PWP: Personal War Planner

A broad-spectrum discussion of war today:  Causes, motivations, and public reaction.  But more importantly of all, personal anticipatory activities that can improve the odds of living through this most stressful of periods.

In addition to a little “news from the front” what we’ll focus on will be broadly applicable when the “next shoe drops.”  That, we reckon, will be either an Israeli strike on Iran, or the Chinese re-acquisition of Taiwan.

Somewhere in there, we have to assess the impact of the Biden administration’s “build back better” propaganda.  Which may be bearing fruit in today’s ADP Jobs report just out. +475k.

So much to cover plus the latest Aggregated market views in our ChartPack series, as well.

Time to load ’em up and head ’em  out…

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George Ure
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80 thoughts on “PWP: Personal War Planner”

  1. You know George your always talking about things being a business model well that now has to be combined with everything on the news is from a movie set complete with lies and distractions to prevent the truth from being known. And now with our fraudulent pres. showing how his mental state is now as bad as our economy, it seems the sheeple just keep eating up the lies like they are candy.
    Times are just as I feared and I am so happy to live remote and I can turn off the propaganda machine as I deem needed.
    Make more money for yourself. we are all gonna need something and I doubt it will be green backs much longer.
    I will write as I go down the yellow brick road. LOL

    • Never thought about it in egzactly them turms, lol. But yes, Ukraine does look like that back lot tour at Universal Studios back when…

      • Yo Jorge, it now appears the crisis du jour is Russia/Ukraine, the covid hype has just disappeared. These Jedi mind tricks just don’t work anymore. Bernays, you magnificent bastard, I read your book.

    • Yes, the ‘covid narrative’ was starting to fail big time, so bring out the ‘war scene’ to keep the sheeple deluded and entertained. It’s a big movie all right, and the people are glued to their screens to watch the next scene. When you don’t have a clue what to do – start a war. It’s the tried and true method of control.

      For people who want to see how this plays out in real time – read or watch videos on the Battle of the Somme – WWI. What you see in the first hour of the battle is 20,000 British and French troops (mainly British) getting literally mowed down like blades of grass. Yet, Britian today celebrates these men as ‘heroes’ where in fact, they were just fonder for a death ritual carried out by the descendants of the scum that are behind the ‘war’ today. Same crowd, Same movie, Same ‘audience.’

  2. “president Biden announced plans to ease energy prices:”

    Hmm… I wonder if the oil companies knew that in advance.. the price seemed to jump up yesterday afternoon bigtime before the state of the union address..

    • Last week gas cost 3.15 a gallon. Yesterday it wa 3.48, and I tend to find the cheapest available gas!

  3. G,

    “Cant stop the spirits when they need you
    Moptops are happy when they feed you
    J.Butterfly in the treetops
    Birds that blow meaning into Bebop”-RHCPeppers

    and zo – “rumored” localized GCE coming to a new city near youse. Thats right sheepy sheeps NYC is in line for a big kahuna – like knock the Statue of Liberty over, big kahuna.

    All together now..KOWABUNGA!
    Dr Zogs sexwax Ure short boards, put on extra fin (s) – gonna be epic. ?

    ?question will be Who CAUSED It? eggzactly. “it was those evil Russians”-msm

    Sign of Times or Who the F is behind the Curtain ? ADP initial Minus 301K jobs in January (minus = negative) – was not an estimate, but actual. Today they print a +509K for Jan ?????? AYFKM. Seems like the blind are leading the blind….. or worse.

    the big question should be asking ourselves soon..
    Now have you got that “frosty” feeling yet ?

    Not the silver bullet “frosty”

    – the bi-frost feeling, a new kinda rainbow.
    Yeah, yeah thats it – a Rainbow, and nothing lgbt about it.

    • Dr Zogs sexwax, brings back many good memories of my youth.
      Thank you Mjolnir for putting a giant smile on my face. I have been nursing a concussion for a week now and that definitely made my day…

      • George, the concussion story is a bit long so I’ll try to give you the readers digest version.
        My youngest daughter, her husband and 5 month old son moved back home in November ( job loss due to covid ) lots of furniture and stuff soon filled my newly cleaned out 4 car garage and shop. Late Friday night was watching cable news war theatrics and drinking some beers ( North Coast brewing Co Old Rasputin stout 9.0 ) in said garage now storage facility. Decided to call it a night as it was 12:30, went to go turn off the shop lights and tripped on some stacked dinning chairs and proceeded plant my forhead on the corner of a small steel gun safe. When I came to I was on the floor starring at a dinner plate size puddle of blood. Best I can figure I was out for a good 15 minutes and had no idea where I was, no joke!! 4 inch gash on the forhead and cherry tomato eyeballs. Doc says I’ll probably be a little dizzy for a week or so and unfortunately he is right, still dizzy today. Wrung my bell pretty good. Should be back to causing trouble by next week. Thanks….

        • Wowzers! Hell of a story/

          The kind thatremind all of us that no matter how well we prep and plan, there are changes in the world – beyond our control – like trips and falls – and they take out a lot of people before their time.

          Thanks for sharing and if that doesn’t set readers up for a “clear walkways” inspection of your home this weekend, you haven’t understood the old cal surf dude experience.

  4. Politicians… ready for the entire thing to crumble into something much more local. Addle-pated president and his ‘cabinet’ think 60m bbl is going to be a ‘thing’ when the US uses between 18-20m bbl/day…so less than 4 days of oil. GMAFB!

    The drilling guys will respond to the coming price hump, but it takes 18-24 months to do so due to government regs and lead times for gear and equipment to drill a well. Toss in some sanctions with unintended consequences, the boomers retiring and taking much experience with them and that 18-24 mn lag time could easily double. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Oilman2 is currently motorcycle shopping since it costs $40-50K to get a vehicle that exceeds 30MPG…

    That Keystone XL pipeline smackdown was so incredibly dumb – the whole thing was to get Canadian heavy crude direct to our refineries, so let’s put the kabosh on that – what a smart move, eh?

    It’s interesting what makes the news here compared to central Asia, where I have contacts. This feels like a “pretend war”, fought in the internet with wheelbarrows if disinfo and misinfo – and much of it junior high level. Interesting to me is that Russia seems more focused on their military objectives than playing in the ‘pretend war’. Seems to me that as many satellites as orbit this planet we could have an eagle-eye view of the goings on, but nyet tovarisch; the satellites are all wonky so we have to resort to random pictures taken and released on Telegram, Twitter and Fakebook.

    Those that know anything are spinning their own narratives. Those that think they know are also executing their spins. Speculating on data based on “unnamed sources” or “experts” is what drove the Covid madness, and here we are again faced with narratives rather than anything factual. It may be best for ones sanity to simply prep for the worst and see what we actually get once the Russians complete their denazifying. I do think we will get the short end of things, but not nearly as short as the EU will receive.

    If you don’t have a high MPG vehicle, I strongly suggest you buy a rolling wreck that has a simple 4-cyl and low curb weight. Avoid the electrics – the cost to replace my battery pack for our Prius was $9k over a decade ago – electric is NOT the answer and is very inflexible.

    Get those gardens going and buy some chickens or ducks or other critters because everything is going to be sky high very soon. We are gearing up for some major fishing excursions. If you can, rabbits are as good as chickens in terms of being prolific breeders, and taste just fine.

    I am going to self-soothe using liquids due to the RINO Greg Abbot and the idiot Beto Orourke wining the primaries here in Texas – thank you Cali immigrants…SMDH…

    • Oilman,
      The United States won’t use the reserves all at once…They will mix it in with what we already produce and import to reduce the price we pay by at least 20%.

      In paragraph 6 you are comparing your old Prius with the newer, next gen batteries? You know better than that.
      The larger, higher-capacity batteries — which are known as 4680 battery cells because they measure 46mm x 80mm in size — could increase the range of electric vehicles by around 20 percent, while Tesla itself has mentioned a 16 percent range increase. They could take a car like its flagship Model S and increase its range from 650km (around 404 miles) to 750km (around 465 miles), according to Nikkei. CEO Elon Musk said the cells are six times more powerful, and reduce cost per kWh by 14 percent (batteries are estimated to make up 30 percent of the cost of an electric vehicle). Lower prices and improved range are the sorts of improvements that are key to making electric cars more desirable. Panasonic is reportedly expanding its Wakayama, Japan plant to mass produce the new batteries. Range retention is also increased as the batteries could retain the range capacity up to 10 years or more….much longer than the average ownership of a car if 7 years.

      • Marko:
        EIA worldwide release of 60m brls is what the world uses by lunchtime in one day. That will probably go to China. US release share is 10m brls. There is no structure in place to meter those brls as you stated that I know of, but an EIA action is more rare than an impulsive executive action. Do you really know that? Where did you get that info? Let’s go Brandon’s 50mb US strategic oil reserve release to manipulate prices did nothing (thanks for nothing, idiot). What did work is another round of lockdowns overhyping omicron covid by chanting, “scary, scary, scary” and banning travel from South Africa because their scientists discovered the variant. Apparently biden’s “other tools” to address oil prices was to call CDC and tell them to scare people. Political actions based on gullible people mistaking emotions for thinking is an upcoming disaster.
        A few people driving luxury electric cars will do nothing, unless you also buy a few billion more as gifts for folks driving ice cars. Replacing a Tesla battery is about $15K at about 10 years or less. The car like new in my garage is 13yrs old and not worth a $15k repair.

      • “The United States won’t use the reserves all at once…They will mix it in with what we already produce and import to reduce the price we pay by at least 20%. ”

        Are you willing to make up the difference between a 20% drop in prices, and the amount the petrol prices will actually drop for all of us, which will be 2-3 cents, for 2-3 weeks?

        The only thing reducing our strategic reserve by 60mln bbls will actually do is reduce our strategic reserve by 60mln bbls, with Urepeein and Asian wars in-sight. We may not need that oil for planes, trains, and tanks, because Mr. Biden would rather abandon our diplomatic allies than the communists driving the Democrats’ policy. However, when a bunch of the available pathways by which energy can be acquired elsewhere and brought to the United States are inhibited or eliminated, the raiding of our strategic reserve for purely political purposes, will be seen to be the stupid, unconscionable mistake it is.

        I suggest you not speak patronizingly regarding a subject about which you know little, to someone who’s an expert in the field like OM2.

        As for the 4680, it’s a kickass concept, but it still must be charged, which means someone must take electricity from point A and connect it to point B at an average insertion loss of 25%. Battery cars are an awesome idea, and will be an awesome product, until they’re not. They will become “not” when the number of EVs exceeds the capacity of the grid to supply a charge.

        Here’s a little hint, with respect to energy and work: It is impossible to get more work from a given amount of energy, than that given amount of energy provides. This sounds like a circular argument.

        It is not.

    • The motorcycle is a dream many entertain, this guy included, but given the cost of maintenance for things as simple as an oil change I’d put a pencil to it to see if it really works out to your advantage. The friends that have had them, 1000cc and above engines if towing a side car or trailer, had to really save up to keep them in good running condition.

      As far as the electrics go, until you can charge them up in as little time as it takes to gas up a conventional car the wait time of half to and hour and a half ( is a point to ponder – once you find a charging station. Depends on how far you want to go away from “civilization” and how much you want to carry. Generators and their fuel take up most of the trunk room in those little fantasy cars if they decide to quit in the middle of nowhere. The self-charging hybrids will have some potential once they can successfully replace a one ton truck or better that can go a week-plus between fill ups.

      • FWIW I’ve been driving a hybrid 4×4 compact SUV for several months now. Gas mileage is 15.1 per gallon. If I drove it like I do my Jetta, it’d probably be close to 20, but hybrid trucks have an inherent problem: My 4×4 is principally FWD ICE with front & rear electric motors. The motors are ~90HP each. Driving the truck is like driving any other car, until you stab the long, skinny one on the right.

        ‘Ever drive a turbocharged vehicle with a bigassed, wastegated turbo (like the racing Garretts?) I have put this (SUV, mind you) vehicle sideways on dry pavement more than once, by punching the go-pedal at 25-30mph and smoking the tires. The oomph when those three motors all go into kickass mode at the same time is amazing, and damn’ near irresistible.

        With that said, I seriously doubt there is any possible way to get the advertised 31mpg at which the vehicle is rated, and I can’t imagine dragging more than a 12′ trailer or about 2800 pounds gross regardless of net BHP or torque. If I had to drag 4000lbs and didn’t have another truck, I’d use the Jetta twice over, before I used this SUV.

  5. “My consigliere and I kick this kind of thing around all the time.
    His work (dating from 1979) forecast war (likely China) would not come until 2024-2025 and even a bit after that./”

    I have a silly Question..Why does your Consigliere think it would be beneficial for China to give the Nato and US forces time to rebuild their arms and status.. Rather than taking advantage of the confusion and the broad dispersal of resources to the war of Ukraine.
    We can see that NATO is already considering China making a move on Taiwan and making threatening gestures there, just like they did with Russia.. otherwise they wouldn’t have moved missile ships with nuclear warheads on board.. to the region.. or Japan’s consideration of letting nukes being placed there as well.. then this morning with the photos of UN Bombers in Canada.. None of this is good.. I can only see one possible reason for doing that at this time..

    • 1. What makes you think we can reload in two years?
      2. What makes you believe that, even if China were willing to sell us bullets with which to shoot them, those bullets would be functional?

      3. What makes you think we’ll be involved at the outset?

      In past World Wars, we were the last “Belle to the ball,” which is a principal reason why we could “go through a war” and survive as virtually the only solvent nation on the planet.

  6. “….Take to the Streets…”

    “Radio Free Europe” was a tool used by Western Powers to encourage Eastern serfs to ‘resist’ way back when. RFE is an excellent example of managing expectations.

    “Big Global Light-em Up”

    After the war American survivors will be telling each other how they ‘felt’ the booms.

    People in Gatlinburg, TN will be saying, “As Washington was bombed we could actually feel the ground move a few seconds after.”

    People in Cleveland and Detroit, “The Eastern sky toward New York was very bright. Looked like a Sun was rising. And it lasted long. Like 10 minutes of flickering Sun. But it was 1:00AM!”

    Sand bar Florida, “The collapsed buildings looked like a child’s sandbox. We couldn’t put the fires out. Everything burned.”

    I’m buying lumber trying to stiffen the floor. I’m paying $32.93 for the 2″x8″x16′. I live equidistant between two Big Oranges. One didn’t have the lumber but had construction screws and the other had lumber but no construction screws.

    • Thanks for the update on the Oranges! I need 4’x8′ thick OSB for a large project and it’s priced out of range for now. Perhaps it’s just not in the cards to get done at all. We’re hitting construction season and it’s likely to get worse, and the Fed rates certainly won’t help anything.

      I just did a quick list of current significant projects and came up with 12 just off the top of my head. That’s too many, but it can’t be helped. There’s a funnel of future projects for when they get finished.

      • Projects cascade.

        This floor was a poor design. The span is 14′ and there was no bridging placed between joists. On top of the joists the builders screwed 3/4″ plywood down. That’s the floor.

        I bought this house used and now think the previous owners had a water problem because most of the joists are warped. Maybe it isn’t poor design but damage Before I add joists a water line and gas line to the furnace have to be taken down. It’s cold here and need heat.

    • That’s adorable. You think folks in Motown will be able to see NYC light up before you become a filament!

      Y’all are also a Class-A

  7. So… Russia went first, resolving the question of which would be first, Russia/Ukraine or China/Taiwan. My list was:
    1) Russia / Ukraine
    2) China / Taiwan (sometimes called “Formosa”)
    3) Israel / Iran
    4) Terrorists – anywhere – anytime (Berserkers)

    The only question in my mind is, what’s the Order
    of Battle? Terrorists could jump in anytime — does
    anybody really figure they’re done with us?

    I’ll stick with my original order for now, even
    though, Israel / Iran being next fits nicely in with —
    —some other things.

    (I claim no expertise or “connections.”)

    • I still have a feeling that North Korea / South Korea fits in there somewhere. Maybe.., when China moves on Taiwan ?

    • “I still have a feeling that North Korea / South Korea ”

      Hmm forgot pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and any other country that we raped and pillaged.. not to mention all those illegals that were snuck across the border in the dead of night.. that came from countries that said they would have a caliphate in the us by posing as refugees..

  8. “Politicians… ready for the entire thing to crumble into something much more local.”

    My thoughts exactly when Biden said, “Fund the Police” and got a standing ovation.

    Doubt anyone was intending humor but when Biden said: “Stop looking at Covid as a partisan dividing line. See it for what it is … A God-awful disease.” And zoomed in on Maxine Waters, I admit, I laughed pretty hard.

    Gas here went from $3.35 to $3.69 over night. Can’t wait till summer. Bought a couple pair of extra tennis shoes.

    You got Abbot, I got DeWine. Where vodka once was is just another empty shelf. One would think these guys would be more interested in stocking shelves but, you know how them RINO’s are, playing the $ game and changing the lighting on bridges. Damn.

    Remember, God is good and, squirrels ain’t too bad either. ;)

    Have a good day, Buddy.

  9. The Lady Macbeth Eewe Tour is underway and playing a Copenhagen gig. Hardly had Germany’s Nordstream 2 gas pipeline been plugged, than past foe/current friend Poland reactivated Baltic Pipe. The project had apparently been suspended due to habitat concerns of threatened mice and bats in pipeline transit country Denmark. With the project now expediently green-lighted to complete construction, product from Norwegian fields looks to be replacing Russian gas in Poland next winter. One imagines that the Norwegian head of Nato is pleased.

    • Maybe we aren’t voting for them but that the elections are rigged so these nasty people stay in office. Since Oregon started the Vote By Mail Elections, democrats have been in charge. 50 yrs. ago Republicans were in office and the state was so beautiful.

  10. Hey guys,
    What happened to the relentlessly-hyped truckers’ convoy to D.C.? Gonna shut ‘er down.
    MSM is reporting that it was a bust.
    Say it ain’t so, Q.

      • What happened?!? The rally was yesterday.
        Did they make a wrong turn or somethin’. Use your GPS for heaven’s sake.

    • There are a bunch of different tendrils. There’s one rolling I-20, one on I-40, and one rolling I-70, coming in from the West — I haven’t heard on one on I-80 or I-90 but I shouldn’t be surprised. I also haven’t heard what everybody is going to climb on, to get their tendrils to D.C. (probably I-95, but I dunno…)

      I did notice Pelosi has had the fencing and barricades put back up, and thousands of NG have been called-up to direct traffic around the Mall…

    • I suggest you upgrade the quality of your sources.

      I would say, Another, that you were misinformed regarding the timetable. The I-70 tendril is camping in Indiana for two days before moving east. I didn’t catch whether than was yesterday and today, or today and tomorrow because, well, I have better things to do than be a contrarian on an Internet forum…

  11. Did someone say “high ground”?

    The BBC is now reporting that Russia’s Roscosmos has given an ultimatum to the UK’s OneWeb starlink-like consortium. Guarantee the satellite payload won’t be used militarily, or this Friday’s launch won’t happen. Roscosmos advises the launch has been prepaid and would not be refunded due force majeure.

    Diplomacy. Russian style.

  12. The Russian Stock Market’s 79 % crash (so far from the Oct 2021 high)..

    Putin’s one week Epic Blunder

    The Russian Moex composite has been closed since 25 February 2022, before the global banking community put the deep freeze on the Ruble which is undergoing valuation fractal collapse. On 24 February 2022 the Moex composite traded below its March 2020 valuation low.

    However, the VanEck Vectors Russia ETF fund is still trading and today that index touched below its March 2009 valuation low (7) and 89% below its (59)2008 peak valuation when the ruble in US dollars was worth 400% more than it was on this trading today. (It had the deadest of dead cat bounces with a 7 % gain – and still worth only 25% of its 2008 value against the US dollar) The VanEck Vectors Russian ETF is following the March 2020 Global equity composites’ lows 33/72 week first and second fractal series. The Russian ETF fund is following a 71 of 72 week second fractal which is self-assembled into a 14/30/29 of 30 week fractal series. The 30 week third subfractal of this 14/30/30 week series starting the week of l6 August 2021 is following a 6/14/11 of 12 week series. The 14 week second subfractal series is composed of a 3/8/5 and the 12 week final third subfractal is composed of a 2/5/5/2 of 3 week fractal series. Starting 24 January 2022 the trading days to the final low are self-assembled into three sequential fractal daily decay sequences: 3/7/7 days, 2/5/4 days , and as of today 2/4 of 5/4 days.
    The best case scenario for the Moex when it reopens is that it will have only lost 90% of it Oct 2021 valuation or about 900 billion dollars.

    Bitcoin in USD is following a 30/75 of 76 week first and second fractal series. The 76 week second fractal is composed of a 11/29/22/16 of 17 week series. The 17 week final series starting on 11/13/2021 is composed of a 20/50/46-50 day decay sequence. Today was day 40 (2x) (the final lower 2/2.5x/(2x) high of the decaying 20/50/46-50 day fractal series.

    How will war reparations be paid?

    • Epic Blunder? everythings going according to plan.

      – the Donbass been wondering bout reparations for 8 years now, get in line.
      Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Trashganastan, Yemin, Lybia, Slovakia – They are All waiting for reparations from good ole USA. All those hundreds of thousands of Innocents – Women and Children slaughtered in the name of israel.
      Sure some generous banker somewhere in City of London will be willing to donate a couple Billion USD’s to Uke cause..

    • “How will war reparations be paid?”

      They won’t. Ukraine will be written up as a “civil war” and the cost, written off. Ukraine’s reparations to Russia will be paid in gas, oil, lithium and nickel.

  13. I had a Near Death Experience when I was 16 years old while riding my motorcycle. My life flashed in front of me. Ever since the universe/God/ angels have warned me of impending danger. I would have a dream or a gut warning and then would be ever so slightly speeded up or slowed down and barely miss being in an auto accident.
    I retired in 2017. In the fall of 2019 I was looking forward to attending an annual convention. My gut was telling me not to go. Why can I not go? My gut said you are not going. I did not register, obtain plane tickets, or hotel registration. The event was eventually cancelled due to COVID. In December 2019 I had recurrent nightmares that made no sense to me. On the job I was always prepared. I knew my cases. I could always find my destination. In my dreams, I was unprepared and lost. The universe was trying to get something across to me: Covid was on the way.
    The universe does not help me in winning the lottery or financial advice or at least I do not comprehend its message. It does warn me of danger.
    At this time, I have no warning of nuclear war. The universe does not tell me how far into the future we are safe. The universe does not tell me what other areas in the world are safe.

    • It is called intuition, every one has it to one degree or another. It needs no trigger (like a NDE), it just exists in us from the beginning.

    • I too have warnings of danger and have learned to listen because the spirits are always correct. I will be shown a vision or I will hear a voice to guide me.

    • I’ve had two memorable experiences on a motorcycle at speed where but for the Grace of God, I’d have been a bloody smear! One on each of the major highways of Manhattan. Even today I feel a chill for how I survived these unscratched.

      I love to ride, but have no illusions about survival. When your time is up – it’s up.

  14. I had never heard of this guy before today but this 38 minute video is definitely worth a watch if you have time. It looks at the Russia/Ukraine war from a whole different perspective. He points out a lot of things we already talk about on this forum but seems to tie it all together with a lot of facts. He also explains my suspicion about Truedope doing an about face on the “state of emergency” after getting a call from the bankers.

    Evil has many faces. This is scary shit.

  15. putin bet his life on a senile goal and lost. most gamblers loss. china is displaying brains.

  16. I would suggest printing out the war planner and put it in a binder – same issue as with cryptos.

    Disabling fueling infrastructure is first or second on the strategic list, along with high value comm nodes.

    Parts you have are the parts you got. Same for seed, comms, etc. “But, but, we can get everything we need off the web”, except Amazon evaporates after the gas tanks run dry, along with all the other delivery carriers and the just-in-time supply systems.

    Comm sites with highest data rates are high value. Will a satellite which utilizes a central uplink be around when you need it? “Oh- we can buy a distributed St@rdink comm set”, then have it delivered by pony express (by ponies that got eaten in week three), except the web order system no longer exists.

    Refer to your favorite search engine for “All alone, and no is coming to help”, while it is still available.

    • Even a small nuclear exchange could wreck havoc on crops, sunlight, better include some grow lights in your prep pack, and generate electricity to them from a bicycle, solar panels could be useless…

      ‘nuclear winter’

      p.s. Stoli and Smirnoff are made in Latvia, not Russia…,and%20bottled%20in%20Riga%2C%20Latvia.

      • You see, though, as we have only somewhat laughingly said for a couple of decades (if you could put up with me that long): the answer to global warming is a few nukes. Up go the clouds, down come the temps.
        \Simple – easy-pease.
        Nukes are already paid-for, too. Just depreciating inventory at this point. No climate tax needed.
        OMG as a species we are SO freaking dumb.

      • I would generally favor letting the retailers clean out their stocks, rather than leaving them holding the tab for the current politically correct ethnic vigilantism. Having had the genetic testing decades past I, like most whose ancestors came through the British Isles, have the entirety of Europe and North Africa through to Northern India (along with that most hated du jour group) covered at least in small measures in the family tree, so using social justice and world peace as a cover for ethnic hate cleansing against Americans is not acceptable. On the other hand, I’ve found that retailers, their mean drunk security, and their leftist clerks are perennially the most vile social media vigilantes, and appear to be the most adept at making pay-offs to skate on accountability, so maybe getting a taste of their own might be good for at least some of ’em, on occasion.
        Minor revision- I should have typed “All alone, and no one is coming to help” above. I bet the majority of the readers missed the editing omission too. That has become the catch-phrase for ordinary citizens waiting for yet another next wave of partisan social engineering outrage. I refuse to to be manipulated by any of the SOB’s, regardless of which social justice false flag is being shoved in my face. And yeah, I got no problem with eating a quiche for breakfast in public.
        Also note, off-grid solar systems aren’t usually picky about what power sources charge them. Nuclear winter probably wouldn’t be really good for hydro power, but I’m thinking wind might be good. Mars is windy, you know.


    OTFLMAO… now that was funny….
    I missed it of course.. I decided and it was a tough one.. did I want to listen to the drivel on the state of the Union address or watch quality programing .. well I missed it..
    the secret to improving the economy.. don’t lower wages.. lower your costs.. even Nancy did an eye roll.. the more he talked you could tell it was hard for Kammy to keep her composure LOL LOL LOL..
    GO AHEAD KAMALA AND RUB IT IN.. make everyone in the USA regret even thinking about voting LOL much less having more than double the normal turnout for an election..
    Why can’t someone decent like Rand Paul get in.. would they make it tough on him to..

    • “would they make it tough on him to..”


      You can go clear back to Ike, and look at both winning Republicans and losing ones, and see how the media treated them. We all know they hated Nixon, but if you can find the archives, go look-see how the lamestream media treated Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney.

      What made Trump different, and enabled him to excel, was the fact that he didn’t care, and when they hit him, he hit back — with force.

      • “We all know they hated Nixon,”

        I actually liked Nixon.. and adored Ford.. ford was a really nice guy.. and it wasn’t just because he got us tickets to see the led zepplin concert..
        Nixon would send AF1 to denver for beer every week or two LOL we would put our orders in for some Coor’s..
        NOW would I trust any of them.. NOT a chance.. the one I truly liked was Reagan.. an actor.. I got a photo taken by a sibling of him on his ranch on his horse.. I just wished they had had him autograph it.. but then back then photos were done on film.. so they didnt’ have it processed when they seen him..

      • I take that back Ray.. I would trust FORD and Reagan.. of the bunch.. Ford was like having dad in office.. the rumor that was passed around then was that his wife made his breakfast every day and they would sit and have coffee etc.. a normal family morning.. great guy.. his daughter in my opinion was one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen.. didn’t get to meet her.. and was only able to get about a hundred feet from the pres..
        the stories I heard was DJT was super nice to his employees to.. everyone felt he was accessible if they needed.. a lot arrogant and definitely a narcissist’s nightmare but a whole lot better than the others..IMHO

  18. “When you have your own water sources and your own food – and there’s no mortgage on your property, it’s a dandy goal to move toward.”

    Amen! And a great goal to already have ‘in hand’… far from the madding crowds.

    • Still gotta rent the place from the tax appraisers! So far they don’t take goats in payment. Maybe next week.

      • Try paying the tax appraiser with goat MILK instead of goats. The goats are something the appraiser would have to feed and care for. Milk is good right now (and you still have your goats).

      • LOL. I’d be happy to give that away. Goat milk TASTES like a goat. Feta cheese is about the only goat dairy product I’ll tolerate.

      • “Senior Homestead” rate: I pay $200/year property tax. Would you like that in silver, Mr. Appraiser?

        Location, location, location.

  19. Project Planning: Having built (and moved) several TV stations in my career, I have been deep into this. The first station I built from the ground up… oversee building construction, order equipment, construct electronics… I had a fabulous General Manager I worked under. He kept a day planner of everything. Several years later, he tapped me to work for him again to move an existing TV station, and keep it operating with minimum down time. Out came his old day planner book, and we had a pretty much pre-planned critical path to accomplish what was needed to get ‘er done. And in broadcasting, one must factor in TIME to all the other things going on. Seconds count…. lest it all go black!

  20. My Fellow Muggles,

    Tip toe through the tulips…

    According to Wikipedia, American officialdom is taking an interest in the world’s 13th wealthiest person. Maybe connecting by vpn to crypto accounts from the USA is not tax-proof? Uh oh, it’s looking like kryptonite time for a superman?

  21. Soft ball interview with the Lone Star State’s favorite son:
    Didn’t bring up W’s earlier impression of Pootie-Poot:
    “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy,” “.?.?. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”
    And we’re still paying this guy a pension?
    Why don’t people ever call out W and the other neo-con artists on all the wrong calls and misery they’ve caused?

    • “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy,”

      Honestly, that was probably exactly true — but it was also 20 years ago, and with the unspoken qualification that he was “straightforward and trustworthy with respect to Russia” and not necessarily anything else…

  22. I don’t comment often. (Read George as soon as posted for info. Read previous day’s comments for entertainment… and info. Love the comments!)
    Warhammer’s comments on causes of war… spot on. A quibble with 5 & 6. (Religion & ethnic)
    Agree with George… the first 4 can be boiled down to money(it’s a business model).
    Patriotism, tribalism and religion is how it is sold to the masses. (Very effectively!)

  23. @ G.A. Stewart… Any way to buy your book without using PayPal? I understand why it is used…but I refuse to use it. At least George provides a way to send frns.

  24. Hedges: The Greatest Evil Is War

    Preemptive war, whether in Iraq or Ukraine, is a war crime. It does not matter if the war is launched on the basis of lies and fabrications, as was the case in Iraq, or because of the breaking of a series of agreements with Russia, including the promise by Washington not to extend NATO beyond the borders of a unified Germany, not to deploy thousands of NATO troops in Eastern Europe, not to meddle in the internal affairs of nations on the Russia’s border and the refusal to implement the Minsk II peace agreement. The invasion of Ukraine would, I expect, never have happened if these promises had been kept. Russia has every right to feel threatened, betrayed, and angry. But to understand is not to condone. The invasion of Ukraine, under post-Nuremberg laws, is a criminal war of aggression.

    ‘F***ing Pandering 101, Full Of S***’: Border Patrol Agents React To Biden’s State Of The Union Immigration Claims

    One Border Patrol agent reacted, “Immigration judges usually tend to follow the tendencies or intentions of their appointing administration, that means I and many other agents have little faith in them to actually follow immigration law. The vast majority of these illegal aliens have no legitimate claims to asylum but administration-picked and taxpayer-funded lawyers will argue otherwise. Unemployment, inability to buy groceries, domestic violence, bad schools and bad weather are not legitimate claims, period.”

    Democrats Torpedo Legislation Aimed To Reclaim American Energy Independence

    The “American Energy Independence from Russia Act” introduced by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s ranking member Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., was rejected primarily along partisan lines 221 to 202. Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was the sole member of the lower chamber to cross the aisle, joining Democrats in opposition with objections over new leases along his state’s coast.

    Taiwan: Massive power outage affects five million households

    Major cities across Taiwan including the capital Taipei have seen widespread power failures after a reported accident at a power plant. The nation’s economic affairs minister, Wang Meihua, said an accident had occurred at a power plant in southern Taiwan, according to a report by state-linked Central News Agency. The ministry would deal with the matter “urgently”, she added. The outage affected some five million households in Taiwan, she said.

    So, Taiwan’s grid is that fragile…?

    • Or is this the beginning of China’s move against Taiwan? Equipment can ‘fail’ due to many reasons….

    • ” a criminal war of aggression” ?!?

      Research the recent weapons supply flights from US/Nato countries to Ukraine in the past year. Now remove all flights that flew over German air space from Ure population. Understand why certain military “supply” flights get Restricted – and not allowed to fly over = NUKES on board.

      The kompromat coming out the kraine will blow Ure minds …US Biolab (s) working on “volunteers” from the ukey army..
      Horror – go ahead and inquire what happens to Ukey soldiers when wounded on the Eastern front these past couple of years – See Israeli mobile crematoriums – nother business model =partz.
      Scorpio decending…

  25. I recently made a tactical boo-boo, but for a sound financial reason. I sold timber from half of our property to pay off the car we bought in July. Unfortunately that timber sale, even though it’s “thinning”, not clear-cutting, will expose our house to the road in a few places. Here’s hoping the apocalypse will hold off long enough for underbrush to grow and fill in the gaps.

    In the meantime, though, it’s a beautiful day for a walk, and even the trees are walking through the forest. No, seriously. Ever watched a shear at work? It rolls up to a 60′ tree, grabs the tree with its pincer, slices the tree off at ground level, then backs up with the upright tree and takes it wherever it needs to be. I’ve been watching the ‘walking trees’ all morning with a touch of sadness. Those trees grew up under my ownership, and 40 years later they’re going to make toilet paper for us all.

  26. “LOL. I’d be happy to give that away. Goat milk TASTES like a goat.”

    I won’t ask how you know what a goat tastes like, but you haven’t tasted goat milk that was handled properly. If I handed you two glasses of milk, one from the store and the other from my goat, you could not tell the difference (other than lumps of cream in the goat milk). I make cream cheese from it, and it’s pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

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