Our Regularly Scheduled Rally

Yup:  Trading account is smiling at us this morning in the wake of the Dow’s big 143-point gain yesterday, which we figure will be added-to today as futures are up 25’ish early, but more seems plausible before the close.

This could be the start of a smashing run to about August 21st, or so, but we shall see on that.

Nevertheless, our predicted “pre-holiday” rally was nice Wednesday  and likely will continue to be so.  The market will be open Monday, although on shortened hours, so trading in and out is possible, depending on how the news flow rolls.

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All of which has what to do with Urban Survival?

Well, as one of my mentors (F. Gonzalez) “We don’t have any problems more revenue won’t fix!”  Amen, brother.

I know this comes as a shocker to the erudite BS’ers of the web who place themselves on false pedestals (“we won’t be like THOSE profiteers, no sir…”) all the while promoting digital tulips (Bitcoin) as the road to the future economy.

Not so fast…

The Great Hesitation, as we’ve labeled it has BTC’s continuing in the “stuck mode” around $2,540 today.  While our analysis shows a possible path to the $3,150 range around the time of our projected Stock Market High (August 21), we’ve always wondered what utility value is contained in used bytes promoted by the erudes?

GDP and Corporate Profits

Admitting our ideas of Urban Survival runs more to “something with room service” (rather than living in the park under cardboard with the anarchists), we tend to watch the subtle signs of economy rather than watch the Collapsing News Network (which we note is spewing again this morning…. Next they will blame Trump for the hot weather in Phoenix, lol).

Not that we aren’t totally sympathetic with the homeless, don’t misunderstand.  The Reality is that people faced with even worse conditions than in ‘Merica – people I know from places like, oh, Sudan, for example – actually do something about it.  Though in that instance direct action involved a 600-mile walk.

It is a conundrum of urban life that there’s always someone trying to be the local royalty – a topic we will get very deeply into in the upcoming Saturday Peoplenomics.com report.

But enough on background.  GDP and Corporate Profits served-up by the Bureau of Economic Analysis is one way to start the morning briefing:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 1.4 percent in the first quarter of 2017 (table 1), according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth quarter of 2016, real GDP increased 2.1 percent.

And on corporate profits?

“Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation adjustment and capital consumption adjustment) decreased $48.4 billion in the first quarter, in contrast to an increase of $11.2 billion in the fourth quarter.

Profits of domestic financial corporations decreased $27.9 billion in the first quarter, in contrast to an increase of $26.5 billion in the fourth. Profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations decreased $11.1 billion, compared with a decrease of $60.4 billion. The rest-of-the-world component of profits
decreased $9.4 billion, in contrast to an increase of $45.1 billion. This measure is calculated as the difference between receipts from the rest of the world and payments to the rest of the world. In the first quarter, receipts increased $5.3 billion, and payments increased $14.7 billion…”

Again, we are drawn to observe how utterly stupid the anarchy/ change-artist promoters are:  They rail against corporate profits while we buy up as much of ’em as we can afford.

Difference in upbringing, I suppose.  One can chose to be victim-oriented or results-oriented most times.  “It’s the hell served for breakfast that’s hard.”

Busy in the Trades

By the way, while the Social Critics have been busy distracting the National mindset with the anti-Trump effluent, something very interesting was noted by my buddy Gaye Levy of www.strategic-living.net in our weekly Skype call.  I’ll paraphrase:

You know we’re having some changes made to the house, right?  Well the trades people tell us they haven’t seen so much activity literally since the Housing peak back in 2007-2008.”

Turns out, where she and SurvivalHubby live in the high mountains out West, people are scheduled out as much as a couple of months for things like concrete work.  Not just framers, or plumbers….even landscapers are scheduled out a month in their area.

BTW, she’s back to writing articles like “Make Your Own Insect Repellent Using Essential Oils.”  I just bite my tongue, as friends sometimes will, and don’t mention screen doors and bird shot works well enough out here in the Outback.

Speaking of bugs: Oilman2 has a great crop of lemon grass going around their farm down the road 40-miles…there are just so many ways to off mosquitos, but if you’re really urban, what’s a mosquito?

eau de Bash:  Those Poor Illegals

I love seeing articles like this one: “ICE Director: No Illegal Immigrant should ‘Be Comfortable’.

Read the article’s depiction of a CNN reporter’s questioning and you’ll see why we increasingly refer to collapsing news networks.

By the way, you saw where Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times for defamation?  Sarah Palin sues New York Times for defamation over link to Giffords shooting.  I don’t think partial retractions will work, but it’s a YUGE PR win for Palin.

Meantime, we wonder about the Northeast Press’ mental acuity as we read in the NY Times how “Trump Interrupts Call to Compliment Female Reporter’s ‘Nice Smile’.”

Memo to the President:  I think what the NY Times is after is equality.  So please interrupt your next call to say something like “You know, you’re really ugly!”

Oh, wait, the Making Up News to their Revolutionary Agenda types would spin that into Trump Bullies the Ugly, or some-such.  Ol’ Trump is in a no-win with the media jesters.  Think what having a conversation with Don Rickles would be like…know what I mean?

This as congress now wants to talk to Trump’s one-time body guard now White House aide…  I can hardly wait for them to call Melania…which I wouldn’t put past this mob.

 Hot Air  – heiße Luft

I reckon we could solve most of the Climate nonsense by just having political opportunists STFU.  Climate has been warming ever since the Laurentide Ice Sheet retreat began, right?
SO NOW we want to MONETIZE THAT?  (ViseGrip me, please!)

IQ and Aging

17 thoughts on “Our Regularly Scheduled Rally”

  1. George,
    I can confirm the shortage of tradesmen in the Great Lakes region. Good projects we are putting out to bid are getting 1 or sometimes zero responses. There is a lot of activity around here, but I suspect the demographics of tradesmen contributes. I suspect this is only going to get worse, as we brainwash the youth that only a college education is the path to employment. From my seat, a HVAC technician job is lot better, and more cost effective, than a Gender studies degree.
    Sun Tzu

    • Those who want to work – will.

      Those kids who were given trophies for participation, coddled by parents, didn’t play outside but spent all their time on video games will not make good tradesmen. Forget the whole new meme of “gender identity” and other soft-hands situations.

      HVAC is what one of my nephews is doing. And he’s working, doing well. My own kids (maybe I coddled too much?) are having their troubles. Lack of chores and success as kids makes them really search for meaning in life. Kids should do sports, win (or lose) and learn about life early. Not be kept inside in case they might get hurt. You can win by losing and learning. You can’t win if everyone gets a trophy.

      • And the only trophies that matter are a good spouse, a good bank balance, a good heart, and good health. Get those and you’ve won.

      • John: Yes, people to do jobs for others- build/fix, is very important and needed and does pay well – as far as those jobs go. However, for kids who are techies and who are really good at it AND are self-starters, have initiative, WANT to succeed, they have a great start at building wealth. Just last year, our very small company (software and now AI), hired a very 20 year old talented coder for his first ‘real’ job (as a contract worker), at $90,000/year – and that was a little low considering the hiring competition for such talent around us here in the PNW. He had 1 year community college and then some intense coding ‘college’ for 6 months. ‘Kid’ isn’t even old enough to get a drink in a bar! If he continues on this road, given his work ethic and increasing knowledge, imagine what he will be making at 26! He may not be with us (a definitive possibility given all the companies out there vying for talent), but there are those few ‘gems’ out there.

    • Since I already did the money and family thing, I might consider picking up an extra degree in gender studies as long as I get to pick the gender(female) and study said gender up close and personal.

      • George,

        I did the marriage thing and have been desperately trying to replicate it for the last 18 years. I thought it was for life and she didn’t agree. I already have the last three of your goals in life and would gladly exchange them for the first.

        Some things just can’t be bought with money.

      • Universe is funny…you say “desperately ” – Universe – like animals – sense desperation and run

  2. George
    As a ‘barely made it out of high school’ mechanical tradesman (plumbing / HVAC) turned estimator/purchasing agent broke the US100K barrier at age 48. Retired comfortably at age 58. Now still enjoying life at 69 get a daily chuckle at my still working ‘frat boys’.

  3. George, Not get why Conservatives are such cheerleaders for Trump. To the point of being enablers. He is constantly lying, never studies up, constantly says stupid stuff, and is inordinately insecure. And forget about preserving the stabilizing alliances of the Greatest Generation. They kept the peace for 60 years.

    All for this trickle down tax cut nonsense?

    We know how traditional conservative economic doctrine ended under W and in Kansas. And yet Obama tripled the stock market and got us to 5% unemployment. All despite the Conservatives actively torpedoing him at every turn.

    I used to see this sometimes in divorces. Sometimes the angry wife would ruin the family assets (her half included!) just so long as that dirty dog husband suffered. Mike.

    • first.. “And yet Obama tripled the stock market and got us to 5% unemployment. All despite the Conservatives actively torpedoing him at every turn.”
      Yes the stock market did triple please check the Q whatever..pump worthless paper gives more worthless paper to spend and invest.. A correction will come. as far as the five percent.. I think that figure relates to those that are still on the books not those that quit looking for work.
      and yes the GOP did torpedo him at every turn.. check what the lobbyists were paying for and you will see a correlation.. as far as.. “He is constantly lying, never studies up, constantly says stupid stuff,”
      You obviously have been in a closet that sounds like Everyone in DC.. Trump is trying to accomplish what he said he would do he isn’t a paid to lie or deceive by a lobbyist he is a businessman.. In my humble opinion he didn’t need anymore money he isn’t getting paid and he didn’t need fame he is already famous and a celebrity.He is at the end of his life isn’t he like the oldest president in history. he seen the serious problem that our country the country he loves was in a serious situation with a correction that will eventually happen that will change everyones life and with his life experiences thought to himself.. Hey I think I can help or at least make it better for the american public. so he makes mistakes.. and he says what everyone is secretly thinking. There is a barrage of nasty stories being said about him and his family on every channel.. Yet his company has a what 80 percent retention level and all his employees feel he is accessible them and their needs.. I personally would have been proud to work for an employer like that they are very few and rare .. He doesn’t read.. heck.. congress works what twenty eight days a year… average. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsWlkcsI5Ko . yet they pass bills that are thousands of pages long.. It took me almost a week to stumble through one.. ( yes I read a bunch of them.. they are more entertaining than winnie the pooh books and yes I wonder how any sane man could vote for some of the crap they have put into law..) the fact that the bills are not read or written any longer by congress says a lot to.. I think it is the washington post that has a site where you can view to see who has voted and what time they voted on it.. My money is on two am auto vote.. so to say he hasn’t studied any of the issues is pretty common..
      i have heard it called the dc two step. heck they are still running on issues that were being brought up when I learned how to shave.
      I say lets give the boy a chance.. the correction is coming no matter what.. or and when Bill got into office a sixteen ounce bottle of soda pop was what fifty cents out of the machine.. today it is almost two dollars a bottle.. I do remeber these prices:
      in the 70s 35-45 cents

      in the 80s – 50-75 cents

      in the 90s 75-100 cents
      in the nineties they switched from sixteen ounce bottles to twenty ounce..
      Will the president do things that I won’t agree with.. absolutely.. but he is trying.. give him a chance.. as far as lying and not reading the material or not understanding how Washington DC works.. well he is a business man not a politician..

      “Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.
      Oscar Am ringer”
      “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.
      Plato, ”
      “We believe that to err is human. To blame it on someone else is politics – Hubert H. Humphrey”

      • OMG there you will have lost Jon. Joh n see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobin%27s_q for an explanation and then look at the Peoplenomics report on Fed Boss John C Wms of the SF Fed at Macquarie Univ this week on r-star.

        You really need to keep up with the class…which is what PN is all about… but hey, don’t mind me – we got half of Thursday’s loss back today though – see the chart from this am…

  4. “there are just so many ways to off mosquitos, but if you’re really urban, what’s a mosquito?”

    the best mosquito trap ever..
    two cheap pop bottles two litre.. no curves just the round pop bottles..
    there is a neck ridge on the bottles and a base ridge.. cut the neck off of one just below the ridge about an inch.. cut the bottom of the second bottle off. at the ridge.. in the neck of the bottle with the bottom cut off drill two small holes to attach the hanger. and screw a small cup hook into the lid with the hook facing down.
    Now on the neck of the bottle that you cut the top off make sure the lid is off and hot melt a small strip of cloth to the outside of the neck and tuck it into the opening. I have cut away the neck down abut an inch to widen the opening but that isn’t important just make sure there is room for the mosquito’s to get in..
    now around the base of the top piece that you cut off.. put a strip of silicone around it. now insert this with the neck up into the bottom of the bottle with the bottom cut off using a twisting motion to spread out the silicone sealant. let it setup. once set up paint the bottle black. (I put a strip of tape on the outside before doing this so that I have a view window) then attach your wire hanger through the top of the bottle with the bottom cut off.. get an octinol attractant from any hardware store selling pest control and hang it on the cup hook fill up the container to the top of the neck that is inserted into the bottom of the bottle with the bottom cut off.. use a one half cup of sugar to two cups of water.( or you can use beer) and a packet of yeast.. place the octinol attractant into the bottle and the lid on hang it up.. make sure that small piece of fabric is moist if it isn’t moisten it.. the bug beer produces co2 the attractant is similar to sweat and hormones its easier and neater.. (or you can have a woman during her time of month pee on a piece of cloth or blotter paper to get the same reactions it is the hormones that attract the mosquito’s just like testosterone) and hang it in a tree about twenty five to fifty fee away from where you plan on sitting..
    I make these every year for everyone around me.. they are by far the most efficient mosquito trap.. if you have a lot of them dump every three days.. then once you start cleaning out the mosquitos it gets down to once ever couple of weeks..
    enjoy and I hope this helps. it also works for other annoying insects. I came up with this one about twenty years ago.. I didn’t have enough money for a mosquito trap.. and tried several variations till I got the one that works.. this one does.. I had thought about putting a small button battery on the lid and a UV Led inside but heck that is just more work to making it.. the toughest part is getting the pop drank.. since I won’t just dump it out LOL

    • Or just bring in a box full of frogs, they eat more mosquitoes than just about anything lol

    • Can you please send a picture to George so he can post it? I cannot grasp the visual from your written description. Thx.

  5. First I’d ask myself WWHD – what would Hillary do? This would be to, #1, accept Mika’s gifts of worship and then, #2, feed her to her husband if she didn’t keep her for herself. After that I’d say “Okaaaaay. Things could be worse.”

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