Reader Note

(Tacoma, WA)  — This morning’s report will come out a bit strangely becvause Microsoft decideed to apply a software update to my main computer – so this morning’s report is coming – an hour later than normal) from Elaine’s.

As a result, we will have only the financial report this morning, but rest assured, there will be a complete report tomorrow even if I have to go out and buy another blankety-blank computer.  Not a word from the Mac crowd, please.


OK…more as soon as I figure out what is going on, lol.


The good news is that being on this side of the Coffee Line, I am wired as hell…so I can make mistakes two of three times faster than normal today…

5 thoughts on “Reader Note”

  1. Greetings George
    You must surely know you are allowed to choose a time for updates to be applied.

  2. Nothing from the Mac crowds? Lol! If it makes you feel better, I AM in that crowd, and I won’t use newer models. Mine is circa 2002 and running strong. My only issue is tryingto find compatible updates, which for some reason all update makers don’t think about those of us who like older, more stable hardware.

  3. You’re also allowed to set your computer to review the updates and okay them before they’re downloaded. I’ve been keeping the nasty KB2952664 snooping patch out of my computer in just this fashion.

  4. Not a member off the Mac crowd – just use the OS Apple used as a base….FreeBSD.

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