Boos for Cruz – Crooked GOP’ers Plan Party Hijacking?

I’m not really one to talk about people who have two standards because I don’t take such people in high regard.

Yet, when Ted Cruz last night refused to come out and endorse his party’s nominee for the presidency, that was about the last straw.

When the primary mess began, wasn’t Cruz one of the people who was arguing that all the candidates should sign “the pledge?” 

Once again, we see how the American voter, accidentally perhaps, has shown that there is some wisdom in the primary process.  Cruz is not acting the part of a team player…and I’d rather not see him ever run for office again.  Because he doesn’t deserve another vote from anyone:  Sore loser and his word apparently is not his bond.  He doesn’t deserve to hold office.

Being such a fraud, I’m almost ready to predict Cruz will attempt a Trump-hater third party run.  Sour grapes – or does Hillary have some kind of side deal with Cruz?

Petty tyrants never change—especially those who put on airs of superiority.

Third Party run?  Bets down!

Don’t forget that Paul Ryan might throw in with Cruz and a third-party effort…and that would be a God-awful mess…but that’s why I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em:  Clowns snd power-grabbers who will stop at nothing to spoil everything.  Mealy-mouthed muthas…

Freaking Out NATO

Donald Trump meantime, has caused a bit of a freak-out in NATO because he’s not sure what the US role should be – but it’s certainly not picking up the majority of the tab for the defense of Europe.

Check me on this, but isn’t World War II over?  Isn’t Russia pretty much staying within their own borders these days?  Wasn’t the whole dust-up over Ukraine because of Victoria Nuland and the Nasty Nest of Neocons  at State passing out cookies while trying to strong-arm all of Ukraine into the crumbling European Union?  Why sure.

Don’t girt me wrong, I don’t trust Putin completely, either.  But compared to the empire builders who have been the ass-clowns of Europe?

Yeah..lP{utin’s a little more transparent and honest in his agenda.

Besides, kif NATO is to be considered real, whny haven’t they stopped the Muslim takeover of Europe?  And why would we mindlessly keep supporting that?

And what about the MIA Bushie empire?  Another fine kettle of fish – but wouldn’t they throw in with the Cruzer – and wouldn’t that put an “err:” of legitimacy on a fraudulent third party effort?

Anyone trying to blow up America and ensure Hillary wins has to get in on this action, I swear.

Coming soon to the Divided States of ‘Mercia.

Business – As Usual

The Philly Fed Business Outlook report is just out.  And to borrow a quote from their website:

The survey’s broadest measure of manufacturing conditions, the diffusion index of current activity, fell from 4.7 in June to -2.9 this month. For nine of the past 11 months, this diffusion index has been negative (see Chart 1). Twenty-two percent of the firms reported an increase in activity, 3 points lower than last month, and the percent of firms that reported decreases rose from 20 to 25. Fifty-one percent of the firms reported steady activity this month, similar to the share that reported steady activity last month.

No worries for the market, though, which are holding to our predictions of higher highs through summer and into perhaps early fall – which will confound the doomsters:  The rest of the report is over here.

The pre-open in the market shows the market ujp another 25 point on top of yesterday’s gains – and new records.

North Korea’s New Numbers Station

OH-oh…is Kid Crazy trying to light something up – or is he just dinkin with us?

57 thoughts on “Boos for Cruz – Crooked GOP’ers Plan Party Hijacking?”

  1. Remember all the hoops you had to jump through to try to run as an independent? Well, someone trying to run nationally as a third party candidate has at least as hard a time. Signature gathering in all fifty states with fast deadlines for instance. But there will be a third party candidate on the ballot in all fifty–Gary Johnson, two time governor of New Mexico. You should google him. He isn’t a con man or a criminal but someone we can feel good voting FOR!

    • I used to think greatly of Gary Johnson, and truly respect him both as a man and a good governor, but he’s been a bit too kind to the criminal Mrs. Bill. I do think this is not the year for a Libertarian – we need to seriously unwind the damage done over this millennium, and we will need to do it quickly, while we still have a nation. For now, Trump is the only one who has a real chance of keeping the Klintons and their ilk out of OUR White House.

      Before Obama, I would have endorsed him strongly.

  2. Green Party nominee Jill Stein defended Ted Cruz for not endorsing Republican nominee Donald Trump Wednesday night.
    “I rarely agree with Ted Cruz. But he’s right that you shouldn’t vote for a candidate just because a party tells you to. Vote your values,” Stein tweeted late Wednesday.

  3. Regarding Russia staying in its borders . . . does the word Ukraine mean anything? Or what Putin would like to do to the Baltic states? There is still a need for an organization like NATO – though if Trump were not to want to help then he would have to redo all the treaty obligations – and that would be only with the agreement of Congress. We live in the real world not Trumpland!

    • Here’s what the word Ukraine means…Monsanto went to Russia and tried to get them to allow their poisons into their food supply. Russia said no. If the people in the US want to eat GMO pesticide laden foods, that is up to them, but in Russia we have the ability to grow all our food organically. Three weeks later, the Ukraine blows up and the country is crawling with Blackwater type military for hire that had been brought in by Monsanto. After the Ukraine blow up, what was the first thing they did??? They allowed Monsanto in. As has been discussed here many times, the cancer industry is big business in the US and the population has to be made sick to keep it going. Enter Monsanto with 100 times the carcinogens that already were causing cancer and congress just passed the Dark Act so no one can ever know what’s in their food. I assume our jug-eared excuse for a president will sign it so that people in the US can be sacrificed to the cancer industry, and Hillary can continue to be the Monsanto cheerleader.

      • Well said. Russia is not interested in more territory. The country already encompasses 9 time zones, compared to the 4 for the USA. What they would like is for a peaceful, stable government in the Ukraine, because the trade that would ensue would mean billions in profits on both sides of the border.

    • When I see that polls have Hillary in the lead, I just have to shake my head. A big poll might survey 2000 people or less. I have seen interactive, live polls on MSNBC that are 700,000 or 800,000 and Trump polls so far ahead of Hillary that she couldn’t touch him if she got every available undecided voter left. The biggest reaction Melania got during her speech was when she said, “and it won’t even be close.” Pollsters also need to realize that no one will admit face to face or even over the phone that they will vote for Trump because of the US political correctness disease. So they will be as surprised as BREXIT when people speak their mind in the privacy of the voting booth. So I would agree that Trump is going to win, except for one thing. It’s rigged. The election is just theater, I’m sorry to say, and the Powers That Be will never leave so much at stake to the general public, IMHO. The mainstream media will continue to make it look like Hillary has the votes, so that when she is crowned by her bosses, the public will buy it. And, ps…Ted Cruz just proved that Trump’s followers are right: politicians lie, their word is worthless, and they are completely out of touch with the voters. Chris Hedges has been calling for peaceful revolution in the US, and I think Trump’s candidacy is as close as the US can get to anything peaceful that is of the magnitude of a revolution. If I could believe in democratic elections in the US I could hope for that magnitude of change without violence, but since the fix is in, I’m not hopeful.

      • Nice post from another person that has the vision of being outside the USA and observing those things so invisible to those living there.

        When a poll is done, it is not just a single poll. They do multiple polls, until one gets the results they want, and then just discard the rest. Or at least they used to. Maybe these days they just make up the results of a poll. That fits in better with the moral turpitude of this election process.

  4. “The Pledge” was broken when Trump attacked Ted’s family. Always vote for the person who puts principals over party.

      • Of course, “The pledge” isn’t going to stipulate every grievance where a candidate could get out of it. That would be absurd. Trump went personal, Ted never did. Any real man would not endorse a person who insulted his wife or made crazy insinuations about his father. Would you?

      • A man of principle would never has signed an agreement he could not live up to. Especially after the false rumor about Carson quitting and on and on…

    • Never mind the dirty tricks by the Cruz campaign ie Carson is no longer running, homophobic Rubio backstory or the revealing pictures of Mrs Trump – Politics is a contact sport – the Pledge was pushed by Bush, Kasich, Rubio and Ted thinking Trump would never agree – of the 4 only Rubio stepped up – Ted is all for Ted and at least in my Judeo/Christian heritage to err is Human to forgive is Divine……. your mileage may vary.

    • If Cruz was that offended he should not have even shown up. Instead, he made it all about himself. He might be the only person who is a bigger narcissist than Obama.

      Trump played it as well as possible. If he didn’t let Cruz speak, Cruz would be hanging out there complaining and the media would be asking for comment from now until the election. If Cruz endorses Trump it’s all good. If Trump balks at the speech and insists on an endorsement, Cruz complains he was censored and silenced. If Cruz does what he did, he marginalizes himself and we move on. I think Cruz is done for good now.

    • Finally, a voice of reason…Does anyone remember when Trump supported the GOP candidate…in the debates, then on CNN townhall meeting with Anderson Cooper renounced his support…only to change his mind again later? Why isn’t anyone talking about that? Cruz is playing the same game Trump has been playing all along…The thing is…Trump knew in advance Cruz’s entire speech…He knew Cruz wasn’t going to endorse him and let him speak anyway…and that confuses me. What was the motive behind that? I can’t even fathom what is going to come out of Trumps mouth tonight. This whole convention has been a dumpster fire.

  5. You are the one who liked obama I am shur you would like the trump hole to. The trump hole is the one who called Cruz a lier when he was telling the truth had bad thinkings to say about his wife and the lies about his father being a murderer. The trump hole should of been on his knees and apologising to Cruz. Cruz did say he supported and you should support and vote for the one who supports the Constitution small government and cutting the budget and they say that’s not supporting dumb donny what dose he stand for then just himself. The trump hole and the trump holers will get there wish and hillary will be the president. Cruz 2020 if anything is left after dumb don and the hell bitch

    • If you have the openness of mind check out the facts about Cruz and you will see for yourself and if there is any forgiving to be done let Cruz and staunch supporter Glenn beck begin.Go Trump.

  6. I am a Cruz fan. At no time in my life have I seen the kind of attacks Trump made on Cruz’s wife then linking his father to JFK killings? I understand Cruz taking a stand against Trump on that. However, as I watched Ted last night I was urging him to tell the GOP, I distain the attacks on my wife and Father made by Donald Trump. It was out of line and he owes them an appologe. However, I pledged I would support our nominee and endorse him, and for that reason and to bring our party back together…..Ted missed the opportunity and I am afraid that Ure is right, He is done for national office. Texas will reelect him to the Senate but he blew a great opportunity to endorse with a caveat.

    • Texans like Elaine and I will not forgive someone who doesn’t walk the tlk.

      Further, let’s not forget this: Heidi Suzanne Cruz (née Nelson; August 7, 1972) is an American investment manager at Goldman Sachs.

      We need a new broom to sweep clean.

      There is so much corruption, rooted at such deep levels, that exposing it could bring down the country. We need a skilled manager to get it cleaned up and return the American core values.
      Ted Cruz has completely blown it – even for 2 voters Texas.

  7. Damn straight, George. You told it like we un’s here in Texas say ~ “As the cow ate the cabbage”.

  8. Or does Cruz know that Hillary has a side deal with Trump? And Cruz will be on-deck when Trump screws up/drops out of the race.

    • Ted at the Texas bkfst this AM declined to even support – he’s a prick n’ dick like the rest of the lawyer-slimes – I mean if we’re gonna get down to plain speaking, here…

  9. George, real doomsayers do not even look at what you call markets. Their failure to follow any economic principle are simply more evidence of failure. Any (world) economic system that has $17 trillion in debt “paying” negative interest rates has failed.

    The system has already failed. History likes to ascribe a date and place for things like major events, but they all occur at different times for different people. Some when the ATM’s stop working. For some when the pension check stops or radically shrinks. And for some, when you make that trade and nobody will take the other side of it. etc. etc. etc. if one waits until the failure affects them directly, then it is too late to protect oneself and family.

    • I’ve taken to copying and pasting some of your comments in a word doc titled “Brilliance.” Starting with your recent comment about farm failures. Do you have a blog?

  10. I’m going to see Hillary’s America tomorrow in a Democratic infested state-NJ- while wearing my NBC-No Birth Certificate T-Shirt.

  11. George,

    I’m afraid that the Shirtmaker’s reach has exceeded his grasp. Since he’s never run anything in his life, I still expect him to bail once he seals “the deal” and realizes that without economic leverage to bully his way to get what he wants, he may lead but no one will be following. Also, the unrelenting grind of being President can’t be attractive to a “man of action.” His motto should be “Often in error but never in doubt.”

    As for Bill’s present wife, I quote P.J. O’Rourke: “Hillary Clinton is wrong about everything, but she’s wrong within the usual parameters.”

    I take solace in my faith and belief that our country is so great, it can survive the idiots we elect to run it. Who knows, this election may increase church attendance.


  12. The american people blew it when they had the opportunity for REAL change when they neglected to vote for Ron Paul. Just the fact he would have done away with the federal reserve and went back to the gold standard etc,would have done wonders for this country.When I step back and look at ALL THE CANDIDATES who threw their hat into the ring, I realized we have hit rock bottom as a country and civilization. The American people deserve everything that is coming to them regardless who becomes president.

  13. George – Your concern about Cruz not keeping the pledge, Trump took a very public nuke to the pledge back in march. As far as I am concerned once a treaty is broken it is broken as to all parties. I give Cruz props for standing on principle (however calculated) as far as attacks on Cruz’ wife and father. Where I come from that kind of thing would get your ass kicked.

    Cruz-Ryan? PLEASE! Ryan is the ideological progeny of Bob Dole – the tax collector for the Welfare State – and the likelihood of a 3rd party run at this point is a pipe dream. In fact Cruz made some #NeverTrump folks come to Trump’s defense. Cruz is looking ahead to 2020. Trump will be such a failure (but much better than an activist HRC) that he will be subject to a strong Primary challenge. Cruz is ready to step into that breach. Just watch.

    • You are so, so wrong! If Cruise was the real Christian he claims to be he wouldn’t still be holding a grudge against Trump. He admitted this morning, that he hadn’t forgiven him when he hid behind his wife’s skirt when he gave his excuse for breaking his promise. Which I another thing a true Christian would not do. True Christians don’t lie, or act like a snake in the grass like he did last night. He didn’t give a copy of his speech to the Trump campaign until less than two hours before he was to speak! He’s a first class creep and liar!!!

  14. Cruz is a snake in the grass! Million dollar loan from Goldman and wife works there. Give me a break who do you think he really works for.

  15. The Baltic states and the Ukraine have no more business being in NATO than Mexico or Canada would have had being in the Warsaw pact back in the day. We nearly went nuclear to keep missiles out of Cuba, doesn’t Russia have the right to their own legitimate concerns as well.

  16. Trump has already made the world more dangerous by hinting that ‘he might’ change the terms by which the USA is involved with NATO – So he doesn’t like the world that he has lived in since WWII? Ignorant, Ignorant . . . he’s made his ‘money’ under this system!

    • How he made his money and the unequal maintenance of the NATO agreement are not related. I think the man just wants to emphasize the fact that America is no longer laying golden eggs. It’s time for everyone to carry their own load. Doesn’t mean we won’t come to their aid, just means they will need to do some of the heavy lifting.

  17. Am scratching my head. Supposedly they had Cruz’ speech 2 days before. Why even give Cruz any speaking slot at all after Trump had called his dad a murderer? And his wife an ugly pig. Their incompetence is staggering. Mike

    • Trump never called Cruz’s wife ugly. It was a tweet of a picture of his wife and Cruz’s wife. No words. She looked ugly. The camera doesn’t lie. And this was after Cruz started it with Trump’s wife and his comments.
      Why let Cruz speak? To galvanize the party and let Cruz commit political suicide. Cruz can count on a long dirt nap now as far as the party is concerned. The voters can now see that Trump is right and politicians lie, their word means nothing and they are out of touch with the voters. It was a triumph, if you watched it, how Trump and family handled it and the entire convention booed him off the stage. We could have all laughed about it, except the Globalist owned talking heads had to jump in and spin. And Trump didn’t call Cruz’s dad a murderer but did re-tweet something someone else wrote about the Kennedy assassination. But maybe you believe the Warren Commission? These are just stupid tweets for crying out loud. Newt gave the best speech of the night and the most important one when he outlined the 30,000 deaths due to Radical Islamists in less than 40 days, but all the talking head pundits can do is perpetuate lies about what Trump did not actually say, and put the focus on that diaper wearing douche bag Cruz. How will you feel when Syran refugees attack and rape 1200 US women? Learn something from Germany, please!

    • Because Trump is strong enough to withstand Cruz’s darts and honorable enough to stand by his agreement to have Cruz speak. Not only that, Trump probably knew what effect of Cruz exposing his own duplicity would have. Don.

  18. THIS whole circus has only been about one thing and one thing only…to get HILLARY elected…and continue the trashing of America and its citizens….as the NWO divide and conquer agenda rolls along…..sooner rather than later ..the ‘individual’ which once was protected by the ‘rule of law’…will again be required to ‘ stand up’ to the evil that will come too and for them….imho ….Semper Fi

  19. New jobs for counties in Texas. Nobody (not even Trump) can fix the oil bust.

  20. Trump the deal maker simply failed to make a deal with Cruz. You can not insult your way to the white House.

    Trump failed to unite his party. After insulting on national TV the father of another candidate, the least he could have done is apologize for his comments. They were out of line, and at the time not required as he was leading in the polls. It was petty and stupid of him.

    Listen to the speech given by Cruz last night. It was against HRC , and asked his supporters to not seat the election out as there are candidates at every levels that could use their votes.

    Cruz told people to vote for a candidates that support the Constitution and stands for liberty.

    It is hilarious that the Trump goons planted especially close to the podium and therefore the microphones would boo this. They must know that their nominee does not stand for the Constitution nor stands for liberty.

    Newt understood the speech and made the right comment taking it as an endorsement. Trump partisan should have done the same instead of crying like little babies.

  21. He pledged to “support” the nominee, not “endorse” him. Tremendous difference. He congratulated Trump. He said that we need to unify the party. He encouraged people to not stay home. The ONLY thing he said that might be considered to not support Trump was encouraging people to vote their conscience. Gasp!

  22. #1 reason Cruz should not be in any office above that of mayor of a small podunk Texas town (not Palestine): wife Heidi works for Goldman Sachs.

    Currently “on leave” but that means nothing. What, Blankfein’s not going to take her call at midnite?

    Talk about Wall St being in bed with the Senate… godz forbid him the presidency!

  23. Stick to economics. That is what you know about. Once all the facts are in, Cruz will be vindicated.

      • … And Trump an idiot for again this morning linking Cruz’s father to the JFK assassinagion. Primaries are over and the guy can’t stop with this nonsense.

  24. Cruz just had a “quiet” meeting with Obimination, AP photoed but not reporting. Check it out; it did happen. Grandkids and golf again?

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