This is bigger than the space race.

It’s one of the topics that I will be talking about on Coast to Coast with George Noory on August 3rd, since that will be about three weeks ahead of the all-time-high we have been forecasting for August 21-24.

More importantly, though, it might be a way to solve the “learning musical instruments” question we were kicking around Tuesday morning…

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The idea is simple: a Nation of Spiritual Super Beings.

Admittedly the concept sounds wild, but follow me through the logic of what I’m proposing here.

I think the U.S. government should put a modest amount of money – say $250-million, or so, into serious exploration and discovery in the area of past life regression.

Let’s talk the high-level first.  This is a three-legged milk stool:

First:  We have a huge gulf between people of various religious beliefs.  But in many beliefs there is some kind of tacit belief in reincarnation.

From the (extensive) reading I have done, the “time between lives” tends to run in the range of 1-10 years with the largest bump around the 4-5 year mark.

The idea is also not totally contrary to Christian beliefs, either.  Especially if you’ve read Reincarnation in Christianity: A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought (Quest Books) Paperback – March 9, 1990.

Second:  A government study and clarification of the NDE (near death experience) research would be useful.

We know that there objectively IS something going on around the moment of death, but whether it is, as Dr. Ray Moody explained in Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences” is debated.

It is possible that a dying brain makes a large batch of DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences to smooth the way into the Big Sleep.

Third:  If there is a way to tap into past lives (past life regression therapy) then what has been done with this so far has been entertaining but not terrible conclusive.

The point is that if we look at this as a programming algorithm, it would lead to a process (which government should fund since the after life is a public area of interest – there is nothing higher) going something like this:

IF reincarnation is real do NEXT (More than DMT?)

If  DMT does not drive Reincarnation/Past Life recall, thenl, do NEXT (maps regression processes)

Map Regression Processes and define the technology.

A lot of this is being don by hypnotherapists, but – to use the corporate raider mindset – there hasn’t been an effective roll-up to task multiple business units with standardized reports on how the technology can be used.

My sense it, if Past Life Regression is real, then government would have a good and proper role in working out a new national technology.  Like the space race but way cooler and personally achievable.

Let’s imagine going into an approved regression program.

Again, in programming parlance, it would go something like this:

Good morning Mr. Ure.  We will be doing a standard regression with you today.  Is there anything in particular you would like us to focus on?”

“Well, yeah.  I have always has this vision – fleeting at times – that I was a Japanese Zero fighter pilot who was shot down in a spiraling fiery crash.  But before the accident, he was an excellent pilot and wore a white silk scarf and the noise…yeah, the noise of the plane going into the graveyard spiral…that’s about where I lose the recall in my self-work.  So I would likely to learn more about that past life and, oh, bring a few of those skillsets into this life…

“What did you have in mind, George?”

“Well, I was thinking conversational Japanese would be useful.  And any schooling I could bring back like mathematics from his youth…plus any musical instruments…that might be useful.”

“And in the event we have time for more than one personality, is there anything else you want to bring over from past lives?”

“Well, like I said, anything language-wise, heavy on math, and oh yeah, how about being a skilled musical instrument player of some kind?”

“We’ll see what we can come up with.  Here, take this pill.  It does not produce any of the memories.  it only helps us to carry back some of your past-life skills into the present by stimulating the right portions of the cerebral cortex.  I see you already use Huperzine-A – it’s similar to that in terms of mental acuity coming across the deeper layers…”

“More than anything, I want to bring back useful skills.  Anything that I could enjoy or monetize.  Oh, plus if there was a past life that starved, maybe that would be connected with eating too much and some kind of skin disease/death which might have carried over as the eczema and any breathing issues because of the asthma…”

“Very good, Mr. Ure.  That’s a tall order.  I see your wife is with you, so she will be your personal control for today’s session?”

“Yes, that’s right…”

“Mrs. Ure, I need you to review these few rules that the regressionist insists on for the safety of your husband.  Basically, you are welcome to record the session, you may write a note to the regressionist, but no speaking aloud is permitted while your husband is in the deep state of recall… Do you understand?”

Which Elaine would then sign.

And one to four hours later, I would be back on this side of the gray line of consciousness armed with a faltering ability to pick up conversational Japanese – which would come back to me quickly with the inter-life barriers down (this would be one of the objectives of the government funding) and I would be a much better pilot, have a lot more math skills, and I would be a fair harpsichord player – depending on what is brought back from which personalities of past lives.

So how can you help?

Elaine and I both want to do this – so we are looking for a regression therapist who is up for this.

Unlike a lot of the “feel good” books on point, this is a technology fishing trip and we both want to bring back skills.

To us, old as we are, there is nothing like the acquisition of new skills so music for both of us, math and languages for me and Elaine’s still working on her list.

Since we both look considerably younger than our calendar years, we ask a very serious question here:

If a government program could find a reality way to bring skills in from past lives and treat past (bad) behaviors such that people could be more expressive, loving, creative, and able to achieve, would that be something government should invest in?

My sense is HELL YES.

And we’re willing to spend a little money out of our own pockets to go voyaging into this area and see if skill retrieval technologies or protocols can be developed.

Got any referrals to best of class for this kind of work?

Trolls Got My Dander Up

Damn trolls.  I’m starting to ban people who piss me off.

One this week “earned a ban” for writing slop like this and expecting me to post it:

It’s like there are different kinds of money in conservative world. Obama triples the stock market, and ho-hum. (Which, BTW, you miscalled for 8+ years.) “

WTF kind of ignorant horseshit is this?  Don’t let the door smack you on the but on the way out, bubba.

First:  Did Obama “triple the stock market?”

No.  Recovering from he Housing Bubble Collapse did that. Printing and making up bushel-baskets of cash did that.  Let’s jump into the time machine, right?

Our Peoplenomics index stood at 6,218.71 when O took the Oath in 2009.

By March 6, it was down to 5,209.51.

Lying Trolls leave out that within a couple of months of taking office, Obama had seen the market drop 16.2%.

While it is nominally true that Obama closed out his term with our proprietary index in the vicinity of 18,206.43 which is 2.93 times higher,  what our troll/critic ignores is what Obama’s administration did to the Federal deficits and M1 money printing by the Yellen Fed to make this happen.

Let’s talk M1 money stocks, shall we?

On taking office the Money Supply at M1 was $1.5589 trillion.  It was $3.4074 trillion when he left.  So Obama’s administration blew through a 2.19% increase in M1 and did anyone see any of that “infrastructure improvement money” creating jobs in their neighborhoods?  No?  Me either.

Point:  Money supply up 2.2 times, market up 2.93 times.  Yawn.

The Fed used the Housing Bubble Collapse to transition into the financial markets bubble which is where we are now.

This lack of economic precision – and the reader’s inability to separate his political preconceptions from economic reality isn’t what got him banned, though…

It was where he said we “…miscalled for 8+ years…”

Absolute bald-headed lie.

For the record our long-term trading model went long on April 3, 2009 with the Peoplenomics index at 6,406.35 and remained long until Jan 22, 2010 at 8,363.57.

We reentered the long side Feb. 15, 29010 (8,523.74) until 4/26/2010 when we closed out at 9,157.51.

We have been long, where it made sense, since long before Obama and we have survived just fine, troll.

For those interested, our model went long at 17,260.67 on November 11, 2016 and has been long ever since.

The model update for subscribers Wednesday morning was 19,753.56  so if you’re math-impaired, that’s a 14.4%  gain in just over 6-months.  Since we’ve explained how to use geared ETFs, many of our subscribers are up 30-40% and more in this period.

Trolling School:

  1.  I won’t suffer fools.  If you want to write about economics, get a masters and put 20-years into study of the subject – which is what this site is. ( September is our UrbanSurvival 20th b-day…)
  2. Comments are fine and welcome.  Baseless bullshit gets banned.
  3. If you are not a subscriber don’t blow smoke up people’s asses when you don’t know the facts.

I can’t think of a happier group than Peoplenomics subscribers, which the troll is not.

Either tell the truth – and in reasonable economic context, or STFU and learn something from he grown-ups.

The grown-ups were learning about r-star and planning for life in the gulch as in the After-Crash in Wednesday’s report.

Write when you break-even,