Coping: The “National Bedside Survey”

Here’s an odd concept that popped up while I was waking up a few morning’s back:

I wondered if there has even been a study to see if there is a correlation between what is on a person’s nightstand and how their health works out long term?

When you think about it, that might be a very useful bit of research.  How many little things are there that could be hints about our future that we just leave laying around, right?

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Heck of a notion, so I took an inventory of what’s on the nightstands in our bedroom.  Mind you, this is for people who are well into Social Security, so your results may differ…

George’s Side

Benadryl, Tums, asthma inhaler, eye drops, glass of water, phone, digital alarm clock.

Elaine’s Side

6 books, glass of water, face cream, Astroglide,  flashlight, collagen pills.  (I said we’re aging, not old or dead yet…)

Hmmm…what are some of the inferences here?

Well, George needs to watch what he eats and drinks a bit closer because although the Tums don’t get used often, it might be an indicator.

The inhaler is a long-time condition (since birth) and the eye drops shows that I am actively working to make sure my dry eye condition doesn’t get worse.

The water suggests that G keeps hydrated while the phone and the clock indicate this side of the bed is likely to have the highest blood pressure readings.

Elaine’s side of the bed says she likes to read, is conscious of her appearance, while the couple is still (ahem) active, and she is conscious of her vitamins and supplements.

Since Elaine doesn’t have a clock, we can assume she gets up when she damn well feels like it, and she likes to have multiple news idea sources going at the same time.

Articles at the bedside come and go with some frequency.  Sometimes, Elaine will bring in a Echo Dot to listen to something.  Other times, I will have a shortwave radio on my side of the bed.

When we have an “elevated threat level” then my side of the bed will have a head-mounted Gen-3 night vision scope and a pistol or two out.  Big flashlight, too, depending on weather and odds of power failing…

Kleenex comes and goes – but we seldom get colds due to great nutrition…

Which circles around to the point:

Has anyone ever done such a study to find out what people keep at hand?  I don’t know as I have ever heard of such of thing, but surely it would make sense.

When we look at magazines and see absolutely pristine nightstands the question always comes up:  “Who are these people?”

Tell your doctor?  If you find a study – or have other oddities on your nightstand – might be interesting to learn about.  Or not…

We’ve Been Fingerprinted!

I always worry about computer security.  When we travel, I always have to take my computer with me (so I can write and keep up on comments and such).

While my password is so complex (upper, lower case, numbers, and incomprehensible gibberish characters) I get tired of having to use my brain for logging in which I could be using it for work.

So $35 later, here comes a Mini USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10 Hello, PQI My Lockey 360° Touch Speedy Matching Multi Biometric fido Security Key.

I put it in – Windows Hello rolled it into play with no issues – and now when I want to log on to any of my computers, all I have to do is touch the little USB whizzy and thar-you-be.

It’s really quite cool.

As we have been predicting for years, the next big moves in computers will be projectable display glasses (which will allow a virtual overlay over “reality out there” which will be a fun merge – and the whole thing will become seamless with biometric logons (done!) and things like Nuance Professional – the grown-up of what was once DragoonSpeak.

Toss in the faster web speeds thanks to AMP technology and the like (Yes, UrbanSurvival is partially AMP enabled now) and you have a pretty cool universe of possibilities.

If we could just focus on something other than Trump’s gaffe’s du jour and move on to inventing new cool things…

Fourth of July: Stats and Haps

Markets will be open Monday.  The New York Stock Exchange will close at 1 PM Eastern, though.

If you are “overs the river and through the woods-ing” don’t forget that probably 20 percent of all drivers will have had something to drink before getting behind the wheel.  So watch out for the other guy.

And like being a parent isn’t bothersome enough, remind the wee  ones who drive that “Nine of the 10 deadliest days for youth on U.S. highways fall between May and August.” 

Not that they’ll listen.

Still, It’s a fact that people actually do understand statistics at some level.  Where they run into the ditch is thinking the rules don’t apply to them.

Monday and Tuesday morning, UrbanSurvival will likely be shorter than usual.  I don’t mind doing the work, mind you.  But I look at it as something that could be related to readership size.

On a regular day maybe 20,000 people will drop by here, so I write a word for every ten people – which is where the 2,000 word total of the Coping and news sections comes from.

Since the readership on the 3rd will be about 7,000 people, then 700 words might be justified before we roll into complete overkill.  And since only 4,000 or so will read Tuesday the 4th, 400 words is a reasonable number.

I mean as much as our readers can be considered “reasonable.”  Gifted would be more like it.

Our Gunpowder Quiz

See if you can make some trivia points off this stuff:

  1. What are the ingredients of gunpowder?  (Charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate).
  2. When and where was gunpowder invented?  (9th century in China).
  3. OK, wise-ass, what dynasty was that?  (Song Dynasty, I think, but it could have been the Tune Dynasty…no, that’s lame humor, but it is what it is…)
  4. And who was the central figure of Gunpowder Plot of 1605?  Why none others than Guy Fawkes, or so we hear Anonymously.

And do, pray tell, explain what this has to do with tomorrow’s report for subscribers?

Oh….uh….just EVERYTHING.

You see, tomorrow we speak of AmRev2 and what’s to come…

Write when you get rich,

32 thoughts on “Coping: The “National Bedside Survey””

  1. On the nightstand:
    Bottle of water. Most of which gets drunk.
    Lamp (of course) on a slider-dimmer.
    Phone (hardwire copper Old School).
    Small but powerful focusable LED flashlight.
    TECSUN PL-660 radio, operated by touch.
    Wireless exterior thermometer readout.
    Electric blanket control.
    Exterior wireless motion detectors display.
    Beretta “Bobcat 21A” semi. (Under pillow.)

  2. Your age, plus a few. light, clock, phone. Back scratcher. As far back as I can remember there has been a spot on my back that once or twice a week becomes really itchy. Been looked at, nothing to see or feel, always the same spot and only when resting.

  3. George, beat the Tums habit with a heaping teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water, chugged it down before bed. It will help get rid of the acid, and balance your bodies ph.Doing this has helped me get off using Tums and reduced acid indigestion over all. Some also feel that taking Baking soda helps treat some form of cancers.

    • I looked into that but the sodium levels sounded too high from a heart health perspect. Any others considered this?

      • My wife got all caught up in the natural/homepathic idea but before that I used to eat Tums and all other manner of anti-acid things many times a day. Since then, I drink a tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in a glass of water around meal times and before bed daily. Plain “vanilla” vinegar doesn’t work. No indigestion or excess acid ever since. It goes wildly against logic but it absolutely works.

      • , ,, yeah the baking soda thing works I was worried about the salt too but recently there’s been some articles that say hey they found new research assault really doesn’t do what they say it does they say that your body will naturally cut you off when you have enough things like that

      • Plus I put a little bit of baking soda in my coffee it cuts down on the acid of the coffee and gives it a foaming agent to it

      • Indigestion got so bad I went to see the doc. She gave me this prescription. Don’t eat 4 hours before bed time and If it tastes good, spit it out. Seems to work to a point anyway.

    • Ive read that prolonged use of baking soda as an antacid, can cause kidney and gall stones.

      • drinking too much alcohol weather liquor or beer can cause a hangover but if you drink just enough to relieve it ate the problem you’re good to go for another hundred years well 109 in the case of that person that lives on the East Coast who’s the world war veteran and he’s 109 years old and he drinks is liquor and at least four cups of coffee and a half a dozen cigars because it makes him feel good so if you do something to an extreme and it makes you feel bad then something bad is going to happen

      • baking soda as a temporary fix the permanent fix would be the change the habits of what you do that caused the asset

      • my daughter came to visit today and she says Dad everybody thinks I’m weird because I’m only in my young twenties and I own my own home paid for and I’ve never have a cavity I think something’s wrong with me then she says Dad I love you you’ve taught me how to do what 99% of the people don’t do I’m free and I have a bunch of goals in my life I want to do in my husband is smart and we’re going to do some good things together thanks Dad I love you

      • Here are some of her words that are posted on her wall plans to get out of the financial hole Drive that old car back and forth to work save $2,000 get a good car look for a good car under $3,000 get a loan pay as much as possible every month life is hard but you got this you can do it you are smart, dad and others have taught you a lot you don’t do drugs you don’t have kids or have bills to pay you work two jobs no reason you can’t get out of this ditch starting now keep the good advice and leave the negative energy it’s your life do what you want chase your dreams be smart though save money

  4. Books, lots of books. Torah, Bibles by Dr. David Stern, the Zohar, elementary German textbooks, Zero Point energy, books on/by E. Cayce and a complete line-by-line breakdown on the movie “The Quiet Man”. In gaps between the piles nose spray and the charger for my phone. In the drawers of the nightstand … more books and stuff I printed out when I had a dot matrix printer – that stuff has to go!

  5. Now that we know what is on your nightstand how about telling us ‘what’s in your wallet” and Elaine’s handbag? :) I must confess that my handbag is a hot mess of stuff!! Have a great day!!

    • lol $400 in cash, two credit cards with zero balance and licenses for things with wheels and wings. The cash showed up when we sold the thing with wings, lol.

  6. “As we have been predicting for years, the next big moves in computers will be projectable display glasses (which will allow a virtual overlay over “reality out there” ”

    we are the BORG!
    Lower your shields and prepare to be assimaleted. Resistance is futile.

    A reality creeping up on us all?

    • Yes, and I HATE it. Reality & organic natural experiences (a gentle breeze, a sunrise, a dew covered flower, a happy puppy, a night sky) are highly underrated. My 2 cents.

      • Oh, & let’s not forget an actual face-to-face conversation & real physical touch. It’s all gone too far.

  7. Bedside: Water, various nostrums to help with insomnia, tissues, alarm clock, flashlight, small battery radio, ionic silver solution, earplugs, light mask, toys.

  8. On the nightstand:

    clock radio
    emergency radio
    small Mag light
    mattress remote
    two pens and paper
    two coasters
    lip balm
    hand cream
    nail file
    cat brush

    Next to the nightstand:

    floor lamp
    stack of books and magazines

    By the way, the nightstand sits lower than the top of the mattress so the alarm clock is not pointing directly at my head. I remember reading it’s not good to have an electricity source beaming at your brain throughout the night. (I know, not a perfect solution, but it’s the best I can do for now.)

    • Regarding nightlights, clocks and radios: Do all you can to get red displays. Avoid blue especially since it disturbs sleep and night vision.

  9. The master bedroom is unoccupied and clean until/unless a worthy female/girlfriend/wife should appear. My other bed has no nightstands and nothing near the bed. I sleep when I’m tired and get up at dawn without an alarm. No need for pills/liquids/other unless there’s a security situation and then things change instantly. Sometimes I even go to the bathroom with my eyes closed and lights out to keep moisture on my contacts and preserve melatonin levels. Eyes are important but I try to not be overly dependent on them. I respond much more quickly to sound or vibration. Sadly, I no longer have my beloved black cat – she’s mousing in the beyond. She was the ultimate alarm system.

    • Hi Mike what I do is I’ve got like 3 or 4 pairs of those LED headlights you know that go in your head on the wall on a rack that’s got pictures pain everything else on there but it’s within grabbing distance so and they all have LED lights I grab one of those put them on my head and walk to the bathroom one of the worst things about being old is when we get up and we try to make it to the bathroom we fall down and hurt ourselves if it’s not lit up and on one side of my bed I have set of crutches and on the other side of my bed I have a pair of canes because when you first wake up will also have A5 gallon bucket another 5 gallon bucket and a bunch of other stuff but the main thing is is when you first wake up in your old you cannot do the things that you did when you were young like 10 get up there you can’t do that no more so if you’re that urgent and you have to go to bathroom use something next to your bed but anyway if you’re going to get up use a couple canes they work cuz it it may take 10:15 or long or minutes for you or your body to actually wake up so I mean when I get up in the morning I have to use two canes and then after I walk for 5 minutes or so then I’m okay and there’s other times for even the canes won’t work and that’s where you’re going to have to be bedridden and you have something beside your bed that you can use I hope you never have to do that but anyway anyway anyway it’s all about preparation thinking ahead as much as possible for all the situations that you think you will encounter at your lowest level of energy that’s what you want to do there’s no need for you to go to a rest home just because it takes you 15 minutes to get up to go to the bathroom it just means you have to wait it out until the Blood starts recirculating through your body to enable you to get up and this is where a lot of people go like all he can’t get up he can’t or she can’t get up it takes a little longer to do things as you get older okay there you go I hope someone out there received this message and uses it I gave it to my mother and she died a few years ago and she fell down would not use canes she absolutely would not use them and she fell down and hurt herself several times drastically and you know and once you’ve you’re in the download it takes a lot more energy to heal compared to when you’re younger but anyway if something you have to learn to do to prepare for when you get older I mean you can live a lot longer if you prepare to live a lot longer but if you’re stubborn headed like my mother was she’s like I’m getting up and all the sudden you fall down and break things on your body so you have to do it easily and you have to think ahead in that area if you want to live b109 which I’m not

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