Coriolis, Your Holiday Work Assignments; Woo-Woo

Markets in Coriolis

Enjoy the euphoria while you can.  There are serious reasons for concern which we will poke at for a moment.  Since getting the rest of the year wrong could be life-altering.

Seasonality Matters

September is almost traditionally one of the worst-performing months for the stock market.  It is up there – in reliability – with old market sayings like “sell in May and go away…”  Doesn’t mean you should pull in your horns and sell everything.  (We don’t give advice, only commentary.)  If we offered “advice” it would come down to “Don’t be stupid!

There’s a Blow-Off Underway

I couldn’t sleep overnight (too much personal energy).  So I looked at the rate-of-change in the U.S. market based on our Aggregate Index work.  Which is an equally-weighted measure of three leading indices.  Here’s how it looked:

Column #4 Matters.  That’s the annualized rate of gain based on market performance.

It’s hinting that if you put $100 into the market back in, oh, June.  You would have an account worth $138.91. (Fess excluded.)  Although this sounds even better than the Crypto tulips on the surface, it’s not sustainable.

Markets normally reflect at least some corner of Reality.  Covid bio-weapon is still circulating and killing, America lost billions  worth of war materiel in Afghanistan, and the southern Border is wide-open.

We can blame the communist takeover in Washington.  Or, we can see it as Caracas-in-waiting.  And maybe not waiting too long.

The 900 Pound Elephant

Before next Labor Day weekend, we expect China will have seized Taiwan.  Despite “American happy-talk” about chip plants here, the reality is the Phoenix area is on the border and the plants are not online and won’t be for months.

China is playing America (and our dim-witted leadership [say, there’s overstatement for you!]) like a fine fiddle.  Buying up chips which in turn idles our production capacity.  When they take Taiwan, we will have few military options and scant hopes of resupply.

Electronic components aren’t and hollowing out American Manufacturing  has verged on treasonous.  Unless you’re drinking the Globalist Kool-Aid.  And profiting thereby.

Demographics Kill

Even if the skies part and peace breaks out, we’re still going to the “financial wall” for that “last smoke and blindfold.”

Social Security running out of money is coming into view.  Over at The National Interest” read the article Social Security Could Be Bankrupt by 2029.  Sobering and just eight years away.

This will be a nation-wrecking event.  Because one political party will appeal to its radical (and did I mention increasingly selfish/narcissistic?) base.  They’ll try to hold the line on young paying into the crooked “underpay as you go” system.

The Accounting Party – which gets the facts right but blows up tactics – will properly explain to the young that “If you don’t pay Social Security, Mom and Dad will spend through your inheritance!”

People don’t like hard choices.  Americans run and hide from Reality.  And Children are called that because they can’t make grown-up decisions.  Because we sent them to leftist brainwashing camps (schools with bankrupt curricula).

Old-Timers Already See It

Retired financial whiz buddy of mine (*Roger Reynolds) sent out a note to his flock this weekend.  He talks plainly of a second demographic bomb likely to go off:

“I subscribe to interview program of several money managers) and a guest last week made some interesting comments. He said inflation will remain at 4-5 percent for 12-18 months or more. And he said the research of current market indicators, when triggered, showed a historical 35 percent market decline. Also that the 70 plus year old money managers are raising cash to be very conservative, BUT wall street is now run by the younger, middle aged folks that have never seen a bear market and KNOW NO FEAR.”

There’s a reason: they know NOTHING.

The Federal Reserve is Hiding Data

We have a saying on the side of the house.  When the government (or proxies) hides economic data its because a thorough screwing – which would have been obvious in the data  – will be at hand shortly.

Which is why for all the economic bullshit, Allan Greenspan’s hiding of M3 money stocks meant the bailout of the Rich would be along shortly.  And why Jerome Powell’s decision (with co-conspirators) to stop WEEKLY detailed Money Supply Data was another (and bigger!) con..

Sure – the Fed reports M1 and M2 – but so far in arrears that only well-connected INSIDERS will see when money is being made up.  And when tranches pop, there go markets and we, the little people, get f**ked.

(To quote Talking Heads (on “Days of Our Lives“):  “Same as it ever was…”)

Yeah…it IS different this time only until we go looking for the “sand in the Vaseline…”  They’re still in office..

Inflation Lurks

Elaine and I have been planning to rebuild the decks on the house.  We told you months ago that when lumber was racing Musk to the Moon we’d hold back till fall.

But click over here and see how Lumber contracts are doing:  We’ll lock and order this week.  Not a big deal, but right now is not a bad time to nail down home construction plans.  Not advice, but pointing out we’ve been watching and you can see the charts for yourself.

In the Shorts

We notice this IED-lined path ahead is being blazed by the NY Times Long the leading mouthpiece for radical liberal views, they’re rolling with an OpEd on how Venezuela ain’t so bad.  Try not to get queasy reading “Opinion | Dollarization Is Helping the Collapsed Venezuelan Economy, for Now.  Please, Times, stop bitching about Texas, too.  Leave us the f**ck alone and fix your own rotten apple that Gotham has become on ya’ll’s watch.

Ramp-up of Gun Control Hype Due:  This liberal agenda item nearly sure to surge following a Florida shooting: A former marine killed 4 people, including a child.”  While a normal person would react that it’s a terrible tragedy, I give it 24-hours before fund-raising emails to ban guns to start rolling in.  Yep – we live in a country where any tragedy can be turned into money.

No.  It wasn’t Climate Change.  It was Weather.  Biden approves New Jersey disaster declaration.

Data stack notices Programming?  We are inclined to be on the look-out for the term “four letter word” which has popped in several news items, of late.

Examples:  Ken Burns Names Muhammad Ali’s Secret Weapon: An ‘Uncomfortable’ 4-Letter Word. And again in For EU, Afghanistan is now a four-letter word.  So is this a coinkydink?  Or is there a four-letter something leaking in from future?  We’ve made a note that the next four-letter word on the 2021 Hurricane name list is Rose.  We’re only on Larry right now.  Something else or just noisy data?

Holiday At the Ranch

We had a hell of a fine dinner last night.  Made beef stroganoff with some cut-down rib steaks.  It was marvelous!

Wrong Audience (Case #1):  Exactly zero feedback so far on what I thought was a pretty damn interesting couple of articles on the evolution of parasitic optimized wire antennas.  Not that I really need to push that envelope, much.  The SuperAntenna IV got a great contact out of Sarajevo (E71A) on the low end of the 20-meter band.  100-watts and 599…thank you!  I figure around mid-morning AC7X will be cruising the low end of 20 again.  After a riding mower session.  (OK, this is not an ee forum…)

Wrong Audience (Case #2):  Exactly zero feedback on Amazon (e.g. no reviews) of my new book Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears…”   Read and review, please.

On both audience questions this lil “voice in my head” whispers “Pearls before…?

“Naw….this is the brightest audience in the world!” says Big Voice.

Are you absolutely certain?”

“Let me get back to you on that.  People get busy, though…”

W00-Woo:  Kissing the Future

Buddy Roger out in Tucson sent me a membership deal for the International Association of Consciousness, or some-such, this week.  Link didn’t work.  But, both Elaine and I have been considering working on OBE/Astral travel for a while.

Many courses and probably one of the longer books on point is Projectiology: A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body but at $200-bucks I’m looking at other information sources.

Futuring Work

Although astral travel and out of body work is one way to sniff around the future, I spent a couple of hours Sunday working on another angle which I think you’ll find interesting.

Don’t know if you’ve ever had this experience, or not:  But have you ever been driving, come to a bend in the road and taken your foot off the gas for no particular reason?  I mean other than it was the “right thing” to do?  And then been shocked when an animal runs in front of your car, or there’s a wreck?  Big “Whew!” moment.

I get these often.  Not all the time.  But every month or two.

Decides to do some deeply focused meditations on those moments.  Trying to recapture the feelings involved.  And that’s where it got “interesting.”

The idea was I’d “try on” different ways of “remembering” those occurrences.   When I went “in”
to the memory deeply, what “triggered?”

Was there a particular light or illumination involved?  Or, was there a sound?  Do these things happen at a particular time of day?  Any memory of a taste?  Smell?  Anyone with you?

What’s come out of it so far (and this will really sound “out there”) is by going back and “re-experiencing” several such events I discovered a kind of second-self that looks out for the waking world self.

Very interesting thing to meditate on.  And I don’t think it will hurt when the work starts (maybe next year) on the OBE/astral work.

See, the thing is, OBE/Astral travel is not something that usually happens when driving a car or when taking a 10-minute break from a project in waking state.  This “direct meditation on a hunch or intuition that works out” however IS very much accessible in the normal waking state.

Got into lo0king at this while reading the new IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) book The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and Embrace the Force That Connects Us All.  Which goes along nicely with other books on self-development.

Sure, I know some people like OBE/Astral (particularly in witchcraft work) but approaching the subject in the waking state not only keeps down the costs of candles, salt, and such, but in addition is a lot safer.

Do a little study sometime on risks of astral (craft) work around mirrors, for example.  Lots of negative energy seems drawn to mirrors, possibly because it’s one way to “trick the consciousness into disassociating” from the physical body.  Not too unsafe, claim many practitioners, provided you do the clearing work first and surround yourself with enough protective energy.

The waking approach to higher self seem intuitively less risky and more “first person.”

So off to ponder those (few) moments in Life where you really get “hooked up” with “the Dude.”

Not that what follows is easy:  “A sinking ship that is raised and then is in danger of sinking again”  was rather clear in the Dream Realms overnight. Coming with hurricane Rose?  Who knows!  But ship is a four-letter word…hmm…

Coffee and 2-acres of mowing, anyone?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. The weekend has been super busy and will remain that way until midweek here. Barely time for comments! I’ve not read the weekend columns yet, though I actively look forward to them – especially PN and Ure Part 107 experiences! The antenna stuff seems interesting too, if only for long range info acquisition when the net becomes little more than propaganda.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed that ALL of the search engines I can find, including all the foreign ones I can find in English seem to have highly censored results on anything covid related. They all speak with one voice, and that indicates to me that they’re lying – especially when they use the same words in sequence.

    Thanks for the head’s up on lumber. I’ve been watching that myself and need to get er done!

    Happy Laboring Day!

      • Even DDG! My experience has been that no matter how I try to word or force boolean searches for alternatives to vaxxing and vaxx consequences, I keep getting the same advertising for why we need to vaxx up immediately. This is true even if I jump several pages into the search. Perhaps it’s me, and perhaps there’s some entity in charge of biasing the searches. I think DDG pulls from Google and others but blocks the origin for privacy.

    • Of course the search engines say the same things and censor any dissent – the entire covid thing is a big psyop! I should hope the smart people on this forum have discovered that by now??

    • “I wonder if anyone else has noticed that ALL of the search engines I can find, including all the foreign ones I can find in English seem to have highly censored results ”

      ?????Huh… the news has been highly scripted for years and years. Did you expect anything less…
      Most of the time you have to scout many news outlets world wide to even begin to consider that your getting the true story..even then its questionable..

    • Itools still exists:

      SearchPlex STILL EXISTS!!!

      I have no idea if any of the search engines John Callender interfaced at the Searchplex still exist, but their search forms do, so if someone has some time…

      Dogpile still exists

      Dogpile used to use Metafind. It is still a metasearch, but is now owned by Infospace, and uses Metacrawler (also Infospace-owned now) as its internal engine. The standalone Metafind, Metacrawler, and Infospace engines no longer exist.

      ixQuick and startpage are one and the same. startpage is hosted in the Netherlands and uses the ixQuick engine.

      Webcrawler is now owned by Infospace, but it still exists

      Lycos is still around

      Google is the Big Kahuna, so even unrelated search engines will be influenced by Google’s results hierarchy, because of the way goo-goo’s analytics and ad propagation/proliferation works. Even when other engines don’t use goo-goo, it will still “stuff their ballot boxes” to some extent.

      There may still be other search tools extant. I found some of my old website on the Wayback Machine so if/when I have a chance to go through it, I’ll see what I have. I picked my quickie search page (which was one I got back) to get the above (working) engines. Mama is now a coupon aggregator and Northern Light does social analytics. Ask acquired Teoma and it now just searches celebs, entertainment, and other fluff.


      Ivermectin, a US Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-parasitic agent, was found to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) replication in vitro. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted to determine the rapidity of viral clearance and safety of ivermectin among adult SARS-CoV-2 patients. The trial included 72 hospitalized patients in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who were assigned to one of three groups: oral ivermectin alone (12 mg once daily for 5 days), oral ivermectin in combination with doxycycline (12 mg ivermectin single dose and 200 mg doxycycline on day 1, followed by 100 mg every 12 h for the next 4 days), and a placebo control group. Clinical symptoms of fever, cough, and sore throat were comparable among the three groups. Virological clearance was earlier in the 5-day ivermectin treatment arm when compared to the placebo group (9.7 days vs 12.7 days; p = 0.02), but this was not the case for the ivermectin + doxycycline arm (11.5 days; p = 0.27). There were no severe adverse drug events recorded in the study. A 5-day course of ivermectin was found to be safe and effective in treating adult patients with mild COVID-19. Larger trials will be needed to confirm these preliminary findings.

      Keywords: Bangladesh; COVID-19; Doxycycline; Ivermectin; SARS-CoV-2.

      Copyright © 2020 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  2. RE: Astral Intuition – there is a school of theoretical physics which posits we exist in a ‘Block Universe,’ where past, present and future exist simultaneously, but in different dimensions encompassing every possible choice that can ever be made [BOOM- head explodes!]. Our present ‘material sciences’ have no way of proving (or disproving) this ‘unified space-time’ theory, however, the Noetic sciences and meditative practices claim to be able to put one in touch with their various future selves. It’s hard for 4-D creatures such as ourselves to get our brains around these ephemeral, multi-dimensional concepts, let alone to accept or believe that they may be real. Belief can be based upon hard science, faith, or a combination of those two ingredients. Convincingly ‘knowing’ something before it comes to be has no rational explanation. But not everything about our presence in this space-time can be rationally explained by our existing ‘hard sciences.’ Our reality may actually be embedded inside other realities, much like a multi-dimensional version of the nesting Matryoshka dolls. Bottom line for me is that we choose our own paths in our nested universe, out of an infinite number of preexisting paths nested inter-dimensionally around us. While we have freedom of choice, that choice and subsequent choices already exist. In the seeming infinity of alternate universe that surround us in this Block Universe, each choice and its subsequent web of infinite future choices are already determined. Our shallow intellects cannot fathom these realms, but perhaps our techno-spawn, AI, someday will.

    • Ecclesiastics says “that which hath been is now. That which is to be hath already been. And God requireth that which is past.”

  3. George,
    I recall that when I was starting out in the 70’s, the smart guys were all saying that the Social Security pyramid scheme wouldn’t be around when I retired. Well, after 68 trips around the sun, we’re both still here.
    Why? Because unlike a standard pyramid scheme, the operator of this one compels participation AND controls the money supply. For political reasons, if nothing else, SS will not be going away. It just may not be worth anything when you get it.
    Good luck with your lumber purchase. Even though the price is down, the quality is crap, at least around here. Especially the treated stuff.
    Thanks for the two part antenna posts. I’m just trying to find time to get my brain around it. I may be a swine, but I appreciate the pearls.

  4. Yo G,

    If havent already done so – I would reco My Big TOE, Thomas Campbell. Campbell is one of 2 original physicists/scientists to work/research Consciousness with big Bob Monroe. Good long read, funny dude which helps with the all the heavy lifting..Fractals inside fractals connected up and down to moar fractals..””Help – Im fractalizing!”
    ..sure hope thats not like hermaphroditing from drinking too much purple Fabuloso energy drink at the walmart.

  5. Dream Time …

    Walked into a beautiful mahogany walled room with a very long mahogany table … (like where board meetings take place) – there was one man standing at the far end of the table. About 20 feet away.

    On the table was a elephant gray plastic racetrack. No cars. Just the track. Nothing else.

    Wide and round down where the man was standing, curving left to right and narrowing toward me, where at my end of the table, the track had a small tight turn then curved back to the other end of the table … weaving back to the wider turn where the man stood, completing the track.

    I looked at the tight turn on my end, and said, “ Calculate the force in the turn to determine the amount of resistance needed to apply support throughout the turn, if not, the whole thing shakes. ”

    End of dream.

    I had to Google that, because I know nothing about Newton’s law of the Force of Acceleration, or the Dynamics of Momentum and Centripetal force … But that’s what popped up in the search. I’m not a physics guy.

    I don’t know how much a race car for that track would weigh, to change it to kilograms or how fast it would be moving to do a calculation … but I think the dream was more general, simple warning of a tight turn ahead that has a lot of force and momentum, and to prepare for it. – who ever that guy was at the end of the table, he needs to slow it down …

    Hearing of a negative October, this is doing me a concern.

    Opinions welcome.

  6. Last week Connie Hamzy died. (Sweet sweet Connie doing her act. She had the whole show and that’s a natural fact)
    Boy do I feel old.

  7. The patterns seemed to have changed, even on DuckDuckGo. Certain subjects are now popping up with only “officially approved” links.

  8. “Taiwan”

    I don’t want to say Americans are stupid but they allow their jobs to be sent to far flung places then finance military to maintain the assets. We’ve all heard it, “China steals our secrets.” Taiwan and South Korea and Vietnam, Singapore and Bangladesh are somehow different. Now look at the drama Americans created for themselves – Gold Star Families.

    Back in the olden days… the First Industrial Revolution.

    “In the period 1760 to 1830 the Industrial Revolution was largely confined to Britain. Aware of their head start, the British forbade the export of machinery, skilled workers, and manufacturing techniques.”

    Today America sends the payroll out as fast as they can but all expect to use the credit card tab for “protecting” the machines.

    • We’ve all heard of Foxconn, where worker people jump from windows to get out of the social contract.

      “Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., trading as Foxconn Technology Group and better known as Foxconn, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer with its headquarters in Tucheng, New Taipei City, Taiwan.”

      Taiwan is friend/protected as long as the Western corporation can exploit them. Taiwan is like 1978 Flint, MI. Hong Kong was Detroit’ed.

      I think Afghanistan was released because of the people have accepted a synthetic poppy, Fentanyl.

      Losing Taiwan is “only a flesh wound” to the crystalline structure of the U.S. $.

  9. George, I’m going to be honest, I’m not a fan of Amazon, and I’m betting I’m not the only one here that avoids them like the plague. It might be easy and convenient, but the longer term costs aren’t worth it.

    OBE/Astral: Most people need props to get started. Unfortunately, most people never get past the beginner stage and stick with the props. We have so many distractions these days. Humans should be able to focus, and yet that ability is disappearing due in large part to our education system and using computers and “smart” phones as a crutch. Another issue, in my experience is that their world-view is a hinderance to smooth workings. Be flexible, be willing even question the world-view that you were raised with and whole worlds open up.

  10. A few things. If you want to astral project, spend the money to take a week or so at the Monroe Institute in Faber, VA. It should be noted that when the original military ‘remote viewers’ were being trained, what course/school did they attend to help train their intuition? Yes, the Monroe Institute. The more ‘woo’ you can incorporate into your life, the more truth you will know. Unfortunately, people with ‘conventional’ educations have been lied to all of their lives. I also enjoyed spending week long retreats at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, WA. Yea, Ramtha sounds hokey, but 16 years after attending a beginners retreat there, I now know that I learned more truth in an hour class at RSE than I did at four expensive years at Duke University.

    Like the covid non-sense. People are dying of the vaccines and of many things – why – because they are very unhealthy and NOT because they have the so called ‘Delta Variant.’ It’s an easy sell to people – get them sick with the vaxx or through their own ignorance, then give them the famous PCR (a lab procedure, not a diagnostic test). The PCR will usually be positive (because its purposely run on 35 + cycles.) Now, when someone dies of WHATEVER – make sure they had a PCR done to associate dying in a motor cycle accident to covid – there you go – lots of CASES.

    So, don’t laugh at my investigation into woo – I laugh at people’s ability to believe their governments – governments that have lied to the them since forever – and they think they are being told the truth about so called covid and the ‘vaccines?’ Sorry George – people dying of lots and lots of things – not covid.

    • Now that is interesting… Wanna hear something crazy.. when I was in DC.. there was a study being done on sleep deprivation by the govt. .. and a whole bunch of us from every branch of the military volunteered and would get together a couple of times a week.. the idea was to see if taking periods of time out and deep resting through meditation could be as affective to troops to keep them alert in the field doing extremely long hours without sleep.. after the training sessions.. ( I believe we did them at the Jefferson Hotel) then our schedules were pushed to the limit.. they did that for three months.. then quit.. I am not sure if they quit because they had the information they were seeking or not.. the group that was training us was from the Monroe institute that did the training.. no we didn’t have to draw pictures or try and predict the future or anything.. and after I got out of the military.. things were not good and I ended up working several jobs all the time just to scrape by.. a regular work week was a hundred plus hour week.. I did my egg timer days.. using what I had learned from them that taught us from the monroe institute and I did that for way over thirty years.. hell year was 140 plus hours a week.. and yes.. there are consequences.. I paid for working long hours like that with my body and joint issues today.. basically worked three lifetimes in one the body isn’t meant to be abused that way….
      what was funny is after we were all done with our training.. they gave us a glass marble.. I think one of the grand kids has it someplace.. I never quite got what the marble was for.. it didn’t make any sense to me.. I still meditate and deep rest.. love the singing bowls.. LOL.. below are some of my favorites to meditate by..

  11. On a few rare occasions I have been saved from a car crash (potentially lethal) by my foot unconsciously pegging the brake pedal to the floorboard, leaving me trying to rationalize what just happened out of conscious control. It is always the left foot stomping the brake, not the normal driving right foot.
    Driving with two feet was the way I first learned to do evasive dirt track maneuvers on a go-cart. I learned to do post-traction maneuvers as a teenager 20+ years before I heard the terminology. In high stress evasive maneuvers, I catch myself driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. I attribute it to muscle memory under stress.
    First time the brake deal happened was in high school. I would have been t-boned in the driver side door had my foot not reacted ahead of my consciously seeing and recognizing the danger. I don’t know if it is a right-left hemisphere comm overload deal combined with muscle memory, or something else entirely. If it works, why ask too many questions?

  12. I’ve had a lot of woo in my life. One of the things that stands out has to do with what George mentioned about getting a feeling while driving. There’s a very curvy mountain highway near here that I used to drive quite a bit. It’s very scenic and if you’re a local the curves don’t scare you. So, one sunny afternoon I was flying along in my pickup truck far exceeding the speed limit when I got what I can only describe as a foreign thought intrude into my mind. The thought was basically ‘it would be really f’ed up if you come flying around one of these curves and a car was sitting in the road.’ This occurred just as I was entering a kind of long set of blind S-curves. I immediately got out of the throttle and slowed to a speed close to the speed limit just as I made the last right hand curve. Guess what was waiting for me there….a Dodge Durango sitting broadside across both lanes. These people had stupidly decided to turn around in a blind corner and had pulled off into a turnout and then backed out into the road. That’s a good way to end your lineage. If I hadn’t slowed down I would’ve T-boned them and my Toyota Tundra would’ve done a lot of damage. I barely got stopped as it was.

    Every time I went through there after that I got a weird feeling. I’ve often wondered whose guardian was looking out for who? Was it mine or was it these other people’s?

    • And to the woo point – when you go back (mentally play back) that “sense or whatever” that made the suggestion, who, way, where was it? How do you describe THAT? That’s what I keep playing back trying to catch an insight from…

  13. Right! That’s why I described it as a foreign thought and it was very specific. It wasn’t a voice. It was an intrusion into my mind by something or someone. It was like the artificial introduction of a concept that was not going to occur to me without outside help.

  14. I read Packing to Die on Peoplenomics, and bought it on Kindle so that I could do a review, and my wife could read it on hers. I’ve been swamped with getting my latest book (Renaissance and Reboot in Flyover Country) released. Last Friday I took the time to do a 5 star review on your book. When I checked, just before opening this page, there were no reviews. I just checked again, and there’s one 5 star review from JS, but mine isn’t there yet. I noticed that reviews on my book have been delayed, except for the 1 star rating from someone who didn’t like my non PC story.
    I have published 18 books with Amazon since 2012, and I’ve seen a lot of strange things done by their algos. As the only game in town, they write the rules, and independent publishers have to live with them if we want to hit the primary marketplace.

  15. Don’t know about all the woo-woo stuff. But come to think of it, I DID have a “near life” experience once….

  16. (and our dim-witted leadership [say, there’s overstatement for you!])

    You can say that again.. I wonder.. he doesn’t really play a fiddle.. so how would it be put down in history books.. he played the kazoo while flying in illegal’s… lol
    IMHO.. is is so bad and there is so much happening all the time that it is in a way extremely funny and if I was Kammy, I would be hiding as well.. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near any of them.. you know what they say.. .. Of course they are still saying its all the Ruskies fault..

    • This is a fitting tune to…

      Then if he was to play like a true demoralcraps patriotic gesture.. he could always use the backdoor wind.. lol..
      Want to be versatile…
      No violin needed at all..

      I would say use a cucumber if nothing else is available could be used instead of a kazoo.. but as big a deviant as the kid is..hell that would be a bad suggestion for a musical instrument..

      • Then if he was to play like a true demoralcraps patriotic gesture.. he could always use the backdoor wind.. lol..

        Seriously now though.. how much more patriotic does a person have to be… I can see him now doing that little dance of his whenever he gets in front of people to speak.. maybe having ole nancy there beside him a duet.. dam.. that would be a show and no Ruskies to interfere..

  17. My first auto accident was at age 16 driving an Olds 88 my Dad and I had refurbished after years of sitting in a pasture and being used to store hay. Even the freeze plugs were blown out.
    Anyhoo, I’m coming back from town on our gravel road. Topping the hill down to our house was a whoop’d’do steep blind hill which was about a lane and a half wide. I was a typical teenage driver, but something that day told me to get as far right as possible and slow down. Sorta like the voice in my head saying “watch out”. Right about then a dude in a Plymouth Charger popped over the hill doing at least 60 in the middle of the road and he slammed right into my driver’s side fender and grill; pushed my Olds backward down the hill. If not for that little voice I’d not be here to tell the tale because the nearest ER was 20 miles away. My car was totaled of course, but did make it down the hill to be lost as a junker forever. I wasn’t immediately hurt but have had back problems ever since.
    This happened again recently when stopped to make a left turn on a 4 lane road into our development. I had the green and had just started into the turn when an idiot went around the other two cars in both opposite lanes to run the light. Something told me to pause and if I hadn’t the wife & I would’ve been toast.

  18. short hard. longUSD and treasuries . inflation my butt . all the debt is deflation . i have read libraries on flations and depressions . no way out . good update today though . your literary skills are exceptional when you leave the guru herd . and finally . yellow dog is sexed bad . keep away . old bulls dont buy stories . they read numbers

  19. Another George (can’t reply directly), Republicans want to ‘bankrupt’ and privatize Social Security:

    Mitch McConell trying to gut Social Security for a long time, in 1935, Republicans tried to stop it from happening at all:

  20. “I don’t want to say Americans are stupid but they allow their jobs to be sent to far flung places then finance military to maintain the assets. We’ve all heard it, “China steals our secrets.”
    I hate to disagree steve…but
    The people didn’t want their jobs outsourced.. that was a business model. Our Congress allowed it.. even voted in the activities and bragged about their influence.. seriously WHY do you think billions are given as gifts to our Congress..and promises of future employment for them or family members.. I can guarantee you that NO ONE at all offered to give me a private plane and crew much less hundred thousand dollar vacations or other perks.. no ten million dollar paydays and theres no string of ladies or drugs or free healthcare coming To my door to be used for anything .
    And people say china stole the technology but China didn’t have to steal anything we gave it to them ir they were the original engineers….i believe that there are no secrets and we gave it all to them..they are not stupid and if they have to manufacture everything they will know or figure out how its used. we rely on them for everything..
    The USA is the one trying to dumb down their population..

  21. BTW George, I’ve been cleaning the far nooks & crannies of my humble abode, during what little free time I have. Yesterday, I found a new in-box Hallicrafters HA-18A which I must have acquired in the mid ’90s.

    Just had ta share…

    • LOL – as coincidence would have it – I have the HT-18 – which was the transmitter exciter/vfo unit.
      The HA-18A was a code practice oscillator for those not tracking… very rare to find in mind.

  22. Well, I’m gobsmacked. Reading thru the WH continuity of gov’t doc found this:
    After several days in the air, the President could choose to go to one of the Presidential Emergency Facilities at Mount Weather, Site R, the underground bunker at Camp David, the bunker at Offutt Air Force Base, the new bunker under the Denver International Airport, or other still-classified locations.
    Always knew there was something under DIA. Now we know.

  23. It’s a city, nearly a mile down, and huge, set up as a complete C&C center and capable of housing 75k-100k people, for years. The gummint’s underground high speed transport system converges at Denver.

    — One of our worst-kept secrets. At least the folks who built the facilities at Groom Lake (Nellis AFB) could keep their mouths shut…

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