? Or is it all about shouting obscene ideas from the depths of your empty souls?

      • So either the vaccine works and your neighbors are protected or it doesn’t and then it doesn’t matter if you get it or not. Both cannot be true. I am on the side of it works to have less risk of a bad run of covid. But I am under no illusion that we are going to free ourselves of covid. But when the government grant itself new powers, they will never relinquish those without a fight. I would rather have covid run a muck then continue toward dictatorship. We have a ton of data on how many people have died under dictators and lots of data we have survived many pandemics in the past.

        I have chosen the vaccine all my neighbors and every other citizen has made their choice. Lets not give up our freedoms because of our fears. I no longer will allow my neighbors choice to affect how I live my life.

  5. The world pauses — takes a few shallow, very quiet, hesitant breaths — watches the clock silently for a few seconds, and all KNOW that in a brief moment there will be a sudden lightning strike and loud clap of thunder, and it Will Be On.

    All is in a short moment of silent suspense. We are briefly suspended between two worlds — Dar al-harb and Dar al-salam. Fog lies to the bow. Fog lies to the stern. We’re in the middle. The screws are turning, the wake is straight.

    We all Know what must happen next. Someone opens Schroedinger’s cat box.

      • We think we are observing the cats, but the reality is they are alien spies observing us. These furry avatars have reduced physical capabilities such as small body size, proportional unremarkable body strength, and (apparent) lack of deep understanding of spoken human language, but this a ruse. In fact they are not much like their highly-advanced alien overlord creators. The cats are bio-neural-net, self-organizing information accumulators, and are equipped with realtime sub-space data links to Homeworld, where their data is analyzed in preparation of the coming invasion.

        Their lack of subservience and obedience, compared to slobbering, dumb-ass, favor-currying, approval-seeking dogs indicate the cat’s superior programming, adaptability, and intelligence. It’s not that they don’t understand much beyond their names — if even that — it’s that they have no real respect for humans — an inferior race. They simply don’t care what you think.

    • I fear it may be more like “Schroedinger’s litter pan”
      when you start to stir it, you never know what you’ll find…

  6. Rules for thee……………

    I understand that Biden’s vaccine mandate does not apply to Congress members or their staffers.

    Can someone explain this reasoning to me?

    • Breath Ray. Dang dude. You been post after post. Just posting.

      Welcome to the new real. Iike I said. Most would not notice the change. Ever notice that notice is just not ice? But without the space? Lol

      We hit the 9 months incubation period for the Vaccine? Remember Remember the 5th of November. Opss. Uhem. Remember if Christ has a consciousness living in his followers. If the collective consciousness of humanity is a thing.

      All them religions took a knee for the up rising of Corona King. The Crown collective, viruses being a being, could be a conscious thing. Same with the Vaccine thing.

      And one the second beast made everyone worship the first beast it seams….

      9 months to the birth of a baby.

      Well I, now have a Muslim priest, a baptist Minister and a shaman working security for me. Never thought I’d see the say I would have a baptist, Muslim and a shaman all working for me. But hey it’s a super fun job, pays well and I’m a pretty good boss they say. If you stand close enough, I will put your ass to work too. Here in the Emerald City.

      Off to smoke. As old Saint Nicolas use to say Mr Ure. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Batten down the hatches and dog those water tight holes. Thar she blows! Hopefully as good at a super sexy fit Italian.


      I am blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

      Cue: ~ you never even called me by my name ~

      David Allen Coe

      • Yep. Thing one and thing two. Quite the ponder. Ray, the links aren’t as important as you. You are more you than anyone else. You don’t need any external link to back up your claim. Just state it. And if anyone else doesn’t believe ya. F em. Let them fetch their own links like a dog with a ball.

        Call it as you see it. Say what you mean and keep it simple. I don’t have time to read 12 bazillion websites and follow all then links Ray. I’d rather just take you at you word.

  7. George

    There are those in the Legal Class that say Biden can do as he wilt with us as he is shielded by Emergency Declarations.
    Those declarations make him King!

    Not so fast!

    Yes there are emergency declarations that Biden can cite as giving him numerous powers, but there are documents that the United States agrees to that put limits as to how populations can be treated.
    In particular are the Nuremberg Convention and the Geneva Convention.

    The Jab as it’s called these days is still under Emergency Use Authorization. As such it can be refused by anyone .

    There is a Federal law that allows this and there are the convention that can be used to punish any Hitler types that cross a certain line.

    For a more elegant explanation of this go to and see the article:
    Medical Experimentation and Collective Punishment Are War Crimes


      • There will probably always be a liability shield – until we find out what’s really in the vaxxes, and then perhaps it will be pitchfork time. I’ve been going for Nancy Reagan’s mantra: “Just say no!”.

        I’ve had to push back, and certain family members are pushing back with a vengeance. The universities seem to be the worst – handing out “mandates” like little Hitlers. We all studied “Science”, as different to “the science” that’s blathered all over the media. Most members of my family have had covid and we’re done with it. We’re certainly not afraid of it, though we do respect what it can do. We take supplements and generally avoid crowds, since it’s better that way. What we need is a way to absolutely refuse any kind of medical “care” that well meaning folks might want to force on us.

  8. So far nothing but light rain here in the northern burbs ahead of Nicholas. If people are interested, Space City Weather is the best site to visit – it is southeast Texas specific, but they are much better forecasters than NHC wrt the Texas coastal area.

    Went to PT today for the messed up quad muscle – and boy am I sore.

    Otherwise, the only thing on the horizon is garage sale sorting and then set a date to unload excess “stuff”.

  9. When people attempt to live within their means, they find out that they are paupers living a debt slave lifestyle. To live within your means, you have to live in that harsh reality, and people’s egos won’t allow it. Debtors are slaves to their own delusional self-image.

    • think about that N_______ what is the average wage.. when fast food workers were screaming we need fifteen an hour… fifteen an hour won’t pay the live within your means income level.. five dollars clear for an average home.. if you buy one newer than you are looking at close to twenty.. if you buy one of those in SanFran then you have to clear two hundred an hour plus..and that doesn’t take into consideration all the other expenses.. the whole system is designed to have a person in debt and dependent…. the whole plan is marked out in Hitlers second secret book.. you will hear people complain about paying fifteen an hour.. or that people are getting food assistance or renters assistance or daycare assistance etc.. but lets say they didn’t.. two kids is two grand a month daycare.. an average of two hundred hours a month( i know a common full time job is not that many hours) in a full time job.. and that is only for eight hours a day.. so an employer can’t ask them to work late.. there isn’t any leeway those are strick hours.. state and federal type crap there..
      Years ago there was an employer discovered that his single parent were missing more time at work than those that didn’t have children.. the reason.. daycare won’t see a sick kid.. the parent has to stay home.. no iff’s or and’s on that.. he decided well it would be easier for him to set aside a section for sick kids and one for well kids.. hire employee’s and charge the parents nothing.. a bus to transport and bring back kids.. situation solved.. he gave free healthcare and good benefits.. quick to give bonuses etc.. his company became number one in the USA he saved huge amounts of money in training etc.. and his staff didn’t miss work.. someone had to die before there was an opening.. the same with the company my father worked for.. the one.. I tried to get in both places.. (today anyone can get a job there.. the kids took over the one and the other sold out to a big corporation. they piled benefits on the top and said screw the little guys) one year the boss at the one decided to go for a cruise.. he took the whole plant and their families.. two weeks.. he and his wife got a big screen tv and loved it everyone got one.. I think the company is still one of the best.. but the kids are better than most bosses.. but its quite a bit like all the other jobs.. mediocre at best..
      the whole system is designed to keep you needing the assistance packages.. where before they were for those in catastophic situations today they want you to get them..

      • I have no arguments with your comments. Any young family attempting to live on a single $15 an hour paycheck isn’t going to make it without public assistance or going hopelessly in debt. The factory jobs which were still available when we were younger are gone. No one gives full time work and benefits for flipping burgers. At best, those young families may be able to get subsidized ACA, and savings will be non-existent. Not going hopelessly and permanently under water for living arrangements (or medical debt) is that harsh reality I mentioned.
        But you drive out on the prairie and see $350 – 500,000 McMansions popping up as far as the eye can see, and you know that the majority of the people buying those homes are stroking their egos with OPM (Other Peoples Money), not satisfying a real need. And the first big downturn in the economy leaves those neighborhoods looking like Balkan war remnants, and most of the homeowners in bankruptcy court. Seen it happen with my own eyes in Houston and DFW.

      • “But you drive out on the prairie and see $350 – 500,000 McMansions popping up as far as the eye can see,”

        You are so…RIGHT… I have tried to have the talk with the kids and grand kids.. but some of them have bought the McMansion’s.. My brother paid more for his ice house than I did for my home..
        Its crazy to.. houses that once sold for thirty grand are now selling for five times that much.. Yet wages have not gone up at the same ratio.. one job I had paid 6.50 at the time it was the best paying job I ever had.. after health insurance I made a wopping 307.00 a month.. we were paid monthly.. at the shop below us the linemen made 12.00 an hour to start and 15.00 if they had been there for a while.. Now.. the same job that paid 6.50 an hour is paying 12.50 an hour now.. the same linemen start out around a hundred an hour.. average income here.. for the job I ended up with max pay is 16.00 an hour but they are starting out at 10.00 an hour.. grocery store clerks are making 11.75…
        My wife as a nurse.. makes barely enough to pay her health insurance not offered by her employer.. ( Now I have told her not to complain because the guy that owns it isnt making a dollar at all.. he is paying everyone out of his pocket.. the only thing that is keeping the facility open is the velocity of money.. he has 37 facilities and has a constant cash flow.. I am sure he is confused as to why he doesn’t seem to make anything and the first big problem they come up with there isn’t any money to fix it.. any new requirements from govt.. will shut him down ..his best bet is to sell the buildings.. or make them rental units..

    • You can live within your means. I live within my means.

      The hardest hump is buying a house. Once the house payment is gone living becomes easier. There are a few hard-work tricks to getting that house. Another thing is cars. I found Toyota lasts the longest with lowest maintenance needs.

      Then LOB points out kids. Welcome to the Economic Prison.

      • With lumber prices subsiding, the owner-built for cash home may once again be an option, for young folks with their bodies still intact. Buying land outside of the neighborhood associations is tough right now. Your best bet is usually your own family, even if the location isn’t exactly what you want.

      • “The hardest hump is buying a house. Once the house payment is gone living becomes easier.”

        “With lumber prices subsiding, the owner-built for cash home may once again be an option, for young folks with their bodies still intact.”

        That’s what I did n___ built my own home..I didn’t make enough to qualify for those low income federal programs.. ihad to do it the hard way.. then the contractor I hired to do the foundation took the deposit money and ran.. ( that’s where I got my ten thousand dollar hammer) really threw me for a loop.. the only loan I could get because an employer threw me the death punch by using money the employees paid for group health policy to play the sd rock market..then having a child fall from a tree impaling himself.. medical team flown in … hundreds of thousands of dollars.. only one banker would take the risk..hes still my banker today. 18% interest..
        I had the store manager run up the cost for materials a couple months ago for a small house..130 not counting land infrastructure or utilities.. a good quarter mil to build it yourself.. when I did mine.. it was 30… so it would still be a tough go on a wage hour job..

      • A secret on paying for a home. Get your loans at a bank that doesn’t put interest first..or penalize paying more.. I was lucky…the bank I was able to get a loan at would let me split payment and add more and they charged daily interest… the amortisation schedule said 5.00 went towards the loan and the rest was interest..then I would split the payment in half and add 5.00 extra per half..I paid off the interest before it was charged and basically made three payments a month by adding an extra ten bucks.
        Of course I do realize that many banks won’t allow that.. I was fortunate..

  10. Even Jimmie Kimmel, an avowed idiot liberal, fell to the no VAXX vs VAXX dilema. In his opening dialog, he suggested TRIAGE should be used to determine entrance into overwhelmed ICU cells based on your VAXX status.

    • Comrades,

      Something is going to have to give where icu units are full to either bed or staffing capacity. When the music stops, does the last available icu bed go to the critical care needs patient who turned left against oncoming traffic, puffed ciggies for 20 years, or declined to get vaxxed? It strikes me that regardless of the intermediary dramas of the dichotomy of systems, public and private models are going to eventually run into the same brick wall when resources run dry – survival of the fittest. How lucky are we all feeling, punks?

      The Milky Way will keep on turning.

  11. “Like stop misleading Congress ”

    Seriously I don’t think Being honest fits the business model for any of them in my opinion…. and Congress is balls deep in the misleading narrative as well.( I seriously doubt they would know the truth if they wanted to. And working just a couple weeks a year won’t accomplish it.) i think theres a logical reason why our congress gets billions of dollars and a whole assortment of other gifts from lobbying firms..

  12. Obamacare didn’t pertain to them either..nor social security or Medicare..
    Remember the Congressional checking account scandal..
    Just like a child with his first account..well they gave me fifty checks..
    Of course now with the kids deviant behaviours anything that congress could ever dream of doing would look mild in comparison..
    Of course it’s a matter of perspective..

  13. Wonder whatever happened to those two asian fellas with a suit case full of Kennedy paper bonds written to the tune of $50, million a piece that were caught then released by the police in Rome. They had a whole suit case of them. Like 4 reams of paper. That shit was blown over and eveything erased from the interwebs and interpole. Not a peep since. I can’t remember how much money that was. Nobody walks around Rome with a suite case full of paper bonds signed by Kennedy, each for $50 million US dollars, not even the Pope.

    Why that is almost as conspiracy as the red lense night vision goggles that the Nazis developed that drove everyone who wore them insane because of what they saw was the world around us you don’t see. Would I take a peak? Ya sure! You betcha. How bad could it really be? I mean really. I been dead 12 times now. I seen some pretty out there wild shit.

    There is alot of questions that remain to be answered and some we may never know. Like the way you think, tho.

  14. Andy,

    Is the new reality the UK governments flip flop on Vaccine Passports after a whole 24 hours. A world record for flip flopping on a major policy announcement. Then again Governments flip flopping is not actually a new reality.

    Or Is the new reality season 8 of Fortnite? It’s controversial as some gamers really really don’t like it./sarc

    • Well, I noticed some thing you have missed. they put the solar powered tripod cameras back in the parking lots of the grocery stores. And the fence went back up around the capital.

      I’m two for two at tossing people who are extremely intoxicated out of my office and I put them head first in the bush outside for putting a finger on me after being asked to kindly leave. Why the bush or hedge outside. Well it’s a softer landing than the concrete sidewalk. And the cops took them away shortly after telling them. He is alot stronger than I realized. LMAO!

  15. “We have already called the election for Newsom.”

    Ditto. Political parties have become teams and elections, team sports. While Cali has a large independent (but leftist) voting bloc and double the number of Dems as Repubs, everybody wants to back a winning team, and policy be damned. Newsome should win handily, even without the likely cheating, and notwithstanding the bribes he made with our tax dollars, to over 2mln Californicators…

  16. ” “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” but dems are doing it: Manchin Says Ocasio-Cortez Attacks ‘Just Awful’ — ‘Continue to Divide, Divide, Divide’.” ”

    Manchin is a fairly leftist Dem in a rabidly conservative State. Constant “rock & hard place” action there.

    All Out Crazy would probably get herself lynched if’fn she went on a fact-finding mission to parts of rural WVA. Those boys & girls take offense pretty seriously, when someone pegs their BS meter…

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