Coping: Spitting at Retrograde

No, I suppose knowing that my personal experience of life is that I tend to “run ahead” of the actual dates of Mercury in Retrograde (which will officially end February 11th, or so), I shouldn’t be messing about with anything.

I should sit back, make my observations about life and the economy, and simply shut the hell up until we’re back in right place.

But a number of things have occurred this Retrograde which make it pretty interesting.

Case of the Mountain View

You may recall Tuesday when I liked life to a motorcycle ride I’d taken years ago around Mount Rainier up in Washington State.

A reader noticed something sketchy about Tuesday:

Hi George — There must have been some “mountain dew” in the air in TX yesterday.  Look what my friend Don (who has no idea who you are) wrote in his column yesterday from his friend’s house in Austin. 


Martha from RI

This doesn’t mean one person is right and another wrong, it just means that we all look at life in alternate ways, with each perspective unique. If you stand behind the trunk of a tree and look at the mountain, you’ll see one vantage point. If you go down by the river and check out the same view, you’ll see another. That’s all. Same mountain, different angle.

Then, in a subsequent email, turns out there was also a mountain angle to a comic strip or so such in the Boston area…same morning.

Odd how things cluster…or is it?  Her follow-up:

George — got another one for you…Frank DeMarco (from the Monroe Institute) is working on a new book and is posting his reference sessions online.  He’s interviewing his former psi partner from TMI, now deceased.  Today’s post is ostensibly about good and evil, but mostly it’s about truth being relative to which side of the mountain you’re viewing from.  More abstract than Cerow’s direct quote about a mountain, but the same concept.  And btw, if you want to know the ins & outs of reality creation, Frank’s books are every bit as good as Jane Roberts’ and easier to comprehend.

This one may, or may not, be explainable.  If this is the same Frank DeMarco who used to read this column now and then, but no telling if he was by yesterday.

There is a point of learning here:  Does vision/insight/thought-form travel around us due to any number of inputs (like television, radio, music, the internet, books, etc) and just look for somewhere to land?

Frank’s a damn fine writer and thinker…his Amazon page is here

Case of the Solid-State Drive

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were particular astrological formations (like Retrograde) where each of us is more particularly  connected to IT? 

It doesn’t work at the hardware level, however.

The short story here is that for some weeks I have been tinkering with getting a new solid-state drive installed on the UrbanSurvival Super Computer.  No, I’m not kidding:  Its four monitors (two Nvidia dual multi-GB HDMI video cards, fast i-7 chipset, 12 GB of memory, an assortment of terabyte drives…this thing scares the hell out of me it’s so fast.

Except when it comes to the access speed of the HD.

Solution?  Screaming fast Crucial M500 Internal Solid State Drive 240GB which goes for a hundred bucks at Amazon.  Unless you’re an idiot (take a bow, George) and bought it 4-months back before the price came down 30%.  (Evidence again of deflation, but I won’t bore you with that here.)

This thing was a 24-karat bitch to install.  Not that remembering to order the SATA cable or the hardware kit (both optional) wasn’t hard.  Yes, in the interest of gender equality is was also a rotten stinking bastard to deal with.

It was that the combination of aggressive anti-spy, anti-monitoring I use didn’t work worth a damn. 

You see, you’re supposed to be able to use (say several videos) a cloning feature in EaseUs backup software (here) and it should copy the whole drive and you don’t have to go through the pain and agony of re-installing Win-7 because that leads to updates and 27 kinds of driver grief.

I was so pissed that I mentioned it to Al the Engineer, who supplied this:


The transfer software I used was Macrium Reflect Free Addition 5.3.7277.

Its available on Major Geeks and other software sites.

It resolved all issues and just worked.  I had the SATA to USB connector that came with the SSD.

Found it, has a nice easy to understand dashboard, it just worked when the vendor software didn’t.

Hope this is helpful.”

By the time the helpful advice came in, however, I’d found the problem.  The SuperComputer is built on an ASUS Si P67T  motherboard…and the auto update hadn’t been dinked with in a while.

The BIOS becoming current helped a bunch.

The other things learned along the way:

    • Before you even think about doing a hardware update, go into your Windows Experience Index and run the “Before” case.  My computer was only doing a 5.9 performance-wise.
    • Try options like DeFraggler from Piriform – same folks who make CCleaner.  Fine (did I mention free for the training wheels variety?) and yes, it really cleans up issues.
    • Update the Bios
    • DeFraggler the SSD before loading Windows back on it.
    • In the end, I didn’t clone…I just installed new.

    The payoff is what matters:  Moving from a reasonably quit Hitachi 1 TB hard drive which was the old Windows Experience 5.9 speed bump, we are now able to zip along with a mind-shattering Experience Index of 7.2.

    What’s more, I just put the new version of Dragoon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0, English ($126 with cheesy headphone) on the SSD and it if faster than all get-out.  Suddenly, my computer is actually able to keep up with the speed of coffee.

    Except for two nits.

    The first nit is that when I am on a conference call (clients or projects) I use a Plantronics Audio 995 USB Multimedia Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone – Compatible with PC and Mac which is great because I can get some walking in while on a call.

    Sounds righteous and healthy except:  Gaye at tells me the face fan on the treadmill causes bad “wind noise” so I have to find other ways to keep my cool.  Turning off the face fan cut out the wind noise.  The headset Nuance provides is of the plug-in variety and maybe on the road, but not while walking.

    The second nit is that armed as it is with a load time (once past the bios) of about 10 seconds, including password entry, the biggest problem is adjusting your thinking to keep up with the machine.

    I mean loading Excel, takes a bit less than 2-seconds instead of 20 seconds previously.

    You don’t realize it, but there is do much “dead time” between program operations, that there really is a productivity increase…if the human is up for the match. 

    If your mind drifts much, however, you’ll find yourself as I did (day one of the level of computing) asking “Hmmm…OK I see I am on this page now…what is it I was doing?”

    Suddenly, those gaps where you could think about “other stuff” is gone.

    It will be sorely missed…now I am doing it voluntarily…and yes, this will be the first box in our household to bump up to Windows 10 when it comes out.

    Just count of me NOT trying to do the update a month ahead of retrograde.

    Case of the Retrograde Airplane

    After much delay (waiting and parts) and so forth, the old Beechcraft should be out of the shop today.

    If you remember, it was just a hair under making “book power” so I had everything torn down (including a new carb) and so forth.  Runs fine now, but only 25 RPM higher than before.

    Likely it’s a prop issue, but I’ll find out today if we get it test flown.

    Again, maybe it’s just as well it sat our my “personal period” of Retrograde…

    May 18-June 11 is our next window, but since my personal Retrograde seems to be three or four weeks earlier, we will fly with extreme caution from April 15 onward…not that we don’t anyway…

    September 17 through October 9th and I already know this one will express as “car troubles” so time to start saving for that.

    A Huge Thank you!

    You might remember, last week (which seems like ages ago, huh?) I mentioned my son had put up a GoFundMe page for a friend of his in Seattle who was being bounced and didn’t have the $875 for rent.

    Thank you…thanks to open-hearted readers, $2,075 was raised and (assuming the money comes in as pledged) we will have one less human in crisis for a couple of months and that should give him time to get back on his feet.

    Thank you, a hundred times over.

    Now, all we need to do is revise the world so this kind of thing doesn’t need to happen and we’ll all be a lot better off….

    Quakes Building Early?

    The 6.0 last night (in a quake prone part of the world) reminds me to reiterate that we’re only about 45 days from Spring Equinox and that means about 65-75 days from my “dreamed” April 9+ earthquake – western US showing up.

    As always, the disclaimer that dream content is often sketchy as to time (see last week’s theory about how time may run differently, depending on our ages). [May have been on the Peoplenomics side, come to think of it…]

    Still it was interesting to head from California Kevin who has been silent for a while:

    Way back I was sending you the mystery of people from England whom would have the freezing dreams (right before you created the dreambase) and the people from California that would have floods in their dreams. I hope it is not time as England is seeing freezing. I don’t want to drown any time soon.

    Now, if an Icelandic volcano popped before spring like it did way way back (1800’s I think) and caused the light to dim over Europe and the northern hemisphere. this place would freeze even more. There would be no summer and this winter would continue until next winter. The Atlantic would see more dead sea life as the gulf stream would not be powerful enough to warm the waters and may be diverted due to ice buildup.

    You know, this is doggone interesting stuff:  I understand the possibility of massive climate change, but here’s the hum-dinger is all this:  Recently in Peoplenomics one of the topics I got into in some depth, was this emergent fact of quantum physics that all time exists, all the “time” if that makes sense.

    Our consciousness goes sailing along it, but the most profound part is events MAY be more cause—>effect—>cause, rather than simple cause—>effect which is where science seems to be stuck at the moment.

    The past few years, seems to me like we are seeing an interesting atmospheric phenomena evolve – a changing of the location of what I’d call the “Weather North Pole.” 

    If you want to get a Nobel Prize for yourself, you don’t need to promise to move everyone from Gitmo (and then not do it, lol).  All you need to do is begin collecting a group of locations that would all be part of…(fanfare)…


    Here are some of the poles that we should be calculating and tracking:

    1.  The geographical north pole (mostly done)

    2.  The magnetic north pole (heading toward Siberia if I understand correctly)

    3,  The Weather North Poll – which could be who knows where?

    4,  The Money North Poll  *(somewhere between NYC and the EU?  Or so they’d like to think…)

    The South Money Poll would be comprised of the southern BRICS…

    Just a different way of looking at the world, which is what we do a lot of, around here.

    But not without plenty of coffee…so off to the refill and thanks for dropping by.

    Ya’ll come back tomorrow and bring a few thousand of your closest friends, would you?

    Write when you break-even, too….although if the Recovery is real, I should be getting a lot more email than I am.  Wonder if that means something, you think?


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    1. “… the fact of quantum physics that all time exists”

      Is this by the same physicists who found the Higgs Bosom and then….. didn’t? I have a hard time believing that we know much of anything (hard facts) about the universe. But we must keep looking…. I suppose. Also, why would Mercury retrograde affect you if all time exists?

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