Quest for the “Invisible Coach”

OK, we now have a legit, statistical indicator that either Congress and the President have become super-prescient, or we’re really living in a controlled economy.

But the Wizard of Oz question is elusive:  When we pull back the curtain, who’s there?

We will be reviewing the evidence and looking at some mighty odd correlations before curtain-pulling, but first some coffee and our Trading Model as a warm-up.

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5 thoughts on “Quest for the “Invisible Coach””

  1. Pull back the curtain & what do you see?

    Ever watch the TV show StarGate? I figure when you pull back the curtain you’ll see a group like the system lords sitting there.
    Old families, old associations, royals, old guilds & members of the military industrial complex… you’ll see wealth & power from all over the globe.
    Every one out for themselves but together enough to cooperate when they have to.

    Maybe I watched too much television…..

  2. WOW!
    George, too bad you were offline today for public users to your site.
    See Rense!
    On 5-5-15, photographs of a “no doubt about it” real live but now dead ALIEN (as in, not from this world) is going to be presented in Mexico and televised WORLDWIDE via the Internet.

  3. George, I’m probably the prof that you mentioned in your blog post today; and your blog, as usual, was spot on. In fraud investigations one unusual or unexpected event can be often be explained away as an anomaly or, by a fair to middling defense attorney, as a mistake. We look for repeated occurrences of the same event, a pattern, and patterns show intent. It looks to me my friend like you found a pattern and so, in not too technical terms, it looks like we have been messed with. I prefer your second explanation.

    • Yeah… I’m working on Compunism 102 (and maybe it will lengthen out to a 103) at current research rates.
      Pretty doggone interesting correlation, though and yep, here’s where the public need to figure out that “oddly correlated” may mean BOHICA…except as we’ll get into this week, there’s always those damn slippery defense attorneys.

      Recalling back to the Frick days at Carnegie Steel, is the analog to Anarchists Anonymous? Ah, the cycles we keep repeating…anarchists under industrialists and anonymous under compunism. What clever apes we be…

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