Coping: Hacking the “After-Life”

This is bigger than the space race.

It’s one of the topics that I will be talking about on Coast to Coast with George Noory on August 3rd, since that will be about three weeks ahead of the all-time-high we have been forecasting for August 21-24.

More importantly, though, it might be a way to solve the “learning musical instruments” question we were kicking around Tuesday morning…

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The idea is simple: a Nation of Spiritual Super Beings.

Admittedly the concept sounds wild, but follow me through the logic of what I’m proposing here.

I think the U.S. government should put a modest amount of money – say $250-million, or so, into serious exploration and discovery in the area of past life regression.

Let’s talk the high-level first.  This is a three-legged milk stool:

First:  We have a huge gulf between people of various religious beliefs.  But in many beliefs there is some kind of tacit belief in reincarnation.

From the (extensive) reading I have done, the “time between lives” tends to run in the range of 1-10 years with the largest bump around the 4-5 year mark.

The idea is also not totally contrary to Christian beliefs, either.  Especially if you’ve read Reincarnation in Christianity: A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought (Quest Books) Paperback – March 9, 1990.

Second:  A government study and clarification of the NDE (near death experience) research would be useful.

We know that there objectively IS something going on around the moment of death, but whether it is, as Dr. Ray Moody explained in Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences” is debated.

It is possible that a dying brain makes a large batch of DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences to smooth the way into the Big Sleep.

Third:  If there is a way to tap into past lives (past life regression therapy) then what has been done with this so far has been entertaining but not terrible conclusive.

The point is that if we look at this as a programming algorithm, it would lead to a process (which government should fund since the after life is a public area of interest – there is nothing higher) going something like this:

IF reincarnation is real do NEXT (More than DMT?)

If  DMT does not drive Reincarnation/Past Life recall, thenl, do NEXT (maps regression processes)

Map Regression Processes and define the technology.

A lot of this is being don by hypnotherapists, but – to use the corporate raider mindset – there hasn’t been an effective roll-up to task multiple business units with standardized reports on how the technology can be used.

My sense it, if Past Life Regression is real, then government would have a good and proper role in working out a new national technology.  Like the space race but way cooler and personally achievable.

Let’s imagine going into an approved regression program.

Again, in programming parlance, it would go something like this:

Good morning Mr. Ure.  We will be doing a standard regression with you today.  Is there anything in particular you would like us to focus on?”

“Well, yeah.  I have always has this vision – fleeting at times – that I was a Japanese Zero fighter pilot who was shot down in a spiraling fiery crash.  But before the accident, he was an excellent pilot and wore a white silk scarf and the noise…yeah, the noise of the plane going into the graveyard spiral…that’s about where I lose the recall in my self-work.  So I would likely to learn more about that past life and, oh, bring a few of those skillsets into this life…

“What did you have in mind, George?”

“Well, I was thinking conversational Japanese would be useful.  And any schooling I could bring back like mathematics from his youth…plus any musical instruments…that might be useful.”

“And in the event we have time for more than one personality, is there anything else you want to bring over from past lives?”

“Well, like I said, anything language-wise, heavy on math, and oh yeah, how about being a skilled musical instrument player of some kind?”

“We’ll see what we can come up with.  Here, take this pill.  It does not produce any of the memories.  it only helps us to carry back some of your past-life skills into the present by stimulating the right portions of the cerebral cortex.  I see you already use Huperzine-A – it’s similar to that in terms of mental acuity coming across the deeper layers…”

“More than anything, I want to bring back useful skills.  Anything that I could enjoy or monetize.  Oh, plus if there was a past life that starved, maybe that would be connected with eating too much and some kind of skin disease/death which might have carried over as the eczema and any breathing issues because of the asthma…”

“Very good, Mr. Ure.  That’s a tall order.  I see your wife is with you, so she will be your personal control for today’s session?”

“Yes, that’s right…”

“Mrs. Ure, I need you to review these few rules that the regressionist insists on for the safety of your husband.  Basically, you are welcome to record the session, you may write a note to the regressionist, but no speaking aloud is permitted while your husband is in the deep state of recall… Do you understand?”

Which Elaine would then sign.

And one to four hours later, I would be back on this side of the gray line of consciousness armed with a faltering ability to pick up conversational Japanese – which would come back to me quickly with the inter-life barriers down (this would be one of the objectives of the government funding) and I would be a much better pilot, have a lot more math skills, and I would be a fair harpsichord player – depending on what is brought back from which personalities of past lives.

So how can you help?

Elaine and I both want to do this – so we are looking for a regression therapist who is up for this.

Unlike a lot of the “feel good” books on point, this is a technology fishing trip and we both want to bring back skills.

To us, old as we are, there is nothing like the acquisition of new skills so music for both of us, math and languages for me and Elaine’s still working on her list.

Since we both look considerably younger than our calendar years, we ask a very serious question here:

If a government program could find a reality way to bring skills in from past lives and treat past (bad) behaviors such that people could be more expressive, loving, creative, and able to achieve, would that be something government should invest in?

My sense is HELL YES.

And we’re willing to spend a little money out of our own pockets to go voyaging into this area and see if skill retrieval technologies or protocols can be developed.

Got any referrals to best of class for this kind of work?

Trolls Got My Dander Up

Damn trolls.  I’m starting to ban people who piss me off.

One this week “earned a ban” for writing slop like this and expecting me to post it:

It’s like there are different kinds of money in conservative world. Obama triples the stock market, and ho-hum. (Which, BTW, you miscalled for 8+ years.) “

WTF kind of ignorant horseshit is this?  Don’t let the door smack you on the but on the way out, bubba.

First:  Did Obama “triple the stock market?”

No.  Recovering from he Housing Bubble Collapse did that. Printing and making up bushel-baskets of cash did that.  Let’s jump into the time machine, right?

Our Peoplenomics index stood at 6,218.71 when O took the Oath in 2009.

By March 6, it was down to 5,209.51.

Lying Trolls leave out that within a couple of months of taking office, Obama had seen the market drop 16.2%.

While it is nominally true that Obama closed out his term with our proprietary index in the vicinity of 18,206.43 which is 2.93 times higher,  what our troll/critic ignores is what Obama’s administration did to the Federal deficits and M1 money printing by the Yellen Fed to make this happen.

Let’s talk M1 money stocks, shall we?

On taking office the Money Supply at M1 was $1.5589 trillion.  It was $3.4074 trillion when he left.  So Obama’s administration blew through a 2.19% increase in M1 and did anyone see any of that “infrastructure improvement money” creating jobs in their neighborhoods?  No?  Me either.

Point:  Money supply up 2.2 times, market up 2.93 times.  Yawn.

The Fed used the Housing Bubble Collapse to transition into the financial markets bubble which is where we are now.

This lack of economic precision – and the reader’s inability to separate his political preconceptions from economic reality isn’t what got him banned, though…

It was where he said we “…miscalled for 8+ years…”

Absolute bald-headed lie.

For the record our long-term trading model went long on April 3, 2009 with the Peoplenomics index at 6,406.35 and remained long until Jan 22, 2010 at 8,363.57.

We reentered the long side Feb. 15, 29010 (8,523.74) until 4/26/2010 when we closed out at 9,157.51.

We have been long, where it made sense, since long before Obama and we have survived just fine, troll.

For those interested, our model went long at 17,260.67 on November 11, 2016 and has been long ever since.

The model update for subscribers Wednesday morning was 19,753.56  so if you’re math-impaired, that’s a 14.4%  gain in just over 6-months.  Since we’ve explained how to use geared ETFs, many of our subscribers are up 30-40% and more in this period.

Trolling School:

  1.  I won’t suffer fools.  If you want to write about economics, get a masters and put 20-years into study of the subject – which is what this site is. ( September is our UrbanSurvival 20th b-day…)
  2. Comments are fine and welcome.  Baseless bullshit gets banned.
  3. If you are not a subscriber don’t blow smoke up people’s asses when you don’t know the facts.

I can’t think of a happier group than Peoplenomics subscribers, which the troll is not.

Either tell the truth – and in reasonable economic context, or STFU and learn something from he grown-ups.

The grown-ups were learning about r-star and planning for life in the gulch as in the After-Crash in Wednesday’s report.

Write when you break-even,

36 thoughts on “Coping: Hacking the “After-Life””

  1. Curious notion the time between reincarnations as 10 years or less and how does that reconcile with spiritual connections with folks who have been passed for much greater time?

    • That’s a good question. Perhaps in the quantum universe, it is possible to have both the near death experiencers’ reported reunions with loved ones even as another avatar of your consciousness goes back for another go at corporeal life? Once you cross the counter-intuitive boundary your paradigm, it is hard to know where the next boundaries are located and what the “rules” are.

  2. If reincarnation were real, I have to believe the gov would be figuring out a “after this life tax rate” for me. Also expect the insurance companies would have monetized it by now as well.

    • They have that’s why they want to take as much away from you as possible so that he can’t leave his much free relatives because some people come back as babies right to that same family with a riches are and the government wants make more of your share when you die and say you can’t leave this much

  3. So here is the issue I see from a math perspective. If the time between lives is 1 to 10 years, with an average of 4 to 5, then there would need to be a large number of new souls being created with no past life to meet current population demands. In George’s case of previously being a Japanese fighter pilot, world population circa 1950 was 2.5 billion. From Wikipedia, the crude birth rate for 1950 was 37.6 per 1000. Death rate was 19.1 per 1000. So doing the math,the population was growing at 135 million a year at that time. Assuming a 10 year queue for soul recycling, the total number of souls would be 3.8 billion back in 1950. We therefore would have run out of souls for the active population circa 1970. We therefore are getting new souls injected into the system with no past life to recover…or reincarnation does not really happen.
    My $0.02

    • That’s actually a very good point CJ – but let me propose this:
      When the world population was 1-billion (to pull a number out of the air, perhaps the time between incarnations was 35 years.
      Now – same number of souls, but suppose the population is 10-billion.
      So the average “turnover time” in [-wherever] just decreases to 3.5 years.

      And when the population grows too much further,too much further, you will have people who are “never dying” at least in some sense, because they will be continuously renewed…

      Something ot think about… And maybe we’re on the verge of that now?

      • I defer to your research George…is the reincarnation cycle time decreasing? I read you column above as it being constant over time.
        The problem with your conjecture is that the data does not support it. If there we’re enough souls to support the current population back in 1950, say the 10 billion you proposed, the cycle time to get through the extra 7.5 billion would be over 50 years at that time. Now there may be some cosmic rule that veteran souls with past lives skip to the front of the line before new ones are injected into the system, but that still implies most people alive today are ‘first timers’ with no past lives to recover. And you only described the inflection point where the total bucket of souls is deployed in the living population. What happens when we start getting soulless people? Think there was a horror movie of some sort 20 years or so ago about the Well of Souls finally running dry.

      • recycling Life Time Cycles as far as yours is quantum or Quantic I think it’s I’ll spell it for you it’s Quantic what I’m saying is few recycling or reincarnation depends on this on the spirit of Soul like I said every Spirit soul is not created equal some Spirits Souls have the ability to push a weaker Spirit soul out of a body and use it those in the psychiatric industry you’ll discover there’s a name for that

      • My thoughts are souls don’t only experience soul life on earth, they exist and experience soul life in other regions/universes/places, too, so there is not a limited amount of souls, however, there might be a limited amount of human babies being born in any time for souls to inhabit. Edgar Cayce stated that most people reincarnate up to 33 times before they don’t have to come back to earth (other info from other sources claim even higher numbers to the tune of hundreds of life experiences before graduating).

    • You’re making a might big assumption that the pool of souls only make the cycle on Earth in Human form. What about the rest of the universe? From what I’ve read, incarnating on Earth is a choice to be applauded since it’s NOT one of the easier life-cycle choices for a soul.

    • To get the # of old souls available just count the total of deaths. Of course you needs to subtract old souls who come back several times.

    • That was always my thinking, as well. However, hypnotic regression sessions conducted by well-trained psychiatrists have shockingly revealed that patients relate experiences from past lives wherein they lived on other planets and not as humans. I know this sounds crazy (and that is certainly my reaction), but it may be the answer to the mathematical conundrum. See the books on the subject by Dr. Brian Weiss.

  4. Tsk Tsk George!
    Trying to make EVERYTHING a business model is going to get you into BIG DU DU with the Master of the Universe!!!
    There is a reason why we don’t remember past lives. That is so we will have a Clean experience in the present life and learn new things. You are required to put work into this new life and not cheat. You just might be creating a HUGE Karmic loop with your idea.

    Be careful what you wish for!

    • Then you tell Universe not to leave Reality laying around where I can bend it and monetize it, lol

    • When past lives come through naturally, at most opportune times, with perfect exacting recall, I consider it a blessing not a curse nor something to fear but something to grow from. I meditate, pray, fast, etc., they are spirit filled knowledge breakthroughs as a result of Karma not causing any further Karma. They trigger understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and healing. All I can say is when a person has this experience, they KNOW it completely for what it is. IF we can create more opportunities for these breakthrough’s, there ‘may’ be an opportunity for growth within each soul. However, for some, this is not an ‘earned’ experience, they have these gifts. For me, each one was earned.

  5. Re: Huperzine-A
    A local physician,James C. Meehan, Jr., MD, has quit practice and now is involved in health/nutrition education. He is big supporter of ‘bullet proof’ methodology. This link is for interview on local talk radio covering ‘nootropics’ in which he says number one supplement for brain is DMAE. He says start at 25mg and titrate up to bowel tolerance as you would with vitamin C. His knowledge is astounding.

  6. One caution regarding hypnosis: The one time I started some hypnosis sessions with the idea of reducing inhibitions, increasing spontaneity, and being more “right brain”, I ended up with significant memory ablation. I would actually drive home and not even know where I’d been or what happened. After a few sessions, this hypnotist refused to see me anymore. She would not talk about whatever had happened and seemed very scared, though she tried to hide it. She wanted no further contact, and I’m still wondering what happened. As a rule, hypnotists are not scared easily.

    Hypnosis can be a double edged sword.

    • Agreed; be careful. It is possible your past life persona came out and scared the eebie jeebies out of her. I went to one for healing of a sort, and she popped a balloon by my ear when I was deeply under, it scared the heart out of me and upset my nerves on a deep level. I don’t think I ever recovered from it properly. Another time, I watched a hypnotist take a whole senior class under, all seemed fine, then she brought them out of it, but one girl did not come out. That was eye opening! If you go, ask if someone can sit in there with you. Edgar Cayce, when he finally got a program together, always had his wife or close associate with him to watch out over him while he was under.

    • I have a counseling degree. I think not telling you what occurred was unethical. She should have taped the sessions and allowed you to listen to what occurred. Actually, she should have given you a tape where you self-hypnotize yourself everyday to promote those type of skills within yourself.

      Refusing to see you with no specific reason also bothers me. Perhaps she behaved inappropriately while you were under. Were you molested?

      Perhaps you talked about being abducted by aliens and that freaked her out.

      I hope she at least referred you to someone else.

  7. Regarding new souls entering the human stream: what about domestic animals, like dogs, who learn our habits, love us and watch us closely? One time I saw a group of retarded kids crossing the street together. They seemed so happy just to be walking upright. New humans?
    Also, I had a past-life regression in the ’70’s. Remembered being a miserable little girl in the Middle Ages who died very young. Then, I was a young boy in what looked like Tibet or Nepal, due to the yurts. I had powder blue felt shoes, turned up at the toe. Later, around 14 years old, I died at “temple school” of a lung ailment. That might be why I only feel at home when I am in the mountains.

    • I recently watched a video of a talk given by one of the Cayce Institute’s associates who asserted that there are strong indications that animals do have a soul but there is a sharp divide between the animal and human souls. Cayce does talk about chimeras in ancient times, though. Animal souls have a very strong tendency to stay in animal bodies but they also experience reincarnation. One thing I remember in Cayce’s readings was that mental impairment in a body was a severe punishment for a misguided former life of a sexual nature. That’s just the way he put it.

  8. In response to the time between reincarnations topic being discussed; maybe Earth isn’t the only place in Universe where souls go to inhabit a physical body. Science has proven there are a lot of planets out there. Maybe some of us do time in other parts of the galaxy. One planet gets popular with souls while another planet looses soul population. Just a thought.

  9. Could a past life be forwarded to more than one person?
    Multiple people?
    Multiple people at the same time?
    Could one person tap into multiple past lives?

  10. There are two points I would like to make. The first is, that I was a practicing Hypnotherapist but quit after I realized that I was opening people up during an extended “twilight zone” period in which it was possible for a number of outside entities (mostly negative) could enter the person. This is despite asking for protection prior to the Hypno-session. The second point is that the increase in the number seemingly extra souls is attributed to those souls coming from other worlds. In my own case, I have some circumstantial experience/evidence of coming from another planet prior to this sojourn on Earth.

  11. George,

    Maybe develop (and market, of course) a “past lives pavilion” as featured in the movie “Defending Your Life” with Lady E in the Shirley Maclaine role (definitely better-looking than Shirley M. IMHO).

  12. Hi George, I think regression therapy can be very helpful. I was ‘present’ during mine and recalled the entire experience. (All the hypotherapy sessions I have ever had were always ‘awake.’) It was very helpful getting insight to the root cause of fears I was having that were interfering in my being productive. It’s curious that we don’t bring in all those skill sets developed in other life times into the present. Wouldn’t THAT be something! Skill set yes, regrets not so much.

  13. There is also the Turtles Problem;
    An old joke has a little old lady insisting to Christopher Columbus that the world is actually resting on the back of a large turtle.
    Columbus: “What is the turtle standing on?”
    L-O-L: “Another turtle.”
    Columbus: “And what is THAT turtle standing on?”
    L-O-L: “You’re a very shrewd young man, but I’m on to you. It’s turtles all the way down.”

    Even if reincarnation is a reality, where do the souls come from, ultimately? Could it be a combination of both models? Some plants can reproduce by both seed and root propagation. IMHO, seems more likely that the real story could have a lot to do with things that are outside of our frame of reference, and so are incomprehensible.
    No common frame of reference may be why we can’t even communicate with dolphins or squid within our own reality–though its obvious they have language. How much more difficult then to have certain knowledge of spiritual mechanics?
    I fall back on the idea of “this works for me,” so keep us informed George if you do find that life regression helps you learn Japanese–or helps in any other way!

    • One of the books that led me “off the path” of conventionality was Edgar Cayce’s biography “There is a River” by Thomas Sugru. Besides the life story in it there is a chapter about Cayce’s philosophy as it eventually came to be. I wish I could find it in its entirety online but the closest I can reference is here – It shouldn’t be difficult to find the book in a public library. It makes for very fascinating reading. Essentially, as I remember, the souls were created shortly after the creation of the universe as, more or less, companions to The Creator. The “entanglement” in physical forms we have here on Earth are found elsewhere in the Universe but tend to remain here on Earth until enough knowledge is gained to move on. Souls from other regions out there can move here (perhaps as a punishment? You know what karma is!) and would account for the increase in our population increase as we learn to feed, clothe and house and heal ourselves more efficiently. Evidently a soul has a great deal of autonomy in choosing its vessel but, judging from what we regularly see, many newbies have a lot of naivete so reincarnation, or getting held back in school, is almost a given.

      The thing that amazed me most of all was when I was talked into a Hebrew studies course on Kabbalah. Every time I attended a class I found or heard the instructor mention something that I’d read previously in Sugru’s book or other writings on Cayce. I mentioned it to the instructor after class one time … bad idea! Never did THAT again but the similarities continued. I wish I’d written them all down.

  14. Well, my personal opinion is that since there are planets with other intelligent beings, why couldn’t souls on those planets ‘switch around’, so that some of them end up here on Planet Earth. Makes as much sense as any other theory . . .

    (C.S. Lewis had an interesting trilogy of science fiction books about beings on other planets, and Earth – and salvation.)

  15. “Second: A government study and clarification of the NDE (near death experience) research would be useful.
    We know that there objectively IS something going on around the moment of death, but whether it is, as Dr. Ray Moody explained in Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences” is debated.”

    Through the years I have worn many many hats.. where I found personal satisfaction for myself was in the care of others needs at their weakest moments in life everything else I have done didn’t seem to have any value until I found that I also love to hear their life stories.. I have tons of them. I felt a sort of satisfaction in the knowledge that I was there for them to help them learn how to walk again or talk again when they feel they can’t go on to encourage them then the sad part the times that people just couldn’t make it and leave. I won’t say I have seen it all because that in reality is false and anyone thinking they have will eventually have something come completely out of left field and shock the heck out of them. but I can tell you that it does take a lot to shock me these days.
    there’s the happy stories the sad stories then the ones that baffle the heck out of you.. Rich poor famous and not so famous.. ( I have a great recipe for home made Alfredo from a famous actor ) anyway along this journey I have had the sad experience to know people that have had NDE.. if you ask anyone that has worked in Healthcare for any length of time.. they will tell you.. it is true about the full moon, it comes in three’s, and there is something to the afterlife and healthcare workers always work short.( sometime I will have to tell you the one about the exercise cycle LOL that we use to get new skeptic trainees in and let them experience it) anyway now to my story about an NDE.. one night I was working on a floor late night.. one of the new nurses came over and told me that one of the nurses needed my assistance on another floor ( hospice) .. I went over and the nurse said.. the girl working with this patient hasn’t had any experience with death would I get this patient ready for transporting to the mortuary. sure no problem. the new girl left the doctor and the nurse had finished with what they had to do and went to call the mortician to come and pick up the body and do their final charting.. and I took over preparing the patient for transport to the mortuary..several things that is a standard practice is getting the personal belongings that are needed ready to go for their final visits from friends.. then you bath the patient and have them look as peaceful as you can in case rigor sets in. so I gathered up the personal belongings and went about to gather up the supplies for the final body washup which takes about ten to fifteen minutes I actually had a few delays during this lack of supplies readily available so a visit to supply etc….
    as a sub note to this story.. this particular patient was extremely fussy about their bed.. it had to be done with military precision and it had to be tight.. and not one wrinkle picture perfect drill sergeants are not this fussy.. the standard routine was this person was an early riser would get the bed fixed and a cup of coffee then would sit down and watch the morning news.. this daily ritual was routine and done every day like clockwork..( yes this is important)
    so after I had gotten everything ready and all the supplies I would need for the final prep for the journey said a little prayer good by.. I then gently picked up the body from the chair and laid the patient on the bed…… the patient instantly jumped up all upset and said what do you think you are doing.. I about had a heart attack I said getting you ready for your journey.. the patient said you messed up my bed.. I can’t believe you did that I seen the whole thing.. I asked.. where were you.. the answer I got .. up in the corner of the room with the angel….. then the patient said now fix my bed and get me a cup of coffee..
    so I went to get the coffee and as I was coming back the doctor and the nurse doing the last of their charting asked me just what did I think I was doing.. ( the mortician had just arrived as well ) and I said.. well that patient doesn’t plan to go anywhere without their morning cup of coffee.. LOL LOL LOL needless to say it was a big deal and everyone had to go and check for themselves.. and yes that patient lived about three years longer.. I have seen many many things similar to this just not as profound but very similar and I love this story .. Is their an afterlife.. I sure hope so and yes I do believe personally but I can tell you for a fact that there is something definitely going on after death. this whole story took about an hour it wasn’t just a couple of minutes and yes I was pretty sure that that patient had left us to. as for that exercise bike and other things like it..well let me say I definitely believe in the spirit world or is it just another dimension we pass through or reincarnation.
    All anyone has to do is sit down and talk to anyone that has worked in the healthcare field for any length of time and you will most definitely hear some great experiences.

  16. This may answer some of your questions

    There is a book call alien interview I think it’s by Spencer Lewis the material was given to him by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy I think. New sentence this YouTube was published on November 16th 2011 by back to Constitution he has about 85175 subscribers and 47000 people have seen it so far. Loose sentence the biggest news in the history of mankind perhaps some would say after keeping these documents secret for 60 years Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy has decided to serve the greater good and release them to a rider with whom she spoke just 20 minutes eight years before. She tells him how she feels about the powers-that-be and reveals how they have enslaved us and denied us the truth about this event and many others she invokes the words of Dwight Eisenhower and his Farewell Address warning us about the industrial-military complex. She advises mr. Spencer to use these facts documented in this package to write science fiction so that his body isn’t thrown onto the Heap of other bodies which have perished only because they knew too much and had to be silenced forever. there is no doubt that others will die as a result of the release of this material because one thing is proven to military that is someone can talk they will talk and when they reach age 83 and are dying they have nothing to lose by revealing what they know which in this case meant documents as well as personal testimony. If someone knows the only hope of safety for that individual is to tell everyone before they get to you because they will silence you without a doubt

  17. Then there’s the debate whether earth is a prison or a school (or perhaps both). Maybe, just maybe the folks who genetically engineered homo sapien sapiens also control the astral planes and we are tricked into returning to earth as “human batteries” ala the Matrix metaphor. If we ever attain Singularity, transhumans may lose their free will v/v incarnation and be stuck in this cycle forever.

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