Re-Labor Day – plus – Leg Cramp Woo-Woo

Getcherass outa-bed and hoptuit!  Enough of this fenagling around the house and rat killing!  Time to get out of bed and go make (or destroy) something.

I’ve decided on the latter.  Because, as mentioned in the Monday column, looks to me like the price of lumber is out of slumber, so with kids in schools and carpenters with rules (and real estate agents with fools), time to grab the tools and leave the pools.

The tear-down of the front deck will commence when the Go! button is pressed here.

Sizing ‘er Up

Markets aren’t sure what to make of headlines today.  They’re about flat.  Dow’s up a few but when the Euro marts are down, that argues for a weak start here.  Especially when gold was down early, as well.

A number of bond auctions roll today, but not much exciting economic data until the jobless claims Thursday and the Gross Domestic Product Friday.  Which will only be useful to see if the Velocity of Money at M2 is meaningfully moving, yet.  Looks in the long-term like it’s  still on a ventilator as of last month’s measurement.

M2 had a bounce but is now sketchy, again

The Fed’s problem is called SARs.  Standard Accounting Ratios.  Which – even with you back out the ginormous hyperinflation of money printing and re-re-and-re leading STILL does not a solid economy make.  Remnants of industrial America (the once self-sufficient Gem of the Ocean) are scattered all over the globe, though mostly in Asia.  Leaving America making-up monetizations based on the liberalista’s rediscovering weather (turned “climate”), gender (turned “choice”) and meaningless color differences (turned racism).

Not sure how you make a silk purse out of those “sow’s ears.”  But, we’re working on it.  Seems a terrible waste of human capital to re-examine pretty much settled science.  Don’t mind us, though.  We’d just like faster computers, wider bandwidth, national self-sufficiency, and to be able to “move around the country freely.”  (Sound money would be nice!)

Once up on a time, huh?

Four Market Jitters

Count ’em as we go:  Numero Uno is open borders and the influx of OTM military-aged males.  Not just at the border, but who do you trust to vet what will be coming our way from the ‘Stan debacle?  We’re looking at this coming weekend as the (whatever) anniversary of 9/11.  The fear porn industry will do a predictable ramp.  The counter-party media shills will talk “oil on the waters” and “America has never been stronger…‘ BS.  And we’ll see what gives.

Meanwhile, the level-headed Bozeman Chronicle has it about right: “Editorial: Return to Trump’s border policies.”  Which has clay feet because the leftist press in America (LPA) can never allow anything Trump to be considered “good old days…”  (Though, in fairness there was a border….)

Number 2:  September must be shop vac month because stocks typically SUCK in Sucktember.  We’ll get a sense of the kpa’s involved Wednesday afternoon when Consumer Debt (called credit by banksters) is pronounced.

Number 3:  As we explained in the Monday whine, the market is going up presently at about a 35% annual rate.  This is less sustainable than coal-fired power plants.  Because while there really is enough coal and fossil energy to drag out the ending scene of humans for a few hundred years, the Fed will run out of zeroes long before that.

And Number 4:  Mu…ah yes.  Mu is a “special problem” because it’s a key illustration of how our thinking (as a Nation, well once, anyway) used to be focused.  At the time of the last Depression mu was a measurement of vacuum tube gain factors.  Before that?  It was (per Wikipedia):

a legendary lost continent. The term was introduced by Augustus Le Plongeon, who used the “Land of Mu” as an alternative name for Atlantis. It was subsequently popularized as an alternative term for the hypothetical land of Lemuria by James Churchward, who asserted that Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean before its destruction. The place of Mu in literature has been discussed in detail in Lost Continents (1954) by L. Sprague de Camp.”

There’s a kind of intellectual snow cone in how the “place of Mu” is where?  Hint from the NY Daily News is “New Mu COVID-19 variant found in 49 U.S. states.”

Add it all up and it’s what we call the Preparation-H World.  A bit of a pain in the ass but it still beats the alternatives.

Holiday Weather

Power is piece-wise coming back on down in NOLA  (though school is a dart toss) and – per several impacted readers – clean up from Ida flooding is working its way through.  Locally, our slice of Texas is a week-to-10 days from rain.

The good news?  We have cool overnights of fall beginning right on schedule.  65 outside early.  Almost down to working weather.

Anymore, when the temp is higher than my age, I go inside for coffee and a nap.

In the News Compactor

Still burning out West:  New Wildfires Erupt In California As Officials Make Progress On The Caldor Fire.   Which gets us to mentioning the national drought monitor isn’t looking well, at all:

Drought set to expand east?

Our fear is that the drought will now expand – perhaps next year – and move into the nation’s breadbasket sections.  You can probably pencil-out what could happen to food prices, right?

Still, No “Second Maunder”:  The sunspot number for September is 19.1 which is right on track for Cycle 25 on the Sun:

While climate hysteria (which runs hot & cold, lol) continues monetizing the sheep, the data looks pretty lame to tame in the longer view of things.

I mean sure, if you want to get worked up over “climate” (or any of the new industrial monetizations America is so desperately flailing about trying to gin up) have fun with it.  Do try to remember, it’s people who are likely to kill you.  Not. your gender, race, or the weather.  People…always the danger!

NY Daily News Odd One du jour:  Ready for some kink?  Japanese police arrest man who allegedly stole over 700 pieces of women’s underwear from laundromats.  We figure the perp was a little, um,  “under-wired…”

Left Leg Cramp Woo-Woo

OK, here’s a weird occurrence out here in the woods for you to think about.

I awoke at 3:45 AM from a dream with a horrible cramp in my left calf muscle.  I mean aching like a sonovabitch.  Couldn’t even move.  Rolled upright, tried to get up and put weight on it.  But just couldn’t do it.  After 3-minutes of total agony it finally loosened up.

Since the #1 cause of leg cramps is dehydration, I drank a ton of water and went back to sleep.  Probably 5-minutes to four AM.

Alarm goes off at 5 AM.  Elaine sits up…yelling.

Oh my God… I have a terrible cramp in my left calf!  I can’t even stand on it!

Again, after about 3-4 minutes of total agony, her left leg cramp passed, too.  She drank a ton of water, and so forth, as well.

Now Here’s the Weird Part

I have never even heard of two people having his & her’s matching calf cramps within 70 minutes of one another.

Which set me off on the food check.  We both had rib steaks last night:  Elaine’s was seasoned with BBQ sauce, cut into bite-sized and stir-fried on the stove.  Mine was covered in olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and put on the BBQ to M/MR.

We also had baked potatoes:  Microwaved Yukon’s, finished on the top shelf rack of the BBQ to give the skins a little “crunch” which we both like.  Butter and some cottage cheese on top.

We didn’t have the same drinks (E had red wine, I had a couple of Rolling Rocks).  We don’t do desserts.  So I have about exhausted my suspect list at this point.  We each dissolved a melatonin under our tongues (boosts HGH while sleeping, an anti-aging move), but we’ve been doing that for months and months.

Of course then the mind begins to wonder “OK, is there something to all this 5G satellite paranoia on the web?  Or, are we under some kind of spiritual attack?  Or…maybe because the weather turned 10-degrees colder for an overnight low?”

Maybe there’s an answer to this, but it was a serious little bit of woo-woo, so if the world seems a little crazier than “normal” (whatever that is anymore!) maybe we are all being programmed in our sleep or all forgetting to drink water so we can get up more than  once a night to pee?

Seriously:  Theories are welcome!  Also reports of severe leg cramps in your left leg early AM Texas time.  I mean who knows, maybe this is an odd energetic burst of Cramp Waves from Space?

Dow futures improved a bit to +38 with 90-minutes to the opening.  Color us skeptical and unconvinced.  Nothing in the news flow has improved much since Friday.  Confronted by a Bull today? Just say “Moo!”

Write when the leg cramps pass, and you get rich…

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    • Oh hell – thanks for that mental picture AG.

      Ure not kidding – “Poor Elaine” , now she is gonna have to shave her ass and walk backwards when they go out, just so she dont look like G anymore..

  1. Occasional leg cramps in the morning hours are normal around here and my wife gets the lion’s share of them unfortunately. I don’t think massaging them away really works that well but is more psychological therapy than anything else. We both have been drinking water on a constant basis lately but it’s because we’ve been out working on the ranch this weekend. West Texas is getting somewhat dry again, too, so that bit of normalcy is creeping back in between our unusually frequent rain storms this year. I think it caught up to me last night as I got up to make a run for it 5 times. TMI?

    Well, there WAS an article on TGP about a good number of AF pilots tendering their resignations over The Jab but it’s been retracted now by TGP which, if true, shows a good bit of journalistic integrity on their part. A lot of valuable experience is at risk and weakening our ranks both for this and a waning respect for the professional and political leadership that directs our military at the highest levels. This just opens the door that much more to China’s ambitions on its side of the World – and ours. Will we see more rogue operators, like the retired Spec Ops people that went back to Afghanistan to help rescue people, begin to operate on our own soil as the struggle between the Left and Right heats up here? In all the angst that has been ginned up domestically here I’m still utterly surprised that the people that have been doing the greatest amount of rock throwing and destruction have been the Antifa/BLM types with only a couple of crazies showing up at Pelosi’s front gate and such.

    I keep telling people that the normalcy bias that the Silent Majority has won’t change until it winds up on their front porch and marches into their houses as it has in Australia and NZ. Let The People have their personal wealth and cushy, self-deluding lifestyles and it will anchor their feet to the floor for fear o of losing it. Then, when all the players are in place, you can take it all from them. The World is a many dimensional chess board and no pawn is ever truly safe.

  2. “I awoke at 3:45 AM from a dream with a horrible cramp in my left calf muscle.”

    Eat a Dill Pickle and a little juice before you lay down for bed….
    The whole high school football team would stop by after practice and eat a jar full almost every day.. one year I had canned about eight dozen jars.. they were gone in less than a month.. but the kids swore by them for cramps and growing pains.. the other thing is tonic water with quinine in it.. a glass full.. or make a tea out of grapefruit peelings..
    You can’t get quinine tablets anymore.. and the cost now is over ten dollars a tab..

  3. “I have never even heard of two people having his & her’s matching calf cramps within 70 minutes of one another.”

    Actually that happens with my wife and myself all the time. if she has a cramp.. I usually get one within a few minutes and vise versa.. if I am in pain she to is sharing that same aches and pains that I do..
    people tease us a lot.. one gets sick to their stomach the other has a sympathetic stomach illness as well.. I could be at work and see hundreds of people in various illnesses.. and not have their symptoms affect me in the slightest.. but if the wife gets sick.. so do I.. and I don’t have to be present to get sick.. I can be miles away and if I suddenly start feeling ill I know something is off

  4. Right calf cramp about 2:15 am Texas time.
    Besides dehydration, check your magnesium, potassium and salt intake. Too little of any of them can create leg/foot cramps.

    • Yup, I second that. I take potassium and magnesium (citrate… most absorbable) at bedtime. The cooler weather is also a clue. I notice I am prone to leg cramps on cool nights. I wear socks to bed to keep my feet warm and prevent the leg cramps.

      • After a lifetime of practically no leg cramps, they’ve started for me in the past couple of months, so don’t throw out the 5G theory just yet. I do keep tonic water around for friends who subscribe to that idea, so I’ll hit some of that, although I understand the amount of quinine in it is considerably less than a clinical dose.

        I also take potassium. Might want to be careful with the magnesium, though. I have a theory that it’s the leading cause of spontaneous human combustion.

      • It’s a great design! What’s to critique? I could be a really obtuse male and claim “mine is smaller than yours”, but… so what? For a longwire design it is great. I’m working on an entirely different theory of operation.

    • With the pandemic, soaring crime rate due to defund the police and cuts / resignations in the police department, a growing homeless population, rising property taxes, over-reach by the liberal City Council, roughly 90% of the 47 million square feet of leased Seattle office space is currently vacated. In Bellevue, that figure is little better, 85%. It is starting to fill back up. Looks to be a national large-city trend.

      • Seriously…would anyone want to be there when the SHTF . Defunded police in all the high crime areas.. where gangs and criminal elements rule the streets .
        Just a glympse of the activities in chicago last weekend should give a clue..gun grab of those legitimate gun owners leaves only the criminals with guns and decent families unprotected..

    • I shouldn’t be surprised. Illinois is a conservative State full of common-sense people, except for the Greater Chicago area, and a few other blips on their map. For that matter, so’s Minnesota, once one gets 30 miles north of Minnienopolice.

      ISTM the biggest social problem in the USofA is our cities, so why don’t some smart people in Washington simply outlaw them?

  5. I had a left leg cramp at 4:30 a.m. MST woke me up. Been having pretty frequent leg cramps for the last month. No idea why…

  6. Push the front of your foot toward your shin as hard as you can. The cramp is over in 30 seconds. Or stand and lean forward against the wall. Same affect.

  7. I had severe calf/ankle cramps 3 – 5 nights a week while my wife seems to be cramp-free. I’d been told by my local quack to take more potassium or eat raisins and bananas. I also took potassium tablets at night in an attempt to head off the cramps. No such luck. Then while watching an old Magnum PI rerun, he had a case of a surfer drowning because of leg cramps. He mentioned that the autopsy showed excessive potassium in the victim, leading him to find that the evil-doer had added potassium to the victim’s food. That prompted me to back off the potassium as a trial. No potassium, no leg cramps. That has been working for me for several months now, with only an occasional light ankle cramp. Mostly I can work those out without getting out of bed. Might be worth a try if you’re taking potassium supplements.

  8. I think ANOTHER GEORGE, nailed it: 2 become 1. Love is like that.

    Had leg cramps in my time, night after night. Interestingly, always about the same time each night … somebody told me to drink about 4 oz. of Tonic Water before I go to bed. I did and the cramping stopped that night. I stopped the TW too, at that point. Years later it happened again, then I remembered the TW. And it did the trick again. Haven’t had leg cramps in the years since.

    Interestingly, there is a small amount of Quinine in Tonic Water.

    More interesting is that Quinine is used as a Malaria medicine. – Kinda like (cough-cough) Hydroxychloroquine.

    So, I stocked up on Tonic Water … never know when I might get a leg cramp or want a Gin and Tonic on a relaxing evening.

    • “somebody told me to drink about 4 oz. of Tonic Water before I go to bed.”

      I use to buy quinine tablets.. but since they decided to make them by perscription only.. the once .99 cent bottle of quinine is now over three hundred dollars.. if you can get it.. if you cannot get tonic water.. then eat grapefruit.. and keep the skins.. similar to making vinegar by boiling the skins you get a really nice tonic water..
      Now.. I don’t do it like that.. I usually put it in the Ninja blender and chop it up.. then I put it in the pan with the water boil it until it gets tender.. then put a cup or bottle in the center with the peelings and liquid around it.. flip the lid.. then put it on simmer and let the water boil off and drip into the jar or bottle in the center..
      this is a little better video..
      yuo can add an orange and a lemon to it I of course chop it up.. and I put the whole fruit in it for a drink mixer…. put the water in the pan three inches above and a half cup of lemon juice.. there is you mixer for drinks LOL… for just the grapefruit peel drink.. I will put a little cinnamon in it.. some recipes ask for ginger..

  9. The best and fastest thing for cramps is a table spoon of mustard, and then some water. Kept by my bedside when was in the heavy sweat exercise game for 20 years.

  10. Hola Jorge,

    Did you hear the one about a massive financial institution in Chyna going tits up last week ?
    Something about a grande derivatives burrito blowing up 3 times the size of lehman. So how long before dominoes start falling ??
    Didnt grigory hisself just warn Blackrock about pouring billions $ into Chyna investments?

    ? Wonder why the puppetmaster is soo sore-assed about it ?

    This evergrande derivatives burrito blowing up may cause many “diners” in the fin markets to request MOAR “handiwipes” from fed/treasury to help remove/wipe-off all the financial splatta.

    When “they” start Selling to “cover”- raise Equity/Cash/Collateral – we all gonna be looking for a chair to safely sit in – while everyone else is running around looking for sixteenths on futures “ticket”.
    Stealth selling/cash raise..wonder where the first cracks appear?? Fed turning off spigot – repo_ to the Hedgies this week ?? rut row .

    Like the old nursery rhythm ..”all around the global market, the monkey chased the burrito..
    A penny for bag of fentynal
    A penny for a needle
    Thats the way the yuan goes
    Pop! goes the burrito

    Lettuce not forget “oh dem golden crosses” this week, like the great attractor..a moth to light, a dog to bone, the 50 dma to the 200 dma – thars gold in dem hills, but alas none for Jorge : (

  11. Potatoes trigger leg cramps for me every.single.time. It may be the skins but who knows. I avoid them. The best relief have found is a soothing salve (with essential oils and/or CBD, etc.) and a heating pad.

    • Gaye.. I make your salve..I totally love it.. you should post it here for everyone I know everyone that doesn’t get to visit your site would absolutely love it as much as those that do visit your site..Your my guru .. but then you probably knew that already LOL.. the grand daughter made the salve you have with dandelions and cbd for her fiancee that works construction she loves it.. we got together and whipped up a batch…… the pain one is awesome with the cbd and birch oil….I for one totally love it and it goes a long long way…. If CBD wasn’t so damned expensive I would use that all the time.. so far the doctors all have that love affair with Opium based drugs I totally hate those and that is a last resort for me..

  12. The wife suffered with leg cramps and tried so many recommendations – including magnesium, which did not help. A friend told her to get the 250 mg potassium & magnesium aspartate tablets from GNC and take one in the morning. Bingo…now virtually no leg cramping – really works for her!

  13. “military-aged males”

    Don’t help anyone. Most people are fake anyway. Here’s an example.

    We’ve got a “Family Business” owner who stated an applicant “isn’t that cute”. He’s also the same dumbass who doesn’t know how to use email correctly so accidentally CC’s her with the “isn’t that cute” statement. You guy’s know the personality type. I bet he chuckled when he clicked send.

    20 minutes later she’s on Tik-Tok. 1 minute after she arrives on the line, he’s on the line crying like a little girl. I don’t know how to label the guy but keep those types far away.

    Ava Lane boutique apologizes after viral TikTok exposes email mistake to Gracie Lorincz

    Gold completed an “X” Wave. Should be in a 3 now.

    • I wonder what he considers cute.. she is beautiful in my opinion.. and why would her kids be getting threats.. such a sad sad world.. people judge someone because of the paper they hang on a wall or the way they look.. when neither has much credence..
      a few years ago we hada gent.. he had more sheets of paper on the wall than I could shake a stick at.. all top schools.. had a really important job with lots of responsibility.. had to give testimony on an accident and told the truth.. they black balled him and he couldn’t get a job washing dishes.. sadly he was dealt the death punch with a hurricane and became homeless.. ended up staying in my spare bedroom.. came here with only a couple of sets of clothes and his drafting tools.. even his family wouldn’t give him the time of day after he lost his career.. saddest thing.. unfortunately all of it made him very bitter..
      He was really smart to.. I use to get a chuckle out of some of the things he would do.. LOL LOL LOL.. one time he was talking to a social worker and told her.. god I hate to admit it that hes right LOL LOL LOL LOL

  14. I had a “moderate” cramp in my left calf on Monday morning (4AM MDT). Thought I would have to skip my planned 7:30AM bike ride, but a little extra water and a small dose of electrolytes seemed to do the trick. What’s odd is that my calf cramps are usually on the right side….

    • Roger- You inspired me to do some more exploring and I found a more recent clinical study with a broad spectrum poor boy treatment approach for Covid:

      This is outstandingly good stuff. I can see that I am going to be adjusting the daily regimen based on this study. The L-lysine is one (important) component in this cocktail.
      Quina is another component. I bet you can guess a high percentage of the rest.

  15. Fastest way to cure any cramps dude is a mustard packet or just eat a spoon full of mustard. Cramps will be gone in less than 20 seconds.

    You ever watch the Iron Man or Tour D’France. You never noticed those guys coming out of the ocean and getting on a bike sucking on mustard packets? Not sure why, but it takes away cramps almost instantly. Trust me! It works. And wash it down with some peda lite. Coconut water is the highest concentrate that I know of for electrolytes. Drinking lots of water is great! Stay hydrated… way better than being thurrrrsty dude. and there is alot of thurrrrrsty women and men out there.. you don’t need to be one of them. if ya catch my drift. electrolites and mustard for cramps. When you are humping 50-500lb objects up 5 flights of stairs for 12 hours at age 15 uhem 51 with a bunch of kids half your age? trust me dude, mustard packets.

    i got my official Vaccination Card. lol

    do Ureself a favor. Google who paid the Biggest Criminal Fine in US history….. they FDA approved without testing and exempt. who would have ever thought.

    still, i have my official Vaccination Card fo those nosy f’s that need to know.. and so far, i am good to go.

    you ever staff 200 people for security at a concert and right before security is supposed to be out and doing the show, , you are in your car with an employee who road the bus and is running late, and you get 500 phone calls and 25,000 text messages in about 45 min for questions about everything from i cant find the event staff parking lot, I have black socks on but the toes are white is that ok? well are you going to wear shoes? Yes of course! that is a silly question boss. Ok, will i think those socks will be just fine. Ok, thanks! to hey boss, i forgot my tampons! im bleeding really bad, do you have any tampons on you???? uhmmmm no, im sorry, i fresh out, Ok, well i got a case of TP in the trunk, help yourself! ask some of the other women who are working and check the bathroom at Tmoble park. perfect! Thanks you are the best boss ever! all the while chain smoking and drinking Rock Star and the employee next to you says “Boy Howdy! you need 6 more cellphones boss” (loose translation. very loose) and you glance at him about a breath away from loosing your fing mind and he says, Im going to shut up now. Please dont fire me! or uhhhh hurt me.

    ya know George, when i got all those pictures of everyone smiling and having fun at the show, while keeping everyone safe, and quite a few of them got cash paid side gigs to sweep the stage and help the stage hands after put away guitars and a few got pictures with the band… and i woke up this morning to over 60 messages saying you are the best boss ever yada yada… well it just makes my heart beam like bright ball of sunshine. i didnt go to the show. they all wondered why? i said well, im back in the office getting you lined up for money, that is why.

    if they make money and are happy, well that is always good for my pocket and happiness too. its a win win win win win win situation. that is just how I play it.

    you know running the whole show is actually super fun, if ya can keep pace and keep a level head and well, Im having a really good time.

    Dont forget mister, Mustard, Electrolytes and the Company that Holds the biggest criminal lawsuit in US history, just got FDA approved, without testing, to help us all………

    and now ya got ure caption of my work IP mr ure! things are looking up for all of us. its a great day to be alive and im excited to see what THE DUDE has planned for me.

    LMFAO! Earth! what a crazy place.

  16. No leg cramps — headache, for me (which is strange because I never have them.)

    I have had those agonizing leg cramps. When one hits, it snaps me wide awake. I will jump out of bed to get some weight on my foot and stretch out the gastrocs, before the full force of the cramp hits. The only time I did not do this, I had artifacts of the cramp, and a knotted muscle, for three days — it was a pain…

    Muscle cramps can come from an electrolyte deficiency, but are as likely to come from an electrolyte imbalance. Too much calcium or potassium are as likely to cause cramps as too little potassium or magnesium. It’s a balancing act, and an unhealthy 3-day salt binge (my formerly favorite pizza comes with double pepperoni, and 23 GRAMS OF SALT) can screw things up for days, as well as causing mild dehydration to become an issue. This is why, when I have blood work done, I always request an electrolyte profile, and why I monitor all four electrolytes…

    • Leg cramps can come from back problems. Magnesium is the first line of dietary support.
      Discs would be the most likely source of the problem for an old guy with sciatic nerve history. Most heavy lifters get shut down by disc bulge issues. At some point, the only remedy becomes fusion, which is hellish.

    • Meh…

      Jeff StClair has a hard-on for Dimon. Bill Gates’ private investor/analyst is an ex-con. The SEC allows, and the money industry welcomes, ex felons, especially those who were convicted of securities-related crimes. I, personally, don’t like it, and it SEEMS contradictory, but who knows the system better than someone who made a living gaming it…?

  17. George,
    Sorry about the Leg camp. Yes depends on person,dehydration,potassim, Magnesium all effect muscle as doe calcium level. I have had leg cramps since I wad 8 yrs old. Sometimes get a bruise too. At 71 I have had them for abut 63 years. Monthly..Exercise stretching helps to prevent,and relieve.
    Recent article said Samsung has property in Austin,TX may build
    a Chip plant there or in a county south of Austin.
    Reindustrialization of the USA.. It is coming..
    Opportunity AND Danger..

    • “Recent article said Samsung has property in Austin,TX may build
      a Chip plant there or in a county south of Austin.
      Reindustrialization of the USA..”

      Its about time that industry started to get smart.. granted they can get them cheaper in china or Taiwan etc.. but.. lets face it… there are things we should not be outsourcing.. we should be looking out for ourselves not some other countries economy and infrastructure..

  18. My wife, who had COVID in Jan. 2021 with mild sympotoms, is ready to get her COVID Shot. Originally, her Doc said not needed since you had COVID. Doc just gave her the OK. I am estatic. If everyone got the vaxx, we wouldn’t be in such a bind today. I hope the mess the unvaxxed caused doesn’t affect Thursday night football between the Bucs & Cowboys. All of you unvaxxed should try to be a little more concerned about your neighbors & get the shot. You will feel better about yourself. Thought for the day: If you think money can’t buy happiness, then you haven’t given away enough money.

    • We, the great unwashed (unvaxxed) look forward to your continued cheerleading, after the ? (mu) variant becomes a thing and you line up for your 4th jab.

      Until that time, please bear in-mind that a number of prominent virologists have postulated that both the ? and ? variants are not naturally-occurring mutations of SARS-CoV-2, but occurred as a result of “vaccination” and were incubated to maturity in people who’d been “vaccinated.”

      • (Dammit, those were “mu” “delta” and “mu,” respectively. WordPress isn’t letting me use Greek letters…)

    • I’m sick and tired of the coercion and Vax Shaming! I’m not vaxxed and I will NOT BE… voluntarily. And I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for the rest of you ass#oles! I stay socially isolated… totally… and do not interact with others in any avoidable way. I do not spread this social disease.

      • I get that.. getting vaccinated should be a personal choice.. not mandatory..
        We got it.. but that was because of the wifes job.. they require all employee’s to have them…. and when I was in line there were a lot of doctors and nurses right there with me to get the shot.. including a great doc that I love to debate with.. LOL.. if he had had any misgivings he would not have gotten the shots..
        The kids bought me a new T-shirt.. it says..
        I am pretty confident that my last words will be..
        Well Shizt… that didn’t work..
        LOL LOL LOL they know me all to well LOL

      • No, Hank, you are not a ‘Typhoid Mary’ asymptomatic Chef using peach ice cream to kill (Mary’s specialty – cold food carried typhoid but cooked food didn’t, of course she had no idea at the time)

        But women receiving typhoid vaccine reported menstrual problems, and covid vaxxers getting a study on their menstrual reactions to covid vaccine:

        Typhoid Mary:

        p.s. George, what rats are you killing in your house? Isn’t the cat or snakes doing this for you?

        Before the vaccine was even available, my dentist accepted a negative covid test to work on me. I’ve noticed some employers will accept that in lieu of a vaxx….

    • And BTW, If your wife already had Covid, she is 13x more protected by natural immunity than the Vax shot (Israeli study). Now that she had the shot… all that natural immunity is destroyed by the overwhelming immune stimulation of the shot… which provides far less protection. But hey… if it makes you feel socially goody-goody, go for it. Just stay away from me.

      • If you fact check that Israeli Study they left out a few missing parts…ie, the truth. It use to be Japan who always had the correct answer, now it seems to be the Israel’s. Isolating yourself is not living. It is hiding.

        “Getting vaccinated is a moral duty. It is part of our mutual responsibility,” said the Israeli health minister, Yuli Edelstein. He also has a new mantra: “Whoever does not get vaccinated will be left behind.”

      • None of the studies I have come across support the notion that taking the Vax destroys natural immunity:

        Interactions between immune enhancements are very personal. I acknowledge that sometimes the poor boy OTC medicinals are your best bet. Refer to my post above under Roger’s.

        Part of the fallacy of the natural immunity is in knowing for sure that you actually have achieved it. There is a qualitative immune test now available from Labcorp, but no one is really sure how good the results really are:

        Those of us who suspect we may have had mild Rev 1 covid back before the first lockdown are left wondering if we really still have natural immunity. Myself and several elder colleagues who suspect we had early mild Rev 1 cases before the first lockdown have been exposed to Rev 2 for sure, and possibly Rev 3 since the lockdown, without ever developing major symptoms. The one chest infection I had tested negative for covid, and responded well to antibiotics. All approaches to immunity have risks, and no one approach is a sure thing. Roll the dice. Your wife may want to get the antibody test before taking the vax plunge. Reactions to second jabs can be scary.

      • Got to remember, though, studies funded by pharma tend to under emphasize ANYTHING aspect that could be a contra-indication.
        I’d been a lot that “does it kill off natural immunity” was one of the ugly questions NOT ascertained… just saying, watch the fox when he’s counting hens!

      • G_____- The thing is, I hear a lot of anti-vaxers claiming that the Israeli study vindicates their position when it actually contradicts the assertion that taking the vax kills natural immunity. I’m thinking that anyone who is depending on natural immunity probably needs to verify they really have it.

      • Mason: ” Isolating yourself is not living. It is hiding.”

        You can only wish you could isolate where I am! I am not dependent on being close to other people to validate my existence. I can interact with friends and family remotely just fine. Meanwhile, I am keeping my small family bubble safe from disease spreaders… vaxxed or not.

    • You DO realize all your wife’s natural immunity will be wiped out when she takes the jab, don’t you?
      Allowing yourself to be experimented on with an untested and unproven jab is the pinnacle of stupidity, IMHO.

    • The CDC has a bunch of “resorts” for the unvaxxxed just ready and waiting for us –

      Personally I prefer George Carlin’s view on things – “I don’t like ass kissers, flag wavers, or team players. I like people who buck the system. Individualists. I often warn people: Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you: ‘There is no I in team.’ What you should tell them is: ‘Maybe not. But there is an I in independence, individuality, and integrity.”

      I’d be willing to bet Carlin and Solzhenitsyn are having some good conversations now.

      • George forgot to say, “A person has as much integrity, independence,& individually as he or she can afford.” And George could afford alot. George Carlin sold out every time he charged for a ticket to see him. He sucked you in & picked your pockets. He was a Hollywood Capitalist, a comedian, who made money being a Hippie. Now you get the ponytale.

      • Gee, Mason, Carlin IS FREE on the INTERNET, didn’t have to see him in person. He’s been dead a while now, don’t ya know?

        Come on, get with it now, you can do it.

        Surely, Shirley, Mason, you didn’t come here to this little ole blog, of at least one in 5 billion, to just shame, blame, and play little games????

        Mason not?

      • “George forgot to say, “A person has as much integrity, independence,& individually as he or she can afford.” ”

        Mason, I know (and have known) people who were poor, and common as dirt, who had very high integrity, independence, and individuality.

        Money does not buy virtue or independence, nor does its lack, preclude either virtue or independence. Money buys insulation from those whom the moneyed individual considers “rabble” and it gives license to suborning fake virtues — what we now call “virtue-signaling.” Accordingly, someone of means may be able to purchase isolation, but it will cost them a portion of their integrity, and virtually all of whatever independence and individuality they may have thought they had. Independence and individuality exercised inside a bubble, aren’t…

    • You must be a troll. How many times have you spewed this same garbage and been refuted by the far more intelligent regulars on this blog?

    • So, Mason, our newcomer for the past few months, welcome, but I see that you are not here to LEARN anything nor does it appear as if you are concerned in educating your immediate family. As a few OLDTIMERS have already replied to your very disingenuous and truly biased posting, but so close to the ABC/BBC/MSNBC/NBC/PBS/CNN/CBS, etc., brainwashing mantra, that you could be a citizen journalist for them.

      Come on, Man, Think Out Of The Box. And if you can’t do that, please do not be so transparent with your blaming the unvaccinated. I am pretty sure you know why I say that, but you don’t care, do you? See, it is because I do care about my neighbors and family members, that I don’t get the shot, and and I even care about STRANGERS.

      My unvaccinated state SAVES LIVES. I am not a spreader, nor a super spreader!!!

      NO VAX FOR US!!!

      See, Mason, it IS really all about: “Your Money Or Your Life.” The New Business Model as GURE Students can attest to.

      Keep giving away your life, baby, cause when I spend my money, I sure don’t waste it on the NFL.

    • Very concerned regards Ure severe case of Cranial Rectalitus, and the trolling of Ure tainted views derived from a less than clear view of “clean” information.
      Like the food U put in Ure body- the difference between “clean food” and processed/”manipulated food is stark as Black v White.

  19. I have legs cramps that seem to come out of the blue, but there are two causal factors to check on just in case:

    1) Hydration – obvious but not so obvious as we sometimes think we hydrate more than we really do
    2) Caffein during the day, and especially in the evening – I am often guilty of this one!

    1) Hydration – of course
    2) Magnesium oil – always close to my bedstand
    3) Proper supplementation with minerals (both supplements and real foods)

    Now, for a little ‘woo’ – strong EMF – yes 5G – can cause dehydration, so yes, several people living in a household may be hit with the effects from EMF – coming from God knows where. Something to think about, although the source may not be visible or known.

    • “strong EMF – yes 5G – can cause dehydration, so yes, several people living in a household may be hit with the effects from EMF”

      Cities are horrible for strong emf fields.. I am sure we are being bombarded by small signals from all directions 24 hours a day. when we were young we use to grab a fluorescent bulb and run around sub stations LOL..

  20. told yah told yah told yah . your yellow is fatudo . everything fatudo .watch the vix 2 boys and gals . that is another indicator .now pay attention . short

  21. now you young ones and old demented types . have you ever seen or know of a monkey hammer ? and the “red” button . remember there is one thing that runs the world , its the USD . give old glory some respect . and all you sheetcoiners can firmly insert . get with the plan

    • Hahahah – that is the game afoot Holmes.

      Beware petro$ – is losing her mojo as the mutha Russsia and the CCP (commiepinkos) abandon dollar trade.

      USD – old & busted

      Digital Gold – BITCOIN – New & Splendiferous is the plan.

      • stand in the way of the USD . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. watch her go boy . destroy everything in its way . git yaself some TLT as well . should have bought it at 136. just cant stop singing disco inferno watching and listening to idiots

  22. George, my wife has calf cramps and swears by one half teaspoon of mustard under your tongue,works faster for her. Might be the vinegar since the pickles work also. I studied and fell in love with electronics 1964/65 in high school and I always wanted to know why current was expressed as an I in electronic formulas. Thank you for answering that question. BJ.

  23. Hank In Hawaii

    I’m with ya 100% about those jabs. I tried to tell people and show them the information being censored and absolutely true … but they don’t believe it.

    My sister use to try to stick a pin in the electrical outlet when she was a kid … drove my mom nuts keeping an eye on her and chasing her around the house. My dad finally said, “Let her do it !! And you’ll never have to worry about it again.” – well, my sister experienced the jolt of 110 volts and Yep, she never did it again.

    Sometimes, ya just gotta let’em do it. They’ll learn.


  24. Aussie Who Is Vaccinated And Tested Negative 9 times Uploads Video From COVID Concentration Camp, People Locked Into Rooms For Over 300 Hours, Guards Threaten To Gas Them

    “This is the text that came with the post:

    No air, no leaving the room for 338 hours, the second time in my 11 days here someone has totally smashed up their room, babies crying. I think this guy thought he was leaving today when he is actually leaving at 11.59 pm tonight. You go crazy being all alone. Is this really necessary? I myself had 9 negative tests before being denied quarantine at home and I am vaccinated. Why? What is the price of Victorian’s mental health? does anyone actually care? This guy is threatened to be gassed by authorities if he doesn’t calm down ?? WTF!”

    “It is important the world sees what is happening in Australia, which was once known to be a first world country with human and civil rights.”

    • Well Bill… they are advertising for internment camp specialist here in the ole USA.. won’t be long and that will be going on here as well..

  25. In the absence of all that has been recommended, And in a pinch, I keep a bar of ivory soap in my nightstand. When a cramp hits rubbing the soap on it relieves it (scrape a layer off for the next time) then keep it under the covers by the affected area so sleep can resume. Has something to do with the fragrance I heard. For me, works every time.

  26. Yo! Numbers came back. I got call from the owner himself. he called to say welcome aboard. We have never had a new manager tripple the office profits their first week there. Thank you so much. Whatever your doing you are in the fast track to huge bonuses. I said very nice to meet you. That is great to hear. He said What is your secret? I said you wouldnt believe me if I told you. He said try me. So I told him. Well, I found the coffee pot And I figured out how to get it running really good. He laughed super hard. He said percolate a way mister! We are very glad to have you aboard. You done this before? I said no, noo I haven’t. But I’m pretty good at figuring things out. And I’m really really good at bringing out the best in people, some of which they never knew they had it in them. But mostly it’s a good running coffee pot that does all the work.

    Now, he probably isn’t a peoplenomics subscriber and what not. Probably had the privlage of incesting thousand and thousands of hours studdying a bunch of old men who were all the top of their many different fields in life, as I have. And be able to think like they do, talk like they do, reason like they do, rant like they do, present doffernt convincing points of view in debate as, I have witnessed on here for over 12 years. As I have on here. Add that to a very intuitive Mind, THE DUDE backing you, an ability read the grid around you like the matrix, and 20 years of active meditation and 8 years profiling cheats in a casino. Over 12 years studying the power elite, and over 12 years studing lunatics at place like Glp.

    Uhem, like I said, all I needed is a good runing coffee pot and opertunity to stand at the helm of ship as it’s captain.

    Because I’m standing up there alone. I’m up there with everything you all taught me and eveyone else. Triple the profits. Ain’t that something George.

    It’s good to be the King of the Jungle. Ha ha ha aka wizard in the Emerald City. I am forever grateful for all you guys taught me. I’m hitting jackpot after Jacpot. And almost everyone I know and all their friends are begging for jobs to work for me.

    Feels good to feel good again. See ya all around. Like Casey Casim used to say on America Top 10. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for those stars.

    • Who autocorrect changed investing into incesting? WTF? That is weird change there. Onder if the companies are inbreeding???

      And he probably hasn’t.

      I said it before And I will say it again. Thank you all. You all taught me so much. See I been reading George so long that Dr Steve noticed in a private email that I would say whatever George was going to say a week before he wrote it on his site. He said By George, you write George before George zero. He called zero back then. And after 12 years of reading all the comments. It’s much the same with everyone else. Same as GLP and my study of the power elite. Kinda a wierd little knack I have.


      Cue: my Sharona

      The Knack. There is that song that was playing in the background of the Super infinity 8 gas station and convenience store at the center of the Milky way Galaxy when I visited there the first time.

      Be well old dudes. I have a emerald city to run.

      • Watch your “six,” Andy. “Incest” is a dominant current theme in Japanese cinema and C/J/K manga & animé. You may have a smokin’ Asian chick in hot pursuit and not know it yet.

        Never forget: God has a sense of humor… ;-)

    • “…And incriminate Fauci. It is now proven he lied to Congress, which IS a Federal felony with required slam-time. Lessee how that works out, shall we?”

      Excuse me.have you ever heard those jokers on tv from congress… absolutely nothing will come of that. He was their golden child . Maybe a spin news story about Russian interference or blame DJT .
      The old joke.. how can you telling a politician is lying…their lips are moving..

  27. Corrupt Corporate Media Spreads Disinformation On Ivermectin Patients Overwhelming Hospital

    It was Rolling Stone which invented the scenario, but other pinko rags also ran with it. ‘Thing is, the accompanying photo showed a bunch of people in coats & parkas. There’s nothing people would be shooting in Oklahoma, this time of year, and I’m pretty damn’ sure there’s NOBODY in the State of Oklahoma right now who’s wearing a heavy winter coat in the middle of the day. I don’t know which offends me more: That anyone with functional synapses could glance at that photo and not tell (without reading) the article was a crock of crap, or that there are “editors” at a number of high profile print media organizations who’re so stupid that they couldn’t. Notice I’m not even mentioning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine…?

  28. VIDEO: Canadian Protesters Pelt Fleeing Justin Trudeau With Gravel At Campaign Stop. Trudeau was greeted with jeers, boos, chants of “F**k you Trudeau,” “you c*cksucker,” and signs promoting candidates from the People’s Party of Canada.

    It couldn’t happen to a more-deserving bloke…

    VIDEOS: Multiple Stadiums Break Into ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Chants At NCAA Division 1 Football Games. Tens of thousands of fans curse embattled Democrat POTUS at ACC and Sun Belt NCAA football games

    …Unless that deserving bloke was Creepy Joe.

    National File reports this occurred at two games. I saw it happening at four, just from the Saturday TV game coverage.

  29. “i forgot my tampons! im bleeding really bad, do you have any tampons on you????”

    What…. lol.. I actually carry a few in the medical kit in each car I also carry pads and other things that can be used for wiund care..from running maintenance crews for years I can tell you that most event centers have tampon machines in the ladies rest rooms.. even family rest rooms have them anymore..

    • Same here — learned it in college. One carries feminine hygiene products and safety pins — ALWAYS! The tampons are “OB” (brand.) I know of no woman who uses that brand any more, but they’re a third the size of any other, so a 12-pack is smaller than the roll of gauze beside which it nestles. An uncomfortable woman will soon make any endeavor, uncomfortable…

  30. Has The Next Major Pandemic Already Started? A New “Mystery Illness” In India Is Killing Dozens Of People

    The yet-to-be-determined condition has symptoms including high fever, joint pains, headaches, dehydration, and nausea, as well some cases of rashes across upper and lower limbs. All of the victims are being tested for COVID, and so far “no link has been found between the two illnesses”.

    It seems hugely coincidental that SARS-CoV-2 would spit out CV-19, and while it’s still running rampant another, “unrelated” killing virus would come along…

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