Coping: A Simple Idea for Healthcare

(Tacoma, WA) – This morning’s update is a little more brief than usual due to Microsoft “updating” my computer for a good part of the time that should have been spent writing.  Grrrrr….

Onto the first point:  I happened to be listening to an ad on the radio while we were driving up here from Texas.  It ran through a whole litany of things that could go wrong with the medicine:  Things like anaphylactic shock, sudden drops in blood pressure and so forth.

This got me to thinking:  How many people die each year from taking medications that don’t work out with their body-type?

The answer – according to one study I found in the government’s PubMed database, was about 2,400 in an eight year period.

Hmmm…that’s 300 people per year – that we know of.

Is it possible that there are others?  Misdiagnosed and piled up like cord wood?  Oh, sure.  I don’t know, but would rather suspect, that medical examiners don’t routinely call the doctor of dead people and ask “Say, any changes to this person’s medications in the past couple of weeks?”

I figure that would be ideal, but since there is no money to be made with such calls, and everything to lose for Big Pharma, I would surmise that DeathOnomics wouldn’t include that level of honest data-gathering.

How could such things be avoided?  (I’d put in about 30-seat/miles getting this far into the problem….)


Make it a requirement that whenever a doctor prescribes a new medication for a patient that the first two doses be administered at the doctor’s office.  Right there in the waiting area.

The idea is that if a person is going to have a reaction, especially if a personal is elderly and single, where is the right place to go into shock or pass out from whatever?

Why, in the doctor’s office, of course!

Now this is a problem on the medical side, I know.  Doctors would have to start carrying first doses of things right in the office.

But the flip side, which I think has some value as an idea, is that the risk to patients would be minimized and there would be the chance that some of the 300 to twice that number of deaths annually could be saved through immediate, well-trained intervention.

This is such a simple idea (and one that might save a few lives – that I give it almost no chance of being adopted.

Still, it would make sense to me, if I were to change medications, to take the first one – and maybe two – in the vicinity of someone who (allegedly) knows what tghey are doing…


The Bag Lady

On Wednesday morning, I came around the corner into the bathroom area of our hotel in Baker City Oregon (Best Western there is quite nice, say Hi to the bartender Jerry for us) and there was Elaine with a plastic bag over her head.

“Rehearsing for a snuff film, are we dear?” I asked, quite concerned.

No, silly.  It’s an old trick…put a plastic bag over your hair-do and then I can put onb this sweatshirt without messing up my hair:  Bag on, sweatshirt on, bag off…see?  It’s just one of those tricks…”

Damn…sure glad I am not a woman.  I mean, can you imagine forgetting why you put the bag on your head?


The Bug Report

I mean other than losing 2-hours of productive work time due to the latest Win-10 upgrade to my laptop?

Several readers were wondering about bugs on the windshield as an indicator of environmental health.

We had to clean the bugs off only twice – once in Utah and once in Oregon.

No bugs at all in Texas or Oklahoma.

Which I will take it to mean that these are areas where the brainwashing of farmers into GMO crap is about complete.

More tomorrow (grrr…computer curses)


Write when you get rich…

23 thoughts on “Coping: A Simple Idea for Healthcare”

  1. I think your ‘bug survey’ has some truth – though if memory serves – the bugs ‘down south’ were more prone to leave bigger splats and were more gross . . . I’ve always encouraged the spider population around my place to ‘keep down’ the local bug population. Had one family of jumping spiders in the same spot outside for over eleven years. Natural control is best.

  2. Goggle went down the other night, say about 2 am. Talked to my son the next afternoon and said my internet went down in the middle of the night, he said his did also. All kinds of crazy thoughts went threw my mind, like I know the bill is current, but I did use up my gbites for the phone. This happened on Wed morning of this week. We live in Las Vegas. NV.

  3. It could be due to the drought also. I notice rain seems to increase bug hatching. The current drought map show California at the worst and most western states at least in serious drought.

  4. “losing 2-hours of productive work time due to the latest Win-10 upgrade to my laptop?”

    Library book checkout shut down for several hours while 10 updated.

    Library immediately reverted to 8.1, we were told.

    10 not suitable for commercial or industrial apps?

    • It certainly wasn’t suitable for my dentist. She accidentally let Win10 download to one of her office computers, whereupon she could no longer access any of the software she needed to view X-rays or CT scans. I showed her how to download the GWX Control Panel, which removed the illegal Win10 download that was trying to auto-install, and she was happy as a clam.

      If they give you lined paper, write the other way.

  5. “How many people die each year from taking medications that don’t work out with their body-type?”


    all meds are synthetic and petroleum based (inorganci chemicals) and thus not meant to be consumed by the human body. same as why one doesnt eat cardboard or plastic, its synthetic and cannot be metabolized as food. THE BODY ONLY RECOGNIZES 1 OF 2 THINGS WHEN YOU SWALLOW SOMETHING: ITS EIETHER FOOD TO BE METABOLIZED OR POISOIN TO BE NEUTRALIZED AND/OR ELIMINATED. THATS IT BOYS, ITS EIETHER FOOD OR POISON. NO IN BETWEEN.

  6. “Ohhhhh dont get me started on medications! Every loved one and friend I have lost over the years did not die of their disease but all died of complications of being over medicated in some way.

    I lived on the internet 24-7 trying to find answers for medical problems for the people mentioned above. Information was there but not widely known by the Doctors for some reason. Example: If you have a Tumor that’s the good news. Tumors can be shrunk and die without going under the blade. In fact your wonderful body has a system to naturally depose some cancers but people hear the word “cancer” and just freak which is understandable. Thing have to be smarter then that cancer and have a little patience.
    Tumors are like soft boiled eggs,outside membrane holding a cluster of cancer cells as long as that tumor is intact there isnt a problem. The problem is the biopsy,going in to make cut of the tumor for testing. When the tumor is cut, it will leak. I bet you can guess what happens next. All of a sudden the cancer has spread through out your body. So now the person is cut on to remove the tumor and proceed to chemo therapy. Oh boy! We having fun yet? Your immune system is totally gone at this point and the treatment that is offered you is in my opinion worse then the original cancer diagnosis.
    I mentioned before in another rant of mine the side effects of chemo is cancer, a very aggressive deadly cancer. Nurses that handle the chemo treatments (mix for injection) have a high cancer rate. Everybody gets to play in this game! So when you hear someone say “chemo saved my life!! Not exactly, your immune system saved your life it was strong enough to get through the treatments. But your not out of the woods yet even when you get that clean bill of health cancer can hide until it can come out to play again which in some cases is 4 to 5 years down the road. “Cancer is similar to what is known as “Vampire virus’s” These guys can hide in the dark, spread and grow. “You know them as “Ebola and “Legionnaires disease.They cannot survive in oxygen or direct light. When the Doctors studied cancer in school they were taught oxygen therapy for the cure but something happens when they start their practice, chemo is the remedy. Of course the oncologists making a lot of money of each bag of chemo doesn’t hurt. Yes George everything is a business model.

  7. A couple of years ago a photographer went around the world with a meter square “frame” and laid it on the ground with time lapse photography and recorded everything that passed through the frame in a 24 hour period. He went everywhere to every type of terrain, and it was really interesting to see the insects and wildlife in all these parts of the world. But when he put the frame in a field of GMO corn in the US, not a single living thing passed through it. Your assessment is correct George. I’m very sensitive to subtle energies and the last time I went to the mid-west where all the GMO corn and soy is grown, it broke my heart. The place is dead.

  8. Hi George,

    Ever hear of pharmacogenomics? This is basically a type of DNA test to determine how your body will metabolize medications or not.

    In the hands of a competent health care provider the results could be used to determined if a medication would be appropriate for the patient, if the dose needs to be increased or decreased, which meds will interact beneficially together or not, etc. Having this info would definitely save lives as people wouldn’t be taking meds that aren’t going to work for them, and therefore forego any side effects.

    (The other thing that people don’t generally know is that when people get older, their kidneys don’t work as effectively as they did when they are younger. Why is this a big deal? Well, a lot of meds are broken down in the kidneys, if the kidneys aren’t working effectively medications can “build up.” This could be an aspect of the death by medical care, because in a situation like this, it could end up being an overdose.)

    Maybe another one of your readers could provide additional information. But as retired healthcare professional, I feel this test should be done at birth so the information can be made available as part of a person’s healthcare record. Any prescriptions recommendations would be based on this type of DNA test.

    Also, did you know that there are medications on the market that have a black box warning suggesting this test be done? Yeah, and not everyone that have been prescribed those black box meds aren’t getting this test done.

    Can you imagine how many lives could have been saved if this test was done on cancer patients to determine which chemo meds would be most effective? (I am a medical cannabis for cancer advocate, by the way, and a treatment plan including cannabis concentrate in the form of a suppository would probably be very effective without the psychos-active properties.)

    Thanks for all you do!

    • “Can you imagine how many lives could have been saved if this test was done …”

      … save for what?? There are too damn many of us to begin with!! ;-(

  9. That best Western is my “Go To” in Baker City, which is one of the hidden gems along I-84. Not only do they have one of the nicest independent bookstores going – Betty’s Books on Main Street – but just up the hill is the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center which offers a nice museum dedicated to the pioneer migration, and an opportunity to walk some of the very wagon ruts cut during the migration. Truly on of my all-time favorite towns.

  10. Why does ANYONE allow a company like Microsoft to change the base code on their machine at will? If I ever allowed an internet stream to do such a thing(never happening on a critical machine), it would be under controlled conditions at home, with backup machines available, and the hard drive under revision being fully imaged. I disable all update access by MS, Google, and Adobe including the “update service”. It’s the right thing to do.

    The best way to update a machine is from an offline patch source such as a DVD-R or a USB stick, if you can trust that. It should always be done at a non-critical time. That way, when others patches fail, you’ll have heard about it already.

    Regarding insects: I’ve had bugs so bad in Oklahoma that I’ve had to clean the windshield between gas stops! It seems to depend on the exact time of year and available moisture. Perhaps there’s a multi-year cycle too, like cicadas.

  11. Allopathic medical treatment as practiced in the USA is the leading cause of death for Americans, plain and simple, so just get over it. The medical privacy laws enacted insure that these statistics can never be gathered as they were back in 1998.

    The only way this will change is when the USA runs out of funds to pay for that 90% of USA medical costs that represent overhead and profits for the industry. One of the major exports of Cuba is medical doctors. People who know how to bring a person back to health without all the bells and whistles of things like drugs with listed side effects such as death, or cancer treatments that use drugs or processes that actually cause cancer.

    I know expats here in Ecuador who, after 5 years here, will tell you they are in the best health and feel better than they have in 40 years. Good health is something that happens, it does not require a war of constant struggle to maintain.

    GMO labeling just went dark in the USA. Write when you find a logical reason for that.

  12. “losing 2-hours of productive work time due to the latest Win-10 upgrade to my laptop?”

    I grew so tired of dealing with MS nonsense back in XP days, that I switched to other os’s. First was Mac OS and the savings in time not having to deal with viruses and such was awesome. Only 1 virus in >8 years.

    Lately I’ve switched to Linux Mint, (an ubuntu derivative) with very good results, imho even better than osx.

    It isn’t perfect, but everytime I’m forced to deal with somebody’s ms box, I appreciate not owning one myself even more.

  13. So Geo, your plan to improve medical urgent care is not going to fly here in my area or likely anywhere else. BECAUSE, we have a “Clinic” as they like to call themselves in our town. A branch on the same “Clinic” that has offices across our county. When they get a medical emergency right on their doorstep or in their waiting room do they stop grinding money and try to help? Never. What they do is call 911 and our local Volunteer Fire Dept guys come to save the victim until the ambulance arrives. I know because being a Radio Amateur (Extra Class) I monitor the county wide Cal Fire Dispatch which handles all the emergency calls for all jurisdictions. I have seen a patient passed out on the steps of the “Clinic” waiting for help to arrive, when I was mobile and heard the call as I went by. So this “Clinic” is simply a money business model for doctors. Surprised?

  14. Well, George, at least you didn’t mess up your hdd attempting to resize and move partitions using Linux tools (Gparted for example). Now, I have to wait to afford a >=1TB hdd just to run DDRescue to recover WinXP partitions while still running my system from a 16GB flash drive loading Lubuntu 16.04.
    Re:meds. Natural is always best, if done correctly. Rosemary is good for tired, sore muscles (in tea), garlic, vinegar, and raw honey (in hot water) for colds/flu, thyme/mint for upset stomach, etc.

    Stay well.

    Robert in WA state

    • I suspect George is too smart to voluntarily do any upgrades or installs while traveling. Probably learned that lesson the hard way too.

      Like Zero, MS thinks it knows what is best for everybody ..with predictable results.

      I was given a Win10 system that was well equipped hardware wise. I immediately repartitioned it and installed Linux Mint (my personal favorite flavor) without difficulty. Now I have a nice dual boot system –that I never dual boot. LOL
      another month or so I will probably wipe with Win10 partition and do something useful with the space.

  15. After reading the comments regarding medication I am so thankful that at 63 I need no medication.

    • Recently my 91+ yo mother has been getting calls from her doctors office to confirm appointments and test neither she nor her doctor know anything about.

      Many of you probably guessed it … the doctors office recently merged with a larger medical group.
      Their service has been crap since.

      Fortunately she has no problem saying ‘No!’ to that nonsense.

      It’s all about money.

  16. I’m a Mac guy, but I have friends who have found Windows 10 on their PCs without having ever agreed to the ‘upgrade’.

    • Not a Mac guy at all, but George – you cooked your own goose by upgrading to Win10 in the first place. Make no presumtion of privacy on any of your PC operations – dozens of DNS are connected as soon as you boot up now. Having Win10 as your primary OS is like having a transparent front door to your house and no curtains. Snoops can see right into your digital life with comparable ease.
      Only Linux allows for any reasonable degree of privacy, and even then you’ve got to be on guard.

  17. > can you imagine forgetting why you put the bag on your head?

    I wouldn’t be allowed to forget why by the MSM… it would be because Hillary won.

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