I’m not really one to talk about people who have two standards because I don’t take such people in high regard.

Yet, when Ted Cruz last night refused to come out and endorse his party’s nominee for the presidency, that was about the last straw.

When the primary mess began, wasn’t Cruz one of the people who was arguing that all the candidates should sign “the pledge?” 

Once again, we see how the American voter, accidentally perhaps, has shown that there is some wisdom in the primary process.  Cruz is not acting the part of a team player…and I’d rather not see him ever run for office again.  Because he doesn’t deserve another vote from anyone:  Sore loser and his word apparently is not his bond.  He doesn’t deserve to hold office.

Being such a fraud, I’m almost ready to predict Cruz will attempt a Trump-hater third party run.  Sour grapes – or does Hillary have some kind of side deal with Cruz?

Petty tyrants never change—especially those who put on airs of superiority.

Third Party run?  Bets down!

Don’t forget that Paul Ryan might throw in with Cruz and a third-party effort…and that would be a God-awful mess…but that’s why I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em:  Clowns snd power-grabbers who will stop at nothing to spoil everything.  Mealy-mouthed muthas…

Freaking Out NATO

Donald Trump meantime, has caused a bit of a freak-out in NATO because he’s not sure what the US role should be – but it’s certainly not picking up the majority of the tab for the defense of Europe.

Check me on this, but isn’t World War II over?  Isn’t Russia pretty much staying within their own borders these days?  Wasn’t the whole dust-up over Ukraine because of Victoria Nuland and the Nasty Nest of Neocons  at State passing out cookies while trying to strong-arm all of Ukraine into the crumbling European Union?  Why sure.

Don’t girt me wrong, I don’t trust Putin completely, either.  But compared to the empire builders who have been the ass-clowns of Europe?

Yeah..lP{utin’s a little more transparent and honest in his agenda.

Besides, kif NATO is to be considered real, whny haven’t they stopped the Muslim takeover of Europe?  And why would we mindlessly keep supporting that?

And what about the MIA Bushie empire?  Another fine kettle of fish – but wouldn’t they throw in with the Cruzer – and wouldn’t that put an “err:” of legitimacy on a fraudulent third party effort?

Anyone trying to blow up America and ensure Hillary wins has to get in on this action, I swear.

Coming soon to the Divided States of ‘Mercia.

Business – As Usual

The Philly Fed Business Outlook report is just out.  And to borrow a quote from their website:

The survey’s broadest measure of manufacturing conditions, the diffusion index of current activity, fell from 4.7 in June to -2.9 this month. For nine of the past 11 months, this diffusion index has been negative (see Chart 1). Twenty-two percent of the firms reported an increase in activity, 3 points lower than last month, and the percent of firms that reported decreases rose from 20 to 25. Fifty-one percent of the firms reported steady activity this month, similar to the share that reported steady activity last month.

No worries for the market, though, which are holding to our predictions of higher highs through summer and into perhaps early fall – which will confound the doomsters:  The rest of the report is over here.

The pre-open in the market shows the market ujp another 25 point on top of yesterday’s gains – and new records.

North Korea’s New Numbers Station

OH-oh…is Kid Crazy trying to light something up – or is he just dinkin with us?