Life in the “After-Crash”

This morning we try to sketch up what Life in the After-Crash will probably look like next year, and the year after that.

This as America seems increasingly likely to hit our all-time-high stock market window August 21-24th.  From there, it will be two things:  First of which is “Look out below!
But the other is “What’s it gonna be like?” 

We tackle that after headlines and charts…and you’ll learn why the phrase “r-star” will play a prominent role in our economic future.

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18 thoughts on “Life in the “After-Crash””

  1. Heard on the news this morning that Yellen said no big crash can happen because of all the rules that have been put in place in the past few years. If you are right, we don’t have long to wait to prove which of you knows better.

    • I read the same thing on a Drudge link(I think). The first thought I had was that this smacked of the complacency of “buying good common stocks” just prior to the crash of ’29.

      I’ve failed utterly to learn gardening even after spending five+ years pouring water, seeds, and amendments into the ground. Some people have green thumbs, and others don’t. For we of purple thumbs, there has to be a better answer than to continue to fight Mother Nature.

  2. We are not looking at a decline in labor force *growth*… we are looking at a decline in raw labor force.

    In 2018, for the first time in human history, the GLOBAL population of humans age 24-55 is expected to SHRINK. That’s the entire universe of productive labor workers.

    It happened in Japan 20+ years ago. In Europe 15 years ago, and in the US more recently as 10,000 baby boomers retire every day. Now China is also experiencing the same result of declining population growth in the world’s most populous economy.

    Think of all the implications for social security, pensions, medicare, housing, etc as fewer taxpayers exist to cover the care of the aging. As more retirees begin to withdraw retirement funds from pensions, IRA’s and SSI faster than new workers can replace it.

    Globally we are in a demographic time bomb. And it is certain. There is no way to correct it.

    In the next 20-30 years we will experience social displacement on an unimaginable scale.

    • When the Black Death hit Italy, around 1350, (give or take a few decades, and which historian you read), some areas lost so many people it took three centuries to get back to the original population density. Hey, we are about to repeat that!

    • it means the youngsters will have to work an extra hour to support Grandma and Grandpa now the thing is what do we cut out War yeah I would say War if we cut out War we can support our whole system with less it’s like living on an island except our Island doesn’t have to go and travel and go across to another Island and commit war and and spend all our time making War items instead we have the time now because we’re not in war now we can spend our time educating our own people and if we desire we can use the new technology to further our species into the future and into the universe

      • Like I said before I’ll one of the first things we have to do is recognize about cancer and the other thing that we have to recognize which is the most important thing is the nuclear plants the nuclear energy yes. Those derelicts that are awaiting to fall apart and destroy everything in your life for the next half million years destroy the life every descendant you have it’ll take at least 300,000 years for something to Decay is that a half life on these War weapons that we use now do you want to actually put your children into a position where they have to look out for nuclear throughout the rest of their life and all their kids lives for over 300,000 years so it tells you just like I said before there’s 13 evil people that was over 100 years ago that took over our own our money system and they’re out to destroy not just you but everybody because see they have the technology to go to other planets other solar systems they’re saying screw you hey we’re going somewhere else that’s what happened to Mars it was demolished with nuclear energy so anyway let’s get back to where we were talking about where they want to destroy the Earth and they’re going to do it with nuclear radiation imagine all the hundred for nuclear plants that we have plus the other ones around the world all going off Haywire destroying human life as We Know It and then therefore having to reconstruct the element of a body so that is able to live in nuclear surroundings I know there’s some that believe in the time-travel you know and dimensional where are you can go back in time to a certain point and change the future but are they going to do that are they going to do that they’ve already done it so many times it’s hard to count how many times they’ve changed the future so that it comes out to their benefit we’re talking about the 13 families here it comes out to their benefit now whether it comes out to our benefit I don’t know are you agreeing or are you there do you have this affiliation with him that you want them to seceede okay do not give up you do have the power of your room thoughts to control things that are around you so it may not be a lost cause but you have to think in those areas just like Cheryl was talking about Cheryl Lynn was talking about your thoughts by laughing you make plants grow yes those are your thoughts thoughts have wings how powerful are those thoughts well as you know we got some dumbass retarded people like me and then you have other people who are super intelligent so we all have a say in it it just that we don’t all have the same amount of say in it all Spirits souls are not created equal like the law that you think you live on in this land of the United States all Spirit souls are different each one is unique each one has a frequency number each one is different the labeling system for each soul has already been established that’s why when you come back you’re the same reincarnation you’re the same Soul Your just you might have been educated little bit more but you’re if you’re a stupid Soul that’s who you are if you’re super smart so that’s who you are now whether all these Souls can start the specially the stupid ones can put grass and become not so stupid that’s the question that the universe is put out there and that’s the question that the universe is going to answer in the future for some they already know the answer for others they’re like we don’t even know the question

  3. Many thanks for the food video link and those associated with it. Been behind the curve on those aspects of system failure.

  4. How will we stop the .gov from taking even more from us? Isn’t this setting the stage for the convergence of depression/civil war which basically means that what is coming will be beyond what your explaining? I guess I’m kinda wondering if people are already sick of things as they are and when they are pinned in the corner… Well, that’s a happy thought. :\

  5. George , what do you think of RVs as a poor man’s back up housing option ? Looks like a late 90s early 2000 model in nice condition can be had for $10,000 to $15,000 in my area. This is a motorized class c type.

  6. I could make a case that the Dark Ages produced smaller and more effective local governments. “More effective” in this case does not equal “Just” or “Fair.”

    Yellen’s no crash comment reminds me of a line from the Princess Bride;
    –“I do not think that word means what you think it means…”

  7. EXCELLENT entry today!
    I think that I will print out your predictions, and check them off as they come true (which I think most of them will).
    More people should subscribe and get this good information.

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